Playboy Magazine Features Its First Transsexual Playmate

Via Roosh V Forum:

Hugh Hefner is rolling over in his grave. Looks like they waited for him to die to do this.

These days Ines is a globe-trotting model with an irrepressible passion for self-love and honesty. “I lived a long time without saying I was transgender,” she says. “I dated a lot and almost forgot. I was scared of never finding a boyfriend and being seen as weird. Then I was like, You know, you should just be who you are. It’s a salvation to speak the truth about yourself, whether it’s your gender, sexuality, whatever. The people who reject you aren’t worth it. It’s not about being loved by others; it’s about loving yourself.”

Next up will be a law that makes it a hate crime if you reject a tranny because of her genital package.

Comment by Kosko:

They hide the trannies hands. It’s always the hands.

You can pump yourself full of all the hormones you want, and get all the plastic surgery you want but you can’t chage the physiology of your hand structure and hand bones. The trannies fatal flaw is that they lurk on edge of being exposed. The tranny gets exposed because of the simple fact of both sexes..

Women have small hands

Men have big hands

Simple as that.

So Playboy’s first tranny does all these circus level contortions to hide it’s junk and man hands. It isn’t natural to men to try and pose in such ways. Women have some sort of animal ability to control their body and pivot their body parts in a sensual way. Trannies dont have this ability which is why they look like they have a hernia or a broken back in photos such as the example of the Playboy clunker.

It’s all just tricks as they want you to focus on a heavily Photoshopd face and long hair to make you even think for a split second that you are not looking at a freakazoid.

This is a dead cat bounce for Playboy, the magazine will go under in the next 3 years. Hugh is rolling in his grave but his daughter has been running Playboy into the ground for a long time now so this nonsense shouldn’t be surprising.

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10 thoughts on “Playboy Magazine Features Its First Transsexual Playmate”

  1. It ?? has XY chromosome, regardless of medication, surgery it is still XY chromosomes, male chromosomes ??

  2. Trannies are disgusting! Unless I’m work and I have to be politically correct, I always refer to trannies by their biologically assigned gender. He looks hideous and I never thought I’d see the day where man would pose for Playboy. It’s a sick world we live in and I hope for more backlash against Liberal Fascism!

  3. Playboy (and most magazines for that matter) ceased to be relevant with the advent of broadband internet. It had fairly okay articles, but you can see nice naked pics online all day. Better ones and more hardcore at that.
    This is an attempt at attention.
    It’s also a mistake that may hasten the downfall of the magazine.
    The people who still read Playboy want cute, young, tame nudes and maybe a good article or three. While trannies put a lot of work and money and hormones into appearing convincing, it is NOT what the of those people want. Many find it disgusting.
    The sales will drop.

    1. Love this site :-). Freakazoid :-). And I find the way you normal guys write about all these weird tranny and feminist craziness very refreshing.
      This is the only site that makes me laugh so hard.

  4. Turkish language edition of Playboy had featured a transsexual “model” at 1991! with the permission of late Hugh Hefner!
    Once upon a time, Turkey was a progressive shithole.

  5. Why are you surprised?
    Hugh Hefner was an open supporter of LGBT rights.
    And as other mentions, he/she is not the first transgender model in Playboy.

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