The Guardian’s Nicole Silverberg Tells Men To Believe All Rape Claims And Always Apologize To Women

A perfect ten writing for The Guardian, Nicole Silverberg, has unlocked the ancient secrets to male excellence and how to stoke female desire.

No, not really, but at least she tried. Silverberg’s bizarre “self-improvement” list for men implores them to accept “rape culture” by “trusting and believing women” and to apologize whenever a woman asks for it. She also demands that men give women the credit for male ideas and even sacrifice promotions to allow females to climb the corporate ladder. And it only took the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal for her to share it all with us.

Nicole Silverberg basically promises readers that by following her counsel men will gain the respect of women, presumably leading to all sorts of accolades and filling their beds with hot, nubile women. No? Well, again, at least she tried.

After seeing the wisdom of this self-described “comedian,” who is like a milder and less psychotic Laurie PennyReturn Of Kings realizes it has failed you all. We should have told you to grab your scrotum and promptly rip it off from your body, per the effective instructions of Silverberg, and then march to the nearest prison or HR department to report yourself as a compulsive rapist. We promise to be better!

The reality: I would wager that the writer’s real problem, like for many girls declaring the same feminist ideology, is with her own appearance and perhaps some men from her past (real or imaginary) who pumped and dumped her. She wants to lord it over the men weak enough to do what she says, but truly craves a catharsis with the masculine men she knew in the past or could never have in it.

Let’s reflect on the evidence again:

Yeah, we thought so.

Translating feministese

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of male voices suddenly cried out in joy and were suddenly silenced by the wisdom of Nicole Silverberg. I fear this perfect 10 has given them the secrets to male excellence and how to stoke female desire.

Here’s a quick translation of some of Silverberg’s pieces of advice:

“Talk to your friend who is ‘kind of a creep’ at work.” = I pretend to be strong, brave, and independent, but it’s better when men do things for me. Plus, the “creep” isn’t Brad Pitt.

“Don’t talk over women.” = Don’t disagree with me and allow me to talk over you incessantly.

“If you are asked to be on a panel/team and see that it’s all men, say something. Maybe even refuse the spot!” = Allow me to take your place even with my subpar work performances.

“Involve women in your creative projects, then let them have equal part in them.” = Let me take the credit for your ideas.

“If a woman tells you that you fucked up, and you feel like shit, don’t put it on that woman to make you feel better. Apologize without qualification and then go away.” = The woman is always right, now apologize to her five times and speak to HR.

“Don’t need to literally witness a man being horrible in order to believe that he’s horrible. Trust and believe women.” = Allegation of flirting = actual rape. Imprison him, no evidence needed.

“Don’t read a list like this and think that most of these don’t apply to you.” = Anyone with testicles can never understand how bad my life is, so just trust me and shut the fuck up, I’m a woman.

This is what happens when you follow advice like Silverberg’s…

Sam Kriss, male feminist.

You end up like Vice writer Sam Kriss by losing your job and publicly outing yourself as a “sexual abuser” just because an anonymous woman called you one.

Kriss has just been fired for following exactly the same advice that Silverberg endorses. He was anonymously accused of sexual assault and then admitted it on Twitter and Medium, paying special attention to the “always apologize to women” and “listen and believe” parts.

Many people on the right will dismiss this with something along the lines of the typical “male feminists are always the real abusers” response. I’m not so convinced. Having peddled leftist and feminist filth for years, a man like Sam Kriss probably fervently believes in the SJW illness he has spewed at others.

A number of men in our societies can be or already are firmly convinced that merely approaching a woman is a veritable form of sexual harassment, if not sexual assault. Like Kriss, when the proverbial knock at the door comes and they’re amorphously accused of sexual harassment or rape, they will either go along with their own social and legal immolation or lack the tools and confidence to fight it.

This is why, for all the hilarity of what Silverberg has written, there’s a dark undertone to it that we should be aware of and combat.

She writes for a men’s magazine

On a final note, if you needed more of an indication of how feminized “male” spaces have become, look no further than Nicole Silverberg’s involvement with the supposed men’s magazine GQ. With such hard-hitting masculine titles as “Whatever Happened to (Consensual) Sex on Game of Thrones?” and “Every Time DJ Khaled Politely Declined to Wear a Shirt in 2016” (which I shan’t be linking to), we can see that the task of male “self-improvement” is now in safely feminist hands.

A word of caution: taking advice from women about women will not help you. As Sam Kriss hopefully learns one day, all it frequently does is give (feminist) women the ability to try and undo you when they want and how they want.

In the meantime, Nicole Silverberg, Laurie Penny and company should leave it to outlets like Return Of Kings to explain the world of women to men.

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58 thoughts on “The Guardian’s Nicole Silverberg Tells Men To Believe All Rape Claims And Always Apologize To Women”

  1. Unfortunately many men and of course women without a healthy sense of self esteem listen to these cranky harpies with unresolved personality disorders. I always check my attention seeker radar with these types, as its often part of their story. A desperate need to push up against something just to feel alive and validated. I believe there is a direct ratio between the amount of attention sought and the level of irrational demands. As a spiritual human being I would feel sorry for her deeply disturbed inner world, but know she would show no mercy when filing a false rape claim against any male too grounded and centered to buy into her nasty and vindictive bullshit.
    As a side note I was about to delete my Disqus account the other day as I could see where things were going with sites like this and narratives other than the regressive left, radical feminism and cultural Marxism. Needless to say Disqus took the steps with sites like this that I eventually expected them to, and before I had a chance to beat them to the punch their will was done. I don’t like every view on this site, as I don’t on many others I participate on, but free speech can never really be free speech if its policed and controlled by ANYONE. But especially by committees of mentally ill harpies and emasculated manginas with damaged minds and too much time on their hands. It really is clear that we live in very dark times with the lunatics running the asylum.

    1. The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

    1. A lot of fugs do this specifically to make themselves seem more attractive. Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism meets CH’s Female Imperative.
      But since IRL only creepy weirdoes ever do hit on them, they assume all male courtship behavior is like that.

  2. Honestly, fuck all of you. You’re all fucking assholes. @JDG, sorry that she ruined your lunch, I hope you threw up. @ Lord of the Gulf Stream, I wish I could report you for threatening an innocent woman with rape. @imnotspartacus, we’re not infringing upon or controlling your right to freedom of speech, honey. We’re letting you speak, the only thing we’re doing is responding to your sexist bullshit <3 (and by the way sweetie, she’s not making any demands in that article, just telling you that maybe raging anonymously over the internet isn’t going to make you attractive in the same way that maybe mm idk listening to women and what they have to say might?).

    1. Fuck off feminist. A real rapist would run the other way once he caught a look at that. Yes…most…sorry, all of YOU feminist bitches are UGLY.

      1. “…sorry, all of YOU feminist bitches are UGLY.”
        So then you are following her advice to “Apologize To Women”.

    2. “We’re letting you speak,”
      Really? I’ll speak if I choose too, despite your attempt to assert dominance.
      She was asking for blind acceptance of another persons allegation of a crime, well I’m sorry, no. This is not a totalitarian regime and even men are afforded the presumption of innocence in a court of Law, so screw that idea.

  3. I don’t feel bad for these male feminists at all. Essentially any sort of normal male behavior like flirting with a woman you’re interested in is deemed sexual harassment according to them. Sure they can’t physically assault you but they will shame you for your behavior, call you all sorts of nasty insults and even rally an entire group whether it be meetup, a club or simply a social circle of friends, against you.
    It won’t affect a man with a strong social support system, and a good strong father figure to lead him in the right direction but it will scare a young impressionable kid who may be on the spectrum and grew up without a dad.
    It could be that I never go to very liberal groups but only once did I have a woman confront me or even file a complaint. Once a guy tried to claim that I made a woman feel threatened but the girl the next day was very friendly and gave me a hug. Maybe I did creep her out, but why would a girl hug a guy who creeped her out?

  4. That thing with the spectacles looks like Woody Allen after a botched circumcision. No wonder she hates men: can you imagine her trying to pull one in daylight? What a dog.

  5. A Feminist dribbled on its keyboard:
    Honestly, fuck all of you. You’re all fucking assholes … [deleted for brevity – life is far too short to waste time reading such rubbish]’
    Nurse Ratched has your meds.

  6. A word of caution: taking advice from women about women will not help you. As Sam Kriss hopefully learns one day, all it frequently does is give (feminist) women the ability to try and undo you when they want and how they want.

  7. Lol this article is such a bummer. At least she’s a good enough writer to hit a national publication. Bums me out to see a site called “return of kings” posting about women on Instagram and trying to make the folks from the feminist movement who are interested in discourse feel like shit.
    “Boo hoo, women want a voice.” As though we’re all to think, “Ah, THIS is how KINGS act.”
    Get in shape, read Marcus Aurelius, persist in the face of failure, don’t let others dictate your emotions, and protect the weak. Them’s the basics. Leave Nicole alone and let thinking men interpret what she has to say for good like the intelligent leaders they are.
    Herbs like the authors of this blog are why so many men are whiny these days.

    1. No, the reason why some men, like you, are “whiny” these days is because guys like you make excuses for trashy broads like Silverberg. If these feminists feel like shit, then they deserve it for the garbage they spew. Blue pillers like you love to pander to chicks like this just to get some ass, then get screwed over when they have no more use for you. Then, you sit there and wonder why other guys don’t want to be bothered with this crap and you call them “herbs” when they aren’t, yet you probably wish you were an “herb” yourself.
      Also, why do have a problem with a site called “Return of Kings”? You must not be a “King” yourself.

  8. I don’t see Silverberg being Jewish as important at all. Far from it. Some people think this is very important and I vehemently disagree. It’s an upper middle-class liberal girl thing, not a Jewish thing.
    It’s a pity that the Disqus comments fiasco has led to the deletion of many of the comments for this article.

  9. There’s a great youtube video on this that explains this is just one giant *hit test for men and civilation. That’s all this woman (((Silverberg))) is doing.
    Feminism: The Civilizational Shit Test

  10. Jesus, this jewess is ugly as sin. Looks like Gilligan. Never believe anything said by a jew/jewess. They are lying/deceitful creatures.

  11. Oh good grief, it’s just an ugly jew. As soon as you notice that, you don’t even have to read any further, you just know what the creature is going to say.

  12. Her Jewishness is the reason she is given the opportunity to spew this garbage. Father or mother is more than likely a “somebody” in the media world. She does not write well, she isn’t funny (I watched her youtube “skits”) and she’s unattractive. Sarah Silverman is probably her spirit animal.

  13. Women are basically overgrown children. They are the LAST people whose advice you should consider. Just PRETEND to give the APPEARANCE of agreement or be non committal and say ” I see” and walk the fuck away, do not engage. OR agree and amplify and show them how absurd they fucking are. Women do NOT think like men, they are raging hormonal imbalances subject to every mood that comes along.
    I realized I should stop taking seriously women this year. Just try to get along, then get the fuck out of the way. Remember this phrase=”Disagreement is not disrespect.” You are NOT disrespectful when you are disagreeing. But tell THEM that. Just use that phrase before your escape if you must. They are all batshit crazy, even the “normal” ones.

  14. Ever noticed it’s only ugly guys that are “creeps” to these women – if they got hit on by Brad Pitt they would soon abandon their philosophy

  15. All women should be believed.
    CHANEYA KELLY, whose testimony jailed her own Navy Veteran father for 20-40 years for rape, now says she was “coerced by her mother to lie about the charges”.
    KATHERINE CLIFTON statements led to rape charges against a professor who subsequently spent nine days in jail as well as being placed on leave from his job, eventually pleaded guilty in court to… “making false statements” to the police.
    Identity Protected Female accuses police officer of sexual assault but is later shown dash cam evidence proving it didn’t happen:
    NATASHA FOSTER, now admits that she “lied to police about being raped” has finally pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice;
    RHIANNON BROOKER had a man locked up for 36 days before she was forced to admit “it didn’t happen” after police discovered he had cast iron alibi
    KATELYN WEBSTER, now say she lied about being raped, because she “didn’t want to get into trouble with her father for having sucker bites”
    REBECCA HOWARD,now admits to making false rape claims against two innocent men;
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED FEMALE”, had a Man locked up for ten years for rape, but finally came forward and admitted to police that she and her witness had “lied about the rapes”.
    KIMBERLEY WHEELHOUSE now admits to making false rape claims against two men, after attending a house for “arranged sexual encounter”.

  16. “IDENTITY PROTECTED FEMALE”, now admits that she made a false allegation of sexual assault.
    MEGAN FRANKS, claimed to have been raped by a man who was subsequently arrested, but eventually admitted to police that she had made up the rape allegations and even injured herself to be more credible.
    CATHY RICHARDSON, told police officers that she had been sexually assaulted several times but now admits her “allegations were false”.
    JACQUELINE McCOMMOND, made an allegation that she was raped, but finally admitted to police… she “made the whole thing up”.
    BEVERLY BRANDRETH had “cried rape” against an ex-boyfriend but finally pleaded guilty to lying in court.
    MISS SO LEONG-YING, told police in graphic detail how she was gang-raped by four men. But after police confronted her with evidence of the bogus rape and robbery, finally admitted to… “making up the story” in the hope of attracting publicity to her name.
    CHARLENE STEEL made an accusation of sexual assault against a man, but later pleaded guilty to “falsely claiming to have been raped”.
    KELLY HARWOOD, claimed that her friend’s son had raped her, but later confessed that she “had made it up”.
    NATALIE MORTIMER, had accused her grandfather of raping her, but later admitted she had “made it up” in a bid to claim inheritance money.
    JOANNA ROBERTSON now admits to “making up a sexual attack allegation” — leading to an innocent man being held in custody.
    EMMA BLUNDEN, told police that she had been raped by four men, but was eventually found to have been lying.
    TEMITOPE ADENUGBA, made a rape allegation to police against a man they later arrested, but subsequently admitted in open court to making “false statements” and perverting the course of justice.

  17. People like Nicole Silverberg are another reason why the world hates Jews! Thank God for Ben Shapiro or I would have became Alt-Right.

  18. I am more inclined to believe not all liars are women but all women are liars most of the time because I speak from experience on the issue. Too many guys are get burned on false accusations these days.

  19. I walked straight into a women’s restroom and took a piss a few days ago. I glanced at the entrances to both men’s (left) and women’s (right) entrances, and the divider wall cut off the “wo” on the right sign so I thought it was a double entry men’s restroom. I looked down after that because the floor was wet with cones & signs “wet floor.” I pissed in a stall, but didn’t see any urinals thinking they were all on the other side or something. Walked out still zipping my shit up to 2 women washing their hands, they both looked at me briefly and didn’t even think it was weird. Take the Silverberg. Sllutt.

  20. This broad is so fugly that if she gives head it counts as anal. (Stolen from a Chelsea Clinton meme). I imagine rape will be the only way she ever has sex.

  21. Why do they always find the most ugly glasses frames? There are so many decent normal and attractive frames out there.
    Also, creatures like this make me so ashamed of my tribe.

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