Would You Bang New Zealand’s New SJW Prime Minister?

Here at Return Of Kings, we are very frank about the fact that men objectify women and vice versa. In the case of women, they are valued for their beauty and fertility (when male thirst doesn’t lead to guys lusting after land whales). Men, on the other hand, are principally rated using a combination of their status, achievements, and, increasingly, looks.

The election of the grossly inexperienced Jacinda Ardern to the post of New Zealand Prime Minister provides a great opportunity to assess her attractiveness. Is her lack of credentials in leading a country, albeit a small, leftist one, made up for by her aesthetics? You decide:

Let’s at least agree that she’s a vast improvement on the last female (and last socialist) leader of New Zealand, Helen Clark:

If you think we’re sexist, look at what’s been said about Justin Trudeau

No homo, this was just for the article.

On this topic, for once, we support equal opportunity between men and women, even if objectification takes different forms depending on the gender of the person being rated. Girls, both professional typists and average hypergamists, had a field day (and still do) talking about how they deeply desire sex with Justin Trudeau. In fact, one writer for Vice, Stephanie Mercier Voyer (the last part should be “Voyeur”) wrote a piece entitled “I Want to Bone Justin Trudeau.”

After Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, everyday ladies went wild on Twitter and elsewhere. News articles have obsessed over his buttocks, more than a year since his election. As recently as this month, he continues to arouse fawning comments:

The gays and trans people really want to bone or be boned by him, too:

Some more pictures to help you decide if you would have sex with Jacinda Ardern

The New Zealand media boiled with anger when guest ROK contributor Hamish Rangi criticized the average Kiwi woman. Some of my experiences with South Island New Zealander girls in particular contradicts Hamish’s take, yet the furious response in many quarters to the article vindicated a lot of what he said, at least for a number of women in the country.

Leftist New Zealanders should be thrilled that, instead of supporting Hamish’s belief that men should avoid having sex with Kiwi women, I am suggesting it is more than possible to want to have sex with New Zealand’s new Prime Minister.

Being the facts-based scientists that we are, let’s look into the available evidence about Jacinda Ardern:

Jacinda Ardern has just hit her late 30s. Provided you had a sex consent form signed (SJWs gonna SJW), would you bang her? Procreate with her? Or would you just pass on this New Zealand and female answer to the unqualified Justin Trudeau? Decisions, decisions.

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147 thoughts on “Would You Bang New Zealand’s New SJW Prime Minister?”

  1. I think she looks good in the few pics supplied, but I need more than that to deem her worthy. If she smelled nice and had an attractive attitude and presence, I’d hit it.

  2. Short answer: No.
    Slightly longer answer: This chick has an elongated skinny horse face. Her body appears to be the same body type that every single ding dang photo of a woman on ROK looks like: slim but looking tall.
    Can we say elongated? I just do not understand how more than a small minority of men would be attracted to such creatures. Curves are attractive to men. Not this weirdo bulemic model type that always appears here.
    That’s one thing the women have right. They like a round ass on a guy (Trudeau). Men like round ass, round wide hips, full lips (no horsey faced smiley expressions, please, I’m begging you, stop the same expression madness of ROK photos of women!).
    The women have it right. This chick is a total fail as a leader and as a lust object.

  3. Do want but I look like a cross between Ron Jeremy and Shrek and my politics are to the right of Genghis Khan.

  4. She formed a government with a couple of other parties. Most of the time coalitions like that don’t last too long, so we can only hope.

  5. She’s not attractive at all, and she’s “old” according to the readership here.. talk about desperate, thirsty men lol. I have a feeling that the beauty standards of the men who visit this site are infinitely lower than they claim. Like if a girl who is considered a 5 by normal standards gives you the time of day, you’re over the moon.

  6. Jacinda Ardern – weak mind and a rotten soul. You get past that, I suppose physical intercourse is not a problem.

  7. Do these cultural Marxists really believe that Sharia law is going to be some utopia on earth? I almost feel sorry for them.
    If it does come to pass it will be popcorn time just to see feminists try to exist under Sharia.
    As for Ms. New Zealand I’d ride it hard and put it away soaking wet.

  8. Adern has been known as “my little pony” for years among the dank kiwis who follow politics here. (It is a depressing hobby). However, she is connected into the press: her partner is a TV presenter, and the TV and press gushed over her through the election. Regardless, she lost the popular vote: since we have proportional representation she made a government our of the second third and fourth most popular parties.
    Agree it will be a disaster. Yes, I voted, but not for her or any party in her coalition.
    This is Gayford, her partner.

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