Did Former President George H. W. Bush Cop A Feel On C-List Actress Heather Lind?

After seeing a picture of former Presidents gathered to discuss hurricane disaster relief, actress Heather Lind wrote a social media post alleging an untoward encounter by former President George H.W. Bush four years ago. Following that, MSN—the MSM’s fountainhead of fair and unbiased coverage—released a new bombshell, “Heather Lind accuses ex-Prez George H.W. Bush of sexual assault“, documenting allegations from this now-deleted Instagram post which was hashtagged #MeToo.

It begins:

“I found it disturbing because I recognize the respect ex-presidents are given for having served. And I feel pride and reverence toward many of the men in the photo. But when I got the chance to meet George H. W. Bush four years ago to promote a historical television show I was working on, he sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo,” Lind, 34, wrote.

“He didn’t shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again. Barbara rolled her eyes as if to say ‘not again.’ His security guard told me I shouldn’t have stood next to him for the photo.”

Uh oh! Then this:

“It seems to me a President’s power is in his or her capacity to enact positive change, actually help people, and serve as a symbol of our democracy. He relinquished that power when he used it against me and, judging from the comments of those around him, countless other women before me,” Lind wrote.

Further, she indicated that she came forth following others telling their stories. As the article concludes, the Harvey Weinstein mess appears to be the background for this, which perhaps involved more than a pat on the butt by the famous Hollywood mogul.

So what really happened?

Comments at the Daily Mail are fierce!

The article doesn’t give us much to go on here. Did Bush the Elder perhaps nudge her in the backside? That seems to be what this is driving at, but the specifics are unclear. Was it an inadvertent shoulder brush, or something intentional? Did it even happen this way?

As for his side of the story, we don’t have too much to go on here. However, the writeup by the Daily Mail includes the following aftermath, delivered by a spokesman:

President Bush would never—under any circumstance—intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.

Could this have been the limerick beginning “There once was a man from Nantucket”? Without further background on it, that’s really hard to say—once again, did it even happen this way? Hell, the guy is known for apologizing for everything, including the well-deserved “misguided Marin County hot-tubber” comment about John Walker Lindh (hopefully not a relative).

All this puts me in a very odd position here, doing something I never expected I’d do: stand up for Bush the Elder, once at the forefront of a thundering herd of neoconservative RINOs. This is the guy who thought The Simpsons was too sassy for his tastes. During his presidency, the media had to make a big deal out of his dislike for broccoli, apparently during a slow news day or something. Further, he’s been suffering from severe health problems since 2000. All told, if these allegations turn out to be true—a pretty big “if” given that it’s basically a one-sided story at this point—then the most probable conclusion is that Bush the Elder was having a senior moment.

Dear Reader, suppose that you were in a retirement home, waiting to see an aged relative. Then a little old lady rolls up in a wheelchair, executes an Elderly Opener maladroitly, and botches a Kino Escalation—perhaps even patting you on the butt. Would your response be any of the following?

  • Laugh it off and give Mildred a big hug.
  • Point out the old feller looking wistfully from the corner; “He looks like a nice guy, and I find it touching that yours was the last generation that truly appreciated productive men with pleasant personalities.”
  • Thank her for her service in the WAVES, defending San Francisco and Los Angeles from imminent conquest by the Japs.
  • File a police report against the dirty old lady.

All the above are wrong answers. You’re supposed to blog about the encounter four years later!


Was a thirty-year-old starlet, standing beside several others—including the former First Lady—truly at risk from an old guy in a wheelchair who hadn’t held the reins of power since Bill Clinton took over in January 1993? Some truly heinous things do happen sometimes, but this doesn’t seem to be one of them. There was no element of blackmail, potential career damage, or threat of force. Why did this story even surface—was it a slow news day once again?

Perhaps flimsy allegations with nothing beyond a little uncomfortableness finally have jumped the shark. One could only hope.

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32 thoughts on “Did Former President George H. W. Bush Cop A Feel On C-List Actress Heather Lind?”

  1. I wish I could gather up some sympathy for men of the elite who either helped enable rape culture or remained silent when innocent men across the country were being falsely accused. They got money to defend themselves… fuck ’em.

    1. Harvey Weinstein defense strategy seems to be to order actress to come up against him as well as all the men in the world as to seem like he is just a victim of feminism like every other dude.
      You get Megyn Kelly, which started talking about it just for the sake of saving Weinstein’s ass.
      Rose Mcgowan gave a ridiculous anti-male speech, which makes every reasonable person feel sympathy for weinstein.
      Its a great strategy.

    2. This is why I can’t muster up any sympathy for the male Feminists who are now being (more than likely falsely) accused of improprieties. You lie with the sows, you get dirty.

      1. I spent 2 years at a university that was unofficially known as the SJW capital of New York, and they had a “BDSM” club that was staffed by a male feminist in his 50s… guess how long it took until it was revealed that he was abusing women?

        1. There’s an unspoken rule. If a male ‘perpetrator’ of deeds is under accusation from SJWs, the charges are lifted the moment the accused announces that they intend to begin sex change procedures. It’s all a big ploy to get more customers into the dickchop shop and it’s an all out assault on masculinity. Recently several states approved sex change operations to be covered under state insurance for state employees. From road crews to school janitors to Larry the health inspector. Trannys could be unleashed everywhere and it would all be on the taxpayer’s dime.
          ››› NEW HAMPSHIRE ›››
          ››› NORTH CAROLINA ›››
          ››› MARYLAND ›››
          North Carolina is a red state all but for the current shitlib Dem governor who also calls for removal of all Confederate statues in the state. The more you dig, the more debauched that party seems to get. I don’t see how a total civil war hasn’t broken out already. The Dems are full steam Weimar and worse.

  2. Do you think the actor class is just acting as usual?
    Weinstein seems too big to fail.
    Seems is next ratchet down of war on men –
    “guilt by accusation” — and all women can now be victims…

  3. I don’t understand a witchhunt at this point. I mean, isn’t the era where even flirting with a woman you don’t know without possible dangerous repercussions long over? All a woman has to do now is go on social media and tweet out so and so harassed her.
    All that Weinstein and Toback stuff happened before women were tweeting every significant event in their life out to the world. I would argue Weinstein and Toback couldn’t even come close to getting away with that stuff today. So this hysteria seems silly. The age of absolute compliance with the female imperative is here, like it or not.

  4. George H W has also been accused of patting actress Teri Hatcher on her rear end. I can recall this news when it came out 10 years ago in the Daily Mail. However, at the time it was reported as a funny item and we were supposed to laugh that the then 82 year old would do this. Now the same video is being cited as evidence on what an evil creep George H W is.
    Strangely, if you Google the original Daily Mail article, the full article including pictures is not available. Instead a brief article with no reference to the rear patting is given instead.
    It shows how the media changes its tune based on the current ideology.
    And will H Ws immediate successor WJC be brought to book for his far greater array of misdemeanours with women? And what of recent VP Joe Biden and his willing hands that have been filmed being up to no good?

    1. yea.
      Biden has some creepy/pedo extreme touching of young girls…
      look it up on youtube…

  5. I used to wonder why there are so many used up actresses and even models who are still given prominence long after they have passed their prime.
    Now I think I know one major reason. It is to bribe them to stop them from spilling the beans.
    The Weinstein scandal is a sign that the number of washed up leftover actress prostitutes has reached critical mass.

  6. The Uniparty is breaking out the best of the best now to try and take out the diabolical KGB agent Trümpführer-SS.
    The high powered intellect of the Bush clan can think holes in a boiler plate
    If you fart in the general direction of a feminist snowflake is that assault?
    Now that Harvey’s pussygrabbers are on suspension how will overrated cuck Quentin Tarantino make movies?

  7. At this point, all I can muster is a big “meh” the whole damn thing. I mean, does anyone besides 3rd wave feminazi snowflakes even CARE that some starlet was groped by a crippled 93-year-old man who hasn’t had a hard-on since he left the Presidency? REALLY? The 3rd “wave” has crashed on the shore, and is starting to roll back. Catch the next wave, as the rest of us wave goodbye.

  8. For better or worse, men are hardwired to make the first overt move. Third-wave feminism sold itself on penalizing — and now criminalizing — men as the “natural first movers,” as if it could magically, instantly reverse the primal drives that have governed all of human history. Women have no natural ability to dominate. This is the root of their complaints.

    1. they know all of this, and that’s why they’re doing it. Making heterosexuality impossible or fraught with peril is precisely the point of the exercise.

  9. Yeah the new Salem witch trials except the buzzword ‘witchcraft ‘ has been replaced with ‘harrasment’, ‘rape’, or assault this seems to be strictly an anglo thing.

    1. There’s something rather coordinated about this. Women complaining with or without good cause isn’t necessarily something that requires explanation in and of itself and its quite possible there’s a degree of spontaneous momentum involved fuelled by social media, however this is becoming so across the board, and appears to involve so many ‘men in power’ or rather powerful men its hard not to think this is all part of a wider attempt at a transfer of power – remember the NWO is about matriarchy. ISIS the queen must ride atop at all cost. The Shekinah shakedown must continue.
      Indeed I would say these guys getting targeted are more aptly described as powerful men rather than men in power, for if they actually were men in power they would not be being brought to book. Weinstein and Bush senior are the old guard and every so often there’s a spot of regime change and when that happens the old guard has to be seen to suffer.
      I have zero sympathy for Weinstein who is probably guilty of most of what he’s accused of. Bush on the other hand is probably guilty of crimes we couldn’t even register. Bush the Elder (which sounds like an almost respectful term for a GILF) has moreover occasionally been suspected of involvement in the JFK affair itself. Remember his sudden hospitalisation the first time there was talk of CIA files being laid bare?
      Bush like Soros and many others have had their time in the (black) sun. Their day is over and they are being subjected to limited consequences in preparation for some new blood at the helm, or at least in front of the stage. Weinstein may bring down the Hollywood power elite, but so far it looks as though the feminist (client) establishment is colluding with the elite to redirect attention onto heterosexual men in general as part of a generalised attack on the patriarchy. Now it seems Bush Senior has been roped into this and I would say there’s a good chance he’s given the whole thing his blessing. After all if the alternative was being fingered for the JFK assassination or being fingered for a Bohemian Grope (thank you) that most people are going to scoff at anyway and put down to an old man being a bit fresh with his hands what would you prefer? Bush the Elder is being accused of a trivial crime so that he does not get accused of something much much worse.
      That’s not to suggest that he’s guilty of anything, only that according to some sources, reliable or otherwise, the Bush family has a been involved in a great many dark deeds

      1. The entire Bush family regularly went on outings where they canoe paddled both up and down Satan’s large intestine.

  10. If Bush really does have his left hand up Lind’s butt-crack she’s evidently enjoying the experience more than he is, judging by their facial expressions

    1. that’s his ventriloquist face.
      He’s the ventriloquist and she’s the ventriloquist’s dolly bird. That’s why his hand’s up her arse.
      Heather Lind: that ex-president’s got his hand up my bottom
      Bush the Elder: are you accusing me of ass-ass-ination. Excuse my stutter…
      Heather Lind: yes, I am. You were fumbling around my grassy knoll.

      1. I might be going out on a limb here but I’m not altogether unconvinced that Lind isn’t actually leaning in for a little titillation

        1. so that’s what Sheryl Sandberg means when she says that women should lean in. Makes sense now

        2. Cum to think of it, never mind what Father Bush’s left hand is up to, what is she doing with hers? Ménage à mois? Impeaching her Bush? Womanspreading? Fish fingers in the Oval Office?

  11. It’s called “Moral Equvacation.”
    Whenever a darling from the left is caught engaging in a misdeed,
    they have to drege up a story of someone on the right doing a
    simular misdeed. This takes the focus off of the liberal culprit.
    It’s about the people surrounding Bill Clinton who said “Conservatives
    harass women too.
    Just more garbage from the Frankfurt School/Sol Alinksy playbook.
    America is a total dictatorship now. Terrors await that beggar

  12. This happened four years ago? How brave and heroic of her to come forward.
    Is there some pink badge of courage she can be awarded?

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