3 Vital Social Norms That Cultural Marxism Is Destroying

A harmonious and well-run society relies on the general acceptance of several social norms, a few of which I’ll describe. These were once uncontroversial; fairly instinctively, everyone understood them and considered deviance repugnant. However, cultural Marxism now seeks to “deconstruct” them, using recently-created buzzwords to reframe normality as something bad. Fair is foul and foul is fair.

Unfortunately for them, biology disagrees. Typically they’ll use lofty rhetoric about individualism and even human rights. However, breaking out the fife and drums doesn’t change the fact that personal whims aren’t always good for society, or even the individual. Laws of nature don’t go away by wishing reality was different, and social engineering that disregards them brings consequences.

Gender essentialism

Just some average ladies elegantly showing grace and charm

What this buzzword means: There are meaningful differences between the sexes.

When I was three years old, I could observe from among my peers that boys and girls acted differently and had different interests. Later, I understood that these differences complement each other and result from evolutionary biology. Leftist sociologists (less clever than a three year old) claim these differences don’t exist. They argue that everyone is programmed by society—or “the Patriarchy“, for their new buzzword—into sex-specific roles and behaviors. They cling to this viewpoint, despite extensive research contradicting it.

The “gender is a social construct” line basically argues that humans are an exception to the biological rule that advanced species have sexual dimorphism. To believe that all differences (beyond a few unimportant anatomical characteristics) result from social conditioning, one also would have to believe that all societies worldwide came up with the idea during prehistoric times—independently, arbitrarily, and with basically the same particulars. Further, one would have to believe that these supposedly irrational customs were maintained everywhere for thousands of years, until the feminists came along and told everyone that we’re doing it all wrong.

Consequences of rejecting normality: Too many problems have resulted from feminism to describe in merely one article. I’ll focus on the most relevant item here. Men don’t like unladylike women, and women don’t like guys who act like spineless emo wimps. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s been promoted lately, and it’s making both men and women unhappy.


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What this buzzword means: Heterosexuality is normal.

About 96-98% of the public (depending on the survey) is straight. Heterosexuality is default because evolution promotes fertility to ensure species survival. As for the rest, there’s a decent libertarian-style argument for tolerating differences and accepting their right to privacy. That, however, isn’t a good reason to make society bend over backwards (or forwards) to accommodate them in other ways. The tail does not wag the dog.

With tolerance and acceptance handled, the next step was mandatory celebration; virtue-signaling by politicians and corporations has gone pretty far toward that. The media has been especially instrumental. The public believes that over 20% of the population is gay; quite a testament to their power to alter perception of reality. The next steps, naturally, are forced participation and punishing those who disagree. They’ve gone far, but it’s doubtful we’ve seen the end of that.

If the gay agenda was merely about the right to do private things behind closed doors, it wouldn’t be too controversial. Gay parades and social venues aren’t too big a deal either; it’s understandable that they want institutions of their own, and the rest of us aren’t required to participate. However, their agenda has been allowed to go too far: forcing their way into explicitly straight organizations, expecting society to change long-standing customs to cater to them, and even bringing this into schools. This is what happens when heterosexuality isn’t regarded as particularly normal and advantageous.

Consequences of rejecting normality: In the early 2000s, extremist positions suddenly became incessant demands, things that not even average liberals advocated or wanted previously.

These included gay marriage (an unprecedented alteration), gays in the military (a distraction at best and serious morale problem at worst), and even the Boy Scouts (what possibly could go wrong?) There could’ve been reasonable compromises: civil unions as a parallel institution, all-gay military units (perhaps even a Navy “Love Boat”), and gay camping clubs (18+ please). However, the activists have been telling the public “my way or the highway” and using the courts as a societal battering ram.

There are further consequences too; for a couple of examples, erosion of public morality, and the drain on the public health system from treating STDs endemic in their prolific hookup culture.


Just an average… I’m not sure what this is.

What this buzzword means: There are two sexes, male and female.

Transsexuals are three tenths of the general population, a small fraction of the GLBTQQIAOMGWTF fruit salad. Just as with homosexuals, this is reproductively maladaptive. Of this 0.3% of the public, a far smaller number actually have something biologically wrong with them. For the rare few with genetic disorders, it’s reasonable to be understanding, but that doesn’t necessitate rearranging society in their image.

As for the rest, transsexuals are delusional, considering themselves to be something they’re not. These confused people have been led to believe that their feelings are more real than biology. Enabling this is not compassion, and it certainly doesn’t make sense for society to indulge this neurosis.

Consequences of rejecting normality: This group delusion has increased considerably, facilitated by the recent bombardment from the media and even the schools.

The worst part is what this is doing to children. Usually kids with “gender dysphoria” grow out of this phase. However, lately some have been encouraged to ruin their bodies with puberty-blocking drugs, hormone “therapy”, and even surgery. It began as junk science with disastrous consequences, and remains a horrible form of child abuse. When they start growing up and realize what’s been done to them, there’ll be hell to pay.


This is how it rolled back when things were still pretty sane.

An ideology not grounded in reality will not produce good results. A major problem with cultural Marxism is that they don’t know when to stop pushing. It’s about time that we stand up as one and tell them to shut up and quit wrecking our society.

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31 thoughts on “3 Vital Social Norms That Cultural Marxism Is Destroying”

  1. There was never a society that was not heteronormative. In fact that word is just a leftist buzz word created by university talking heads. It’s meaningless. Same thing for cis stuff. It’s a meaningless word made up by liberal arts professors to feel important.

  2. I identify as a Hamilton Beach 1200W 4-Slice Toaster Oven… and I want my human (errr, toaster?) rights you assholes!

  3. Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research (later known as the Frankfurt School). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?” The Frankfurt School gained profound influence in American universities after many of its leading lights fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape National Socialism in Germany.

    1. And what the Cultural Marxists are doing now is, based on their Critical Theory, they are deconstructing the sexual and gender identity of White youth.

    2. The unfortunate thing is that Gramsci and his Frankfort cohorts had to leave Germany or else they would have ended up as lampshades as they were mostly Jews. They reformed their craft again in New York, and that’s how we inherited their bunk.

  4. “Everyone is born a blank slate and is molded by society. Except homos, who can’t help being born that way. Or people ‘born into the wrong body’. Or born to be a lardass. Or an addict. Or anything else we want to remove all personal responsibility form.”
    I personally have hypocrisy fatigue, brought on be idiot proglodytes and their I FUCKIN’ LOVE SCIENCE! shitshows.

  5. Obviously, you are 200% correct on all of your points as usual, Mr. Albrecht. Doesn’t really matter, though, unless we can market/”brand” your truth to the masses. How do we do it?

  6. Gay marriage/acceptance and trans acceptance is just a way to filter out beta males for the feminine imperative at its root. It is simply a failed reproductive strategy and women are lazy, so of course it is easier for them if “gays” and “trannies” self-identify as such and crater their own SMP, thus allowing women to sift/sort ideal DNA more easily.

    1. Thumbs up from me! Never thought of it that way. But your theory means female hypergamy has more power to influence political power then I thought. Are women really the puppet masters behind the deepstate curtain? My gut says no…

  7. You’re also forgetting incest acceptance, forced racial marriage
    intergration, and forced marriage intergration between
    hetrosexual men (If they’re white ) and transgenders.

      1. Mostly it’s sexist in a healthy way. It’s anti homo too. I don’t call myself homophopic because I don’t fear gays but I can’t stand when they run around all hyper-shithole. I prefer the term anti homo. I get annoyed at homo antics on public display. Dogs can hump fire hydrants openly because they’re animals. Homos openly homoing are dumb animals too. Shit comes out an asshole. How stupid are they? They’ll never breed like that. It’s the wrong hole and the wrong sex. Hahaha. Retards or what?
        What really annoys me is when fags pop out from behind bushes at public parks and say things like: “I wanna thuck your dick”. Just point mace at them like they were a dumb dog going for your trousers. ‘SQUIRT’ – arf arf arf whimper

      2. You changed the definition for racism… which is a purely SJW faggish thing to do. Logic now = racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, pedophileapbobia, anarchaphobia, and …. literally Hitler. Nope, we just kept on the forward course and lookie, everyone invented a bunch of bullshit out of nowhere to suit their “human condition.” – chuckles, so cute.

      3. And? We should I believe that blacks are equal? Afros are still literally shitting in their own drinking water after 200,000 of human existence. The grod is a dalit in every country and culture that it infests.

  8. Self expression is for teenagers. We live in a world of perpetual teenagers. The other night i watched the Toadies. Fantastic band but man everyone in the audience was ugly. I thought maybe because Halloween is around the corner people wanted to dress up after further scanning the room i realized it was not a halloween party. Why is everyone soo fat and ugly? Doesn’t anyone want to have sex anymore? I don’t care what ridiculous title you identify as but please for the love of all that is holy be attractive. Flip flops are not shoes. being a fat whatever will still give you health problems that overtime will be a burden on society in taxes and building sturdier furniture. I see these fat ugly fucks as Darwinism doing it’s work. By the time these fat fucks turn 30 they’ll be on their 3rd cardiac event and possible amputated leg. Moving on with the rent. Tattoos are not cool anymore. If you ever plan on getting one look up Axl Rose past and present photos. I find it hard to believe people have one-night stands they’re all ugly and gross.

  9. Anyone who choses SJW causes over biology is a a stupid fuck. I can’t bear small talk with these stupid fucks because it hurts my soul that they are the biggest tax burden and fuck up our society.

  10. Beau you are a student of history as well. With the MSM narratives, I worry we are rapidly going into 1917 Leninist Russia. Granted they did not have the ‘heteronormativity’ issues but the stranglehold of the majority of Social Thought is clearly manifesting in the Left. Any historians posit how this could have been avoided then and what we could adopt in these times?

  11. Leftism should be a serious illness covered in the DSMV psychological guide. Think about it for a second, absolutely eveything they stand for goes against nature: no, you don’t plug a shit hole with a dick. No, you don’t chop off your balls or your tits because “hey, I can do what the fuck I want” with no second thought as to the disastrous consequences brought upon. Worse yet is the stinking hypocrisy of it all. They provoke you with in your face exhibitions of freakish behaviours because they’re allowed to their opinion, but when you try to express yours, they shut you down (online ROK comments, MSM censorship of the right etc etc etc). So I have this to say to you oppressed men: hang on. They know who we are, they’re out in full force against us because they fear us. And so they should be afraid. Always remember leftards, a wounded animal is one you don’t want to fuck with.

  12. “Transsexuals are three tenths of the general population”
    3/10ths? I think you meant three tenth of a percent.

  13. What’s worse, is that schools and colleges are expecting their respective students to accept some of this bullshit! They couldn’t even leave the education system alone!

  14. Single mothers. My 14 year old niece just “came out” to her dad who she sees maybe two or three times a year. She’s …gay? WHAT exactly does a 14 year old even know about SEX?! THIS seems really really really fucked up.

  15. The photographer of that magazine photo has gotten the subject to put his/her hand in a position to subliminally look like a penis. Oh the lengths they go to even subliminally….

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