5 Ways That The Modern “Rape” Hysteria Resembles Stalin’s Great Terror

The bodies may not be stacking up like in Soviet times, but leftists in 2017 are copying Stalin’s playbook when it comes to dealing with highly dubious allegations of “rape” and “sexual assault.” Combining ideological fervor with shoddy “determinations” of guilt, SJWs are peddling fear and irrationality at every turn in trying to demonize the male gender.

Although he was a highly gifted politician and social strategist, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is infamous for his persecutions of millions of innocent Soviet citizens and foreigners. In order to secure his power during the 1930s, he embarked on an unprecedented policy of state-sanctioned butchering, beginning with show trials against senior Bolshevik colleagues and culminating in a more generalized pattern of extermination, known today as the Great Terror.

By the end of the 1930s, hundreds of thousands of run-of-the-mill people had been rounded up and executed, or were simply left to die through hunger, illness, or torture. Others were demoted, fired, or severely ostracized within their communities. In addition to the death toll and various forms of repression, what most characterized the Great Terror was the remarkable paranoia it cultivated in the minds of nearly every resident of the Soviet Union. “Will I be next?” thought tens of millions of everyday Russians, Ukrainians, and members of other Soviet nationalities.

In most cases, serious physical harm and death do not befall those spuriously accused of “rape” or “sexual assault” in the West today. Notwithstanding this, the paranoia and many of the methodologies of Stalin’s Great Terror are replicated in instances of “abusers” targeted by SJWs and their powerful enablers.

Here are the very unfortunate commonalities:

1. There are quotas for “convictions”

Senior British prosecutor Alison Saunders has led the charge for more rape convictions.

Sound convictions are far from a focus for SJWs, similar to the heyday of the Great Terror. In fact, the reverse is often true. What matters is the number of convictions, however unethically they are procured. To achieve this, SJWs start by saying things like, “Only 5% of rapes are ever reported.” Of course, an unreported “rape” is not a rape in reality because we have no idea whether it happened or not. That is irrelevant to SJWs; they’re all rapes for those who want more convictions.

Worst of all, this emphasis has now reached the highest echelons of our legal systems. In the United Kingdom, which we can assess more easily than the 50 states and countless counties of the United States, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has tried to “improve” conviction rates for years. With comparatively few real rapes and sexual assaults, walking past a woman in a London train station is enough for the state to chase after you.

Because most Soviet citizens and others residing in the Soviet Union were preoccupied with just surviving, Stalin and his henchmen had to literally search for people to take the place of largely imaginary dissidents, spies, and saboteurs. Those in the West finding themselves prosecuted over bogus claims of “rape” or “sexual assault” may not face a firing squad today, but the hunt for new “criminals” continues unabated.

2. Actual evidence is merely an inconvenience to be avoided

Forced confessions and a lack of objective evidence were the hallmarks of Stalin’s show trials and the Great Terror. A lack of objective evidence is a defining feature of most rape trials today, too.

Unsubstantiated or plain anonymous denunciations were the order of the day throughout Stalin’s Great Terror. The same can be said of contemporary “rape culture” witch-hunts. Beyond college campuses, which provide archetypal examples of how “rape” hysteria operates, men can be harassed, hounded out of places, and even impoverished or imprisoned via anonymous rumors. Alternatively, the names of accusers are only known to a select few, with serious prison sentences awaiting anyone who reveals who they are. Moreover, alleged evidence is rarely, if ever provided, let alone verified by something close to a court.

The personal stories that illustrate this disregard for proof are nothing short of gut-wrenching. Last year, mid-level comedian Aaron Glaser found himself blacklisted from the New York City comedy scene for “sexual abuse.” His accusers, as far we know, were essentially unidentified. Many of those who vilified Glaser did so on the basis of random Facebook rants. The man’s livelihood took a massive nosedive and his Twitter account nowadays reads like a conversation with himself. He has never faced charges, as you would expect with such a poorly backed-up set of accusations. This hasn’t stopped the SJW mobs.

3. Those targeted must admit their “guilt” or face even harsher penalties

93-year-old men near their deathbed are now under attack.

The best chance of survival in either a Great Terror or a modern-day “rape” witch-hunt is to admit some kind of moral guilt or support the goals of the SJWs. Maintaining your innocence, nominally a legal right, only inflames your detractors. In the 1930s, a refusal to confess increased your chances of dying (regardless, many confessors were still executed in the end). The contemporary social climate is all about recognizing you engaged, at a minimum, in a form of sexual “misconduct” for which you should be sorry.

2017 is full of situations where apologies are forced, but one recent controversy should be singled out. Former US President George H. W. Bush has been very opportunistically accused of groping by at least two women. Besides his senility, Bush is presently stuck in a wheelchair and has issues moving his hands higher. If he did touch the buttocks of certain women, itself very debatable, the proposition that he went further and felt them up for sexual gratification is far from proven. After the groping allegations came to light, he and his spokespeople just had to apologize to the women involved. Anything less and this seriously ill man would become a pariah for rabid SJWs.

4. True believers are not spared from persecution

Where’s Nikolai?

Sure, it might often arouse schadenfreude in us, but it is also very troubling that the obsession with “rape culture” ends up devouring many of those who have otherwise furthered the SJW cause. If anything, the gobbling up of erstwhile fellow travelers is an attempt to legitimize the witch-hunts: “See, we are so dedicated to justice that we will mete it out to our best friends!” Stalin did this repeatedly, including with his main man in the NKVD, Nikolai Yezhov (and his predecessor).

Only days ago, Vice writer Sam Kriss was bitten badly by the same political beast he had fed for years. A girl (again, pretty much anonymously) accused him of sexual misconduct and Kriss consumed his medicine without complaint. He was fired, still maintaining his SJW beliefs, like how countless victims of Stalin pledged loyalty to him even as bullets, knives, and fists ended their lives.

Though there have been enough cases of male feminists being churned out for semi-believable rape or sexual assault stories, we need to be cautious. Social justice is a mental illness at its heart. I have no doubt that many men are so infected by their leftist activism that they would sacrifice themselves for the cause, genuinely believing that they raped or sexually assaulted their accusers when they actually did not.

5. Guilt by association or group membership is commonplace

Denounce, denounce, denounce, Ben and Matt!

Just as the family members and associates of those condemned during the Great Terror suffered, those connected with people accused of “rape” or “sexual assault” face immense challenges. Some in an accused’s social circle, due to the esteem in which they are held, are harder to unseat than others. Yet all should be regarded as vulnerable. A failure to attack your own kin or buddy after a “rape” or “sexual assault” allegation can lead to problems for years.

Inasmuch as I despise the selective, self-serving politics of, say, Meryl Streep, her denunciation of her “God” Harvey Weinstein is understandable. She had to join the fray of hungry leftist cannibals, lest her career suffer, no matter how much of a privileged leftist figure she may appear to be. So, too, did Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The dilemma for these two, however, is that they are men. Affleck especially has been in the firing line and is currently being savaged for a video of him “groping” Hilarie Burton (who seemed to love the attention back then, might I add).

There are plenty of sad stories from the non-celebrity world as well. Paul Nungesser, the man falsely accused by whacko Emma Sulkowicz, became a marked man for the rest of his education at Columbia University. Former friends attacked him and entire groups of people avoided him. If you didn’t support Emma and denounce Paul, you were apparently supporting “rape.”

Are you ready for the purge?

Condemned, poorly “convicted” men awaiting their fate.

You should be. The fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal could go one of two ways. The accusations and denunciations, now impacting dozens of male celebrities, plus innumerable everyday men, might exhaust themselves temporarily, as happened two years ago when the James Deen story petered out. Whilst this is the better option, a new round of media-enabled show trials will resume some time after. Let’s call this the cyclical scenario.

Perhaps, though, the “rape” and “sexual abuse” hysteria will snowball like never before, sucking in more and more unfairly attacked men. If this second, dystopian possibility is how things turn out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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39 thoughts on “5 Ways That The Modern “Rape” Hysteria Resembles Stalin’s Great Terror”

  1. False rape accusations further alienate actual rape victims. Running game on college campuses will now take a further nosedive.

    1. False accuser damage the claims of true victims, in the 90s false accusation were so common that the police don´t take the women seriously, Local police department hate it, 40% end as false accusation, so the police start with I don´t give a shit attitude hurting the rare real victim. False accuser are a piece of shit. they enable real rapist to hide, in other words false accuser ARE for a real rape culture, they love it so much that they fantasize with one. Seriously rape fantasy is the number 1 fantasy for women. All those fat ugly feminist who lie wish men lust after them.

    2. At my college students starting this year have to take mandatory title 9 training or be denied classes for next semester. Naturally I tried everything possible to get an exemption but couldn’t get one. Yesterday was the due date. I had to make a decsion and ultimatly I choose sanity. I would not subject my self to training that considers every male a rapist and removes due process from college. I guess my college career is over.

      1. Couldn’t you have taken the stupid class and been a shit-lord through it with innocuous-sounding questions that make the rape-culture, pro-feminist bullshit seem totally stupid?

        1. I dont know College has become more like a gulog than a place of learning. Everything must be controlled our thoughts and speech especially. And forget trying to ask girls out. Just staring at them is considered rape anymore.

      2. Do not skip those lessons, this will be valuable experience.
        One of my most formative Red Pill experiences was taking part at compulsory Diversity Training at my workplace.
        Hint: ask innocent-like questions in a way that it may seem you are a bit confused but trying to work out logically what they are on about, do not reveal your true feelings. It will be fun, trust me.

        1. “Do not skip those lessons, this will be valuable experience.”
          Better yet, record those lessons and show them on social media, it could serve as a serious red pill for many men.

      3. Sir, you are definitely better off & wise for choosing sanity & taking the red pill, for realizing what many men (whom are happy to be straight, traditional, & ‘woken up’) know as well – colleges & university’s in todays world have gone way the hell to sh*t, they are not what they used to be as ACTUAL ACADEMIC LEARNING, is not-so-much the focus as its taken a back-seat to ‘social sciences, politic slop, & other bullcrap fodder’ fed to sjw morons attending them today.

    3. I think the Cultural Revolutin in China is a more apt comparison. However, I loathe the analogy because the Cutlural Revolution had some positives:
      A. sweeping away backward Chinese despotism in the social realm
      B. decreasing Chinese hyper materialsim
      C. Creating a more positive person that cared about the whole of society.
      This whitch hunt is about hating White people.

  2. The result of the Great Feminine Imperative Terror will be a world where all the alpha males are selected out on Bumble and everybody else is left with sex robots. And as soon as the sex robots get as good as the real thing, the terror will end.

    1. I hate to say, but you’re quite probably wrong. The SJW feminist types will scream and holler that AI sexbots are sentient and deserve “human rights”, and after everyone jumps through their asses to kowtow to the feminazis, it will be illegal to have sex with a sexbot, or to try to program it to say “yes”, and so on. The oppression will continue to grow. Alphas will be living dangerously; any disenchanted partner who feels jilted by an alpha will be able to have him sentenced to ‘rehabilitation’. Betas will accept any scraps they can get, eventually being forced by law to accept a woman’s word that ‘he’s the daddy’ even if he wasn’t in the same hemisphere when the woman conceived. Beta cucks will be the norm, and divorce rape will continue unabated. Male suicide after being victimized by feminists will continue to increase.
      The US and the UK – and most Western countries – are totally screwed. Alphas will leave en masse – at least those who haven’t been accused of paltry ‘harassment’ offenses and denied passports as a result.
      The future ain’t pretty unless the feminists can be stopped. Which they can’t because it’s too late.

  3. btw, this comment system has yet to improve, I know, but I love the thumbs down.
    I felt great seeing 8 thumbs down on a previous comment of mine. I guess this is evidence that there is a fundamental difference between us and the snowflakes.

    1. also, I can double thumbs-up by closing browser and visiting again. which would mean: self-thumbs-up to infinity.

  4. huh? Is the comment section moderated before post? I just posted a comment but after I visit again I can’t see it.

  5. There’s little doubt that some of these cases are true or even most of them. That is not the point. The point is, this is just another lever they use to further demonize everyday men, and once more, it will be everyday men who never lifted a finger on a woman that will be yet more confused on how to approach women.
    There’s one more thing I find particularly puzzling here. It always seems that the people who come out with allegations, sometimes years or decades later, often do so when their careers fall flat or they are no longer relevant to anything.

  6. внимание товарищей
    This is quite the article, and have noticed even in the past six months, that more articles about the Marxist-influenced attack on men are being published. First, the standard boogeyman, the White man, has been and continues to be attacked. Now, blacks and sometimes browns, but in a limited-edition sort of way. I think that these men are slowly beginning to realize what is in store for them once things really get rolling.
    Now it has to be understood that there is only one effective way to deal with the Marxists, attack!
    This brings to mind what Solzhenitsyn wrote: If there was a resistance by those who were a target using clubs, knives, and whatnot, there would have been reluctance by the NKVD to go on nightly raids. Parades, protests, and petitions to the apparatchiks will not do; direct action is the only way to deal with the enemy. No joy, but something has to be done, just stating.

  7. Solution # 1: Pass legislation that makes it a felony to make a false rape report that punishes anyone found guilty of this crime with a substantial amount of prison time (no jail time, but prison time) and no probation.
    Solution #2: Repeal all laws (especially criminal laws) that contain ambiguous language like “abuse.” Enact laws that explicitly prohibit the passing of laws with ambiguous language.
    These solutions will help take power away from people like this and from unscrupulous, rogue prosecutors with political agendas.

    1. I forgot to add to Solution #2 the following: There are already laws that punish specific conduct like battery, assault, false imprisonment, etc. These are words with plain and clear meaning that put people on notice on the type of specific conduct that is prohibited. So there is no need to have a law that prohibits “abuse” because there are laws on the books that prohibit battery, assault, false imprisonment, etc.

  8. The Mark Pearson case still has me seeing red. I and many others actually friended the poor guy on Facebook for moral support.

  9. Also redefinations are part of this reign of terror.
    “Micro-expressions” (Demented mad people really believe there
    are such things.) and “rape” as a thing only white males can do.

  10. What I find hilarious is that leftists have been promoting this cultural idea that promiscuity is good, that having lots of random sex is good, that porn stars are honorable people, that a woman who has had 100 boyfriends is even more mepowered than a virgin…BUT OMG, how dare a man ask for sex and be sexual, how dare we objectify a womans body, how dare we use our wealth and power to get sex….sexual empowerement just means that women get to F**k anyone they want with no consequences and men are to be their slaves who protect them, financial feed them, and sit there like a dog and worship them. If promiscuity is good and sex really means nothing, it is just something fun to do, than why is it bad to slap a woman’s ass, why is it bad to ask for sexual favors in return for a job, why is it bad for a man to have 10 wives…hell, why is non-assault rape even bad…if you have sex with a passed out girl than shouldn’t it be just viewed as “surprise sex”, you know, like a little joke? LOL, like “hey, I had sex with you when you were passed out, surprise!!!” If there is no emotional or moral meaning behind sex than most of the shit that men do in Hollywood should be viewed as just people having fun. Our culture is the biggest joke. LOL, I think the biggest problem here is actually the objectification of fat men, those women should not view him (Harvey) as unattractive, and they should have been more than happy to have sex with him for a job.

    1. >BUT OMG, how dare a man ask for sex and be sexual, how dare we objectify a womans body, how dare we use our wealth and power to get sex
      >BUT OMG, how dare a man ask for sex and be sexual, how dare we objectify a womans body, how dare we use our wealth and power to get sex
      At first no one cared if men were doing all of those things. As a matter of fact, most of the women’s mags like Cosmopolitan actually described things that they now call “creepy and stalkerish” as “cute and romantic”…provided the guy was hot. Then everything just changed practically overnight around 2013-2014. Yes, there was a point in time where they actually encouraged Roosh’s behavior before giving him the shaft, and many women competed ravenously for the attention of those men they found either wealthy, powerful, or sexually desirable as opposed to the present trend of “Man Repelling”.

  11. Start purging female rapists. Women rape men by deliberately exposing their flesh. Start with Rose McGowan, pornstar

  12. The funny thing is, and this occasionally happens, is the left is currently devouring its own with this latest version of rape hysteria. It is even doing so at the cost of the LGBT agenda. Perhaps they can’t find enough pervs on the right (there are plenty) or just those guys/gals keep their relationships more discreet and less numerous (big difference in banging some random at a hotel bar in a city far away on a business trip then going through dozens of women coercing them with jobs and cash as part of a de facto employment system).
    The Left had to give up its push on college campuses after the fake Rolling Stone article. That did them in on that for at least a few years now. That was so bald faced an attempt to gin up hysteria I am sure the agenda masters were sweating bullets for a few months and ultimately wondered how they got away from that one with only moderate blow back.
    But now we are back to everyone is getting raped by everyone. I don’t doubt sexual “favors” for employment are heavily implicated in the hollywood entertainment system. Had a friend who was a mid-grade model back in her early 20’s. She would just shrug her shoulders when asked about it and just say “it is just a c*** and a little c**….not like these guys are huge and last forever….most pop in less then a minute….” Guess when it is the equivalent of an awkward stare from a co-worker or batting at an annoying fly it isn’t that big of a deal.

  13. Change hundreds of thousands sacrificed to The Great Terror to the more appropriate 10’s of millions and you have one of the best articles I’ve read here. Strong work and something I discuss with my son on a regular basis. Needless to say (Freshman year university) he’s concerned about this issue.

  14. Stalin’s Diary entries: Totally crushed those Kulak peasants today.
    Note to Self-Free healthcare for all.
    Note to Lysenko-Will overcomes science, nature is just a construct.
    Note to Trotsky-The Icepick Cometh.
    Things to do-Airbrush fallen comrades out of pictures.

  15. I have an ex who was stupid enough to text that she was gonna put me into jail. Sex related bruises she took pictures of and “sent to her uncle wh was a judge.” She threatens multiple times to call to cops. Lies that she said called the cops, then there was a fake pregnancy. Months later calling me and texting me non stop to please take her back. Meanwhile we never had an official conversation about our status.
    Women are so convinced the system is for them that they will grab for every branch of the ugly tree as they are falling from called the Wall.

  16. ‘….will snowball like never before, sucking in more and more unfairly attacked men. If this second, dystopian possibility is how things turn out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.’
    You didn’t warn us.
    You have misunderstood this phenomena.
    You do well to identify the fact that only a complete ‘confession’ can save the accused.
    I was trying to explain this about seven years ago when the England Football Captain, John Terry, was falsely accused of ‘racism’ however the rest seems to be but a brief cultural history of the purges.
    You omit the salient issue.
    The purges were only possible because the Soviet citizens were utterly debased and eager to feed on one another.
    Families did NOT suffer in the purges as much as denounce EACH OTHER.
    This phenomena is occurring today because we, as a ‘society’, are so eager to do it to ourselves.
    Nothing will stop us.
    Britain’s Defense Minister has just resigned for being ‘a bad man’ or something.
    The women who are RUNNING THE COUNTRY are to weak to report that they have been raped….because it might affect their careers.
    This from their own mouths.
    Millions will vote for these women.
    They will get what they deserve, just like the Soviets who denounced their own parents, neighbors, teachers and colleagues.
    That’s what this is about.

  17. And all why we need to take back our patriarchy. Not the bullshit meaning feminists have made. We need to use our spiritual madness to leave the “powerful women” to their cats. Don’t give them attention for making money or doing things that men do. He’ll shame them for not reproducing because at 41 they have had 25 abortions and multiple on offs of the pill. Just do it smart, we are the superiors. Make them talk about it make them realize it was their fault. This might all sound manipulative but men aren’t supposed to love like women.

  18. At 52 I watch all around me, men of age, education and status jump up and down with their hair on fire, yet you same men of wisdom and logic let it happen. These events were warned nearly every single day in the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal for nearly 30 years under the leadership of the late Robert Bartley. I read, I learned, I believed, and it left me psychologically debilitated. I knew what horrors existed and the future for men at an age most men just couldn’t care less. Seeing it all come to pass is, to me, like witnessing the end of civilization.

  19. And all of this growing monstrosity has its beginnings with legally recognizing women as a “special status” , identity politics 101 if you will. It begins and ends with the the Civil Rights Act. So where will it all end? I predict that the feminists will enjoy the last few decades of the human period, and then, AI, robotics, tech explosions and such will render every societal, cultural, economic, healthcare, educational system, everything, they’ve stolen from the men who created it…MOOT AND IRRELEVANT! All the bean counting females will have left to complain about is that there is nothing left to complain about. And most definitely sex robots will be better than the real thing. There is no stopping sex robots. When feminists attempt it men will rise like a giant Ulysses all in one motion, and TAKE what they need. Sex is the only unifying concept among us men. We know it, we are not ashamed. We have and will sacrifice everything for sex. Women haven’t and won’t ever do the same for sex or anything else. This defines us, for each of you know that somewhere in your DNA lies a primal beast that is driving your every action. Imagine life without sex or conquest? That’s life for women, boring and unfullfilling, insecure and pointless. That’s why they hate men, because they hate being women. So ultimately when all of this plays out in the next 50 or 100 years, which ain’t long but doesn’t help us, men will be living the ultimate fantasy of long healthy lives without need or work and full of fantastic sex with every imaginable female. Utopia. Game over. Men will be in virtual heaven. Meanwhile, women will have gained nothing, as sex is already a full benefit that few of them care about. The future for women is very, very bleak. But your sons will be living your college fantasy every day of their extended lives.. It is worth making it happen.

  20. Question: anon accuser means the accused does not know which woman is accusing him with rape? Do I get it correctly?

  21. Easy population control dictated by a certain “tribe”? I see indications if you dig deeply enough…

  22. Possibility 3 is it starts out like 2, which snowballs to the point where a massive resentful backlash occurs.

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