NOW AVAILABLE: Limited Edition ROK Ugly Christmas Sweater

Starting today, we are selling ROK Ugly Christmas Sweaters that you’ll be able to wear in time for the holidays. The sweaters feature the message Merry (((Christ)))mas to celebrate the birth of Jesus while simultaneously signaling your awareness of the liberal agenda. The sweater also contains an obligatory Kratom joke.

To bring you this sweater at the insanely affordable price of $35 (only $10 more than our t-shirt), we are printing it on a standard red sweatshirt instead of an actual knitted sweater. Have no fear of soaking it with grandma’s eggnog since it’s easily washable. Red pill your whole family by proudly echoing your way through Christmas. Your secular Jewish friends will love your cheeky humor!

We will be taking orders for only five days: from today until Sunday, November 5. If you want one of these sweaters, you must order by November 5. The sweaters will be printed and then shipped to you on Saturday, November 25.

North American customers should get their shirt around December 2 and international customers around December 9, giving you ample opportunity for maximum holiday trollage. Click here to order your ROK Ugly Christmas Sweater today.

22 thoughts on “NOW AVAILABLE: Limited Edition ROK Ugly Christmas Sweater”

  1. How about a ROK dreidel!? This year will you be playing the Bernie Sanders drinking game on New Year’s Eve?
    Every time he mentions a free government program you drink your comrade’s beer!

      1. it is pretty shit. the other system was better.
        The fact you have to leave your email encourages responsible and pro-social posts which makes people more conservative in their speech and less likely to say things that might get them into trouble, even if the effect is just psychological.

        1. Yeah it certainly doesn’t look as aesthetic as Disqus, but he had no choice as RoK was revoked.
          I get the feeling that we’re going to see this happen a lot more often with sites that don’t go along with the establishment agenda.
          Best defense is to run a self-hosted, open source commenting system.

      2. Hopefully the readership hasn’t suffered but yeah, commenting seems to be way down. It’ll take some getting used to. I think Roosh said he was working on finding something better.

      3. I actually like this. You can see the dislikes, which are more than the likes. It’s a kind of anti-Facebook.

      4. It’s not that readers were lost, its just most can’t be bothered to comment now because of the extra inconvenience

  2. Christ shouldn’t be (((Christ))) as he wasn’t jewish, he was the King of Judea, but not from there – he was Gallelian.

  3. They’re pretty great. I’d wear one to work, but… anybody ever talked to anyone who has ‘heard of ROK’? I read Free Speech Isn’t Free, which was a great worst-case scenario, but I haven’t had any head to heads over my RooshV tee so far. I don’t know if I’ll get called a racist, a sexist, or a rapist. I am kind of a racist sexist, though. I have never raped anyone, however.

    1. By modern definition, of course, I mean I’ll acknowledge that there are races, and there are sexes. That makes me a racist sexist, right? …Pretty sure.

  4. roosh has truth in advertising..ugly sweater with a pic, boy howdy. but i also have no fashion sense, too.
    i prefer a plain pullover hoody sweatshirt.

    1. He wasn’t lying when he said ugly!
      I wouldn’t mind voting for some new designs, I would probably wear a shirt that had ‘beta orbiter’ on for example.

  5. I for one like the new comment system! The old one was not readable to me unless I used an unsecured browser, this one works with ublock, umatrix and everything else turned on.

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