Unlike “Christian” Girls, Muslim Women Are Modest And Take Their Faith Seriously

When was the last time you saw a woman with a headscarf or other form of Islamic headdress behaving or otherwise dressing like a whore? The answer is probably a long time ago or never. For whatever criticisms have been made about the mostly Muslim migratory invasions of Europe and the problems they cause, the fact remains that the daughters of Islamic societies and families largely keep their religious and social practices, even when are transplanted into Western countries.

If Muslim girls want to act like whores, they typically make a much harder break with their religion than slutty girls who claim to profess Christianity. They permanently get rid of the headscarf and, aside from visits to their parents, forsake all the other trappings of Islam, too. I am not advocating that we should take up lives as Muslims, but I am praising the very strong social expectations and practices that keep Muslim women demure.

Compare this to the antics of many “Christian” girls, enabled by a mollycoddling Western society, and the result is extremely underwhelming. Since the time of (the singer) Madonna, Christianity has been reappropriated by a constant stream of sluts, coming from both the celebrity and everyday worlds.

What is meant to be this:

…has for a very long time been this:

What happened to Christian female modesty?

Slutty girls publicly identifying as Christians not only inflate Christian numbers, they completely misrepresent and distort the faith. The new “church” for these girls becomes walking down the street with an overly displayed crucifix, with most of their breasts and half of their ass showing. Instead of courting prayer time with God, they’re courting never-ending sexual attention, the antithesis of what Christian teachings implore.

When the bar for being a Christian girl is set so low so much of the time, others copy the example. Within a few generations, church attendance falls to record lows. Putting a crucifix around one’s neck and keeping it there permanently warps into the sole profession of faith for most people for the rest of their lives. The sexual spoliation of women that follows should be a surprise to no one. The little Jesus between a woman’s breasts isn’t going to act as a magic moral conscience for them.

So, anything that comes close to modesty, let alone chastity has fallen by the wayside for tens of millions of self-described Christian girls in the West. Christianity and the values it is meant to represent have become a shell of their former selves.

To preserve their culture–and women–Muslim communities self-contain

The answer?

A lot has been made of Muslim/non-Muslim segregated zones in recent years. In Paris in particular, but also large districts in London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, Muslims often branch off into separate physical spaces that heavily replicate the lives they would lead back home in the Middle East or in other Islamic countries. The vast majority of even their public interactions are frequently conducted with coreligionists. This has been a significant instrument in keeping Muslim girls modest and loyal to their faith.

When they cannot create or preserve these physical spaces across entire neighborhoods as they would like, countless Muslims practice an ideological separation with comparable results. They meet as Muslims for religious or broader cultural purposes, well beyond just one weekly gathering at a mosque. In many instances, marriage partners, obviously Muslim as well, are at least unofficially sought out for their children years before a wedding ceremony takes place.

Certain Christian communities use similar group-strengthening practices. Mormon-majority and white-majority Utah, for example, boasts the highest birth rate in the United States, plus has the lowest incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the youngest average age of marriage. In addition to the benefits of outnumbering non-Mormons statewide, Mormons in Utah, like elsewhere, go further and reaffirm their social ties through the full gamut of weekly and seasonal activities. Church itself for Latter-day Saints takes three hours, not one, and many will spend five hours on a Sunday with other members.

Though some may question the extent to which we can bring back the fallen Western girl, the only workable solution appears to be reverting to some kind of traditional group doctrine and, as much as possible, protecting that doctrine from outside intrusion.

Give credit where credit is due

Criticize Islam’s bad influence on Western society as much as you want, yet the ways in which Muslim groups keep women modest are remarkably successful.

Again, I am not suggesting we all convert ourselves and our women to Islam. There are a number of reasons against this. What we must do, however, is study those cultures that, despite their faults, carve out effective ways to preserve the dignity and innocence of women, especially through sex.

Not every ROK reader is a Christian, that much is clear. Nonetheless, I am sure almost everyone reading this would prefer a return to a more Christian-minded society with more Christian-minded women than a slut-filled feminist free-for-all. In terms of avoiding this latter outcome, the Muslims are well and truly ahead of us.

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167 thoughts on “Unlike “Christian” Girls, Muslim Women Are Modest And Take Their Faith Seriously”

  1. This is due to the environmental constraints placed upon them instead of any genetic superiority at being good women. I’ve seen “Muslim” women in Scandinavia act like turbo sluts because they were living away from their parents. Women will respond in a way to maximize their gain depending on the environment they’re in.

    1. Yup. Same thing with lots of well-to-do Indonesian or Malaysian exchange student girls at Australian universities. Muslim on paper only.
      Once they are safely away from the prying eyes of their family, peers, or friends of family, they go all Ho’

      1. Single women should be under the supervision of their fathers. They should live under their father’s roof until they dwell under their husband’s. Sending a daughter off to college is crazy. If a college education is needed, the daughter should receive one locally, while still being supervised by her father.
        Furthermore, I don’t mean being supervised by soft permissive fathers. At a minimum, suggest that the father gives the daughter enough supervision to maintain her virginity until marriage in early 20s.
        The father has veto authority over all clothing choices and dating activity.

    2. Exactly. Plenty of Mormons, Orthodox Christians, Conservative Jews, etc. in western nations behave in a restrained manner because their subculture places severe consequences on their actions. Remove those consequences as secular society has and women will behave accordingly.

      1. Same for Korean women, a lot of Korean guys won’t marry a single Korean woman that’s been abroad because they know she’s had lots of foreign cock.

    3. To bad that 98% of the Muslim girls are kind of fugly. Yes you get the rare sexy Persian. Most of them are 3s at best.

        1. I live where there is a huge Somali (Muslim) community. Yes, they are covered from head to foot in black. But, at least here, that covering is like a micron thick black shrink wrap. It covers everything, but conceals nothing. It seems bas are not part of their cultural heritage. Also, their faces are not covered, and they mostly use a ton of makeup. They are quite bold and flirty, and I am an old, bald, fat guy. Modest they are not.

      1. Was thinking the same thing. All the hot persian females are very rare – usually models or tv presenters. They all seem to be single. All the married good muslim women tend to be fat butter ball type bodies. One has to wonder if muslim men are breeding with these women and passing on their genes, then where do all the hot persian females come from?

    4. The biggest misconception about Muslim/Arab women is that if we don’t wear the headscarf, we are sluts. I wear short skirts, low cut tops, high heels every day but I don’t engage in premarital sex and a lot of my Arab friends are the same. A lot of white men and even Arab men approach us hoping that because we don’t wear a headscarf that we’re loose and they’re going to get lucky – lol. And it’s not out of environmental constraints, I just don’t believe it’s smart for a woman to give her most prized and sought after commodity for free. I am a business woman. 😉

        1. I guarantee you you came across plenty of Arab women, but when we are not dressed like ninjas, white men cannot tell we’re Arab. We are often racially ambiguous with a lot of us passing us white, Latina, Greek, pretty much people guess we’re everything in the book except Arab.

        2. oh, pretty sure i can tell arabs. Just look at the noses. Arabs typically have fugly noses. Facial structure is also slightly different.
          However, that’s all a moot point compared to IQ. Centuries of cousin marriage have left Arab IQs pretty low. If you meet a smart Arab girl, she is on the end of the bell curve.

        3. Lol Arabs have very distinct features for people that know what Arabs look like. They don’t look White even with pale skin. They look exactly what they are: Arab.
          And when I say Arab I don’t include Arabized Berbers of North Africa. They have their own look.

      1. So you’re saying you dress like a slut but you’re not a slut? And you won’t give your “precious commodity” for free because you expect someone to pay for it? Women who sell their pussies are usually called whores; you can dress that up any way you like but it comes out the same. Whores are business women

        1. Well, I don’t think I dress like a whore. I dress tastefully sexy, quite sophisticated really. My dear, women have been selling their sexuality since the beginning of time, if you are not, you have just allowed men to brainwash you into giving them what they want without working for it. Same with the term “gold digger”, it’s meant to shame women with high standards who want their men to provide.

        2. I have to agree with her. Once you acknowledge that in real terms all women are whores, and always have been, you can swallow that red pill. Every interaction between men and women is a financial transaction in the final analysis, and in the minds of women at all times. Marriage was always a business deal. When I got my first divorce my very Catholic parents explained that marriage had nothing to do with love or even sex; it was just business, as in the Godfather.
          Personally, I find the typical street walker/escort/open whore to be the most honest of women. She lets you know up front what the cost will be and what she will provide. The rest of the women live on ambiguity and deniability. They promise one thing, but can renege on it at any time, and, yes, they get paid in the end. And that in the end payment is a hell of a lot more than you would ever have agreed to in the front. There was a very sharp bit of dialog in the movie, “To Catch a Thief”. Cary Grant asks Grace Kelly, “What is it you want from me?” She replies very honestly, “Much more than you would be willing to give.” This is the dishonest marriage price we pay.

      2. “I wear short skirts, low cut tops, high heels every day” And you think that is sophisticated? You’re just a walking advertisement for desperate. Two dimensional eye-candy may please some men but most, and women too, will laugh at you. And you think you have high standards? Please de-confuse yourself; if you want a decent husband you will need to behave like a decent woman. It ain’t rocket science

        1. lol not all of these things together at the same time obviously.I live with my parents, they are not extremely conservative. Just conservative enough. I don’t think about marriage nor is it an end goal for me, ew. I am more focused on getting into law school so I can fund my own luxurious taste for once… probably will still mooch off my parents though.

        2. Well you changed your tune from “I wear short skirts, low cut tops, high heels every day” to “not all of these things together at the same time” and from “I don’t engage in premarital sex” to
          “I don’t think about marriage”. Who needs the truth when you can make it up as you go along? You’ll make a good liar though — I mean lawyer

        3. Well, dear, it’s not my fault I break all of your stereotypical boxes of Middle Eastern women and you cannot understand what it is I am trying to get at.
          Just because I don’t engage in premarital sex, doesn’t mean I am preoccupied with men and marriage. Sorry, but you’re sex is really not even remotely interesting to me.
          And just because you misunderstand someone, does not mean they are liars.

        4. You should keep your virginity all of your days, that’s my advice. You have nothing to gain by giving it up; you can buy your own dresses and shoes with your own money and live happily ever after. Don’t fall for the “darling be mine I love you with all my heart forever and ever” drivel and pay dearly for it with your prcious freedom

      3. She dresses like a slut and claims to be a virgin.
        And is more interested in money than in marriage and men.
        Wants to go to law school, but has no shame about mooching off her parents.
        And she thinks a gold-digger is merely a woman with high standards.
        If she’s not trolling, then she’s going to make some sucker a truly awful wife.

        I just don’t believe it’s smart for a woman to give her most prized and sought after commodity for free. I am a business woman. 😉

        …Still, at least she recognises that she’s a whore.

    5. In Thailand you will see Arab women in the hospital stitching their hymen up for marriage.
      This is common for rich Arab women who played the field and then get married.

      1. It would take a genius to stitch pulverized roast beef. I just don’t see how that’s possible. When the family dog under the table begins licking her drooping labia curtains as they unfold from the sides of her chair, then yeah maybe it’s a good idea for her to get a trim before bringing her home to meet your parents. Don’t drop anything big so your dad doesn’t look under the table. It would be easier to restore a car after it has been crushed flat at the junk yard.

    6. Catholic girls too are known to go hyper sexual too when girl’s school lets out or when they’re away on vacation. The system is lacking something across the board with all the faiths. Keeping them bottled up with celibacy and then releasing them is like opening a carbonated beverage too quickly after shaking. I’l much rather see these women be popped open and foam all over the room and all over their new patriarch man master and owner on heneymoon night. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done and God intended the pressure and foam to not go to waste on the street or behind a dumpster. God gave women the sex pressure mechanism to kick start the breeding process and begin the family unit in a big joyous foaming and frothing fandango.

      1. I believe the use of champaigne in traditional wedding ceremonies was used to symbolize this phenomenon, assuming the bride is virgin. Today’s faux ho bag marriages are theatric pantomimes at best and should serve overly ripe tomatos and the seats rigged with whoopee cushions. No church organ playing either. Three tubas and a freight train horn for music. No toasters for gifts. A plumber’s friend or shop vac perhaps. Eeeh . . . kosher salt too.

    7. yeah modesty for them is doing anal to keep the hymen intact and avoid to be killed by their future husband or father, AWALT.

    8. In most instances this may be true. Oddly enough Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to be the only Christian identified group that follows the Bible as intended.
      They forbid crosses, acknowledge Christmas as being a pagan commercial holiday, they perceive Catholicism as being the World Empire of False religion in bed with World Governments (the Scarlett Harlot in the Book of Revelation), and the people are genuinely modest.
      Honestly, as an experiment ask them to discuss their beliefs according to the Bible, ask questions, and attend one meeting to see how different (or similar) they are to other “Christian” groups.

    9. Roosh, have you ever considered marrying a decent Persian/Muslim woman?
      I could imagine that the dark void you feel in your soul (that you have expressed recently), after dealing with empty, Feminist Western thots for more than a decade could be soothed that way.
      Traditional marriage like your ancestors did, starting a family and having kids.
      A good and traditional Persian/Muslim woman may better deliver what you expect from a woman in a long term relationship/marriage than a Western woman ever could.
      What do you think?

      1. Roosh has a deep void because he has spent years blaming (((them))) for every problem. I read him once saying Joos don’t believe in the afterlife but that is total bullshit it is a fundamental core belief in their religion. Roosh also seems to blame every woman for being butches and goes but that is not true. I’m married over 25 years and while many babes were riding the carousel when I was dating not all were. Lastly, he believes in conspiracies which are absurd i.e., some group is behind this or that. It’s absurd.

        1. What do you mean by “blaming”?
          Scapegoat is a Jewish concept.
          Accusing us with scapegoating is purely and simplely a Jewish projection.
          We hate Jews for what they actually did and do, not for some made-up, psychological BS reason.
          But enough of the Jews for the time being.
          You are happily married for over 25 years? I am happy for you, bro.
          But, please do not confuse 1990 with 2017.
          If you had to compete in the sexual marketplace of today, you would not be happily married but an incel one step away from going fullon Elliot Rodgers, and your wife would not become your wife, but she would be a slut fucking niggers on Tinder, then becoming a cat-lady post-wall.
          And the reason for that would be the Jewish Cultural Marxist influence in our culture, period.

      2. I met a Persian couple at a resort in Mexico. The woman had been in the Salsa competition around the pool, wearing a very tiny yellow bikini, and had that Latina ass shaking working it. When we were in the food line they were in front of me, and had trouble telling the cook what they wanted. That was when I found out they were Persian, and not Latin American. I ordered for them as I speak passable Spanish. I tell this only to say if she and I had both been single, I would have thought very seriously about marriage to a Persian. I am an ass man and hers was magnificent.

  2. I agree with the final statement. I wish more women acted out their Christian faith. Many of them seem wear it like a patch on the surface though.
    I think the Muslims risk damnation in not following Christ’s teachings, of course, so I don’t want one of their women, even when they seem so ladylike.

  3. Maybe Mormons will lead the revival of whites in ~200 years. It’s hard to have hope in Christianity at present, I feel something stricter needs to bring change before Christianity can also be revived again properly.

  4. It is interesting to me how this observation of Muslims keeping the faith no matter what country they live in, is the same model used by the Jews. Everyone else, not so much. At this point, sometimes I can actually understand why Christians long to be living in the End Times, when all accounts will be settled.

    1. It’s easy to play the underdog. If Islam ever finds itself as the supreme power on Earth, it will inevitably fall prey to the same issues that have plagued other dominant powers.

      1. Underdog? Islam is hardly the underdog. For much of its 1400 year history it was winning against Christianity. It wiped out Zoroastrianism, and even stopped the Mongol hordes (albeit at great cost).
        Christians only gained the upper hand in the 19th century, with the advent of technology. Before that, most of the crusades were disasters. Logistical problems, strategic problems, etc etc.
        Note that Muslims are currently waging insurgencies (and winning) in various parts of Asia. Underdogs they are not. after all, where are the Christian kingdoms in north africa? Even Lebanon will fall due to high Muslim birthrates and low Maronite Christian ones.

        1. > Note that Muslims are currently waging insurgencies (and winning) in various parts of Asia.
          no, at best they arrive at a Mexican standoff with the secular Muslim elites.
          At worst, they end up like the Rohingya.

    2. I wonder if its because there are soooo many branch offs of Christianity? Christianity has somewhat diluted it’s self

      1. Meera Al Batayneh
        True to a point. In Islam you have 1 branch which reigns supreme which is Sunni Islam (80% – 90% of all muslims desribe themselves as Sunni). Al other sects are comparatively tiny. Christianity is much more evenly divided which means no 1 sect has supreme dominance – and therefore effectively more divided. Prostestantism is a completely different story because it allows for individual interpretation…making it highly ineffective as a unifying force.

      2. Superman,
        Division obviously has a dilluting effect but there is more. Many Christians simply do not truely believe in Christianity. That’s why they seek to impose on it rather than being imposed on by Christianity….and hence end up with a heavily watered down version of that faith. From a purely Biblical perspective Muslims on average are better Christians than many so called Christians.

    3. Same model used by Jews??
      Do you know that Jewish women are some of the biggest sluts and their men are highly emasculated.
      Jewish women also are the most likely to become pornstars
      But only Christians are the weak ones

  5. Simple, Christian men have failed. That’s why their women are sluts. Then you hear so much I’ll talk against Islam…

    1. Christian men themselves are dying out. Look at the churches. In Quebec, the UK, France… all white haired people in the pews. The young have abandoned the faith.

  6. Girls in the nikaburka are more entitle, with a superiority complex that is very off putting.
    Worst of both worlds, I feel sorry for the muzzi men.

  7. You say Christian, I think it has been called Churchian.
    Though it is probably harder to convert a Churchian woman to Christianity than to Islam.
    The women who go to mass locally mostly wear a mantilla, a lace headcovering, and unless they are farming or something, wear long skirts and are modest, yet often have long hair, no tattoos. Random women on the street I don’t recognize are usually Mormon, but it is hard to tell because here is a small town in Wyoming, except for a few from the local college (not Wyoming Catholic College where they ban cell phones yet encourage open carry), they are generally both strong and truly Christian. This is a virtue as a weak woman will “submit” to any power, but a strong woman submits to Christ and thus to her head and is a helpmeet, not a dependency case or an opponent. But that was distilled in the days of yore and still exists here.

  8. I would like to defend Christian/Catholic women here. Much of this has to do with Christian/Catholic men. As ROK has pointed out many times, there is a significant beta cuck “teaching” going through the churches since the mid 90’s. Some men in the church have NOT accepted that teaching and have incredible marriages with very feminine, happy, wives. Many members have looked with disdain upon these men until recently. In the church, divorce rates are identical to the gen pop. Now, we are seeing a return to masculine leadership. Some of these masculine men are now being queried as to the path they’ve chosen and how they arrived there. I was blessed to have been more naturally red pilled from my youth and recognized these men’s attributes and studied their behaviors and take on scriptures. It has made all the difference. While my church friends wrestle with “making their wives happy”, my wife is satisfied, feminine/beautiful/thin and kind. I cannot stress how important soft dread game is in marriage, even Christian ones. CH maxim “No woman wants a man no woman wants”. Hold masculine frame with solid expectations from your woman, cultivate a soft “Yes girl” harem and screw your wife like it is her last day on earth. She will sing your praises which will create more “Yes girls”. Abundance gentlemen. Married 24 years and enjoyed 95% of it to the fullest. Hey, nothing’s perfect;)

    1. I know, right? This whole climate full of sluts, fags, Jews, cucks, muzzies, niggers and the like make me want to move to Siberia and / or an hero.
      Fuck this shit.

      1. Right? You need to create a tribe of like minded individuals in your social circles and communities to have a haven in this cesspit.

      2. The guy who founded this site is the son of an Iranian Muslim immigrant, does he fall in your “Muzzies” category?

  9. Easy trap to fall into. Women are only as different as the men who constrain them. Muslim women are generally better when it comes to being undercover hoes.

    1. She is a whore in this age too. it is just that the proportion of open whores has sky rocketed to the point where we no longer notice women being whores.

  10. This is actually an issue I have been discussing on my own blog as of late, and the actual verses regarding head coverings is something I talked about with my sister today. All I did was ask her that, if the bible says women should cover their heads when they pray, why is it so offensive to Christian women? The bible says it, and Christians say the bible is the perfect word of God! Not only that, but the apostle Paul, who wrote the verses, even says (short version here): “If anyone wants to argue the point, tell them we don’t have any other tradition in the churches of God”
    The King James footnotes indicate of this verse: In other words, there is no other precedent. To violate this principle is to go against a standard that is maintained in every church known to Paul.
    The problem is that Protestant churches have no foundation of the actual understanding of scripture, so it becomes difficult to enforce what scripture says. The bible instructs women to dress modestly, but suddenly five different churches on five different street corners all understand that verse to mean something different than the other! Why? Because Protestants believe that scripture has “layers of meaning”, and that YOUR layer doesn’t necessarily mean what MY layer means! It boils down to scripture by consensus, and we all know how well consensus works (looking at you, climate change).
    The only thing they agree on are the really, really socially unacceptable scripture like “don’t murder”, but stuff like “don’t divorce” is put through the wringer until every church has its own attachments, rules and regulations for “don’t divorce”. No wonder people are leaving the churches in droves!
    Now, I’m not talking about poetic verse here, like in Psalms or in parables, which are meant symbolic and can have differing meanings, but always point toward a truth, I’m talking about rock solid scripture like “don’t murder” and “don’t divorce”. Just try to enforce scripture about modesty in a Western church, you’d be a pariah! Try to talk about daughters being under a fathers authority or wives submitting to husbands! You will be told endless stories about how you are wrong because your just not reading the scripture right. You just need more uuuuunnndddeerrrstaaaannnndddiiiinnnnnggggg.
    I’m about ready to just ditch all the churches and hunt down guys in my town who just read and believe the bible.

    1. Do some research on the medical beliefs of Paul’s time. Luke was a physician so he would have been schooled on the topic. A woman’s hair was considered a sexual organ. They believed it was hollow and drew semen up from the vagina to store it. Hence going uncovered while praying was extremely immodest. Crazy sounding I know, but do some reading, you will find it amusing. Dr. Michael Heiser has more information if you are interested.

  11. This is one of the many reasons The War Room invented White Sharia. We despise Islam, but give credit where it’s due. White women must be controlled with brutal violence, or they will destroy everything good.

  12. Got no time for religious wimmins. Atheists are even worse. They all want to be taken care of and I’m too busy taking care of me

  13. Fall of chistianity has been engineered. How on Erth everything worked fine for so many centuries and suddenly colapses into dirt just in few generations? Same forces that created socialism implemented their ideology into churches and if something that should be governed by only faith and tradition starts to be “modernised” then we see effects. Most protestant churches are joke, Catholic Church became mambo jumbo chippie club (I’m catholic so I can tell a lot about this topic), rest are not far behind. Just don’t think guys that Islam is solution, looking only on chobbys of sheiks from SA and I’m not sure if those people can teach anyone about chastity…and if elite is deprived then soon mob follow.

    1. Christianity is failing because it makes less and less sense. It has always been a form a social control to keep the idiots in check.
      I used to look forward to it’s (Christianity) downfall, but not anymore. I don’t buy into the BS, but looking at the country in it’s state, somebody needs to tell the idiots what to do.

      1. And what keeps idiots in check now? Seems like we have more dumb fucks than ever and there is no crowds in churches. If there is no religion something must replace it, like ideology, and results can be observed everywhere.

        1. “And what keeps idiots in check now?”
          leftism and sjwism. All crowds full of idiots moved from churches to embrace and praise those new “religions” on social networks.

      2. Christianity is failing because where Islam is all “control and no love”, modern Christianity is all “love and no control”. At the fall God told Eve that her husband would rule over her, then He explained what that mean in Numbers 30 (Any vow made by a woman in her fathers house can be struck down by her father in the day she hears of it and she will not be held to account for it, any vow made by a woman can be struck down by her husband in the day he hears of it and she will not be held to account for it. In either case, a man who says nothing lets her vow stand)
        Modern Christian men have been trained that they have authority as the heads of their families, but have zero authority to use their authority. Hence you have a lot of low T Christian men who are controlled by their wives, who Tommy and Suzy don’t listen to, and whos wives run them down until the ladies are the ones running the church. Once that happens masculine men leave when the see the writing on the wall and, bam, another church under feminine control that will crash and burn.
        Modern churches have an aversion to being masculine, but God is masculine, that’s why MAN was made in His image and woman was made in MANS image. When masculine men are in short supply in the church, the church falls.

      3. Better the idiots have a fear of something, because I can imagine when idiots have fear of nothing, and where we are going to that environment already.

  14. This is one of the ways Islam will gain new converts. Many people, even historically, don’t convert to Islam for its message as such, but for worldly benefits it provides. Islam is one of the only religions in the 21st century where men can still behave like men (and be praised for it), encouraged to grow a beard, have discipline (praying 5 times a day) and keeping fit. Seeing no other alternative religion, many young men convert to Islam as the religion doesn’t give a fuck about Social Justice or Feminism. Only about itself, domination and propagating the faith. Plus Islam unlike Social Justice ideologies isn’t Anti-White (neither is it pro-white, only pro Islam). It doesn’t give a fuck about if you are White or not, only if your a Muslim. I can see more young disenchanted White men converting to Islam in the future ironically, for the above reasons that it isn’t anti-white, and you won’t be discriminated among them for being a white man.

    1. I agree with you completely. There are major benefits for men to join Islam. After all, it is the religion of a 7th century, illiterate robber-bandit-slaver. A perfect religion for the ‘toxic masculinity’ that so many women complain about.
      The one drawback is that Islam is very prescriptive. Do this, do that. Here are the five pillars, blah blah blah. Yes, you can avoid some of the duties by saying “I am following the example of the prophet as best I can”, but it is going to be difficult to weasel out of the five prayers a day or ramadan bit.

    2. jbwilson24
      “The one drawback is that Islam is very prescriptive. Do this, do that. Here are the five pillars, blah blah blah. ”
      I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. All these sons of single mothers and loose ho’s completely lack a set of firm rules and regulations. Having no freedom isn’t good but having too much also isn’t beneficial to the individual and to society. Kids are going buck wild because of a lack of rules.

  15. To any Christian man or woman reading this: I don’t care what sluts are wearing but when Christian girls are wearing pants, they are an abomination to God (Det. 22:5). “Women’s” pants are tighter and show more curve, which means more men looking at your butt. Also it’s crossdressing, why can women wear pants but men can’t wear skirts or dresses, that’s a double standard. Also leggings and yoga pants are satanic. Are Christian girls so stupid wearing them, so many men will lust after her, I don’t want my daughter to walk down the street and a guy say “look at that bitch’s ass.” Women and girls are more feminine and respected when they wear dresses and skirts.
    I will make my wife and daughters wear dresses and skirts, and my boys will wear pants. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

    1. I hate to use this phrase, but clothing styles are literally a social construct. For instance, pink used to be associated with boys and blue with girls.

      1. I don’t know if your an atheist or not, if you are then why you commenting? You don’t live a Christian life so this doesn’t apply to you and you don’t understand. But if you are a Christian man who reads the Bible, you will understand that cross dressing is wrong (there should be a difference between the sexes). Also you would understand that your wife should not be showing her figure, but only to you. Women’s pants or “tight” pants shows her body to the whole world. Sixty years ago, this would not be an issue. I know I have a lot of down votes for my comment, but I don’t care. I want my daughters to be pure and respect themselves. We are definitely in the last days.

    2. Neither one of my grandmother’s wear (wore) pants. My living grandmother was rumored to have worn pants once, sometimes in the 1960’s. But that’s it.

        1. What a dumb thing to say, its like what happens if your son becomes gay or your daughter becomes a lesbian, what will you do? That won’t happen, because 1) I will find a godly woman who will teach my kids when I’m at work, and 2) once I get home, I will teach my wife and my kids even more. I’m going to be a strong father figure and thanks to ROK, I won’t be a weak man. See, a father is like a cop, you don’t need him unless you really need him, my kids won’t like me but they will respect me.

  16. Virtuous women have lot of power over men.
    I almost prefer it the other way round. Even the prettiest woman if she sluts around is easily forgettable

    1. I’d rather have my needs met than have power. It’s just that I know that everything relies on a good family and a good family relies on virtuous women, or even the idea that virtue still exists. And so, I carry on.
      A virtuous woman versus the male sex drive is a losing battle. Men choose the fast women over the virtuous ones for marriage, even if the fast ones are landwhales and the virtuous ones are pretty. Men have always had a sex drive, but for some reason, there used to be enough men who could wait for marriage, and people were giving vast quantities of virgins in marriage. It was a whole economy!
      Nowadays, men can’t wait even a little while. For some reason, they’re addicted to fast sex. Maybe it’s thirst, maybe there’s something in the water, maybe it’s constant subliminal messages. But it’s like there’s a sex addiction that wasn’t in existence for thousands of years. And it’s not even as though the rate at which men have sex changed throughout the centuries. Back in the olden days, birth control would have been abstinence, and during any time of famine, you’d have to get creative or completely abstain. It probably all evened-out to men having the same amount of sex that they’re having now.

      1. I wonder what would happen – this is just an idea – if men were to eliminate certain habits out of their life, and see the results in sexual self-control. Like, if one guy stopped eating processed food, and another guy abstained from all media, and another guy stopped drinking tap water, and you could find what was triggering the lack of control. I even wonder sometimes if the meat has a bad balance of hormones in it.
        I know there’s tampering. I used to work with girls on birth control pills, and it would effect everything in my life, from when I got my period, to what bra size I wore, to my appetite, to acne, to depression. I didn’t even drink out of the same cup as those girls, and now that stuff’s in the water supply. It’s so strange that all functions of our life are so easy to manipulate with artificial hormones.

      2. A virtuous woman versus the male sex drive is a losing battle. Men choose the fast women over the virtuous ones for marriage, even if the fast ones are landwhales and the virtuous ones are pretty.

        If this were true, there would be a backlog of virgins, many of them pretty, being passed over for marriage.
        Where are they? How many pretty virgins do you know who are passed over for marriage by men?
        And I’ll marry one if you can find me one… 😉

        1. Well, if we were to make introduction, I would get booted-off! 😛
          There are a lot of us. That whole Jaffe Document that I read correlates to what’s going on in Evangelicalism. There’s all this doctrine designed to keep people from each other and inadvertently promote promiscuity. They tell the virgins to stay virgins and the guys to marry promiscuous “victim” women. You get a lot of people caught-up in that, both genders. People with strong resolve are the ones who end up alone.
          However, I’m determined to get married and have a lot of kids, because after reading these blogs, I’ve been convinced that that’s the right thing to do. I’m basically a baby-making machine. I have generations of women in my lineage who had healthy babies into their 50s. I want a bunch of strong people walking around with my morals. Anything is possible: I could be the mother of a race of people.
          I’m just going into it totally optimistic, fine-tuning what I’m looking for. It’s actually not easy. It’s all about momentum. Keep your momentum up. Keep hacking your way through it. The future is not just about what happens today. People aren’t going to be perfect: flirting will be awkward, you’re going to get into fights with people. Keep the momentum up, and don’t let the good be sacrificed for the perfect.
          Determination brings success.

        2. Just remember, you’re half way there, even though it doesn’t seem like it. You know what you want. Now, all you need is the momentum, and you just put your whole will into finding what you want. “The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.”
          And that’s what Jesus was talking about, because we’re God’s Kingdom on earth.

        3. Well, if we were to make introduction, I would get booted-off! 😛

          There’s likely also the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean between us. 😉

          However, I’m determined to get married and have a lot of kids, because after reading these blogs, I’ve been convinced that that’s the right thing to do. I’m basically a baby-making machine.

          Wish more women thought like you…

      3. True! I have guy friends that ditch perfectly cute girls because they refuse to have sex on the first date…. It is not all females fault let’s be honest about this

  17. Perhaps most women, and some men do not realize this all started in a garden.
    In studying past Civilizations it was found the less clothing its people wore the less intelligent they seemed.

  18. Of course they take their faith seriously, if they don’t they will get fucking stoned to death or they tits chopped off, or whatever else that donkey fuck religion does.
    What a stupid article.

  19. We’re gonna solve this one real quick ladies and gents:
    Christian women : weak/absent/divorced beta fathers
    Muslim women. : authoritarian/strict/still married fathers.
    Any questions?

  20. Women have got nothing to do with religion……for them it is more of a social convention….something that is to be passed on to children…. they are not occupied with bigger questions like what is the reality of our relationship with GOD or how to practice true prayer and stillness of the heart or what are the human virtues and vices etc etc

    1. Lot’s of Muslim women are prostitutes because I paid them in Dubai. The idea of modest dress is so they don’t get raped on the street.
      I would go to a Persian whorehouse in Dubai sometimes twice a day to screw Persian MILF hookers-when they came out off-duty in a Burka they looked the same as any other Muslim woman.
      The Muslim dress is intended to prevent women from being raped in the road. It does not govern what they do behind closed doors.
      Which is a good thing actually.
      Many Muslim women do butt-sex. More than Caucasian females I would say.
      But in public you might think they would stone you to death for looking at him.
      Religion is INTENDED to be hypocritical simply so that ON THE STREET public order is maintained.

      1. That all sounds decidedly unappealing. MILFs of Persian ancestry. Egads. I guess it is a better image than hairy Pakistanis or Arabs.

        1. There are some Persians immigrant women and Mia Khalifa of course in the porn industry.
          They are not THAT hairy and have rocking bodies.
          Look up Mia Khalifa.
          Arab women look the same as a Sicilian chick, basically.

      2. “Which is a good thing actually.
        Many Muslim women do butt-sex. More than Caucasian females I would say.”
        “Religion is INTENDED to be hypocritical simply so that ON THE STREET public order is maintained.”
        So I guess you wouldn’t mind if your wife acted modest but was really a whore with an 100+ notch count.
        So long as she kept it on the down-low (and she let you fuck her in the ass), you’re totally okay with her whoring around.
        You can usually tell which modestly-dressed girls are really chaste and which are just acting/pretending to be chaste. You can tell by their face. The terms “slut-face” and “thousand-cock stare” didn’t come from nowhere.
        Again, LOL at you thinking that it is a good thing for women to be whores because that makes them more likely to “do butt-sex.”

        1. MATT
          A good thing for a woman to be a whore?
          Dubai police permitted it in order to keep rape rates down.
          I personally would not marry a prostitute and I would have to assume that these Iranian women were probably divorced or widowed or single.
          Actually Persians had decent bodies and were not THAT hairy.

        2. If you were a “wife” than presumably a man supports you and you are not a whore.
          Conversely, if you are married you have steady access to sex partners.

  21. Bullshit article and totally ignorant. The fact is Muslim women live in fear of retaliation if they step out of line not to mention the fact they are mostly uneducated. Its only in TOLERANT Christian nations that we see these attention seeking displays. Modesty and Islam dont mix just check history and the still existing white slavery/human trafficking/abuse present in Islamic dominated societies.

    1. I had sex with Iranian prostitutes in Dubai and the Muslim understanding and the idea is that a woman can do what she wants behind closed doors.

    2. Presumably you prefer fearless and educated women? Sounds familiar… Cuck.
      You’re just in denial because the truth hurts your little bitch feelings.
      No where did the author proselytize Islam. But he did say that Muslim women are far more proprietous than our decadent little sluts and their worthless wombs. I wonder whose fault that is? Truth hurts doesn’t it?
      Obviously our women have ZERO respect for us, because we are failing that shit test called feminism. Our posterity is looking pretty bleak on account of this despicably repulsive cowardice endemic to White Western “men”.
      Remember all that Darwinian talk about Alpha males, survival of the fittest, competition and all that shit???
      Muslim men do not have this problem. Maybe this is the time for you all to pull your heads out of your assholes.

    Actually the average Iranian MILF is a BETTER SCREW than the average white woman showing her “whale tale” or “tramp stamp”.
    I had sex with Iranian prostitutes and civilian women alike in Dubai and they have a sense of propriety, that is all.

    1. Congratulations, you fuck desperate women in sexual bondage and live off their misery.
      There is a karmic price for that, in your next life of course.

  23. I used to visit a Persian whorehouse twice a day sometimes in Dubai.
    When the hookers exited I was surprised how much they looked like any Muslim fundamentalist. You cannot tell a prostitute and a religious fanatic in the same dress.
    Muslim modesty helps keep the streets more orderly. Women are not raped in public places for dressing like a hooker.

  24. Personally, I think all we need to live a simpler life. Yeah, technology is cool, but it atomizes us and separates us from reality. Look at the Amish, they have a sense of community, they are true to their Religion, they have strong gender roles, strong family ties and a strong sense of tradition. Maybe all we need to do is stop trying to be so technologically advanced in every way and try living in a more traditional fashion like the Amish. Maybe not be like them in every way but certainly try to live more simply

    1. Fuck the Amish; those filthy inbred little aspiring jews.
      Quit Christianity altogether. It’s a continuation of Judaism, and any White man who tries to be like a jew (naming your children after jews!) is a disgrace with not an ounce of honor.
      It’s always Christian nations, especially Protestant, who are the most philosemitic little brown-nosing Israel-lovers. Your love is very much unrequited you fucking cucks.
      Fuck the bleeding jewish voodoo doll on the stick and his ex-pharisee fanboy promoter. Fuck Christianity.

  25. The solution is simple, sexuality belongs in the bedroom… no form of sexual clothing or behavior in public. You want to be sexy? Get a fucking husband n be sexy to him only.

  26. Would the idiot writers stop with the Muzzie-Amish comparisons? There is no retrograde change that will redeem generations of slut-pigs. Lowering your standards to swarthy carmels with b.o. is NOT the future. For all his sacrificial effort any man who stands up for sanity and moral purpose will end up imprisoned or impoverished..or both.- Even the most perfect angel-virgin-mother-goddess chick will sell her soul given a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card and a Snapchat-capable IPhone.

  27. Glad to see this topic being discussed.
    “Criticize Islam’s bad influence on Western society as much as you want, yet the ways in which Muslim groups keep women modest are remarkably successful.”
    I once started a thread on the Roosh V Forum and said something to that effect. All I got were replies accusing me of supporting honor killings, being a secret Muslim troll/sympathizer, and trying to convince me that Muslim men are, in fact, “real” misogynists.

  28. I have talked to the more modern Muslim females and was told that the hijab in young Muslim females is a sexual signal that informs that they are looking for a Muslim husband. It sends that specific signal, others stay away, I’m looking for a Muslim man.
    The trend I see everywhere is women in stretch pants even when they look terrible in them.
    But I am simply used to female exposure, being a Western male, it does not concern me. I don’t think morality means wearing a potato sack.

  29. first, an article on how to chase and fuck islamic girls in islamic countries.
    Second, an article praising how islamic girls are better than christian girls.
    wait, ROK, what is happening to you ?

  30. The rates of cohabitation and divorce by peole who go to church are the same as in the wider culture. In fact it has been reported to me by pastors that female congregation members are enraged when a clergyman reproves them for their fornication. Just because they go to church doesn’t mean they aren’t whores. Church has no effect on morals or behavior. As H. L. Mencken noted, women make lousy christians. No woman is humble; they are inveterate braggarts. No sane American woman is interested in a theology that espouses self sacrifice and denial of pleasure. Women dabnle with Christianit so they can acquire moralistic passages to assail men with. Churches are feminist strongholds.

  31. It isn’t Muslim culture or religion per se.
    It’s the willingness of those men to go nuclear on women that go feminist as well as on manginas and white knights.
    e.g. years ago on The Spearhead someone once wrote that whenever there’s a call to the police about domestic violence in a Muslim community that the men there surround the policemen keeping him from responding (Wish I’d saved the post. Wish I’d saved all those old Spearhead posts really.)
    The message being “We handle this stuff ourselves.”

  32. This article is pure bollocks – it takes a good 5 seconds on Google to find pictures of Muslim women with their heads all wrapped up modestly in headscarves whilst simultaneously showing their ass off in skintight jeans.

    1. Women will be women(aka sluts) the only reason Muslim women are more “modest” is because they don’t want their heads chopped-off

  33. LOL AWALT Muslim thots are sluts as just well, showing skin undecently if they can get away with it.
    Watch this video about ISIS sharia patrol in the Islamic State from 2:12 to 3:02 as proof:

  34. I will always be under the impression that Islam creates some screwed up sexual aspects behind closed doors. And don’t Arab men like butt screwing or humping goats or sheep because they can’t get a female when they are younger?

  35. So that is something to strive for? What is wrong in behaving sexually free if you are honest about it (woman or man)? Now pedophily, burkas, religious prohibitions and legal violence against whoever breaks the crazy laws of political islam are okay?
    Relax guys…

    1. You’re new to the Manosphere aren’t you? If approx. 50 years of sexual liberation doesn’t show you what’s wrong with it i don’t know what will. SL has a highly disruptive effect on society. Starting with extreme promiscuity in the ’60 and now – in the middle – with extreme sterility. Every human affair needs regulation. Without it you’ll get mismanagement, corruption and finally collapse.

  36. Polish girls arguably the most Catholic women on the planet are at the same time the biggest sluts on the continent, go figure.. and they much sooner fuck a Muslim than an Atheist

  37. Lol! Have you met American Muslim women? I mean truly AMERICAN Muslim women. They are easy whores inspired to rebel against their parents.
    You obviously don’t live in a big American city

  38. muslim girls are sluttier than you think, in east or west, living with mom and dad or alone. They are just bigger hypocrites. Many of them get hymen recreations, many do anal or bj, many sneak out for sex, divorce is more common tjan you think, they also cheat as much as the men it is just more hush hush. Thats all the difference. Many go to clubs as well sneskinh out in sluttier clothes even the hijabi ones might have a secret boyfriend.
    I remember one girl with hijab, the head veil. She had a kid, her bf get into jail, few months after she is pregnant again with another guy. So modest.
    Blah blah. Younguys guys or girls are all the same, we are all messed up and we are making eschother miserable in the process.

    1. Maybe. Most women go through a slutty fase at least once in their life (the difference is in the West it’s encouraged, Muslims very much discourage it). But they are nowhere near as slutty as western chicks. There are actually sociological studies that prove that Muslim women are on average the least slutty. According to one study the most sexually conservative women are Muslim and Hindu and the most promiscuous are Jewish and Buddhist females. Roosh has a link on his forum on this.

  39. Essentially, it all boils down to the same purpose; Keeping women “modest & faithful” to their culture, tradition and religion (irrespective of which religion it is !)
    Christian-minded society & Christian-minded women
    (in a Christian majority Countries)
    Hinduism-minded society & Hinduism-minded women
    (there are ONLY “two” Hindu majority Countries on this Planet Earth !!)
    Islam-minded society & Islam-minded women
    (in a Islam majority Countries)

    1. After 14 plus months of reading ROK (almost on a daily basis) ive come to the conclusion that women are substanceless beings so i advice men in order to keep your mental sanity stop trying “to figure them out” theres nothing to figure out just exploit what their addicted to, their emotions (the highs and the rush) its their drug provide them of it and dominate them (because they are begging you for it) and you will become the only reason they draw breath in and out.

  40. Seriosly? This is a disgusting article. The reason these women are like this is because they live in fear and are treated horribly by their Muslim men. There isn’t anything about them or their culture we should emulate. Go find yourself a Muslim then, I’ll stick with my skanky “christian”. Nob.

  41. There is a set of commands for Christian women in Titus 2. The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine,teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober,to love their husbands,to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home,obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. (Titus 2:3-5).
    The issue of modesty and even simplicity of dress are also in several other verses in the New Testament. I have several daughters,two of whom have been models and also bridal models. All of my daughters are lovely. However, it is up to the older women to teach how dressing can be attractive but modest among other ways to conduct themselves. This is done by example, direct teaching and a gentle understanding of a maturing young woman’s wish to please God but also be attractive to a man she would be interested in. There was no need to intimidate or confine them and their judgment grew accordingly. One daughter also taught classes on modesty to a Christian Athletes association (modesty) at their yearly seminar. There is a lot of cultural and societal pressure to dress provocatively . After all, that means a lot of male attention! As it is they are now all very happily married to wonderful sons-in-law that were looking for women that shared their values, interests,desire for a family, enjoyed life and were definitely attractive. It doesn’t just happen ! The older women have to teach it and the fathers are a big part of encouraging them when they demonstrated modesty among other wise behaviors.

  42. They stay “modest” because their fathers believe that killing them is the right thing to do if they don’t. Islam’s punishment for women for out of marriage sex is death, and there are plenty of news stories of muslim dads “honor killing” their daughters in the west. Islam’s punishment for apostasy (leaving the religion) is also death, so again, that’s why they don’t leave islam very often.
    Islam is unspeakably vile, and everything you need to know can be count here: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com

  43. It’s funny. I haven’t stopped by in years. I found this site when Roosh was doxxed, and had some sympathy.
    So much has happened. Roosh, who tried to use his dubious Muslim status as a shield (unsuccessfully) against the unfair attacks against him, has now embraced the Jew hating that all Muslims learn, directly or indirectly, from their unholy texts (Koran, Hadith, Sira). He actually displays a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jew on a phone call to shut down ROK’s Disqus account in his article about this event. To put this point in perspective, there is no chance whatsoever that such a Jew would ever want such a role or be given it by the San Francisco set. That’s hatred.
    The irony is rich because the subgroup of Jews he hates so much actually have the man as the head of the household, and this is not achieved by primitive Muslim violence. But his Muslim identity prevents him from admiring these Jews and finding in them a valuable example. Instead, he takes Jew-hating morons like MacDonald seriously–the same MacDonald who gets his sociobiology so wrong that he even adopts the nonsense of group selection.
    So, from a mixed but promising start, Roosh has become just a generic antisemite and a bit of a schlub too. No wonder he apparently feels empty.
    PS: I doubt this comment will be posted or remain posted long if posted. That’s ok. If it is purged I’ll just repost it outside of his control.

  44. I`d like to add The Crux, if I may, dear Brothers of ROK, and that is this:
    In Islam women are considered the carries of the family honour.
    I`ll repeat that: In Islam women are considered the carries of the family honour.
    Consider the difference in expectancies.
    As a Christian, I totally love Islam because they keep their bitches in the kitchens,
    and because there will be HELL to pay, if the girl goes her whore-way.
    But remeber the Crux: Women carry their family`s honor. And no such notion have existed in the west for ….a long time.
    Hope all is good with you all, brethren

  45. “Again, I am not suggesting we all convert ourselves and our women to Islam. There are a number of reasons against this. What we must do, however, is study those cultures that, despite their faults, carve out effective ways to preserve the dignity and innocence of women, especially through sex.”
    It’s quite simple really – return the patriarchy in christianity where women have the proper social restraints on then. One doesn’t need to hand down the threat of being beheaded niether; execution seems to be a sentence for almost anything in islam these days, including j-walking.

  46. This is so true. The only friend I have who remained a virgin until marriage is a Muslim. Shes an American girl who converted to Islam (of her own accord) in high school while on a trip to India with her father. She married a man from Saudi Arabia at age 20; he’s the only man she’s ever been with. She’s also never touched alcohol or drugs, as intoxicants are forbidden in Islam.

  47. The discussion to this (wanted) polemic and controverse article is very interesting. I don’t think that the author want us to convert to Islam or praise the often extreme social pressures and controls there. He wants to give an example that even in Libertarian hedonistic societies the behaviour-system of Islam works. How it works is another question.
    Maybe the pictures on the top of the article are not appropriate: The opponent to the woman in black hijab should not be a slut with baptism certificate and an overseized fashion cross but a Christian girl of one of traditionalist communities (f. ex. Catholic Tridentine Rite Communities, Amish, Stricter Evangelical, Stricter Orthodox etc.) in modest clothes.

  48. The writer is right. And I offer proof that his article is true. When you cut off a woman’s clitoris, no doubt her sexual interest decreases. In her book, INFIDEL, a former Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali details how her clitoris was cut off due to Islam. In her book, she also talks about forced marriages and lack of any real rights women have under Islam. Is there any question why Muslim women do not want anything to do with sex and men. They are forced into it just like ISIS does. Then there is the brain washing. I was in Saudi Arabia over 20 years ago. I was talking to a Saudi man. I asked why women can’t drive there. He put a finger to his head and then said that women’s brains cannot handle those complicated decisions.

  49. When was the last time you saw a woman with a headscarf or other form of Islamic headdress behaving or otherwise dressing like a whore?
    Actually this happens all the time in culturally free countries bordering islamic ones (e.g. Georgia). The women who travel with or even without their husbands take off their headwear and have a slit of freedom while their husbands gamble away in casinos normally illegal in their home countries.
    I understand that this post is satire and not to be taken at face value, but having a weak argument doesn’t help.

  50. Lmao great article. Just the other day on the NYC subway, some hot slut had her rack out with a huge cross in between her cleavage :,D.

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