Women Aren’t Women Anymore

There was once a time when women acted like ladies. Some time ago, this all changed. They stopped speaking and acting liked women and started tattooing themselves from head to toe while adopting the personalities of low-class men.

Going all the way back to the 1950s, we find women still in their purest form. They mostly wore skirts and dresses when going out in public and “getting a tattoo” was unheard of for anyone but a sailor. Feminism barely existed, because why would a woman want to act in a way that would turn off men?

How Women Spoke In The 1950s vs Today

Intelligent, educated women from yesteryear spoke differently from the women you encounter on the street today. Whether it came from strong, parental upbringing, their favorite movie stars, or their weekly cotillion classes, ladies back then sounded more ladylike than their present day counterparts.

Contrast that to today’s average woman who fumbles her way through the English language, sounds unimpressed and tired of life, and seems to offer very little in the way of conversation. The superficial chatter uttered by women today is also usually accompanied by a bad case of vocal fry which only adds to the unattractiveness of their speech.

Most of these women could learn a lot by watching movie actresses from years past. One of these is Grace Kelly who with her Mid-Atlantic accent embodied exactly how an educated woman should sound.

Notice how feminine her voice is compared to the women of today. The tone is soft and she doesn’t end her sentences with a croaking vocal fry like so many girls now often do.

As mentioned in the video, vocal fry makes the person sound world-weary about the topic at hand. It’s just unattractive to hear a woman talk like this and yet we see all of the Hollywood puppets like Kim Kardashian with this speech pattern. Girls everywhere watch this and then start to emulate their role models. And now we have an epidemic of this nonsense on our hands.

And if vocal fry wasn’t bad enough, women these days now have the propensity to swear. Once again, they were taught this from their “role models” on TV. It started with movies and has now spread to the reality TV scene where profanity gushing from these women is constantly bleeped out.

This unladylike type of behavior would never be allowed back in the 50s because the men who ran the networks and studios didn’t want their wives or daughters talking like that. But now there is a new element running the studios and in control of our media and they are perfectly fine with allowing women to swear as much as they like. You can hear women hurling expletives around their friends, boyfriends, husbands, and even their kids when out in public.

Of course no woman who does this can be considered a lady. Grace Kelly would never be seen acting this way, which just goes to show you that women like her are no longer being emulated. Women seem to be more interested in speaking however they want to and declaring themselves liberated instead of holding themselves to a higher standard.

How Women Acted In The 1950s vs Today

A young woman in the 50s grew up in a good family with a father and mother who were determined to make a marriage work. Because of this, she was raised by a loving father whom she grew up to trust and respect. Wanting her family’s respect and that of others in her community, she was courteous to others. She strived to act like the female stars she saw on the silver screen who would be her role model.

1950s Refined Women

This is what a lady should look like

The persona of what a woman wanted to project was one that expressed to men that she was a good catch; that one day she’d be a loving wife to a man who wanted to marry her. Contrast this to the women of today. Bitchy and masculine are just a couple of adjectives I can use to describe today’s women. They have no grace, no warmth, and no innocence left from what they once were. On top of that, they don’t respect themselves or others.

Today's Women

Women that never attended finishing school

They’re told that being shy is a weakness and are advised to act “strong.” But what that really means is masculine, obnoxious, and domineering. This little ploy by the left-wing media is the usual game of taking one word and giving it another meaning.

With a lot of today’s young women growing up in single-parent households without a father, they immediately distrust men from the get-go. Her mother bad-mouthing her ex and other men she dates only further serve to make things worse.

By the time the young woman is out of the house and on her own, her view of men has already been radically changed from her 1950s counterpart.

What Will Become Of Women?

Women, who were once soft-spoken, warm, and graceful, have lost all of those wonderful traits that made them so attractive. They’ve descended into an abyss of low-brow behavior that should be repulsing to both men and women alike. Then again, we now live in a society where dignity has been removed from our culture. So maybe it’s no surprise that we now have an epidemic of women who are no longer ladies.

As for the women from the 1950s who were once held in such high regard, they are now looked down upon by the mass media as being weak, manipulated, and out of date. It’s no wonder then that today’s women don’t try to copy that outdated model of what a woman once was and what a lady should be.

Women’s magazines and TV shows tell them it’s okay to dispose of all the womanly traits their grandmothers had as they are no longer useful in today’s society.

It’s easy to see that the mainstream media and their puppets are mostly to blame for this plague upon our women as they’ve clearly been steered in the wrong direction by the wrong people. Because of this, the only way to change the tide is to remove the current decision-makers in our media and replace them with the types of people that want to see women return to being women. Only then can we begin to return to a dignified and cultured society.

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158 thoughts on “Women Aren’t Women Anymore”

    1. Of course there is. For most latinas, arabs and traditional asians there still is some sense of feminity about them. Not all granted and you must always exclude the fatties/ junkies et all. I had a girl I met in Mexico come visit me here (rich family, no intention on moving (!)), a very graceful girl that oozes feminity and class, not a slut either. Brought her out to a bar, just the way she walked stunned men around. The kind of behaviour about her that would woody the most ghastly of fags. Being a good observer I sat back and just witnessed men around her trip over each other to get a closer glimpse. I understood then that men are genetically programmed to treat and respect ladiea with the outmost attention. You hear that sluts? Want quality men? Act like a quality woman you ho.

      1. “most latinas,”
        Lmao look at this Americuck over here: he thinks Latinas are feminine. Nigger, I happen to live in South America and I can assure you that Latinas are nowhere near what you think they are.
        Kill yourself.

        1. lol, wow.
          I was going to reply to his comment earlier about the Arab to tell him that I went to a Canadian curriculum based high school in Abu Dhabi for two years (where my father worked) and there were Arab chicks giving blow jobs in the bathroom.
          Also, I am Jordanian. And Jordanian women are known to be masculine and domineering.

        2. Americuck? Nigger? To go kill myself? Man oh man you have quite a bit to learn about life. You keep being an internet tough guy. Until then I’m gonna keep enjoying my latinas.

        3. I agree with you I live in S. FLA full of Latinas here same entitled attitude and stuck up not feminine at all from middle school they are whores! Asians are the best period!

        4. Meera Al Batayneh,
          I get you point, but i don’t think those highly westernized rich kids even remotely resemble the average Arab. They are even more Western than most westerners.

        5. Ace,
          I am not saying that all Arabs that attended my high school were as such, but a lot were. And to be honest with you, a lot of Arabs in Abu Dhabi, men and women alike, we’re very experimental with drugs and sex. Although, women didn’t go so far as to actually have intercourse, but I am sure they meddled with other forms of sexual expressions.
          I mean, I am still a prude now, but I was even more of a prude in high school. I remember this one promiscuous boy used to constantly harass me and I told the authorities (literally, I know, such a prude) on him, and the girls made fun of me. I overheard her one of them mocking me, “Oh my God, he thinks I am attractive, say thank you, you dumbass!” ……. This is the same girl who used to twerk at parties, which I can’t even think of why I was invited to other than people thought I was attractive.

        6. Estoy Loco you’re absolutely right. Even though you come across as a troll. You’re 100% correct either way. Also, it’s funny how in this non-politically correct website, you can still see just how deep they’re damaged from the (((outside))) media when they lose their shit just because you used the word nigger. I don’t use the word, but nonetheless, it doesn’t bother me when it’s used.
          Guys like “Andy G” mistake “femininity and beauty” with the fact that these women date him because he is white/possiblyrich/goodlookingtothemincomparisontothenativemen. Most white men do this when it comes to Asian women, but the fact of the matter is, that it’s their own mind telling them these women are better, somewhat of a self defense mechanism, a psychological one, to excuse the fact that their own women don’t want them, so they have to resort to “prettier but not really” non-white women.
          I’m one of those white looking hispanics of Spaniard ancestry, so my culture mixed with my looks gives me many interesting perspectives, my Latino people think I’m a white American until I open my mouth and they know I’m a born Spanish speaker. I know how it feels to be treated as a “gringo” and as a “beaner”
          The Latina girls that are beautiful, feminine, etc, are the Spaniard descendants who have kept to themselves in small towns for years. They’re traditional and hold traditional European values from the Conquistadors and Spanish Catholics who created the Infrastructure in all Latin American countries.
          If you date one of the short fat Native latina women, HA!!!! Good luck with that. Her own family will kidnap your fat white American ass, or eventually she’ll divorce you and take your money. God knows how white men can find those women attractive, because that’s how the majority of them look like. They don’t look like 18 year old J-lo’s.
          Now, purely from a sexual perspective, well, sure, you can bed these ugly little Native women very easily, but, what’s the fun in that? Both for your dick, and for your soul? I can fuck a bunch of street dogs but why?

        7. I’m black you idiot! Women outside of Europe and North America are feminine, and tend to their men. My Filipina-American wife is all about serving her man. And your racist word is flagged for the moderator.

      2. They divorce, tahe the kids and the house just like their western countreparts…
        The thirst is real…

      3. Keep dreaming.
        Only a collapse of epic proportions can upset the current trends.
        The boomer SCUM abbrogated responsibilities and now sacrifice is demanded from those of us who didnt ignore their duties.
        War is coming, and heavy lifting is all that is left.

    2. Hey Roosh,
      I see it differently. This is a cultural issue and cultural issues are fickle. It may seem like we’re in an impossible paradigm right now but the truth is all the crap we see going on today is only as thick as popular culture. Look at it this way, you could have women willingly accepting a 1950s model right now in 2017 or in the future. All you need is the right cultural conditions. I see things changing. Why? Because they always change. The old paradigm that gave us this sick demented ugly and hateful culture is dying. hollywood is not only being exposed for its vast abuse and pedophilia, its killing itself at the box office in the name of its politics. Mark my words, academia is up next in this disruption. I see homosexualism being exposed shortly too. Why? Because truth comes to the surface and this is a community where pederasty and pedophilia are inherent. Just today a bunch of media elites made fun of people praying for the murdered people in Texas and some bimbo spokeswoman for Jim Beam says she gives to planned parenthood under Mike Pence’s name. Meanwhile for literally the first time ever the NFL has seen its ratings decline. My good man, the times they are a changing.

      1. Yep. Hollywood queers are next on the “shining light on slugs under the rock” momentum that is happening right now. They are trying to pull the light off of these vermin by mainly reporting on white men “sexually harassing” sluts, whatever that means, but the truth will eventually be laid bare for everyone to see.

      1. Maybe the millions of innocent, hard working, all-American people who live there wouldnt like that. You fairy.

    3. Yeah, I’m fairly sure Eastern European girls are dead right now too. Has anyone seen what appears to be an “undercut” on FLOTUS Melania in her recent visit to South Korea? It looks like “The Tumblr” just got into her and she’s manifesting all the first symptoms of the infection that all the hot girls exposed to Tumblr in 2011 had a few years before they became a bunch of ugly fat degenerate tatted up unicorn haired legbeards a few years later.


    4. When proper alternatives gain critical traction, everything will change. Modern Western states depend on sucking dry men’s work power and ingenuity in order to be competitive. If you don’t give them your money/production, you go to jail. Give productive men better alternatives, and Western states will be forced to change to compete. Taxes will be lowered, unproductive groups (dykes and dindus in good positions) won’t be coddled, and/or women can choose to be poor, unprotected and vulgar or well-off, protected and feminine.
      Such alternatives are already operative, men of substance are already ditching Western states for other countries. It’s just not prevalent enough to change the game yet. But the change will accellerate, and other states will change to become more attractive. Microstates can even emerge. Western states are dysfunctional, and chances are they will choose to function rather than not to function.

    5. There will be war. War is crueal but sometimes it serves a special purpose: it cleans out bullshit. Only in dire times one can really know what the real worth of himself is, of other people and life in general. Only then one have a vivid illumination of what really matters. Becouse in the dire times everything matters.
      As Sebastian Junger pointed out: People don’t mind hardships. What they mind is not feeliing necessary. And we have whole society of people not feeling necessary.” The thing is we just don’t need each other. But wait for dire times and you can see that we can’t do without each other for even a single f…n day.
      Perhaps sometimes apocalypse is needed for us to feel alive.

  1. I don’t subscribe to the belief that women today are different. Human needs and drives have been with us for thousands of years. If you think women weren’t giving blows and engaging in orgiastic slut behavior until now you would be mistaken. Women cheat, women jump to a better deal and yes women have always respected a masculine winner. It is up to men to explain and treat sluts as outcasts but we all enjoy their sluttiness don’t we. If women don’t face consequences their natural cravings for sex will dominate. There is less shame (if any) when a wife cheats. She is never condemned. But a guy is condemned. Same bullshit double standard if a married guy is caught he is a “pig” but the b!tch he is Fking is evidently “not guilty”.

    1. There were always sluts to be sure. On the scale we see today? I very much doubt it. Pandora’s box has been opened and the lid cannot be screwed (yes I know what I did there) back on without major upheaval. Fathers involvement in young women’s lives has been marginalised. Two of my last LTR’s have been from broken families. Believe me after those experiences I’m putting every woman I band through extreme vetting….. broken family…. major red flag.

      1. I hear you and you are correct the kids has been “blown” but it collectively ours to “screw” back on. There was less manifestation of womens’ true nature because there were consequences like pregnancy, being off the marriage market, shaming, etc heck they used to kill adulteresses. Now it’s a badge of honir. But I believe society will millitate back because the current dysfunctionalality cannot go on long-term. There is precedent for this cyclical behavior. There were always shifting cultural norms, constantly, norms are not fixed. Compare puritanical times, “roaring 20s” times, Greco-Roman decadence, etc. Each epoch gives way to another and surely as day follows night this too shall pass. You are absolutely correct to be careful. But you never really know until years later.

        1. I’d agree when you say you never really know until years later… synonymous with hindsight is 20/20. I think the difference now is every possible safety net is legislated into law down to the local level, in total support of the bad behavior we see from women up until retirement and beyond. So the “turn around” if you will, will be seemingly much, much harder this time.

        2. Society won’t militarize back unless we run out of money. That’s what’s fueling this; decadence, welfare, modernity.
          We’re essentially too comfortable.
          You don’t see this in the 3rd world because they can’t afford it.
          When you venture out into the more rural parts of the country, women are, on average, much kinder and feminine. It’s typically the big blue cities that house the crazy, colored haired, tattooed, cock carousel riding, militant feminists.
          Single mothers or homes with weak fathers produce the worst women imaginable. I have a teenage niece who says we don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant because she’s too selfish for that. In and of itself it’s a good thing because of her age and environment but to proclaim it with such pride was a bit disturbing.

      2. The broken family part is a shame. I’m seeing a woman from a broken family right now and I was weary from the beginning when she told me her mom had been divorced twice and she had numerous step brothers/sisters and I want to make an exception and turned a blind eye but I need to be fair to myself as well.

      3. Then you should drop your pick up manuals and open any history book.
        That behavior has always existed, at any time, everywhere, every country, every culture, every religion, every social class alawys had prostitutes, cheating women, abortions etc…
        You are dreaming about something that never existed.

    1. She was super promiscuous before getting married..like she banged her way through Hollywood… .For me not necessarily a bad thing but for most guys here I would say yes.

      1. Whores are objects, use them for their intended purpose…NEVER marry one, especially one that is famous.

  2. The only way I can explain the current times is that men have been castrated and women have grown a serious case of penis envy. Problem is, they want their cake and eat it too: the penis in and on them.

  3. I am from germany.Till now i havent heard women talking “vocal fry“. Damn, it sounds so disgusting.
    Iam afraid in some years this will come be heard here…

    1. In German the verb is usually at the end of sentences and you need to hear the entire sentence before knowing what it is what the other person wants to say. Vocal fry wouldn’t work with German-speaking peoples. You’re safe in that regard.
      Either way you’re getting fucked up the ass by immigration lmao.

      1. Uh…. No. The verb in a German main clause comes second after either a subject or an object.
        In a relative clause the verb is at the end, but in that case you’d pretty much know the topic already from the main clause.
        What you said would be true for Japanese.
        Trust me, I am German. And I had 3 semesters of Japanese 😉

  4. Vocal Fry???
    Part of the oppression Olympics?
    Overcoming so much: patriarchy; male privilege etc…
    I was on the train to the Bronx last week — two women tawking behind me — I wanted to pour acid in my ears. Not just the vapid content, but, loud nasty tone – -like a 40 year old Upper-Either-Side Yenta lawyeress with pack-a-day-accent.
    But, when they got off the train — they were early teens.
    WTF? is happening.

  5. Whenb white women become nothing more than a pool of self entitled sleaze, its time for men to focus on women worth the attention, and if that pool fall into the same filth, then let em perish alone.

    1. I’m a follower now of minimalism in all facets, and my sole pet projects are two things, supporting my youngest child in her endeavors as the prodigy she is and trying to rehabilitate my oldest daughter back to some semblance of self control, self discipline and extract her from the cesspool of disgusting millennialism she is living in now.

    2. Correct, men need to conquer their lust for an easy bang and concentrate on high quality pussy who won’t f you before you are either married or possibly engaged. This is the only way -and was in practice in the past – to discipline females. They are essentially children who can get spoiled. Don’t hit them (except in bed I still slap my wife’s rear and grab her hair) but you don’t need to be physically abusive outside the bedroom. Just don’t f her and be firm. I can guarantee you her pussy will drop and if you bang her as a virgin she’s yours and if you keep hanging her she will never stray. Our problem is we have turned women loose and once they have been with several guys they will be looking for more d!CK. Again, men need to take responsibility, we are supposed to be the authority figure, honest, brave and loyal too. By fing them before they are married we just turn them into b!tches who are spoiled and entitled.

  6. You know, if this was published on The Onion it would make half decent satire.
    As it is, I’m terrified that people believe this kind of nonsense.

    1. You’re a neomasculiphobe. Take your hate with you back to your lib homeland at Huff and the Onion. Yuck.

    2. This bitch probably has vocal fry. Just an obnoxious middle American broad who doesn’t know her place.
      Women experience vocal fry from being outside of the kitchen too long.

  7. Uppercrust businessmen don’t seem to tolerate this unladylike behavior, nor any of the other degenerate traits of 3rd wave feminists. I was at a rather swanky private school fund-raising gala, with a mixed group from middle-class up to very wealthy people. From a look at the wife, it was easy to tell where the man fell on the income scale – the thinner, more graceful, more poised, less obnoxiously-loud a woman was, the more likely her husband had serious money. Larger, louder, less graceful women were almost ALL middle-class. There were, of course, exceptions, but from watching the men, it was obvious that many of the wealthier men with slender, attractive wives carried themselves like alphas, which meant they demanded and got ladylike behavior from their women.
    And I guaran-damn-tee you that none of the uppercrust wives spoke with vocal fry.

  8. Just a quick browse on just about any dating site, (especially POF) will result in discovering multiple profiles of ball-breaking chicks badmouthing men right outta the gate. And then we have the numerous “upstanding” women who are single or separated with at least 3 young children in tow. Hmm… I wonder why this is so? *heavy sarcasm* Females actually believe they have every right to routinely disrespect men in today’s world. Unbelievable.

    1. Every single one of the “single” mothers with broods, exploited their hatred of men after each one of their inseminations.

      1. Every single one of the single mothers took the burden of raising a child on her own without anyone to lean on, after being mistreated, disrespected and abused by a jerk or another. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

        1. every single single mother either made the choice to get kkocjed up for kiddie support and welfare which they could not get without driving the man off because of feminism. we didnt reap what ” we sowed”.. we got what feminism wanted. this sis solely on the womens hands. you made this society fucked up.

        2. By redefining for convenience the definition of “jerk” and “mistreatment,” and “disrespect,” we can all reap what we sow can’t we ?

        3. in an age where the morning after pill is available in drugstores, there is NO way you can convince me that a woman has to have a baby that she doesn’t want. None. Particularly not in a society where religious values are almost dead.

    2. I notice that too. Id like to explain to them, insulting men on their profile will sift out all of the good men and only the bad boy , dirt bags will persist.
      When women complain about men, they are only insulting themselves because they are the ones choosing who to date.
      Its not like each of us has 20 chicks texting us right now.

  9. I agree generally, but be careful not to idealize too much. Back then, women needed men financially, and this has a lot to do with the way they presented themselves and behaved.
    I actually notice that living in North America subconsciously changes you without you noticing, even if you don’t really involve yourself too much within the society. For example, I feel that as North Americans, men and women are really crass when we talk, even if we are not cussing. We are so straight forward and to the point, that we have a disregard for the way we come off. We are borderline vulgar. Recently, I was just getting to know this Arab-Canadian man, and I just asked him about his past partners, and he just the need to jump and say, “Yeah, but I never came, because I didn’t love them.” You see that? That’s a Westernized way of speaking, and who the hell asked him if he came or not?!

    1. Meera it’s so sad that you sound like a red pill woman and not getting busy making a red pilled man happy and raising red pilled children. If i don’t have to convert we can be together, after all we’d share something in common, we’d both read ROK in bed on our way to sleep!

      1. I am an atheist (although you wouldn’t be able to tell) and I wouldn’t ever force anyone to convert to Islam, but my father will, as I was previously engaged to a white man.
        I am also not to keen on men,marriage, or kids. I have this fear that they will make me miserable. I am just focused on becoming a lawyer for now.

  10. But maybe it actually is a true nature of women and the way they really want to be?! Ancient people new this, and that’s why traditions and matting rules were involved.

  11. It is their nature.
    That is why for thousands of years they are constrained for the betterment of society.
    Men create, women consume.
    However, if I had no constraints – all fit women would be my concubines, and men would be my slaves…

  12. A friend and I once went to lunch with my wife and one of her co-workers, who was Turkish. She was so feminine and exotic, with very classy mannerisms! When she finished and left, my friend said, “Wow, is she beautiful!” My wife, who did not have a great command of English, replied, “Oh-oh, Henry’s got a hard on.” We both broke out laughing because it was so unexpected. It turned out she thought the expression was “heart on”, in other words, meaning fond of someone – not knowing what people actually meant when she heard it.

    1. Even when I go to Morocco the local escorts there are more appealing and lady like than White Western women. I was falling in love with every other woman there. Part of me wants to go there, assimilate and never return to the UK. Part of me thinks that’s why the British Empire was created and got so big so fast, so British men could escape British women. I told my Bulgarian friend that and she laughed and agreed haha.

  13. The more vocal fry a woman has, the less respectful she is if men.
    This is why exactly 0% of women I have dated (keyword dated not just banged) have been feminine sweethearts with girly voices and of mild demeanor.
    Contrast this with me. I am a dudebro in many ways. I am an obnoxious asshole from having grown up seeing men be assholes. So I essentially carry myself like a pretentious douchebag. Yes I am a beer drinking tight shirt wearing guy who says terms like dude and yo. If most of you met me you would probably hate me.
    Anyway the way I find these women is by essentially searching online sites for girls who have no attitude problem. Usually they are 1-2 points below me in SMV. This is the relationship gold standard for getting your bitch in line. Now of course I will mention I also am rather muscular and am not bad looking. This helps a ton and if I looked like a nerd I essentially would not be able to find girls the level I want. And I am jot by any means bragging here. I tend to go for a guys here would rate as 6-7 range bookworm type girls. These girls are more cute than hot but I don’t deal with the grief half of you here do. These girls would rather bang a douche dudebro with tats (yes I know I am basic as shit) than some MGTOW type who grew up as a nerd. I also have to mention that I grew up playing sports and am rather robust in build even if I am average height (5’10). If I was over 6′ I know I could even get the Stacy types to be LTR compliant. While I have banged Stacy types they haven’t been a large part of my notch count but I also have way more compliance and rough sex from my women than lots of men who go for the Stacy types. I know Stacy is hot but 1)I live in a Northern US city and those are rarer here and 2)I have less sexual frustration because I go for women below my SMV.
    Anyway my long ass post was to say that yes it is possible to find compliant and feminine girls, you just have to be good looking enough to where you’re ok with them not being knockouts and you being high enough SMV to where they’re also less hot than you but never landwhales. Lots of these girls just have a very dorky look and they still are very shy and timid. It really is great being around them because you know once they fall for you they fall hard since most of your bros are chasing Stacy but Stacy treats them like a bitch. Then when Mary the goofy nerd broad introduces me to her friends they get all wet like “oh my God your boyfriend is hot!!”. Her friends all gravitate to me, I run soft game on them, my girls melt like cheese after seeing this and they can’t keep their hands off me.
    Sometimes this means they have hotter friends but it doesn’t matter because I always like to keep my options open and I always know she needs me more than I need her. Basically men if you want an easy life where women treat you like gods, just get yourself in good shape (not decent but GOOD I mean look like you can fuck someone up good). You don’t even need to be ripped. Just look you have an imposing build and women treat you like you’re better than they are. And yes I even have a personal style some of you nonconformists consider douchey but to be quite honest I don’t give a fuck since it works. I wear spiked hair and don’t even talk properly. I am also pretty sure I also act like pretentious narcissistic asshole and this too helps. Men remember girls don’t care about your honor codes and all that medieval bullshit you ascribe to. I just look out for me and that’s it. Girls respect that. Girls respect selfish dudebros. Are we insecure yes are we obnoxious yes are we stupid unoriginal and basic fuck yes but dammit if it doesn’t feel good to relax and not give a shit the way some of you do about everything.
    Cliffs: if you’re dating girls and they aren’t feminine, date below tour SMV and they fall in line. If the girls below your SMV aren’t hot enough for you (like say you’re a 5 so that means you have yo go for 3s and shit) then make yourself hotter by lifting and just dveleopung an idgafness to ya

  14. I sense a change taking place in this area. At a recent classic car rally, I observed the youngest hottest females sported NO tats! No blue hair, and much less disfiguring metal piercings and ear gauges. Instead they showcased their long smooth unblemished thighs and midriffs. I think the upcoming generation of girls see the former long trend as detrimental, or if nothing else, “so last year” – and no longer fashionable.
    Only the mid to late-20 + chicks had the expected tattoos, blue hair and piercings. It was very noticeable to see the difference.
    The youngest generation coming up these days is FAR MORE woke and red-pilled than we think, listening to PewDiePie and reading these blogs. Brings me hope.

    1. Idk about you but where I am from (the American Midwest/Midlands) hot girls have never looked that way. Sounds like some coastal bullshit like from California or something. That or some Italian broads from the Northeast

  15. Vocal fry is how women with high-pitch voices compensate in order to be taken seriously. They try to lower their voice but can’t, producing the fry.
    Also notice PewDiePie’s super hot GF does not try to do this, even though her mousy voice is a little annoying. Also, I notice she started covering up her tats recently. PDP is pretty red-pilled and she may also be seeing how it degrades women’s appearance.

  16. There are still decent feminine women out there. You just know where to look. Clubs and bars are not one of them.

    1. Sometimes these women are very introverted and won’t even leave the house. They would rather curl up with a book and read all weekend.

      1. There are women who are introverted but would leave the house to do stuff like attend a group hiking activity, take a boot camp or yoga class or just do outside stuff that reaches their best selves. You just have to know where to look for them. Then you show up and bring out your best self. When you are there mind your own business and do your best and that is speaking to her without speaking to her. If you keep seeing each other long enough you are going to build rapport and familiarity. THEN SHE COMES TO YOU. It is great to do that cold approach and speaks volumes of bravery and confidence but it is very much a gamble. From personal experience she approaching you leads to something more meaningful and long term. Well that is just moi.

    2. Ha. I feel like this got upvoted by fat bitches sneaking onto ROK, but that said, feminine women must be out there if they are indeed out there.

        1. Fatties are always telling people who will listen that they’re just waiting for “a man worth their time.” Even the slobs who don’t come out and position your eyes, intent with lurking in the shadows of what charms they can squeeze into. I imagine them saying, “I am out there! And so available! And bar girls are so beneath me!”
          My comment was a sleight at fatties, not at your words here.

  17. I’ve never disliked men. Never. In fact I always thought feminists were extreme and that women had already achieved equality. I was wrong. As a regular reader of this site I now distrust men. How could I not? Listening to you, you lay out a man’s true nature open for the world to see. I had no idea men actually thought like this. Thanks for turning me into a feminist RoK.

      1. +Sexy bla bla bla… Maybe you should write for Salon? You sound dramatic. “..Ive never disliked men…i was wrong.”
        This comment system changeover sure has brought out some shittesting freaks lol.

    1. Oops another one gets neg-woke on RoK. Enjoy the privileges, and living in a nation where heretofore men have allowed you to do that (ultimately, we’re still in the background there, annoying you and world-building and all that kooky shit). Though I’m starting to rethink why men acquiesced to give you the vote less than 100 years ago (guessing you’re American).

  18. This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. The battle of the sexes has been going on for ages and this is upping it to the Nth power. Don’t you know no one wins at the end and no one has anything to gain no matter who comes out the victor.

      1. All these extreme militant crap that is rising from both sides intensifying this conflict between the sexes. You got this feminism and masculinity going up one another. That is bad enough. Then you have all these other off shoot thinking branching out from feminism (fat acceptance and tranny garbage for instance) and masculine (MGTOW, neo masculinity and such). Adding insult to injury neo masculinity is somewhat aligned to this neo facist crap and to the alt-right. I don’t know but maybe this is natural selection at work bringing out the garbage in the gene pool so they can be eliminated.

  19. About 15 years ago one of my dudebro friends at age 60+ reported he had had an epiphany. His aha moment was when he was having a beer at a hole in the wall joint. He looked around at the young women (bar hoggers) and noted their language and behavior. then he had the sudden insight and said to himself, “These aren’t women, they are just men with tits.” He shared this insight ast our next group meeting (in a bar of course) and we all observed that he was clear sighted. they are just men with tits, and not even decent men, but the worst kind of men, the ones you don’t want as friends.

  20. There is a reason that women in the 1950s were more feminine and sweet, and the reason was because women had less choice until feminism expanded their options. Women adapt. In 1950, women needed men in order to live good lives, therefore they presented themselves in a pleasant way to secure a mate and success. Call it subconscious manipulation (at best), or conscious manipulation (at worst).
    Anyways, roll up to the modern day and women simply don’t need men anymore. They work for their living, the state guarantees their safety and security, and men line up to perform favours for plain janes, elevating basic bitches to the level of goddesses. Of course women won’t act like ladies anymore. They don’t have to. There are no consequences nor any adverse effects on their standards of living.
    This is simply the consequence of the technological evolution of humanity. There is no going back unless you reverse our technological triumphs, and that’s not happening for the same reason that you cannot revive a corpse. Call it a catastrophe if you want. I see it as an important lesson – we can finally see what women really are like. They aren’t the infantilised sweethearts that we were tricked into thinking they were. For the first time our biology can’t blind us into accepting the myth of the wholesome princess who needs protection and rewards…for simply existing.
    I’ve said it before, men have two options. If you want a girl, you simply have to accept them for what they truly are. Don’t delude yourself in to thinking that you’ve snagged a unicorn. But I suppose you can live in ignorance if you wish. The other option is to live life as a bachelor.
    I welcome all future technological advancements.
    Btw Roosh, are we going to get a better commenting system?

    1. Women do need men to live good lives, but now it’s more indirect and your government will take the money from men to give to the women.
      If all the men in your country refused to work, marry or bang, women would be up shit creek.

      1. Well I agree. But men need to work in order to make money and live well. I’m afraid you can’t avoid taxes no matter what you do, whether it’s income tax, council tax or VAT, you’re contributing to the state treasury which in turn spends that money on affirmative action, welfare, feminist policies, and other useless things.
        If you want to live well as a man, then the easiest way is to avoid marriage, drugs, kids and women and you should do just fine provided you work for your living. I guess you can bang girls occasionally without commiting. IMO prostitutes and escorts are the least stressful way of doing this.

      1. A few. It’d be nice if we could see who up-votes your posts. The font is also a bit large I think. It would make more sense if the font and avatars were smaller, it makes the screen look more neat and saves scrolling down as much. An actual login (that we could stay logged into even after leaving) would be nice and help keep a few trolls out. Editing too.
        Also I can’t help but feel like my post looks like a wall of text even though I used paragraphs…the paragraphs are too close together.
        Of course it’s unto you to make any changes, you own this blog after all Roosh. ROK has lost quite a few posters and a good comments system will help attract new talent and veterans.

    2. Women tend to prefer alpha males to procreate, and alpha males are not the brilliant minds who develop science or technology, they basicly live to fuck. So their descendants will not inherit brilliant minds, and technology eventually will stagnate since there won’t be brilliant people to sustain it. Beta males will begin to shortage and they will not perform very much since they won’t have access to a virgin wife like in the past, and this will frustrate a majority of them.

  21. Why do we call this the 1950’s model. Any woman who didn’t follow this model before the 1950’s was either royalty (rich) or a prostitute. I used to call my own sister a whore and only a 50 dollar one when she dressed like shit. Call a spade a spade and one day it will realize it is just a spade.

  22. some people seem to take offense to the idea that women are no longer women any more. Isn’t this precisely what radical feminism has been trying to achieve since the 70s? The whole point of changing women into womyn was to break the connection between men and women as somehow part of a necessary dyad, the complement of the one to the other. This is what feminism is all about, breaking the connection between men and women, destroying the idea of complimentarity. When Judith Butler wrote Gender trouble she was trying to create it, to argue that men and women were nothing to do with each other beyond the deceptive attempts of culture to ground gendered identities within law and the social contract. Everything feminism has done has been to destroy both men and women as men and women. Yet we’ve got feminists here coming to this article to tell us that pointing out that they’ve largely succeeded in their task is somehow extreme?
    Truth is there still are recognisably female women out there. In fact most women are still recognisably female and some are quite feminine with it, but with the pressure that exists for them to betray their sex, nature, and identity for some New World Order Androgynous equivalent its not wrong to wonder if in a decade or two the sexes won’t be unrecognisable, and quite incapable of living and mating with each other to create stable families. As far as I’m concerned feminism is like a mad surgeon cutting up its patients and trying to sew them up again inside out and its not wrong to point that the product is blood, guts and ugliness

    1. yes.
      this is what feminism/Marxism/communists want…
      I thought it was fading – but I think is getting worse:
      check this article from Forbes:
      So rich and famous – yet running on the oppression card…
      Donald Trump Jr — my favorite shit lord – truth speaker:

    1. Nice! This is my favorite comment there so far:
      “fitzs_fuckin_fun_challengeSo, I say let’s take this a step further and say that the issue isn’t women in the present, it’s their fathers of the past fault. Don’t blame women for it, they are a product of the environment they came from, blame the worthless fucking fathers that raised them.”
      Lots of bitch-fits on there. Ha. So brave and strong on the web, aren’t they?

      1. Ha. No, wait. This one’s better:
        “a.d.henriquezLooks like someone’s masculinity is threatened. What a weak little asshole. A woman do whatever the fuck she wants to do. Thank you”
        Here we have it: demasculinizing ranting, a synecdoche, ham-fisted platitude, and sarcastic gratitude. Guess we should blame that on her old man, too, huh?
        She sounds sexually frustrated.

  23. You know I’m unsure who to blame. Yes women of yester year were more feminine, but these women are also the ones who raised this generation…. Keep that in mind. I think the collapse happened a couple generations back and just started to show its ugly head.

  24. Western women as brainwashed mutants which I avoid at all costs. Cause they are broken, they are toxic to your soul! A real feminine women from an Eastern country brings happiness to a man’s life!

  25. The feminist culture of Australia is absolutely shocking. There is exactly ZERO regulation of women going on here so women are free to do and say whatever the hell they want. And they do. And if you as a man have a problem with that then you’re the unreasonable one.
    You see we have this toxic culture of not standing up for yourself. It’s because of our Tall Poppy Syndrome; you do not rock the boat. And right now feminism is the boat. So if some bitch is a cunt to you, you’re supposed to take it. That’s the politically correct thing to do, and I see so many men here; bosses, boyfriends, husbands, store clerks, news anchors, just take it like the good little well-behaved cucks they really are.
    Because fighting back would create a scene, attract attention, and possibly get you fired. There is no culturally-mandated or “appropriate” way to respond to a bitch here. The underlying assumption is that women don’t make mistakes, so when they instigate provocative situations you will be blamed for the consequences.
    One of our ex-politicians Mark Latham really stuck it to a cuck and a bitch on some morning show. You should have seen their reactions. The idea of a man asserting himself against them totally caught them by surprise. And how they bitched and bleated in response. That is the norm here. Latham was always an eccentric maverick here.
    I have lived in many countries, and I can say without a doubt that Aussie women are by far the worst women I have ever come across. Their narcissism, bitchiness, dishonesty, and entitlement is totally repulsive and off the charts.
    I really hate to date outside my own race, but when you start meeting other types of women you just can’t help yourself. I have travelled quite a bit in my life and the type of women you meet in places like Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, even Iran, they are like in a totally different dimension of femininity these Western sluts could never penetrate. Once you get with one of these women there is just no going back to an Aussie woman.
    I’d rather die childless than have an Aussie slut mother my children.

    1. Solid post, they’re beyond reproach with the system backing them on some super-unnatural behaviors. That Latham video has made the rounds at RoK a couple times already. It’s pure gold. He knew all the stats and government studies backward/forward, and he shows up the cunty-cuck TV news combo for the fools and poseurs that he always knew them to be. They stoically continued to make smug facial expressions as he eviscerated their biased, knowledge-free approach.

    2. you are not wrong – but not sure is much different in any western country.
      I have traveled much too – prefer SE Asia – but too far from New York.
      Closest to you – what place do you like best out of South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe?
      Here’s another interview form Aussie “chicks” with Milo

      She said she is a feminist – he said dont worry there may be a cure…
      He is a great troll.
      Another beast “tall poppy-ed” him for making a positive statement about himself.
      There really is a set of rules Australian’s must follow.

    3. As another Aussie I can say that Ted is absolutely right. The Fems in the media here are out of control and they have a lot of Mangina supporters. Some of our major news-sites are about 50% content of feminist issues – gender equality, gender pay gap, domestic violence, sexism, trannies etc. It’s never ending.
      However there are two easy ways to weed out the SJW’s over here:
      1. Tell them you’re a Trump supporter.
      2. Tell them you voted NO in our national Gay Marriage Survey.

    4. “I have lived in many countries, and I can say without a doubt that Aussie women are by far the worst women I have ever come across.”
      You’ve not been to Canada then?

      1. I heard Toronto is bad. But Montreal? It is very black and white compared to other Western cities. It is filled with either fun feminine women or angry militant feminist. Very easy to filter things out.

    5. Feminist women in the U.S. are about as bad. Many in the MGTOW movement in North America have responded by ignoring feminist women or mocking them. Feminist women are getting mad because many men are giving up on them and going for foreign women. Feminists are whining that men aren’t “gentlemen” anymore, we fire back that they aren’t “ladies” anymore.
      I don’t know what to tell you if you aren’t interested in interracial or interethnic dating. I’m having a wonderful time with my South American sweetie.

  26. Interesting comparison photos, what a lady should look like = 6 white women, then the contrast, they all look non-white.

  27. As a man in his early 60s who remembers how women used to speak and as a writer, one of the many irritating habits of modern women is thinking the f-bomb makes them sound cool, edgy, and tough. Of course, they use the word for every figure of speech and it’s not unusual to hear a woman use “f*ck” as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, and exclamation all in the same sentence. The result is they sound like illiterate idiots.

  28. The tats and piercings started because of that faggoty book by ReSearch about Modern Primitives in 1989 or so. Its a generation X thing. Sorry guys!

    1. CLEVER
      Good point, someone in 1990 transported to 1999 would have been shocked at the piercings and tattoos and wiggers.
      I was born in 1974 and as late as 1990 tattoos were for sailors and prostitutes and only English punks had piercings through their nose and girls who were “bi” were sneered at as Dykes.
      What happened was Grunge, Clinton and PC.

    1. “Stop this?”
      It stops itself. I thank God I stopped smoking pot when I was 25 post-college and busted my ass to have some semblance of a productive life when I see this 45 year old Goth chicks with the old scars on their wrists from self-harm and their sagging clit piercings or the guy my age wearing the “Green Day” t-shirt with dyed green hair protesting Milo or Occupy. They never put the bong down.
      As for the minorities of my generation the best thing they were good at seemed to be making babies. It is weird when I meet guys who are 30 years old and their Dad is only 44 and has been in jail since 1990. Non-Asian Gen X minorities just kept smoking crack like it was 1985.
      Watch the Trainspotting Sequel to see what Gen X’s middle-class or working-class white nihilists, slackers, anarchists of the 1990’s ended up by watching Spud and Renton’s old gang. They aged fast and developed early heart problems from all the hard drugs. Most of them hoped they would “die before they got old” but few of them did. Some are even still hanging around the next generation of addicts like we Gen-Xers used to buy pot in 1992 from that whacked-out Manson type hippy the age of our parents.
      In point of fact what “stopped them” was pretty predictable. Gen X gays all did a load of meth and most of them are dead of AIDS from 17 partner a night orgies.
      The “Bisexual Chic” girls stopped being Bi because nobody will give middle-aged women much positive attention for homosexual behavior and think it is gross so they all did the Angelina Jolie thing and went back to being straight.
      So Gen X weeded itself out.

  29. “A Gen X” Thing
    We reflect the era we were born for some reason and people born from 1970-1981 (The “70’s”) had a bleak nihilistic outlook born partly of post-60’s Malaise of being born in the Watergate Era.
    PC and Grunge and the rest of rose in the early 1990.
    So people who are now in their late 30’s to mid-40’s are actually responsible for it.

  30. And at some point some sucker will marry these women. then they will want to be treated like the Blessed Virgin. then when they have children they will demand that they be treated with even more respect. These women believe they can get plowed more than a Buffalo parking lot in January with the morals of a sewer rat and wipe their past clean when they marry and have children.

  31. When we talk about the (((new element))) in the media, let us be very specific of just who that is exactly….

  32. The problem is materialism. Women abandoning femininity comes about when governments realize they can double their votes and taxes and corporations realize that increasing labor supply this way depresses wages.

  33. I think in the distant future, men are going to replace women with sex robots who act like 1950’s girls so their dicks won’t get cut off. Even Japan is working on that crap.

  34. i believe that women who are already good looking that deface themselves with tatts do it to show everyone that no matter how fuckin ugly their tatts are they can still get cock whenever they want

    1. I’ve noticed that young women in South America are now getting tattoos. Otherwise pretty, charming women getting horrible body art.

  35. Western women have been ruined by third wave feminism. Western feminist women have adopted all of the worst traits of men, yet they still expect men to chase them, fawn over them, and shower them with attention and gifts. I’ve seen young, middle aged, and old western women who are rude, crude, vulgar, unfeminine, and utterly classless.Western feminist women want men who are cute and sexy, yet submissive and subservient to them. Essentially they want gay men.
    Western feminist women have nothing to offer and have laughably unrealistic expectations of men. I’m so glad I found my future wife in another country.

  36. Hey Ted Aussies tell it like it is . A lot of men cant handle women that can look after themselves get high paying jobs learn a skill trade Don’t forget Ted there are a lot of drongo blokes out there that cant put two words together ,waste all there pay on booze drugs don’t have money to pay there bills rent etc Yes Ted you what they do then run home to mommy Its true mate see it all the time so good luck when you marry your non Aussie girl Wait till all her relative’s move in and your paying for them !!!

  37. OP keeps emphasizing how women of the 50s strived to be like actress “role models” at the time.
    The bare fact of the matter is TV was a relatively new thing back then and young white women modeled themselves after their mothers, grandmothers, etc because familial solidarity was still intact.
    Nowadays families have been replace by networks be it internet networks, academic networks, or television networks. Technology has more of an influence now than it did back then. To say women look to TV for role models is a projection of modern phenomena on a period of dramatically different values.

  38. A sweet Godly Woman – worth the search and wait. Long suffering was the way for seven years and my reward is a lady who can satisfy my wants and needs. Modest in apparel, loving in the bedroom. Butcher a chicken, pull both triggers on that double barrel shotgun, back up a trailer, and most of all – worship God. Proverbs 31 has a great description of “Who can find a virtuous woman?” That my friend who reads this and seeks will benefit.

  39. Ha. You claim you want this “classy woman” to return but I am positive you wouldn’t sacrifice your jerk off material for it. I’m sure you would love to wank off to Grace Kelly getting some pleasant PG, missionary, dick instead of the new “masculine” girls with fake double d’s getting cum shots to the face. Dumb fuck. No wonder men are losing credibility in the world.

  40. One way or another men pay for women’s poor choices whether though relationships or taxes at least relationships force women and men to have standards.
    I’m glad Roosh and others are starting to understand freedom is not the problem but an overreaching government which subsidies women’s poor choices and I doubt women would be doing 90% of this nonsense if didn’t have a social service network to fall back on.

  41. Most of these low life pathetic loser women are just down right very horrible to begin with. Trailer park trash that most of them are nowadays which is a very excellent reason why so many of us good men are still single today, especially the ones that have no respect for us men at all when we will try to start a conversation with them.

  42. To further explain more truth about the women of today from my last comment is that most women now are so very extremely dangerous to talk too since yes unfortunately they will Curse at us for no reason at all as well. And since many women that now have their Careers today which most of these very stupid women really think they’re Gods gift to men too which makes them very sad to begin with. And with most women nowadays that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and so very money hungry which really tells the whole true story right there. Women today are nothing at all like the very real good old fashioned ladies that we once had at that time which made real true love very easy to find in those days with no trouble at all. It was very easy for the men back then since they were very fortunate to be born at such a much better time than us men today. And it was very obvious why our family members had it so very easy meeting one another as well which even as i speak, many of our family members are still together as i speak which is very amazing how long their marriage lasted. What makes it worse is that most of these very pathetic women now want the very best of all and will never settle for less either since they will go after men that have money since they’re just nothing but users and losers altogether now to begin with. And with all of these very stupid reality TV shows that they have on as well as social media has really destroyed their brain cells as well since most of them are just real feminists men haters too.

    1. so true.
      all – and I mean every family member – is still married until death. those that were born pre 1950
      There is no such thing as two by two match-ups anymore. And has been mentioned in the manosphere, women become more demanding as they get older.
      On the streets of NYC they are also incredibly rude and outright violent…
      And they don’t have to care – they have money/jobs/fun – and can get sex anytime anywhere.
      dogs and cats are substitute for kids.
      there is a meme with arrows pointing between SMV men to SMV women previously matching male 9 to female 8 etc. now only the top guys are matching with most women, and 70% of men get nada – -I feel I’ve dropped into that zone…and may be too old to get back?

  43. Roosh laments the loss of innocence and femininity. This whole article is a complaint about self-defensive masculinization by modern women. But what did Roosh ever do to reward the many many feminine women he apparently banged out? Used them and dumped them. Why wouldn’t other women learn the lesson he and his acolytes taught them so ruthlessly? Congratulations gentlemen 😉 You broke the code and hit that sh**t so hard and so often that the women that are left turned into men!

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