Western Women Are Far More Likely To Be Killed In A Car Accident Than Murdered By A Man

When it comes to addressing the great social malaises of our time, from feminism to Black Lives Matter, the first skill lacking in most people is basic arithmetic. Words like “epidemic” and “genocide” or “gendercide” are thrown about as if millions of women or black people were being murdered on the streets and in the homes of the West by patriarchal white males every year (and, in the case of black people, not by other blacks).

The issue of men killing women in the West is actually a non-issue. Murder and other forms of homicide are tragic, but they are indicative of the bad morals and actions of the tiniest fraction of society. For every 100,000 men in every Western country, literally only a handful (or less) will end up murdering or otherwise killing a woman in any given year. A large proportion of this tiny, tiny minority has already been sanctioned by the criminal justice system before they kill a woman. The idea that their behavior is common, let alone condoned is a myth.

By refraining from using basic arithmetic to test the proposition that men killing women is regular or acceptable, feminists and leftists keep alive the biggest of myths–and profit from it. How many careers and accolades have been garnered by “activists” due to the lie that many women are in constant danger of being murdered by men in the West?

Let’s crunch some numbers

This is very rare.

In 2016, my native Australia recorded 71 violent deaths of women, representing all violent female deaths, irrespective of whether other women were the perpetrators or a man also died in a particular incident. This tally includes everything from women dying in domestic violence situations to a girl being killed in a robbery or home invasion.

It is unclear if all of these 71 fatalities were bonafide homicides because, as of 2017, perhaps a majority of these cases have not been fully determined by courts. Remember, perpetrators of “homicide” are more likely to be mentally ill than the general population. There’s a rather large difference between someone killing another person with malice (or “sexism”) and someone doing the same thing as a result of, say, schizophrenia. That said, I will presume that all 71 deaths were genuine homicides and were perpetrated by men.

There are over 24 million people in Australia and just over half of these are female. About two-thirds, or eight million women are aged between 15 and 64.

12 million females and 71 violent female deaths (all categories) = 0.0005917% chance of a woman being killed in a suspected homicide in 2016 (1 woman in 169,000)

Eight million females (aged 15-64) and 71 violent female deaths (all categories) = 0.0008875% chance of a woman being killed in a suspected homicide in 2016 (1 woman in 113,000)

Intellectually dishonest activists like Jenna Price in Australia have claimed that the very small number of female homicide deaths each year are the outcome of “entrenched sexism.”

US figures are higher in both gross and relative terms, but nevertheless demonstrate a tiny statistical chance that a woman will be killed by a man in a given year. In 2007, when America had about 300 million inhabitants, roughly 1,650 women were killed as a result of “intimate partner violence” (IPV), such as a boyfriend killing his girlfriend (or a girlfriend killing her girlfriend!). Statistically, a woman is more likely to die from a car accident than by the hand of a man (1 in 18,000).

150 million females and 1,650 female IPV deaths = 0.0011% chance of a woman being killed through intimate partner violence in 2007 (1 woman in 91,000)

100 million females (aged 15-64) and 1,650 female IPV deaths = 0.00165% chance of a woman being killed through intimate partner violence in 2007 (1 woman in 61,000)

What am I missing? What are you missing, too? We can call someone’s death a tragedy yet retain the sense of mind to realize that the probability of a woman dying from a man’s actions, including those of her intimate partner, is beyond miniscule.

Crime rates are at an all-time low

Steven Pinker.

One non-rightwing thinker and numbers man you should familiarize yourself with is Steven Pinker. He has proven that violence is currently at an all-time low, at least on average. Individual places (St. Louis, Detroit, etc.) may buck the trend and still we have normally safe societies, though factors such as immigration and African-American crime are continually ignored by liberals.

The group most likely to die from homicides are young to middle-aged men. In places like Chicago, the overwhelmingly majority of victims are male and/or black, not female. Even if the number of women dying in the West did represent an “epidemic,” a far greater one afflicts men fatally disposed of by others.

No wonder there are so few women in STEM. If rank-and-file feminists are anything to go by, calculating sums, percentages, and probabilities is beyond their intelligence.

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38 thoughts on “Western Women Are Far More Likely To Be Killed In A Car Accident Than Murdered By A Man”

  1. Western women would have you thinking that their college campuses are less safe the slums of Africa. The reality is that they are TOO safe and wish there was some danger so they could better identify and evaluate strong men who can protect them. Today they have no way to judge the strength of a man, so they incessantly shit test on a societal scale to see who is “strong” enough to refuse their demands.

    1. “The reality is that they are TOO safe and wish there was some danger”
      Explains the Refugees Welcome and BBC phenomena too.

      1. Outside of porn (and even in porn), there really is no “bbc phenomena”. Less than 5% of white females will ever cross that line. And for the ones that do, if they will most like either be fat, ugly, or old bags — in other words, who cares?
        Only the Tiger Woods and Michael Jordans will get even decent looking ones (Lindsay Vaughn was a 7), and those guy probably make up about .000001% of them. So once again, who cares?

    1. Encourage them to go to canada detroit shitcago baltimore new york city denmark sweden britain and germany to go experience rapefugee tourism, if they think they are not challenged and unsafe where they live now. reality has a way of showing how badly people take for granted the safety in the western civilized world where CONSERVATIVE men are in charge.

      1. If you’re under the impression Canada is laden with refugees, you are quite mistaken. Yes, roughly 40 thousand refugees have been settled on Canadian soil however the government has taken appropriate action to ensure the extension of settlement across Canada to avoid high population beds. I agree that various European countries are currently in shambles trying to deal with the high influx of refugees with a strong conservative government is needed now more than ever. Canada, however, is not in that predicament.

      2. Or just tell them to go outside. True story: an old friend of mine was hit on and stalked by car by a man who said his wife was out of town. The old friend was just sitting by a river.
        Me, I’d have split the second I started hearing banjo music.
        Not hard to see the world is terrifying if you’re afraid of our awkward when you get hit on, as too many women are. “Willing dicks come out of the woodwork,” as it were. That said, there are days I am almost in automobile collisions multiple times. Not to play the victim, but I don’t even ROK and drive, so it’s not my bad when I’m working those angels overtime.

    True – and Western women are far more likely to be raped and or killed by a muslim ape than by a western man.

    1. ‘Muzzie ape’ – hehehe. Well, Muzzies are one thing, but I don’t see how an ape is smart enough to rape a woman. The world’s smartest ape is ‘Kanzi’, a bonobo of the great ape family who lives in a sanctuary in Des Moines. He registers at 50 IQ which is comparable to a typical 5 yo human.

      He has his own ape psychologist and has had years of ‘ape’ special-ed from her. It’s a teacher/student with special needs relationship, sooo do any snowflakes still wanna DATE one?? Hmm??
      The propaganda machine tells little girls it’s cool to be seen with an ape, but coach MCGOO will tell you some boogeyman stories otherwise. Pull up a seat round the fire girleez.
      Seriously, Kanzi is an amazing great ape. But could he ‘rape’ a woman? He uses sign language and cannot talk so he couldn’t even run game or pickup lines. He couldn’t pull off a sorority panty raid either. He’d go for the bananas in the fridge instead. He’d be an interesting wing man, a zinger attention getting companion in the park at best, but if anyone accused him of rape, not a soul would believe the bitch. The bonobo pass beats the snowflake pass.
      NOW THIS WOMAN on the other hand . . . she’s treading on very veeery thin ice. Whose mommy could THIS be?
      They wouldn’t give a hoot WHOSE soccer mom she is. She’d better wrap up that vacation and get out of there before the sun sets and get back to her normal job. I don’t give a shit what kind of books they have on the shelf at home, if I were her husband, I wouldn’t want to see her like that again. And I’d order her to wash her hands thoroughly, especially scrubbing beneath the nails before touching another kitchen utinsil.

  3. Interesting article, since I have read Pinker’s book and written about a similar topic before here on ROK: http://www.returnofkings.com/118153/why-men-murder
    Someone mentioned Sweden, which I also touched upon in the above-mentioned article. The homicide rate is overall as low as in other Western countries, about 1 murder per 100 000 inhabitants, but slightly higher in (((vibrant))) cities and suburbs like Malmö, Bergsjön (Göteborg), and Järvafältet (Stockholm), with a peak of about 10 murders per 100 000 in the worst areas.
    To give context, this can be compared to the worst US cities like Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis which have about 45-60 murders per 100 000. These patterns are largely due to cycles of retaliation between rival city gangs which are not hesitant to kill each other. They have differed values than normal American citizens, are extremely in group-oriented, and have a macho masculinity that we do not endorse.

    1. Don’t know whether you’ve heard of this murder, but according to some accounts swedish feminism (and late trotskyist feminist stieg larsson) made good use of a particular murder back in the 80s of a street walker called Catrine da Costa. Basically as I remember the case was used to radicalise the country against male violence (it was a particularly nasty murder). The chief suspects were successful professional white males – i.e. exactly the people swedish marxist feminists wanted to finger as responsible for a gendercidal war on women. In fact the last I heard was that the culprit had been all but confirmed to be someone else, a polish immigrant rather than the swedes who’d been accused of the crime but by then it didn’t matter. The feminists had been able to demonstrate the link between swedish men and endemic violence against women. No doubt a simplistic account, but the fact that Steig Larsson seems to have based his first volume of the millenium series on the case perhaps reveals how important it was in focusing the leftist feminist mind back in 80s / 90s sweden

        1. if those men were falsely accused the whole foundation of feminism in sweden (i.e. as a response to male violence) could potentially be undermined.

  4. In talking with my sister the other day she mentioned the “fact” that women have been oppressed and abused by men for thousands of years. When I pressed her for proof she had none. In fact, few women out there would have any kind of “proof” that this statement is factual beyond the sensationalized stories of dramatic fiction. Stories of normal people don’t get recorded in history or turned into harlequin romance novels. Much like the antifa and moronic leftist “thinkers” of the day compare real-life events and information to fantasy like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, women by and large acquire their “facts” from a fantasy history it seems. Have there always been abusive men? Sure. Have women always been assaulted or even killed by men? Yeah, but likely not as en’masse as the feminists and leftists would have us believe. Maybe if your talking about pre-modern Asia or the Middle East, but the white West has done plenty to protect women over the past thousands of years than they are given credit for. Hell, even in reference to the Middle East, Christianity did much to protect women from being physically harmed from the Law of Moses onward, so the concept of women always being beaten and in constant fear for their lives is bogus. Constant fear of their husbands, sure, if you consider the fact that if they DID need to be disciplined their husbands had the ability to administer it as he saw fit, even up to physical punishment! Much like any other property, though, it wouldn’t be wise for a guy to damage his wife so badly that she would suffer permanent harm or die, so I don’t see that being a normal thing.
    The fact of the matter is that women don’t want to be held to account by their husbands, so the “fact” of abuse and murder help shield them from that when white knights with power have little to no idea of such facts, so they just go along with the program.

    1. life was probably bleak for most ordinary people regardless of gender. The idea that history is just one gender class oppressing the other is largely untenable, and does violence to the complexity of history as well as to the resourcefulness of the outwardly less powerful in getting their way, securing protection, resources, and position. One can overstate that, but how do you compare ‘rape’ as against getting slaughtered on the field of battle? Violence in history has never been just down to men. Women are often deeply implicated at every level.

    2. The male oppression myth of Feminism is based on the Marxist class war doctrine.
      It appeared in the works of Engels first.
      It never happened.
      A shocking revelation: men, throughout history, loved their women.
      Now, THIS is a fact. Period.

    3. MEN in the west always pampered and pedestaled females, way beyond limits; what you sow is what you reap !

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    Wonder why?

  6. yeah, but men build the cars! Otherwise known as iron rape carriages.
    The problem with feminists is they can’t tell the difference between places like juarez and seattle or wherever. In the former you actually do / did get something approaching gendercide. In Seattle Frazier Crane types might get a bit frisky after drinking too much caffeine or something

  7. Having seen up close what all those SSRI drugs that most women around here are on does to their cognition, I would say that’s true.
    Used to love taking a drive. Now “SUV” means “Slow Unthinking Vagina”.

  8. “The issue of men killing women in the West is actually a non-issue”
    You explain what you mean, but still nice sound-bite there

  9. The unstated fact here is the high percentage of IPV and homicides in the indigenous population living in remote areas. Take those out and the figures drop even more. It is difficult to see how these communities can recover, especially when SJWs enable the cycle of squalor and drug abuse.

  10. I hear more about mothers killing their own children on the news then I hear about a domestic abuse/death of a girl by her lover/husband!

  11. George Petropoulos, if you read this, bro, I am of the previous nick-name “Hunn”.
    I am unable to answer you on Disqus, so let us move our discussion here from the ROK article “35 Signs The Girl You’re Dating Is A Whore”.
    I think either me or the other guys around here will be able to good advice in your bad situation.

  12. “He has proven that violence is currently at an all-time low, at least on average. ”
    Uh, no. Pinker’s work on this is crap. It ignores the admissions by LAPD and others that they deliberately fudged crime stats around 30-40% downward due to political pressure. Not to mention all the other ways police can mess things up… downgrading incidents from assault to property crime, etc etc.

  13. In the state of South Australia [SA], one murder (involving a recent Iranian immigrant family) provided the pretext to introduce ‘accreditation’ across all government departments and training for over 100,000 public sector employees, by that mysterious “White Ribbon” group/movement/whatever-it-is:
    My best guess is the next step will be to require all prospective male employees in the SA public sector to undergo some form of “domestic violence” background check by the Department of Communities and Social inclusion, similar to a Working with Children clearance, where even a mere allegation by a former female partner will be grounds for exclusion from employment.
    Indeed, South Australia was the first jurisdiction in the Commonwealth to give women the vote and allow them to run for parliament (in 1896), and subsequently where they have had the most time introduce luxurious welfare handouts, create make-work jobs for themselves in already bloated government departments and remove all objectivity from the legislative process.
    SA really does deserves close attention and it’s own article from one of the more scholarly and erudite Australian contributors here at RoK.

  14. Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.
    If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
    If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
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    If you are delusional and occasionally hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.
    I am better now.

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