Anonymous Sexual Harassment Allegations Leads To Suicide Of Welsh Politician Carl Sargeant

Mr Jones said the women spoke to his office on the basis of confidentiality.

— Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, describing how he denied due process to a “friend” who then committed suicide

Carl Sargeant, a Minister until last week in the Welsh Government, has committed suicide after being very amorphously accused of sexual harassment. His boss, Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones, apparently didn’t bother to inform him as to what the allegations were.

Instead of giving his “friend” even a modicum of due process, Jones, the head of the Welsh Labour Party, handed the allegations to political apparatchiks to investigate, rather than the independent civil service or police. He railroaded Sargeant and promised to make “confidentiality” for the accusers his top priority.

Once more, the big thing missing is evidence. None has been provided so far. None was provided to Carl Sargeant before his death. Nearly 15 years in the Welsh Assembly counted for nothing when it came to Sargeant’s prospects of keeping his job or merely being afforded the chance to defend himself.

Carwyn Jones, Welsh First Minister, fired Carl Sargeant without even telling him what the allegations against him were.

The way the dead man has been treated vindicates an article I wrote not long ago comparing modern-day “rape” witch-hunts to the tactics and procedures of Stalinism. Just as in the heyday of the Soviet Union, anonymous denunciations without evidence (and without giving the accused the chance to properly respond) are enough to ruin the livelihoods of those in the firing line.

This travesty also resembles dystopian great literature. In Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial, the protagonist Josef K. is treated as a criminal, irrespective of not knowing the charges against him. This is the same treatment that Carl Sargeant received, except in his case the allegations were probably not even of a criminal nature.

Is suicide an overreaction? Perhaps, perhaps not

After eating their own for a long time, the left is now killing them.

There are going to be many people—and yesterday I was one of them—who think that Carl Sargeant overreacted in taking his own life. Nevertheless, we do not know the circumstances of his life or how many others might have attacked (or threatened) him personally after he was fired as a government minister. Much has been made about Sargeant “stepping down,” but given he was already suspended by his party, his high-profile job was as good as gone.

There is no doubt that Carl Sargeant furthered an anti-male agenda while in office. At the beginning of this month, he was Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. Before that, he had been Minister for Social Justice. I do not want to engage in schadenfreude, yet Sargeant was well and truly aware of the reputational damage that comes the way of men accused of any “indiscretions” against women, oftentimes years after “events” take place.

As the witch-hunts in the West multiply, there are going to be men who, for reasons of mental illness or strained personal circumstances, either kill themselves or ruin themselves with substance abuse after being denounced. “There but for the grace of God go I” is frequently going to be the appropriate response to these situations. Without the red pill we have all swallowed, how would we fare in Carl Sargeant’s position? We just don’t know.

It’s time to weaponize Carl Sargeant’s death and those of others like him

Vague, anonymous and unsubstantiated allegations like “inappropriate” behavior are driving a number of British Members of Parliament at Westminster to fear losing their jobs as well.

Another British man, youngster Jay Chesire, committed suicide after a patently false allegation of rape in 2015. Amidst the waves of “harassment” free-for-alls that have hit newsstands over the last decade, how many others have also taken their own lives in response to unsubstantiated claims?

Call it distasteful, yet these deaths do indeed need to be politicized. At the moment, away from Cardiff and over in London, a number of male British Members of Parliament (MPs) face losing their jobs after a “dossier” of words (no proof!) began circulating in the media. Buzzwords like “inappropriate” behavior, which are never defined, let alone proven, are all that is necessary for these men to be attacked and face the prospects of losing their careers.

The loss of one’s livelihood is bad enough. But it can get worse than that and I am sure many of those accused of usually baseless claims of sexual harassment have contemplated taking their own lives. In the future, more of them will, too.

Deaths like Carl Sargeant’s are exactly what is going to happen when Western society substitutes witch-hunts for properly verifying claims and innocence before guilt.

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34 thoughts on “Anonymous Sexual Harassment Allegations Leads To Suicide Of Welsh Politician Carl Sargeant”

  1. “There is no doubt that Carl Sargeant furthered an anti-male agenda while in office. At the beginning of this month, he was Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. Before that, he had been Minister for Social Justice. I do not want to engage in schadenfreude, yet Sargeant was well and truly aware of the reputational damage that comes the way of men accused of any “indiscretions” against women, oftentimes years after “events” take place.”
    So how often have we warned the leftists that they will be purged by that which they wrought?
    And the pattern is usually that the people pushing this SJW crap are the worst perpetrators of “injustice”. This would amplify the shame exponentially. A true chad who does not spend his life being a hypocrite just laughs when the jig is finally up and runs off with severance pay.
    IMO nothing of value was lost. But yes, this should be politicized but not for any reason beyond helping put the rest of the “men” in the system on notice that they are next and all of their virtue-snivelling and posturing won’t protect them from the next cuntocrat who wants his job.

  2. Are we forgetting that many to count Brits currently crave this witch hunt so they can virtue signal? And how they crave for mass immigration so they can replace themselves with low IQ, violent invaders? And how they pedestalized feminism to the point their women became rabid, man-hating obese hoes with no class or morals?
    A shame what happened to him, I guess, but this is the bed the Brits made, they should lay on it.
    The real value here is how we can use this to make more men aware of the disaster we have on our hands.

      1. Like a true patriot…all great nations were made by those who run away, right? When the shit goes down u better get ur happy ass back.

  3. If you look @ the people currently being exposed as sexual “predators,” you can observe a definite “pattern.” And many of these people are also unrepentent/remorseless.
    People who are serial predators do not (surprise!) Care about their victims. They merely want something for themselves and have learned how to manipulate the other person/s to get what they want. (Lazy, entitled (socialist/communist) people have something similar). Calculating serial predators identify those they can manipulate and/or bully and do it. I think they can only “test the waters” of those they are considering preying upon. They succeed generally with those who are vulnerable, immature, naive in some way.
    If LOTS of people make claims against a single person, this is proof of a pattern.

    1. I see a pattern, they are male feminist. The mayor abuser end being the mayor male feminist of all, I guess they were destroying competition with anti male propaganda and laws.

      1. Maybe. But I think there’s more.
        And w regard to applying a label to oneself, especially one as weird as “male feminist,” I would say these people don’t know who they are (a common problem in government jobs, and jobs that once a lot of “talking” instead of “working” and “earning.”

    2. The only real pattern is that there is virtually no evidence, in any of these cases. The women aren’t pressing legal charges, they’re going after the man’s reputation. I don’t doubt ‘some’ of these men were rapists/predators/etc, but as a whole, these women are simply aping their status as ultra-victims, and using other women’s accusations to further their own goals.

  4. Step one: DENY DENY DENY
    Step two: Step back and think hard about the particulars of the allegations. Remember anyone who can give you the solid alibi you need. DONT PANIC, keep your cards close, be measured calm and precise in putting together all details around the allegations so you can remember your exculpatory alibi details, particulars, who you were with.
    Step three: Go public and ask the question of the media (and only the question, “If I did it whenever it is alleged I did it, why was this crime so heinous that the alleging party did not IMMEDIATELY go to the police so have a rape kit done, give a statement under oath, and have charges filed and a warrant sworn out at the time of the alleged crime?
    Step four : go to court, have your attorney tear the others collaborating witnesses apart and present an strong case of doubt about the charges.
    Step five (play the trump card only if needed and the jury is male leaning, mention JURY NULLIFICATION during the closing arguments..the judge will go ballistic). It will go badly from here but the case likely will get thrown out with prejudice. those two words are a nuclear bomb in a court room and before the PRESS. Have your lawyer repeat the phrase often after the judge and media goes nuts.
    Step six: Sue the sh1t out of the alleging party for defamation slander and whatever else you want, sue her for anything and everything she has. YOU ARE AIMING FOR YOUR ACQUITTAL AND SURVIVAL, don’t take prisoners, and don’t conceded anything. If you are going to be an ALPHA, then goddamn act like it.

    1. I agree, there needs to be a precedent case where the accused man files a civil law suit for harm to reputation and career, bankrupts the individual who will not have the resources to defend themselves. When enough of these cases become known I would hope the attention seekers will keep their mouths shut and those that are true victims can receive the resources needed to convict the predator.

    2. We don’t even know the particulars like if he Clinton gamed said women in the office or if he tore at them like a babboon or any such thing that would require a ‘rape test’. We don’t even know if he had sex consentual or not with anyone. Or if it was regret rape when he dread gamed them lightly by not texting back. Maybe he propositioned a woman or two. Maybe he winked to a zero tolerance cunt . . or two. It’s all horse shit with the evidence sealed if there is any. It’s the ultimate spooking job. Me thinks one cunt had regrets when he spurned her when he saw what a psycho bitch he had on his hands. Maybe she came on with a honey trap to bump the job slot open for a fellow crazy fembitch. The ‘deny deny deny’ part is spot on. Then do the sermon on the mount and call out the entire farce. Rock the boat and shake the system to the bone. Crack out the bullhorns.

    3. My criminal solicitor says first line of defense “Deny you were there”.
      Always, every time and to every accusation. “I wasn’t there, it wasn’t me.”
      Proving you were there is hard, once you admit being there, proving you are guilty is easy. I said what about if they catch me in a lie, he replied “Tell them I instructed you to deny you were there, I’ll be having drinks with the judge after the case, the worst that can happen to me is the judge telling me off.”

  5. His reputation most likely couldn’t have withstood the public scrutiny. He must have had some hellish skeletons in the closet. Just my guess.

    1. They all have skeletons and are compromised. The progressives cherry pick their party machine goons as such. They’re pliable that way, right out of the handbook for radicals by alinsky plus a bit of Machiavelli.

  6. good article, and I’m afraid David is right, this should be politicised. Quite aside of whether he was or wasn’t guilty of a crime so unspeakable that nobody could put into words what he was accused of the issue of the continuing erosion of due process of the law by feminists and marxist politicians and lawyers is something people need to start getting exercised about.
    From the point of view of social justice though, it is quite irrelevant what the crime was, whether the victim was telling the truth, or Sargeant was guilty or not as kafkaesquely not charged. Social justice isn’t about justice for individuals, it is about ‘justice’ for groups, understood within the historical context of the oppression of all women by all men all of the time up until the present moment and beyond. If his death serves the greater cause of social justice (feminism victorious) then his death will have served its purpose. The fact that so many male social justice warriors have no idea that they may at any time be expected to sacrifice everything towards a greater cause that can never be theirs in any real sense is something that may slowly start to dawn on these young men who have unwittingly signed up with this updated cult of cybele (think unsullied from the game of thrones)

  7. I often wonder, if I run for President 25 years from now, will some woman come out and say I grabbed her ass back in 2013?

    1. I could never hold any public position with all the things I’ve said and girls I’ve hooked up with, it would be a smear campaign from hell.

      1. Well, yeah. Everyone has skeletons, but crooked people have deeper closets. Lying and denying are the legs of eligibility.

        Or the Hillary method: just claim your opponent does what you did.
        i.e. “In his twenties, my opponent sodomized a black woman with a stick of butter.”

        Congratulations on your political victory!

    2. Exactly. Why are decades old ass grabs even news. There is something much deeper going on here like mass hysteria. It is going to get very ugly before something happens to stop this nonsense. I can’t even remember the faces or names of guys who were inappropriate to me decades ago. I don’t want to remember and I no longer care. Women are such cunts.
      Men are going to have to start having zero interaction with women unless it is recorded.

  8. You would think a truly innocent man wouldnt be so quick to kill himself but then again this guy was a “minister of social justice” and was likely in charge of tearing men apart on accusations alone. Likely a reeking leftist as well. Hed have to be a heavy BP man to retain any sense of conscience to knowingly ruin mens lives over heresay. Ironic that the toxic culture he helped create ended up destorying him but theres no loss here. He took the cowards way out in life and in death.

    1. The insideous program he worked for had more enforcement power over him than it had over the average citizen. An average red pill citizen would call out the whole crooked feminazi brigade of them for what they are, but he could never do that. As rule of thumb, IT owned him and HE owed IT. And he paid it in the end. But for most folks, ordinary citizens, merely being outside of the office of ‘muh social justice’ is itself a position of being more on the side of right and truth than they ever were.
      But Seargant was deep on the inside of the office of ‘muh social justice’ which is the weakest position a male can be in. And poor Mr Seargeant couldn’t utter a word of red pill because he wasn’t versed in it whatsoever. All he spoke was sjw claptrp dogma and the legal badgering routine lines and threats that a bureaucrat who persecutes good men knows by heart. He was one of the many cogs, one of the glut of sjw government wogs which we would all pray got struck by lightening. AND THAT’S why he fell speechless, toppling like a big old rotten tree.
      His demise completely played into the hands of the feminist’s narrative. He also could have easily been suicided by the radfems which is a possibility, with him being so incapable of harnessing the red pill words to denounce his own operation. He got burned in his own kitchen. HA! Whodunnit really doesn’t matter.
      Lawyers working in civil rights sjw fields often have the same vulnerability to their own toxic circles where they work and serve, and they will go into kaniptions and over react with panic when an accusation of being non PC falls upon them. They’re scared the most of their own organization turned on them. Their biggest fear is realized when the demons summoned by their own boogeyman organization begin looking at THEM the way they once marshalled the marxist goons against good men.
      Mr Seargeant was neutered and incapable of throwing off his own goon squad and he knew it. He couldn’t even tell them to all go to hell. But if it was ME for example, I would easily thumb my nose at them all and open up a can of you know what just like they were any other renegade band of antifas. I don’t give a shit if they wear a name tag or work for some mickey mouse office of ‘muh social justice’.
      Once you declare your enemy as totally illegitimate, you stick by your words and this in turn draws up support all around you. We’re not atomized as they would like to think. Social marxist SJWs, the west is done with them. They represent nothing but destruction of our precious way of life. They’re termites menacing the foundation of our western culture and civilization.

    2. were this still a culture inclined to literary pursuits, I’d say there is a modern tragedy here worthy of treatment in a play or novel.

  9. How do we know he wasn’t suicided? Or murdered by a feminist co worker who had access to him? That would surely be covered up by the feminist staff as a suicide. Cops have a blue wall of silence and the radical feminist activists in socialist service work consider themselves warriors that are immune to the law as well. In the government agencies that mollycoddle to their full staffing of sjw feminists, the feminist activist’s hands must always be kept clean. Their priviledge and pussy passes have no bounds within the socialist service bureaus.
    The socialist service offices are wall to wall feminazi and lesbian antifa caliber radicals with zero tolerance for masculinity. They dress appropriate for government work and cover their tats is the only difference. But after hours, it’s different. If they aren’t drinking aborted baby blood at a wiccan candle burning ritual, they’re exercizing their flippiant hamster pot shots at males at large in the community, just like they do at work to their own nearby co worker males as their moods dictate. They’ll KILL you if they’re in a bad mood.
    From time to time, you never know when, the empowered feminazi gets an insatiable craving for blood or something similar. Sometimes they want to rip a man’s balls, any man. It’s a blood lust that boils beneath the surface with every emancipated female not under patriarchal rule. To emancipate a female has the same effect psychologically as scorning her – and we all know the fury of a scorned woman. It’s a craving for blood. It’s a fleeting need. They never can quite put their finger on it. Women not kept under the patriarchal hammer are no good. Noooo durn good.
    Working conditions for a typical male in a ‘social justice’ office is a terror. The women are unkept liberated working females with implied superiority over male staff. Feminism gives them grandieur hallucinations of authority even over male supervisors. The lowest female underling can topple the superior male figure in the department with a frivolous accusation.
    The female caseworkers are regarded as godlike parent figures to their clients, like santa clauses serving their case log of poor citizens looking for a handout. Their job description includes being skilled at forcing a mother’s hand to sign fraudulent emergency separation and protective orders against the father in order to recieve benifits from the new daddy – the state. What feminist wouldn’t love and savor every bit of such a job?
    Every day the socialist worker plays god forcing poor worker’s wives to sign kill contracts on the working husbands and fathers where they are hounded to the ends of the Earth for blood money. The socialist service operates with the goal of de fathering the working class household, distilling out the national middle class and turning them into an atomized peasant class which can be moved, bought and sold in bulk like parcels of cattle by elites.
    Middle class Americans with the right to keep and bear arms would likely kill anyone that blatantly came on as an antifa zealot and ordered a working man out of his own home. The elites have an identical plan to transform middle class Americans into peasants, but they tread lightly due to the 2nd amendment. Whereas the social marxist socialist workers in the UK are more blatant with their sock rocking of working class fathers due to a disarmed populace.
    Aside . . . There may be more to the Texas shooter in this regard. Female in laws may have been steering his wife’s estrangment in a hen brigade using the church as cover. The pastor’s daughter deceased is of different race which suggests adoption and socialist service connections. The guy went too far though. It was 50%+ psychiatric but some motive had to be due to bitch hen in-lawing and white knight ganging up on the guy from the church organization. He visited it with his separated kids a week before. It appeared a ‘no spank your woman’ type of church like most. In the US, some churches take a hard line, extrajudicially enforcing the same separation orders on family, and deliberating on heresay given by any hamstering female. “Let the churches handle the atomization of family” is what socialist service departments say in the armed US. The gov’t branches do the rubber stamping of separation and protective orders . . . but the churches are knee deep in the many separations (congregation had separated and remarried females galore) and in hock children floating around in foster care waiting for a buyer or a (((bid))). The shooters wife was apparantly being knighted by the church. Not 100% sure but it looks it. The guy DID go too far I’ll say again. The media will drink it for every drop to bash the 2nd though. Everyone in there who was mentally stable should have been packing. My church has ‘everybody pack day’ this coming week. I feel snug as a bug in a rug now knowing that.

  10. You have to be pretty omega to an hero bc of this, my sympathies aside. Shame got him, and he had the shame bc he wilfully submitted to the laws of feminism. He probably believed his own natural sexuality was “gross” and “creepy”.
    British men may be even more emasculated and cucked than Swedes, which shouldnt even be possible.

  11. Eh, cry me a river. Any man willing to off himself because of allegations like this is a weakling. If they aren’t true, fight them in court and in the media. If they are true, well… grow a pair and accept the consequences. As a person of partial welsh descent, I find this all rather depressing. Welsh men are apparently now useless sods who welcome Kurdish and Iraqi immigrants who promptly shut down bridges to protest politicial issues in their homelands.

    1. steady on. How about no-one dies but the justice system is overhauled to ensure actual justice including where appropriate punishment for any false or maslicious accusations. See simple

  12. Speaking of Stalinism , they removed Kevin Spacey from film he starred in(I am not condoning Spacey in any way at all but this is has gone too far) .His scenes are literally being cut out and they are getting replaced with another actor. This is so in line with Stalin’s purges; especially when people who became persona -non-grata were removed from photos and literally erased from history . Yes you were correct , this wave of “harassment “ allegations is eerily like The Stalinist purges of the 1930s.

  13. Why has NO ONE on this board emphasized that all this (((Spacey/Weinstein/Sargeant))) scripted nonsense has just suddenly appeared in the latter half of 2017!!?? The goal is to morph insane SJW/Obama bullshit into intractable, universal, absolutist GLOBAL government power. First was the Corporations via HR, then Universities, then the entire Hollywood/MSM/Social Media swamp and finally the corrupt governments themselves. This is part of the Final War. Any accuser who claims ‘he patted my ass 30 years ago so I want victim-payouts or socio-political revenge, ‘ must see their lives absolutely DESTROYED. Denial is not enough. Pushing back is not enough. Scorched earth policy is just the beginning of what is needed. Do NOT suffer fools.

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