Switzerland Will Never Be Conquered In War

Switzerland is in a unique position in Europe. It is landlocked and borders three potential big players in an all-out war. Besides its neutrality, which would by no means guarantee protection from an invasion (e.g., Netherlands in WW2), there are many practical reasons why this small country can offer shelter and safety from an armed conflict even if the country were to be invaded.

It has a small but highly trained military

The Swiss army is made up of 21,000 active personnel and another 150,000 in reserve. National service is mandatory for every able-bodied male citizen, making just about every man in the country having a basic level of combat training and the ability to use a firearm. At age 35 you become part of the reserve and the government issued assault rifle is given to you.  The idea behind your assault rifle being so readily accessible is for the scenario where in the event of war each civilian becomes a soldier almost immediately, making mobilisation very fast and efficient.

The Stgw 57. Although no longer in production or used by the army this assault rifle is widely owned privately.

An armed population

Gun ownership is extremely high. Unlike most other countries in Europe, the Swiss government encourages an armed populous and requires active personnel to store their assault rifle at home and, up until 2008, even store live ammunition. Over 600,000 citizens belong to shooting clubs, including children.

The population of Switzerland stands at around 8.2 million, of this 2.7 million are male aged between 15 and 64. With 3.4 million guns this makes for an impressive force for an invading army to face.

However, with globalism and the cancer that it is spreading to all corners of the planet, gun rights are being eroded and limitations are slowly being implemented. In just 20 years, the militia has shrunk from 600,000 to less than 200,000. Every time there is a shooting, the subject resurfaces and there is a knee-jerk reaction of some who want a total gun ban. With guns so deep rooted into Swiss culture, every referendum so far has failed, but small changes have been made. This being said, crime is very low and the high number of guns does not correlate with the number of homicides, as the left loves to claim.

Natural borders


The entire southern border is made up of the Alpine mountain range, with most of the highest peaks concentrated in this region and forming the natural divide between Switzerland and Italy. An invading army would simply not be able to enter through this formidable obstacle with heavily armed defenders on every cliff edge.

Yes, Napoleon marched his Grand armee up and through the St Bernard pass but there was no opposition to hamper his progress.

The Northwestern border is also protected by mountains, much smaller but still a logistical headache for an invader. Along the North and East, you have the Rhine river and lake Constance, so this leaves very few flat entry points. The only realistic routes are in and around Geneva and Basal, but even these are quite narrow and would bottleneck the invaders. Monumental efforts would be needed to either navigate through mountain passes or cross large rivers and lakes.

Disguised bunkers like this are dotted all across the mountains

Eventually, a well-equipped and determined army would probably breach the border in combination of full frontal attacks in the urban areas mentioned above and amphibious assaults across the Rhine. This would only be the start however as Swiss militia and regulars retreat into their natural defenses, trying to flush them out will be nearly impossible short of dropping nuclear weapons.

This would eventually descend into guerrilla warfare which could last for years. It is unlikely that the occupiers could be pushed out and defeated without some kind of foreign intervention depending on the belligerents involved. For example, Italy and Austria would not stand a chance of even invading in the first place due to the Alps. France and Germany would also have a hard time but would probably be able to invade and hold at least part of the country.

Individual nations invading is very unlikely, though the EU could turn tyrannical and mount an invasion. Russia would be a distant second and I don’t see any other foreign powers capable of reaching Switzerland to invade.

A well-built fallout infrastructure

There are enough nuclear fallout bunkers to shelter the entire population. Regulations since 1963 made it compulsory for every new building to have such shelters

If Switzerland is left alone and the war takes place just outside its borders but involves nuclear weapons, the large mountains will offer good protection from such strikes. Large cities are the primary targets of nuclear attacks, so if we look at which cities are the closest to Switzerland, this can help to work out where the safest place would be.

If we assume the worst case scenario and a 50 megaton warhead is dropped, Paris, Berlin, and London are all far enough away to escape the blast and even the thermal radiation. Therefore the safest places are the towns and villages directly behind mountains deep within the Alpine regions away from the borders, mainly the South and Central parts.


Entering Switzerland now is very easy since it is a part of Schengen and one can literally walk across the border with seldom checks at crossing points that are actually manned. For those who think all-out war is just not going to happen, don’t be surprised when it does, especially with the polarisation we’re currently seeing. At best there will be armed insurrections across Europe, which will be mostly isolated but numerous and could easily escalate. Worst case is of nuclear bombs leveling the entire continent. Either way I predict most survivors will find themselves in Switzerland.

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43 thoughts on “Switzerland Will Never Be Conquered In War”

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      1. It is more than just finance. It is about how to take and manage risk. Something that should be taught instead of treating it like some disease and plague. Knowing how to take risks means you don’t overextend yourself and come out ahead. This is not just about money but in life in general.

  1. I’d say geography is the main advantage. Mountains are a serious headache for an invasion. Hell, the jihadis in Afghanistan were able to repel the Soviets.
    The Confederates thought about a guerrilla campaign in the Appalachians at the end of the war, but dropped the idea. Otherwise, their well-armed and well-trained population didn’t repel the invasion.

    1. Its strange how even in this day and age a simple thing like geography – mountains, rough terrain – is still the thing which defeats advancing military titans.
      Aerial drone warfare may change that perhaps, but beyond that it may be a while before you get any of those google developed military robots you see on youtube climbing the alps on their clever little legs

    2. No they weren’t. The Soviets were slaughtering them wholesale until the CIA provided weaponry to take out armor and aircraft. Alexander also conquered large portions of Afghanistan. The notion that those flintstones are somehow unbeatable is completely false.

  2. Itz coming because lefty rat subhuman commie globalist ballwasher pieces of shit can’t coexist with humans.

  3. It helps that the NAZI’s bank and the Bank of the Central Banks is located there – the BIC.
    Switzerland is best described as a golden cage!

  4. I like these kind of informative articles, and it actually got me thinking that, in war if bad came to worse, wouldn’t Switzerland be simply raid-bombed or nuked today?

  5. I like Switzerland a lot. I’ve been quite a few times for skiing trips and their national policies are very logical. That said, if the US enforced a lax R.O.E., they could invade and massacre every single Swiss citizen in a matter of hours. Guerrilla warfare is largely predicated on the invading force being concerned about influencing the local populace and minimizing casualties. Which is why it is much more effective during occupation- where you’ll notice the US military has struggled in recent conflicts. Don’t conflate that with warfare waged during invasion- where the US military is peerless in any historical context.

    1. Well if you killed every Swiss what would you have left, some mountains and a few milka-cows? then why bother invading in the 1st place?

      1. Ski resorts and scenery would still be pretty great. Like I said, I wouldn’t want to kill the Swiss. They are one of the few remaining vestiges of logic in the modern world.

  6. Definitely some good points made in this article. As for the certainty of some of these claims we would need to see Switzerland put to the test to get the factual results. Switzerland is badass though, not a fatty or an ugly woman in sight for the most part. Its excellent.

  7. I’ve recently been switzerland. Load of complete nonsense, Switzerland can be taken over in a day and is full of third world immigrants i.e arabs/africans mixed with mega rich bankers. least sense of pride out of any country i’ve ever been to in my life (and i’m a londoner) (didn’t see single swiss flag outside the airport in geneva). Switzerland is as bad as France but with soulless globalist megarich banks and £7 / $11 for a small shitty Mcdonalds meal.
    The countries actually showing balls and fighting against Islamofascism, PC, etc are Hungary, Poland, Czech etc.

  8. The USA could have it made just as well. With an ocean on each coast, a weak friendly neighbor to the north, and a poor weak neighbor to the south, who could invade the USA?
    But rather than focus on peace, the politicians and bankers in America stir up strife around the globe. Not to mention, too many ass clowns run things in America.
    My opinion is screw Europe and Asia. We have to stand on our own. They can do the same.

  9. This is true, something like 20 percent of the pop are immigrants, granted many germans, italians, etc.
    There was a phipina chick i’d let flash me i met online–her ‘citizenship’–yup, Swiss. Meanwhile I live in a provincial hole in the U.S. with none of the free services or rights the pinoy has…

  10. If you like to live in an army that became a country, where democracy is fare more important that freedom itself, it might be for you.
    I know Switzerland well, it’s a beautiful country, but it’s not for everybody. It has its own issues, and you’d beter FIT to the lifestyle of your neighboors. Or else…

    1. By that logic, the Feds should have easily won Vietnam.
      So why did Adolf call off his invasion of Switzerland?
      He had a superior military force.
      He knew that he could roll in the troops and the tanks…but he also realized that men from all the surrounding towns would start picking off his soldiers with their marksmanship and their love of their land.
      The purpose of warmongering empires like the Feds and “defense” contractors cronies is to control the resources of the places they conquer.
      The conquerors must win the hearts of a significant amount of the people for a true victory.
      That is why there were many Scot soldiers in the British Empire and many Southern soldiers in today’s military.
      That is also why Vietnam was lost and why Switzerland was not conquered.

      1. As far as Vietnam, Geneva Conventions and the trojan horse that are the liberals within who opposed it.
        Technologically, it should definitely have been a breeze to conquer it.

        1. That is the Pentagon/Rush Limbaugh spin that so many parrot…
          “We could have won Vietnam but the Liberals, Hippies, UN, Geneva Convention, Draft Dodgers, Watergate, etc. stopped us!”
          If Vietnam was so easy to conquer, it should have been conquered by about 1962.
          Hmmm…govt forces people at gunpoint to join a military (the draft) and send them to rough, unfamiliar land to kill people who are no threat to them…what could possibly go wrong?
          Technologically, it should definitely have been a breeze for the mighty British Empire (and its Hessian mercenaries) to conquer its rebellious 13 colonies…but they didn’t, did they?
          (Only about 20% of the colonists even opposed Great Britain)
          Never underestimate the willingness of a people to fight for their lands.

        2. idk why there’s no reply button after a certain depth so I have to answer here instead…
          The colonies could also be conquered easily but weren’t for the same reasons, that whites are way too compassionate.
          All other cultures in history before conquered, killed all men, raped or stole all women, looted everything and moved on. Not whites.
          Also, I don’t see you offer a different explanation. Are you a cultural relativist? An aboriginal who loves his land could fight a modern Airforce?

        3. @Big D…uh, not only did we hold back on the North for many years because of our “police doctrine”, but we wholesale slaughtered the North Vietnamese and the VC whenever they attacked. We brought them to the table and actually got a cease fire (the Paris Peace accords). The north won against the US because we had a bunch of faggot hippies and other degenerates in this country. Not only that but the North had PLENTY of help from the soviets and the Chinese. When Nixon finally unleashed american forces, started bombing the hell out of their bases in Cambodia, their cities in the north, and started more offensive operations….lol…the North got their ASSESS handed to them. The only thing that kept them going was the pussyshit politics in America. Most of Nixon’s presidency was just trying to hide operation from the population, while also constantly dealing with hippie bullshit.

      2. American forces fought in Vietnam to make arms makers and bankers rich. Also, to divert attention away from civil rights marches and riots in the streets. The fabric of America was coming apart at the seams. But, hey look, it’s the Beatles. Now off to Vietnam!

  11. Foolish article. The reason Switzerland has never been conquered, and does not need to be conquered, is that the area is small and without great strategic value (unless you want to have a pretty mountain chalet). Hitler had a solid plan for occupying Switzerland and could have made it happen but by 1940, the strategic value of Switzerland was declared moot. What is the point of this article?

  12. Switzerland will never be touched because the elites will not allow it. Most of the world’s poweful, wealthy hold their fortunes in Swiss banks. While everyone is busy killing each other, the (((puppeteers))) pile up the gold in the vaults.

  13. No guys, nothing is happening without the zionist jews. It was always the heaven for the criminal money of all criminal people even thought they have amazing products. The zinoists prepare the 3rd world war. They have everywhere cultural marxism and leftist politic there too. The military is near 40% imigrants and a especially muslim albans and turks, so you can see how loyal they will be to the swiss country, they will need help from the outside especially the people are there to comforted and dekadent in the past decades. Not one country in the west is prepared for a collaps, economicly and military. People today are only defending selfish interests like the pension etc. It needs a really hard crash in every aspect of life.

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