ISIS Wife With Four Kids Flooded With 1,300 Messages On Online Dating Site

I can’t help but love him. I don’t know how to make that feeling stop.

— Texas-based Briton Tania Georgelas, who supposedly has a current American boyfriend, describing her ongoing tingles for her ex-husband and ISIS terrorist John Georgelas

An American IT professional named Craig is dating a British woman who supported ISIS and married the terrorist organization’s highest-ranking American leader, John Georgelas. Worse still, Craig has taken on the responsibility of helping to look after and provide for Tania Georgelas’ four children by that same marriage, whom she had previously raised in militant-held Syria. Before this, she received 1,300 replies on, using a profile that admitted her links to ISIS and her terrible parenting skills.

Aside from the obvious question of why Tania Georgelas is not in jail for assisting an organization that creates actual sex slaves and brutally murders thousands, this newest instance of a thirsty male with a low quality, maladjusted female (plus all the other suitors who eagerly vied for her) should make us all shudder. What’s happened to society? What went wrong?

Of course, Tania Georgelas never learned her lesson at all. She only came back to the West because of food and water issues, not because of any pang from her conscience about the group she was involved with. Even her initial involvement with ISIS has been blamed on “racism” she said she faced living in Britain.

Mother of the decade for taking her kids to live in ISIS-dominated Syria.

As I have said repeatedly in recent times, women’s standards for men are grossly inflated. The story of Tania Georgelas is yet another illustration of this. Numerous men are now taking their cues from these same ridiculous assessments by women, hence why an educated American man is willing to take an ISIS terrorist’s sloppy seconds, complete with four children who are not his own.

Here at Return Of Kings, we have heard of some doozies when it comes to thirsty men. You might remember the Polish boyfriend who knew his girlfriend was planning on sleeping with 100,000 men, for example. But just when we think a particular story cannot be matched or topped, a new one comes along to rival it.

The truth: women often get their only true tingles from depraved, violent men

Whether they’re your South Central gangbangers, Sicilian mafia, ISIS terrorists, or local versions of the same thing, women regularly crave violent, morally indifferent men.

It’s not just a case of childhood trauma or other external factors influencing mate choice. Women do want “dark” or “bad” men. And a number of these types of men are also the kind to behave criminally or with gross indifference towards the suffering of others. John Georgelas fits the bill in this regard and even after he endangered her children, his ex-wife Tania pines for him all the more.

We see plenty of parallels in the West itself, not just in areas like Syria or Iraq. In Europe, how much of a woman’s preference for open borders comes down to her unconscious lust for foreign men who act aggressively and behave violently? Who knows, but the same lust Tania Georgelas maintains for her ex-husband is the same lust that motivates many a female cheering on the migrant crisis in places like Germany.

If this is already bad enough, what makes the debacle additionally troubling is the abject willingness of men like Craig to take in broken women in the mould of Tania Georgelas and try to wife or girlfriend them up. All it does is reward bad female behavior, enhance the spectacular usefulness of the pussy pass, and send a clear message to all women that you can further a murderous death cult and still expect a decent man to love you, fund you, and excuse away all your actions.

Don’t contribute to the rot

How a man can stay with a woman who admits to loving her terrorist ex-husband is beyond us. What we can do, however, is refuse ourselves to contribute to this societal rot. As my friend Troy Francis recently insisted, you must be willing to walk away from a woman who treats you second best. To this I would add a corollary: advise that same self-respect for your friends and associates.

Amidst a murky social and political climate, in which poor female antics are condoned and rationalized, our main priority has to be our own personal conduct and self-advancement. Whilst our readers are nowhere near the self-loathing of Craig, his mistakes should serve as a wake-up call for how bad our present circumstances are. We have no choice but to maintain the highest standards and reject broken women.

Moreover, this whole situation demonstrates the stupidity of those complaining about Donald Trump’s border policies. When an ISIS-supporting woman who risks the lives of her children to live in Syria is allowed into the United States, what sort of system is that? A broken one, just like Tania Georgelas herself is broken.

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106 thoughts on “ISIS Wife With Four Kids Flooded With 1,300 Messages On Online Dating Site”

  1. I don’t think we’ll ever find a more clear example of beta bux. If her ISIS husband comes calling, saying he conquered some new territory and wants her to join him, she’d be on the first plane back.

    1. This is indeed the worst case of AB/BB I’ve ever seen. The woman doesn’t even look good. Holy fuck, she has more red flags than the Soviet union:
      -single mother of FOUR kids
      -crazy in the head

      1. “An organization that creates actual sex slaves and brutally murders thousands” That’d be the USA then

        1. Big difference between collateral damage and murder. Not only that, but these ISIS type fags generally hang out around civilians and use them as shields. There has never been a superpower like the USA that has used so much restraint when at war. Do you think that if a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia or Iran went to war that they would use the same restraint? LOL, of course not. 95% of deaths in the middle east are the result of other Muslims actions…remember that.
          Sex slavery? Uh, I don’t know where you get this idea that the USA support sex slavery in any way. If you are talking about our diversity, like Mexican gangs, Jewish Hollywood pedos, or some thug pimps…than maybe there is some sexual slavery. So you might have to explain this whole sexual slavery thing to me.

        2. Yes Americans do have a history of restraint don’t they? Starting with the genocidal campaign against the Native Americans, massacres in the Philippines, the atomic bombings of Japanese cities and the levelling of every city in North Korea they moved on to Vietnam where they slaughtered 4 million people who had done nothing to them and poisoned a beautiful country. Your last pres, Ohomo, oversaw seven simultaneous wars including the destruction of Libya. You are currently provoking and challenging China and Russia because of your insatiable need to kill and destroy. Your economy depends on it because that’s who you are — insane, incurable, inhuman warmongers. You think you are indestructible too but that’s about to change. And the sex slavery; well you are all addicted to and obsessed with sex, just read these comments, it’s all some of you ever seem to think about. As if there is no other reason to live. It’s pitiful to witness to be honest. I call that self-willed slavery

        3. HAHAHAHA…now comes the Native Americans…most native Americans were killed by disease, which would have happened even if we came ashore and gave them all sloppy wet kisses. Native Americans conquered and slaughtered the shit out of each other all the time. Many native Americans were more than happy to help white man kill other competing Indian tribes. Native Americans did not believe in land ownership and were essentially just primitive savages who wondered here and there, and would a lot of times just randomly attack white people who just so happened to settle on a piece of land that was completely uninhabited. ANYONE who pulls the whole “you killed the Indians” bullshit has already lost the argument and is just deflecting. Muslims SLAUGHTERED their way through the middle east, Southwest Asia, North Africa, and even Europe for 1000 years, so what is up with that.
          OMG, the bombing of japan…dear god you are reaching for straws. Japan would have used nukes on use in a heartbeat, they attacked pearl harbor, sent many people to prison camps where they were worked to death and tortured, and they slaughter millions. LOL, we even gave them an opportunity to surrender after the first bomb, but they didn’t take it.
          “leveling of every city in North Korea they moved on to Vietnam where they slaughtered 4 million people who had done nothing to them and poisoned a beautiful country”…did it ever occur to you that the South Vietnamese and South Koreans asked for our help, and were their own nations at one time, and THEY were invaded by the Northern countries who wanted to spread communism…you know, the most deadly ideology in history. Oh, let me guess, you probably think the North Vietnamese and North Koreans fought with flowers and peace letters right?
          “well you are all addicted to and obsessed with sex”…and what human is not? You telling me that white dudes are more obsessed with sex than all those refugees raping Europe. And what does liking sex have anything to do with sex SLAVERY????
          Walktheotherway, you are truly one stupid mother fucker…lay off the propaganda and grow a brain.

        4. The Vietnamese asked the US to murder 4 million of their citizens and drop 2.5 million tons of bombs on their country? Why would they do that? Serious answer only please, no more of your tailor made drivel. And don’t say it was because they wanted a lesson in “restraint”. Lol

        5. I explained the sex slavery bit to you but I guess you didn’t understand it — or want to understand it. Read it again with an open mind, if you can remember what that feels like

      2. Ex muslim, That´s a capital sin in islam, I hope her brothers from the nearest mosque kill her for doing that

      3. It’s funny how you topped all that off with “British”. Like being British was the last straw. Lol

  2. Ease of obtaining food and water was created by white men. Leave for the indifferent alphas, return for the industrious betas.

  3. Wow, truly sickening or we are seeing the first matching of psychopath and killer idolizer that we have seen in real time. The home grown traitor terrorist threat in America grows..

  4. An average looking western female that makes every wrong decision possible gets rewarded with more attention from the opposite sex in 24 hours than most western men get in their lifetimes. This is why weak western men need to die.

    1. Reminds me of the phrase, “Only a face a mother could love.” We should now say, “Behavior a Father nourishes and a Beta dies for.”

  5. So much bashing of thirsty males. If you don’t get sex because, by your own admission, women prefer dark boys and terrorist leaders because, hey, they are still leaders, is it not normal that you’d try any loophole you can to get sex? That girl is very pretty and has a higher SMV than that guy. Being a beta bux is still a notch better than being a virgin omega. Alphaness is mostly nature, not so much nurture. Sex is as necessary as food or water for a man. You may not be in an immediate danger to die without it but you do feel suicidal. It’s not only the lack of the sex itself which is one of the nicest treats biology has to offer but the realisation that your SMV is low and that you feel a lesser man.
    At least he is not buying iPhones for girls he won’t get laid with.

    1. Higher SMV trailing four terrorist scum in training, and a terrorist simp from the USA….To say you are delusional is a compliment, but you are dangerously mentally ill.

    2. That cunt has more baggage than a jumbo jet. If she has higher SMV than a guy, that guy is one pathetic loser.

      1. SMV is about sexual attractiveness and she is hotter than him so you are the one who is delusional.

        1. Have you ever wondered why hot women date average men with lots of money who drive sport cars and live in big houses? Looks are one part of the SMV (albeit a big one) however there are other very important determining factors.

    3. “Sex is as necessary as food or water for a man” This is nonsense and you know it: 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food and you are a dead man but an entire lifetime without sex and you’d die with a smile on your face. It’s too late for me now but if I had another life to live I would genuinely consider staying a virgin. All my trials and tribulations in this life have originated in my relationships with women. I am not blaming women for this as it was my choice to get involved with them. But no relationships, no problems. They are easily avoided: just say no

      1. Nope, I can’t live without sex. Everything else is just a means to obtain it.
        Moreover, choosing to stay a virgin by choice (assuming you have low libido) isn’t the same as being serially rejected by women, involuntary celibacy.

        1. Well that’s a problem because one day you will not be able to obtain sex. Not at all in any way shape or form, then what will you do? Better find another reason to live while you still can

        2. You don’t have to live without sex, but you can live without another person in the room with you while you have sex.

        3. “Nope, I can’t live without sex. Everything else is just a means to obtain it” Hahaha that’s a sad life my friend lol

  6. The thirst is real. What does it say about English women that this creature is a prize?
    What a damn fool.

    1. Well redpill has hit bluepill circles where western women get hate but they go tge wrong way with it. Just cause you got a non white woman dont mean you got a prize.
      Hes better off going to a small town for a girl. And you know what only non tradional girls pick western men. Otherwise why follow tradional culture if the groom doesnt have same tradition…..marrying out is breaking away and wanting to live THAT mans culture.
      What white guys have no standards and jyst desperate for a small waist….perfect parachute.

  7. Time to start up right wing death squads. After a massacre or two we will be swimming in pussy. Racist White bad boys? We will score like you wouldn`t believe…
    Fuck beta corporate slavedom. Give us the weapons, let us feel tha real rain on our faces in the trenches on the border, fighting off the invaders…

  8. Yeah, bet this was the richest man of the 1,300 willing to betray they west for dark meat. Bet she trumpets herself as a victim who was trapped in Syria by that John asshole. She looks like my ex, but my ex had her kids taken away… ironically for less than harboring a terrorist. Put me on a couch with two kids on a dating app and watch zero replies roll in. Except from fatties. They always reply, but I don’t count them as women.

    When beta-max gets her off, do you suppose she shouts, “Ahlalalalalalalalalalalalalala!”

  9. She has no right to the West at all. As soon as she married that haji, she renounced any right to call herself a woman of the West.

    1. She never was in the first place….she was an immigrant to Britain, and for some reason we let her in.

      1. Brits let anyone in. And they’re more than welcome to your slag women, i mean who isn’t?
        But if you watch mean videos online it will be some britcuck faggot in a uniform who shows up at your door to drag you before some other britcuck faggot judge to lecture you on tolerance and bigotry before throwing your faggot ass in jail.
        It’s hard to feel sympathy for those with no shame.
        Be nice to your Muslim masters you pathetic beta slaves.

        1. well, that was a bit uncalled for.
          Might have a point about the faggy stuff. But heh I thought we were all cool with that.

    2. Jihadi fux western bux
      Funny what you mentioned. The woman of the west isbt kniwn to have tradional values while mrs isis will.
      But its an urban thing….why dont guys just game in small towns

      1. Because small towns are full of chavs and single mothers, or old people or decent/good women that already have men. They are really dreary places too, I know as I live in one coming from a big city. (London).

  10. It’s always a bad sign if you ask your girlfriend for head and she says ‘how many?’

  11. I almost feel bad for the cucks messaging the ISIS bang train Jihadi womb.

  12. Feminist degeneracy:
    Casual sex with nice betas = slut
    Casual sex with abusive douchebags = empowered feminist women

  13. Let’s face it. Everything else aside, the core of the problem (in the United States/Anglosphere countries at the very least) is that there simply are not nearly enough fertile, decent-looking, young women to go around. With rampant obesity, single mommery at young ages, lesbianism, severe mental illness and more in the female populace, there literally are not nearly enough women of any kind of “quality” at any given time for every man (beta, omega or otherwise, but most guys have some sort of hetero sex drive that is not going away) to have one for himself. Even to share (effectively) for a short period of time with other guys, which is essentially what most of us do anyway. The SMP has gotten so bad that even a shitbag, terrorist banging 5 (or less) is treated like a queen. What does that tell you?

    1. This is what I’ve always believed. I’m not an alt-righter, but I really can’t blame white guys who want to date and settle down with Latinas, Middle Eastern/North African and To a lesser extent Asian women. There are simply not enough good or even decent quality White women to go around. Sure you’ve got Eastern European women, and they are pretty and feminine, but they don’t want children generally, whereas above groups I’ve mentioned for the most part want family. Why get with a 35 year old, past it White Western women (that’s the average age of women generally in Western countries and that’s being extremely generous) who have most likely slept with dozens of guys, traded the best years of their lives away and now want all the perks of marriage, or go settle down with a pretty 25 year old Latina or Arab woman who is actually pleasant to be with (who is from somewhere like Colombia or Morocco) who is going to give you the best years of her life in exchange for marriage? Any red blooded man would pick the latter option, and to pick the former for some notion of racial purity is just sad to be honest. If you can find a White Western woman who is decent looking (I say that because the vast majority of us are not perfect specimens ourselves), kind, not indoctrinated by current year culture and wants to start a family, then great for you and I wish you well, but this is just becoming rarer and rarer, and as a man I’d rather go settle down with pretty women of other races, white women have made their choices so I’m going to go and choose mine lol. Rant over anyway lol.

      1. I never found there was any lack of British women, but they just don’t fuck much, not even if you marry them. After a couple of kids, they don’t fuck you at all if you’re married.

        1. You must be from an older generation, but our generation has to deal with lots of Vicky Pollard type characters from Little Britain, ones who are pretty but their personality stink because they are just too entitled, or those who want a career and other shit like that and aren’t interested in having children and a family. As a result it’s hard for the modern British man to find a decent woman and have a family, so it’s worth looking abroad. But as I said, they’ve made their choice, so I will have to make mine.

        2. Not shortage of British women, but they don’t fuck much.. interesting. Are you British?? I ask because there seems to be this trope in American media/pop culture that British women are nymphomaniacs, but they’re ugly. I wonder how it came about it what you say is true.

      2. I agree with everything you’ve said. When you have a girlfriend and kids, that’s something you sign up for at least 16 years on a full time basis, and another half a dozen or so years on a part time basis. Needless to say, it’s a tough, stressful job and men would much rather prefer it if their woman could actually dedicate time to their kids.
        That’s asking for a lot in the UK because on one extreme you have the 30 year old career woman who thinks that she is still young, and on the other hand you have 20 year old chavettes who often have fatherless children, mental illnesses, alcoholic and drug addictions, or a combination of those. There really isn’t a middle ground in this country.
        I don’t blame men at all who decide to stay single and fatherless. Visiting prostitutes is a much better deal.
        Having kids with an Arab or South American (or a brown woman in general) isn’t such a bad idea because the kids will still resemble you in many ways. Just remember that there are no unicorns, and prepare for the future regardless of what woman you choose to go for.

        1. Yeah having kids with a Latina or Arab is good because those kids will end up in most cases looking Spanish or Italian, it’s not uncommon for them to have brown hair or light eyes (I’ve had women in Morocco and Cyprus half joke to me that they want a child with blue eyes). Plus by having children with Arab or Latina women there is no stigma for your future sons or daughters. I don’t agree with this but if you have a son with an oriental woman, it’s harder for him to get girls when he grows up as he’s a half Asian male (again, I don’t agree with this, but women have a stigma of Asian men), same if you have a daughter with a black woman, it’s harder for her to find partners. But if you have either a son or daughter to an Arab or Latina there is no stigma for either the son or daughter when they come to find their own partners. They will be seen as exotic. Plus to be fair I would want to raise them in their mother’s country. Like in Morocco if your a liberal there that’s being the equivalent of a conservative minded person. Plus as far as Morocco goes its liberal for an Arab country anyway, and safe. Like I’d rather live in a Moroccan city like Rabat, Casablanca or Marrakech than I would somewhere like Washington DC, Chicago or Los Angeles.

  14. I will give credit where it’s due and say that she’s very pretty for a Bengali girl and more svelte than any American 30-something single mother of four.
    Blaming “racism” really pisses me off, though. Some English kid said something mean to you when you were a child, ergo it’s okay to support the genocide of the Yezidis, Assyrian Christians, et al? A sane England would at the very least expect her to denounce ISIS and play the role of a repentant deprogrammed Patty Hearst type. (I’m also imagining the kids being taken from her to be taught Christian theology in an uncucked version of the Anglican Church, though that’s probably too much to hope for even in the alternate redpill dimension).
    Her new guy is in IT. Which really figures. I could see any of my underlings white-knighting for her.

    1. I’m surprised that social services haven’t taken her children off her. They usually do for a lot less.

  15. New york just passed a law that allows pregnant woman to drink, because if they are not allowed it is “discrimination” and keeps “supporting gender roles”. Basically some crazy law bring to us by the religion of insanity (leftists). Somebody at ROK should write about it. Pussy passes are getting out of control

    1. @Johnny…
      What you said is correct. But who is giving the pussies their pussy passes ? who pampered and pedestaled them ? who gave them undue credit and over-exaggeration being just a “pussy” ?
      I have always said that, by and large, it was the western MALES who did this (sorry to say but its a fact). There are betas (and pussy maniacs) all over the world but it all started in the west.
      Why don’t MEN come out and call for “discrimination” for:
      =pussies being given “pussy pass”
      =One-sided gender biases laws in ever aspect of life
      =pussies kicking MEN in Hollywood movies but MEN cannot do the same
      =Employers being forced to employ pussies, even though there are MEN who can easily outperform pussies
      =False accusations, rape cases, divorce rape, alimony etc. etc.
      First step: MEN should STOP donating their SEED !
      To hell with these kind of weak, pathetic, arrogant, false pride & ego, cunning, opportunistic and “ungrateful” pussies !

    2. Bartenders Can’t Refuse Pregnant Women Alcohol, New York City Says. For the first time, the city is explicitly prohibiting restaurants and bars from refusing alcoholic drink orders to mothers-to-be, with new guidelines that say doing so would represent discrimination under the city’s Human Rights Law.

  16. The behavior of the British twat is pretty natural:
    She is attracted to alpha guy (high rank) – John, so much that she is currently raising his four kids. For obvious reason John cannot stick around, and probably doesn’t even want to; thus Tania found Craig – a low/medium-rank male who can provide for her and her kids in exchange for a limited sex, or the empty hope for sex. She can have the whole team of beta “Craigs” who are willing to do anything in attempts to get a moderate access to her body. Even when exchanging her widened vagina for material goods from guys like Craig, she is still deeply in love with Jihadi scum – John.
    It’s a typical situation from the distant past – females only banged alpha males – the chiefs, while mid-rank males had to provide for sex. The low-rank weren’t meant to multiple and pass their genes on.
    Why do girls love this type of scum? Cause back in times as far as Paleolithic age these fellas were a typical chief material. Because we have evolved way too fast, our modern women the same “outdated” patterns of behavior as their tribal ancestors…
    I hope that makes sense.

    1. Back in the very, very old days a woman did not get to choose a man — she got chosen by the man. When Uggo of the North saw the woman of his dreams he simply smacked her over the head with his favourite club and dragged her to his cave for a jolly good seeing to. It was a done deal and she had no say in the matter. If she strayed from his cave, talked too much or burned his roadkill she would be rewarded with further clubbings. Life was simple, life was good

      1. Well this is how the Vikings created arguably the best looking people on the planet. They stole pretty women and impregnated them.
        Not saying it was right but Nordic people have the Vikings to thank for their looks.

  17. Shit like this is one of the reasons for making me leave the UK and the West and forsaking it for new lands. I’m a young man, of 23 years old, and the dating prospects here are very bleak. White British women are either not looking after themselves (I don’t even expect her to be stunning, just nice and taking care of herself), don’t want children, taken or they are pretty but their personalities stink and are rude and slutty. There are no prospects here. As previously said I’ve been to Morocco many times and there I feel like I’m actually valued, I can speak some of the language too. The women there actually know how to behave like women and are young, attractive and nice, mixing tradition with modernity. People joke oh they are only after your money, but if I was a millionaire girls here would be after my money anyway so what difference does it make? That’s women for you, they can’t really help being like that it seems. But the women in the UK have made their choices and I’ve made mine, once I work towards self employment as I’m on course to get a First Class in History, I’m going to move and assimilate to a country like Morocco, I would consider Eastern Europe but not many women want children there. Morocco is not perfect, but atleast there are family values there, for a young man like me atleast I get given the choice and good prospects if I want to start a family and live a more traditional life unlike the UK where I don’t have those options.

    1. Good luck to you. I spent time travelling in Morocco back in the day (70s) and loved it. However back then girls were not even visible let alone available. Nice to hear times have improved

      1. Yes, plenty of young women there that wear jeans and a t shirt in the big cities, or fashionably wear the hijab to look attractive with it, it’s very rare for young women to wear Niqabs and Burkas, and the government are on the verge of banning it. Many even wear bikinis and swimsuits on the beach. Many do date nowadays but with the intent to marry, so Moroccan women are quick to kiss and cuddle, like Greek Cypriot and Lebanese women, but will save their virginity for marriage. That’s fair enough though, thats why I said a mix of tradition and modernity. Plus the only sort of mingling you see is large groups of young women mingling with large groups of young men, girls travel in gangs here and do things on their own for the most part, there are even moped clubs for young women which is quite cute imo.

        1. Bikinis? Well times have certainly changed. I lived for a while in Diabat south of Essaouira and the first time my gf (blond blue-eyed Swede) sunbathed on the beach I found myself surrounded by 20 males all happily eyeballing the goods although keeping a respectful distance. There was no one in sight for miles around but they behaved themselves. Fortunately

    2. bravo! the biggest mistake a man can make is to quit trying to reach the horizon, until he dies, then its a done deal. if you are reaching for more, then you are living. if you settle and grow roots, well then you pretty much stop and either grow in other ways or die where you satnd, unfulfilled. yes i have kids, yes ive been here now for 20 years, but the horizon calls to me every single day, and while im rotted here for now, i go after t hat horizon every single day, something newer, something braver something scarier but always change and always share whatbi can with my kids. the greatest gift i can give is the fullness of the days i have with them and sharing what i can of my path i walk forward towards the horizon.

    3. Not Morocco, it’s a shit hole, try the Philippines, very easy to stay there, the girls are pretty (and cheap), and they everyone speaks English. The national language Tagalog is a variation on Spanish.

      1. Yes Morocco, as I said I’ve been there several times and enjoy the place, I’m sure Philippines is good too but others could argue it’s a shithole there too. Plus I’m into women who look like Latinas with curvy olive skin, and long dark hair and Moroccan women fit that description for the most part, but each to their own I guess.

        1. I agree.
          Moreover, there is a stigma attached to older men who date Filipinas but not so much other races.

    4. Funny you say this because I’m a 24 year old British guy looking for greener pastures somewhere around the Mediterranean or South East Asia. I’m also considering Mexico but that seems more practical for Americans and Canadians. I’m hoping that I can make the the move within the next few years, right now I’m working hard and trying to build up my investments and skills to make it a possibility in the next few years.
      Another funny coincidence is that I’m holidaying in Morocco next week lol. Think I’m going to have fun.

      1. SabbyS – Oh wow small world, take my email [email protected] and say hi. I will say though, use tinder to get in contact with some girls when you land there or even before. As I said before these girls ain’t going to put out for you unless you marry them but they are lovely and fun to be with, and will make you feel good about yourself, and will teach you things about Morocco if your considering moving there long term. If you want to get action just go to a nightclub and look for escorts, but rent your own apartment and bribe the apartment’s watchmen to let in the girls. Otherwise have fun!

  18. The female in question isn’t even that good looking…..
    Men will fall for anything just to get some pussy.
    Even father 4 kids that don’t belong to him.

  19. This is not about “thirst”, it is about stupidity. Same goes for men who are chronic domestic abusers – there is ALWAYS another woman waiting. These crazy women and men who are abusers, nuts and emotionally unstable need to be shunned and ignored. I realize this is not possible because for reasons which are unknown there is always another fool ready and waiting to “rescue, save and change” these individuals.
    This guy needs to be given the “Captain Save A Hoe” award.

  20. I think women in England might actually be WORSE than the american “females” we have here. That’s pretty harsh.
    Want to meet a feminine woman? Learn POLISH and go to Poland.

    1. They’re getting fatter all the time, catching up with the Merkans. Agree about the Polskie kobiety

    I knew a woman who dated a mobster. This was back in 1995 when Sopranos-era Mob Violence was still an industry and only Italians were associated with organized crime.
    She wasn’t Italian. But anyhow her husband’s car was blown up at one point and she thought this was really incredible. A television show.
    Eventually she divorced the guy but bragged about it. He went to prison for life.

  22. Women love being mistreated.
    Just yesterday the girl i’m dating admitted that she lived with her boyfriend while he punched her in the face and spat on her on a regular basis. The only reason they broke up was because after a year like this, he found someone else and dumped her.
    I guess I can learn a lesson from him on how to keep her interested.

  23. what a great state of affairs…. an ugly paki/arab woman with more body hair than a chimpanzee and three children can still find a boyfriend. in pakistan or saudi arabia she’d be having an illicit affair with some imported african menial servant, since no decent man would want someone else’s baggage.

  24. Maybe we need to retire the term “thirsty male.” Her American boyfriend is way beyond thirsty. He is delusional and self destructive. Many men go through thirsty periods. Smart ones learn from it but most thirsty men wouldn’t hook up with a lunatic like her. Unfortunately, he is exactly the type of male a dying matriarchal culture led by people who hate the populace produces. The fact that she was even let into the country shows the culture itself is delusional and self destructive

  25. What is your opinion on hair fuc.king???
    I’m a trap and I have always fantasized about placing my throbbing er.ect to the back of your head, tying your long silky beautiful hair around it into the tightest, most elegant French Twist imaginable, securing it with the most gorgeous flower imaginable until it starts cutting off the circulation to my, then blowing my load in there.
    Are you creeped/grossed out about this, or flattered/aroused?
    Would you be willing to do the same with my hair when it gets long enough to do this sort of thing?
    I don’t know why, but this just seems like truly one of the most beautiful and heavenly se.x acts imaginable. Do you agree?

  26. Way to portray the lowest, bottom denominator when it comes to Black men. Love how sites like this bash Blacks when the most exposure you have to Black culture is from a TV screen or radio substitute.

    1. Funnily enough this post is bashing predominantly white Western men, it does bash Black American men too but not as much as it does White Western men. From what I’ve gathered from reading articles on RoK, is that Black American men for the most part are praised for not cucking to the soy boy lifestyle (Black American men have too to some extent, but not nearly as far as White Western men), but are also rightly criticised for adopting destructive hyper masculinity (the type of Masculinity that doesn’t benefit anyone, and destroys society through recklessness and wanton violence). Black American men here are given credit where credit is due, but also rightly criticised too. Everyone is an individual with their individual choices but this is just an observation.

  27. I am really laughing here.. Take a look a good long look at the guy in the photo there and tell me what you see. I am not going to spill the beans here but this situation is nothing like it looks. Pretty clever .

    1. I have no idea, tell me what you think though? I’m actually serious here. I’d only get with her for a quick pump and dump and then kick her the fuck out so I can say I fucked an ISIS bitch. Same as I would a girl that’s a Nazi, I would say Communist too but they are fat, troglodyte SJWs so I’ll pass on that one pmsl. That would be the only reason I could think of though lol.

  28. I’m not sure I understand what the big deal is over here. I don’t think she is ugly by any stretch, and maybe the guy just likes her?
    Maybe he gets laid every night (good sex), she cooks him a dinner and makes the bed, and actually likes kids?
    Who gives a crap that she goes to bed pining over some lost love? Is that his problem?
    Maybe the dude is into woodworking or cars, and she supports him in that? Comes home from work, grabs a beer, makes a bookshelf outside in his man-cave (studies philosophy, works on his blog, write a book — whatever), then watches a little TV, get’s great sex, goes to bed — repeat. Ya’ know – building his life — reaching for the stars, living with purpose etc.
    If at some point she leaves him to live in Iran with Isis? OK — guh’buy! On to the next one!
    Why is everybody so up-in-arms over this?

  29. Being able to come back to America with no consequences after joining a terrorist groups should clue you guys in to the fact that your fedguv is the enemy.

  30. I see it the opposite — what a testimony to the resilience of the American male — willing to marry a traditional Muslim woman with kids rather than a White Western Feminist Female that will complain about making him dinner.
    I’m hoping he gets great sex and has a great relationship with her, some good food and lots of fun.
    Good for him, and good for us.

  31. Wow, talk about being triggered! Apologies if anyone has already pointed this out in the comments but I gave up reading them when I noticed everyone sees this as real. It’s not real, at least in the way you think it is. Just apply a little critical thinking here, knock down the first card and watch them all tumble. Okay, sitting comfortabley? Then I’ll begin…ISIS is bullshit, it’s armed, financed, supplied and controlled by western intelligence agencies. Don’t believe me? Do your own research, enough reports of the Spams, Pomes and such like dropping off the goodies, if you canzt be arsed to research ask yourself this. If ISIS (and the rest of these fundamental Islamic organisations) are so radical they want to take down western civilisation then why are they not attacking their sworn enemies in Isreal? In fact they are recieving help and medical assistence from Isreal! Come on! There are other cues this is all bullshit, dont read it and accept it at face value.

  32. Bartenders Can’t Refuse Pregnant Women Alcohol, New York City Says.
    For the first time, the city is explicitly prohibiting restaurants and bars from refusing alcoholic drink orders to mothers-to-be, with new guidelines that say doing so would represent discrimination under the city’s Human Rights Law.

  33. any guy who is dumb enough to take on 4 of some beta boy’s mistakes deserves what he gets…….no way the pussy is THAT good

  34. Ok..Ok.. Perhaps a wake up call is in order? However, truth is Humans can’t be awakened! Now their called ” Milleniums “.. before “Hippies” Before “squares”
    and before that “beatniks” ….ad infinitum……long and short of it all..? It’s all just
    the same ongoing “IGNORANT” human machinations..As it has been since the begining
    were that ever & will be til the end be that ever! Same ole hangups, same ole complexes,
    Same rainbow different colors……. Old wine in new bottles. People are fucked up..
    You are most likely fucked up jerk! Perhaps society survives not because of wimps but
    inspite of you! Same ole love sick, pussy starved simpletons.. whats new? Fact: A cool dude can get what he wants wherever he is. He don’t need to go to Morroco, Mexico or the moon! This dumb ongoing thinking that the grass is greener on the other side is ludicrous to say the least ! Fact A ” Loser” always has excuses…… you can’t get pussy in your own home town you won’t get it anywhere else any easier.. Going “somewhere else” means moving the “Problem” (YOU) from one place to another! listen up DUPE
    The Change needs to be in yourself Wimp not your location..Face up to it loser! As nature has it the female doesn’t get Horny the male does……..Result…..Didn’t see it
    coming “Zero”.. ? You can’t change nature but you can adjust yourself.. manipulate the
    scenario to get what you want and this so called “roosh” loser hasn’t got a clue.. He’s
    a small time con……..You can get whatever you want by manipulation……She may not
    want to let you “have sum” .. make her an offer she can’t refuse! This trying to get her to like you is stupidity in the extreme. It can’t be done.. An ice queen will never “melt”
    but she (any ot them) be manipulated! A Dummy [YOU ?] may be impossibe to awaken. Read it an weep creep……..You need the change not change your locale!
    Dson’t feel personally picked on dude.. Females (even the dummest of them) Know how to manipulate your “hunger” {LUST} ………
    The Gunney…..
    Want more……….?
    Ask me…………[email protected]

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