7 Trends That Will Shape Your Future

If you are into futurology, you must have already noticed the existence of not one but two futurologies out there. One of them is the mainstream one. It is a mixture of libertarianism and technophilia, loaded with self-claimed futurists babbling on emergence, “holacracy” and other fancy words. Some of them may be a bit wary of fusing humans with technology, but almost every adherent thinks of globalism, identities erasure, and degeneracy as inevitable. Official futurology is mostly a reflection of the mainstream. “Futurists” do their best to either accommodate or ignore inconvenient parts of reality.

The other futurology belongs to the dissenters. It is more pessimistic and, frankly, more realistic. It foresees violent persecutions, financial crisis, engineered poverty, a slippery slope of degeneracy, and the collapse of the cities. Those into dissenting futurology tend to secede from the System, either inwardly or by actively preparing for what will happen. Of course, dissenters’ futurology is way more interesting, as it is devoid of the reality denial and hypocrisy of the first kind. I know at least several self-appointed futurologists who overtly blame us while preparing themselves a nice hideaway on the countryside.

The Deep State could starve millions of people if it decided to cut supply routes. It has already launched or at the very least coveted mass violence outbreaks from SJW, BLM, and other illegals. As time passes, it becomes clear how unbalanced the present situation is. Things will get worse. It doesn’t matter how exactly they will turn so. What matters is that you get prepared.

1. Decay

Abandoned places may be sexy but social decay is not

The left stuffed our heads with a mythology of providential overnight transformations. These dreams come straight from Marxism: when your life is mediocre and you are waiting for everyone else to be in tune with your particular desire, you start hoping for a grand soir that will change the life conditions of everyone around.

Consider decay the opposite of this. No, things won’t change overnight. Trends prevail over mere Black Swans. Consider how Trump failed to drain the swamp—and how he succeeded to the extent he rode various trends, from honest Americans being massively screwed to the smug liberals’ prejudices. Decay is long, painful, lacking in truly time-changing events but rich in small alterations. Decay is ominous, frustrating, especially when so many Westerners want to go by pretending it doesn’t exist. It is everywhere, from frankenfoods to low wages, from part-time economy to grrls, from muh feels to Miley Cyrus.

At a civilization scale, there is not much you can do. If normies believe they will magically escape reality by putting their heads in the sand, well, don’t spend too much energy trying to open their eyes. Some will secede, and some will follow the stream of decay all the way until it becomes too late. As the Romans said, omnes vulnerant, ultima necat (all wound, the last kills). Get out of the place or use it to thrive. Social decay will go on and there’s nothing you can do. Move on.

2. Collapse

Saint John Cathedral, New York

An unhinged, worsening society cannot last forever. Unless someone takes over and cleanses it, the decayed society collapses. We had a taste of it in 2008. Shocked by the magnitude of the crisis, many foresaw another financial crisis that would induce a collapse. Perhaps the pension funds will go bust. Or perhaps the student loan bubble. Others believe some Rainbow Alliance violence and honest people defending themselves could be the trigger.

No matter the key events, the collapse is very likely to happen. Liberals still manage to get themselves competent, masculine protection, but how much longer can they manage their own chaos? The wealthiest know this. For years they have been busy building bunkers in New Zealand. Their degenerate bourgeois bohemian servants may die in their barren, scum-overrun “glamour” neighbourhoods, but they won’t. When the collapse happens Peter Thiel and pals are going to watch it broadcasted, sipping champagne, whereas the bobos will end up Bataclan-style. With all the resentment and violence around, the collapse will be violent: thuggish leeches will plunder shops, SJWs will be on the prowl for cishets to kill, and so on.

At this time, you’ll be much safer in the countryside. Beforehand I would daydream about potential collapse scenarios. Now I’m planning to go green.

3. Tribes

Their attire may be weird and stilted but they know what group solidarity is

Individuals are weak. You may be skilled enough to get ranked among the top, motivated enough to work like crazy, but you still need people to trade with—possibly to band with when you need protection. If you are isolated, you remain at the mercy of groups around. Individual rights are a convenient illusion. When everyone plays the game, it’s fine, but when the emperor has no clothes you can start counting. And the naked emperor won’t defend you.

The only way to thrive is but to join or create a tribe. Inside a tribe, you can trust your fellows. Inside a tribe, you can give your best, and know you won’t be cheated—or the cheater will be duly punished. From small networks to whole diasporas and gated communities, tribes allow human potential to flourish while protecting their members.

Many people are trying to join at least one network today. Among French dissenters I have seen a lot of networking efforts since the ridiculous failure of Marine Le Pen. Those who still hoped to be someone saved by the Front National understood that its managers only thought of their own interest and would never save anyone beyond themselves. We are on our own, no one cares, those who pay attention mostly hate us. To ride the tiger, we’d better have reliable, trustworthy, competent men we can work with—and perhaps reliable women we can marry.

4. Alternative means of exchange

2017 was the year of crackdowns. Many dissenters had their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts deleted or banned. PayPal removed ROK’s account. In the aftermath of Charlottesville events, a giant wave of closures struck various alternative websites and personalities, including some like Lauren Southern which had nothing to do with the rally. On the other hand, investing in BitCoin allowed many clever investors to cash out thanks to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

I still use Facebook as my chief mean for keeping in touch and sharing news with my pals. I still use Gmail whose storage space and layout are very convenient. But I know, too, that the Empire can spy on me anytime. Just as it can do with anyone dependent on its services.

Gab.ai, Minds.com, Vid.me, BitChute, or Privnote all embody the same trend: non-leftists must develop their own spaces to maintain their ability to communicate. First Amendment requires stepping out of the Left-owned services.

5. General proficiency and versatility

Excessive specialization makes you frail. It is okay to be an autistic cog in the machine when the machine works well. When it falls apart, not so.

My hypothesis is, after the events of 9-11, skeptics realized they needed knowledge of various interrelated fields from metallurgy to shady deals to make sense of what had happened. The world is complex, dynamic, interrelated. Remaining inside a closeted field is the better mean to remain hopelessly naïve about the rest—and even to misunderstand one’s own field place among the whole.

What corporate BSers call “360 degrees strategy” and Nassim Taleb a “barbell education” is a remedy to this state: getting out of the machine and rediscovering the world, one topic at a time. Over time, one starts drawing comparisons, noticing patterns, connecting the dots. Reading books from various sciences, indulging in various activities from cooking and training to DIY electronics and growing vegetables, is a good way to get a wholesome idea of the world we live into and become at last a jack-of-several-trade.

6. Survivalism

As Lothrop Stoddard said, “the country can live without the town.” When cities become overpriced cesspools of degeneracy, when we know how much the system was designed to keep us poor through debt and inflation, the rational choice consists in leaving the city. At the beginning of the 2000s, buying a flat at the center of a “glamour” city was a good choice. The value of the apartment would go up, you could rent it or use it as a well-positioned lair. Female hypergamy? No problem!

Now the glamour is still there, but times have changed. Let the supermarket empty or the bank close your account and you’ll start starving, or worse, no matter the glamour of the place.

As the land has become cheaper, in contrast with the overpriced downtown, more and more people are on the look for fertile soil. Buy or build a home, or at least a piece of land where you can grow your own food. I would not be surprised to see the long-forgotten countryside gain in value as more and more flee the concrete-and-thugs hell.

Needless to say, proficiency and know-how become extremely important, as you may have to learn how to repair a motor, make your own seedlings, craft a small windmill to load your batteries and so on. Ultimately, when the collapse happens, you’re out, heading towards survival.

7. Local units

This video shows a way to get Internet without a service provider reaching your place, only through a data-plan and an iPhone. Let’s say you managed to get your own nice piece of land and turned it into a small farm. What if the Internet collapses along with the financial system?  What about your neighbours and stuff you can’t order online? Or if urban thugs reach your place to steal from you?

The answer to all these questions is the same. A diaspora may be the coolest thing, yet it is never as resilient as when its members have organized on the ground. If your neighbours are trustworthy and decent, not only can you safely trade with them, but you know you will be able to band together the day (((they))) come—I’m using the triple parentheses in a broad sense. Networks, friendships, should head towards small geographic units. These will ensure the survival and thriving of their members.

Before the collapse, they could be the basis for small-scale businesses.


Futurology is at best an imprecise science. Most forecasts end up being false, especially when they are palatable to the mainstream and either ignore reality or take pleasure in false disaster-mongering. On the other hand, a honest assessment of the situation and trends allows for making a number of broad predictions. We need hypothesis to set up projects. More than that, we need to know where we stand so that when the rug is pulled we can still land on our feet, or better yet, stand near the rug rather than on top.

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37 thoughts on “7 Trends That Will Shape Your Future”

  1. I left the United States in 1999 in the Clinton era and was in Dubai/Asia after that. I returned once or twice and was shocked at how the United States had gone downhill since the 1990’s. When Bush was elected the year 2000 seemed to mark a pretty quick decline.
    Things were much different for Gen X in the late 1990’s as young people. It almost seems like a Halcyon time from the perspective of Gen Y who live at home at age 22 and do a teenager’s job.

    1. I’ve been living in the Amazon region of Peru since 2007. Alpha males create ‘trends’ Betas and Omegas follow trends.

        1. Saying and doing are too different things, furthermore most of those people are talking about going to Europe and other 1st world nations.

        2. i once be livin in da congo and i come to america once but nevar again. america is polis state dictadoship and they say they do it all for my proteccion. no freedom watsoeva. i then be go to britain for werk because they pay plumber good and i liek herry potter, but they only want polish people and that to me seem a lot liek the white privelege wich i no believ in but sumtime i see convinsing arguement for. i now in switzerland an goverment take care of me and send my son to school until we get on feet and pay tax back. i sorry that many of my kind is parasite, but i no make crime and pay tax and work hard and no raep women like other migrant so one day i be com back to home country with skill and nowledge to make it great again.

      1. when i be maek enuff monie and pay back swiss peopel for helping me, i gonna come to amazon and maybe i be meet you there Mr Goode. maybe we go on fishing trip in brazil or sumthina and i teech you how i once be fishing wit my tribe on congo river and maybe we see natives in amazon river and see if they fish similar to my peopel. what you say?

  2. I wrote an extensive essay in university depicting the pervasive use of technology and how it may end up being our swan song as a species. The teacher was a staunch feminist and even she gave me an A+. Bottom of the line is that there is no difference between us and Skinner’s rats; we keep hitting the wrong lever, and our gluttony and greed will be our undoing.

    1. yah, i dont wight women much in all honest. black women very dumb in my country too. i tell my wife in congo that when i come back i be buy computer, big screen tv, and toylet, but she say she no want because she be rather living tribal way of hand wash and slave over fire old way insted of enjoy free time and be skinnie and sexy for me. she say i be crazy and lurn bad practise from seeing too much western wight women be immoral. the wight feminist be funny tough liek many of black women and somewere here i see someone say gloria steinham lurn feminist from black woman in inner city, and i think it crazy becaus now wight woman be lurn to hate men and want be primitiv and miserabel and ugli. i feel bad for wight man now becaus you work so hard for better life and they be hatin and blame you for all you do and take human out from primevil muck. technology is butiful ting, but your american goverment abuse and enslave it and children all over world use this ting wrong way liek ted kazynsky warn and it becom a canser.

    2. “The teacher was a staunch feminist and even she gave me an A+.”
      Unsurprising really.
      There is some overlap between left and right here.
      The right arrives here because of anti-governmentism and survivalism while the left gets to the same place because of environmentalism and anti-capitalism.
      And, of course, they both agree on anti-big brotherism.
      Seems to support horseshoe theory.

      1. My hot lipstick feminist professor got moist in the right places whenever I was around. She hated herself for wanting to bang me but I always got A’s, despite contradicting her on every aspect and taking directly opposite opinions every session. Women respect strength and game.

  3. “TRIBES”
    It is hard for white people to find common ground with one another-some are Catholic, some are Protestant, white Americans come from disparate European backgrounds with Northern European WASPS and Mediterranean Italians and Greeks still harboring a slight bit of distaste for one another.
    Possibly it could be easier in Europe, but politics and religions riven many European countries.
    Cuban-Americans in Miami or Farsi in LA might have a bit more cohesiveness but in general and to some degree this has helped them.
    But only Jews are able to overcome vast racial variation (Some are essentially European, some are Khazar, some North African) to coordinate. Having said that, social media and the internet has loosened their grip on the legacy media to some degree.

    1. those jewish peopel are crazy. why do they boys look like litle girls with they stupid haiir that be looking like pigtails. i think someone shoul just tell em this is men and to give them a real men’s haiircut. if they too poor to be going to barbarshop, then someone just be needin to teech them right way. myaybe i come to they house one day and show them.

    2. In Europe, tribe means nationality/ethnicity.
      There is no shared tribal identity based on being White or Christians.
      Race and Religion can be basis of co-operation between Europeans of various nations.
      The USA is a different cup of tea. As far as I am able to tell, in the US it is possible to forge identity around Race.

  4. A glorious Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Cuba utopia awaits as all comrades of the collective hold hands and sing hymns of praise to globalist pimps.
    It’s gonna work this time…my basket weaving professor told me so.

    1. and i am agains this becaus i wanna take human out of muck, not put back liek feminis and communis. for first time out of africa, i see our woman is bad and now feminis comunis canser infect wight woman who was once best woman in a world. i forgiv you for slavery and atrocity wight brotha, and i be fight wit you.

  5. The one thing you will never, ever convince me of, is trying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. In a world gone to hell, those things will be something nobody wants.

    1. cripto be good rite now. but you be needin hard asset and no payper money liek in zimbobway becaus market can drop and shit hit fan can be happen anytime. we know this all to well in africa. only use cripto to invest to make the monie.

  6. I would add “Rejection of the Enlightenment,” namely, the rejection of the universalist-globalist fantasy imagined by intellectuals in the 18th Century that became the foundation for the modern world view. Man simply can’t thrive in the atomized-feminist-gay-transgender-diversity dystopia our elites have forced on us at gunpoint. Instead we have to rediscover our ancestors’ wisdom about the conditions for human flourishing and the good life, based on a patriarchal and identitarian understanding of man’s nature, where we find fulfillment by living in extended families, communities and nations of people who share a common historical ancestry and a common culture.

  7. Everyone here needs to read The Creature From Jekyll Island!!! It’s about the Federal Reserve. Very clearly, that entity is using our tax dollars to buy up private entities, and loan to other countries. That is socialism! When the federal reserve, world bank, bank of england, and other banks give these massive loans to “underdeveloped countries” they REQUIRE that they seize the free, private markets. This kills the ability of the small businesses to thrive, and the economy sinks into depression. Then, they print money to pay back the banks, and the currency tumbles to become worthless. They think they can keep this up until every single country is in debt to those banks (including us.) Since 2008 they’ve been printing money like t-shirts, and generating loans like those instant cash shops in the ghetto. The only safeguard for us is the Petro dollar. If we lose that, the U.S. dollar will be worthless to the rest of the world. The banks will be the leaders.
    There’s another book called “Shrinking The TEchnosphere.” REad that too! The author is a scientist who is positive that we will NEVER have efficient solar power. We’ll be out of fossil fuels in 100 years, and we will have to live off the land. Call that a light at the end of the tunnel if you like. I think the last remaining oil reserves will cause a huge war first.
    After that we go back to the woods. We’ll look back on this time as the digital age when we maxed out our resources.

    1. CREATURE talked about G-8 and Rothschild.
      The problem with socialism is that Third World people breed so fast that other people’s money cannot keep up with it.
      At any rate we saw that several banks went under in 2008 from having loaned all their money out.
      Also one factor of that recession was trying to give blacks houses on faulty mortgages.

    2. The Thorium Molten Salt Reactor looks like a promising alternative energy production technology.

    3. Well I’m glad here someone here can see why African and Asian countries are locked in a poverty trap other than thinking them racially inferior to whites. That being said I don’t follow your line of thought about the petro dollar being the savior of people from the central banks. Its being at the forefront of this contrition. I’d go as far as to say its actually the opposite.

      1. Ireland had the same problem as Africa or Asia 30 years ago.
        Overpopulation and families too poor to provide for the number of kids they had.
        Once Southeast Asians and Muslims and Africans have 1.2 kids per family (Which will never happen) things would be somewhat better.

  8. Another stupid NON-solution article. Why should we run to the hills because some (((tranny))) corporations have fucked things up? Arrest all the (((pedophile tribes))) and de-fund every single corrupt organization you can discover. Hiding in the woods is NOT an answer.

    1. CONGO
      “Hiding in the Woods” American Indians do that now. How is that helped them? The “tribe” won’t give a shit if whites hide in the hills or flee to other countries or just plain die because their consumer base will continue to exist.
      As usual they have made a stupid mistake of supporting the importation of Muslims and should have seen what happened to French Jews but they are actually not really THAT bright as a race, simply nepotistic while White Protestants jump up and down about individualism.
      The rugged pioneer bullshit Jews encourage works very well to reduce whites to loners while Jews themselves assist one another
      “Arrest the tribe” they have the best lawyers and are experts in under-the-table corner-cutting corruption deals so arresting a vast majority would be impossible.
      “Run for the hills” The tribe and other urban whites control the power grid and the fuel. Being self-sufficient (I did it at a beach resort in Southeast Asia) is not nearly as easy as you will ever imagine.

  9. How about ‘negative interest’? For years we were told to accumalate wealth and invest in savings for our retirement. Now the powers that be are itching to rip it all off you. Or ‘seizure of property’? The UN doesn’t want you to be self sufficiant, there’s too many of us so the answer is to flood the cities with folk from the country. Do you honestly think they will let you hide out in your hidden bunker? As for bitcoin and any other digital currancy, you must be mad. Piss anyone off in authority and it just takes one press of the delete button. For all it’s faults at least paper money is tangable, which brings me onto gold/silver. Unless you’ve got your own secret mine somewhere, how on earth are you going to accumalate enough off the radar? Even if you managed to make sure you had enough for the rest of your life you’d find very few people prepared to trade with it. No mention of the coming Automation Revolution too I see. Once was the most valuable commodity on the planet was human labour, even though we were all brainwashed into accepting it as worthless, pretty soon it will be. I suppose we can all reside in third world countries, writing self help articles for the poor souls left to try and scrape by. As for all the forcasts of doom that never came to be, really? Do any of you observe what’s happening around you? Does it have to listed in a top ten reasons we are all fucked before you even begin to acknowledge we were forwarned? There are still many with eyes to see telling you what’s coming. I realised what this site was about after the first two articles I read here. I have grave doubts any of these wannabe intellectuals have had a decent lay in their entire puff. All I see is self help turds polished to give the impression they got your back. How to love women by hating them, how to fight for your future by running away, how to become more enlightened by reading the same acedemic shite that got us into this pickle in the first place, how to become fit by a guy who looks like he gets out of breath getting out of his chair. On and on it goes…

    1. “Running away”
      Celts fled into Wales and American Indians fled into the hinterland. Did not help them.
      Well nobody listens to them anyhow. Like a traffic cop in the middle of a street race.
      “Wannabe intellectuals”
      SOHO London gets a great deal of American PC intellectuals seeking to pay 30 quid to get stuffed during conferences on Women’s Rights and all the rest of it. I know this from hanging around with them (Years ago). Talk to the old Maltese (These days they might be Russian) “Models” up the SOHO walk-up flats. American tourist pseudo-intellectuals are 70% of the punters they service.

  10. There’s a lot talking about the Big Collapse as everyone knows it’s coming soon.
    But are there any forecasts to being taken serious?
    Sorry if my question is lame but it appears that many people are curtain about this and it has been discussed for years now.

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