British Woman Abandons Her Husband And 9 Children For African Lover

Via The Daily Mail:

A mother-of-nine who ditched her children and partner of 23 years for a new life with her African toyboy has been slammed as ‘nasty’ and ‘delusional’.

Heidi Hepworth, 44, from East Boldon in South Tyneside, left husband Andy, also 44, for 30-year-old Mamadou Jallow from Gambia after she started talking to strangers online.

After getting tattoos, booking sunbeds and giving herself a makeover, she flew to Gambia last month – her first ever trip out of the UK.

Heidi has been criticised for her actions on Facebook, with many accusing her of being a bad mother.

One poster wrote: ‘You really are crazy leaving your family for fantasy island.

‘That’s exactly what it’s like. Nothing is real. But your children are. So sad.’

Another said: ‘Whatever you are going through has made you delusional.

‘It’s like a female mid life crisis, but you’ll end up like all the other women who have done the same, taken for a ride, humiliated, used and dumped. ‘

One poster fumed: ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe what I have just read. What kind of person would abandon all her children?

‘I feel sick for them, poor little things having you do this to them. They will be damaged for life.

‘Well done, hope you are happy with yourself.

Another woman said: ‘I understand it is your life… but leaving your babies?’

One woman said: ‘Your poor husband and kids! Fancy leaving them! You ain’t [sic] nothing special and no doubt he’ll be after a passport! Good luck when it all goes t*** up.’

One man wrote: ‘Leaving her husband, I have no issue with. But leaving nine kids? She deserves to be happy of course, but can’t the kids be considered. Best of luck to her and the kids.

One poster said: ‘You are mental… have you not read all the stories. See sense please lady. For you and your kids sake.’

Devastated Andy told The Sun: ‘The person she has become is horrible. She was a loving, caring mum. Now it’s like an alien has possessed her body.

‘He has brainwashed her. It’s one big fantasy for her and she is following it through step by step.’

The couple have six children together and Andy has raised three children Heidi had from a previous marriage as his own.

They were left in the North East while their mother started life with her new partner.

She told the paper her new squeeze was not after her to get a British passport, and insisted he was a nice man.

Heidi said: ‘I’ve met a young gentleman but it’s not an affair. The marriage had problems. We drifted apart. Can a woman not have a new relationship?’

Andy and his wife had been together 18 years when they eventually decided to tie the knot five years ago.

Now, the Navy veteran is convinced their marriage is over having noticed a change in Heidi in March after ‘Asian and African men’ started adding her on social media sites.

‘She was wearing more make up and dresses which she’d never done before. It just wasn’t her,’ he told The Sun.

‘She was going out all the time with friends and was always on her phone.

‘A caring mum wouldn’t go off gallivanting around Africa with her new boyfriend.’

Heidi said she saw her future with Mamadou and her children, despite being almost 3,000 miles away from them.

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149 thoughts on “British Woman Abandons Her Husband And 9 Children For African Lover”

    She probably had kids with various males before marrying the beta cuck and quickly found a new big dick to ride on.
    Some women think with their lizard brain, especially from the working-class where molestation is common in childhood which puts their adult libido in overdrive.
    A woman with 9 kids clearly likes getting fucked all the time.

    1. “especially from the working-class where molestation is common in childhood which puts their adult libido in overdrive.”
      Interesing. Is that your own theory or where did you get it from?

      1. Psychologists who studied serial killers have suggested that the stimulation of children’s genitals leads to hyper sex drive.
        White trash or blacks are always a sexual hothouse because somebody is always molesting little Suzy and then she becomes a serial breeder/slut. Which in turn results in more step-fathers and boyfriends touching her out-wedlock-daughter and so on.
        Naturally these women find their groove eventually with black studs.
        In the case of juvenile males nearly all serial killers were sexually abused.

        1. quite possible, but by your own description you say it is a ‘suggestion’ based on documented / claimed childhood abuse suffered by those who go on to do very bad things. Why though should we assume it is the abuse itself that leads to a hyper sex drive rather than say anger that becomes sexualised. It seems like a plausible theory, I’m just wondering how confident these kind of speculations might be. Also, while I do think abused females may end up more likely to engage in casual, potentially destructive sex, it might be asked whether male and female abuse victims respond in a similar way i.e. is hypersexualisation the same thing between the sexes

        2. LOL!!!! White betas are so helpless in the battle of their women’s vaginas. Its funny, because most of the women you idolized and masturbate to have been Black owned!! You would be surprised at the true figure. You know how many racist white men whose (hot-ass country / republican) daughters I have slayed? It is so funny. You guys just push them into my arms with your weak ass mentality and insecurities, they laugh while telling me about how much satisfaction you get from hearing them say “I hate black guys” or “I would never fuck a black guy”. Even porn stars play you suckers with those lines to keep you as fans! LOSERS.
          I used to have a bit of respect for ROK, but, now I see it for what it is, a place for chumps to come and cry about why they aren’t getting any pussy. LOL. A sissy version of Stormfront that blames black guys for all its problems. LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Just because you are a white guy doesn’t mean shit or promise you anything. Most of you are below average in ability and life in general, you ride the coat-tails of the top 5% of White guys (who actually are studs), and are lucky to receive blessings because of their hard work!
          ROK is ran by a fucking towelhead Iranian, and has beta Asian writers. What’s next, “red pill” chess club stud writers? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE AND A DISGRACE!!
          #Trump2020 (dead fucking serious)

        3. @Blackpwned Yet again, another Black dude who gets butt hurt over white men who talk just like every other race of people talk….get over it dude, most of those women only fuck black dudes because they are insecure sluts who were already thrown away by white dudes, and to top it off, most white women are not Mudsharks. You will have a couple of fucked up white bitches who literally fuck thousands of black dudes and all those black dudes will think it ALL white women, when really black dudes are just sharing each other sloppy seconds…yuck!!! I know you black dudes have an ego about white women because without trying to fuck white women than you would have no other purpose on earth, and you are jealous of white men and the only way you can make yourself feel better is by trying to fuck white women. Seriously, you should get over your obsession with white women and read Donovan Sharpe’s (you know, the black writer for ROK) article about Mudsharks…it is pretty funny.

    2. Chick looks transgendered to me, male-to-female.
      It is the poster child for proving that there are many desperate guys out there that will bed or wed anything.

      1. “…proving that there are many desperate guys out there that will bed or wed anything.”
        Precisely ! I guess that’s the whole point of this episode.

    3. Her eyes look strange. Kind of like photoshopped maybe?
      I’d #2 in my pants if her eyes are for real. I’ve been to the zoo once or twice and those eyes look vaguely familiar.
      I must be getting warm. I know I’ve seen those exact eyes before. I scrolled through quite a few images and the one I remember had black fur and was a nursing grandmother with some toys strewn about. Maybe that’s one of her litter above.

  2. She had three children from a previous marriage. Why did this chap Andy marry her in the first place.
    Never ever trust a woman. Never.

    1. Detroit welfare expert here
      These guys can life off a woman’s welfare if she breeds enough-Andy will probably raise her Mulatto children.
      It is not always that he is that desperate but also that he can live off her welfare.
      I’ve known a few guys like that in my time in the Rustbelt. Effectively “welfare pimps” who can live free and easy in subsidized housing and all the rest off the woman’s out-of-wedlock kids.
      Kind of like the male bird who looks after the fertilized eggs.

      1. Excellent insight.
        And, one of the main reasons for leaving Amerika, renouncing citizenship, and refusing to pay for more of this kind of insanity.
        Taxpayers are cucks — supporting loser women and their boy toys through taxation and inflation for the sake of social justice and “curing” poverty.

      1. Yeah, red flags EVERYWHERE
        ” three children Heidi had from a previous marriage …”
        Hopefulle we can continue our red pilling of men, so no man WILL EVER make such mistake again !

        1. never met a woman yet i could trust yhat didnt lie their asses off about everything. Fact. women lie about shit they dont even have to lie about. “Fag much”, is your best retort? women hate it most when ther pathetic gaming dont work. GFY. if idiot men would stop universally trusting vagina because of being thirsty, their world would improve 100 percent, instantly.

  3. $1000 says she is on anti-depressants and has been for at least 3 years. I have seen a plethora of middle aged women, all on these pills go over the edge of sanity

  4. “After getting tattoos, booking sunbeds and giving herself a makeover”
    All women who get tats are whores. They disrespect their body, so why wouldn’t they disrespect their marriage? Sailors and whores, that’s who get tats.

    1. ERIK Pre-1990
      I was born in 1974 and you make a good point-as late as 1990 only sailors and convicts and biker chicks got tattoos.
      It was the sign of total white trash barbarity.

      1. “It was the sign of total white trash barbarity.”
        It still is! Women with tats is about as disgusting as it gets. Most mens tats are just as bad. The cattle always get tatted.

      2. I’ve been a merchant seaman for 30 years, and am the 3rd generation “before the mast”.
        Let me enlighten you about seamen and tattoos.
        It wasn’t uncommon even as late as about the time you were born, to have a crewman make his “X” on his payoff voucher and discharge paper. They were illiterate, but not stupid. They simply had never learned the skill of reading and writing.
        Being that this was even more the environmental norm back in the day, their skin became their resume. There was an unwritten code to tattoos…you got a turtle on your back when you had been “shellbacked”…sailed south of the Equator,(the ceremony and the term derives from the days when flogging was common, that ended only 100 years ago). You got rope around your wrist when you had circumnavigated, etc.
        If you knew the code, you could look over a crewman’s arms and torso and get a fairly accurate idea of where he’d been and how long he had sailed.
        Bikers picked up the tattoo because the original West coast biker gangs were largely comprised of WWII Pacific war Navy veterans, and that aspect of seafaring culture was brought ashore and rode two wheels rather than floating on a steel hull. Initiates to the club, having to assimilate to its norms, got inked…not necessarily with any knowledge of how or why this had become the culture.
        I actually have only one tattoo myself, and it predates my maritime service. At this point in time, the whole tattoo thing has, in my view, become the mark of the wannabe and the poseur.
        When bank managers with Masters degrees buy a Harley and housewives get cartoons needled all over themselves, just whom do they think they’re fooling? Who are they trying to impress?
        Certainly not me.

  5. Social media ruins most everyone that comes in contact with it, but women are so much more susceptible to mindlessly pursuing the validation. It’s in their biology.

    1. Social media is like dematerialized crowd psychology imo. Like a crowd, people are non able To think and rationnalize, but all are into emotion and nonsense. Fuck this, better stay away trop this crowd of fools

    1. Why are u worried about other men’s sexual relationships u weirdo/cuckhold? I, for example, don’t care if you, Tracy, carry on a long-term relationship with your dog yet for some reason you’re trying to find out who black men would not fuck? These fuckin net weirdos, I swear

      1. I care if Tracy is in a LTR with his dog, because i care about the society we live in…including it being infested with mudsharks and black betas that fuck anything that walks (or crawls with a slimy trail).

    1. A lot of white women are redpilled in the USA and in South Africa, those are aren’t sheltered unlike their straight to college (indoctrination school) brethren, but Europeans have little knowledge about nigs and are slowly learning first hand that they’re not these Dr/Scientist/SuperHeroes that the media promotes them as.

    1. He is a Christian pastor and feels ZERO guilt.
      Now do you see the futility (and global harm) of trying to humanize them?
      Now do you see they need to be exterminated? China sees it, i can assure you.
      And China will do it too.
      Whoever does the deed first; shall inherit the Earth.

      1. This is disgustingly hilarious. Almost unbelievable. It’s like I’m in one of those dystopian sci-fi futures that you can find in video games and books.
        I don’t believe killing nigs is the right solution. It never works out because there is more blue pilled people who will stand up for them, than red pilled people who know the truth (WW2 anyone?). THAT, and also the fact that there ARE good blacks I wouldn’t want to see lumped in with the dumb nigs, but they’re the minority because in order to be good, it requires a certain level of intelligence and self awareness that the majority don’t possess. The solution? The one Hitler wanted, White Countries for Whites, Asian Countries for Asians, Black countries for Blacks, so on. And segregation areas in the United States.
        And you’re right about China though, China is destroying Africa so badly right now, that White Colonialism holds no candle to what the Chinks are doing. So bad in fact, that Blacks are CALLING OUT for Whites to come back and replace the Chinks.
        Chinese people are soulless creatures who do not even care for one another, they don’t have “Chink Guilt” or any (((political/theological/psychological))) influence that will keep them in check when dealing with much inferior, less intelligent, barely human blacks. Those niggers who complain about white racism, will finally see what REAL racism is when the Chinks finalize their grasp, they’re already seeing it as it is.

    2. I watched the Dr Phil video and picked up on all the things unspoken that you can’t see. The husband never hits his wife. Not even a light spanking. The feminists savor this kind of mealymouthed stand down from white men being helpless to control and discipline their women. Observe the ease with which the wife says “I love you. I’m coming there to you” to the grinning african guy. She says it on TV right in front of her family. She doesn’t fear her white husband a bit. She obviously demonstrates that there have NEVER been reprecussions for her actions and she has never been repremanded for anything by her husband. She knows her husband is a supplicating door mat pushover and she doesn’t fear him one bit and thus she doesn’t respect him one bit. The husband talks like he’ll take on the black guy but he won’t lay a finger of discipline on the wife himself – and that’s what’s too little too late now. She’s mentally gone. If the white husband were a true alpha, he would give the black guy her scalp and then take him on for a glorious finale. “You want a married mother that belongs to someone else? Here’s her scalp – a token. Now let’s rumble you stupid &@§#†”. Then the alpha would find another better quality woman WITH EASE.
      Adoitionally, the household probably doesn’t speak an entire sentence of RACE REALISM much less carry on an ongoing RACE REALISM conversation in the home. The same is probably true for no talk or critical thought in the house on the subject of THE FEMINIST SCOURGE and other assorted red pill talking points like how beta cucks pedestalize whores – none of that talk has likely ever been even glossed over in their household.
      ALSO the woman was probably a difficult and non compliant breeder as well. She squeezed out a few kids but was clearly dumb as a bag of rocks with no crafty skills, no tribal cultural bonds and affiliations foistered and encouraged by the husband. He never ‘hooked her up’ with white tribal friends, associations and exclusive clubs. She was bankrupt of her own culture and raised her kids while watching trash TV and Ellen.
      All in all the household was too ‘polite gentrified’ (or customized goy) and too inhibited from vigilante action against threats by whatever sorry piece of shit political party machine and their menu of political correctness that was being policed on the community social strata. They ate the kosher crap churchian/community normativity.
      Simply put, the husband never long gamed, controlled or managed his wife securely and properly. And the husband is too law abiding and bound to the cuck system and cuck church to take a vigilant stand on anything. He still can’t bitch slap her. His hands freeze up. But he’ll still say “ooh you’re hurting the family doing this (tears)” but in reality she needs a horse whipping and chair dunking in an ice cold lake. THEN the women’s advocates and their swat teams would have to be warred off – which would take a vigilant alpha with family clan backing and with strong family and tribal solidarity. An eye for an eye. This is what it has come down to.

    3. Typical christinsane morons….
      The cuck husband actually wants this white whore back after that gruesome monkey was in all 3 of her rat holes?
      Let the white whore go there….get it’s rat holes reamed by hundreds of apes with AIDS THEN dismembered and sold as “bushmeat”….

  6. Whenever I see an attractive white woman with a black dude (which is very rare; usually you see women like the warthog in this article with black dudes, unless the black dudes are celebrities or athletes), she immediately goes on my WNB list. This saves a lot of time. It’s the rough equivalent of a woman wearing a sign on her forehead that reads, “I’m crazy, I have zero self-esteem and I’m proud of it.”

    1. Women from any race that date negroids are genetic trash and in fact are doing their own race a favor by removing their inferior genes from thier own races gene pool.

      1. BILL
        Yes, but look what happened in Brazil and this is the problem:
        First you had Portuguese males who fathered children with African slaves outside of marriages arranged to imported Portuguese women.
        These Mulatto then intermarried massively with jungle Indians extensively. Today the “Favela inhabitants” are a combination of Mulatto and jungle Indian.
        So today you have a huge population of rather dim mulatto or half-African and half-Indians whose IQ is about 87 or something.
        The few old Portuguese families remaining cannot even DRIVE. They have to FLY in a helicopter from their communities to wherever their business is. That is how dangerous Brazil has become.
        So when you have dim women marry dim African studs-which never happens because the woman gets pregnant and the man moves on-the result is a neglected single-mother population of poor Mixed race people.
        Worse yet, a caste system emerges of sorts whereby like Brazil people can instantly tell a person’s social position by their color.

        1. I have heard that Brazilians are so race conscious that they have 30+ terms to describe race.
          However, isn’t the south of brazil mostly european? That’s where all the aerospace, robotics (etc) is. I think they want to separate from the rest of Brazil.

      1. CAPTAIN
        Detroit interracial experience
        Usually the white woman starts with run-of-the-mill promiscuity with whites and then with black studs and by then the degree of degradation is so overwhelming that she becomes a Butch Dyke.
        White slut-interracial-lesbian
        Also, in the process they get involved in the crime that blacks support themselves with often times-gang affiliation, smoking crack, selling drugs-so by then they are full-on criminals.

        1. It is now a well known fact that whites do hard drugs, including crack, much more than blacks so stop repeating that retarded, outdated stereotype. Since you’re in the midwest, I believe you are well aware of the crack/heroin epidemic destroying whites in the west & north suburbs of Chicago. I’m halfway tired so I won’t even go into your other outdated, 1995 stereotypes. If you’re going to state stereotypes, at least state ones that are supported by facts, like the stereotype of the Asian nerd, for example.

        2. 1995 was the last time whites smoked crack. First meth and now Oxy flooded their trailer parks.
          Negros perhaps wisely never really got into Meth and you could not BUY IT in the black ghetto.

        3. Nubian Prince
          You’re actually right.
          I’ve not been in the US since the late 90’s and so few blacks work or live overseas that I do not know what is trending. Neither do poor whites.
          Blacks never took to meth, which is a good thing.
          You could not buy Meth from Hood Rats and blacks themselves made racist associations of meth to “Leatherface”-type white trash cooking it in their trailers.
          Blacks did not get into heroin, you are right.

    2. That’s crazy, because I use the same reasoning with attractive women with white guys. It’s like bizarro world

  7. the poor lad made the first huge mistake : “adopting” a single Mum. NEVER EVER do such a nonsense and avoid these harpies like the plague. he was looking for trouble… and he got it! Single mothers are a cancer to society!

  8. “She told the paper her new squeeze was not after her to get a British passport, and insisted he was a nice man.”
    “She was wearing more make up and dresses which she’d never done before. It just wasn’t her,’ he told The Sun.”
    Typical female behaviour. No need to dress up for the Beta husband.

  9. This NEWS SYNDICATOR is bringing down the quality of the ROK site. This is just a filler for the original content that is slowly disappearing from this site. Yet people like Victor Pride still has much to say and Cernovich has left the room long ago.

    1. no idea who victor pride is, but ROK needs to bring back original content and ideally something better than this comments system

      1. ROK’s initial message which is slowly lost is to build an awesome healthy body and to free yourself from corporate slavery while never supplant yourself to women. Awesome timeless message. That is Victor Pride’s site which has never lost its focus like what I am seeing here with ROK. Victor Pride is definitely not perfect as he contradicts himself various times and hawking strange supplements and subtle promotion of steroid use. Yet his message is simple and clear about freeing yourself from being a cubicle slave and focusing on quality instead of short cuts.

        1. “ROK’s initial message which is slowly lost is to build an awesome healthy body and to free yourself from corporate slavery while never supplant yourself to women”
          C’mon, ROK’s initial message about dating anorexic girls to cut down on restaurant bills and avoiding girls with tats because they were a slut tell. Re. mr pride I’ll have to check him out

        2. I think the site called “The New Modern Man” would be much to your liking. Also I suggest “A Dream That Was Rome” blog.

      2. I haven’t read or seen much of Victor Pride’s material but it seems good. Many masculine writers/readers come up with similar ideas. We are dealing with pretty simple and common sensical things, so many reach similar conclusions about lifestyle, culture, the sexes, and so on. I hope that some originality and new ideas will be produced, though.

  10. I believe in love and I thought for a moment that her african lover might genuinely love and care for her and that this might just be a story of love conquering all, of love crossing impossible distances to triumph against all the cynics and naysayers. But then I looked again and saw that she doesn’t have a fat arse. No way he’s genuinely interested in her

      1. if she’s on welfare then presumably she has to sign on every two weeks. There won’t be much left after the return ticked back home

  11. Better than bringing yet another filthy nig-nog into the U.K. That post-wall whore can have fun playing zookeeper to the filthy monkeys in Africa instead. Do they pick cotton or bananas in Gambia?

    1. Round up all the unwashed vermin of nigg3rdom like the cattle they are and send them back to their motherland in the holds of petroleum tankers to be flushed out like bloody stools. Sever the rotting umbilicus and let them eat each other alive in the worlds collective sewage pit of Africa. What the fuck happened to ebola anyway? To see these apes walking around town with young pretty white girls builds a deep rage within my soul. 88 motherfuckers.

  12. She is old as fuck compared to that dude. He will dump her in about 3 years-or less. I feel bad for the kids having such a shitty mom.

  13. I think it’s hilarious that she’s getting piped down by an African.
    These hoes are never loyal (for the most part).
    Never forget that, guys.

    1. English women can be quite hot, but they have this habit of donating their ovaries to third world trash. They are becoming like swedes, where they wear it as a badge of pride not to breed with fellow English.

      1. Most of what the left does is defiance without a purpose; “oh, you expect me to do this? Well then, I’ll do the opposite.” They are bratty fatherless children with enormous and fragile egos.

  14. One look at the slag proves nothing of value was lost and mayne beta bux can pull his head out if it.
    Being outclassed by primates is pathetic.

  15. ,
    Just one look at her face tells it all. She is simpleton. Although white race is endangered, reproducing of feeble minded is not way to go. People like this trash have 9 children. Wouldn’t it be better if high IQ White people have this number of offspring?

    1. When you get over the 100 IQ you realized that you have to pay for your kid to go to university, maybe send it to a decent private school and feed it decent meals. Spend money on music lessons, sports.
      Middle-class people therefore are not going to have 9 kids. WTF pays for this? The government?
      So when people want better-off people to reproduce more who pays for it. Better-off people want a decent life for their kids.

    2. That’s a problem that a lot of ethnic groups have. Look at some of the twisted, feeble orthodox jews in Israel or the USA. They breed like rats, 7 kids per woman. Despite that, they are some of the most sickly individuals I have ever seen. They don’t participate in science, engineering or the like, nor do they serve in the israeli military.
      The highly educated orthodox jews or reform jews tend to have 2 kids at most, just like domestic whites.
      Same can be said for India, where the lower castes breed like mosquitoes.

      1. jbwilson
        When I was in India at train stations, I met people that had lived there all of their lives.
        Brahmin however will only have 1-2 kids.
        1 and 4 Jews in NYC is on welfare. Not singling them out, but just as an example.

        1. Those Jews are of the orthodox kind, the ones that follow the Talmud so closely that they don’t have time for more than a part-time job.
          The have about 12 kids per couple. In fact, a Niagara Falls paper mentioned that there is a downstate town where they demographically took over and instituted their own Jew sharia, growing to the point of taking over other towns. With one million in lobbying, they were able to redistrict neighboring towns, so as to expand yet preclude Goyim from voting there.

  16. Good for the husband.
    All he needs to make sure of is that he doesn’t take her back once her “adventure time finding herself” is over and she crashes and burns.

    1. She’s pretty fertile, so she might have a few left for Mr Mamadou Jallow, despite her age now.
      When a few years have passed, and they’re back in the UK, with all the paperwork is done for Mamadou and the new kids, he’ll move on to something younger.
      She’ll do whatever she does, but don’t worry about the kids – Andy will take them in – after all, looking after 11 kids isn’t that much different to looking after nine. He’s got the experience, and he obviously likes [her] kids.
      Good man Andy!

    2. #1. hooking up with a woman who has kids;
      #2. Not being married to the woman when you squirt out six more kids;
      #3. Not being married for 18 years of your relationship.
      Yes, after she has ridden the mandingo african cock carousel she will be back. I guarantee he will take her back.

  17. She’s a filthy stupid whore, but she didn’t suddenly become one. The idiot who married her and adopted her spawn is lucky to lose her. But his past decision making indicates he’ll probably take her back when Mandingo gives her the boot.

  18. Why is a walking fugly stick like this even newsworthy? Women have no moral compass, ugly chicks often go mud shark…. been this way forever, why is it news?

  19. She is uglier than 5 day old dog shit, I bet she smells worse too.
    This is a really racist joke, I don’t really believe it, but it makes me laugh…What’s the difference between a nigger and dog shit?
    At least when dogshit gets old, it turns white and stops stinkin.

  20. “Andy has raised three children Heidi had from a previous marriage as his own.” – CUCK ALERT! The freaking warning signs are ALWAYS present in the beginning!

  21. The problem is that the world changed for whites. Whit men in the past are the most alphas of the alphas. Most women around the world still consider white man as the man who came and colonized their country. They fantasize about him and want white cute children with blue or green eyes. while the more black african was the weakest human being despite physical prowess. Black slaves used to be castrated to protect and made into domestic servants for the Arabs. Arabs used to have millions of black female sexual concubines while black men stood dickless. Now adays, since 2000, Blacks are considered the dominant in the U.S. and still hollywood tries to weaken image of legendary white man who dominated the earth, for empowring minorities like blacks and showing them more alpha and sexually than whites.

    1. “2000”
      Technologically we passed a point in 2000 five years after the internet when a great many of the jobs that maintained the black population disappeared or were outsourced.
      Blacks have gotten poorer and more crime-ridden since 2000 in fact. We do not notice this because prison sentences are now so harsh that a black only commits one or two felonies and he is locked up for 40 or 50 years-incarceration rates reflect how much crime actually has risen and America is really a privatized police state.
      Latinos have driven blacks out of the ghettos. Crips and Bloods have lost ground to the Mexican cartels. On the street level Blacks are not as feared as they were at the height of the crack era partly because whites went to their doctors for scripts. Nobody smokes crack anymore, which fueled black gangs.
      Black reproductive rates will always outpace any attempt by Socialism to lift people out of poverty with the re-distribution of the GDP. They will continue to have 5, 8, 9 kids. Finally whites will have run out of all money as we age and Asians or Jews or Iranians in America (If any of these groups bother to stick around) will say “Fuck this, we cannot afford more black orphans on the welfare rolls. We just won’t pay.”
      Latin America’s Brazilian favela slums-mostly comprised of blacks and Mulatto populaces descended from Africans who mixed with Indians-reflect the degree to which Latinos will be concerned with black poverty.

    2. The whole program is to destroy the west and render it a sexless, raceless defenseless zone that can be easily liquidated of unneeded population and reorganized into a corporate plantation slave state.

      1. Meh, globalists don’t need American workers and they already have a plantation slave state in China, Bangladesh called “outsourcing”.
        Americans are essentially irrelevant.

        1. Steve Jobs got into a shouting match with Obama over restrictions, regulations and taxes for producing Apple products in the USA. This is when the whole assembly went to the Chinese Foxconn slave camp and rumors arose of Jobs being terminally ill. Several years after his death, a man resembling Jobs was spotted in South America.

  22. Anglo women are utter gutter trash now.
    When I saw some desperate Portuguese mother working her fingers to the bone in some shitty low-dignity job, I felt genuine pity for her and did whatever I could to make her life easier.
    But when I hear of some self-important delusional Western woman getting raped and beaten to death by Tyrone because she was too bored with a normal life, I laugh with joy inside.
    It’s hard to empathize with those who have no shame. These sluts deserve a strong dose of pain and privation to add a little perspective into their pathetic fantasy of an existence.
    And I equally despise the spineless cuck faggots who indulge these worthless sluts. They are the true enablers of this sickening circus called Western culture. The mere mention of the word “Western” makes me want to puke my guts out in gluttonous disgust at what my people have become. I wouldn’t shed a single drop of blood or sweat to defend this disgusting existence.
    This English slut deserves to die alone and destitute.

      “Portuguese” ? Where do white women from Portugal do this? My father owned a beach house in Portugal and the country did not seem destitute. Actually it seemed a bit better-off than Southern Spain, which had more of a Moroccan North African feel to it.

      1. Your English reading and comprehension skills have a North African feel. Where did I write that I was from Portugal?

        1. To wit, I quote “desperate Portuguese mother”
          Where did you see “desperate Portuguese mothers working their fingers to the born?”
          Portugal is not that poor.
          I’ve been there.

        2. I’m the German-American son of a doctor and born in Detroit.
          You wrote “desperate Portuguese mothers” and I am curious where Portuguese mothers are living in desperate poverty?
          I have visited Portugal and it is not that poor.

        3. It would be redundant to call a Portuguese woman in Portugal Portuguese. Why else would I single out her nationality other than to emphasize the point that she is a foreigner in my country?
          That is conventional.

  23. Detroit Suburban White Here on the Interracial Experience
    To begin with, these white women are usually either lower-middle class trying to rebel against their racist redneck white Daddy.
    First a bunch of white males fuck them and they go through the usual white low IQ slut stages including bisexuality until finally they realize that within the black male population their status is much higher.
    When they first experience the big black penis and the live-in-the-moment sunny tropical short-term outlook of the African male they feel like they have found a tropical paradise even if it is snowy Chicago.
    However the drugs come quickly. Weed is familiar to them but the black drug cocaine soon becomes the white woman’s second love. Then it turns to crack cocaine, the Negro’s true love and the reason his own females are crack whores.
    Quickly the white women who is now hooked both on drugs and the deep G-spot orgasms of the 10 inch black penis is contaminated both by the cocaine and by the STD’s and criminal trappings of the Hoodrat Negro. She begins to shuffle like Eminem and claim affiliation to her Negro lover’s “set” or “hood”.
    Eventually the Negro begins to degrade her and expand her various body holes with his big black dick like a battering ram.
    He also hits her.
    Finally, if she survives/avoids jail/crack whore-dom/getting killed simply for being white in the ghetto this white woman will return to white civilization as a Lesbian.

  24. Whenever I see a mixed race couple, my first thought is usually, “He sure could do a lot better than that.”

  25. Sometimes you would swear there was some mind control shit going on where women go batshit stupid and abandon their nests. You see mothers be fine one munite, and then like a subliminal command on queue the fly off stupid. This usually ocurrs in regions or areas so this indicates it is some sort of field energy being pulsed. There ARE tactics of warfare where brain scrambling frequencies are weaponized and used to disorient populations. They can sync a frequency specifically to your wife’s amygdala and literally ‘ZAP’ her stupid. Again it is weaponized and it is warefare. You also notice droves of women abandoning their nests in certain rural locations and not in others. The phenomenon appears in clusters of nearby proximity. The safest bet is to raise your family out where there are no cell phone towers. Those towers do more than you think.

  26. Oh, this is so spot on. I remember reading an article about old, fat European women going to Africa to bang black 20 year olds.
    One African was disgusted but he had to do what she said so he could make some $$$.
    “She wanted me to fuck her, in the ass in the water, right on the beach. That is not right.”

    1. DON’T screw in the beach water no matter your race. Only swim in crystal clear surf. Avoid Indian beaches. Indians crap right on the beaches and out in the open.

      It’s a lower caste thing to openly defacate. The low caste indians also have a perma smell on their bodies from wiping their ass with their hand. They finger their asshole dry so it doesn’t start to itch. An low caste Indian will literally scratch their anus hole with their fingernails and then dig their nose. Don’t shake hands. There’s nothing to wipe with on the beach other than seaweed.
      Dark mestizo hispanics are similarly low caste and have a similar perma smell. I knew a salvadoran girl who was 4’11” and looked somewhat like Jeb’s wife ‘the Aztec midget’ only darker and ruddier, a complete mestizo mongrel. Her hands stank like shit after she used our bathroom. She left the doorknob on our bathroom smelling like shit. She herself smelled like very old and unwashed ‘boatlift’ or ‘bus station’ smell. The unique property of bodily perma smell impregnates the skin. Some low caste races you can smell a mile away when they fail to follow protocol in putting their shit where it belongs and when they fail to wipe their colon squeaky clean and wash their hands afterwards.

  27. British/Irish young man here. Fuck White British women, honestly, I’m not saying I’m model material, but I’m handsome, fit, intelligent and I don’t even get a second look by White British women. It’s funny though, when I’m in Cyprus both the local Greek and Turkish Cypriot women liked the look of me and were smiling at me when I was on the beach and had a muscular body and six pack (they are a rich country and part of the EU, so they aren’t after money or a passport). Same in Morocco but this time they were going crazy over me, I actually got touched by women on the sly there. Probably a mix of finding me attractive and thinking I’m rich. The difference is both the Cypriot and Moroccan women are incredibly hot, whereas British women are unkept and ugly but expect a 6’4 250lb man with 6 figure salary despite the average Western man being 5’10 180lb and having a 5 figure salary. As I keep saying I’m going to move away when I finish university, far, far away from odious British women lol.

    1. I’ve been to Britain. Not one woman there was attractive. Now, most of the women were foreigners in London, so by default they’re gonna be ugly ass Continentals: Germans, Belge, Flemish or French. I don’t blame you. A British mate of mine in the Royal Marines married a beautiful Jamaican woman and I don’t blame him. Attractive British white women are as rare as snowballs in Cameroon.

      1. British women are a bunch of vile pigs who drink so hard in their youth that by 26 they have that deep frown line wrinkle from being constantly butthurt at everything.
        By this stage their ugly, dessicated faces preclude them from marrying that alpha chad they all believe they are entitled to. But it takes a while for that to sink in, unlike their grand canyon wrinkles.
        All I can say is absolute gutter trash and filth lying in the streets and curbs at 3am on any weekend night. Lying there drunk in their own vomit with their clothes falling off and legs spread wide open.
        It doesn’t shock me that Islam is gaining ground. I bet a decent number of converts are red-pilled white men seeking a mandate to subjugate these vile cunts and destroy their sick and disgusting “culture” along the way.
        Now that is an epic legend narrative right there… European Chechens lol

      2. Even the exotic British White women who look less British and more Mediterranean are still plain James by world standards. They still have that British unimpressed facial expression.

  28. What difference would it make putting makeup on that hideous looking wilderbeast? She’s only fooling herself.
    My dick would never forgive me if I put it anywhere near that disgusting thing.

  29. Let the pig go, Andy. You and the kids will be far better off without her. Someone who’d pull a stunt like that isn’t worth having in your life. The bitch did you a favor by showing her true colors and leaving. Her African boy toy will have his way with her, use her to get a visa to the UK, then kick her to the curb. She’ll be the one who ends up crying in the end. Piss on her.

  30. Let the pig go, Andy. You and the kids will be far better off without her. Someone who’d pull a stunt like that isn’t worth having in your life. The bitch did you a favor by showing her true colors and leaving.

  31. The REAL story here is:…
    “crazed ugly old whore ran off to a disgusting monkey in afaca”….
    Probably drugged up on SSRIs….
    Will be beaten the sh!t out of, contract AIDS, gang ass banged then return to the UK
    murdered and dismembered…. (BETTER!!!)….

  32. what a stroke of luck for her to just leave the kids with the father. I would have loved for the ex-wife to have done that 15 years ago.

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