Feminist Gets Punched In The Face After Telling Black Man On Subway To Stop “Manspreading”

Via NY Post:

A woman says she was slugged in the face by a racist lunatic on the subway — all because she asked him to stop “manspreading.”

The aftermath of Thursday’s violent exchange was caught on video as a good Samaritan tries to defend the woman and usher her violent attacker off the train.

The victim, Sam Saia, said she was riding the N train through Bensonhurst while on her way to work in Manhattan when the man sat down and started overcrowding her around 7:45 a.m.

“He proceeded to press me against the wall and man spread me excessively,” she wrote on Facebook after the incident.

“When I asked him to give me room, he yelled ‘B–ch, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b–ches like you, f—ing c–t! You ain’t nothing, you f—ing b–ch!’”

The woman said she put in her earbuds and tried to ignore the raging man as he continued his tirade.

But the man then socked her in the mouth, bloodying her lip and knocking her head into the wall behind her, she said.

That’s when a man ran to the woman’s defense and started grappling with the suspect.

The good Samaritan, who described himself as being “not on duty right now,” told him to “get the f–k off the train.”

The attacker tried to apologize to the woman before exiting the train.

In her Facebook post, Saia said she reported the incident to police, although the NYPD said they did not have a report on file as of Friday morning.

The video is being investigated by police, an NYPD spokesman said.

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259 thoughts on “Feminist Gets Punched In The Face After Telling Black Man On Subway To Stop “Manspreading””

    1. He is clearly mentally unstable and needs locking up immediately and given pacifying medication. Since he has admitted rape he should be castrated forthwith

      1. You do realize that the physiological differences in male and female skeletal structures make men top heavy and women widest as their base when sitting, which is why men have to spread their legs for greater support while riding a vehicle that makes sudden movements, right? This whole “manspreading” thing is just feminism trying to micromanage men as if they were women. Men require a broader base of support to be able to keep upright while riding a subway than women do because women are shaped like a pyramid from their hips and ass to their waist, while men’s hips are their narrowest point. Keeping upright while your legs are closed as a man requires constant adjustment and strain on the lower lumbar to compensate for kinetic forces of the train starting, stopping, and turning.
        If a man closes his legs, he’s more likely to fall over and land in your lap… but maybe that’s what feminists really want. A little cuddle time with the patriarchy. A little accidental sexual assault.

        1. Yeah, keep telling yourself that; I don’t care if his hips are narrow this guy is a vicious animal that needs putting in restraints. End of story

      2. It’s ok buddy, no one deserves it more than feminist women. They voted for it after all.
        I wouldn’t worry about it.

      3. LOL
        Mike Tyson said once about being falsely convicted of rape:
        “I didn’t rape that bitch…but I should have.”

      4. Yes, clearly mentally unstable, yet the dumb broad chose to engage him. Who in their right mind tries to engage someone who obviously has a few screws loose and shows all signs of being potentially violent? If she had any sense, she would do what I and anyone else with common sense does when crazy people are near: Get away from them.

    2. Spare the rod, spoil the child (or woman).
      Children and women who are not routinely spanked become spoiled and entitled.
      Feminism is the result of beta providers not doing their job as men with regard to maintaining discipline over their children and womenfolk, including judicious use of corporal punishment when indicated.
      Unfortunately, this total stranger had to do what her father didn’t do while she was being raised, assuming she had a father or other male role model in her life growing up.
      Our society is a mess.

        1. No, not at all. This is about wet little soyboys playing with their parent’s computers without permission and TRYING to sound like real men. Theoretically one should just pity them but personally I save my compassion for those who deserve it. These morons I classify as stupid is as stupid does; they have to live with themselves and are their own punishment

    3. The funny part of this is how quick EVERYONE was to take her words as the truth. Didn’t she make herself out to be a little too passive in her recounting? Her story doesn’t even follow cohesion. If he yelled about how he mistreats “white women” and then punched one who was silently avoiding him, why would he apologize at the end? And she seems to recall exactly what he said yet we have no quotes about her exact words and actions. I doubt this story will ever see light again but my assumption is that if we don’t hear about it again, it will be because her account of the incident won’t match what actually happened and his actions will be proven justified. Let’s see how this unfolds.

  1. Entitled bitch deserved it. The bullshit excuse they use that it is oppression is their convenient lie to be stupid and self entitled spoiled brat to other people. its the ‘ME ME ME” attitude that has made society so freaking and unneccesarily tedious and rude.

      1. Yes,
        and women should be banned from speaking to men in public. Look how well that has worked out for us over the last 50 years.

      2. “Bitch, you ain’t nuffin! I’ve raped white bitches like you, fucking cunt! You ain’t nuffin, you fucking bitch!” Just another black philosopher. Not a virgin though, he has raped White women.

      3. The problem is that there is nothing this man did wrong according to feminist standards of morality.
        Because he is a man “Of Color” the standards that apply to White Men are “racist” and do not apply to him. He is a victim of her “racism” and she deserves everything he unloads upon her.

    1. You are the entitled bitch here. Men do not have the right to administer violence to anyone let alone defenceless women. Feel free to live in your fantasy macho world but if you think you can assault people you don’t like and escape eventual incarceration you will be most disappointed

      1. Happens to females all the time in Muslim majority countries.
        If you’re female you’d just better pray we win so the Muzzies don’t take over.

      2. Lol yeh the law will save you. It does such a great job protecting women from muslim rape in europe hahaha
        The law shits on you cuck

      3. “Men do not have the right to administer violence to anyone”
        umm, no…. there are many situations in which violence is acceptable. Self defence being one.
        “let alone defenceless women”
        depends… did the ‘defenceless woman’ try to shoot you? were you so enraged by something that you couldn’t control yourself? the law recognizes various provocation defences to both criminal assault and civil battery.
        maybe what you mean is that morally men shouldn’t hit women. I’m not sure that is defensible either.
        you are better off explaining what is wrong with THIS situation. In this situation none of the provocation defences would be available. He wasn’t in danger, the situation was not one that would provoke a reasonable person to react violently, etc etc.
        It is satisfying to see some feminist get a punch? Yes. At the same time, this is a violent savage who is walking the streets, and clearly he was in breach of the law.

      4. Women are not defenceless because gender is just a construct, in fact they are much stronger than men, which is a bit strange since gender is just a construct. The math dont add up but I must be right because that’s how i feel.

      1. oddly enough it is white women who excuse behaviour like this from blacks. It is right wing men who tend to point it out. Mention the black on white assault/rape rates (versus white on black) and left wingers will immediately call you ‘racist’.

      2. “I judge every case separately”. Oh you sure do, and when it’s a black male perpetrator, the left along with yourself tend to look the other way so conveniently.

        1. I usually wouldnt reply to a comment where the poster has race issues, but the left doesnt ignore it, or put up with it, they just know that many more issues come into play( at least a much high probability than for most other ethnicities) that are not nearly as easy to deal with as the surface problem

    2. So now if you don’t want to be pressed against the wall, you are entitled, you bitter sick fuck?

        1. Not a masochist. I’m a sadist. Everyone needs to feel more pain. If they did they might appreciate life instead of this bullshit drama masturbatory freakfest of a university.

  2. But the basket weaving professor at Marxist U. said this would never happen.
    Didn’t the comrade subway rider know she is for diversity and equality
    über alles?
    She hates the cisgendered white male patriarchy and is down for the struggle of the brown people she avoids like the plague.

      1. She wasn’t avoiding anything, she was initiating.
        She’s just another self entitled “brave” woman, who has been bravely cowering behind big men too stupid to know better. Now she has a great dramatic story she can tell the other little hens, and they will all praise her for her “courage” and for being a proper little victim.

        1. Wrong. He was initiating. Violence. I do not hold with the indiscriminate use of physical force but had I been present I would have knocked that fellow into the middle of next week. It matters not to me if the woman is a “feminist” because she is first and foremost a human being and to that end deserving of protection against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. It equally matters not that the culprit was a dindu, I will not discriminate regarding the colour of a person’s skin. Black, white, brown, red or yellow, if you attack a defenceless woman I will strike a stance and knock you down without a second thought. In true American style I will shoot first and ask questions later

        2. “had I been present I would have knocked that fellow into the middle of next week”
          Why? Obviously he is a loser and a criminal, but why not let the law deal with it and avoid a charge of being racist for hitting a black man. Plus he could have a knife. Unless you are willing to kill him, don’t intervene.

        3. “she’s just another self entitled “brave” woman, who has been bravely cowering behind big men”
          this part is true.
          women like this are in denial that bad things will ever happen to them. as soon as trouble rears its head, these ‘anti patriarchy’ types begin calling for a big man to save them (e.g., the police). Kind of pathetic. She learned the hard way that not all of those oppressed minorities are going to take kindly to her progressive views.

      2. “she was avoiding a deranged psycho”
        No. She could have got up and moved to another seat. She was bossing him around..being a coont…shit testing him similar to the white cucks (like you walkthemaginaway) she is used to easily dominating.
        Well, she done just got ‘dis-empowered’.
        Im loving it.

      3. Depends on how how she said it. If she was bitching out loud telling him to fucking stop manspreading, it’s an insult and insults have consequences. Equal rights (and lefts) for everyone right ? If she asked him politely to take up less space then his reaction was wrong. Considering the behaviour of the average western female, I seriously doubt the first possibility.

      4. I had no idea “avoid” was synonymous with “engage”. If she was avoiding a deranged psycho, she would have been nowhere near him. It’s not like the subway was packed.

  3. Fucking nigga should be turned back to slave to white people because niggas are good for only a thing, to be slaves to whites. Back then, if he’d have dared to hurt a white woman, he would have been hanged. I’d have beat the crap out of him if I’d have saw that scene.

      1. Well those days have thankfully gone and just to ram that fact home to you pointyhats a black man has been living in the White Man’s House for eight years. He’s been replaced now of course by a mentally unstable white man who wants to build a wall around America. LOL

        1. Leftist “identity politics” aside, Obama is not black. Yes, he calls himself black. No, that does not make it so in the real world. The fact is he has a white mother, making him bi-racial in PCbot speak, or to put it more crudely, a half breed. This does not make him both black and white. It makes him neither black nor white, but something else.

        2. My opinion about women: they should not be allowed to vote. When they are in “charge” society crumbles. They don’t have the brain, simple as that. All great innovations are made my man. Women are not fit to lead, not fit to any kind of responsibility outside the kitchen. History has proven it, and now it proves it again. Fuck them and their “diversity” feminist bullshit, they dont understand in your incredible stupidity that the hordes you let in want our heads on silverplatters, and the cunts in harems. Let the white man protect you, and shut up, it’s all your good for.

  4. Fucking idiot thought she was dealing with some white omega mangina who buys into feminist bullshit.
    Homies don’t give a fuck about white woman’s feminist bullshit.
    Dumbfuck learned the hard way.

      1. You have a good point.
        Since she’s a stupid liberal (“manspreading” + nose ring), it will likely take several years for the lesson to sink in.
        If it ever does.

        1. I like her nose ring. When I was growing up on a farm in the mid-west, we used to put rings in the noses of all the sows to keep them from uprooting the soil and making a mess of the yard.
          Liberal pigs should all get them.

    1. Fucking asshole is illiterate. The woman was being pressed against the wall and needed her space on public transportation. Where’s the feminism in that, you piece of garbage?
      Shitheads like you prove feminists were right all along.

      1. The feminism is in her use of the word manspreading, dipshit.
        WHO ELSE but a fucking retarded feminist would use that shit on a homeboy like that? And her nose ring?
        Yeah, a real traditional girl she is. No doubt.
        God are you are a stupid, naive idiot. I feel sorry for your daughter
        Get your fucking head out of you ass.
        “Feminists were right all along.”
        HAHAHAHAHA! Yep she sure was right, this time, wasn’t she.

      2. Obviously you are mansplaining about manspreading. Perhaps you should stop manbreathing and just start mandying.

      3. umm, if you have ever been in show business, there is a saying: ‘read your audience’ or ‘read your room’.
        in short, before speaking you might want to assess the person that you are addressing. talking to a ghetto black like this is going to trigger animosity… those street thugs are typically poor, illiterate, with low IQs but a big propensity for violence.
        not victim blaming, as he is still morally responsible for his actions, but she could not ‘read a room’ if her life depended on it. There is a time for a left wing sermon, and there is time to realize that you are dealing with a nutcase and STFU. It’s called ‘basic survival skills’.

    2. “Fucking idiot thought she was dealing with some white omega mangina who buys into feminist bullshit.”
      You don’t honestly think he’s a red pill guy that knows about all this ‘manspreading’ shit emerging from the left in recent years?
      As much as I’d like to believe otherwise, this man was almost certainly just a dindu who tried to hit a white woman the way he’s used to doing with black women and NOT a guy striking a blow against the left.
      Unfortunately, this was no political act.

      1. “You don’t honestly think he’s a red pill guy that knows about all this ‘manspreading’ shit emerging from the left in recent years?”
        Of course not.
        He’s just a dindu who don’t give a shit.
        I made that clear.

  5. How is she a feminist? Some jamoke was rubbing up on a white woman, then assaults her and screams a bunch of rascist, kill-whitey shit at her.
    The “good Samaritan” should have stabbed this subhuman trash in his throat.

    1. Only a dumbfuck libtard white woman would use the term “manspreading”.
      Her ass and that of the low IQ dindu should have been thrown off the train.
      Him, for assault.
      Her, for being a fucking moron.

    2. “The “good Samaritan” should have stabbed this subhuman trash in his throat”
      And instantly be credited with killing a poor aspiring college student changing his life around?
      who wants to step up and be the next George Zimmerman for the sake of some fat left wing hag with no brain cells or survival instinct.
      I’d protect a meritorious victim, like a child, but not some idiot like this one.

  6. 1st, LOL
    2nd, this is an almost perfect troll event, can’t make shit like this up. Right?
    Lastly, and most importantly:
    Imagine if he had been white.

  7. I think the ones who defend the black gangster are other black gangsters. He sexually harassed her, almost put her in hospital and you still defend him? Wtf!! I agree with everyone who say that blacks and terrorist muslims (not all muslims) are the worst things that exist in our society, people who are not good at anything except for committing crimes against whites/christian men/women. Fuck them.

    1. How does getting a bloody lip “almost put her in the hospital”? You must be one of those tards that goes to the emergency room for stubbing your toe and pushes the cost of Obamacare through the roof.

  8. Nazi scums. You’re angry on us because we’re stronger, braver and more manly and we get all your women. I bet that white whore will go after the black buddy who punched her rather than the white “man” who saved her. Because we’re the best, unlike you.

    1. Your black ass would not survive a week without the white man’s altruism.
      And stop culturally appropriating the white man’s technology.

        1. I use to so libtards like yourself will recognize the action.
          I didn’t coin the phrase, moron.
          I’m using it sarcastically, you fucking moron.
          You must be new around here to call me a libtard.

        2. Sure you are, faggot.
          You can’t fuck my day up, negro. You don’t have the proximity or IQ to do anything, dindu.
          No go away, you attention whore.
          I already suspected you were a cock sucking homo.
          No you’re proving it.

    2. Please. You are a race of brutes that somehow manages to still be cucked into raising other men’s children most of the time.
      Also, your culture has the worst case of ratchet females running around without guidance and control. You’re the most muscular, aggressive, large dick race and your women still treat you like you’re not shit. In other words how shit does it feel to be the most masculine and virile race on paper and still you are everyone’s bitch? You’re just workhorses essentially too dumb to actually put your physical prowess to good use. Nope. It’s all basketball and killing each other and being unproductive. You’re better off and less a danger to yourself when the weak White man keeps you in check.
      Also the majority of White women find your race repulsive. Jewish porn actresses don’t count. No White man gives a shit that Sara Jay wants you.

      1. Honestly, taxes from middle class americans (mostly white) are raising the inner city kids. So we are kind of like the cucks too…
        Although, welfare creates crime and poverty, so it does keep them all down and segregated. Make your own conclusion about that being negative or positive.

        1. I just consider it a fee well spent, keeping inner city yoofs in their hoods, so they stay out of mine. If the top 1% of them wants to escape their reality and apply themselves and join the middle class, i’m ok with that. All they have to do is learn to write their name with a pen instead of a spray-paint can, and they can fill out a job application and live a normal life.
          Not every black has an 80 IQ or below. Only half of them do. Some can be quite acceptable, and they usually divorce themselves from their kin and make something of themselves in white society through competitive cooperation.

        2. segregated? HUD is putting blacks into nice areas courtesy of tax dollars. Go watch the documentary ‘spanish lake’ to see how that turns out. They bring crime and devastation to good areas.

      2. FITZ
        I don’t actually think blacks are THAT much stronger than Germans or Irish, honestly.
        Blacks are willing to kill people because they have nothing to lose by going to jail for 40 years and fucking other males in the shower.
        There is one black kid from my Detroit neighborhood I knew of who went away in 1989 at the age of 16 for stabbing another kid to death and HE JUST GOT OUT this year at the age of 44 years old! Blacks don’t care if they lose half their lifespan in the can.
        The average German or Irishman wishes to keep his passport for travel and his job and his house and his money so if somebody calls him a name he ignores it.
        As for the “big dick” the sorta-white Jewish males in porn like Jeremy or John Holmes would give them a run a for their money.

      3. FITZ
        Blacks are not THAT much more muscular than Germans or Scandinavians.
        Nor is their dick much bigger.
        Aggressive. Sure, what have they got in life to lose? Their neighborhoods are shit. Their house is shit. Salary if they have a job is shit. Car is shit. City is shit. And so on.

        1. higher testosterone, higher aggression, less impulse control
          speed often wins in street fights, particularly with weapons. blacks have an edge in speed.

        2. Blacks are absolutely much more muscular than Northern Europeans. I witnessed this growing up when I noticed the young Black tend had defined muscles and the young White ones did not as much. Both were athletic but the Blacks were far larger. Thicker bones, broader shoulders, and more marked muscle attachments.
          It doesn’t mean a fucking thing in regards to blacks being anything else. They are still lower IQ and incredibly aggressive. The Nordics don’t have T levels that high nor do they have the same muscle attachments. Hell we can see how pussy Northern Europeans are based on the way they let dune coons cuck them. As far as American Whites, I haven’t noticed Northern European descendants to be particularly muscular, just fatter than other Whites and their women more apple than pear shaped. Fat Scandinavian women are quite beastly.

    3. FYI: The most popular inter-racial relationship is white male with an asian woman, both in the U.S. and internationally.

      1. DAVID
        I’ve pointed out that Eastern Europeans have some Asian blood anyhow. This is nothing new.
        “Races” are all the result of composite of previous races like British (Neolithic Celts from Northern Spain + Danes/Coastal Germans + Normans) or Sicilians (Greeks + Arabs + Italians) or Icelanders (Norwegian + Amerindian Squaws + Irish women) and so on.
        We are seeing a new racial pyramid that replaces the old 20th century poor blacks, lower-middle-class Italians, middle-class Irish Catholic and Jews, Old Money Wasps. It goes like this:
        White middle-class males + East Asian females = new race of technocrats
        Poor slovenly dim mostly redneck white females from the working class + black males = a Mulatto underclass like Brazil.
        So we have a BINARY Biracial phenomenon of poor white women marry poor black males and middle class white men with East Asians.

        1. eastern europeans have some asian blood?
          yes, on our fucking boots, you cunt!
          Sloveni in perticular, are the descendants of the original white people, the true Aryans, something you german homo cucks aspire too

    4. “You’re angry on us because we’re stronger, braver and more manly”
      So just think would you could do if you had our IQs?
      High T isn’t enough I’m afraid.
      Without sufficient awareness you’re just a dumb brute that can be easily manipulated politically.

      1. “Your IQ? ha ha ha hilarious”
        average IQ in african countries is what?
        how about south asia?
        we are talking < 82 in most cases. Some african countries report < 65. Retarded.
        A few black groups have higher average IQs, such as the Igbo.
        European average IQs (pre-invasion of the third world) were around 100-103 depending on the country).

    5. isn’t black human an oxymoron? you don’t make me angry in the least. i am white. i have the power. i have the intelligence, and the racial purity. we put socioeconomic controls on you “blacks” to keep you from destroying the society we white people created.
      the only reason we haven’t deported you back to your ancestral homeland is we are waiting for you to start a race war. bullets are less expensive than shipping containers.

        1. White people walked the moon when black people where hunting with bows and arrows. Enough said. And btw why dont you emigrate to africa when you love it so much ?Perhaps you could get that rape fantasy fulfilled there..im sure they are very into your feminists ideas lol 🙂

      1. Laughable bollocks. You don’t even have the power to push your puny prick on the upstroke when you jack off. Typical ofay boasting about nothing.

    6. Your women are good for sucking penises for crack cocaine at the lowest price and this is what white society’s greatest use for a modern black females is-a human oral vacuum cleaner. That is why the CIA invented crack cocaine to lower rape rates through white lower class truckers being able to pay with the money in their pocket to get a blowjob from a black woman hooked on crack cocaine because your people are so stupid they will smoke it.
      Even as criminals you are not as clever as the Italians or Russian mafias or redneck bikers and you’ll spend your lives in a cell on the old “down low”.
      You have AIDS more than other races because the Lord hates your race.

        1. LORD White men don’t have to wank because some “girl of color” will hooked on crack cocaine and will suck our white penises for the money that white men have in their pockets right in our car.
          I am a white man from Detroit and many a black crack whore sucked my penis for $25 (Yes) in the 90’s when I was young. Perhaps the price has risen to $30 but BLESS BLACKS FOR BEING CRACKHEADS.
          I am not racist about blowjobs and have received many from black female crackheads in the United States.
          Your women give the best blowjobs because they have the most practice from sucking cocks for rocks 20 x per day.
          You smoke crack because you are stupid and it is in their DNA.
          Now don’t get me wrong about the white trash and their meth-but these folks usually hold a job and less white women suck for bucks then black women in the ghetto.

        1. LORD INVADER
          Male black: forced to fuck faggots in jail where he lives half his life because he is stupid and gets caught every time he breaks the law (Unlike Italian mafia, for example)
          Female black: dick-sucking crack whore.
          Listen to the little anti-PC rant from the Democrat-voting black who pleads for more welfare and subsidized food stamps from Jews and Asians because when negros take over a city like Detroit it becomes as poor as Zimbabwe.
          Who begs who for money? Are Jews asking the black taxpayer for money? What about Japanese-Americans? Nope.

  9. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes who asks you to stop man spreading?
    Nothing, you already told her twice.

  10. I’m surprised she said anything to him as she wouldn’t want to appear racist according the deadly sins of SJW’ism. Usually, they just attack white straight men, because we have no recourse or “oppression” privileges.

      1. Jews don’t have to worry about blacks because they can afford not to live around them unlike Rednecks and scruffy white ethnics.
        Here’s a horrible secret guys”
        Most Jews are SMARTER than whites. The difference between a Jew IQ and a white IQ is about the same as the difference between that of a white and a black, maybe less.

        1. evidence please. 107 average for askhenazis, is what studies show. Sephardics are actually < 100. hence, you are already inaccurate. I have never seen stats for ethiopean (black) jews.
          average for countries like somalia is < 80.
          here’s something hard: math.
          100-80 =20
          107-100 = 7
          now, since 7 < 20, you are full of crap

        2. jews are white. They mixed for 2000 years with white. They are good at working together (and keep others out) which is the major reason for their success. When you know them, you see that they are nothing more than slimy leaches that eventually destroy their host and themselves.

  11. The N train is a fine when traveling Queens and Manhattan. Once it enters Brooklyn especially in the areas around Bensonhurst you are entering war zone territory. If you ever sat next to some ass who manspread on a NYC subway you would be pissed off and would understand where this woman is coming from.

  12. I would have told her to go fuck herself if she told me to stop manspreading, I’d only hit her if she tried to hit me first, like I would any man because that’s equality. I’m a White British/Irish guy myself and I’ve had to knock out two fat, ugly 200lb white slags and give them the one bang each on the bus because I looked at a pretty Latina/Middle Eastern girl and they got jealous and tried to attack me over it. If I was in charge I’d allow open door migration for hundreds of thousands of hot Latina and Middle Eastern/North African women only and watch them cuck White British women (or whatever the female equivalent of that is), they deserve it lol I’d be holding signs up saying ‘refugees welcome’ if it was only hot Latinas and Middle Eastern/North African women pmsl.

    1. My man!
      Use your superior intelligence to bait them into hitting you first, raise your voice and make sure other people (or cameras) can see it too- then feel free to lamp the bitch with impunity.
      Also White British/ Irish? You mean gyppo?

    2. You cannot be British and Irish they are mutually incompatible. I’d go with Irish if I had to choose since they are of superior stock

        1. Yes I get that but I feel one should come down off the fence and adopt a proper identity and not this half and half nonsense. I too have mixed parentage but have no problems knowing to which tribe has earned my allegiance. The Irish

        2. American whites are all “half-this, half-that” now after 4 generations in the United States.
          Irish are actually derived at least in some small part from Basque or whatever tribes from Northern Spain (Or maybe these folks migrated to Northern Spain FROM Ireland, who knows) whereas Brits are essential Danes with some German added.
          If you look at Welsh people (Tom Jones, Elvis Presley) the Celtic phenotype is WAY different than Anglo-Saxon.

        3. So many Welsh people with the Jones surname could pass in Spain. Gethin Jones, Steve Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc. Tom Cullen isn’t a Jones but he is a Welshman that passes in Iberia as well. Lots of Cornish are this way as well. The West Country has quite the Iberian look.
          Although sometimes I wonder if the heavy German jaw structure from the Saxons gives Welsh this parallel look with the Spaniards since I see many Spaniards and Germans have the large jaw that is also seen in the Dutch. Maybe it is a pan Atlantic trait. Some R1b carryover maybe idk. Definitely common here in Cincinnati.

      1. “Celtic Tiger”
        Superior stock? I don’t buy that.
        Irish go to London, Londoners don’t flock to Dublin.
        Irish are related to the Northern Spanish in the dawn of time (Basque?) and as a result they exhibit less of the Germanic/Danish capacity for organization than the English as a social whole.

        1. Some famous Anglo-Saxon leader was sent to study in Ireland. The roles have reversed somewhat in modern times. Dublin itself was named and settled by Vikings, plenty of English came there later. Modern racial stocks of Irish and English seem both Celtic and Germanic. Just look at the families, a Celtic phenotype can have a Germanic looking sibling. Culturally: English a bit more Germanic in the modern orderly sense, Irish more Germanic in the barbarian sense.

    3. Today I was standing on the edge of a bike lane leaning against a railing, with about 5 feet of clear bike lane next to me, when a liberal mangina rode up on his bike. Being the only bike on the entire street for at least 2 miles, he pulled to a stop and said, “Hey, excuse me buddy, this is a bike lane.”
      I just looked at him and said “Great day for a bike ride isn’t it!”
      To which he said “Maybe you should go stand over there…”, as he pointed to the sidewalk 5 feet from me.
      I then replied, “Oh god! I’m in a bike lane! Thank god you had enough situational awareness and adaptability to ride around me and not through me! You must be one of those smart liberals I keep hearing about!”
      He peddled off.
      Fuck I hate when these libtard fucks think the rules are more important than reality.
      I think that’s how we can tell if something is a leftist agenda though. If the rules make little sense when applied to reality, but people keep insisting they be followed.

      1. Upvoted for your response to the self appointed bike path sheriff. My response to a liberal passive aggressively telling me ” maybe I should…” is usually more along the lines of ” Maybe I should, but I’m not going to.” They either get really quiet and slink away, keeping an eye on me as if expecting me to suddenly charge and pummel them, or threaten to call the cops. I can’t always call which of those reactions I’m going to get, but its always one or the other. It’s a little unsettling how robot or clone like leftists really are. Maybe I should go with more mockery when forces inter an interaction with them and see if their responses are any different.

  13. This a bullshit story and not the standard I expect from ROK. On a bus, subway, plane, or train, we all must cooperate and respect space. If this had been a guy getting punched for asking someone to give him some room I doubt anyone here would tell him he deserved it. True, you take your life in your hands doing it cause there are crazy people on the transit system, but no one, man or woman, deserves to get physically beaten for what this woman did.

    1. If this was a guy getting punched, no media would have even paid attention. Only because of the feminist agenda and framing it as a brute man and patriarchy and rape culture does it get any goytime in the press.
      When women assault men or men assault men or even when women assault women, it’s ignored by society. When a man hits a woman it’s gender issue time.

  14. I’d rather see CCTV footage before I make any decisions. Perfectly reasonable thing to ask- so long as she wasn’t ‘privileging’ up on the N train.

  15. How come race or gender matter here? We have an attacker and a victim. It doesn’t matter what colour their skin was or whether they were gifted with a penis or a vagina.

    1. “How come race or gender matter here? We have an attacker and a victim. It doesn’t matter what colour their skin was or whether they were gifted with a penis or a vagina.”
      Boy oh boy…where do i begin? Change the race of the puncher to white. Ask yourself what would happen.
      She deserves that bomb in the mouth because she’s probably on of those “Heterosexual, white, conservative, christian males are evil incarnate”, so this is just the world becoming the way these people want. In this era people only think in terms of “for/against” something and nobody ask themselves what are the consequences of a certain act, law, ideology etc and if you are ready to live with them.
      As a “Heterosexual, white, conservative, christian male” i believe most of the knee-jerk responses here are because we’re fed up and any other reaction by us will be met with disdain anyway and viewed as a sign of weakness for those who hates unconditionally.

      1. Hey, it’s great that feminists hate me for being a white conservative middle age male with a 23 year old girlfriend.
        That way they stay away from me. The longer they keep from getting to know me as a person, the less I have to deal with their idiocy.
        Let them keep judging me without knowing me. They are only limiting themselves and their ability to socially interact in a positive manner with someone who could be working with them to end real problems in society like poverty and homelessness instead of fake symbolic idealist problems like the patriarchy.
        The left could do a lot of good in the world if they were able to identify real-world and not just blame symbols for problems which may or may not even exist.
        I wonder how many SJW’s have let a homeless person shower or sleep on their floor for the night, maybe give them a meal or even a smile.
        Where I live, we have one of the highest leftist populations in america, and one of the highest homeless populations, per capita.
        They do nothing but complain while the world rots around them.
        This is why I’m a conservative. At least I can work with a church group to effect actual change and help people who are suffering the effects of poverty. Leftist groups who do the same are few and far between, and usually want to impose a political ideology on people they help more than they want to help.

    2. ah yes, a leftist
      race and color don’t matter. just because the FBI stats show interracial crime is VASTLY out of proportion, we are not supposed to mention it
      it matters because the woman SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that the black male was likely to be violent. Black on white assault statistics is 50:1 compared to white on black.
      Duh. Statistics are hard.

      1. jbwilson
        Please, you are not part of the “white flight” and I am from Greater Detroit.
        At a certain point all other races and creeds-liberal Jews, Archie Bunker Irish-Americans conservatives, feminists will ALL leave when a city reaches the point that Detroit does. “Chicongo” seems on its way.
        Leftist is merely social politeness and nobody is PC when it comes to survival-they flee.
        People like you-possibly a Brit or suburban white have not seen what happens when in a place like Detroit or St Louis. Liberals, conservatives, Jews, Catholics…everybody is gone.
        Blacks stay because they lack the money or initiative to leave. This is why they get so pissed off in Florida when Latins overrun a place. Groids never have the money to leave.

  16. Leftist policies are to blame for this. Victimhood on both sides, and the poison of feminism making women believe they are untouchable. No one should be punched regardless. He should be jailed for assault. Funny how the media is not reporting on this. Does not fit their agenda.

    1. The piece was in the jew york post. The media is reporting on this only because it was a man hitting a woman, which fits the patriarchy rape-culture narrative.

    1. I think women dying is violent assault is under-representation of gender. Women need to die as often as men in these kinds of interactions and have equal statistical representation. Go Feminism!

  17. Yes I get that but I feel one should come down off the fence and adopt a proper identity and not this half and half nonsense. I too have mixed parentage but have no problems knowing to which tribe has earned my allegiance. The Irish

    1. I’m guessing your momma was “shanty-Irish” and like the BBC. That is usually how it works with inner-city folk. She was working-class and Tyrone the bone be sharing his crack and liquor.
      Or maybe you’re old school like Kunte Kinte’s grandson.

  18. I use to so libtards like yourself will recognize the action.
    I didn’t coin the phrase, moron.
    I’m using it sarcastically, you fucking moron.
    You must be new around here to call me a libtard.

    lol sorry for the caps i just fucking loved this story so much. TOP KEK, bros.
    (cue Charlton Heston laugh from Planet of the Apes)

  20. I understand that the woman in this situation was a self entitled bitch but hitting her was going too far especially when the solution to the problem as so damn simple. If I was in that scenario I would have just told her to fuck off continuing to do my own thing letting her know I wasn’t going to play by her arbitrary cunty rules.

  21. Not sure why this syndicated news is republished here. As others point out she doesn’t appear to have been taking any kind of feminist stance, and supporting a guy who boasts about ‘raping white bitches” probably isn’t a winning position.
    The problem with syndicated news like this is that there is no leadership provided in the presentation of the article with the result that some commenters revert to a default ‘bitch got her come-uppance’ which is highly dubious in this instance
    (If she really was making a feminist stand against mansplaining I take it all back and she can go to hell)

    1. we aren’t supporting the black guy… he’s a subhuman savage. Watch the video and see how he acts.
      We are laughing the feminist for being surprised that one of her pet oppressed minorities doesn’t respect her progressive self.

      1. well that’s the issue I addressed: its not clear that she was a progressive, or feminist. The only thing that seems clear is that she complained that he was impinging on her personal space

  22. She didn’t deserve to get hit or threatened. And if he really was in her space, he needed to get out of it. If she was just being a pushy bitch, she needed to be verbally corrected and then ignored.

    1. Thanks, Captain Obvious.
      Legally and morally she didn’t deserve it. What is interesting is the fact that she never contemplated such a reaction. Perhaps she romanticizes black men as these noble creatures who are horrifically oppressed by evil white men. At any rate, a white man had to save her from one of her pets.

      1. JBWILSON
        Look at what happened to European Jews when they pushed for Muslim immigration.
        It wiped them out completely.
        Sarkozy was the one who wanted a Muslim France and his own people in the Jewish quarter got wiped out.
        Big surprise.

      2. Legally and Morally?
        Was “divine right of Kings” considered legal or moral before it became open season on kings?
        As Clint Eastwood once said, “Deserve ain’t got nothing to do with it.”
        Life comes at you fast, brah.

  23. The stupid fookers HAD HIM IN HAND AND LET HIM GO!

    they must not be too concerned.

    The honest truth is that the mongloid should be killed, for everyone’s sake.

  24. Lol @ all the white knights in the comments digitally rushing to the fair maidens aid.
    Maybe if she didnt talk shit to a deranged train monkey she wouldnt have gotten socked in the mouth.

  25. She puts on her headphones after an aggressive man threatens her.
    Gentleman, witness a prime example of (1) women’s level of street smarts in a confrontational situation, (2) Women’s lack of appreciation for escalation and violence and (3) a contender for the Darwin award, because blocking your full senses in a threatening situation is absolutely brilliant.
    This never would have happened if she was raising a family at home or she was accompanied by her husband or a male relative. Kick the majority of women out of the workforce. Make male accompaniment for women law.

    1. Exactly. No goddamn survival instincts. The fool woman should have known better, and she survived precisely because one of those horrible, oppressive white males was around.

  26. In this instance I’m going to have to side with the woman.
    It may be a case where she was snarking to begin with, ir even cunterupting him when he tried to explain himself, but you don’t deal with an aggrieved party by slugging them in the face as your first course to dispute resolution.
    It’s a sign of lack of impulse control and civilised demeanour.
    Throw in the racial epithets, he us clearly acting out from a position of racial supremacy. Regarding thus chick as lower on the totem pole.
    Guys needs to be Zimmerman’d into a body bag ASAP.

    1. Blacks lack impulse control. High testosterone, plus low IQ. She should have known not to do this. I would not interact with one of these street thugs if I had the choice. I’d move.

      1. Lot’s of whites have high testosterone-that’s why bodybuilder champions are often Italian or German.
        Blacks LIKE prison because it is cleaner than the ghetto-30 years in prison does not bother them a bit.

        1. Scientifically there is no “German and Italian” high testosterone study but there is one about Blacks.
          Besides which how many Italian bodybuilders are you referring to? Same with German. Most of the winners of bbing comps are Black. Not that it matters since they all take roids anyway so I have no idea why you used them as an example.
          Compare a German/Italian lifter vs. A Black one. Not even close man. Blacks have muscles before they even lift weights. Whites have to earn them.

        2. FITZ
          Uh Ferrigno, Schwarzenegger…all the (Literally) biggest names in body building.
          Gee Eddie Murphy is born more muscular than Dolph Lundgren or Sylvester Stallone. Mike Tyson got his ass kicked by a white fighter (Granted the guy was bigger and younger than him).
          Now Anglo-Saxons from the suburbs might look at a Mississippi black and think he was hugely powerful but if you go up to Detroit you will observe some huge Polish on football teams.

        3. Yeah, Eddie Muphy or Notorious BIG are naturally more muscular than Schwarzenegger or Lundgren from birth not to mention all the UFC champions are BLACK (Yeah, right) and power lifting champions.
          Whites in the suburbs skew genetically towards weedy English puritans in the Midwest but you could ASK a black in New York and he would tell you Italians and Slavs are naturally muscular.
          You won’t see this in suburban Ohio because as I said Middle-American protestants are derived from weedy Colonial Puritan stock so maybe “T-Pac” seems huge to them.

  27. Is he a typical violent nig who cannot debate so he uses his fist like an overgrow child with the body of an adult? Yes. Was it sweet to watch a stupid liberal white woman learn first had that race is real, and perhaps she should be backing up her own men instead of waging a war against ALL men? Yes.

  28. Non-White males are not allowed to mouth off to – let alone physically assault –
    White Women, regardless of how obnoxiously feminist such women might be – this is the immutable Iron Law. The White Man did the right thing intervening. Now, having said that, he should have followed up by saying something like “You can thank the White Patriarchy now” to the woman, in order to inject a dose of reality into the situation ( not only for her sake but for the sake of everyone who witnessed this incident).

  29. Hey guys, I wanted to run something past some non feminized men.
    I’ve been seeing for a few months a woman who is a doctor. She is early 30’s and has been in long term relationships her whole life her count including me is 7. Her parents are still married and they seem to have a great family. I’m in my early 40’s. I have never met a woman I would consider to be a keeper before. I mean physically, tall, enormous breasts, cute face, she’s extremely no nonsense. All the things i’m used to from women don’t seem to work with her. Its like she isn’t from this planet.
    Would you guys bite the bullet and go all in on it?
    I am not sure what to do with this one since in my experience bitches aint shit…

    1. Go out, meet a few more women and then make a decision. if you haven’t met one keeper before, how are you supposed to weigh this option properly? Go travel, meet women and then see.

    Latinos (East Coast Sicilians + West Coast Hispanics) will always be more successful at crime because they are more cunning and well-organized than blacks. Tony Soprano usually manages to reach 45 or so before he goes to jail or gets killed. Hispanics are slightly less intelligent and organized than Sicilians because of the Amerindian blood but still have their shit together better than blacks.
    Crips/Bloods will never be making the kind of money that Gotti did. Their one source of income is from selling crack cocaine and this is why the 80’s peak of gang warfare in LA has died down because only blacks are stupid enough to smoke crack these days and marijuana is now legal.
    Rural whites are much better shots and capable of real off-the-grid insurgency (Waco, Ruby Ridge) while blacks can only burn down their own shitty crack houses and liquor stores in the ghetto. Then, sometime later, they plead with the government to rebuild the city. Sometimes it does if the city matters like LA to the non-black populace but if it is St Louis or Detroit the government does not give a bloody shit.
    Gen X produced the first interracial generation and these are mostly poor white women from the depths of the rural white or exurban poor who have kids with black males who have no interest (Or ability) to support them. I knew a few white girls from Detroit (Appalachians and Slavic Americans, seemingly) who had kids with blacks in 1995 when we were all 20-22 year old young people and without exception they have all raised a Mulatto on welfare.
    The US could be looking at a new racial pyramid like Brazil where there is a vast Mulatto underclass. Jews are going to hang around the top of the race pyramid as long as they are in the U.S. however.

    1. Are you seriously comparing Italians, 100% Europeans, to the average Hispanic from Latin Countries (90% Ameri-Indian mongoloid with 10% European blood) as both being the same type of people?
      Last time I checked, as Ruthless as Sicilian mobsters could be, they were nowhere near as Savage and heartless and structure-less, classless, tattooed animals as Cartels and (ABC)13 gangsters.

      1. CONQUISTADOR Comparison
        In terms of cost to unions, jury tampering, tax-cheating scams, bribery and so on Sicilians have more of an impact on the entire US system in dollars and cents than a bunch of Indians swinging machetes in a barrio.
        Nobody really cares what a Tony Soprano does to a complete shit-bag like “Ralphie” or a Chris who are middle-aged mobsters who themselves have killed 20 people. Let’s face it, NOBODY CARES what Italian mobsters do to one another. Many more are killed than society knows about and nobody in America gives a single shit.
        30% or 50% of Hispanic males are involved in gangs. If 50% of Italian-Americans were in the mafia than our government would have serious problems.
        Tony Soprano’s (Portrayed as not being not a very intelligent or successful mobster) entire family was only 20-30 guys and look at the $ millions in corruption (HUD scams, unions, construction) and violence they wreaked during the span of the series.
        Sicilians/Southern Italians are white with some Arab admixture. Central Americans who form MS-13 appear to be prehistoric Asian tribes from the dawn of time (Not exactly modern-day East Asian but some sort of earlier stone-age Asian group).

      2. “Cartels”
        I get the feeling that Cartel heads like Escobar or Tony Montana are from Old Spanish families (Pacino played a Cuban drug lord though he is Sicilian) where as the real barrio street shit like MS-13 are just Amerindians out of the jungle.
        Sicilians are not 100% European. They are about 1/5 Arab. Sometimes more.

    Blacks women are the ones who suck white penises for $50 on the corner.
    If we look at the sex industry white women are making $500 to $1000 a night as call girls, escorts, porn stars. Asian women make slightly less but still $500 a day.
    Black women are used in the most degrading way by white male truckers etc. as “lot lizards”.

  32. First time i’m commenting but since when is this site full of whiteknighting and actually feeling bad for some low-class dumb feminist bitch who got knocked out in a train?
    Who cares if it was a black man? A rapist? Shit’s funny. Take it as such rather than going full-on-whiteknight on this site out of all the places. “Muh white wommyn”

    1. Who said anything about feeling bad for her? I swear, people today throw out so many bullshit terms that they don’t understand….this is whiteknighting, this is whiteknighting, that is whiteknighting….like seriously, shut the fuck up…almost NO ONE here is whiteknighting for this woman.

  33. This is so pathetic. I don’t like to comment and inject estrogen into a testosterone space, but guess what? Testosterone disposes people against hitting people weaker than they are. So seeing that all the commenters are deficient in that hormone, I shan’t scruple to comment.
    When I was 9 months pregnant (both times) and after my babies had descended into my pelvic floor, it was very hard to keep my legs together. But if the transport was low on seats, I sucked it up, squeezed my legs together and balanced my bag on my knees with a smile on my face (which may have struck some Poles as psychotic, oh well).
    It’s ok to spread until you’re in someone’s space. Even if she had been a rude feminist (not mentioned in the article), that animal’s response wasn’t proportional. Good job showing why feminism exists, pusillanimous knaves.

    1. pusillanimous knaves??
      you play too many video games.
      We aren’t justifying the savage’s behaviour. We are laughing because the self righteous feminist was belted by one of her protected pets – one of the poor ‘oppressed’ minorities that intersectional feminism elevates above other groups.
      She didn’t seem to consider that blacks might have earned those FBI interracial crime ratios for a reason. VASTLY disproportionate, particularly rape and assault on women.
      Nope, so she gets belted, and then a horrible white male has to come in to protect her.
      THAT is what we are laughing at. How your feminist protagonist is useless, stupid and ill equipped to deal with the real world.

      1. jbwilson
        It is a bit like sympathizing with “Rural white poverty” when Leatherface is bounding after you with a chainsaw or the family from Hills Have Eyes.
        Dumb black violence is a thunderstorm to be fled from.
        White feminists fled Detroit along with liberal Jews and once gone the people remaining in Detroit were too stupid to do anything with it.

    2. In a polite society, rude self entitled egotistical scumbags don’t PROVOKE others because of “muh feewings” idiocy.
      Provoke to get a response, she got it and deserved it. This event STARTED when a feminist put her concerns of her own feelings FIRST, instead of some self control to shut her damn yap, and get on with life and its minor inconveniences. She likely would not have been justifiably belted but she had to soothe her selfishness at the expense of a man, regardless of size persuasion or”race”… She initiated RUDE behavior and got a consequence for it.. BRAVFUCKING OH!

  34. “When I asked him to give me room, he yelled ‘B–ch, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b–ches like you, f—ing c–t! You ain’t nothing, you f—ing b–ch!’”
    Yep, what all black men live for….but hey, at least the feminist bitch got a taste of diversity since I think the guy was from Somalia or something (not sure though). I bet she will go on a tirade about how white men need to die now.
    White women are starting to learn that other men don’t give a fuck about their “white female issues”.
    Funny thing is, in a normal society I would consider this behavior atrocious, but since it is a feminist getting socked in the face by a poor black dude because she told him to stop man spreading…well, I kind of feel better now.

  35. She was not real New Yorker. A real New Yorker would have moved. Never engage with street thugs on the subway. Duh. I am NOT absolving his violent reaction. He is a fucking thug. But don’t expect a thug to act like a soy boy in your fucking dorm. Dumb bitch! She yelled at a black man and got hit…and is surprised. Duh! I am a 195 pound 6’2″ honkey and I don’t engage, I move the fuck on. Dumb broad.

    1. Exactly. The dude also looked like he wasn’t “all there”. Unless a one is ready to “throw down”, engaging an obviously unhinged and violent street thug is beyond stupid. Dumb broad forgot she wasn’t back in “flyover country”.

  36. I don’t really condone violence against women, but don’t tell me this SJW bitch didn’t deserve it.
    I’m totally fine with this.

  37. I thought women can kick men’s asses up and down the street like I see on TV and movies all the time? You mean that’s not real? [/sarcasm]

  38. Fuck trains anyways nasty smelly vector inducing shit wagons. I hope the next person who makes “manspreading” a big deal on a train gets stabbed repeatedly in the meat sack.

  39. This is yet ANOTHER contrived story for the clamp-down media to run with. Notice how ALL OF A SUDDEN, post Obama-Soros Halloween in Chicago symposium every male in Hollywood and every man in general is somehow “errant” in his relating to women. This shit is FAKE. Ridicule it. Laugh in the face of anyone who refers to it. Do NOT argue the merits of a random subway black vs. (((SJW))) “victim”. You live in an age of total shit. Do NOT try to make sense of it or waste your time on it.

  40. True, that foolish opinionated woman should’ve kept her damn mouth shut. Also true, that fucking thug shouldn’t have punched her just the same.

  41. It’s SO FARFETCHED that a vile street n!99er was antagonizing a white person on a subway train by sitting like a n!99er animal and taking her space??

  42. Pretty dumb to use a sexist term such as “Man Spreading” to an unstable individual to begin with in an argument. I don’t condone violence but I suspect this lady thought she could play the woman card and felt privileged to say what ever she wanted without any repercussions. Clearly that did not work and she got a taste of being a man.

  43. If this story, as written, is accurate, that man’s behavior was atrocious and would be so no matter his (or her) race, sex, sexual orientation​, etc and so on.

  44. I’m only reading one side of the story here. Granted physically violence- on the surface, may not have been warranted. But an unprovoked verbal attack against me, my family or America may win the mouth that uttered it a one way ticket to the pavement. Freedom of speech is free. But if you freely vomit your crap in my direction it may come garner a price tag. Ass-hats believe I’m fully entitled to their mental illnesses. When I was young, and kids were plentiful and lawyers were few, misunderstandings were handled. (And then we usually went to someone’s house to lunch and lied to our mom’s to the reason being the black eyes.) 3 Keys to a healthy smile; 1. Brush after every meal, 2. floss once a day and 3. keep your opinions to yourself.

  45. Look, idgaf about the feminist getting punched, but this animal bragged about raping white women. Stop defending this rapist subhuman trash.

  46. Fake news! She was already found out to have made up the whole story and I think she’s being prosecuted for a false police report. Just another SJW feminist showing everybody how stupid she really is. When will these people learn that being a man is not a crime? That the world does not revolve around your feelings that change every 5 minutes because your hormones are raging out of control? That men don’t want anything to do with a tatted, washed up whore that thinks her nasty ass surely can’t smell as bad as the face of the guy next to her leads everyone to think so…

  47. Well this story turned out different. If it happened like she said and this worthless niggar was bragging about raping white women then he should be beat down. Now if she laid into him with a feminist rant then i would have hit her too.

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