How To Deprogram Yourself After Becoming A Male Feminist

Since feminists have the nerve to set up courses to propagandize men to be less masculine, it’s time we start deprogramming male feminists. Send this to any friends or relatives who drank the Kool-Aid. They certainly should read it—unless they’re afraid their beliefs are wrong and can’t withstand challenge.

Male feminists seem ridiculous, but it’s a serious matter. Enabling feminist dysfunction makes things worse for all guys, including themselves. It’s bad for women too.

What made you a male feminist?

Most of you simply care about women and want what’s best for them. However, there’s no reason you must believe a weaponized ideology for that! We care too, but traditionalism has better answers.  Note well, what’s good for women is not identical with modern feminism.

Perhaps you have a guilt trip. For example, if you took a women’s studies class, you got a very one-sided spiel. The professor said the last six thousand years were all about oppression of women—and it’s your fault (as if you could change the past). You weren’t told about all the men who sweated in the fields, factories, and mines year after year. They were doing this for their families, by the way. Sex roles work both ways, get it? It was the men who got drafted to fight for their nations; millions came back badly injured, or in coffins.

Others mistakenly believe that espousing feminism will make women like them. It doesn’t work that way. First of all, most women actually don’t support feminism, and it continues to lose credibility. Also, subduing your “toxic masculinity” and reciting talking points like a Chatty Cathy doll won’t get you a single girlfriend—trust us on this. If that’s you, how’s that worked so far? What women really want is someone who looks and acts like a man. So forget about virtue-signaling your way into someone’s panties.

What does modern feminism want?

Everyone has heard feminism is only about equality, still a common belief. When it began, that’s basically what it was. They finalized their major objective of universal women’s suffrage in 1920, and the job was finished with the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Since they got equality under the law, why is there still feminism? It’s simple: they moved the goalposts. Then it became hostility and radical demands to rearrange society, and even create a unisex world.

By the 1960s, feminism had changed drastically. Radicals, neurotics, lesbians, and others with a grudge against society came to the forefront—while claiming to speak for all women. Their rhetoric became extremely shrill and divisive. In a healthy society, the sexes have good regard for each other. So feminists sought to achieve their political goals by driving a wedge between women and men, a very foul deed. Radical feminism poisoned the social environment, and that’s good for neither women nor men.

Perhaps you’re thinking—“But that’s not real feminism!” Indeed, it has dozens of offshoots—now a sometimes self-contradictory hodgepodge—so we’ll have to consider the general consensus. The most radical are still the loudest, and the moderates can’t (or won’t) rein them in or even disavow them.

By the way, they certainly expect their male feminist allies to shut up and follow the Party Line. If you dissent about something—perhaps you say that paternity fraud is unjust, for example—there’s a good chance they’ll denounce you over just one item. All your past support will mean nothing.

Modern feminism seeks to turn women into a radicalized social class, united against men by unending grievances and victimhood rhetoric. They want government power to grant them advantages, typically involving income redistribution and reducing the consequences of bad life choices. Is that a formula for a healthy society?

What about male privilege?

At least these men have their male privilege.

Quite effectively, feminists have delegitimized “male privilege” (as they see it), although life certainly isn’t as easy for us as they think. However, they’re certainly not relinquishing advantages that society still gives them. Feminism only demands equality when it serves their interests. They want to have their cake and eat it.

Divorce law is still grounded in 19th century notions, providing the ex-wife an allowance long after the relationship ended, among other problems. Women still don’t get drafted in most countries. They’ve also acquired new advantages, such as hiring quotas and set-asides. Criminal law gives them preferential treatment. Then there are multitudes of women-only scholarships, social agencies, associations, and government programs. Feel privileged yet? Tell your feminist friends that this has to be changed because it’s structural inequality, and see how far that gets you.

How about the “wage gap”? What they don’t tell you is that comparatively few women choose high-paying STEM careers, because they’re not interested in nerdy stuff. They also don’t like dirty, exhausting, and dangerous jobs either. Further, men work more overtime. Why does being extra productive make us the bad guys? The truth is that the “wage gap” results from individual career choices, but feminists dishonestly blame “The Patriarchy”.

What about rape culture?

She lied because she got dumped, and then wanted attention.

It’s a dirty lie to say that we live in a “rape culture”. Since it’s a felony punishable by a prison sentence, that means it’s not culturally approved. Feminists trying to make men look like savages—including you—are fundamentally dishonest. The truth is that this (along with other violent crimes) has declined greatly from the early 1990s. The job isn’t finished yet, but demagoguery for shock value won’t help.

Early on, they may have merely intended to draw attention to the crime. However, things got worse when they started using phony statistics to bolster their argument. Further, they altered the definition of rape far beyond what it actually means. Lately, they include several other things under the category of “rape culture” (like flirting or “the male gaze“), conflating things that are impolite—at most—with dreadful crimes.

The resulting witch hunt climate led to a wave of false accusations. Some very highly publicized cases have turned out to be complete fabrications. With all the redefining and inflammatory rhetoric, consensual encounters which are later regretted (“buyer’s remorse”) can get you falsely accused. Campus tribunals resembling Star Chamber proceedings have the power to expel students without due process. When a crime actually takes place, the police should handle it.

This is bad for genuine victims who may face more doubts and scrutiny after this witch hunt. It’s also bad for all the people whose lives have been ruined unjustly. That could be you some day. Being a male feminist will not save you.

How feminism affects society

For half a century, radical feminists have been pushing their toxic ideology on the public, aided by useful idiots in the media. Even women who don’t identify with feminism have soaked up some of this. They’ve been told that it’s okay to get a divorce without good reason, single motherhood is super, abortion is wonderful, and so forth. It’s irresponsible to change the things that made society work. Much of the civilizational decline over the last fifty years is attributable to the feminist agenda’s unquestioned acceptance.

By themselves, the feminists couldn’t have gone nearly as far as they did without help from men. Most of their allies misunderstood the nature of feminism, considering it simply a matter of equality and justice. It’s time to stop supporting these dishonest radicals who have taken advantage of your benevolent instincts and will show you no gratitude in return, no matter how useful or self-abasing you are.

Being a male feminist is like being a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. After all they’ve lied to you, do you still want to be their useful idiot?

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92 thoughts on “How To Deprogram Yourself After Becoming A Male Feminist”

  1. I’m all for forgiveness and moving on but these nerds threw away their spirit when they decided to be feminist. I have no pity for men without the male essence.

      So they don’t reproduce and no unwanted kids being raised by weary middle-class 50-ish grandparents while Carl the Cuck runs off to find himself in homosexual raves.
      So what?

    2. as i said before, a male feminist is not a man anymore.
      he’s just a piece of shit who is delusionnal about his fight, or dishonest about his real intentions.

    3. “I have no pity for men without the male essence.”
      It’s really not so much a lack of testosterone.
      Male feminism is just an omega male reproductive strategy.
      Knowing that he can’t compete with other men in looks, strength, etc. he sells himself to females as a kind of indentured servant in exchange for occasional sexual favor.
      This is why sexual alternatives are so important in stopping feminism and gynocentrism.
      IMHO the first half of this video is probably the best explanation of how sex dolls/robots, VR sex, etc. can stop feminism.

      There are 2 ways to minimize gynocentrism.
      Traditionalism fought gynocentrism by depriving females of mating choice (only works if the majority of men are WAY stronger than what we have today).
      But the new way is to minimize male competition for females by expanding female availability by artificial means.

      1. A sex robot can’t replace a blood & flesh girl but I personally think some animals like mares or female ponies can, yet the ROK crowd has the typical religious-moral based knee-jerk aversion to it.
        All the arguments about consent, abuse, rape etc can easily be debunked too.

        1. “A sex robot can’t replace a blood & flesh girl”
          No, not in the technology’s current state.
          But even now a sexbot need not completely replace a woman.
          A sexbot only has to be good enough.
          It’s a question of sex output value per unit of your inputs (i.e. money, time, attention, effort).
          If the technology can hit a point where its output value per unit of input exceeds that of a real woman.
          Now at present this is only the case with a handful of men.
          But between yearly misandry increases by feminists (forcing upon you ever greater input) and improvements in the sexbots eventually it will apply to nearly all men.

    4. Barbatos —
      Fair comment.
      Have you also considered the possibility that a male feminist in reality is a man suffering a real mental illness which causes him to lose his soul?
      That being said, I agree with you that men without the male essence aren’t to be pitied.

    5. Absolutely right. They deserve zero sympathy. And as far as deprogramming yourself from this poison, I think the only method is a lead injection to the brain.

  2. I have little sympathy because modern feminism is objectively and completely illogical. If you actually believe it, you are some combination of ignorant and hypocritical.

    1. Look, most of them were raised without father figures. Most of them want to fit in. Most of them want to get laid. They’re a creature of a shitty environment.
      Last year I was surrounded by these cunts at my job. I openly acted alpha around them and would say stuff like, “So you’re a feminist? Good way to stay a virgin.” The reaction I’d get was stunned silence. Then after a few months of de-brainwashing (picking up random girls in front of them) some started asking for advice and looking up to me. Sure, not all of them, a couple were 30 year old virgins (no bullshit), but those guys are beyond help.
      Not all stories have a happy ending though, my boss, who was openly gay and yet married to a woman, ended up firing me for a random, bullshit excuse. Then a couple of days later did a full on character assassination as a warning to them to not be like me. Already had another job lined up, so didn’t give two fucks. At least I can say I tried.

    2. Feminism is an illness, like typhus or plague. While it is hard to be sympathetic to anyone who is insane (most of time voluntarily mind you), these ailing folks need treatment and therapy.
      We should reserve our scorn for those who don’t realize they are sick and in dire need of treatment for the illness of Feminism, not for those who are sincere in wanting to get the help they so justly need.

  3. Can cuck eunuchs really be saved? Maybe have a hottie in a maid outfit bring them a sammich?
    It could possibly trigger the poor soy boy snowflakes.

  4. Time to come out of the closet and admit my greatest shame ever: before taking the Red Pill, I considered and proudly declared myself not only a Feminist ally, but a Male Feminist! For real…
    Everybody has skeletons in the closet, so what? My punishment was imminent, harsh, and merciless: being Incel during all that very same time.
    What took me down that road?
    1. First of all, society told me that in the historical past, men oppressed women. I figured that I love women, so I do not want to oppress them.
    2. Secondly, women told me how they absolutely hate the Masculine behaviour of Alpha jerks. I figured if I won`t be like those Bad Boys, but I would be a Nice Guy instead, then women will realise what a treasure I am and they will love me much, much more then they ever loved those Chads!
    3. Thirdly, I totally bought into the Feminists pretending as if the man-hating was only about those other guys who mistreat and want to oppress women, those who beat them, rape them, kill them etc…, and I figured that because I am not such a guy, so therefore Feminism has nothing against ME.
    I know, I know. Boy, was I ever wrong…
    Feminism uses the love we feel for women, the natural chivalry we feel for women, our best intentions towards women, and twists it into a knife right into our testicles.

    1. I was a “feminist” too. I had bought into the dumb meme that “it’s just about equality”. And I wasn’t paying close attention to what was going on. But once I started paying attention, I realized that I’m the kind of guy they really hate. So I jumped ship. I now don’t even necessarily believe in gender equality.

  5. I’m getting sick of it. Here in Australia my 9 year old son is now serving a detention in Primary School (elementary for you Statesiders) for the heinous act of….retaliating when another kid was being an asshole to him. Don’t know about you but I can’t really remember being 9, and I sure as hell would not have been in control of my emotions if somebody was pushing me around. But oh no, the school system is run almost entirely by feminist snowflakes with no concept of the outside world. I told my kid quietly I thought what he did was good, standing up for yourself is important, and sometimes we have to eat a sh*tsandwich but don’t let it get to you. He understands. But we are in danger of raising a generation of beta chumps, useless, flaccid and dull. Screw that. I’ve taught him not to be a bully, but to not submit to them either, whether they are teachers OR kids.

    1. Good on your kid. Encourage that behaviour.
      My wife is a primary school teacher (year 3 this year). She told me not too long ago that boy 1 pushed boy 2, boy 2 pushed back and they are both in detention. I said if I was boy 2’s father, I’d be proud of him. That caused a shit-storm. We were having lunch at her mums place at the time and her mum and her sisters sided with me. I told her afterwards that I get the school has to have a “bullying policy” (bullshit) but I’d rather my kid miss out lunch one day and stand up for themselves than learn to be a victim their whole life.

    2. BITEME Greek/Lebanese Melbourne Experience
      Now I did the required Australian tour as a younger American and Lebanese and Greeks are pretty macho.
      PC has not indoctrinated them.

    3. I told my kid if he got in trouble for defending himself, not to worry about it he wouldn’t be in trouble at home.
      (if he’d gotten suspended for defending himself, I would have chewed out the teacher/principal and taken my kid to an amusement park for one day of his suspension)

      1. My Dad said pretty much the same thing to me when I gave a beatdown to a kid much bigger than me in 6th grade for insulting my mother.
        I overheard their conversation.
        Mom: “He’s twice the size of our son, and he beat him!”
        Dad: “Good for him!”
        I LAFFED.

    4. In the Land Down Under too, where Men Never Gave a Shit, ate Vegemite, drank Fosters and Chunder, clashed with The Humungus, produced Mel “I put you in a rose garden!” Gibson, and Mick Dundee killed Salties with a Giant Fucking Knife.

  6. Check out this Christian Pastor demolishing the Feminist hells called Iceland, Fenmark Sweden and Norway.
    This is gold.

  7. Jew feminist and CIA asset Steinem at 2:25 & 3:05 taylored a feminist program to atomize black families in the 60s.

    The white community was targeted in the same way, but separately. The feminist program to atomize and dismember families was race specific in its implementation. Jewess Steinem mingled with white leaders and socialites herself appearing white (as in just like me white) and pushed a version of the same fem-socioseparatism branded especially for the white community. Ergo: a feminist shot taylored specifically to kill off the white people. They had a different tweaked shot of feminism in store for each race. It was socio biospecific conditioning, closely related to a race specific pathogen.
    The feminist bug has to be killed completely to arrest civilizational collapse. Not a smithereen of feminism must remain. Any race or tribe harboring residual feminist ideology will succumb to re infection and become full blown terminal. The arrest and containment of feminism has to be complete and total. It threatens the life and survivability of our human species here on Earth.
    To eradicate the feminist bug, proclaimed male feminists aren’t the concern as much as the larger number of moderates unwilling to do a reset if you will, to turn back the clock to the building phase of the civilization. Ergo: the west must return to and re-codify the social mores with regard to the sexes that were enforced in the ‘building’ phase of previous civilizations which were:
    *Renaissance era Europe or *early Roman Republic or
    *Pre Alexanderian or Hellenistic Greece.
    The clock must be turned back with your tribeswomen, no exceptions. Feminism is race specific and the eradicating of it from within the tribe/race will strengthen the race. Eradication dealt by another race or culture (cross racial eradication) will backfire twofold. The countering culture will be cross pollinated with feminism and the feminist culture will complete the process of transforming into androgynous and raceless. Feminism is quite cleverly divised in this way.
    GET TO WORK men and commence turning the clock back.

    1. MCCOO
      What are all whites supposed to spend their lives as social workers “cock-blocking blacks?”
      Ron Jeremy and other Jew Male Porno people don’t give a shit about Jewess feminists. Not one bit.
      Why would I?
      Study Jews and how they are actually successful. Biggest strategy. They ignore everything but cash.

    2. JOHN’S Dealer
      My friend in Arizona was John. John was a pothead who bought weed from a Mexican dealer.
      One day the dealer came around with his son, aged 5. He saw him every so often and otherwise the dealers son was raised by one of his many forgotten girlfriends on welfare.
      My point is that Mexicans, Blacks and white trash will never get into feminism. They’ll just keep having children at 5X the rate of PC infused white males like Carl the Cuck.
      Since 1990, when out-of-wedlock births really took off and every deadbeat white trash I ever met or Hispanic I bought pot from or black had at least 2 kids out-of-wedlock the “Idiocracy” Pyramid has now risen.
      Let us look at Brazil as a model for where the US will be in another generation:
      Portuguese businessmen and merchants came to Brazil with white Portuguese women and had families on government-allotted property and became the clony’s administrators.
      Lisbon deported a load of Portuguese drunks and derelicts and vagrants and dumped them on Brazil where these people married with local Amazonian Indian women creating.
      Their Mestizo sons then had sex with African slaves to create a new Mulatto class.
      Today Brazil has a rich small white elite from old Portuguese stock and then a vast Mulatto-Mestizo Indian class and then poor blacks in slums.
      That is what we are looking at in the US.

  8. Internet tough guy here. I have never been, nor have I ever been remotely tempted to succumb to, the wretched scorn that is being a male feminist. Admitting to this heresy is like confessing to that one time you hooked up with a tranny( “on accident”). Bury it deep. Go out tonight, start a fistfight. Take up motorcycling. Carry magnums in your wallet, even if it’s just for show. Make haste.

    As a self-confessed “Moderate ‘True Liberal’ Feminist”, it illustrates the plight of men and illustrates my feelings on what the movement has turned in to. This article is objective and politically unbiased as far as the flawed Left-Right paradigm is concerned. This article very much represents many of the sentiments that I have made posting on RoK these past few weeks.

    > abortion is wonderful
    As a pro-choice woman, I can assure you it is not. Feminists are ridiculous, dangerous, and crazy for pushing this idea.

    > it has dozens of offshoots
    It’s a “religion” at this point with a bunch of ridiculous and unproven dogmas held up as indisputable proofs in spite of the fact that it goes against common sense, and it gaslights its brainwashed victims to believe that what is natural is just what “The Patriarchy™” brainwashed them to believe via gaslighting tactics. Projecting much, Feminism???

    1. FEM Abortion & Middle-Aged Male Realism
      Born in 1974 I came of age in the Grungy Hippy era of the early 1990’s. This was a cynical and decadent time when the Cold War ended and the Reagan-Bush-era values were sneered at.
      Loads of young women floated around college campuses or urban cities in general. Promiscuous, PC-infused, pot-smoking, sophisticated-cynical in black nylons and and Doc Martens. Aimless, scoffing at the Yuppie values of their parents or older sisters.
      I nearly got one pregnant at 20. “M” was a typical malcontent young middle-class white woman of 1994-her parents were hippies, she flitted around Community College and talked about Lesbianism and Feminism but really was not down with giving other girls oral sex and talked about going out to Arizona or here or there but really just smoked too much weed. I nearly got her pregnant (Usual late scare) and when this came to pass I told her we would have an abortion. No way would I have wanted to raise a kid and I was a starving student.
      But here is another story:
      Tasha was another early 90’s flannel and grunge chick with a leather jacket who hung around campus after failing out of college (There were so many female drop-out “Slackers” in the 1990’s). She smoked pot all the time.
      She met “Scott” a typical white trash pot dealer of the 1990’s who hung around selling pot to college kids. He himself only had a GED and was not a student.
      Scott was again, 20, and already had a kid with a Mexican petty female criminal from his hometown and he fled child support to sell dope on our campus.
      He got Tasha pregnant. She had the child.
      Tasha left the child with her aging weary then 50-ish parents and fled to California.
      So these are my two abortion stories.
      As a woman, maybe younger than I am, you might remember (Or maybe not) in the days before internet porn when there was so much recreational sex and all of us coped with the abortion issue.

        1. JASON
          Bless em for being smart enough to get cash.
          I don’t buy that Jews give a single shit whether white women fuck blacks, Mexicans or Yellows.
          Jews don’t care about whites as much white fantasize they do.

        2. jews that dominate the media, porn, ect. are far from innocent. Behind every White degradation is a jew, look for yourself. I deal in facts, not old jew boy myths like White hillbillys are making it all up. Whites aren’t fantasizng about jews being anti-White, it’s simply pattern recognition that anyone with half a brain can see plain as day. You are 1/8 jew and have jewish features, you’ve admitted this on another blog. You’re intelligent and entertaining but biased and irrational on the JQ.

        3. I don’t have “Jewish features”. Van Demme is 1/4 Jewish and he looks Aryan as hell. Its like Hillbillies who are all 1/8 Amerindian (Though this might explain why Missouri Anglo-Saxons are stupider than Anglo-Saxons in the UK)-Jew genes are all recessive.

        4. JASON
          I do not have Jewish features facially. Nobody has seen my face or will because I am a (semi) public person-real small time semi-public but still-and I have to deny the things that I actually feel for the sake of appearance.

        5. JASON
          That you would read every text on various message boards of anyone who had Jewish blood and then commit them to obsessive memory as you demonstrate that you have is amazing.
          Jews are THAT important to you?

      1. It was common in the punk subculture to screw lots of squid and finally settle to breed with a nice girl. Eeeh . . or what they THOUGHT was a nice girl. Some punk girls on the street were so young, it was blurry whether they were runaway or emancipated. This one girl, blonde, skrillex but good genestock otherwise and allowed to hang on the sidewalk at all hours by her hippie single mom says “muh mom cuts my hair”. Some frat boys drive by saying “I wouldn’t do that to my dog” and punks are like “We gonna fight these guys?” . . the life of a punk was never ending ostracism from the well bred yet stuck up croquet club socialite world.
        Face it, their diet sucked. Ramen noodles and a cigarette for lunch? A 15 yo emancipated punk girl needed to be eating red meat whilst breeding, tit feeding and servicing her patriarchal master. And barefoot, covering her botched haircut with a pre colonial era scarf. God if I could go back 30 years with what I know now, I would own those dumb bitches – and marshall them into a proper harem structured breeder clan.
        You wonder whatever happened to the old punk chicks. Use em or lose em with the milk jugs. Punk chicks bred minimal, maybe having an only child like many of their hippie mothers. I knew one older punk chick, now mid 30s whose hippie single mother emancipated her at 14 and sent her to backpack in SE Asia ALONE so as to empower her. She’s pushing 40 now, still dresses grunge, childless with a string of abortions and has pink ribbons on the back of her beater car.
        Hey canola oil CRISCO is for putting on your dick not in your mouth capiche?
        No red pill bearded man would ever plant his face in THAT. What a mess. Still virgins are born every day. Supreme patriarchy rumbles on the horizon. Feminism is headed for a big crash. Society will reject feminism wholesale so the main skirmishes will transpire around the bitter clingers, jew coaches in the legal and foundational advocacy and divorce rape industries. They won’t stand down and release their cash pipelines, estate liquidation markets, child support blood money account skimming bureaus and child trafficking underground economies without a fight.
        From what I saw, secular jews had a larger than average presence in the satanist/goth scene. Punk fashions followed their jew drivers like goy followed christ, so was it a jew inspired phenomenon? I dunno if the first safety pin through a cheek or first ear gague was done by a secular jew, but some of the first and most insane antics performed on the porno screen, dogs, mother on son shit ad nauseum was jew studs on the porno screen or the early jewess porno queens and their ‘artwork’.
        Not all Jews are inherently wretched. Ultra orthodox Mizrahi or ultra conservative jews like Michael Savage reset the bar. But you combine technology plus posh liberal educated suburbia plus secular jews and you have absolut ramen and valuum VOMIT. Sterile culture on steroids and it’s as contagious as ebola from the pits of the congo. Those jews need to be dumped into the wilderness to wander and boil out the scrough for a century this time.

        1. MCGOO
          You must be older than I am (I was born in 1974) because Jews in Detroit were referred to as “Beastie Boys” (Or girls) and were the original Eminem wiggers in the 1990’s and not punks. You’d mistake them for a light-skinned “Cholo” as they affected the same sort hip-hop affectations and only when you knew their name did you realize it was a “Beastie Boy”. They were similar to blacks (LOVED cocaine, drank Malt Liquor in the park, sex-crazed) but WERE more intelligent than blacks and less criminally inclined. Zeke and the other Beasties I knew became Medical Technicians or low-level banksters.
          “Alternative” chicks were all Gentiles and especially Goths. What happened to 1990’s chicks who bought the whole “I’m Bisexual and pierced my clitoris and practice witchcraft” FRIENDS-era trends is so sad you do almost wonder if some anti-Christian cabal designed it.
          50% of these chicks came out of it and washed the black dye out of their hair and took the piercing out of the clitoris and stopped smoking pot every day but there are a great number of 40-something Goth chicks dressed in black who were yesterday’s trend and now look stone-pitiful.

  10. An Irony:
    I don’t think Nina Hartley (Female Jewish porn star spokeswoman) or Ron Jeremy with their millions earned from sucking/getting sucked off on camera pay attention to Jewesses like Steinem.
    Jews have a high IQ let us face is. It is high on average. So they cannot be made to believe bullshit easily. They know that MONEY TALKS and BULLSHIT WALKS.
    Steinem probably hangs out with Jews in the porn industry in LA off-camera, having a few drinks. She did party a couple of times at the Playboy Mansion. This is publicly known.
    Its a fucking job for them, they don’t buy a word of it.

    1. Nina’s really into the feminist BS. Ron seems pretty humble and lives modestly, really into memorized old jokes. Ron seems respectfual of women, though sex with a jewish troll is degrading itself.

      1. JASON Gen Y Question
        Why does Gen Y WATCH so much porn on the internet since, after all, its a bunch of Jews and Negros doing unhygienic things to one another.
        When I was in my reproductive prime (20-25) back in the mid-90’s only serial killers and teenagers jerked off to porn. Normal males got sex and blowjobs from the grungy flannel hippy chicks of the day.
        What happened with Gen Y?
        Why is porn so important to them in their life?

      2. JASON
        James Deen summed it up best when he said that “porn is for losers”.
        When some Jew who makes a fairly good living from Gentiles beating off to his porn can then tell them that they are losers for doing so AND THEY STILL watch his porn…they are real losers.
        As for Steinem, my understanding is that SHE PARTIED with Hefner and he may have fucked her (Ironically porn’s top men like Flynt and Hef were Gentiles). So I do not buy that either.

        1. Oh, I’m fuckin’ positive Steinem gave up the ass to Hefner.
          I bet you he somdomized her to the drumbeats of Rusted Root.
          The bitch probably takes loose, sloppy dumps out of that stretched out, dilated, aged asshole of hers to smell of rancid filth and the the sound of splashing water.

    2. Nina looked dead in the 80’s, in her prime, and she’s got so many wrinkles around her mouth now that you just know she’s had a shit-ton of cocks going in-and-out in a hashtag that rivals Wilt Chamberlain’s pussy statistics.
      Thank the Maker she has no children from her diseased womb.

  11. Once a junkie, always a junkie. They were dumb enough in the first place. Same rule applies to former male feminists. They will never be fully cured.

  12. Male feminists are fucking creepy man. Worse than yoga instructors. They’re constantly sniffing around trying to inject themselves uninvitedly into a conversation, just so they can rattle off all the latest SJW buzzwords and show women how virtuous and morally superior they are compared to “other men”. All done in the hope that they’ll score some spear-time with lowly narcissistic smartphone-addicted green-haired weirdos. Super manipulative and super deceptive.
    What trips me out is how they’re the ultimate spineless beta male, but yet they think they can get all up in a big dude’s grill and start spouting shit about checking your privilege, and not expect to get a solid beatdown. Back in the 90s these cunts would have gotten soooooo rolled man.

  13. Right masculine literature and actual psychotherapy, such as the process-oriented one, can actually help as diminishes the consequences of being brought up in matriarchal society. I am talking about my experience.
    Being raised by a dominant mother is the root of evil in many, many cases. Fortunately, it can be fixed. And pretty damn effectively

    1. I think the worst would be to be raised by a high maintenance cunty alpha widow. Every time I meet their kids they are always so fucked in the head. To levels I can’t even comprehend. Mommy brings different men home every weekend. On top of that she acts like a cunty spoiled princess. These women always have the most fucked up kids.

    1. because jail is fun for rapists who are white. Big black penis making the “Alpha” puke, torn anus in a dirty prison hospital and all the rest.

        1. FITZ
          Are you really that young and naive?
          I know you are a Gen Y who was probably in Kindergarten when Clinton was getting blown by Jewish sluts in the oval office but you must be at least 25.
          Jail is so hellish for white males that this is why crime rates for scruffy white ethnics (Italians, Jews, Armenians, Irish) dropped in the early 1980’s as black race hate solidified into Muslim prison gangs.

    2. I get the joke, but Game is better.
      First, it’s consensual. Second, women produce that fine young blush of a woman in love which is instrumental to a successful climax. Third, you don’t have to worry about the pesky jail time.

  14. Am I on the right website? I was looking for men with tiny brains to match their dick size. I guess this checks out hmmm
    I mean honestly, you have just illustrated your own argument of a fragile masculinity by rejecting feminism for making you too ‘feminine’. Feminism is for everyone even you tiny insecure privileged white men can benefit. It works to destigmatise feminine traits (which y’all have btw) and make society more inclusive. This can be from encouraging men to discuss their feelings and express mental health issues thus trying to combat the high levels of suicide amongst men.
    But just like imagine having this much privilege that you can say this shit lmao

      1. No I was referring to the trope of the plague of straight white men if you want me to spell it out for you. wheres the sob story though please? seems like you are the only one sobbing (which is legitimate under feminism btw)

      1. dude i literallllllly just referred to the fact that its about getting rid of stigma around feminine attributes. Do you need me to point to how feminine fits into the word feminism?

    1. Post a pic, Jess. I’m sure you’re a hambeast who goes to Old Country Buffet on the reg, takes mammoth shits, and uses a CPAP to sleep due to your giant bulk.
      I shit on people like you.

      1. Dude I’m from England half this shit does not make sense to me. Also posting a picture proves nothing you are using issues around appearance to try and win an ideology argument because you don’t know what you are talking about

        1. Honestly I don’t have anything to prove to you hence why I am not uploading a picture but thank you for taking such an interest in me your weirdo!!!!1111!!!!

        2. omg if anything dude is Australian. Also lmao at you guys never meeting someone from England you’ve probably never met a woman either. But yeah you guys keep your shitty country to yourself don’t tag me with that bullshit, seeing y’all with Trump makes me glad I have Theresa

    2. JESS
      As I explained to you another site, your thinking is that of a Southerner. We Northerners being Catholic, possessed of a single ethnic heritage and organized in neighborhoods do not quite suffer the same degree of alienation that Protestants (Or French Catholics) do.

  15. I will clue you fellas in on the type of feminist I used to be before I took the red pill. Growing up with shit male role models made it so that I had the hard way of learning to he masculine. But when I was in my days of being into PUA and game theory, I actually described myself then as a leftist feminist.
    During this time I presented feminism to women the following way: “I respect your right to take Mt cock while I choke you and pull your hair”. In other words I was more of a Flynt style feminist. I never White knighted. Why? I believed in equality. Women could defend themselves.
    Believing in equality meant I also split the bill all the time with a woman. Believing in equality meant that women received no preferential treatment from me. If a woman started a conflict I wouldn’t take her side because she could handle herself.
    During this time I was managing a harem and was quite adept at increasing my notch count through the idea that I respected women’s desire to be hypergamous sluts. Women got the vibe from me that I was down with their stupid nature and they felt like they could be easy sluts for me. I wad rewarded with good sex as a result. Again, more of a Larry Flynt style feminist. Feminist as in here I am encouraging girls to he my filthy sluts. In other words I believed in true equality.
    Not all male feminists are frustrated cucks. Some of us were sexually active ones lol. To this day I still renounce feminism and the slutdom that it encourages. However because I believed in “true equality” I never condescended to women or gave them anything special.
    At no point am I saying I was right in holding these beliefs; just pointing out that not all male feminists are White knights who can’t get laid. But it is way easier to bed a woman when she knows you won’t slut shame her.
    Nowadays my priorities in life have changed. I am not into racking up notch counts nor do I believe the sexes are equal in any way. I don’t and will never believe in White knighting but I will say I see White knighting equally from both red pilled men and feminist types. It just is something that is inherent in our blood. It is a character flaw that we should seek to curtail.

  16. While the article is not badly written, I find that it’s preaching to the choir and not telling us anything we have not heard in a number of other articles. I would have appreciated some novel research and insight.

    1. Not everyone who gets on ROK is red pilled. When I first discovered his writings I thought Roosh was a sad individual. The more I read his stuff the more it made sense and clicked.
      Not everyone on these sites is converted. If articles like this didn’t exist I am sure I would have continued to err

  17. I would like to point out that as a woman I can safely say that feminism from any time period was NEVER ABOUT EQUALITY that has been one of the biggest lies through out history. The history of the suffragettes its not what they claimed it to be many of them committed terrorist acts. Don’t even get me started about the feminists from the 1960’s.

    1. True. He looks like an abused child.
      Put I’m sure it’s seen more ropes of semen from mulatto cock then punches.
      Too late for him. But a face to show your kids as a cautionary tale.

      1. CORINTH I know his story and every other SJW Gen Y:
        He was born in the late 1980’s to two yuppies who themselves were born in 1960 or so and prospered under Reaganite economics and Clinton era policies.
        His parents were helicopter parents who raised him in a suburb to be PC and Gen Y during his childhood were all pot-smoking Grunge hippies.
        Then in 2000 when he was 10 or 11 (Along with the Japanese wannabe chick and the hippie “Fucking white male” who looks like he stepped out of a 1994 “Collective Soul” video) an alcoholic bum was elected and things went downhill into 9-11, wars, Recession.
        As an adult he cannot have anything his parents had as Yuppies or even what Gen X slackers had. No decent job or anything to do but argue in the street over the rights of blacks who would kill him in 2 seconds to get another hit of crack cocaine whose “Hood” he would never go to.
        Yes, Gen Y SJW’s are clowns and pathetic fools but this is a reflection of the society that raised them and when they came of age in the Halcyon 90’s.

    2. What are you talking about?! He’s so cute! I have know idea why he’s become a meme. He’s got such a lovely smile,, exactly the type of guy I’d like to wine and dine 🙂

  18. Hey guys Im sick of not having a wingman for daygame. If you feel the same I made a Daygame Facebook LIVE support group. Where anyone can go live while infield, give each support and constructive criticism on where to improve. Join here

  19. Male feminists are like inverted tradcons in that both think men have a bunch of obligations they have to pony up to, while dispensing with the idea that women have specifically feminine norms they are obligated to follow. On that score male feminists are slightly more coherent than tradcons, but it’s basically the same drill.

    1. >have a bunch of obligations they have to pony up to
      >dispensing with the idea that women have specifically feminine norms they are obligated to follow

      What a bunch of CUCKS…they give it away for FREE!!! I remember girls before the 2012 Culture Shift and Feminism would do the same because they liked the guy and they liked sex, plus they wanted to be “rebellious”, but now they figure they can get a guy to pay through the nose despite damaging themselves and use it to blackmail them while making them feel guilty for the “privilege” of doing so.

  20. Divorce laws from the 19th century – if only…
    Back then, before about the 1850s at least, courts usually granted custody to fathers, not mothers, as they were in a better position to care for the kids. Children were seen as economic assets rather than liabilities they’ve become today. Sometime after about the mid-century, courts started relying on the “best interests of the child” nonsense and assuming that kids – not just infants – naturally need to be with their mothers. Now it matters not what kind of dad you are, unless the mom is a certified nut case crack whore, there’s little likelihood of her being denied full custody. Being a male feminist in a family court proceeding is probably the most dangerous place to practice such misguided beliefs.

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