Women Have Been Tricked Into Living Like Men

The biggest travesty that has happened to women in the past 70 years is not misogyny or sexism, but being put on the same education and work timeline as men in spite of having a completely different biology. Millions of women suffer every day because they’re living lives that were designed and optimized for men.

Most women lose the ability to have children without medical intervention at the age of 40. After that, it gets extremely hard for a woman to naturally conceive, and even if she manages to do so, she is 17 times more likely to transmit birth defects to her child than having conceived at age 20. Even at 35, a woman already sees a huge drop in her fertility.

The culture infects young girls with an obsession on career so that they attend an expensive university and rush to work immediately after graduation, all with the grand design of enslaving them into the rat race during the most fertile period of their lives, sharply reducing the number of children they can have. If a girl is lucky, she may have twenty fertile years starting at age 18, but during that time she’s expected to get a degree, move out of her parent’s home into a “vibrant” big city, establish a career where her skills remain in high demand, fall in love with a man who makes more money than she does, marry him, feel financially secure enough to have a family, and then have her first child. Does this at all sound reasonable to you when her male counterpart has double the time she has? My father had his last child in his 50’s. Can a woman do that?

Let’s assume for a minute that I won’t advocate for traditionalism or make the argument that a woman shouldn’t be able to make life decisions on her own, as I have before. What kind of solution remains that would allow women to pretend to be businessmen while still being able to have children before it gets too late? It is to get married and have children before attending university. If a woman does that, she merely has to wait until her last child enters kindergarten to enroll in whichever brainwashing factory she wants, graduate within four years through mostly day-time study, and then begin working while her children are being brainwashed themselves in public schools.

If we assume that a woman who got married early had her last child at a still pert 26, that means she’d be ready for university at 31 and enter corporate hell at 35. Based on current life expectancy figures, that gives her six more decades to decorate her cubicle and LARP as a businessman.

Right now a woman may be thinking, “But men get a head start in your plan, that’s not fair!” Yeah, well, you’ll live longer than me, which is not fair either. My solution allows women to take advantage of their biology and have children when their body is most ready for it. All that’s required is obtaining the love and commitment of a man who is asked to impregnate a young woman who is family oriented and not a whore. That will not be difficult. In fact, if you fit this profile, send me a full body photo and I may wife you up, but please don’t wait until you’ve sampled numerous penises because then your brain chemistry will have degraded to such an extent that you will sabotage any future relationship that has genuine love from a man who wants to provide for you.

I’m sure you can find a dozen other logistical problems to my plan, especially concerning the economics of having one wage-earner support a family for at least five years, but I assume that the wife will know how to cook, grow basic foods in a garden, sew, and not want to display expensive possessions to internet nobodies on Instagram. The major hurdle is not finding a man willing to wife up a supple young bride, but finding a girl with half her brain still intact after her parents threw her into the mud pit of blue-haired feminist pigs.

If you are a young woman in high school, I advise you to skip out on university, live with your parents, work a basic part-time job to earn money for tasteful makeup and clothing, learn important homemaking skills, and then use the remainder of your free time to securing the love of a man who wants a family. Assuming your standards in men are realistic (hah!), it won’t take you more than a year to find a worthy contender, because what man wouldn’t want to lay down roots with such a family-oriented woman?

As a man who has spent only six years working in a corporate career, one that was actually somewhat interesting, I can guarantee that any job a woman takes will cause more damage to her happiness than not. Women should look at all the men who are quitting the rat race to become location independent and ask themselves why they are being convinced to participate in a rigged game that increasing numbers of intelligent men want nothing to do with. Ladies: you’re not missing out on delaying your career for a few years. It’s better to focus first on creating a family first, while you still can.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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98 thoughts on “Women Have Been Tricked Into Living Like Men”

  1. Gen Y males and many Gen X males cannot support a family by themselves on a paycheck.
    I’m talking about whites and Asians. Blacks and Hispanics are biological birthing machines regardless.
    I once was fucking a black chick and she kept saying “CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME!” but white chicks will say “where’s the condom?”.
    This is one reason why white women get kind of neurotic and twitchy these days unlike our own mothers whose husbands could earn a living wage.
    White people unlike, say, Iranian-Americans or Asian-Americans have no extended family that will help support a child. The individuality of Protestants from the British Isles runs deep in the Euro-American psyche.
    So women cannot find a man in their reproductive prime unless that dude is 55 and then his old sperm count might be too low for the trophy wife (Though Trump is quite the stud).

    1. Ohhh, the cum in me ohh moment. I hate it. Once you are alpha enough they just don´t care if they get pregnant, once they are in dick lust, they will crave your genes like a drugs. Leaving your cum there and their bodies absorb it and that shit works better than antidepressant the next day they are in good mood, biology is biology it seems that women crave it and feels good during and days after taking numerous big loads of cum in their bodies.

    2. I’m sick of this crap that you cannot have a single-income household. Screw that. Americans are dumb and cannot do basic math. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it. A virtuous woman would stay home and take care of the kids. And when she goes shopping, she will consider the price tag on clothes and groceries, so that she would not put a burden on her husband out who is working so hard for the family. Give me a break, you don’t need an iphone, TV, or other crap to survive this world. Just give your wife a flip phone and teach her basic math.

      1. This is it. Of course it’s difficult to support a family on a single income if you and your stupid wife are buying Starbucks coffee everyday, upgrading to the latest (((Iphone))) every year, buying stupid gadgets for you and your children, buying expensive clothes and more.

      2. I agree. I know a 22 year old guy that is completely independent…here in Los Angeles where the cost of living is very high. No car payments, no roommates, no debt, moved out of his parents house at 18, never went to college. He is clean cut (no piercings, body art, artificially colored hair) has great people skills, was an amazing football player in high school until he got a career ending injury. While still in high school, he got to know the people at his gym, 24 hr Fitness, very well, and after graduation, got an entry level sales position. He struggled at first, but worked hard, had a positive attitude & ended up killing it in sales, better than people 5 or more years older. Then he made head of sales & recently he made the position of general manager…at 22 years old. His goal is to make regional manager in the next few years, gain more managerial experience, then by 30 he wants to either own a franchise or open his own gym…very realistic goals for a guy in his position. Being over 6 feet tall in great shape, he bangs plenty of chicks, but none will he ever allow to get in the way of his goals. I’m 30 years older than he is and I have no doubt this man will achieve everything he sets out to do. If a man (the younger the better) is willing to work hard, sacrifice, have a clear direction and an insatiable appetite for learning, he can achieve anything he sets out to do.

        1. Is this guy looking for a young slender bride, like Roosh says? I don’t think absolutely NO woman/girl would want to marry him, or that NO normal woman exists in the L.A. area where he lives. Why doesn’t he take up the burden of another adult (a woman) and a few kids, when he could have a wonderful life without? Sex, traveling, having fun, sex, the gym, his career etc. Even if he found the most beautiful, purest virgin in the world he still wouldn’t settle down and support a family as having fun is more important to young men than not having it. Roosh wants a thin beautiful woman now that he’s in his 40’s and hot chicks don’t really take their panties off for older guys who live with their parents. When he was also in his prime all he wanted was to fuck and chuck.
          Feminism hasn’t only ruined women but it also put men off their instinctive drive to achieve. No man i ever met, spoke with or heard of has ever expressed the desire of settling down, because he no longer has to- he gets sex very easily. Yep it’s the fault of women who’ve been giving it up for free for the past 70 years, but it’s not like men are crying in a corner clutching at a nice groom suit.

        2. Sounds a wee bit, uh, Spartan. Fulfillment, cultural and otherwise, is an important aspect of life that is painfully neglected under such a “life”-style.
          Being a robot (inside) is no fun, either.

      3. Exactly.
        Two parent households waste more money and have worse health than a family with a stay at home parent.
        Even if both spouses work decent jobs, they end up doubling up on car payments, spending more going out to eat, nannies and babysitters, they buy a more expensive home keeping up with the jones, eat less healthy fast food, spend less time with their kids, and ultimately are more likely to get divorced.

    3. I once was fucking a black chick and she kept saying “CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME!”
      —Thanks, you just gave me Jungle Fever.

    4. Yeah, I had a Persian girlfriend and I did little other than cum deep into her. She certainly didn’t mind. Sure, she was on the pill, but sometimes she forgot, and I was too young and dumb to appreciate the consequences. Well, she didn’t get pregnant and I moved on.
      It’s a shame really, looking back she would have made a great mother. She was certainly not a bitch or a slut. It’s one of those things where you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.
      But I know exactly what you mean. Non-white women seem a whole lot more natal and warm to the idea of motherhood. It’s interesting to note.
      Western women are so delusional and indoctrinated with this pathetic idea that they need to advance in the corporate world. When they get older and finally realize that men actually do not give a single fuck about their careers it must be quite embittering. But no more embittering than my wasted youth dealing with these dumb cunts.
      I remember how cruel it was being 20. You chase some hot looking girl, she treats you as less than dirt and even the most trivial fuck ups are met with an unforgiving rejection–you never see her again. And no one taught me shit about women.
      So I feel zero empathy for these stupid sluts as they get to the end of their rope.

      1. What a bunch of nobs. Cant control their women and now seeking other ethnic women whom culture their men condition them to be good mothers and nurturers. At the same time putting down such men. You guys are a riot. Your are soft, leaderless pajama boys. Ill take any feminist who’s interested in me and turn her into a house wife. Its how you lead son. You have no game. You just want to show up. No training, educating and firmness. All studs here blaming feminist. lol….I know a Latino guy marry a White career nurse whom work 12 hours shift. Turn her into a loving house wife. Soft as dudes. As one Latino said to me, These White beta dudes will fuck up our women. Turn them bitter and materialistic as their own women. The very least their off-springs.

      2. I too faced this behavior as a young man. Now, as a single man of 60, I can tell you without reservation that these hot snooty girls have an expiration tag, and they will hit the wall sooner than later. I’ve run into these types of women from my past, now some 40 years later, that have packed on 100 lbs., live in section 8 housing, have 2-3 bad marriages to their credit, and broods of problem ridden adult children. It’s funny how I now have a pretty and slender 38 year-old Bosnian gf of 3 years (set up and introduced by my family members), and how delightful it is to see these sea hags scowl at me now. The sun does set on a dog’s rear end sometimes.

    5. If a young man focused all of his efforts on school, career, networking and not changing his major he should be making at least 60k by 25, or 80k in high cost of living areas. That’s more than plenty to support a family if you aren’t constantly buying the newest cars, bigger houses, extravagant nights out, or expensive jewelry. As babies your kids don’t need expensive tutors, private lessons, or expensive enrichment camps.
      Also if you ever watched old movies, people lived in town houses. Another example of a town house is the tv show hey Arnold. They are large houses where people rent 1-3 of 20 rooms and the living room/dining room/kitchens are shared. The matron (usually an older woman) cooks every night and morning for the residents. A lot of single people live in town houses as they serve as a sort of extended family.

    6. @ Gen X Ile
      Right on dude. All of it. Boomers (douchebags, serious douchebags) were the last generation to be able to support a family. As to the individualism, all too true. Even non-Protestants Ellis Island descendants have really adopted that attitude; it’s amazing really. The idea of doing everything by yourself and be oh so proud of it (huh, it’s called freedom son, huh) have been taken way, way too far. I myself had that attitude until just a few years ago.

  2. You’ve pretty much summed up Vietnam. Although Vietnamese girls are pushed to attend college and get a job, they’re pushed to get married and have children a lot harder by their entire families and friends, and to do so at a reasonable age. My fiancee is a school teacher who lives with her mother 45 minutes from me. She’s willing to relocate to a new city, get a downgraded teaching job (a lower grade level) or get a job in another field, and she does wifely duties when she spends weekends with me. She’s been with one other man who she broke up with because they didn’t see eye-to-eye on family. She wears tasteful makeup and dresses modestly.
    Western girls complaining about having to juggle family and careers are playing victims. While I agree that most women are better out of the workforce, Vietnamese girls prove it’s possible without being harpies about it.

    1. CR7
      I’m white and married to an Asian (Chinese-Thai) and they are generally extended families.
      A white woman who is 25 is not pushed by her divorced 50 year old parents to do anything. These folks, born in the 1960’s, were raided on “Me Generation” do-your-own-thing.
      So there is no extended family support. The white woman married or not is really part of a nuclear unit.
      If her baby’s father is not a good provider or cannot provide the slack there is no support.

    2. “Western girls complaining about having to juggle family and careers are playing victims.”
      That’s because ‘playing Victim’ is the only thing that they can excel at.
      EVERY man needs to know and remember that at all times.

  3. Before it was women who tried to force a guy to stay with them and start a family today if you even mention children or a family to most chicks you will be “unfriended” the next day or week, and don’t worry about her, she’s got a few guys lined up just waiting for you to be gone.

    1. OTHMAR
      Are you a Prussian Jew by ancestry? Just curious. I knew some Prussian Jews around Detroit named Othmer. Fairly common Jewish name.
      Or is that just your avatar?

        1. SIR
          I agree with everything you say about women cutting you off and the rest of your points. You are absolutely correct and your posts are usually spot-on.
          Just knew a bunch of Jews named Othmar of Prussian descent in my Detroit neighborhood and thought I might have reconnected with a long-lost childhood acquaintance.
          Sorry to waste you time.

  4. “My solution allows women to take advantage of their biology and have children when their body is most ready for it.”
    Sensible, but won’t work.
    Women rely on their looks to get ahead in the work place.
    Once those have gone, they actually have no interest in learning the job. And no men will be interested in helping a 45 year old woman over and over and over again.

    1. Once women hit their late twenties, they usually lose all interest in ‘careers’ and having to work:
      — principally because they don’t want to have to work for the rest of their lives (unlike the way that we men have to), and
      — usually because they’ve realized that they were lied to, and the “careers and jobs” shtick isn’t at all as “fulfilling” as the feminists spun it.
      Women are interested in’ working’ only as long as the ‘work’ is easy, interesting, and VERY well-paid.

      1. thats not stupid. im a man, im only interested in’ working’ only as long as the ‘work’ is easy, interesting, and VERY well-paid. i.e i dont have a job

  5. Brilliant piece of analysis. Feminism is a huge scam that has been perpetrated upon women to the detriment of all of us.
    Can we educate enough people to turn back the tide?
    Not sure Gen X, Y, or Z are up to the challenge of fixing a massive ideological error that ultimately threatens civilization and the human race itself.

    1. MaxP
      Gen X (65-81 or 1982) is now aged from 36-52. We are kind of old to fix anything but also the economy from 1985 to 2000 was decent enough that we were able to mortgage houses and marry do traditional things.
      We are already in middle age but let us compare:
      GEN X (Born 1975) in 1997
      Lives in an apartment alone or with one roommate (FRIENDS-era) and self-sufficient. Fucks around with girls but comes out of this phase at 25 and is ready to marry by 28 in 2003.
      GEN Y (Born 1995) in 2017
      Lives at home at age 22 with his 50 year old parents in the room that he was born. Works but wages to low to leave home. Cannot fuck girls or get married. Jerks off to internet porn every day.
      GEN X
      Had some kind of job and had a mortgage. Maybe had a degree in history but came of age when anybody could have a job in IT or real estate.
      GEN Y
      Struggles to find a job with his degree in Post-Modern Film Theory. Works as a waiter at Starbucks though he graduated with a Bachelors.
      GEN X Woman
      Wanted to stop her career and have a family by 30. Was able to do so.
      GEN Y
      Bisexual and herself a porn addict who hopes to marry a man with a 6 figure salary and Playgirl looks. Won’t happen of course.
      There’s many more reasons but I do not see Gen Y reproducing except for the blacks and Mestizos who will of course have a load of kids no matter what the economy.

  6. To those who think Asia is some traditionalist bastion of “good girls”, it ain’t. Or at least the reality is more complicated.East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan have one of the lowest birthrates in the world because of the above dynamic outlined by Roosh. Imagine the effects of urbanization, feminism and sexual equality all crammed into 20 years of accelerated development (as opposed to 100 years in the West). A college-educated Korean woman suddenly finds herself “too good” for a blue collar factory worker who probably makes more than her, let alone a farmer. Meanwhile barely a generation ago her high school-educated mother was busy popping out 5 or 6 children. The problem is because of the traditional East Asian value on education, almost every female is pushed to study her butt off and get into a prestigious university.

    1. DAVID
      You make a very good point, sir.
      I read somewhere that Japan’s vast 20 billion a year porn industry is basically fueled on frustrated young males.
      There is even a word called “Honeymoon Divorce” in Japan where the female goes on honeymoon and decides not to be married to a 9-5 husband.

      1. The funny thing is there are tons and tons of articles trying to explain and solve this alarming drop in fertility in East Asian countries. Various reasons are offered, with the most common being that East Asian women are not marrying and breeding because of sexism (ha!). And the most common solution offered is . . . . drum roll . . . mass immigration from Third World nations, Western-style.

        1. Japan is not hip on that. Neither is Korea. Sure as shit not China, I’ve been there.
          They don’t want immigrants.

        2. Mass immigration is always the solution, Japans will rather die than let that to happen, They prefer a robot bear nurse than a migrant nurse.

    2. David K, you are absolutely right. Asia is no panacea for this problem. This isn’t just an American problem — its a problem worldwide.
      An epidemic.

      1. MAX P
        The problem in the West is two-fold. Middle-class people wont have kids and minorities and the real stupid white trash will have kids no matter what.
        Scott was my campus pot dealer, though he himself was not a college student. He was a 22 year old poor white trash.
        He impregnated a Mexican girl at 20 and was on the run from child support. With a GED and no possibility of getting a decent job he got a hippie/stoner chick pregnant.
        The real white trash GED types and blacks and Mestizos are going to have kids no matter what.
        It is the intelligent people who won’t. This is the “turd world” population pyramid of Brazil, for example, where you have a few old white Portuguese families ruling a country of vast mulatto and poor Indians.

        1. Gen X – ILE,
          I agree with your analysis wholeheartedly, but with an additional caveat.
          There is an exceedingly small minority of people (whether in the US or worldwide), mainly men, but also a few unicorn women, who willingly and proactively take responsibility for their lives and their actions.
          The vast majority of humanity would rather live out their lives in one delusion or another. Until reality based thinking and rational self-interest in decision making are the norm, the insanity of feminism and its antecedents will continue unabated.
          Ultimately, a circumstance and ideology like feminism cannot exist without the tacit cooperation and encouragement of a majority of men.
          Our ultimate quarrel is not with women, who frankly can’t be trusted to do the right thing due to biology without having a proper society constructed around them, but with the men who allowed things to get to this stage.
          As for your friend, he’s an example of

        2. As for your friend he’s an example of the delusional thinking that permeates much of our society and societies around the world.

        3. Max-P is right. Much of this forum is taken up, quite rightly, with dissing feminists but there are a helluva lot of men-ablers out there.

  7. The problem is that girls are hired in Marketing, Advertising, PR and HR because they are pretty.
    Older women would have no chance.

    1. MARCOS Interesting Point
      Gen X was the first generation of feminists who just were never going to have kids and hated marriage and drifted from one sexual encounter to the next.
      What is going to happen to all these older women who don’t have a skill like plumber or mechanic or electrician?
      What will they do?

      1. “What will they do?” Like most women, they don’t think that far ahead; the only thing that concerns them is either RIGHT NOW and maybe next week.
        “What will they do?” They’ll do what they’ve always done: play “Innocent Victim” and blame all their problems on some man, a group of men, or all men.

      2. Spread their legs for money or resources, whether stated or covertly attained. The end result is the same, the only job they can do that requires no skill and no responsibility but thirsty men will gladly pay for be it long term payments or cash and immediate prizes up front.

    2. “Older Women Have No Chance”
      I wonder about women my own age now that I knew in college that did that very thing-hated marriage, got the HR degree, sucked every man off and were sluts who loved it, never had kids.
      Today they would be unmarried (Alot of them) and 40.
      In the old days men HAD TO MARRY to get a steady supply of pussy and occasional blowjobs and all women understood that marriage was necessary to have shelter, food, money for retirement etc.
      Are we going to have a load of homeless older women?

      1. They will blame men for it, More homeless women? Feminist will love it, they are having real trouble finding real things to complaint in the first world, There is less violence, less crime, less rape, women have a better life, their life expectancy is great, they earn more than men in their 20s, and they are dominating a lot of fields like medicine and they are a majority in higher education so more homeless women will be a blessing and an easy way to get more funds with their scam charities organizations.

        1. DUNCAN
          I came of age in the 1990’s-an era of grunge, hippies, drugs and alternative chicks.
          Years later, in the era of social media, most of them have very little. It is scary.
          Women in their 20’s can have a bad attitude and it is alluring. When they are past 35 they just seem like bitchy skanks.
          Plus my generation (Born in the 1970’s) were hands-down the most promiscuous. So all the women had given 40 blowjobs to different men and fucked 200 males.
          It is funny how many Goth chicks I knew in their 40’s who have jackshit. Yesterdays pout becomes today’s snarl.

  8. Modern women would rather serve someone else’s man in a cubicle than serve their own man in the comfort of their own home. All in the name of grrrrl power. Their cheerleading section only includes beta enablers and bitter dried up feminists. It’s unfortunate that a lot of these beta enablers are right wing fathers who encourage their daughters to become the man they never were. (Look for the rise in right wing feminists).

  9. Yup. Any place where women have conversations, the main topic will be all about their stress and pressure filled lives. People that think women need to be in the highly competitive business world are the real women haters.

  10. “…Not sure Gen X, Y, or Z are up to the challenge of fixing a massive ideological error that ultimately threatens civilization and the human race itself….”
    I think that “plan”,or even “plot” would be a much more accurate term than “error”.
    The degree of fuckupery that has overtaken Western Civilization is most easily explained by regarding it as a plan. An honest mistake would have been fixed by now.

  11. It’s like all the stupid shit that supposedly didn’t survive the 90s (like the PC thing, forced tolerance) have been resurrected over the past couple years as gospel truth. It’s like we have moved backwards, but not in a positive way. People have not progressed and become smarter, more aware.

  12. My mother married, when she was 19. She only had a high school education and worked as a confectioner. She gave up the job to raise two sons and spent her nights on college courses.
    Now she’s got a bachelor’s degree, a successful high paying job and one healthy son (my older brother is sadly morbidly obese).
    It can be done, but strong independent womyn aren’t interested in hard work. They just want free stuff.

  13. I see a lot of; girl who is very proud to work as a hair stylist by day and bar tender at night (or something similar). It seems to be a really cool thing for chicks to do these days (to be a bar tender). They’re very proud of it. They get to give old fat betas high fives when they have a seat at the bar. I would imagine this can be quite en ego boost for a girl (standing behind the bar. All these eyes looking to you for a drink). Women love attention and I don’t think they care where it comes from. Funny to think how the woman bar tender has been glamourized in Hollywood as well, lol. So stupid when you think about it. It’s a comedy show out there. I laugh when I go to bars and see this chick frantically running around behind the bar, slamming cups into ice bins, dunking mugs in soapy water, running over to the computer screen to run a card, etc etc just so she can brag to her beta orbiters how she paid her phone bill all by herself (even though she probably didn’t lol). What a loser and what a waste of time.

  14. They aren’t suffering ANYTHING, they are living the consequences of making a PERSONAL VOLUNTARY DECISION to live and act a certain way. They deserve neither sympathy nor understanding for the choices they consciously make.

    1. im not living in retarded America, and i have to say the girls in my town are cute little poor things that swim in this toilet (the system) as everybody else… i see many lovely girls walking around single and alone, they cant get a man anymore because:
      1. only very few real men around only faggot wannabes (the type you see on youtube)
      2. no “match” wants them
      3. the system wants you to be a slave, that is how the system destroys relationships
      4. if no man ever takes them, they WILL start considering other options (immigrants)
      for me i ignore them and stay alone which is really hard because they throw themselves at me, but beating the system is easier alone without having to take care of loved ones (they will be used against you)

      1. wolf you are a smart guy and most what you write is right and true.
        But this one thing, you are very wrong about.
        “but beating the system is easier alone without having to take care of loved ones (they will be used against you)”
        It is the other way around. Beating the system alone is impossible. You need a strong family at the very least. You beeing the king of your house and your wife and children (plural!) following your lead (note: YOUR lead, not some weird ideas society gave them nor the laws) – a nuclear unit like this can endure the test of time. The bigger, the better.
        If this is not possible within the society/country you are currently living in, you need to vote with your feet. The only vote (other than your money) that counts.

        1. interesting! voting with my feet sounds nice. amazonia region or something with great nature, where i can be free.
          because imagine here in the middle of europe where they pay very little around 1200€ a month, rent is around 700€-1200€ means you and your wife would have to work, and the governent takes the children. (wicked day-care centres).
          the system is designed to set you appart from your woman and children. if you dont have money to avoid their insanity it is easier alone. i should leave.

  15. TEX “Katt”
    I’ll use “Katt” as an example, circa 95. Katt was one of these alternative chicks you met in a college town in the mid-90’s-all flannel and leather and black makeup and attitude. Back when body work was still shocking, Katt had it along with the pierced clitoris etc.
    She was a hardcore Feminazi-I think this was her degree-who made a huge show of french-kissing other girls at parties and sneering at guys in a sexy bad-girl pout.
    Katt was 23 and had graduated but hung around in her ripped jeans and flannel. All the guys wanted her, spent money on her. She was the Feninazi “face” of the mid-90’s.
    She FACEBOOK’D me about 15 years later. Her sexy pout had turned to a sneer. Still looked like an X-Files extra in torn jeans and a leather jacket. Bunch of piercings.
    They looked stupid on a 40 year old woman, to be honest.
    “What the fuck does she do?” I wondered.
    It was so sad seeing Gen X chicks of yesterday banging on middle-age still wearing their stupid piercings and going on about threesomes in an age when it was passe and acting as if it were 1995. Wearing black like she was the oldest girl at a NIN concert.

    1. Reading this makes me sad. Not for her, but for myself.
      I too am in my 40s and I STILL like the very same thing I did like back in the 80s and 90s.
      For me Arnold is still the greatest movie star of all time and rock the best music we ever had.
      Difference is, I am a man. Dating 20yo girls is not such a big problem for me these days, even easier in fact than it was back in the day. Even though I am quite frequently “the oldest guy” at the venue.

  16. They got what they wanted and now they can suck on it.
    Broke down by the side of the road?
    I keep on rolling while enjoying a tasty beverage.
    Need some heavy lifting?
    Call Wonderwoman.
    Need some maintenance or repairs on some electronics?
    Call the Amazon Justice League.

  17. Roosh has a good plan. My wife and I got married at 21 after college. She quit her job and we had three kids between 26 and 31. She took about 15 years off work until the kids were in high school. My wife considers herself a feminist and this is what she wanted to do. Our last kid will be out of the house when I’m 51.
    We lived off of one income for fifteen years, but in Texas the basics are cheap. The key is living within your means.

  18. I was unaware that traditional life still existed. If I could turn back the clock a few years i would marry and have kids right after college. Now I’m building my own business that will allow me to be with my children.

  19. Last date I had, my date essentially admitted that she was a workaholic and wouldn’t be able to dedicate herself to a man until she was set in her career. She was already 32 and uprooted herself to a new State for a better opportunity. I asked her why she was out on a date with me? She thought it was worth trying… and wasting my time in the process. She got the new job a week later.
    My last girlfriend moved to Manhattan from Queens (an additional 45 minutes away) to be closer to her job, about a week into our relationship. I expressed doubt about a relationship right then, yet she seemed sweet, genuine, and intelligent enough for it to be worth it. She simply stopped trying. Would regularly flake, expect me to always visit her, wouldn’t get home until 9 pm every night. Text only, no phone. Not worth it.
    My ex, whom I was in love with, dated a man who lived 2000 miles away and was still in love with him three years after he had broken up with her for being emotionally unavailable. Her friend recently moved to Boston yet still dated a man who lived two hours away.
    It’s like these women are so career and hypergamy focused that they’re only willing to let men into their lives one day a week. They’re not ready or willing to reciprocate for a real relationship.

  20. I say flush it all down the toilet and walk away. All the while the echoes and screams from behind of loser, nobody, cant put penis in vagina! fall to the wayside.

  21. It is the same complaint we’ve read again but today it does resonate with me personally, after dealing with the church young adult group. I think I am really finished with that, this time.

  22. Try to re-invent the new Soviet Union of America all by yourself. Live contrary to every fucked up trend that exists until you are completely socially ostracized. Work three or four jobs to pay for a cunt who will leave you with LESS than what you started with. Pretend that you are morally superior for tolerating absolute tyranny without a single complaint. Do not even question the lack of freedom you have because that is “privilege”. Let women and blacks and muslims walk all over you. Run your health into the ground trying to absorb the daily spew of new rules defining every iota of your pathetic life. Did you survive? Are you now a happy fucking CUCK? Welcome to your own personal space in HELL.

  23. Awesome post Roosh
    Proverbs 11:22
    ‘Like a golden ring in the nose of a pig, so is a beautiful woman who has no sense.’

  24. Another benefit of women joining the workforce much later, especially if it is for the 90% of regular corporate jobs, is that it increases the productivity of men and their employment numbers.
    Because now, they don’t have to compete against women for jobs, or to impress them and pander to them at work.
    Also, when women are 35 to 40+, very few women will be judged for her looks at all (exceptions are there), and they can actually be more productive themselves, and cause less of a friction at the workplace.
    And men will be twice as productive, given that they have all the motivation at home or outside to be with young women in abundance.
    Is this what Utopia would be like in an alternate world, where Feminism didn’t brainwash women and most men!

  25. No. Women are not suffering because they live “like men”. That is: like human beings, free and able to do what they want.
    They are suffering because of assholes like you pushing this bullshit propaganda meant to force them into a life of serving ungrateful others.
    What college would accept a 31-year old candidate after ten years of sitting at home?
    What employer would grant you the opportunity of a solid career at 31, with no previous work experience?
    What housewife would have the stamina and determination to restart her studies, after being stuck into the numbing, dumbing and suffocating atmosphere of a home and tedious, endless chores?
    We live like we want to live. It’s our choice. What part of that do you not understand?
    And being a housewife is worse than hell. It’s like a life of an unpaid servant.

  26. “And being a housewife is worse than hell. It’s like a life of an unpaid servant.”
    My grandmother was one of the happiest people I have ever met, so I am sure she (and millions of other women of her generation) would beg to differ.
    She and Grandpa married in 1910. He was a farmer and small general store owner in rural Kansas. He built her a small bungalow on the land they owned, where they lived and farmed until his death in the early 1970s. They raised three great kids (including my dad) through the Great Depression and World War II. They lived a very modest life and worked hard Monday through Saturday. Sundays were for church and relaxing with family. They never owned a television or more than one car at a time. Yet I remember their home as being one filled with peace, love, and much laughter and great food.
    My own daughter, now in her thirties, chose the stay-at-home mom route as well. She found a hard-working man who in many ways is like Grandpa, and having set up a traditional marriage, seem to be recreating the same life as my grandparents, even down to the gardening, chickens, and small bungalow without a television! And I am elated to report that the four of them (I have two grandchildren!) are all supremely happy.
    So it can be done.

  27. Congratulations!
    Your best article on ROK so far Roosh.
    Considering I reading here since the beginning in 2012 this is quite a lot of articles you just dusted. Nice work!

  28. Anyone else noticing the rise in childrens severe allergies, birth defects, and autism? Im willing to bet that its because women are having children in their 30s.
    If this is the case, i wonder if the best eggs are released at early ages, or that over time a woman is polluting her eggs with such things as alcohol, stress, or even birth control pills.

    1. That is correct plus the toxic food that mothers give to their children! It’s not acceptable to give your child “junk food” unless you want to poison your child so they have some kind of medical problem!
      90% of health problems can be cured by eating real food!

  29. Maldek,
    With respect, I have to agree with Wolf. Exiting the system is much much easier without the dead weight of women and children who’s welfare depend on a man staying on the plantation and working the plow for massa. Sorry, homies…this white nigga is gonna run.

    1. Lets talk again in 20 or 25 years, then you will understand my point.
      Lucky for you, you are a man and have this kind of time to correct possible mistakes you make in your 20s and 30s.
      A woman doing the same would pay for her errors made in youth without any way to redeemd herself.

  30. After living in an Eastern country for years, it’s not hard to work out that Western culture is extremely dysfunctional today. Women aren’t women there and men aren’t men (both act gay). When you try to act like your sex (feminine woman, muscular man) your are treated like an outcast by mainstream.

  31. As a woman I find it refreshing that there are men out there who still believe in a good, traditional family set up at home with one income. I did go to university and wastes much of my early twenties trying to be something that I’m not biologically made for. I’m more than happy to wash, iron, clean and cook every day for my husband, dress modestly and wear tasteful makeup that he approves of. Sadly, not one of my female friends agree! I’m sick of being laughed at and called anti-fem. Men are men and they should be treated that way. It’s biological fact.

  32. Most feminist campaigns in recent years concerning workplace conditions seem to indicate women really just want to return to what the situation was 50 years ago – women staying home with the kids while hubby earned the dough. They want ever increasing employer funded leave entitlements while the cost of day care goes ballistic and often gain employment with firms offering generous maternity leave simply to milk it dry. Their endless complaints about the ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘gender pay gap’ are of course, merely complaints that their male competitors work harder.

  33. Roosh once again a great article.Brainwashing factory was right on the mark.Thanks for the wise words and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  34. Self contradictory bs. Claiming to be Alpha yet cannot lead their own women to do what you want. The problem with you guys is your perceive faux superiority. You have brainwash and condition yourself to be special and superior without much merit. Therefore, you put half ass effort or none into achieving anything. Still clinging to bigotry and money to keep your women at bay. It worked in the past but as you see, that shit is not working anymore. Time to step up. You expect stuff to be handed to you or come fixed (dating Latinas or blah blah because they are family oriented bs). You think they made themselves that way? Feminism is not the problem. It is you!! As a man you are expected to lead and stick to your guns on what you want to achieve. You are challenge and the first thing you do is give up and seek other races or ethnicity where their own (less man) as you guys like to believe conditioned them to be. Woman want strong men resilient men. Its been proving. Not some pajama boy passing the buck or scapegoating others. You want White women to be housewife, cook and be great mothers and nurturers? Fucking make them if you are so Alpha and knock women panties off. The truth is, this site has become some lame ass wannabes whiners towel. And the hatred? Boy sad fuckers indeed. As an Alpha, I will never degrade myself in criticizing another man. Low T count shit right there. Bigotry work to keep your women at bay in the past. That is no longer happening. Time to up the game.

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