Is There Anything To Learn From Rap Star Murderer Thug Gucci Mane?

What can ROK readers learn from the masculine principles of the notorious rapper Gucci Mane? For starters, Gucci Mane is a textbook alpha male, violent, high status, and charismatic. Rather than dwell on the degeneracy that is hip-hop culture, a proactive approach is to study the ridiculous plights of alpha male psychopaths like Radric Davis, aka Gucci Mane.

Gucci Mane Killed A Man

During a heated feud with rival Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane was set up by a female “friend,” otherwise known as a thot. Under the impression he and the thot would “hang out,” he accompanied the thot to her apartment on the night of May 10, 2005. While inside, five masked men stormed in with weapons and brass knuckles. After hitting Gucci with brass knuckles and threatening to kill him, the assailants tied up and pistol whipped Gucci’s friend.

Outnumbered, Gucci put up a fight and somehow, someway, got a hold of a weapon. In a scuffle, shots went off and the assailants scurried out, wounded, bleeding. Three days later, the body of Henry Lee Clark III was found near a local Atlanta middle school.

On May 19, 2005 Gucci Mane turned himself into DeKalb County police on murder charges. Gucci Mane admitted to shooting at the masked men but maintained he acted in self-defense. Gucci posted $100,000 bond only to later return to jail months later due to a prior assault charge. In the Winter of 2006, the murder charges against Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis were dropped.

“There wasn’t enough evidence to meet the elements of murder,” said Gucci’s Lawyer, Dennis Scheib, “Based on what he said and some other information, it came out that it was a self-defense situation. It was going to be either a robbery, an aggravated assault or a murder.”

Gucci’s will to survive in a fight or flight, life or death situation is a testament to his primal instinct. His respect also would’ve be in question if his ice cream cone chain was snatched by his rivals.

In the hip-hop world, it’s a great embarrassment to have your chain snatched. The robbing of chains is meant to emasculate the former chain wearer and dethrone him of his bright and shiny status symbol. If his chain had been taken from him, Gucci was sure to face taunts on social media and a decrease in status. The chain as a status symbol can make you a target. Gucci Mane showed that he was literally down to die for his chain.


How did Gucci react after murder charges were dropped? He bodaciously bragged about his killing and profited from it, literally making a killing. Gucci rapped about the legal murder in a song called “truth” where he taunted his rival Young Jeezy:

“Go dig your partner up nigga, bet he can’t say shit,” Gucci raps. The song also features audio of television reporters talking about the slaying. Clearly, Gucci has a killer instinct for self-promotion.

In a hip-hop fiefdom reminiscent of the wild west, or war-torn Africa, a rapper killing a guy and getting away with it is the equivalent of winning the lottery.

Gucci Mane is a psychopath

In November 2010, police spotted Gucci Mane driving recklessly in his white Hummer. When they caught up to him, police witnessed Gucci punch a man he was arguing with. After ignoring police, Gucci was pepper sprayed and booked on a slew of charges including “damage to government property, obstruction” and “driving on the wrong side of the road.” In court, many of the charges were dropped and a plea of mental incompetence was filed on Gucci’s behalf.

A ruthless and psychotic alpha male, The East Atlanta Santa was arrested in January of 2011 for kicking a woman out of his moving car. After Gucci plead guilty to two counts of battery, reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, the woman later sued Gucci Mane and won a reported $57,161.

In January 2011, The Superior Court of Georgia’s Fulton County ordered Gucci Mane to a psychiatric hospital due to the mental incompetence filing. The judge ordered that Gucci be transported to a “111-bed psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment facility,” where he would “undergo tests to determine mental health.” Shortly after Gucci was released from the Georgia mental institution, he tattooed an ice cream cone on his face.

Tribal Status

For many, his facial tattoos are considered degenerate, but to others they are a high ranking symbol. Gucci’s gold teeth could be interpreted by many as “thug” and low-status, but to others Gucci’s gold teeth are a symbol of hierarchy and a commitment to a criminal lifestyle.

Who ranks higher in the criminal underworld hierarchy: the man with no tattoos or gang affiliation or a man with face tattoos, gold teeth, and a reputation for killing his rivals? For most of us who live outside the criminal hierarchy, his facial tattoos and gold teeth say “don’t fuck with me, I’m crazy.” A violent and unpredictable drug addict, Gucci Mane has been arrested for assault four times.

For ROK readers, it’s important to take note of the fact even dangerous alpha males like Gucci can be tricked by thots into getting set up for a robbery or potentially killed. Trickster thots can be dangerous at minimum, to any man.

Gucci has been on the brink of death but in December 2013, he was on the brink of a lifetime of incarceration. In December 2013, Gucci was “charged in federal court with two counts of possessing firearm as a felon.” Gucci was facing a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. He later agreed to a plea deal and served three years.

Released in May of 2016, Gucci emerged from his incarceration a changed man. He’s now completely sober and living a crime free life. Gucci got married in the Fall of 2017.

Few men are rich. Few men who go to jail remain rich. Few men kill a guy, go to jail, and remain rich afterward. There is only one man who did it, Gucci Mane. He somehow managed to pull it off.

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155 thoughts on “Is There Anything To Learn From Rap Star Murderer Thug Gucci Mane?”

    1. Good points. These beta boys also won’t be treated right in bed if they do land em after these women have to settle. No deep throating for them

    2. He’s Rich and famous! No shit he has a beautiful woman. That money sucking, degenerate bitch isn’t there for his looks! This should come as no surprise at all. Shit, i saw this type of thing all my life in the city. The drug dealers and ball players always had the baddest bitches. And what do ya know! Ain’t a fuckin thing changed. More money, more power, more pussy. Back to basics i see lol

        1. I used to live in DC as well. The Black High schools there compared to New York State taught at a preschool level. I transfered to one and returned to NY shortly after. Socioeconomic disparities are real.
          So the question, does Roosh or any of his blind supplicants “really” know a single Black person beyond what they see on TV? It’s easy to be prejudiced in the absence of knowledge or first hand experience.

      1. “Seriously Roosh. Do you know at least one Black person in real life? In all honesty.”
        Of course he has. Why do you think he likes it in Poland??

        1. He likes it in Poland because they have to accept Muslims now, and he stands to prosper. You cuck boy. #Trump2020

    3. So alpha game is act like a gopnik or ghetto thug.
      Well establishment aint gonna like it but hey its the true dtste of man

    4. Hello Mr. V.
      There seems to be a limit to the number of replies on replies with the newer format. Just wondering if you knew of any ways around that.

    1. Gloria, are you a phag? What does it matter if he is or isn’t?
      This is a good post and if you don’t like the fact that pu$$ies drip over a gangsta you be seriously mistaking, sister Gloria.

      1. It is a good post. A post that teaches us that if we live like criminals, we will be rewarded with tattooed women who have fucked 100s of men and have had multiple abortions and c-section marks. Oh, and HIV.
        Yup, sounds like a winner.

      Few men are rich. Few men who go to jail remain rich. Few men kill a guy, go to jail, and remain rich afterward. There is only one man who did it, Gucci Mane. He somehow managed to pull it off.”
      what the fuck did we learn here?
      keep it White, folks

        1. I sense someone who genetically (X/A ratio) has more in common with bonobo chimps than white Europeans.
          (Nature, The Journal of Science, 6-28-2012)

    3. Gloria, if Taft us Jewish them it clearly goes to show that Jews aren’t dumb. But you ain’t the sharpest tack in the box with that thinly veiled ad hominem.

  1. Gucci Mane is my favorite rapper, he’s actually pretty smart, went to college but got kicked out for selling cocaine. He got in bad company and was drugged all the time to the point of retardation but I like this new, fit, sober Gucci. He’s living his life and making millions by doing what he loves.

    1. “He’s actually pretty smart.” That’s cuck language. Same when said about a girl when she shows any bit of competency; “oh wow, she’s really smart.” You have low expectations of these people so when they demonstrate any bit of competency you feel the need to hoiste them above people who are doing exactly the same thing (or better). When someone is unlikely to succeed you feel the need to go overboard with their success story. That’s the sort of “enlightening” condescending talk liberals use to virtue signal when talking about people of protected classes. Their successes are not better than ours. Quit being a cuck.

      1. The same thing happens with actors and musicians and other entertainers. If they can put a sentence together without fumbling and swearing, you’ll have people praising their intelligence regardless of race.
        We have low expectations of people and as soon as they play nice we think they are ‘smart’ for not being abrasive. The common people on the street see the celebrities as genetic superiors and are happy to do drugs, commit infidelity and clown around on the basis that celebs do it too.

    2. “…went to college but got kicked out for selling cocaine. He got in bad company and was drugged all the time to the point of retardation…”
      Yeah, that’s what smart people do. Fucking moron.

    3. I’ve never respected coke dealers of any type. I’ve never known a coke dealer who didn’t step on good people attempting to achieve “suck-sess” either. Guess that’s just real life experience talkin. Thus, I can admire someone’s rap skill, but aside from that.. most ex-dealers of any hard drug are fuckin weasly snakes, and they know it themselves. The only thing that’s kept them protected in most cases is the binary aspect of society. Break the law, break the law, break the law… then go run like a bitch behind the law when someone from the black market starts to hunt them down for being a weasly snake. If you’ve never dipped into that world, you won’t know what I’m talking about either.

  2. Rap music was created to brainwash impressionable youths into a life of crime and violence. Which fills up the private prisons. Which makes elitists even richer. What’s not to like…

    1. How can it “made up”? It’s an outgrowth of break dancing which originated in the South Bronx late 70s early 80s. You tin foilers really need a mental check. Not every event or development in music is some grand conspiracy.

      1. GUEST
        An Irish-American actor introduced gangster rap to the world-Sean Penn in Colors.
        Cue ICE T.
        That was the start of it all.

    2. I listen to rap, actually trap rap that talks about selling drugs and making money, but I never went to jail, for the last 4-5 years I took a red pill I don’t drink or smoke weed/do any other drug. I use music for motivation but in other things, like training or getting money in legal hustles.

    3. Nah. It wasn’t invented from scratch. It has its roots in the oral poetry tradition of west Africa. Nevertheless, when it comes to conspiracy theories I’ll take Occams razor any day. Violent alpha males realized it’s potential to get money and sex by the bushel and exploited it ruthlessly.

      1. I listened to rap up until NWA came out. Granted, the mic dexterity of them and Public Enemy was decent, but the content drove me off. Easy-E got AIDS n died from it. Nuff said. Look as Snoop spewing his political b.s. The best rappers are underground and saw a bit of fame, or stayed out of the commersh spotlight. There is skill, with quality purpose and lyrical content, you just have to know where to find it.

        1. Agreed, hip hop is alot like the auto-enthusiest world. 90% of so called participants are casual and fickle and don’t know much of anything about the object of their affection except “I like that, or it’s kewl”.
          But those who set the trends, nurture and grow the culture and actually live it, know where to find quality, who’s fake and who’s real, and what lives up to the hype or is just vaporware. We’re no even going to talk about taking the time to actually learn the origin and history behind major elements of the genre.

      2. Zenopede stop calling thugs alpha males. A large number of them raise other men’s kids, have sloppy ghetto hoodrats as girlfriends, and are in constant struggle to prove their manhood in the hood. The drug lords, the guys who pay the BGs to do the dirty work, THOSE are the alpha males. Not the petty street hustler with Shaniqua ‘n em
        These petty street hustlers are betas that the alphas use and abuse for their benefit. Being violent isn’t the only thing that makes one alpha. Matter of fact, if an alpha is intelligent enough he gets the betas to be the violent ones while he just collects. This is what Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort did. Your regular street hustlers by the name of Lil C or Dirty Money are just useless pawns who have no clout and thus are not alpha at all. Shooting a gun at someone in a drug war does not necessarily = alpha

    4. True Bob. All this shit music has a female theme to it: Live like there’s no tomorrow. YOLO.
      Even the great Pink Floyd band wrote songs like ‘we dont need no education’..and some of their music portrayed them to be acid tripping crazies 24/7. Truth is..they rarely did drugs, and were well educated. Dont be conned..row your own boat..gently, with purpose…down the stream, not against the current thats futile…merrily…

      1. Pink Floyd were rather posh and well educated, but that song “we don’t need no education” was pointing out that success in life doesn’t come from the British education system.
        In the video of said song, the school master mocks the boy by reading out his poem to the class, the poem being part of the lyrics to the lucrative hit song, “Money”.
        Roger Waters is cool, you know. When the Berlin wall came down he did a concert in Berlin where Sinead O’ Conner sang the words, “do you trust the Government” to the Germans. Lol.

    5. I work in corrections and I constantly see young black men with their scraps of paper and nubby pencils “writing rap lyrics”. Got an education? No. Got a job? No. Any prospects in your future? No. Got two or three baby mommas? absolutely. Most will not succeed at anything because they are programmed by their environment to believe in bullshit and ignore reality.

      1. Hey Dumb ass. Ever stop to take a moment and consider the life they were BORN INTO? A country where their ancestors were forcefully brought here? Where they were segrated as a population and treated like lesser human beings for many many years.
        I live in Idaho and 90% of people who get locked up and commit crimes, who have many kids and can’t support them ARE WHITE. You are just a racists dumb dumb who only see’s in black and white like most on this site. Fucking pathetic. Alpha my ass.
        My god are all people on this site Beta racists retards who can’t see past color? Holy shit!

    6. actually rap was not created to brainwash the youth rather it originally started as a way to bring social issues that existed in the community to light. It was not until late 80s that it when from concious rap to “gangsta rap” which we have today

  3. Forget about the murders, this man is guilty of the worst crime known to man; he sexually harassed a woman at work. Women are beginning to come forward stating that Gucci Mane may have used sexually explicit language around them. If there was any legacy, it is dead now.

  4. There is a big difference between a gangster and a ni**er. Gucci Mane is the latter and would be destitute if it weren’t for the degenerate Hollywood machine.

    1. As a black man,i totally agree with you. If it wasn’t for drugs, rapping, pimping and throwing a fucking ball around, there would be literally only a handful of rich black folks. I mean, honestly considering the fact that we don’t stick together and don’t really own shit. Jim crow, if you will. Y’all had a 400 year head start. When i see a broke white person or even a working class, i always think to myself….Why were these ones cast aside?…..

      1. “I mean, honestly considering the fact that we don’t stick together”
        Do not understand that line. Are you saying blacks don’t stick together? I absolutely see it differently. From my view, blacks stick together no matter what, and only whites let their own kind fend for themselves.

        1. You obviously aren’t a black American, nor have you spent any real time around us. The ONLY thing that unites blacks is the call to anti-racist indignation. Outside of that, there is next to nothing we agree on except don’t trust niggas.

      2. ANONYMOUS
        Please…we got off boats in NYC from famine in Europe totally broke without a coin in our pocket. The average black sharecropper had more money than an Italian coming into New York harbor.

      3. This “head start” was the result of conquest. There’s no such thing as fair in nature. We didn’t all begin our journey at the starting line of a sanctioned race.
        You either adapt and play the game like everyone else or not and suffer. People band together when they have a common purpose and it benefits them to do so (if they’re smart). It’s still always been about the haves and the have nots. Those broke white people you see probably come from a legacy of the same.
        Things haven’t changed. Those at the top have no allegiance to race when it comes to money/power (at the macro level anyway). White business owners actually employed black laborers over white because they were cheaper, that is until the minimum wage was instituted. Then they had no reason to continue the trend.
        In group preference is a characteristic of humans period.

    2. Are you inferring that a black man can’t be a gangster? The same ruthless efficiency, organization, & violence employed by a “typical” gangster such as the Italian mobster, can & has been employed by several black figures & organizations in US history. I won’t debate this with you, as Google, TV, & other web sources have a bounty of info.

        Italians are suspicious and wary and above all greedy so they manage to live to the age of 45 like Soprano did before getting killed or going to jail whereas blacks only make it to 25. It is a matter of organization and calculation.

      2. Few Blacks are smart gangsters like your Jeff Fort or Larry Hoover types.
        Most post a threat to other men around them, true, but also to themselves. They’re too violent and not very organized.

        1. FITZ
          Reverse Racism
          The public mourns the young black man of 18 who dies young but nobody gives a shit about a Christopher or Paulie Walnuts who gets killed after a lifetime of vicious felonies. Let us face it, nobody cares when a “Ralphie” is killed.
          Let us face it that the public nobody gives a shit.
          The average Italian mobster lives to be 45 or so before he is killed or goes to jail as Soprano and his crew.

      3. Italians had the advantage of having many fellow Italian-Americans in the unions and construction and also corrupt police or senators.
        It is harder for Crips to bribe local police or government as the Italians managed to.

  5. May this story be used as an example of debunking myths like white privilege or the “oppression” suffered by blacks.

  6. He played the Game called Life, and Look! He got himself a wife!
    Actually, it’s hard to be ambivalent about him. Love him or hate him.
    Was it murder? Or just a killing?
    Personally, I’ve got nothing against him. I wish I had the same type of luck.
    “Luck? Fuck Luck. I make my own luck.” –Ty Cobb

    1. Why did the THOR lure him into the room in the first place? Just for a smash n grab chain snatching ceremony? Haven’t read court case or records, but I’d bet there’s a helluva lot more to this story other than pimp juice.

  7. He proves that you need to be a degenerate and worldly person with high financial and social status to attract beautiful women. A fact that most of his blue pilled fans have trouble swallowing.

  8. I get modern western woman’s affinity (wet panties) for violent, racist, rap and R&B “music” and “artists”, but what I’ve never understood is why a man of the west would tolerate, let alone enjoy, the drumbeat and chants of his own undoing.
    As for the birds and their craving for r-selection? For shitsake, just choke her already and throw on some actual music. She’ll snap out of it.
    Few things are more cucky than those pale soyboy chippers going all ghetto over some over-produced mating ritual soundtrack of the concrete jungles. I get the appeal of pro sports; at least some men have taken to the court or field and have some kind of connection. But the hip-hop kulture should be ridiculed for what it is: the theme song of ghettoization.
    The significance of cretins like gucci is that their humping sounds will be serenading the sheeple as the ashes of Western Civilization darken the sky. Yay for self-improvement, but have we really run out of men to inspire us to be better?

      I knew a few white wannabes in Detroit as a youth in the 1990’s. This is where the phenomenon began.
      One whose name I forgot was a Polish-American guy (Most Detroit whites are Polish origin) who acted like Eminem. He tried to impress Hoodrats by organizing a theft ring from his Dad’s golf course and even did some jail time for it.
      One night he was raped in the ass by a bunch of them while smoking blunts and drinking 40’s.
      This is the fate of the wannabe.

    2. So you think all “modern western women” like rap music? You just proved your level of intellegince in your first sentence.

  9. This is ridiculous.
    Ive said it before and will say it again.
    Thugs are not “alpha males”.
    Alpha males are leaders.
    George Washington was an alpha male.
    This “Radric” is a vile piece of dirt.
    Was it self defense? Maybe. But who cares. The world would have been a better place if ALL of those thugs had died in a mass shootout. Let’s not try to see any good in this. The only good would have been if they all had died.

    1. AUTO SLIM
      We can kind of admire Italian criminals like Tony Soprano. These guys manage to live well to the age of 45 when they get killed or to jail for the rest of their life on RICO. Italians are smart enough to bribe senators and cops and actually make money off union corruption etc.
      Blacks and Hispanics are merely thugs who will die or be busted by 25. None of them are going to have a criminal empire like Tony Soprano into middle age. They will die young and leave a bunch of forgotten kids of odd colors being raised by subsidized housing on welfare paid for by the yeoman Anglo whose agriculture and raw material excavation holds together the country that buys the drugs and pussy the thug sells.

      1. OMFG how dumb are the people on this site? You litterally classify all Blacks & hispanics under some steriotipcal brush. Ugh. You people screen “Im an idiot, steer clear”

  10. What’s next? An article mourning the death of that degenerate scum Lil Peep?
    I come here to escape modern “culture”, not embrace it.

  11. I’ve seen a couple articles recently, such as this one and the Joe Rogan one, that show a lot of bluepilled people who think they’re knowledgeable about the redpill, frequent this site… And then proceed to make articles thinking they’re spreading good knowledge but are actually still spreading their brainwashed disinformation.
    I’m not going to jump to the conclusion this article was a shill article, but it might as well have been with the message it’s trying to send across to us.
    To be honest, if the writer could answer me… What is the message?
    All I got from the article is that he’s a dumb violent person, but a tough dumb violent person, who killed a guy in self defense in a survival situation. And the media loves grabbing these idiots, since they help promote western civilization destroying agendas… And that we should look up to him/them for that?
    We should strive to act like an African Warlord because it will bring us riches and bitches? This guy would be a complete nobody if it wasn’t for the media using him to promote further degeneracy, drug use, and violence to our children.
    This article could have EASILY been done with a soldier, special forces guy, police officer, political martyr, historic figure, mythological character etc. The only difference being, is that those men I mentioned aren’t given money, fame, or media attention and thus bitches. They do their masculine activies and receive no recompension for it, and don’t promote backwards culture.
    Before people accusing me of being a nigger hater, the whole story could have featured a double digit I.Q. degenerate white rapper and I’d have written the exact same comment.

  12. Can we stop trying to “learn” from Clockwork Orange and Rappers? Guys, you try an of this shit and you’ll get horrible results. Let’s grow and just focus on shitcanning all of this.

    1. JJ
      “Learning from a Clockwork Orange”
      An 18 year old petty thug was in prison before he could finish high school for killing an older woman during a home invasion.
      Following being a guinea pig he was out on the street for about a week homeless and without a skill or prospects when some of his old victims beat him up.
      Alex was a real Alpha.

  13. While thugs embody traits of alpha males and are loved by attractive ethnic women (usually women with sex partners in the 100s), this is just a testament to how cucked the White man has become in allowing this scum to exist.
    What’s more alpha than a thug? The guy that shoots him dead.

    1. FITZ
      Maybe you’re younger than me. I want to tell you what happened to the pretty ethnic women of yesteryear when I was young (90’s) attracted to thugs:
      At 40 they are fat and have to teenage kids and live in the rundown neighborhood and survive on welfare or the most menial job.
      Some of them end up selling ass on crack row from time to time to nerdy white cucks.
      The black thug forgets about them and anyhow he is doing life in jail or has been in the graveyard since 2000 anyhow.
      When they are 40 they look 55. Latina sluts age badly especially. Some become crackheads. Others hit the booze.

      1. No I am aware. basically being with a thug ruins a woman’s SMV to the point even the thug wonders why the fuck he wasted his time wiring her.
        I don’t really get the point of this article.

        1. FITZ “Pretty Ethnic Women”
          They are all coke whores or soon will be at the bottom of it.
          I once worked with a ghetto hood whose probation forced him to hold a legit job for a period of time. He told me how he showed up for a gangbanger’s “crib” and the Main Negro told the Mexican girl present “Why don’t you give my boy sum head?” which she did. At that time (Mid-90’s) she would have been in her teens.
          I’m sure that the invitations stop coming and the coke turned to crack and by 25 she was sucking one out for $50 in the passenger seats of cars. If go to a US hooker stroll you can see what happens to yesterdays’ pretty ethnic girls who like the sweet party candy. It turns to “rock” and blowjobs for $50.
          Those girls that don’t get hooked on crack just end up raising some thug’s forgotten baby. He won’t pay for it and is in jail most of the time and she ends up fat and disgusting in gov. subsidized housing.
          Why do you think they call Mexican and black women breeders?

    2. Trouble is this: If the guy that shoots him dead is anything other than a cop, he will be a marked man for the rest of his life. Thugs are part of gangs and when one of their own is killed they are out for blood. White Biker Gangs do the same damn thing.
      For all this talk about black thugs, what about Mexican thugs like Garcia Zarate who run back and forth across the border killing, raping, and selling drugs as powerful crime syndicates in Mexico are financing them? Illegal immigration and Latin thugs are really much more of a problem than blacks(who get blamed for violent crime). These guys aren’t even Americans!

    3. A thug has nothing to do with being black or white your dumb piece of shit. Go pull up a dictionary.
      Racists have got to be the dumbest fucking people on this planet. Considering the large quantity of states in the US dominated by whites with incredibly low average IQ’s you should be able to EASILY figure out that it’s the environment that person is raised in that plays a large part in who they will become. You’re just a racist average piece of shit like most of these other sad excuses for men on this site.

  14. Alot of jealous dudes posting on this site. Instead of wasting your time criticizing someone with more fame, notoriety, money, and relevance in pop culture than you why don’t ya’ll spend that energy improving the quality of your own lives?
    In the words of Nas: “Weak jealous motherf***ers, f*** ya’ll!

      That is why the Jew, Black or Hispanic is more successful. He does not give a fuck about whites unless they are consumers of his garbage (Stupid TV shows, drugs, whatever).
      The pallid Anglo is the permanent cuck. He is weedy and wants to be Eminem and lives his whole life in his parents house jerking off to BBC in white chicks on the internet in the room where he was raised.
      Meanwhile the Jew TV producer cruises the highway of LA on the Ocean with a cokespoon up his nose and the wheel of a Ferrari in his hands. The successful black thug has his big Flatscreen and his blunts and his penthouse.
      The Anglo has nothing but bills and the house his parents left him in a recessed part of a Flyover state.

      1. Your apparent hatred of Anglo-Americans tells me something – You’re either a Jew or a cuck of gigantic proportions.

        1. No but I had an opportunity to study Jews and Asians out on the West coast.
          Their secret is that they don’t give a shit. Not about US history, not about slavery and not about the media.
          They live in the moment of what they can make and what they can spend.

        2. ANGLO Americans?
          Most white people in America aren’t Anglo Americans. WASPs tend to live in the Northern corners.

        1. D and V
          Which whites do blacks respect? They respect the not-so-white Italian actors like James Gandolphini or Al Pacino who play heartless, pitiless, fearless gangsters and not Lincoln who freed the slaves or Meryl Streep.
          I’m German-American and I feel bad that many Jews historically lost their lives but I do not want to kill myself over “German-American” guilt. One time a Jew howled that I was “A Nazi”. Doesn’t shatter me. For the most part heroin-addicted porn star James Deen and Amy Winehouse did not blame their shitty life choices on “Gentiles” either.
          I knew a Korean who worked in an LA liquor store in the black ghetto. He was a racist. Koreans sell booze and nutmeg (Hoodrats don’t use this to bake cakes they eat it with cold water for a cheap buzz) to blacks in the ghetto. They feel no guilt about selling what blacks want to buy. If a 10 year old black kid wants a pack of Newports he sells it to him.
          Asians do not watch a Chex commercial and want their daughter to be fucked up the ass by a Negro thug.
          It saddens me that the Anglo Saxon whose ancestors came from Britain and built the US is now a Wigger who acts like Eminem and has no pride in his ancestral country or the British history. He can tell you everything about Black History but has no idea about the Magna Carta or his own ancestors.

      2. Zenopede
        WASPs live in New England, the South (many across the South), and Utah. But lots of the North is more German or Irish, not Anglo Saxon. The South is more Anglo Saxon and the Great Lakes are German/Irish, the Southwest Irish/Scotch/German, and the Pacific Northwest Scandinavian and German. Anglos however did spread out greater than you realize, but not in the North

        1. Fits, my hometown of Seattle is still very Anglo Saxon. I know you probably heard it’s mostly Scandinavian but that’s incorrect. Most Washingtonians are of nordic ancestry but Western Washington is predominately populated by people of British ancestry. The South on the other hand is not English but scotch Irish. Those are VERY different culturally from WASPS. There are some Scots in the Evergreen State but they are highlanders. A very different type.

        2. FITZ
          I used the word “Anglo” the way a beaner would to describe any white Christian north of Italy.
          True, Germans are concentrated around the Great Lakes.
          Scandinavians are most densely concentrated around the Great Lakes with Finns in your own state of Ohio.

        3. I lived in the South. Look at demographic maps. Anglo Saxons are the Old Money types. The Ulster Scots were the poor hillbillies. The Anglos may not be terribly numerous but they are the most influential. The South absolutely had a heritage of people from the many regions of England moving there from Pennsylvania.

        4. Zenopede,
          Also the South had very large concentrations of people identifying as “American” which is a term reserved for WASPy types they date back to Colonial Days.
          Gen X-Ile,
          Ohio doesn’t have many Finns. German is the dominant ancestry here. After that it is English or Irish depending where you are.

        5. Zenopede
          People in Washington are basically Canadians and so naturally claim British ancestry.
          Lot’s of Native Americans as well.

        6. FITZ
          True as late as Bush the 1 East Coast Wasps were the greatest degree of influence in the United States.
          Southerners are lowland Scots and from Northern Ireland. I’ve been to the Cumbrian border of Scotland and England and these folks are surprisingly similar minus the Meth labs. They too live in trailers and up in the hills and make moonshine and race cars and love guns (Don’t kid yourself about UK gun laws, these mother fuckers have guns) and bow hunt.
          They are despised by the English from the South of UK who are actually the real Germanic Anglo whereas the Northerners are a pure strain of Celtic.
          Cleveland had a Finnish community and a Jewish one. The Jews from South Cleveland are rough hood types and not “Pajama Boy” more like “Beastie Boy”.
          Mind you Northern Ohio is the East Coast whereas Southern Ohio is the South.

        7. GEN X-ILE:
          There are a lot of Scandinavians in Washington. But they are mainly Norwegians. They came around the turn-of-the-century to work in the fishing industry(a staple of the Western Washington economy even to this day) We also have Germans in Washington state too though they are more widely distributed. Canada is divided between English and French influence.
          But don’t forget the great English explorer George Vancouver! He was the first white man to see Puget sound and founded the colony of British Columbia. The 1st English settlement on the Pacific Coast. The Spaniards sailed into the straits but never got any further. Those WASPs founded Seattle in 1851 and the first 50 years of the cities history it was as Anglo as any rural town in Maine.

      A few whites just leave the US like me young and stop giving a shit. I’ve sat out 9-11 and Iraq and Bush and recessions all overseas. Meanwhile the Anglo people I went to college with in Michigan have gotten old in their clapboard wooden houses worrying about how they will pay for Catholic school so their kids do not learn how to smoke joints from the Cholos and Hoodrats in public school and worrying whether their daughter will watch some “Chex” commercial produced by coke fiend Jews in LA doing Tequila shooters that convinces their daughter to have a baby with some black thug who won’t pay a lick of child support.
      I’ve seen shit go down seriously since the Clinton era and nodding-off opiate addicted white trash replaced the hilariously crazed methhead “tweakers” of my own youth but working class whites have remained a dismissed and forgotten group.
      Thankfully overseas you do not have to give a shit about any of this because Jews, Blacks and Hispanics don’t travel. They have it too good in the US at the Anglo expense.
      …Because the Anglo does not have the cunning and shrewdness of the Jewish hawker or the machismo balls of the Latino or Italian or the sheer big-dicked masculinity of the Black thug.

      1. Dude, you are ON FIRE! Excellent comments today. – If WHITE people of any station knew how exploited they were, and are, you would literally see them die from the shame of their own revealed stupidity. We literally live in HELL!

        1. D and V
          The irony is that without the Anglo growing the food out in the flyover and excavating the raw materials like coal in West Virginia or oil in North Dakota and organizing its transport to the East or West Coast the Jews and blacks would be eating one another’s intestines like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead in about 4 days in Manhattan.
          If the Anglo was not a sheep-like peasant who mindlessly consumed the crap that Jews make like pulling his dick to Ron Jeremy hairy ass in a DP close-up or spent his money watching some ape with a wicked jump shot play a child’s game the secondary economy of Jews and Blacks would collapse because they don’t produce anything on city concrete.
          Let us look for a moment at the whites blacks do admire. Not Abe Lincoln or Stephen Hawkins. They admire the ruthless, fearless, heartless gangsters that Pacino or James Gandolphini played like Soprano or Tony Montana. A few admire Charles Manson or Ted Bundy. Otherwise, they’ll never give a fuck.
          Does Ronald Goldman whose son was killed by OJ give a shit about the daughters of some Armenian lawyer who hung around the trial like Kardashian?
          Jews don’t believe the garbage they get paid to write or believe it has any application to reality. They hand their screenplay to Roots into the studio for physical production and then rush out to get more cocaine and hookers like Charlie Sheen.
          Asians are the same. Do you think Koreans selling menthol cigarettes and nutmegs to 12 year old black kids in LA feel sorrow for slavery and go home every night feeling “yellow-guilt”.
          I don’t live in hell because I left the US when Billy was still getting chubby Jewish sluts to blow him, or denying he did. And let me tell you that the Anglo has gone downhill since 1999. In the nineties a wigger was still a joke and the Offspring were making fun of him in videos. Then Eminem came along and every white guy wanted a hoodrat to fuck his sister.
          So the Anglo has no pride and no sense of self-preservation and THAT IS ALL the Jew or Asian has. The black of course is largely incapable of such abstraction and would starve in any event like he does in Africa if his food was not trucked to him by whites and grown out in remote corners of America by farmers.
          One reason the Italian in the East Coast is not so cucked out and beta as the pallid Anglo is that he has retained his food and his culture and his ethnic pride (As have the Irish in Boston or the Russians). He has never trusted Jews or what they say since the days that the Romans destroyed Judea.
          Meanwhile in Ohio or Arizona the Anglo now referred to as a neck or white trash whose ancestors once built great cities in England and ruled most of the world was a hilariously comical “tweaker” in the 1990’s and today is a comatose “Pillbilly” O’ding in his trailer or efficiency apartment.
          He has not even been able to maintain a hold on his own narcotic supply-the government took away his Mini-Thins and now the Mexicans sell him his crystal meth.

    3. You chose a quote to prove your point any 3rd grader with a foul mouth could invent? ““Weak jealous motherf***ers, f*** ya’ll!” I like to think of it rather “Morons quit idolizing loser-pimp facade simps elevated to stardom by wasted clicks, song downloads, ticket and merch sales by your generation.” What you quote as “Weak jealous motherf***ers,” are actually smart men aggravated by societal traits devolving society into the abyss.

  15. This was actually a pretty interesting article.
    And yes, I do like Gucci Mane, he’s managed to somehow work the system to his benefit.
    Who can hate on that?

  16. So according to this flavor of the week author, you should emulate a murdering, inked up, Bobono ape loser because he can score a 9. In other words, become the anti-thesis of eveything the manosphere stands for in order to score some pussy that will undeniably leave you after she realizes what a dumb fucking cuck you are. Damn this site is spiraling downwards quick.

    1. Andy how fucking dumb are you? This site is spiraling downwards because it appeals to cry-baby beta racists dumb fucks like yourself. A man is a man is man. Real men can be found in all ethnicities. If you honestly think real men only spawn from caucasions your are as dumb as you fucking sound. No human can have sex and produce offspring with a fucking chimp you idiot! There is no relation and the fact hat you have to keep using that as a means to demine the African ethnicity only proves how sad and pathetic a person you really are (and many on this site for that matter).
      Jesus I’d love to meet you in real life so I could see what kind of pathetic white piece of complaining shit you are. Fucking pathetic. Grow up.

  17. What kind of example your presenting us? This is not an Alpha male. This guy is a moron and a typical slave who hasn’t forgot his past enough to attribute the derogatory word of nigger to himself as honor! . Your article only serve as media to elevate low-class thug guys like him in eyes of readers and girls. You are only doing indirect service to make whites feel weak and white women to be mudsharks. If you need to present a real alpha males, present white alpha males who are traditional, charismatic, strong from history. The more you read about how whites where the most fearsome and fiercest warriors that destroyed every non-white opponents in every corner in the earth in gun fights, fist-fights..etc. You will then never look to thugs as examples at all. Hell you are going to be sooooo proud of what countless white figures did that your ego as white male skyrockets so high. White males are true apex of males. If more whites started to read their history with admiration, they will assemble an army of ruthless, suicide and war-loving males and females who are so proud of their grand fathers that will never look to thugs at all and will be completely disgusted by everything that represents them.

  18. He was set up by a female and murdered his would be robber. H e was arrested for murder, beat the charges and became a millionaire as a result. He had beef with Young Jeezy who was backed by Black Mafia Family ( a serious drug cartel, cocaine cowboys from Detroit with Mexican Cartel connections) and won. He is a straight street brother who beat the odds, quit drugs , and still makes platinum hits-Alpha to the core. You bitch ass white boy Alt Right cock suckers call him nigger to his face- and lose your face. Talk tough here in these comments but menstruate in real life. Brick Squad bitches -no respect if respect is not given-Roosh gives respect , Roosh gets respect from all races and fucks your white bitches , hate on him…….I thought not. Fuck you racist cock suckers you are all losers , that is why I fuck your skinny white bitches just like your idol Roosh-easy pickings because you are so weak, man up. A man with Middle Eastern roots learned Russian and fucks the best of what white people have to offer worldwide, and you worship him-truthfully you should because he is better than you alt right fags, better and smarter and more successful with women you wish you could have- and so am I .

    1. Bruh no one gives a fuck that you fuck Russian women. We truthfully just leave those women alone once we know they’ve been with you. And I wouldn’t call him a nigger to his face because I don’t use that word and it is just low as shit to say that to somebody.
      What I won’t do is worship a man because he is violent. If enough violent men surround me and force me to surrender away my manhood they would have to kill me trying to take it. I just don’t submit to people who want to force themselves on me so that’s why I don’t worship violent men. Truth be told all men should have the capability of violence if the right need arises (protecting the innocent). Street thugs who are violent just because they have shit male role models and testosterone that is too high get no sympathy from me when they get shot dead in the streets. This is why lots of us don’t support Black Lives Matter.
      Look i get it. To West Africans violence is a virtue. They are incredibly violent. Europeans don’t think that way. This is why we Whites will hardly ever understand Black culture. Whatever you say that thugs are violent because they are victims is lost on us.
      Anyway do I think Gucci is violent because he is a rapper? Not necessarily. Not violent in the bad way like just fucking with the weak without cause. He doesn’t strike me as that kind of man.
      But recognize this. Your race is constantly at odds with us and you guys value your worth based on us. Look at you. You value your worth by the fact you fuck White women. That is pathetic. The reason your race will not progress is not because you don’t stick together but because you let your petty nature and blind rage combined with your pride get in the way of yourself. I am fully aware most Black males are more dangerous than I am. This is precisely the problem. They are a danger more to themselves than to me. On a random Chicago street Black people won’t fuck with me even if they can physically overpower me. No, they fuck with other Black boys who sometimes can overpower them. Then, they are really in danger.
      See this is why you guys aren’t alpha by any means. If you were you wouldn’t be raising other men’s kids, you’d be bringing up your own progeny to succeed, and your women wouldn’t so promiscuous and ratchet. You black men need to curtail that tough guy shit because in the long run you are the worst recipients of it.

      “White Detroiter”
      To begin with blacks are still trying to make money from selling cocaine like they did 30 years ago. Other gangs get into more sophisticated crime but blacks are too stupid to learn how to use a computer or launder money like the Italians or the Russians so all they can do is cook up cocaine and baking soda and sell it to other negros because negros are the only people stupid enough to want to be crackheads in this day and age.
      Whites move out of a city, any city, and you blacks start crying like bitches for the loss of tax money because none of you can run an economy. Blacks could move to but you lack the initiative or the intelligence to have a skill so you complain that whites move and take their money with them the same way that people move away from a crackhead on the bus that smells bad.
      When Negros get elected to Mayor and start running things the whites and Jews leave and you are pleading with the state government for AID like a Third World country to keep your shitty city together as it looks like Haiti.
      Your black women are then reduced to sucking the white hogs of passing through truckers or anyone that will pay $50 for a blowjob in their car and changing the diapers of their babies in gas station toilets because black men cannot earn shit and most are in jail anyhow.
      You burn out the Jews from the corner stores but then the Koreans come and take your ghetto businesses and they get burned out and then the Arabs come when every other minority throws in the towel.
      Eventually a city gets to the point of Flint, Michigan where you cannot drink the water like it was India and blacks ask the state government to do SOMETHING but they don’t give two shits because whites already moved out so when your condition sinks to that of Bangladesh you roam the streets like mutants in a Mad Max film.

    1. So don’t buy or listen to his music. Nuff said. Not into rap music but this n1gga clearly knows how to get what he wants and the fact that he killed a man and is still free means he knows how to play the system and still get money + bitches.

      1. You say he killed a man and is free. He did kill someone but it wasn’t a murder. That isn’t playing the system. Many people have gotten off on self-defense. What exactly is so special here?

  19. In the old days it was hippies like David Cassidy who then washed up and became crackheads…
    There have always been groupies.
    So the Jews that own the cameras and sound stages and means of production/distribution decided to turn it on Hood rats.
    All little groupies will end up the same way looking like the old groupies for KISS or Led Zep look with stretch marks from the Blowjobs around their mouth.
    Truthfully for 30 years since Ice-T gangster rap has sung the same tired shit about smoking blunts and being a drug dealer.

    1. 80s and 90s rapper were better than todays generation anyways.
      Back then these guys were trying to move from the hood to the mansions.
      Its backwards now.
      Now rich rappers wanna go from the mansions to the hood (Looking at you Soulja Boy and Chris Brown!)
      I know some dumbass spoiled white leaving the gated communities to the hood.
      If anything bad happens to them I wont have any pity….

  20. OFFSPRING Pretty Fly for a White Guy
    Go visit the Latina and black female dancers who threw the dumb wigger in the pool in that 98 song.
    Today the Mestizos will look like pigs on an Reservation and have diabetes while half the black women would have sores in their mouths from sucking penises for cocaine.
    Maybe one or two have a job at the DMV.

  21. White nationalists are always Betas. That’s why they created the film “birth of a nation” to scare white women into not consorting with black men and relying on chivalrous white knights to save them from those black savages. They vented their resentment by lynching black men in the 20s through the 60s for rape as retribution for being cucked by their wives(with said black men) because they were weak pussies who couldn’t perform in bed.

    1. African-Americans are the result of white men having sex with African women so I would say that the Black man was the one picking cotton while some English sleazy nobleman gave the sister the root in the Big House. Hence the old English names like Jackson, Collins, Clay.
      Mestizos are also a cucked race descended from Amerindian women getting fucked by Spanish soldiers and priests in the desert.
      As for white wives sneaking off to the filthy Third World conditions of the black man in the South to be dicked that is a nice fantasy. Probably never happened because white women despised blacks in the South historically.
      Jews in the North were the exception and of course some Jewish sluts in NYC or Harlem were getting dicked by blacks but these folks are not real whites anyhow.

    2. Aren’t you the same guy who believes women in “abuse” cases are always victims, Zenopede? Not sure you should be talking about what is alpha.

      1. Uhhhh, no. That’s a straw man. I said that certain women seek out men who victimize them and keep going back. Not once did I say that 100% of women who claim abuse are victims.

    3. Lol perform in bed? That’s the most important thing to your people huh? These ‘white knights’ were busy conquering your land and putting you jigs to hard labor… We could have black pussy all we want, but yeah you don’t even want that shit

  22. NOTHING about Gucci Mane is real at all. He is NOT a masculine street hustler turned Puff Daddy success- He is another Rick Ross Illuminati Jew Media Industry FRAUD. -He is several MILLION dollars in debt and living off his ADVANCE options from Atlantic. His ‘cribs’ are not titled in his name or businesses. He does NOT yet have ANY actual (physical sales) Gold Record certifications. The ‘beautiful woman’ he married is a TRANSgender just like Dr.Dre. He waltzes in and out of jail EXACTLY TIMED with his garbage rap mumblings. DUMBFUCK WHITES worship this fuck but are legally disallowed from calling him the FUCKING NIGGRA that he is!

    1. Right. If I needed to do jail time and live like a piece of shit thug to end up with THAT, well, uh, I am good. Most men on this site can get women much hotter without having to be criminals.

  23. For some reason I’ve been unable to post messages. Hopefully this one gets through.
    Reader beware. This man “Alfonso Taft” seems like a shill. He has two back to back articles where he is trying to send quite the opposite message from what most of us here in ROK believe.
    First he shows us “Joe Rogan”, definitely a masculine man, but not a smart man, full of leftist beliefs, a man who is blue pilled by will, who is friends with many leftists, cuckservatives, and isn’t necessarily a beacon of masculinity himself. He went from having a conversation with Stefan Molyneux (not 100% a fan of Moly, but he’s a decent guy) where Joe Rogan was intellectually out of his depth.
    Then, just a few days after the Interview, Rogan badmouths Stefan behind his back just to please a bitch he was obviously attracted to. Very beta male move.
    And now this writer, a self proclaimed “stoner”, and quite suspiciously “Aryan” promotes an article about a good for nothing violent gangster? Did the gangster do something masculine? By defending himself from armed men. Yes. But it’s not violence alone that makes a man, it is the way he lives his life.
    By showing us this violent stupid man who’s brain has been fried from drugs, who Jewish producers prop up on our screens to further their degeneracy agenda… What is the point of the article? Be a violent black man and hope some HollyJew mystery man puts you on a big screen so brainwashed women (by that very same media) flock to you?
    Roosh, keep a better eye on the people who post articles, you know damn well these people work purely with Counter Intel, subversion, and propaganda.

      We can blame Italian-American actors for blacks by your way of thinking. To some degree they have modeled themselves after short vulture-faced Pacino and tubby loudmouthed Gandolphini whose gangsters they love and imitate.

  24. The Fed gov’t set up a task force to take out Italian mob, but we let these guys roam, fuck, set the paragon of masculinity, and live freely? The flood is here. Too late to learn how to swim…

    1. No. They set up a task force to present biker “gangs” as the absolute worst criminals around. This is so Joe and Jane Q. Public can feel safe and the alphabet Government Agencies can appear tough on crime.
      Aging Rebel, Twin Peaks. Read it.

        Italians and Bikers have the capacity of forming corporations of a sort.
        This is why the Feds think they are dangerous.

  25. So TNB will get you TNR just like the murdered aspiring rapper who was a good kid and I swear to black Jesus dindu nuffin but the senseless violence……
    Then gets a candlelight vigil.
    The R stands for rewards, but seriously, how did we get HERE?

  26. If this was some white Rock & Roll dude in a similar situations like Gucci Mane, posters in RoK would have no problem with this.

  27. I have seen many ‘Gucci Manes’ in my life
    They don’t last long….money will run out and/or die from drugs or bullets.
    ..btw…these thugs would be completely unknown if (((Shlomo))) wasn’t pushing them down our throats 24/7
    Miscegenation and the destruction of white culture can continue apace.

    1. RICK Curious
      Young people don’t ADMIRE Italian gangsters much. Someone like Pesci or Ralph Cefferetto is awful and you are glad (Though you should not be) when some other Italian gets rid of him.

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