3 Depressing Realities About Living In Eastern Europe

In January of this year, I packed my things and got on a one-way flight to Budapest, Hungary to start my life anew after nearly two years of living in Chicago. This isn’t my first experience living abroad—I spent part of 2014 in the Philippines—but it’s the longest time. Aside from some stints in Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, and Sweden, I’ve been in Hungary for all of 2017.

Do I like it here? Mostly.

Don’t get me wrong: Hungary (and everywhere else in Eastern Europe) is a massive upgrade over the U.S. in everything that matters. The streets are clean and safe, the women are cute and loose, and the cost of living can’t be beat. But after nearly a year in poosy paradise, the bloom is off the rose. Here are some annoying realities of living in eastern Europe that you’ll just have to get used to if you’re an expat…

1. Many basic services are horrible

Despite being “poor” countries, every Eastern European country I’ve been to has better infrastructure than the U.S., Serbia being the only exception. Poland has the nicest, most modern trains and train stations I’ve ever been in. Hungary’s trains are not as modern but just as fast, and the Budapest Metro and tramways are a delight to ride, with clean stations and cheap fares. Even Ukraine, a third-world country, has trains that always arrive and leave on time, something that Amtrak can’t manage.

Unfortunately, if you ever need to mail anything, you’re in for a world of pain.

Hungary’s own postal service, Magyar Posta, is fairly decent, though blockheaded. For example, I once had to receive a new credit card that was shipped internationally, and the delivery was delayed twice because I supposedly wasn’t home to receive it, even though I had been home all day both days. Turns out that because I hadn’t posted my name on my mailbox, the mailman couldn’t figure out that yes, this was where I lived. He didn’t even attempt to ring my doorbell or knock; he just took the package and skated off.

In a bizarre reversal of how things usually work, private couriers in Eastern Europe are usually worse than government postal services. For example, if a driver from DHL can’t find a place to park near your front door when he comes to deliver your package (which is very possible if you live in the center of a major city like Budapest), he’ll just drive off and report that you weren’t home.

Your only recourse is to either schedule a new delivery (and risk the same thing happening again) or go to their logistics center—which will be located more than an hour away via public transit—to get it yourself. For example, when DHL failed to deliver a box of nutritional supplements, I had to ride all the way to the end of one metro line, take two separate trams, then walk to their headquarters for twenty minutes to pick it up.

These kinds of incidents are the norm here. Expect bad customer service, slow service at restaurants, slow food delivery, slow everything. Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans are all about doing the bare minimum on the job, a holdover from the communist era, when there was no incentive to perform well.

In another example, I once went to a Vodafone store to top-up my phone plan twenty minutes before closing time and was told that they “might not have time” to do it, even though the store was empty and topping up takes about three minutes.

2. Convenience is middling to nonexistent

Unlike Aaron Clarey, I didn’t expect Europe to be full of 24-hour Walmarts where I could wander in at three in the morning in my boxers to do my grocery shopping. However, Europe is missing a lot of the comforts that Americans take for granted. For example, Sunday shopping is severely restricted in Hungary, with most stores closed. If you’re out of food or anything else and the 24/7 convenience stores don’t carry it, you’re shit out of luck until Monday morning.

Similarly, Europeans love to nickel and dime people, and many things that are free in the U.S. cost money over here. For example, not only do you have to pay for plastic bags when you go shopping, you have to bag your own groceries like a slave. You have to pay to use a shopping cart (though you get refunded when you’re done). You have to pay for ketchup when you go to McDonald’s. You even have to pay to use the bathroom in many places, even at restaurants where you’ve already bought something (I’m told this is to keep Gypsies from falling asleep in them).

Granted, none of these expenses are very high, and once you’ve settled into a routine, you can adjust to early closing hours and other realities of European life. But there’s something to be said for convenience. I like being able to go out and buy groceries at ten at night if I need to, and I don’t like having to carry a dozen coins in my pocket in case I need to use the can when I’m out. I definitely don’t like having to bag groceries, because that’s what retail workers are for (and also because I forget to bring a bag when I go shopping half the time).

3. Degeneracy is increasing

Don’t get me wrong: the most degenerate day you’ll have in Hungary is better than an average day in the U.S. Open homosexuality is either nonexistent or barely noticeable in Eastern Europe, and women on average are better-looking and more feminine here. However, globalism’s effects are increasingly evident even in this corner of the world.

For example, in Hungary, tattoos, piercings, and cotton candy-colored hair are becoming more prevalent among young women. Budapest has an increasing number of bars and cafes with tattoo parlors on site, so you can get a dragonfly stamped on your ass while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Hungarian women are also starting to get fat, which becomes obvious if you cross the border into Ukraine: the women suddenly gain two points of attractiveness and lose twenty pounds on average.

Similarly, Tinder, once one of the easiest ways to meet women in Eastern Europe, has significantly dropped off in quality over the past year. In Budapest, women on Tinder have become increasingly flaky, refusing to answer messages and using the app to gain unearned attention from men. Smartphone addiction and online attention whoring have also been on the increase in Eastern Europe, meaning that meeting girls is only going to get more difficult as time wears on (though the further east you go, the slower these trends are occurring).

I don’t mean to sound negative: I’ve enjoyed my time in Hungary so far and would not even entertain the thought of moving back to the U.S. Despite the problems I’ve described, the quality of life in Eastern Europe is incredible and I’m grateful that I’m able to live out here. But anyone who thinks that this part of the world is all sunshine and blowjobs will be sorely disappointed.

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202 thoughts on “3 Depressing Realities About Living In Eastern Europe”

  1. The level of which you’re able to tolerate Eastern Europe depends on how excited the women make you. When you first arrive and are impressed by the women, you don’t even notice things like bad service. Many months later, when the woman need is satisfied, you start looking to satisfy another need such as comfort, which Eastern Europe generally cannot provide.
    In other words, don’t plan to live in Eastern Europe based on your first month there.

    1. Roosh,
      I think complaints like packing his own groceries and Eastern Europeans not working late at night and on Sundays are pretty ridiculous.
      One of the benefits of Eastern Europe is that they are far more christian oriented and far more family oriented and so they observe the Sunday off far more often though not always.
      And an american complaining about the delivery of mail? Are you kidding me?!
      The public transport is usually not the same quality as western europe but it is better than pretty much any american city in most eastern european capitals. Even in small and poor capitals where there is no subway the busses run everywhere and the taxis are cheap.
      Eastern Europe is not the same as the US.
      If Matt wanted to make a more valid complaint he could have talked about the apartments are usually small and sparse and getting service for something that is broken can be very hard if you don’t speak the language and the owner does not care about you.
      Eastern Europe is just fine and the positives far outweight the negatives. The most difficult thing about eastern europe is making your income which is why income over the web is important.

      1. No kidding. He’s bitching about bagging his own groceries? I do that all the time to save time if there is no kid around to do it. I’ll trade that anyday for the horseshit that I see all around that apparently is yet to appear in Eastern Europe.

      2. To the author:
        1. “slow service at restaurants, slow food delivery, slow everything”
        Yes, services in EE are slow. You need to realize that people working in services:
        a) aren’t really “the smartest part” of the population
        b) if you are a “service person” and you see your salary, you have no reason to “work for 100%” (poorly paid).
        2. You says what? You complain about impossibility to shop 24/7?? OMG, what a catastrophe!!! Why this point looks “too pussy” for me:
        People in EE are used to wars. You need to have “stock” (at least for half of a day 🙂 or you day buy hunger. This is definitely missing in the unconscious of US “nation”. During war you cannot shop for… years! In EE, complaining that you cannot visit stores 24/7 is considered to be… homosexual 😀
        See what happens with “Walmarts” englishrussia.com/?p=147634
        3. Sadly, degeneracy is really increasing.

    2. Exactly.
      Most Americans are accustomed to a infrastructure, lifestyle and level of service that is a far cry from what they’ll find even in many Western countries. Despite your desire for more beautiful women to bang on a regular basis, the more important things a man must do on a daily basis are eat, sleep, and work. If those things are difficult because you’re in a 3rd world shithole, you life will suffer.
      It’s not worth moving to such a place just for higher quality women. It’s better to find good logistics and infrastructure for bachelor living, then import beauties to what will be a better location/situation for them as well.

      1. it’s not just eastern europe – the UK is absolutely dreadful for customer service. the concept of any service provider helping a customer not only because its their business but because it furthers them as well as yourself – does not exist – it’s almost the exact opposite – if someone can validate themselves by making your day a little more awkward and unpleasant then that is what they will do. France is a dustbin, never mind the debate over trannies in bathrooms, i wouldn’t like my dog piss in a French public toilet, you are better off finding a tree to piss up, which is what most of them do anyway – Germany is lost in pretty rules and regulations for everything – trying to buy any high end gear from a manufacturer in Germany makes the US Senate look bureaucracy free. Outside of the US and actually Mexico definitely has that same idea that if we can help you – then that makes your life better, which makes our life better – everywhere else is just lacking. Convenience, competitive pricing, giving away stuff (eg. Macdonalds will charge you for ketchup in some countries WTF) – and it’s not just being sloppy, pricing gouging, or penny pinching – it’s a whole mentality of being obstructive and taking great pride in doing so.

        1. I’ve seen that all over the world. ‘Little people’ you know, your clerks, security guards cashiers take an immense and pathetic joy in what I like to call ‘little victories’- they’ll be as obstructive as possible and may even try to cheat you out of some literal pennies. Most of the time I will laugh at them and pay an extra 1 yuan for a carrier bag (which at the shop I know to be free), I’ll be magnanimous as well, pay for the food normally, and then hand them the 1 yuan note with both hands. Enjoy your little victory and 60 hour minimum wage workweek, while I conquer the universe and slay!

      2. PrepZ, “Import beauties”??? Whut? Are you new to the ‘sphere? Plenty of old articles including some by Roosh bring up the fact, your sweet young feminine Polish princess will likely become infected with Western degeneracy if you bring them here. Better to keep them sequestered in their home element.

        1. Nope. I’m a rich old fuck with the ability to fly Ukrainian beauties out of their shithole to sunny Cancun to sail on my yacht.
          Do you read much on the boy-o-sphere?
          It matters not what the west does. If you’re so concerned about the west and it’s impact on women, you’re fucked anyway, as it’s the mansosphere that cries about how the western degenercy has already spread to all parts of the globe. So you see, its fucked.
          However, I have the means to pick and choose those I want to invite to my world I’ve built here. Instead of bitching about how the west is destroying civilization, I’ve come up with a solution.
          Eager young women from around the world who are infected with the hope of escaping their shithole system are dying to find men like me who will bring them over (ie. import them) if only for a short time so they can experience the social, political and economic freedoms they lack. It’s a golden opportunity for those of means.
          You guys are still alpha 1.0 at best, looking to lock down and marry “tradition” women who conform to some out-dated 1950’s June Cleaver stereotype, which frankly doesn’t exist here, and it doesn’t really exist there. You just think it does from reading too many unsubstantiated claims of unspoiled femininity in the places I talk about.
          Pandora’s box is open. The entire world is infected to some degree by western freedom, or ideology. I hope I find women that are loose enough to have fast sex with here, in the west, where my logistics aren’t concerned about whether or not I have clean water and reliable power, a car I can actually drive to get back out and/or back to my place, and the convenience of being able to stock my fridge and bar with some of the best food and wine on earth. Try that in Kyiv, Moscow, or Medelling, some of the places the masosphere lauds as hottie havens. Then report back here.
          Having dated some EE girls, I know why they want to come here,, and what they’re willing to trade to escape their hopeless situations and lives. It’s a profitable arbitrage situation if you can handle them — they are a different breed.
          But I care not if they become westernized. What is it to me? Or to you? So what? What does it really matter. Trying to protect some kind of pink unicorn of a girl by keeping here non-westernized is a form of white-knigthing IMNSHO. And, seeking a unicorn as the one is just a backward, and even beta, as seeking an old-style monogamous marriage with any female. I think I did read many articles about such things on this mansosphere you speak of.

        2. PrepZ,
          How is it beta to shelter a woman? Alpha societies (patriarchies) have traditionally sheltered the weak, whom are women and children. It isn’t White knighting to protect those who can’t protect themselves.
          White knighting is defending a feminist or already liberated woman who doesn’t need it. Do you think it is White knighting for a woman to stay at home and be a mother and cook? Or is it more alpha to let her be liberated and fuck around?
          You sound like one of those “alphas” who thinks that all the “bad shit” happens to “lesser men”. Your air of arrogance is really gullibility and over exagerration of your own ability and worth.
          Women need to be kept in check. Society doesn’t benefit from promiscuity even if you think you do for the short term.

        3. PrepZ is 100% right.
          It’s depressing that even on a site about being alpha male there are still so many brainwashed beta’s that can’t see the forest for the tress.

      3. You know, PrepZ, being the Beta Bux guy for Eastern European sluts is not what we aim to become.
        I kind of understand why a “rich old fuck” (as you called yourself) could not care less if a young girl is there for love or money, that the only thing that counts is that she is there and she puts out and fucks (so it does not matter why she does that).
        So I see your point.
        However, you are still paying hyperinflated prices for pussy, and that is a fact, even if money does not count for you on account of being rich.
        Strange thing is, as a young guy, I was an Incel due to my shyness and approach anxiety, and I have spent tons of money on prostitutes during my 20s as a young male. But nowdays, being around 40, the only thing I want is to get my money back from the Female half of the world!

    3. Can be said about any 2nd or 3rd world nation.
      Im surprised eastern Europe is that bad since the eu is right there

    4. “The level of which you’re able to tolerate Eastern Europe depends on how excited the women make you.”
      It’s definitely a big draw, probably the biggest. That said, I spent a few years in Ukraine and there were other things I loved about it. How inexpensive everything is for one thing, if you have some money saved up. My Ukrainian girlfriend and I lived comfortably on $300 a month (this was in a third-tier city of about 250,000 people, not Kiev). It’s nice to be able to relax and work on personal projects without worrying too much about money.
      I enjoyed that it was easier to find intellectual conversations too. I could discuss the etymology of a word, break out a quote in Latin, or make a reference to some event in history when talking to people and everyone was comfortable with that and could generally follow along. Try that kind of thing with most Americans and they’ll stare at you like you’ve got three eyes.
      I liked the sincerity too. Sure, that means that Ukrainians are generally more rude than Americans but on the flip side, when they’re nice you know it’s because they they probably like you, not because they feel obligated.
      Then there are the much lower levels of degeneracy, fat acceptance, political correctness, and just generally being surrounded by masculine men and feminine women. Also, how Ukrainians are closer to the land and can grow their own food. I always respected that and thought about how they’d be much better off than we are if civilization shuts down and the supermarkets are empty.
      I actually miss the place quite a bit sometimes.

    5. Probabley worth noting……if you cant hack eastern europe. You should not travel outside the first world countries.
      They say south america aint for beginners. Southeast asia can be an ajustment.
      India middle east an africa…..dont touch with a 40ft pole.
      Eastern is pretty well developed thanx to being close to eu.
      Just something to consider when you book your first trip overseas.
      Let poland hungary croatia czech or any slav area just as guage of how much discomfort an bullshit you can hack.
      Otherwise just game at home in the the country

    6. This is why Bangkok win’s hands down for all round living, it has good quality services, high speed internet, world class shopping malls, and if you need a taxi or a limo you press a button on your phone and one comes takes you where ever you want, if you want a pizza or subway just press a button 10mins later its at your door, if you want girls just be nice and polite and they will eventually have sex with you, Bangkok cost of living is pretty good too, only issue is ladyboys and over all general conservative nature of the woman which is not really an issue just means Alpha game doesn’t work so well.

    7. More pathetic crying from the “american white man”, grow up pussies. There are top level girls in America to be had, But you’re just not at the status to get them, so your running over to other countries to act like more than what you are at home. Bitches

  2. Abou the convenience stores part, i wonder if it’s irony or dead serious.
    Stores being open practically 24/7, and customers being too much lazy to pack their groceries by themselves are 2 of the reasons why US citizens are universally known as fat slobs.
    When you can get food at 2am, you’ll eat, simple as that.
    Malls are concepts which should be destroyed, lower the price, but also the wages.
    Customers being too dumb to bag what they buy by themselves give credence to the myth illegals from Mexico or anywhere are needed for jobs white peoples wont do.
    Supermarkets open during sunday are direct competitors for traditionnal markets.

      1. No kidding! Who is so pathetic that they COMPLAIN about bagging their own groceries? OH THE F**KING HORROR of it all. Especialluy in AMerica where the baggers put your milk and bananas in the same bag with your grapes and eggs….. F**KING REALLY?
        Bag your own if you value your dollar you spend on your groceries.

        1. Yeah, this author is a fat guy whom I’ve never been that impressed with. He’s somewhat intelligent, and I have agreed with many of his past comments, but he shouldn’t be anyone else’s role model.

        2. What is wrong with Roosh to accept low-quality articles like this one? The guy only complained about complete bullshit. This is the reason Americans have such a bad reputation as tourists they are always complaining.

        3. @The one armed bandit
          Exactly. Him complaining about Hungarian girls getting “fatter” is pretty fucking rich.

        4. I thought I was gonna be the only person who picked up on that, I was like, come on HOW lazy is this guy?
          Glad to see it isn’t all Americans.
          Also One armed bandit, did you just use the f- word on a Forney article? Watch your back man!

      2. @The one armed bandit
        Exactly. Him complaining about Hungarian girls getting “fatter” is pretty fucking rich.

      3. @Dustlord – it is actually true though that fatness is spreading from The West eastwards. First in America, then across the atlantic to the Ireland and the UK, then up to the Russian border. American convenience causes fatness. And no, it’s nothing to do with fructose or GM foods – the UK is fat despite having neither of these. It’s mainly down to food convenience and the fact that fat and carbs are very cheap whereas protein is expensive.

        1. Protein is cheaper in Western nations than in any other part of the world.
          The problem is over consumption of calories and using a car all day.
          If you rely on your feet to get around, you can eat essentially anything (assuming appropriate micronutrients).
          South-East Asia runs on white rice, fruit, sugar, oil and small amounts of cheap meat – the vast majority of them are lean and fit.

      4. Hopefully you’re not literally fucking bagging your groceries. That should be a celibate activity, no matter what your level of game.

    1. well everything has upsides and downsides, but when you work for yourself and are busy and tired, the last thing you need is everything closed at 4pm – no where to eat, awkward to get anything done etc.
      the US is a fantastic place because people in general terms as a part of the cultural heritage of the US, are open, friendly, helpful and try to go the extra mile (apart from in NYC where they like to be rude rushed and abrasive) – but still you can things done. you can get a package from A to B in the fastest time without it costing a fortune and turning into a week of paper work and follow ups. if you need to rent a car, rent a furnished apartment for a week, get from A to B – whatever you need to do in the US (outside of the airport madness) – it’s real easy to get things done. it’s not the same in other places – stuff you take for granted in the US, and get done in an afternoon – can be a ball crunching drawn out week of agony in other places – because they just don’t get it.

  3. Sorry but I’d rather been living in Eastern Europe than in USA. You have much more better life quality in EE than USA. And get more for the money. If you have some decent salary in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc you can live like a king there. There are also private clinics, hospitals. For many you get also any service done for you. And really shops closed on Sundays is a problem? Dude, get a life, do something else on Sundays, enjoy the life 🙂

    1. True, but that’s the problem in EE, most locals earn just enough to pay their bills and maybe afford a cinema ticket once a month, you really need a great job to get anywhere near the standards in the West. And yes expect to be nickle-and-dimmed everywhere especially if you look like a rich foreigner. EE has a nice facade with a lot of post-communist rot underneath. And after you got your fill on one night stands and want to settle down you’ll feel like you have gained very little compared to the West.

      1. In the west though, there’s a high probability you’ll have to settle down with a fatty. A majority of American women are now fat, so what chance do you have?

  4. It’s still much better than Western Europe from what I hear.
    Unfortunately, I think it will be in the middle of a bloody race/religious war against islam controlled Western Europ in about 30 years so if you want to visit, visit soon.

    1. East Europeans fought hard against Islam which protected the West, only to have the cucked West open its doors to a bunch of Islamic fighting age males….

      1. And I agree they would win, just never underestimate the savagery of islam and how fucked up, bloody and relentless it is, victory over the horde would not come cheap.

      2. They wouldn’t win because they’d be bombed to hell and back by the US/Nato/EU/Israel just like the Serbs were.
        Then there would be massive round-ups of the remaining dissidents and a puppet government would be set up.

        1. Israel? Rather the opposite. Israel holds joint exercises with the Poles, as does theUS. And, an F16 doesn’t have the range to reach EE from Israel. More likely, Israel would sell them their own home brew surface to air missiles. If you believe Israelis would provide air cover for European Isolamofascists, you are mistaken.

      3. Those wouldnt win sh*t, those, who wear that brown-black ribbon are usually retards from deepest sh-holes of Russia or love to suck on Putins dck, so, no, those wouldnt win sht.

      4. The dudes being hideous is probably as big a factor as the less weight of the chicks just less Politically Correct to mention in terms of Roosh being able to get hot chicks out there.
        In European countries the better the dudes the worse the chicks and vise versa. South Europe the dudes look good and the chicks less so and it inverts somewhat as you go north. It fully inverts if you go east with dudes potato heads and the chicks models.
        Its also the case that the dudes becomes less cassenova-ish and the chicks far more player-ish as you North within Europe.
        The blonde hair and blue eyes and innocent feminine face is a mutation to literally attract men as they came from tribes that hunted out of the caves and were thus short of men who died hunting and grab men where possible. I have often believed that northern girls were actual genetic players same as African men are genetic players with higher Test and bigger testes for sperm competition.
        These groups neither does well as a serious marriage partner as all data on IR divorce suggests

        1. The young Greek, black, NE Asian and Arab girls aren’t dancing in london clubs going “woooo weeee yippeee” twirling around looking to fuck any hot guy within reach. They actually need to know a dude first and be brain fucked and consider him on some actual emotional level even if just for a couple of dates.
          The EE and Northern European girls turn this way given half a chance.

        2. Interesting theory.
          However the Nordics have the best looking men AND the best looking women. Other than that it makes sense, though.

        3. Since when are Nordic men known for their looks? Most European women seem to think that about Mediterranean men or some other Western European men but I have never heard Scando men stereotyped as slayers.

  5. This just shows to never go LIVE somewhere because of the “poosy”.v Visit? Sure. Uproot yourself? Fuck that. I will be fine here in flyover USA where tats on girls are rare (seriously, most women consider them trash here), Black dudes aren’t considered a flavor of the month, traffic moves lightly, people speak American English, and hot girls are naturally hot (and White) unlike the plastic J.A.P. types of New York or the porn stars of LA.
    But keep picking the bustling metropolis and wondering why shit is fucked. Funny I too am from a big city (born and raised) but I just decided to pick flyover country instead of the developing world because well, I don’t have to deal with the same bullshit found in every city in the world. Is where I live perfect? No. But it has what lots of men here wish existed where they are, chiefly conservative white girls, few tats, little to no interracial dating, and few liberals. Also, the culture of masculinity is healthy in flyover, gents. People won’t look at you funny if you say you want a woman to make babies with and to cook you dinner.

    1. Yes, true. A few years ago, I visited my old home town in the Midwest. I no longer have family there but I still like to visit. I was prowling around the alley behind my old house (reminiscing) and a police officer (Hispanic woman) asked what I was doing. She said: “It’s the holidays, why aren’t you with your girlfriend or wife?” I had to explain I was visiting from NYC and a wife / gf wasn’t really in the cards. You wouldn’t hear that question elsewhere in the country.

      1. So you were in actual Middle America and not in Chicago where Forney lived because if Chicago was like that I can assure you he wouldn’t have left. Chicago is where Midwest women go to become like dudes. Shame that that city gets associated with the Midwest when it is truly an anomaly that belongs more to the coastal elite types.
        But when you get into the Heartland you will find treasures you didn’t think existed in America if all you knew was the big city. I remember being in Western Michigan and just being in awe of all the thin women who didn’t dress like trash and actually didn’t have a desire to go out to the club and be thousand cock whores. They reminded me of 1950s women and they certainly looked like them, too.

        1. Where is this? Also, whats wrong with interracial dating? Seriously? I don’t mind people of any nationality or ethnic group if they aren’t trash or thugs or ratchet hood rats.

        2. Fitz, never visit fly over country on the west coast between LA and Seattle, the state of Oregon. I made the mistake of moving there for a couple years because I though I would have fun in nature, kayaking, fishing , hiking getting out of LA traffic and smog.
          All I met were fat drunk girls that we from LA said had “Oregon Butt Disease” lol. Even in college town where I lived in bar bathrooms written on the walls was “Welcome to Oregon, where men are men and so are the women!” LOL Portland and Seattle are just as bad these days also.

    2. Developing world? EE is not the shithole you think it is. We have 300/300 MBps internet for common people. If you could make €3k a month online you’d be living like a king around here and you could pick any woman.

      1. And where did I specify Eastern Europe? What I do know is that the manosphere romanticized not only Eastern Europe but Southeast Asia and Latin America as places for “manly” Western men to expatriate. But let’s miss the point of my post because of one thing I didn’t actually specify

        1. dont get me wrong, but i’d hate to see one of you western cucks in my country as much as some fucking muzzy lowlife
          stick to the cards you’ve been dealt with, and try to bring a better, brighter, whiter tomorrow

        2. I agree with you. I wouldn’t trade this for deceptively greener pastures elsewhere.
          What I find funny are the guys who feel some connection to Eastern Europe just on account of them being White. I have entirely Western European ancestry but I don’t identify with it, so it would be even weirder if I felt like I could fit in the Balkans or something.
          They think that just being White and traditional/slightly conservative means Eastern Europe will be totally a great fit for them.

        3. @ Fitz
          there is kind of an invisible border between the western and eastern Europe….it may be along the Slavic line, or maybe Orthodox/Catholic line, but its there
          and it shouldn’t be,
          that line should be the backbone of the white european homeland

        4. @ notaGentile
          you, little american cuck, are scared shitless of the jigs farking your fat ugly women
          and you dare to speak about Sloveni and other Europeans?
          the faster we get rid of you pussies the better

        5. In America, the basis of identity is one`s Race.
          But in Eastern Europe, the basis of identity is NOT Race, but it is ethnicity/nationality.
          We are not one happy White family, although we are ready to co-operate with fellow Whites based on that common denominator that is our White Race.
          But our White counties are bordering fellow White countries full of fellow White people of other Nations – mostly whom we hate more than any people of color, due to historical vendettas…

        6. Sloveni are pure Aryan from the Gypsy blood that comes out of North India.
          Muslims won’t stay in your country though, it is too shitty and poor even for them to have a decent government that will give them a welfare check like Norway or Germany or Britain.

          In the South of the US the Sicilians were forced to ride in the black section and use black drinking fountains.
          Italian-Americans are not considered white, exactly.
          They are simply “Italian” to other Americans (Regardless of race).

        8. @notagentile
          you just exposed your self as a little faggot, not only bitching about blacks behind the keyboard, but now you do it with whites too
          poor little scared bitch
          we’re done here

    3. “I will be fine here in flyover USA where tats on girls are rare (seriously, most women consider them trash here)”
      Where is this mystical place you speak of?

  6. I’ve lived on four continents, and until you depart the Western way of life you have no idea how hideously this lifestyle mutilates femininity.
    In Eastern Europe I met women who were on an entirely different dimension of femininity; way above even the hottest trashy slut a Western night club could offer you.
    And demeanour was so shockingly different. I met a multilingual law graduate in Russia, yet not a trace of that “you go grl!” arrogance a Western woman typically rewards herself with for completing a psychology degree lol
    Latin women too had far more in common with Russian women than Western sluts. That really shocked me, I was not expecting that at all. But I suppose femininity is a universal principle only Western women deviate from making them more radically distinct from the rest.
    Anyway, since moving back I am utterly incapable of holding a relationship with a Western woman.

    1. Femininity is not about being a hot club girl and I doubt most men ever thought that. Generally red pilled men will expect loudmouth club girls to be low on the scale of acting like a lady. Being feminine has to do less with what we perceive as the 1-10 scale but more about character and gentleness. Basically, it is polarizing to masculinity which is coarse and brutish.
      Feminine women are:
      -with a soft demeanor
      -more quiet and respectful
      Basically no club girl is feminine. If she was she wouldn’t be at a club hunting for cock. Very unfeminine actually. Not I am not saying that you don’t know what feminine is but rather that sometimes men let their judgment be clouded by their attraction for a hot girl. So they mistake her put-together appearance as feminine when that is only one of the aspects. Indeed many women who *look* feminine just use that as a front before you find out they think and act like dudes (most loudmouth Western women fit this bill).
      A woman who acts like a true lady (the ones who deserve a gentleman) won’t be found in clubs or big cities. Those atmospheres kill the feminine spirit and women take on manly personalities. This is when vagina takes on the form of “cunt”

      1. it was normal for girls from about 14-15 to start thinking seriously about husband and family – not that they’d get married right away, but they’d be thinking about running a household, what it will be like to take care of children and a husband and how all that would function – they’d spend their teenage years learning from their mother and any older female peers, aunts, sisters etc. etc. until they were ready and the emphasis was on taking care of the husband – because men need someone to take care of them – especially if they are going to get much done in life. that was the old thinking. coming home from work to a horrid, negative, troll that’s competing with you for time, resources and space so she can climb her own microcosm of a career is just very detrimental – and it all comes from a university education and this idea that a woman is invalid unless she’s climbing the corporate ladder – instead of building a home and a family – which is a fully time job in and of itself.

    2. Latin and Russian women have a lot in common; the main difference is that the former tend to be more religious. Why were you shocked? I’m genuinely curious.

      1. I was shocked Adroz because Russia and Colombia are two very different cultures. I figured a Russian woman would have much more in common with a Western woman. But this was not true at all. Colombian women are like Latin versions of the women I met in Russia.
        It’s Western women who are the anomalies, and not for good reasons either.

        1. Russian Orthodox and Catholic church is almost the same.
          So one should expect a similarity in the women.
          Western women have no god but greed.

      1. yes funny you say that – the GDP, population, average income, and the spread of very wealthy verses very poor and also the geographic and cultural diversity is very similar once you look closely.

        1. why? my russian wife is awesome. Super caring, hard working, kind, fun, trustworthy, sweet. The only bad thing I can say is that a lot of russian girls turn babushka at about 35-40.

        2. Sounds like you got one of the few good ones (main clue being in your describing her as “sweet”). In general, they are highly materialistic (“We don’t love without material things” is the way a Russian friend very frankly put it). Passionate but cold and self-centered. Remorseless cheaters. You have to bring your best alpha game every day or they will eat you alive. Most marriages between Russian women and western men that I’ve seen fail, and the ones that don’t aren’t easy.
          That they don’t age well isn’t a Russian thing though, it’s a woman thing. Possible exception for Asians.

  7. Matt Forney I saw your picture, you are fat fucking slob. Bag your own groceries you spoiled fat mamma’s boy. Is this alpha now? Fat fucks expecting workers on minimum wage to bag their groceries? LOL

    1. *comes into thread expecting article about hardships in a developing country, maybe things like lack of heating and A/C or food*

      *reads an article about someone who couldn’t buy groceries on Sunday*

  8. “Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans are all about doing the bare minimum on the job, a holdover from the communist era, when there was no incentive to perform well.”
    Forney should try spending some time in Brazil. Their laziness and incompetence on the job is astounding. And in France, customer service workers can just be outright rude.

  9. budapest and prague are great cities to stay in, and I would say to live in too. I would be inclined to add Krakow to the list from my first impressions, but I’ll reserve judgement. There might be something to the postal issue. I had some difficulties in prague. Even with your name by the front door post didn’t always arrive and I found it difficult to trace. With both Czech(ia) & Hungary the landlord also seems to have a slightly beefier role, although that reflects the greater ease of renting a flat. Those things aside there is no convenience that I can think of available in western europe (I cannot speak for the US) that isn’t available in eastern europe (at least in the major hubs). The usual complaint that the women are becoming too westernised probably goes for everything else too. Eastern europe is also becoming more expensive, although hopefully it will take to catch up with the western capitals. Likewise although the countries haven’t moved to the best of my knowledge I am more inclined to think of czechia, slovakia & hungary as central rather than europe. On the other hand in eastern europe proper you can still buy a basic house in bulgaria for £10k apparently and probably romania too, although that might be in the Borat kind of areas

  10. “You have to pay for ketchup when you go to McDonald’s. You even have to pay to use the bathroom in many places, even at restaurants where you’ve already bought something”
    You do in Germany etc as well. It’s not a sign of backwardness and i’d rather pay for a public convenience that has someone looking after it than gamble on the chance of a free public convenience not having walls covered in shit.
    Re. the difficulty buying stuff on a sunday I don’t really get this. Those late / 24/7 shops are all over the place. There are major German cities where you can’t buy anything but kebabs after 11pm

  11. Would you prefer sullen or retarded third worlders to bag your groceries? Bagging your stuff and paying without holding up the line is an artful practice one must master in order to become a true Eastern European. 🙂

  12. To be fair the Post Office is terrible everywhere in the world. Its one of those universal constants. Also, DHL has a shocking reputation when they are delivering to residences.

  13. SPAR! Fuck does that bring back good memories, god what I would take to be an ERASMUS student again. Just don’t get SPAR vodka that shit is terrible, or Palinka, the national beverage, you’ll be in for a rough night.

  14. I can not even start to imagine how bad the situation must be in the West if our Eastern European sluts look like decent and worthy women for you, gentlemen…

    1. Pretty bad. But that’s because the majority of the guys here who are single chase club skanks. Contrary to popular belief, that is not where the hottest girls hang out.
      Also I get the vibe many guys here are in big cities judging by how they describe American women. Usually big city American women just put in very little effort since they know the thirst is strong for them to land a guy hotter than they. And they do a lot of the time because the competition is THAT fierce in cities. You will see ripped tall studs with bratty bitches who are just past barely bankable. It is amazing to see but big cities is where you find it.
      Now from my experience of Eastern European women, they are:
      -big drinkers
      -love Black men
      -generally have shit fashion sense when they’re not dressed to go to the clubs (much like American women)
      -speak in lower registers
      Yeah I’ll pass

      1. FITZ
        The word “Polak” exists in the Midwest for a reason. I grew up with 2nd generation Eastern Europeans who were the Mexicans of the Midwest when the Cold War was going on and there is something dim about them-big moonfaces and the women are kind blocky and clumsy and most are not that bright.
        Also, to look at a Charles Bronson (Looks typically Polish) or Harvey Keitel (Another Polish-American) THEY ARE PART ASIAN.
        When I was a kid in Detroit the best way to start a fight with a Polish_American was to call him a “Ghengis” (Inferring Mongol ancestry). Of course their skinheads would kill you for such an insult but it was true.

        1. FITZ
          Harvey sure looks Polish to me and that snub-nose and lank brown hair don’t look “Semitic”.
          Most Polish guys look like him. The round face with vaguely Asian wide cheekbones and the muscular build.
          Anyhow there is something Asiatic and brutish about the Eastern European chicks I knew in the Midwest though of course they were from the peasant class.
          They had big moonie faces and were physically clumsy. Most of all not very smart.

      2. Go to Dubai.
        You can have sex with a Slavic woman for the change in your pocket on a Dubai road.
        One time I was walking in Dubai and a big blonde woman approached. Past her prime but would have been a Brigette Nielsen in her time. Six foot etc.
        She was a road whore.
        The sad thing about Cold War is that women from the Iron Curtain now roam the cities of the Arab Gulf having sex with Arabs on the road.

        1. I’ve never been to Spain but on You Tube there are thousands of hookers sitting on plastic chairs on the side of the highways, where do these hookers come from?

  15. Here in Eastern Europe, girls obsession with attention whoring is huge now, but it is very childish and stupid, because they don’t understand what guys actually think. That most of them just want a hole to stick in. Girls think that they get validation but actually they get nothing.

    1. Go to Dubai. Slavic women sell their bodies on the roads.
      Now to me this is a tragedy of Communism and the Cold War but it also reflects their condition.

  16. I moved to Barcelona about a year ago and everything this author says is true and not only of eastern Europe but western Europe also. In Spain its a very nickle-and-dime culture. The same in Germany. But eventually you get used to it, and if you yourself don’t become a tightwad it impresses girls. He is also right about the increasing level of degeneracy among women. Western Europe is pretty much lost to feminist whores who are covered in tats and are exhausted and washed out looking from having rode the c-train like crazy by the time their in their mid-20s. When I first moved to Barcelona I thought, surely a city like this with perfect weather in Southern Europe, by the beach should be full of good looking, quality girls. NOPE, NOPE, and NOPE. Most of what I see are the most basic girls, covered in tats, purple hair, septum nose rings and overweight. I’ve been very disappointed.

      1. And Madrid it’s even worse. For Christmas season this year, they decided that they are going to create feminist religious characters. Like their famous three wise men, now they also created the three wise women all thanks to their equality propaganda.

    1. Catalonian women are rather unattractive. Andalu women are the cuties of Spain. Also Northern Spanish women are hideous. Don’t even get me started on the Euskadi girls.

      1. FITZ
        I’ve visited Spain and Andalusian people are half-Arab. You’re basically in Morocco.
        Genetically the Northern Spanish are the same as Irish people.
        Ohio’s Martin Sheen from Dayton is one of them.

        1. Martin Sheen isn’t fully Spaniard.
          Northern Spaniards aren’t like Irish people at all. R1b subclades notwithstanding. Many of them look Romanian or Southeast European especially the closer you get to Basque regions. So many Jewish looks too. But Northern Spaniards in appearance look more Southeast European.
          Andalu people have Moor blood but that is Berber not Arab. They are Berberized a bit. Northern types are a cross between that and Pyrenees genetics which are isolated. Catalonians to me look like Eastern Meds like Cesc Fabregas or Pep Guardiola. Very woggy. Western Spaniards including Gallegos look more Portuguese.
          The majority of even lighter adolescents from Burgos would have a hard time passing as natives in Ohio. They are very dark haired and dark eyed even if they have pale skin. Iberian faces are very distinctive and don’t have many American counterparts outside of the Southwest (basically the light Mexicans). Spaniards have very soft and fine Mediterranean features. Big wide open eyes, short straight noses, brown hair/eyes, full lips. Our population is more German here so more robust. Spaniards are short and brown compared to Germanic people. They have smaller jaws and bone structure and overall more dainty. This is why lots of them are cucks it seems. Many of the men look rather effeminate which is not a trait seen in Germans.

  17. I grew up in Communist eastern Europe and am familiar with Hungary. What you describe is relics of Communism. The lack of quality customer service, motivation to work and be excellent… It is also true that young people tend to emulate the western life style and are succumbing to all the bad influences. That being said, you should distinguish between the life style practiced in the capital city and in the smaller towns or villages. If you want authentic Hungarian culture and family values, you need to meet a girl from a village and she will introduce you to her family. You will be invited to their ancestral home and they will take a good look at you (just like in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”). Hungarians might come across as rude or disagreeable but that is generally an attitude they display toward strangers. Once you have been invited by a family, you will see they have a heart of gold. They are generous, they love children, they will make all their traditional dishes for you. Have you been to a Hungarian wedding? It’s a real treat, especially if there is a live Gypsy band playing. You will have to dance “csardas” (look it up you Youtube!). Beware… If you get a Hungarian girlfriend, be prepared to live up to the expectations of her parents, especially her father. If you decide to propose, you will have to ask her father for her hand in marriage. He may say “no” because he will suspect you are fake, a hypocrite taking advantage of his daughter, with no serious intentions. I can see many of you western men want traditional women who are beautiful, mellow, non-confrontational. I get it, I would want them too if I were you. But you cannot take a woman like that and treat her like you would a western slut. You want an honourable, traditional woman? Act like an honourable, traditional man. Cheers.

    1. I have been married to a Filipina for the past ten years. I second everything you are saying. Most important is to get away from the big cities. My wife comes from a village of 1,200 people. She was living in the big city (to her, population ~50,000) when we met. I had to spend a week living with her parents before I was allowed to date their daughter. And then all dating was chaperoned; as was the norm for all proper well brought up young ladies. We dated this way for two years. In the end I married a 25 year old true virgin. By true virgin I mean not the technical virgin (if that) that you might find in the west. Two weeks before our wedding she told me that I was the first boy she had ever kissed. You would have to marry a 12 year old in the US to find that.

  18. To be fair, I already face most of these problems in the west. At least in Hungary I could face them with closed borders.

  19. Bad service at restaurants – a classic American complaint about every European country. This is actually a *feature* known as not being pestered by waitstaff too eager to rotate you out so they can get one table after the next and rack up tips. Since the waiters are not principally paid in tips in most of Europe as they are in the US, the dynamic is different. It allows for better conversations with fewer interruptions – I like it.
    It’s not that hard to raise your hand and ask for something when you need it versus constantly being bugged and rushed like America does in every chain restaurant nightmare on the market. Please don’t tell me you complained about small portions too-?
    As for charging for plastic bags, that habit is making its way to American cities with environmentalists using it as an excuse to prevent extra rubbish. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but if the money goes to the government as a tax that’ll explain the real motivation.

    Westerners have to remember that Slavs are not European. Some of them will argue they are the original Aryans (Which might be true as their DNA is similar to Brahmin Indians) but they are a semi-Asiatic race with Turkic thrown in. This is why American Jews do not look like other whites-they be Slavs.
    Nothing wrong with Slavs but don’t think you are in Wales if you move to Hungary.
    Also the Gypsies have “cucked” the Slav. Gypsies were the original Pakistani child groomers who moved into Europe from Pakistan and kidnapped young white trash girls and impregnated them to create the Gypsies.

      1. well, their ethnic origin is hunnic/turkic (like with croats and bulgars) but they were absorbed by the neighbouring Slavic nations and germans, too
        their language and name are not Slavic, everything else basically is

    1. I am surprised to see so much denigration of Slavs on this site. I thought racialists had long ago gotten over the notion that Slavs are not European but subhuman. The support for Identitarian ideas in the Slavic parts of Europe is high. What am I missing here?

        1. German men were not ruled by Asians and Turks who fucked their grandmothers until every Slav looked like Charles Bronson, Ghenghis.
          Oh wait…you Slovenians are pure “Aryan” from the Gypsy blood that came from Northern India.
          My mistake.

    2. Slavs are the best Whites today imo. No one’s on the subhuman tip. WN perspective is less divisive with Whites than views expressed here. Defending anti-White Jews while attacking nearly every White group is the exact opposite of what I’m about…

      1. Defending anti-White Jews while attacking nearly every White group is what notXgentile is all about
        note the confusing long essay replies to every single post but also geographical and cultural ignorance
        beware of the vermin amongst you

    3. Um, YES THEY ARE. If you are talking about modern ethnic Russians, well, they are not purely slavic. They are a complex admixture of Slavic, Germanic, Turkic, and Finno-Ugric. But the Slavs of the rest of Eastern Europe most definitely ARE Indo-European. Where do you get this kind of racial pseudoscience?

  21. What is wrong with Roosh to accept low-quality articles like this one? The guy only complained about complete bullshit. This is the reason Americans have such a bad reputation as tourists they are always complaining.

  22. Has any asshole reading these shitty ROK articles ever realized that the theme is Always “GIVE UP AND RUN AWAY”?!!- Leave your career, leave your girl, leave your natural romantic attraction to girls, leave your hometown, leave your relatives, leave your very life history behind… all because a handful of fucking (((JZZ))) have engineered the technological takeover of the global economies and their bitch governments? Fleeing to the former Soviet Eastern Europe is like escaping the hardships of Leavenworth prison by voluntarily transferring to Guantanamo Bay!! I REJECT this ROK idea that the EE/Soviet/Latin women will put up with your pathetic MGTOW Game for an indefinite period. These cunts have cell phones and the internet y’know and will post shit about the ‘hapless American’ to the degree you will soon have to physically exit your moldy apartment in Bucharesti. NO SUSTAINABLE ‘clever’ move is possible to ANY foreign country in 2018. No job, “power of the dollar” myth or nite-game rationalizing will save you from destitution when any number of political or economic tragedies suddenly appear in your forgotten old-world shithole, especially as you struggle to ‘blend’ into the rotted local culture. God fucking help you if you have a problem of finances, health, legality, or a knocked-up trollop!!! –There are definitely some good post-ers making comments here .. in fact the posts are better than the goddamn articles! But it really is time to step up and reclaim some dignity.. no running away, no self-censorship, no virtue-signalled cuck bullshit. Let’s see some FACTS in these articles and posts. How can we STAY IN OUR BIRTHRIGHT and not be fucked over?????

    1. MESSIAH
      “Finances” I’ve known a few Americans on the streets of Philippines for a month before the Embassy agreed to spend the cash to repatriate them (I worked for the US Embassy a long time ago) and they are very unsympathetic when you spend all your cash on hookers and alcohol and want a free ticket home. Eventually they will agree, however.
      Nowadays you have to have a return-ticket to most countries. However if your finances go wrong you will wander the streets for a few months until the Immigration picks you up. I’ve known a few guys who TURN THEMSELVES IN to Immigration.
      “Medical Care”
      If you are from the states it is better.
      “Knocked up”
      Sadly the American often runs. I knew a young bar owner named Bruce from Florida who got some prostitute in his bar pregnant with twins. He ran. Usually the Americans who are under 50 with no savings or pension whose business goes South flies back to the US. Around the US bases there are hundreds of these types of kids. Mom is usually a hooker.
      “Coming Home”
      You meet Brits like this in Dubai. They’ve been working overseas for 30, 40 years. They do not like England or the taxes and left at 25. Aged 65 they come back.
      It is not enviable to return home at 50 with no savings from your survival business in the Philippines or Eastern Europe. You don’t own a house. Friends have no seen you in a decade or two. Chances are the surroundings you were glad to leave are even shittier. UK has a more worldly view of expatriates but Americans will think you are “coward” and “unpatriotic” for fleeing overseas.

      1. Better to have a few years solid fun in a foreign country, than endure all the shit we eat in our home countries all your life IMHO. I wasted 35 adult years in the UK chasing the love/marriage/children dream we all had, it was all work and no fun while she lived a life of leisure and banged other guys while I was out working for her. Now I’ve had 10 good years banging Asians, and I don’t really care about my future, it couldn’t be any worse than my past in the UK. Do I care if I have to return and live on welfare? Not really!

  23. The inconveniences here sound more like a good opportunity for weak dependent Americans to become more self-sufficient and prepared. In Japan, a first world country with Physics Nobel Prize winners, they make you bag your own groceries. OH THE HUMANITY. Many if not most Americans are weak, lazy and entitled. In first-world Western countries like England just try to get internet installed in your house. (Ask PewDiePie) There are inconveniences in every country. I hope this serves as mainly a “curb your enthusiasm” essay, or to prevent too many pasty, hunchback white boys from ruining the sex ratio in Eastern Europe. For everyone else, realize when SHTF you’re gonna have to get your mind adjusted to a whole shitload of “inconveniences”.

    1. BURNER
      Land of extremes. Odd about the US. One month you can be lazy and entitled and then the next homeless.
      Takes one paycheck. And while whites generally go on and on about convenience blacks and hispanics live in Third world conditions.

  24. Some of these inconveniences can describe us here in Canada. Doesn’t seem to me that it would be too bad there if this list is anything to go by.
    Personally I rarely shop on Sundays (what I shop for, race car parts and such you can’t get at Walmart). It is my day of household chores.
    Paying for a packet of ketchup might be a bit of a thing getting used to but since I rarely eat out anymore, that too wouldn’t phase me too bad.
    Finding a good woman to balance out a few things that may be tougher there versus here seems to me to be a good trade off anyday.
    Speaking as a person who just finally got the whore of a wife out of my sons and my life yesterday.

  25. Watching Forney runaway from the sjws on youtube really hits home how rok writers are much weaker than they claim to be

  26. I am from Sydney, lived in Poland for 6 months and all I can say is the women were quite good, not perfect but descent, to the point and Tinder worked amazingly well. Eastern Europe’s major flaw is the weather and at times the landscape, same old communist buildings etc. Overall it’s a great place to visit and to work in, I am looking forward to going back. In terms of women I would also recommend Slovakia as it has been relatively untouched by tourism (Unlike Prague) and a foreigner is still something exotic and the women are very attractive and friendly.

  27. Points:
    -Hungary is in Central Europe.
    -How difficult is it to put your name on the mailbox or the door to your apartment? Doing so demonstrates basic respect towards the mailmen and makes their job much easier in addition to helping to avoid the serious danger of them accidentally slipping your mail (possibly containing highly expensive items or information) to someone else.
    I live in Western Europe and we take this for granted. With this said, a lot of our postal staff are now third world refugee types who don’t even speak our language and it would not surprise me if more and more mail went missing. But that’s only another good reason to put your name in there so they won’t have that excuse.
    -Packing your own groceries takes a few seconds of your time and that way you can decide how you want them to be packaged. After you’ve purchased them they are your property and the store staff respects your property enough not to put their paws on it unless you’re disabled or challenged owing to some medical reason or what not.

      1. UNDERDOG
        Run by Gypsies.
        We were lucky that the Gypsies never got a real foothold in the US. This is one group we did not have to deal with.

        1. who’s ‘we’ exactly there jewboy?
          turning whites against whites, you should get kicked to fark if you ever leave your room, cuck

    1. Hungary is in Eastern Europe in the same sense that Germany is in western Europe. It’s not about the physical geography as much as the cultural sphere where Hungary has more in common with other former communist countries than with (Western) Germany (both of which could be called central-european in a strictly geographical sense).
      Other than that, I couldn’t agree more.

  28. Ok, I appreciate the contribution from Forney but here´s a very caustic, below the belt comment: so “Tinder… has significantly dropped off in quality over the past year” … are you fucking kidding me? So he complains about Tinder… but ffs now imagine the Tinder experience from the part of the female when coming upon Forney on Tinder !!?? What´s THEIR comment on the quality of Tinder… ffs !!

  29. I have always found Forney to be a whiny baby, but I do have a certain respect for the guy. He has enough balls to go overseas and make a life for himself, something I can’t see 95% of guys his age in the U.S. doing.
    That said, here he goes again with his whining. Oh, the mail service doesn’t work and the private carriers are unreliable. News flash bud. In some parts of the third world the postal service is known to SHUT DOWN for months at a time when the government runs out of money (because some bureaucrat stole it). The thing to do is hook up with a private service that delivers TO AN ADDRESS IN THE U.S. and then ships from there to you.
    Might be harder to do in Europe than in Latin America, for instance, but you make do. Find out how the other expats handle the problem. Maybe there’s even a business opportuntiy there, if no one else is adequately handling it.
    Bad customer service? God am I tired of reading Americans in the third world whine about “muh customer service.” It’s a freaking fetish with Americans, and frankly they embarrass me with their childish displays when they don’t get some clerk or waiter to fawn all over them.
    Look, you want customer service, you need to get back to the land of corporations, where you can get all the customer service you want.
    People in the rest of the world don’t work for megacorporations where they have to grovel for their master to keep their pathetic little cubicle jobs.
    You deal with independent little entities, you better figure out how things are done around there and do them that way.
    Sometimes that means you have to suck up to some asshole if you want them to sell you something. It’s not uncommon in the second or third word, to have people refuse to sell you what you want AT ALL. PERIOD. AT ANY PRICE. if you annoy them. This is what people do when they haven’t been broken by their worship of money and their dependence on the corporate job system to live.
    Convenience. Give me a fucking break pansy. Next you’ll be whining because you can’t drink the water out of the faucet. And paying to take a leak is something else I have had to do in virtually every country I have been in the underdeveloped world. Again, you want malls and public bathrooms, go where the money and the tax base is to support it – back in the corporate paradise you left.
    Degeneracy. The only thing I have to say about degeneracy is we all know where it comes from. You want to get away from degeneracy, get away from U.S. influence. Just go where your degenerate countrymen haven’t gone and screwed things up before you.
    It stands to reason since guys are raving all over the internet about beautiful women in Eastern Europe, that you’re going to tread in paths where other Westerners have been before you. Expect them to have shit the bed before you got there.
    Finally, OF COURSE Eastern Europe isn’t all sunshine and blowjobs. That’s Thailand.
    Every time I think Forney’s actually growing a pair of balls he comes up with some crybaby screed like this and disappoints me. Well, he may be a whiny baby by my BOOMER standards, but he’s head and shoulders above most of the rest of his generation.
    I see a lot of guys criticizing him because he’s fat here. You know what? I think it take iron balls for a fat bald guy like Forney to pick up and do what he has.
    He still needs to do a little growing up, but at least he’s out there doing something, instead of pounding his pud and his keyboard from his mamma’s basement after school like half the guys criticizing him for his appearance here.
    I really don’t get it. You guys looking to have sex with Forney or something? If not, then what difference do his looks make to you?
    Guys used to stick together. But it seems like now they like to pick at each other like little bitches because the other guy is fat, or ugly, or whatever. I guess that’s just the way guys roll now.

    1. Think the whole fat criticism comes from a place of the guy acting lazy and entitled aka the way Americans are stereotyped throughout the world. His being fat doesn’t help.
      And then top of that he bitches about women on tinder getting fat lmao

      1. I have standards for women’s bodies, because women are really only good for two things to me:
        1) sex
        2) childbearing.
        I have no standards for other men’s bodies. If they’re fat, that’s fine with me.
        I’m not looking to have sex with them or have them bear my children, so I couldn’t care less what they look like.
        Actually, that’s not true. Since they compete with me for women, I’m glad if they choose to be fat or if they’re ugly, since I’m an old fuck and it kind of gives me an edge against them with women.
        But as far as guys themselves – I only care what kind of guys they are. Are they interesting? Can they entertain me with their writing? Can they do things I can’t that I admire and like to watch like MMA?
        If so, they’re OK in my book whether they’re fat, ugly, stupid, whatever. As far as I’m concerned, guys are about what they do. Women are about how they look.
        I realize that’s a radical view among much of the Soy Generation, but that’s how we grew up back before young guys grew up with their faces planted in smartphones, when transgenders were called fags and either had the shit beat out of them or got arrested by the cops, or sometimes both.

  30. A lot of these comparisons are very much U.S to Europe itself (not necessarily to Eastern Europe only).
    Being Scandinavian, we bag our own groceries here and it has been the same everywhere I’ve been in Europe. I suspect getting packages delivered here in Sweden is about halfway between the convinience of the U.S and the lack of it in Hungary.
    With only one exception, I’ve never had problems with bad service in Eastern Europe and I’ve eaten out quite a bit in countries like Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to was in Budapest. So I suspect that it’s in comparison with U.S customer service that it’s slow but not compared to swedish standards. The european way of eating out is not rushing it, and the advantage of that is that you almost never get a restaurant trying to get you to leave so they can bring in new customers for the limited tables they may have. As long as you order something once in a while, you can sit there all night, no problems. No evil eye starring you down 😉
    So it might be easier for Western/Northern Europeans to adjust to Eastern Europe than for Americans.

    1. It’s more than that. Americans like to have sales people demonstrate a certain obsequiousness and fawning over them. It’s part of the culture here, drilled into it by corporations.
      Most other places in the world aren’t like that. The magic words please and thank you don’t exist for common commericial interactions in Asia and much of Latin America. They just never got trained to act like servants when they bring you food, or when you buy something from them.
      Admittedly, they’re usually at least pleasant to you, which is more than I think you get in most of these former communist countries where the norm seems to be a sort of sullenness and barely suppressed hostility, but at the same time you don’t get this bouncy fake cheerful hello! How may I serve you? That you get in the U.S.

  31. My observations on packages: The USA is a particularly interesting case because the postal service has notoriously had funding issues due to (from what I’ve read)
    1) Pension liabilities (previous employees are doing fantastic living high off the hog, whatever that means)
    2) Ever notice how the average USPS truck looks like a child designed it? It’s a gas guzzler that can’t be replaced due to regulations with, say, a foreign hybrid. I read the USPS uses something like 10 percent or so of the country’s gasoline.
    That costs money so packages here in the states aren’t as cheap as little as a half decade ago. FYI, use the “container service” postal services at local slavic shops. Your package will take a good 3 months to get there, but it will cost 1/3d as much! (Just to ship a small book to Poland cost me $20!!! in the USPS!!!!)
    I really don’t mind paying to take a pee. Yeah, it’s an expense but that’s how they keep the homeless out of it. Same with ketchup packets or even water glasses. Yeah, it’s not “free” but then again, I’d be happy to pay $5 for a big mac if it meant that I didn’t have to foot $30 a day for healthcare and education for the undocumented immigrant doing the work for so “cheap” and all of his kids.

    1. I really don’t mind paying to take a pee. Yeah, it’s an expense..
      Jesus Christ! The most I ever paid to take a leak was the equivalent of like 10 freaking cents. I don’t even stop to pick up a dime off the ground, so I didn’t really pay any attention to it.
      But apparently some guys are real worried about saving a freaking dime.
      I saw an American complaining online the other day because a tuk tuk driver overcharged her by a buck for a $4 ride. She was making it her mission to post the guy’s name and tuk tuk number on Facebook, so that everybody in the group she was posting to would know, and she had been doing it for like a week.
      That’s an American for you. I’m from the U.S. and I can’t stand the damn place.

      1. To be honest, I know a lot of Poles and Ukrainians (including my wife) who have taken a pee or even a dump outside rather than pay the toilet fee. For us, it’s a mere 10 cents but for the locals, it can be significant. This is what makes these places (temporary) good values for us in the USA at least until Poland among other countries is sufficiently affluent that the cost of living and wages rise similar to much of the states.
        Regarding tuk-tuk drivers: In the states, until recently, taxis were controlled by a kind of mafia that limited the number of drivers by licenses that could go for 20 grand a pop. I felt bad because about half of their income went to their licensing overhead and this is the innovation of Uber more than anything else (and why they’re semi legal in some places.) Also, since public transportation is usually better (at least in terms of speed, convenience and cost albeit not comfort) to the USA then taxis and rickshaws tend to be priced more competitively.
        It’s well known that they’ll take advantage of foreigners and I often paid twice as much as I should have until I wised up but that’s how the street goes. I’m just glad nobody “rolled” me.
        About shopping bags: My wife and I have 20 cloth bags and we love ’em but we still do get plastic bags for our garbage cans, cat box liner, etc. but we don’t waste them. If I had to pay a nickel each for them, I’m ok with that (even adjusted for the local currency) Aldi does this in particular and at Shoppers, I have to bag my own groceries in the states. Yes, it’s not Harris Teeter or Whole Foods (er, Whole Paycheck) but I’m ok with bagging my own stuff if only because then I know it’s done right (I like to put all the cold stuff together for example and then dump the whole bag into my cooler on the way home.)
        Certain things are modernizing even in Ukraine: Most people are paying their bills remotely via kiosks or even the internet (checking accounts seem to be a new idea to them) so they’re skipping into direct bill pay instead of waiting to pay all their bills at the bank.

        1. Most of young and middle-aged people in Ukraine already pay their bills online. Well, my mom still goes to the bank. She says, she enjoys communication there.)

        2. You know there’s a real simple solution to overcharging taxis and tuk tuks. I can’t understand why most people don’t figure it out their first day in a developing country.
          Before you get in to the taxi, tuk tuk, or rickshaw you always AGREE ON THE PRICE FIRST.
          If you have to jump in at a light or something you ask the guy right away how much and come to an understanding with him. If he hems and haws you get out before the car starts moving to fast for you to do so.
          As a practical matter, you never actually have to do that, because they guy will stop and ask you to get back in and agree to whatever the going rate is. Oh, that’s another thing. You need to have an idea of what the price should be. Then when you get in you say that price to the guy first. I will give them may 10% or 15% more but I always bargain with them first.
          Maybe the problem is Americans come from the land of the set price – whether it’s the tag on an item in a store, or the rates that are established and posted inside taxis. The rest of the world doesn’t work like that. It’s all about negotiation and getting the best price you can, so if you’re dumb enough to get in a taxi or a tuk tuk without negotiating first, well to the local you’re just asking to be taken.

  32. Hi everyone! As Ukraine was mentioned, and I’m Ukrainian man, I’d like to add few words about Ukrainian girls. Don’t get charmed with modern Ukrainian girls. They are slutty exactly as American girls are. 25 years ago, when I’ve married my wife at her 21, I’ve got a virgin. When I was 17 and went to the school, one of my classmate-girls started cocks riding with older guys. The rest of the girls in my class clearly judged her as a whore. Nowadays the situation has changed to the opposite – 90% of modern Ukrainian girls start their sexual life at the age of 15-16. Our young people like Western culture and enjoy the Western way of living. TV brainwashes our youth with American movies. Doesn’t matter, big city or small village – sluts are everywhere. The Western culture has already deeply penetrated Ukraine, as background for this has been set long time before. The only positive thing I can say about modernity – our young man start thinking an reject from marriage exactly as young Americans do.

  33. Love reading how you losers hate the US so you run away to other countries and then get really angry when someone complains about it not being the paradise you dreamed about. Europe is a total wasteland and useless for services…and they copy all the BAD things about America.
    You guys sound so angry it’s amusing. I have lived for long extended periods of time in many countries and a loser will always be a loser. It’s funny reading how you guys cant get quality women in the US. Seriously? You must have issues.

  34. Rom: I totally agree with you. These guys are delusional if they think going to Europe is a long term improvement over the US…I can maybe see Eastern Europe “for now” but Western Europe is a fucking cesspool filled with beta men who wouldn’t ever last in rural America. I mean look at the UK for God’s sake…gangs of pakis grooming young girls…that would never be tolerated even in “bad” America. And they cant even own weapons lol so terrorists consistently smash into them as they shop.

  35. Great. So this fat, ugly bastard loves being in Hungary because the women are cute and loose, yet here he is complaining about degeneracy. As if he’d even get laid in a place like Eastern Europe, where very few people are fat and the women still want strong men.
    And someone in this thread complains about how women in Eastern Europe go for black guys. I’ve never even seen blacks in any of the cities I’ve been to in Eastern Europe and people here are racist as fuck to Arabs/Blacks/Gypsies anyway. Nationalism is very strong in Hungary/Poland now in particular. Believe it or not, women here are still loyal to their men and it comes from the hardship of communism; thought control is recognized as a threat and bucked off with ease. If you can’t score here, it’s because you’re repulsive and not because the women are the problem.
    My god, the Western European / North American superiority complex is obnoxious.

    1. to Seriously
      Loyalty of our women has nothing to do with “the hardship of communism”. Just the opposite – it’s directly connected to the politics of Soviet communists, who called themselves “Marxists”, but they were not. At least, they unofficially rejected some Marxists dogmas. In the period between 1917 and 1925 Soviet communists declared, that nuclear family is a “bourgeois relic of history” and it should be destroyed, they propagandized “free love”, “freedom for woman” and so on. They did exactly the same, what nowadays American feminists and liberals do, just with different methods. But their experiment crushed because of one problem – children. They understood very fast, that nuclear family is the best solution for growing up healthy, high quality children, who later will become high quality soldiers. Soon the nuclear family was officially titled as “the most important social unit of the Soviet society”. Man were forced to marriage – at the Soviet times there was a 6% salary tax on single man. Our man called that tax “balls taxation”. On the other hand, if a newly married husband after the first night with the wife discovered, that she was not a virgin, it could be shame for the whole woman’s family. Sometimes (seldom) it could be a reason for divorce. Soviet couples got under the hard control and pressure of the government. Of course, divorce was legally possible, but it meant kind of social death. A divorced member of the Communist party couldn’t hope for a good career. A divorced woman was treated in the Soviet society as “suspicious”, “unreliable”, “promiscuous”. Sexuality was taboo. No porn, no prostitutes. So, it may sound strange for Americans, but the most important values for majority of soviet women were marriage, family, good husband and children. After the fall of the USSR post-soviet woman have transferred their family values to their daughters. But their granddaughters choose liberal Western “values”. P.S. As to American man, who marries Eastern European women – guys, you are just ATM-machines, nothing more. Good Ukrainian girls never go out with foreigners – 100% of foreigners-thirsty girls are gold diggers or whores.

    2. i dunno… the more ground a jellyfish covers, the greater chance of getting a bite. id say matt is wise to leave his mamas basement and travel the world if he ever hopes to lose his virginity

  36. I come to this site often, and i do find it to have some interesting and valid content in some respects. Although i do have to say i have never seen seen so many destroyed and fear ridden white men in my life. It makes me wonder is this massive anxiety i see troubling the men on this site just is coming from some sexual insecurities that have run amuck. But my honest experience, given that you don’t feel your white women respect you as they should, then you should ask do you respect them, and if you say no, then whatever reason your thinking, then in some variance they are thinking the same. Men who are really winners don’t complain about those that can’t keep up, they are getting top level puss regardless. GET OVER IT WHITE BOYS, THE GAME HAS OPENED MORE AND YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE COMPETITION READY, AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IM ON YOUR PINK ASS!!!

  37. I totally agree with Fitz. I’ve lived in many places, including Euroland and I’ll be damned to uproot myself there. Flyover USA is INFINITELY better: we are not a perfect country obviously but hey, at least we can fucking still defend ourselves with guns and it isnt controversial. I remember telling MEN (by gender only) in Western Europe that I have weapons and they all were “ohhh no, so much violence in the US!” Fuck that, and fuck Euroland. Nothing but a continent of cowards mostly, betas and lots and lots of chain smoking eurotrash living in cities.
    I also agree with some on the racial question when it comes to background. Europeans dont give a shit about your ethnicity and DON’T consider you one of them no matter how white you are. Youre still a “yank” to them. I myself am of English and French origin….and even some from Spain and I feel NOTHING in common with those people. My country is America, my people (if we could call it that, White Americans). Europe is ok to look at, lots of monuments, etc…but NO FREE SPEECH either. Here free speech is disappearing but it is still way better than in Euroland where you can even be arrested for “hate speech”. For now, that wouldn’t be tolerated in America…although we may get there thanks to all the trash and scum that grew up recently and is getting older: eg: millenials and other pussies who kneel during the anthem or the Bradley Manning types.
    If you know where to look though, there are still lots of quality women in the US…but of course if youre looking for them in NYC or Miami…lol.

    1. Thanks man. Let these guys expect their American luxuries and then also complain that women outside of here and turning to shit. Flyover people vehemently reject the cosmopolitan mentality. These are the “bigots” the media tells us to watch out for. I say these people have sense and aren’t pussies. But these guys are obsessed with cities for some reason.

  38. I bring my own bag to the grocery store and bag my own groceries. If you forget to bring a bag, that’s a sign of your intelligence.

  39. Wait wait wait wait wait. You complain about the rise of hair coloring and tattoos and then signal that you want an increase in your Tinder success rate?
    Now, forgive me if I’m misinterpreting anything here, but it seems to me like you don’t want to advocate for a reduction in degeneracy, rather, a reduction of the degeneracy that you personally dislike but an increase in the degeneracy that you want to throw yourself into. Or in layman’s terms, you’re complaining about the difficulty involved in getting some.

    1. This dude couldn’t get laid in America, the easiest place to get laid. What do you expect? Then he thinks Pinay women like him because of “his looks”

        1. The appropriate response is who gives a fuck, unless you’re a catty woman, or a guy who acts like a catty woman.
          I really don’t get why so many “guys” here are obsessed with Forney’s weight or sex life.
          Are you looking to have sex with him?

    2. This is the problem with guys like Forney and Roosh, generally.
      They’re all about indulging in, and arguably, especially in Roosh’s case, furthering and propagating degeneracy. But then they complain, to the point of laughable despair in Roosh’s case, about the degeneracy that they promote and make a living from. They’re really basically pimps complaining that women are all whores.
      I’m not saying there hasn’t been a dramatic increase in the proportion of whores in society, and it certainly is mostly due to feminism, but the pimps have played their part too. Forney and Roosh both derive some (or all) of their income from books on how to get laid. Their argument is that the women you’ll score with using their techniques or info are sluts who would have slept with someone else if not you. Maybe that’s right. I know this. I’ve met women from other countries that weren’t whores. It took me a while to get to know them. Any one of them would have made me a great wife, if I’d been smart enough to marry them at the time.

  40. I’ve never been to Hungary, but I’ve spent some time in other places around the world, and I wonder if some of these inconveniences of life could not be resolved by finding a local part-time assistant or errand boy to handle them for you.
    Maybe costs too much in Hungary, but it sure has worked for me in other places where things didn’t work exactly how I wished they would.

  41. if you´re too lazy to pack your own groceries (“like a slave”) or frequent mc donald’s so much that you’re annoyed about their ketchup, you should probably stay in the united states and continue being an entitled lazy slob that you clearly are. i cannot believe that a grown-ass man complains about those things.

  42. Hi,
    I’m Hungarian and I’m 35 years old, so I guess I have more experience in this matter. Although I’ve planned to visit the U.S. with a few friends, our trip has been postponed, so I don’t have comparison with that. But I’ve spent some time in western Europe and SE-Asia.
    Here are my comments about the article:
    “Do I like it here? Mostly.”
    I agree. I’ve thought about working abroad, but that is not an option now (Syrian conflict, “refugees”, etc.).
    “The streets are clean and safe, the women are cute and loose, and the cost of living can’t be beat.”
    More or less that’s true. The streets are cleaner than in Vietnam, but not as clean as in Japan. But it’s still OK. Note that a lot of people keep dogs as pets – even in flats – and when they walk, many leave their crap on the sidewalk. So it’s a problem in some areas. But you can walk even during nighttime (I often do). There are a few more dangerous areas, but you can avoid them (the infamous VIIIth district for instance).
    The women are cute and loose, that’s true. I think it’s because different people mixed with each other for a few centuries. But I’m not a biologist. Most white pornstars are from this area.
    The cost of living is lower in Indonesia, but yes, it beats most western countries. Food is very cheap. Real estate is cheaper than most western places, but there are online stats, so if you’re interested in it, you can compare. Also, water is extremely cheap, and very good. Budapest tap water owned Evian when scientists tested some mineral waters (but don’t try this in Poland).
    “Hungary’s trains are not as modern but just as fast, and the Budapest Metro and tramways are a delight to ride, with clean stations and cheap fares.”
    There was an artice in Hungarian that when the railway was built around Balaton, it was faster than now. Using steam engines!
    4th Metro line was completed in 2014, just days before the elections, even though it was started back in 2006. Our 1st line was completed in 1896 in 2 years! Things worked a bit faster that time. The trams got a lot of improvement in the last few years. The fares: 9500 HUF for a month (around $35, for unlimited access to buses, trams, metro, etc.), or $1.1 for a ticket if you buy them in a pack of 10. There are also options for a year (11 months’ price), and a special travel card for tourists that also gives reduced museum prices etc.
    One funny story: when a metro station next to the Danube was rebuilt, there was a replacement service. Some tourists said “this is a weird city” when they probably first heard the term “metro replacement ship” in their lives. (my sister told me this story, she worked in that area that time)
    Also, there are nighttime buses (something that came as a surprise to German visitors), and tram 6 is also 24/7 that covers most of the inner city (Nagykörút).
    The Post used to be among the bests in the world 80-100 years ago. Now it’s still acceptable, but the standard went down. I order many parcels from China, the average time it takes is around 3 weeks (a bit more before Christmas and around Chinese New Year). If you’re not home, and the parcel doesn’t fit into your mailbox the postman leaves an official note, and you can either ask for a retry or fetch it from the closest post-office. If you need to send something, be sure to send it as “ajánlott”, which costs slightly more, but your letter/parcel will arrive. If you might need to prove you sent it in time (e.g. you send it to the court or some governmental office), check “térti” instead. But you probably won’t need that unless you work here as a lawyer.
    Couriers won’t leave anything in your mailbox, so yes, that can happen.
    “Expect bad customer service, slow service at restaurants, slow food delivery, slow everything. Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans are all about doing the bare minimum on the job, a holdover from the communist era, when there was no incentive to perform well.”
    I have better experience with that. Restaurants differ from each other. If you want to spend time with friends, you can sit in a slow one, and eat. You won’t be thrown out for taking up a table for too long, it’s expected there. If you want to eat fast, and go on yor business, take a different one!
    There are sites/apps for food ordering, netpincer.hu is probably the biggest one (they also have an app). You can see the estimated time as well, and it’s quite reliable. Other bigger chains/restaurants also have their own systems as well. Monopolies and govt. offices are bad in general, but it’s improving (you can do a lot online nowdays, see magyarorszag.hu, or nav.hu).
    OTOH You’re right: there is a saying, if they pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.
    “In another example, I once went to a Vodafone store to top-up my phone plan…”
    Don’t do that! Download iCsekk, you can pay your bills and top up very easily! Also, you can install your provider’s own app or visit the closest ATM.
    “For example, Sunday shopping is severely restricted in Hungary, with most stores closed. If you’re out of food or anything else and the 24/7 convenience stores don’t carry it, you’re shit out of luck until Monday morning.”
    Some shops close in Sunday. But many won’t. There was a period from 03/15/2015 when the Christian Party (KDNP) restricted it, but after they realised this’ll lead to not only losing the next election, but people will probably hang them, this law was taken back on 04/12/2016. It was ironic, the term for Sunday is “vasárnap”, and it means Market Day. And the morons forced the shops to close!
    There are a lot of tiny 24/7 shops all around, and big supermarkets (like Tesco) also stay open 24/7, so if you want to buy a chainsaw or a scooter in the night, you can.
    “Similarly, Europeans love to nickel and dime people, and many things that are free in the U.S. cost money over here. For example, not only do you have to pay for plastic bags when you go shopping, you have to bag your own groceries like a slave. You have to pay to use a shopping cart (though you get refunded when you’re done).”
    I don’t like that either. In the early 2000s cashiers gave you a lot of plastic bags for free, at some shops they’ve even packed your stuff. Then we joined the EU, and they have a directive against free, disposable plastic bags, so they outlawed it. Shopping carts work with coins (mostly 100HUF), you either bring them back to their place and get your coin back, or leave it around and lose your coin. This is a small incentive not to be an asshole, but shop assistants and even hobos are willing to do it for you. Smaller baskets are free to use. There are some self service and handheld barcode reader based shops/checkouts as well. Pro tip: put a 100FT coin into your wallet/pocket, and you can use that any time. There are also 100ft coin holders to put on your keychain.
    “You have to pay for ketchup when you go to McDonald’s. You even have to pay to use the bathroom in many places, even at restaurants where you’ve already bought something (I’m told this is to keep Gypsies from falling asleep in them).”
    There are paid bathrooms, that’s true, but you don’t need to use those. Shopping malls usually provide that free of charge. Restaurants have to offer that free for customers (it’s a law AFAIK), but they may ask for your receipt (McDonald’s at Nyugati does this, I don’t know any other one).
    Also, use the word “nyitvatartás” + shop name to check its opening hours online. (works without those silly accents as well)
    “Open homosexuality is either nonexistent or barely noticeable in Eastern Europe..”
    There are a few gay bars, but unless you go there specifically, you’ll only know about them one day every year, the “gay pride” (and most homosexuals don’t like that program either). Even that one is far from the San Francisco Pride.
    Obesity is a problem here, we are in the top some countries depending on what source you use. But don’t compare that to Ukraine! They’re a lot poorer with a civil war in the east, so women want a good catch and they behave like that. Once things settle a bit, they change. (watch Sandman’s video on the topic, he had 1st hand experience from the time when USSR and Yugoslavia fell apart)
    Also, I’d like to add some own topics:
    Death and taxes, you know.. not only can’t you avoid them, the later one is very high. Hungary holds the world record in VAT: 27%. There are services/goods with reduces VAT though, but this is not the only tax of course. There a lot of “free” stuff provided for these (e.g. public healthcare, education), and some of those are relatively acceptable, but not in favor of competition and capitalism. You’ll hate this country if you’re in favor of small government/libertarianism. Even the right wing parties are socialists in that regard.
    Guns/2nd amendment:
    In general, you’re not allowed to protect yourself, unless you’re a politician. If this is important for you, choose Slovakia or the Czech Republic instead.
    The more you move to the east, the more corrupt EVERYTHING gets. The former NAV leader (the local IRS) got banned from entering the USA because she accepted money from the competitors of U.S. companies. This goes to the highest levels (e.g. the Gripen tender), but also present at low levels. You’re expected to “tip” doctors for instance “hálapénz”. The PM built a stadium in his backyard from public money, but even this is drawfed by Hillary of course. So you might get used to this fast. Ukraine is said to be worse in this.
    As long as you visit as a tourist, and stay in areas tourists are expected, you can get by speaking English. To settle, unless you inherited a fortune or work for a foreign company, you’ll need to learn the local language. Hungarian is a very distant relative of Finnish, but it’s so distant, the relation is still disputed by some. Because of this, it’s hard for us to learn foreign languages, and it’s very hard for foreigners to learn Hungarian. Also, even if you learn it, it’s not very useful, noone else can speak it apart from Hungarians inside the country, and just beyond the borders. 15 million speakers. If you go to a slavic country instead (e.g. another V4), you’ll understand other slavic languages as well (including russian), which is more useful in the long run.
    PC culture:
    Despite leftists and the west constantly trying, we’re still not PC. Apart from Holocaust denial (which was outlawed on the last day of the last leftist government 8 years ago), you can speak freely. Even the PM does that in public. This might change in the future, but now it’s not a problem.
    This is going up, but still very far from the west. Don’t come to Eastern Europe if you want to get paid a lot. Many western pensioners moved here though, it’s cheap for them, full of thermal bathes, good food, etc. Having a good profession helps as well (I work in IT). If you can work online to a western market also helps: keep your salary up, and your costs down.
    Unless you pay a lot (this opportunity is about to end), or you have Hungarian ancestors, getting citizenship is very hard. First, you have to stay here for a specific amount of time (8 years is the default I think, but having a local spouse/child reduces that). You need to speak Hungarian, you have to learn a lot about history, literature and law. The last one is probably the hardest, most natural born citizens couldn’t pass that test without studiing.
    Hungary is an EU and Schengen member state, so moving here from the EU is relatively easy, from outside is harder.
    I haven’t read all the comments yet, sorry for the duplicates if any local already commented on these.

    1. Quote: “But don’t compare that to Ukraine! They’re a lot poorer with a civil war in the east…”
      It’s not a civil war! It’s Russian invasion.

  43. “Poland has the nicest, most modern trains and train stations I’ve ever been in. ” this sentence is extremely misleading. Not sure what trains and railway stations has the author of the article seen in his life, but Polish train infrastructure is very far from being modern if we exclude few modern stations and just some modern trains. The rest is dirty and requires renovations. Most railway stations even in Warsaw are somewhat filthy. Plus the trains are delayed very often and speed cannot be compared to railway systems in countries such as Japan or France. I am saying all of this from a standpoint of a Pole who lives in Poland but also lived in the US for a number of years.

    1. There is no need to introduce yourself. In first sentences, when you start complaining about Poland you displayed who you are

  44. That’s not true, at least for Poland, almost all supermarkets, hypermarkets, service station, groceries are open on Sunday, many of them are open 24/7, like gas stations, Tesco’s, small-medium supermarkets, alcohol shops; and you have them at almost all corners.
    Service IMO, is not worse than in France, Switzerland, Italy — were almost all shops are closed on Sunday, and there is virtually no medium to bigger 24/7 facilities.
    I also could return a light bulb and other products after 6 months in Poland, in a big retailer DIY shop! it wouldn’t be possible in most of WE countries — 7 or 14 days max for returns.
    See, I’m ever more concerned now why do people have to work on Sunday’s, than I was glad in the past.

  45. I would like to add, that for Poland is kind of weird for a country pretending to be “Catholic”, which in fact is a facade, and most people don’t even attend Church, or only in Easter and/or Christmas. Most girl I’ve met pretended to be “Catholic” but had no problem of being promiscuous, or they clearly said “F… off the Church”, i.e.
    I met many that clearly said to be “Catholic” but were always busy on Sundays, when I wanted to go to the Mass with them. On the other side, you have a very small number of “fanatic” young Christians, which see no problem spending 3-4 hours in the Church everyday, even half day on Sunday.
    This country is no more religious than Italy or Croatia (even less, IMO).

  46. So complaining about bagging your own groceries or eating at McDonald’s is something an American slob would do. The author is actually showing why the West is degenerating in the first place: laziness and gluttony.

  47. “Hungary’s own postal service, Magyar Posta, is fairly decent, though blockheaded”
    “I hadn’t posted my name on my mailbox”
    Well, do you receive your stuff in the US if you don’t have your name on your mailbox? Strange.
    Maybe, if it is a house, so one house number is connected to a one and only mailbox…
    But in this case: see my next point.
    “I supposedly wasn’t home to receive it, even though I had been home all day both days”
    Postmen are really underpaid, so they got the worst from the employee market, without any english knowledge.
    My guess is the guy was to scared rang your bell, if he saw the foreign name on the envelope.
    “if a driver from DHL can’t find a place to park near your front door when he comes to deliver your package”
    Well, DHL is a US company, ain’t it? Complain there…
    It is not usual, I usually 100% get my stuff from DHL. If you are not satisfied: complain at DHL.
    If you don’t complain, they think you are satisfied with the service.
    “These kinds of incidents are the norm here.”
    No, they are not. Not at all, utterly false.
    “Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans are all about doing the bare minimum on the job, a holdover from the communist era, when there was no incentive to perform well.”
    Bullshit. Utter bullshit. Wrong in so many ways, real US-redneck-thinking.
    “In another example, I once went to a Vodafone store to top-up …”
    Have you tried to complain about it? It is NOT the usual way of work. It IS NOT acceptable, and no hungarian would tolerate it.
    Why would you do it?
    “not only do you have to pay for plastic bags”
    Environment. Because either the regular prices would be higher for the shop, or you have to pay for the plastic bag.
    Also: you can take your OWN bag (as most hungarians do), and you are free of charge… (and also: the environment is “saved”)
    “you have to bag your own groceries like a slave”
    Oh my god, don’t be a snowflake. I do not want a slave from the supermarket to pack my stuff, also, I do it better, than any undereducated slave.
    “I definitely don’t like having to bag groceries, because that’s what retail workers are for (and also because I forget to bring a bag when I go shopping half the time)”
    Because you are a pussy and feminine disorganized person.
    “You even have to pay to use the bathroom in many places”
    Because it is not cleaned by itself. And also it filters out homeless and other low-class people to
    use them.
    “You have to pay for ketchup when you go to McDonald’s”
    Ask McDonald’s about it… McDonald’s opened the first shop in 1988.
    It was ALWAYS so.
    “For example, Sunday shopping is severely restricted in Hungary, with most stores closed”
    Hmmm. All Supermarkets are open… (Tesco, Auchan, Spaar, Lidl, Aldi etc.) All family little shops are open…
    All gas station shops are open… (though they price higher)
    Where on earth do you live within the country? If in a city, it is utterly false, in small villages, the one and only store might be closed, but usually
    it is open, at least until afternoon.
    “However, globalism’s effects are increasingly evident”
    True. We fight it with all our might.
    “Hungarian women are also starting to get fat”
    Also true. We import this kind of bullshit from the West, you know…
    “But anyone who thinks that this part of the world is all sunshine and blowjobs will be sorely disappointed.”
    Do you know a place on Earth, where the life is all sunshine and blowjobs? Please let us know…

  48. I live in Eastern Europe. Women are hot as fuck starting from center europe ( Hungary, Czech Rep.) to Eastern(Russia). I fired up Tinder in Western Europe. Not even land whales matched me which made me laugh because I get matched with supper model looking hotties on a daily if I swipe in the East. I also travelled to America. I’d never give the life I had in USA for a couple of hot women here. I’d rather pay for an imported one there than live here. It’s just not worth it.

  49. Is the reason why so many men in the USA spend so much time on the on the internet whining on about women, because so many men there are genitally mutilated? Like the ones who claim they don’t want women, but instead of leaving women alone to have hero gentlemen types they prefer, they spend their time trying to make women feel bad about themselves

  50. Bad customer service is a result of slavery that is made of … workers. You do not want to put your grocery to bad like a slave? But you are happy to make a slave out of worker, right?
    That is exactly where western world went astray – people have no honor to say “fuck off’ when offered money for work of a slave. They do everything for a money (including sex job).
    So pack your groceries yourself.
    As to degeneracy – yes it grows .. with influx of valueless men who just game for one night stand and are not serious to offer real deal to a women – in result women get spoiled. By you,
    So when you seek source of that degeneracy – look into mirror.

  51. 1 & 2. Your being a soft cock Matt. Courier companies do the same back home I find. I actually leave a map and signs cause couriers are usually dumb as shit. They cant be fucked looking for your front door if its not easy to find.
    2. Shops were always closed on a Sunday due to church. It’s the day of rest for everyone but not the case anymore. People in the west are always busy and their way of rest is usually by takingn some kind of drug hence thet never get the chance to really relax their bodies and minds.
    3. I agree but still its mainly traditional for now. Large cties are to be afford to be honest anywhere in the wirld cause they are westernised easy.
    Conclusion: Eastern cultural is 100% better than Western culture with so many dysfunctional Lefists that currently control our society .

  52. Slightly off topic but on the issue of Spain…I’m afraid Fitz is also right in that regard.
    The women in general are HARDCORE feminist, many covered in tats and most of them are rather ugly. Spain and feminine women? NO WAY. I have some Spanish background and know that country well.
    As for “Northern Spaniards” –nope, theey are not “Irish” at all. In fact, there is actually genetic evidence (and Ive seen it with my own eyes) that there are more “North African” genes in the northwest than in the east. The “whitest” people in Spain are in Catalonia and Valencia.
    Just a note: Fabregas and Guardiola are certainly woggy looking but that is NOT the norm in Catalonia. There are far more “nordic” types up there.
    But yeah I agree — 90% of Spaniards would NEVER pass for Ohioans or White Americans of older stock. There’s a reason why wiser ancestors, back when America was a serious country that ruled the world, were very wary of Southern European immigration: simply put, no matter how light skinned an Italian or Spaniard may be (and there are plenty), they are not at all compatible with Anglo-protestant white culture which made the US the great nation it was. And lt m repeat I have some ancestry from Spain but I still consider it pretty woggy, both culturally and appearance wise.
    Fitz, you hit the nail on the head: “Big wide open eyes, short straight noses, brown hair/eyes, full lips. Our population is more German here so more robust. Spaniards are short and brown compared to Germanic people. They have smaller jaws and bone structure and overall more dainty. This is why lots of them are cucks it seems. Many of the men look rather effeminate which is not a trait seen in Germans.”
    TRUST ME THIS IS 100% TRUE. Even the wimpiest American male is much much tougher than the average Spaniard. I lived in Spain and the men there are a joke. They talk with a high pitched squirrel-like voice and are sometimes even more femenine than the women. Northern European guys (in this I include real White Americans) are much more “alpha” and assertive than your average Spaghetti,Spaniard or Frenchy. Think Macron vs Trump, Rajoy or Aznar vs Bush and you begin to get the picture. I remember when I lived in Spain years ago, if you smoked and needed a light, the men would light your cigarette for you without actually giving you the lighter. How GAY is that?
    Some of you have attacked this fat dude because he complains about having to bag his own groceries. C’mon cut the guy some slack: Europe SUCKS when it comes to this…sure, I can bag my own groceries but the real question is WHY should I? It’s bad enough the cashiers there get paid WAY HIGHER than in the US…and of course the consumer pays for it, so on top of BAD service and scowls, outrageous salaries, I have to bag my own groceries? FUCK that. I can’t stand Europe. At least, IF Europe was a decent place with morals it would be worth it but to have a fat bitch with tats all over giving me attitude in a supermarket and then making me do HER work for her? NO FUCKING WAY.

  53. The most depressing reality of living in eastern europe is that is eastern europe. Most of it is a grey depressing shit hole full of alcoholics, it is estetically ugly abd people are as friendly as rabid dogs.
    Poland and the 3 baltics are especially bad. Ukraine is mostly a depressing dump. Yes women are beautyful but they have on average the morals of a purebred viper. And man are quite aggressive. Except russia (and not all of it) I don’t really get the fascination for that part of the world. And I know it very well.

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