15 Signs You Are Working A Bullshit Job

Some jobs are physically tough. Some are intellectually demanding. Some are milder, more in the middle, yet still useful. And then there are bullshit jobs: paper-shufflers, keywords typers, CAPTCHA fulfillers, “digital project managers”, consultants specialized in consulting, “coordinators” with barely anything in need to be coordinated and so on.

American Psycho has become commonplace. You don’t need to wear fancy suits and stroll around New York to work a pointless job and pretend otherwise. More often than not, the will to pursue intellectual and hype, fashionable jobs, leads to this kind of situation: industrial mechanics students barely get useless, full-of-hot-air pseudowork to do.

Are you working an apparently hip, yet unsubstantial, void, aimless job? Do you feel like what you’re doing is bullshit? Here are 15 tell-tale signs that, perhaps, your activity is all about saving appearances inside a wider yet hollow scam. But first…

On the purported origin of the expression

These meaningless employments have been used by a well-paid leftoid babyboomer who happens to occupy a pulpit at the London School of Economics (created by the early globalist Fabians). Anthropologist David Graeber published in 2013 an article “on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs”, which since then got heavily promoted by the bobosphere—some of its sentences have been turned into taglines on display on the London subway. Ironically, the article itself is three-quarters bullshit.

The piece is indeed a disordered rant, mixing convoluted tangential remarks with outright contradictory stuff, for example when Graeber suggests that “the elite” created aimless employments to keep people busy before adding that “the system was never consciously designed.” It was published on a leftist outlet, with the mandatory leftist flavor, and starts with a mandatory reference to arch-planner, authoritarian government-supporter Keynes.

Nowhere does the pulpit-occupier mention actual causes of why “we are not all working 3-4 hour days”, i.e. that feminism, immigration, and outsourcing considerably lowered the price of labor, or that the rise of marketing and well-crafted appearances created an arms race and hence an actual need for propaganda spam PR.

Graeber’s piece is also a prime example of the unfair double standards the System uses to support its annuitants against us. A LSE professor can speak without quoting any actual source, for example when he says that in the Soviet Union three clerks would sell a piece of meat, perhaps he made this up or some other official lecturer did and they all believe no one will check. He can also suggest that “the elite” does this and wishes that without being called a conspiracy theorist, in spite of the fact that he merely churns a narrative out. When we, however, discuss actual facts that show how flawed the official version of an event is, though, the MSM points a finger. Seems legit.

In spite of these glaring defects, which may be proof that Graeber is well integrated to his less than healthy social milieu, the expression took off. Its appropriator will milk it with a book to be issued next year. (On the record, he also managed to pull a marketing coup with Debt, a dispensable book that uses a tired Marxist argument of debt coming from private property to trivialize the current financial system.) Perhaps someone should write a book titled Bullshit Money: How To Get Rich By Reflecting Modern Nothingness.

Are you working a bullshit job?

Although these positions span across many names and places, they all have many traits in common. You may be working one of them if…

1. You work in an office. Most if not all BS happens with computers and a cushy workplace. Other places make it harder to pretend you’re working when you are actually scrolling through your Facebook feed.

2. Your task is stupid, absurd, or much less important than told. On paper, you are calling prospects and ensuring a follow-up, in practice all prospects are dealt with before 10 AM and the follow-up is but a formality. Or, you were hired to a promotion task force, and you are typing keywords again and again in such a way that Google doesn’t ban the pages you’re editing.

3. Your job title is as impressive as it is obscure. If you’re a Junior Brand Creative Strategist, a Relational Optimization Specialist, a Corporate Implementation Analyst or anything that could be made of random keywords, chances are, either you are doing a lot of interrelated yet different things, or very few things at all.

4. You have difficulties explaining to others what you’re doing for a living. Not because it is very technical—even the most complex task can still be made accessible to the average guy—but because it is rather lacking in substance. “Um, I enter numbers on an accounting software, I make graphics that look good, and I get free cookies on the daily PowerPoint meeting.”

5. Very few skills are needed. You studied hard in college yet you could do your job even if you were a high school dropout. Pushing buttons, typing numbers and keywords, avoiding the bad mood of useless bosses and HR, etc. And you still have to commute every day.

6. Deep down, you know your job should not even exist. A friend told me his days as an Internet marketer were mostly about cheating Google to promote websites, then getting banned by a newer version of the Google algorithm, then adapting and so on. This Google programmers-independent marketers game looks like when you have to dig holes and your coworker was hired to fill them.

7. Most employees around you are women. Where work is dispensable and comfy, women take over. The actual work, whether physical or intellectual, is done by men. Diversity-pushing companies will glad hire women to do a job they are unable to do. Then these women will outsource it to freelancers for a fraction of their own wage.

8. Gossip is a substantial part of the work. When tasks are simple or nonexistent and women are the majority, the psychosocial aspect becomes way more important than getting (real) shit done. If you don’t fall in line, all protective shams will be put down—everyone pretends to work but you will be accused of not working—and ciao.

9. Procedures are unnecessarily complicated. Say you are working in security: most of your day consists in printing out entrance badges, calling your absolutely dispensable boss in front of newcomers, applying blindly stupid rules that ignore the context. As you are checking the “contract personal” box, you know you could not a stop a real security threat. When security guys can’t do shit—they bear too much liability on their backs—smoke and mirror procedures kick in.

10. You sell stuff you know is useless. Lie bot, here I come! Do you know you could optimize your work and supercharge your company by taking this exclusive dietary complement? Word is, Phil Heath was using it secretly. Here, let me show you photos, and a video, and bogus testimonies. See, it’s better than Kratom!

11. No one reads what you write. You churn out official reports or memos or whatever so that your company has plausible deniability and that managers, shareholders and the like can pretend everything is serious.

12. You relate to the notion of boreout.

13. You spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, Bored Panda and innumerable “social media” websites. Poor bloggers struggle to publish numberless silly pieces so that overpaid  employees scroll through their day.

14. Management is absolutely useless. As Dilbert could say, some managers are incompetent individuals who were put there so that they wouldn’t do too much harm whereas the employees, working well by themselves, actually support the company. The most bullshitty guy I’ve ever seen was a Senior Consultant Manager who had no single employee to manage.

15. You must attend frequent meetings and seminars. Everyone knows these are the most used folding screen when it comes to hide nothingness.

Bonus: you spent hours reading about bulking on a budget or taking the best preworkouts, but doing nothing consistent through the day makes you too tired (or lazy) to even lift.

So what?

Most of current humanity was called into being because of an overly productive industrial system. When jobs are automated or outsourced, the obvious effect is an increased joblessness. But instead of sheer unemployment we witnessed a rise of bureaucratic jobs. We know that bureaucratic institutions tend to produce rationales aiming at maintaining themselves into existence and increasing their funding. At the same time, as women took over the workplace, they turned it into a cushier, childier, more conformist zone, where actual work matters much less.

Perhaps this giant heap of nothingness is a manifestation of the pointlessness of modern civilization. In any case, the better way to escape it is to leave the overpriced, crime- and degenerates-ridden metropolis behind and get a nice piece of land that can be toiled without a HR department.

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86 thoughts on “15 Signs You Are Working A Bullshit Job”

  1. As a software engineer you’d think my job would mean something, but in all the years I have yet to point to one project that I could be proud of, sure I do get to sometimes use fancy algorithms or cool new tech to solve a trivial problem but the end result of it is always fluff. Sure there are some IT guys that code idk. software for the military or air traffic control or NASA but most of us just push bits and pixels around for no good reason other than being told and paid to do so.
    Do I feel like my work contributes anything to the evolution of the human race? Heck No! Could I do something that would? Sure, but why bother when nobody appreciates anything anymore.

    1. I’m on the same boat bruh. Software programming can be intellectually challenging but down the line it is virtual, therefore a BS job. I let the junior idealists think they “help” in any way. Pay is decent though.

      1. Yeah, I hear you man. I get paid real well for doing some typing on a keyboard and constructing some shit for a web-app that the majority of it’s users, who are narcissistic smart-phone retards, will just gloss over in 5 seconds and dismiss. In a year or 2 it will be pulled down and replaced. I’m not creating anything tangible that people can admire that will be around for 20+ years. I won’t be remembered for anything great.
        Most of my days consist of kicking back listening to audiobooks, finding new VIM shortcuts, and avoiding the militant feminists in HR.
        Meanwhile, I know people in countries such as Nam and Philippines who work 12 hour days, 6 days a week (72 hour week) whose MONTHLY salary is the same as what I make in a day.

    2. we hv to understand this is the world we live in. our parents had it a little bit harder, and their parents before them had it even harder, and so on and so forth. we’ve moved 100% past survival mode. thats why companies like SNAP can IPO and be valued at 11-digit values on paper, even tho they dont do shit!!
      my father and i get into it all the time. he at 63 y.o. just cant understand the internet or why my job is useful to society (im a copywriter.. yes, it’s a bs job and i can admit it). he does real estate which provides real value to people (give u roof over ur head). but he cant understand companies that make memes and filters and generate all the buzz on CNBC. i can empathize w him but again, we’ve plowed past survival mode and into cushy luxury where everything is essentially superfluous and just for shits and giggles.
      it is what it is and i accept that i have a bs job. the worst, though, is when ppl w/ bs jobs act all high and mighty and snarky. u see it all the time in tech companies.. bs positions like soc-med manager and they talk abt their job like they’re splitting the atom. its embarrassing !

      1. Providing a value to “society” is overrated, a way to make the worker feel good about himself. Even if you’re building houses, you’re probably building them for people who mostly do b.s. jobs.
        Focus on a job that provides value to yourself then use the money that you earn to build value in whatever it is you believe has value. (Of course that’s ultimately b.s. too, just like the above, but it keeps the b.s. at least one step away. Which I suppose “valuable to society” jobs do too, on second thought.)

    3. Try getting into genomics. Eventually fixing humanity will become a software problem of fixing the BIOS. ROK and the manosphere are trying but they are working at the application level(e.g. game), most of the problems are at a lower level.

      1. Funny how <90% of human DNA is “junk DNA” with the remaining codons relating to each other in all manner of chaotic, non-linear relationships which the human mind cannot fathom.
        And you Poindexters honestly believe you’re about to “fix” it?
        Keep drinking that GMO Monsanto koolaid

        1. Yeah, I find it funny in a way that 90% of DNA could be called “b.s. DNA.” Apparently joke jobs are written into the basic mechanisms of life itself.

        2. Junk DNA is not useless, it is created by the action of transposase and allows DNA to be more stable. AT pairs come apart at lower temperatures, so environmental fluctuations are more likely to affect satellite (“junk”) DNA and not actual codons, minimizing damage from our imperfect DNA repair. It also allows DNA to fold on itself easier after being wrapped on histone octamers, which is also used in stabilizing centromeres. Without it, DNA wouldn’t function well as a polymer and debilitating DNA loss from environmental damage would be much worse, ie cancer onset at 20-30.

    4. I’m a software engineer too, and I’m in my dream job. Or at least I had thought it would be my dream job. I derive no meaning from my work, and frankly for the amount of skill involved and the short supply of competent professionals I feel grossly underpaid…to do nothing. The ONLY thing I enjoy about my job is that my business card has an impressive brand, and my title is impressive, so at bars girls offer some respect right off the bat.

  2. If your company rewards you with a Hawaiian shirt day celebration with sub sandwiches instead of a fat bonus check, you’re probably working a bullshit job.

    1. all these tech companies offering “free snacks” as some time of incentive or perk to work in San Fag Cisco … how hard is to to pack your own dunkaroos or gushers? … are these google autists 5 years old?

    2. Hawaian shirts and sandwiches? Heck, all I get every 6 months is a cheap cup of brew and a few cookies. And I’m expected to say thank you.

    3. @Captain Morningwood
      I thoroughly enjoy the “Employee Appreciation Day”. I call it “Employee DEpreciation Day”.
      PS: This is lame but I just caught on to your name. Very funny 😉

  3. I’m a data analyst for a government entity. I’m firmly confident that if my organization derived policy from data, I would make a meaningful difference. However, my “proposals” largely go ignored because I am objective and simply follow what the data tells me. Meanwhile, I often get politically motivated proposals forced upon me and told to justify despite every shred of data indicating otherwise.

    1. Workplace lingo is identical to politician’s. It’s all about the “Change”. Right they keep their jobs and fat paychecks while Pradeep from Bangalore takes over your position for a third of your salary.

  4. If women are flocking to the job, it’s usually a bullshit job.
    Bureaucrat, school teacher, vet tech, ECE, office clerk, receptionist, HR, mall store bitch, the female sought job list goes on. School teachers are the most overpaid useless jobs around. They could be replaced by a computer tomorrow. You can learn anything online now, you can learn to code a computer, change spark plugs, catch catfish, anything via YouTube or online training.
    Women won’t go into a real job, carpenter, plumber, electrician, engineer, programmer, farmer, etc. They leave that to men because they are fucking hypocrites. Equality is feminist code word for take all the jobs that are high paying, easy, dog fucker jobs that men currently have. You don’t see them fighting to become plumbers, but oh man, they’ll do anything for that cushy bureaucrat job that pays 6-figures and a retarded 12 year old could do the job.

    1. Yeah … who needs teachers. Maybe the problem is more men should choose to become teachers to influence the minds of developing children. With an anti-intellectual attitude like yours, I think maybe it’s a good thing you dumb crackers can’t get into your own institutions. Maybe it’s good our elite institutions exist to serve foreign (Asian) students. Perhaps you can get a “real” job as a toilet clog remover at MIT. You know that kimchee is a real drain buster.

      1. We need to call bullshit on the Cult of Educationism because education simply can’t turn dumb kids into smart kids. If we gave up trying to school children with sub-90 IQ’s, I predict that we’ll discover that they’ll turn out about the same regardless.

        1. There is more sense here in ROK comments to be garnered from than the platitudes dolled out at every Oxbridge course.
          There is certainly oodles more by way of inquisitive free thinking.

      2. Our institutions are gigantic trust funds attached to slave labor camps called graduate schools. They take asians because they are usually from rich families and pay out of state tuition.
        Teachers are pretty useless considering I recieved straight A’s at purdue for chemistry while skipping half of my classes. They literally repeat stuff out of books and teach children to expect everything to be explained to them instead of learning shit on their own. Main reason most first worlders are monolingual and lazy.

    2. Teachers are critical to molding and shaping the next generation. We need the best ones we could find and should definitely pay them more (but with the ability to hire the best and fire the worst). The biggest problem though is that 50 years ago the best and brightest women went into teaching because that was about the only professional opportunity available to them. Today, and I say this regretfully, the best and brightest women do not go into teaching, particularly for primary and secondary school. And (straight) men are wise to steer clear of a profession where they are not appreciated. The only solution is private schools where labor flexibility is real and schools can actually focus on learning as opposed to left wing agenda BS and the excessive emoting of pathetic teachers.

      1. If I ever had a child I would home-school them. With the way the schooling system is it’s next to child abuse leaving them in the hands of incompetent teachers who are following a course that is designed to brainwash your child. It’s a marxist system.

      2. Wouldn’t want any women teaching my sons ever.
        Women should teach girls how to be modest, graceful wives and good, nurturing mothers. That’s it.
        Men should teach boys.
        One word: agoge
        As for the article. Yeah, if a woman can do your job WELL then it’s a bullshit job fit for an emasculated cog.

        1. Underrated comment
          Public schools where most of the teachers are female have been introduced as a part of “demasculinization”. It’s easier to control future men if they are raised as vaginocentric cucks.

    3. I stopped reading your ignorant post after you mentioned teachers are worthless and could be replaced by robots. Education needs more red pilled men, so like that ignorant idiots like you would be sorted out quicker.

      1. Right on.
        By now it should be obvious that smartphones and high tech gagets make people DUMBER, not smarter.
        At the basic levels education should strictly be book learning and MALE tutors. I rarely learn anything worthwhile off a computer screen, and science shows learning in this manner is a huge waste of time.
        Only technophile fundamentalist autists get offended by this fact.
        Nothing beats the old school pen, paper, and books. It’s the Will Hunting way.

        1. If you have a computer and an internet connection you basically have access to almost all the knowledge that humankind has produced, something than no human ever dreamt of until 15 years ago. Sure you still have all the Facebook newsfeed to keep you mindlessly distracted and all the internet porn to make you waste your time, but thats the problem with technology, it brings good and bad things and you cannot separate the good from the bad. I do believe that paper and pencils are better tools to learn, but to call the internet stupid? Pfff fucking internet can supplant a useless pedantic college professor, and all with a relationship cheap price. This is the printer reason why I believe the Education bubble of which peter thiel has been speaking so much lately is going to happen, college fees are not worth it when you have the internet (almost the same but cheaper). BTW am not a technophile in fact I’ve been accused of being a ludite a few times in my life.

      2. If you can’t set out to learn something on your own and succeed in the age of information, your brain is defective or you are an indolent ass.

  5. Because doing something that matters and change the world takes a lot of hard work and almost anyone has the guts to tackle the task. That’s why I am an engineer instead of having a degree in liberal arts or economics.

    1. Engineering? So you design gee gaws and thing a ma bobs to keep the Dindus occupied? Script a mobile game like Candy Crush? Or design medical devices that don’t help anyone live any longer than they did living in the woods 200 years ago drinking clean water and breathing clean air? m’kay

      1. I design construction equipment and implement clean diesel technologies . Our would look like china’s smog if my job was obsoleted

      2. I design construction equipment and implement clean diesel technologies . Our would look like china’s smog if my job was obsoleted

  6. “Bonus: you spent hours reading about bulking on a budget or taking the best preworkouts, but doing nothing consistent through the day makes you too tired (or lazy) to even lift.”
    This is real life.

  7. The entry of women into a formerly male profession signals that the profession will pay less and lose status. My father saw this happening to pharmacy in the 1980’s, and he told me in the early 1990’s that he retired from pill-rolling at about the right time. Now female pharmacists dominate the field, and they have turned pharmacists from respected medical professionals into just somewhat higher paid retail clerks.

    1. Albionic American,
      I am seeing this happen everywhere. I recently graduated from college and virtually every business I’ve interviewed for has been female dominated. The only jobs that are safe for men are either blue collar or hard core STEM.

      1. Are you sure about stem ? All geek betas praise women and push them to management. There are a lot of female managers in IT

        1. here is one by title: Software Product Manager. This is a made for work program designed to employ females and increase the tech company’s score on ‘females in tech” and “females in management” categories.

    2. That goes also for the police and teacher profession. In the old days it was a job with honor, dignity and respect. Now we all laugh.

    3. I don’t know anything of what it takes to be a pharmacist, but I was thinking the other day about general physicians/doctor. The real doctors that make the $ should only be the specialists and surgeons. The general physician should be replaced with just PAs, nurses. That would drive down the cost of healthcare rather than paying $$$ just to go see a “doctor” that sends your blood off to the lab, gets results back, and suggest you take meds for whatever number is off on your biometrics. The general physician should be done away with.

      1. we all now that and that medicine as profession should be specialized at the start and split into different areas e.g. doing a surgery or psychiatry degree rather than specializing ten years down the line not requiring most of the original skills. Its outgrown its historical origins but its called monopolistic status quo-ism where the unions and those at the top of the ladder love the gravy train that they are on and will thus never change it.
        They would fight so hard to keep it its the same with law where rather than years of specialization it should be that anybody from a good university with a first or from an Ivy League school with above average GPA in any subject can be taken as an apprentice lawyer by a company of a certain size and trained on the job and thus represent in court with time rather than these bottle-kneck expensive specialization programs which are considered by those who did them as useless junk and who say they learnt how to lawyer on the job.
        Which idiot who jumped every damned loop would want it to be easy for others to compete with them???

      2. It’s the pharmaceutical and insurance companies that push the price of your health care. Where I live you can buy any drug you can name over the counter for $1-$5. Seeing a doctor costs $10. Nurses are paid $6 a day, and the hospitals are stacked full of them.
        The rest of the world isn’t ripped for health care like the USA.

  8. “…Nowhere does the pulpit-occupier mention actual causes of why “we are not all working 3-4 hour days”…”
    …pointless jobs notwithstanding, it makes no sense to expect to put in 3-4 hours a day and be paid as if you were working the usual 8+ hours. What sane employer would pay a worker for more than what was actually worked? For everyone trying to justify a full day of pay for half a day of showing up, there will always be someone else willing to work that full day, regardless of what technology or Keynes may have promised.

  9. 16. You work in sales. Seriously. People know what they need. Salesmen exist to get them to buy things they don’t need. That’s the definition of pointless bullshit.

    1. Except women. Women have no clue what they want or need. Which is why sales is so gynocentric and feminism the best thing that ever happened to this effeminate and BS “industry”.
      Nothing like syphoning off some man’s money to some large corporation. Sounds a lot like taxation. Corporate Capitalism loves feminism.

  10. “Perhaps this giant heap of nothingness is a manifestation of the pointlessness of modern civilization. In any case, the better way to escape it is to leave the overpriced, crime- and degenerates-ridden metropolis behind and get a nice piece of land that can be toiled without a HR department.”
    I hope to (go back to) do(ing) this before a gook or a robot replaces my factory job (because I’ll go back to living under a bridge before I ever work the kind of job that forces me to take sexual harassment and diversity training courses). Problem is, of course, that we’re running out of places where it’s legal and affordable to be a subsistence farmer.
    I grew up in farm country. Most of the farmers I knew had to work part-time or seasonal jobs of one kind or another, which is what actually gave them a reliable paycheck to handle the mortgages, fees, bills, taxes, etc. The actual farm work–labour of a kind that would probably kill most urbanites–was essentially something they did when they could for the fun of it. There might have been a time when you could farm just by farming, but it was long gone by the time I was born.
    Even the Amish have to get “real” jobs nowadays. I’ve met quite a few of them who worked in auto shops or modern (English-owned) factories. When the last of those reach 100% automation I guess even they’re going to join the rest of us as button-pushers and paid-content-watchers at Facebook Inc.

  11. I used to work a bullshit job. I had meetings where they would ask me how they can improve the system I was doing. I saw right through it: they basically were asking me what they need to fix so they can fully automate my job. Within 5 years, I saw my job being replaced. So I became an electrician. One of the best decisions I made. Physically seeing what my work produces makes me feel better and accomplished. My bullshit office job made me feel like shit. Now, I feel like I actually contribute something to society.

  12. I worked as a consultant for an incubator for a year. The place was full of ceos and vice presidents spending their day on facebook posting random business related quotes while I was doing 90% of the work. On the surface they had it easy, but I know well that these people were meaningless miserable little losers with egos the size of my prick.

  13. Coming to ROK for the deep insight that you are a loser in a world of losers is not so valuable. ALL jobs wherein you receive a 1099 are an complete waste of your life. Technology has absolutely nullified the value of 95% of what used to be considered middle-class-gainful-emplyment and you dumb cucks are out on the street. Worse you have no SMV because you have no wealth… and you deceive yourself into thinking it’s all gonna turn around one day. Enjoy sitting in your room masturbating to old Angelina Jolie videos and playing SuperMarioCart because your owners are soon gonna wipe you off the face of the Earth in a WW3 Cull Scenario. Enjoy!

  14. This is the best article I have read on ROK and I’ve read plenty. I’ve tried to craft something to add to it but I can’t, for a recently resigned and disgruntled office worker it says it all.
    The infiltration of women has taken the work out of the workplace in turned them into something where ‘social skills’ are more important than, er, skills.

    1. And let’s not forget that in this climate social skills = assenting to feminist demands.
      No wonder only mangina cucks rise to the top. Balancing this necessity with the fantasy of being “alpha” still makes one a cuck.
      Which is why whenever I see one of these suited up alpha male specimen CEOs or politicians on TV they are usually apologizing to some aggrieved special interest group over something innocuous, or cucking for more women or diversity in the workplace.
      Face it, if you occupy some high status position in a mainstream institution, then we can safely conclude that you are not an alpha make, but a groveling little sycophantic normie cuck.
      Real alpha males will be the extremist right winged losers who lead us out of this liberal nightmare. The ones who have the guts to voice “hate speech”.

  15. Coming to ROK for the deep insight that you are a loser in a world of losers is not so valuable. ALL jobs wherein you receive a 1099 are a complete waste of your life. Technology has absolutely nullified the value of 95% of what used to be considered middle-class-gainful-emplyment and you dumb cucks are out on the street. Worse you have no SMV because you have no wealth… and you deceive yourself into thinking it’s all gonna turn around one day. Enjoy sitting in your room masturbating to old Angelina Jolie videos and playing SuperMarioCart because your owners are soon gonna wipe you off the face of the Earth in a WW3 Cull Scenario. Enjoy!

    1. Lol at wealth = SMV. You must be a kike because $$$ is the only possible way a kike can get laid. You live only because your mother was a prostitute.
      We will beat you because even devoid of all else, the White Man is a servant of God’s truth. And in that capacity we will wipe you kikes out.
      Remember Hitler. He was a “loser” once. But look how powerful he waxed because he spoke truth. Heil Hitler. His word will pass and (((you))) will fall.

    2. Why is ROK so cucked that it censors my comments about j.e.w.s.???
      So alpha…
      Overton window biatches; you move to the R with us, or you go L with all the other cucks.
      Make your choice ROK, there is no going back.

  16. Most mid level to low end jobs in IT are bullshit. Sure there is some high end technical stuff out there that requires a real engineer with experience on advanced systems, applications, and hardware. But, most IT jobs are just BS these days.
    Most companies have their employees on the cheapest oldest hardware that can be bought. When you have a equipment failure the only answer is to 1) reformat and hope that fixed the problem or 2) replace hardware. That was how 95% of tickets were resolved that got to my department. Lower level tickets, in the notes you usually read 1) rebooted computer or 2) reinstalled software. Us Level 2 guys at least didn’t have to do on-sites or sit on the phone forever with a stupid end users. We just got a pile of hardware and was told to make it all work by the end of the day. So we just sat in a room and did that. No one bugged us as long as something close to quotas were coming out or unless a big C-Suite employee was having a problem that needed to be fixed immediately. If something was complex I just escalated the ticket to level 3 and never saw it again.
    It was me sitting in a room with about 5 other guys in the basement. No windows. No natural light. On the bright side management would rarely find a reason to come visit us. Except for a weekly meeting that lasted about 15-20 minutes it was just us. Occasionally a level 3 tech would have a datacenter project that needed some help and would come bug us. By “help” it was basically lugging around half the heavy shit and running a cable or two. Got you out of the dungeon for a day though and if you finished early you could just usually go home as your ticket queue had already been assigned to other techs in the office.
    Pay was pretty decent for the shitty work. This was 10-12 years ago and I was making close to six digits. Eventually though the company had a few bad quarters and some efficiency expert noticed that IT was really expensive. Half our numbers got cut in one quarter making the workload untenable. Every day you would get yelled out for the number of outstanding tickets and when you asked for overtime to clear the queue you just got yelled at more.
    I needed the job so I lasted about another 4-5 months. Some of my co-workers up an quit within weeks. I was one of the last to go before the H1B’s started to show up as replacements. Writing was on the wall. Department got 100% outsourced months later, but at least I got to leave the sweet spot when management was paying out severance to keep us all quiet. That was a nice sized check that go me through the rest of the year only have to do part-time gigs here and there. Not bad but the economy then started to really suck and finding another job was hard. But landed a nice one working for a small logistics company about a month before UC ran out. Got lucky on that one.

  17. Most readers on ROK are loser working class white males with IQ below 110 living flyover country. These creative class jobs are filled by Asians and Jews in NYC SF and LA from Ivy League schools with IQ above 135.
    Keep getting cucked in your moms basement losers and not getting laid. Just know your life and career will keep sucking because you’re genetically inferior.

    1. My last job was for a German gentleman; huge bulk order. I guaranteed him it would last six million gassings. When I sent him the bill one May day, he shot himself.
      I got a new client now. He looks like a frog and he told me six million wouldn’t be enough this time around.

  18. My sons learned from me.
    Don’t spend your life climbing the ladder to discover at the top you leaned it against the wrong wall.

  19. The comment section here has really gone downhill lately. Disqus might have been an evil left wing censoring machine. But, at least you could make sense of the meaningful comments. The only reason I came back here is because I got an email someone “responded” to my original comment. That appears to be an “upvote” though (thanks guy whoever you are….)
    Just browsing the other comments though most just blame well we shall just call them the usual suspects and add nothing to the conversation. There has to be some sort of better commenting platform out there. Even stacking the comments from top to bottom based on date is annoying and I imagine keeps many of the older (and good) commenters away. Tracking replies is almost impossible.
    Like RoK, but its value is sufficiently decreased without a meaningful comment platform. Just my .02 cents.

  20. Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto are all you need to read to understand what modern schooling is really about. People like George Washington, Carnegie, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs either barely had schooling or dropped out to pursue something greater. To put it briefly it’s a mind slave system of compliant obedience conditioning to the corporate “authorities”. It trains men to be subservient following limp noodle employees instead of revolutionary innovators to keep the gears of Capitalism running.

  21. Everyday, I see exactly with the author has written in my IT dept. People doing mundane tasks and helping others who are unappreciative. Managers unwilling to defend or make their employees feel respected.

  22. I am a teacher at a private high school, but I frequently communicate with public school teachers, and by comparing my experience vs. theirs, it is clear that the proliferation of BS jobs is a large part of what is destroying our education system. Every year, some beuracratic agency comes out with new “curriculum standards” or “proficiency assessments” that force public school teachers to waste their time adapting to useless new policies rather than actually teaching and figuring out for themselves what works best for their students. Most of these education “policy experts” have never even set foot in a classroom. Their jobs are worse than useless, they actually prevent other people from being able to do their jobs.

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