The Oxford Circus Panic On Black Friday Confirms The British Spirit Has Been Conquered

The British are among the most formidable people in Europe. Before the Great War they held the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. It was rightly said that the sun never set on British soil. But a recent incident in a London tube station demonstrates that the British have been conquered by liberalism.

What happened?

The incident occurred on the afternoon of November 24th at the Oxford Circus tube station.  Although the British do not celebrate American Thanksgiving, they have adopted the terrible American custom of “Black Friday” so the subway was teaming with shoppers trying to get Christmas deals. Apparently, an altercation between two men inside the tube station set off a panic.

A number of passengers started to flee, thinking that they had heard gunshots. Once they got outside of the station, people on the outside also started to panic and flee. The police were called and two tube stations were shut down as a result. As anyone who is familiar with subway systems in large cities knows, shutting down two stations during rush hour on the busiest shopping day of the year is a big deal.

Scotland Yard tweeted out that people should get into the nearest building and huddle for shelter. This caused people to run into the nearest pub or restaurant. The terrified populace was hiding in the cellars of these businesses. A BBC producer described the panic:

There was a mass stampede of people running and trying to get away as quickly as they could. They were crying, they were screaming, they were dropping their shopping bags. It was a very panicked scene. A couple of people said they thought it was a gunshot or a fire.

Social media played a big role in spreading the panic. Olly Murs, a British pop singer who was shopping at Selfridges, a British department store tweeted to his eight million followers  that there had been gunshots inside the store.

By the time the whole panic was over, 16 people had been injured in the stampede. Fortunately, there were no deaths.

Keep Calm and Carry On

This panic is totally out of character with the Brits who are known for their stiff upper lip in times of crisis. These Londoners are the descendants of the people who conquered a vastly superior French force at Agincourt. This is the same group of people who defeated the combined French and Spanish navies at the Battle of Trafalgar. And the descendants of those Londoners whose motto during the German bombing was to Keep Calm and Carry On.

So what has happened to the British that has caused them to lose their courage?

Islamic Terror

The immediate reason for the Brits losing their nerve is the number of Islamic related terror attacks that have occurred in the past few years. This started with the “7/7” London bombing of the subway and a double decker bus. 52 people were killed as the result of the attacks and over 700 were injured.

In the past few years, the number of attacks have increased. In 2017 alone there were three terrorist attacks. The first was happened in March when a man drove his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge killing eight. Two months later another Islamic attack happened at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester that killed 22 and injured over 200, most of them children. Less than two weeks later, three terrorists drove their van across London bridge killing eight. These attacks would be enough to put anyone on edge. There is no doubt that the people at the Oxford Circus thought another terrorist attack was underway.

Liberalism conquered the British

Despite Islamic terrorism being the proximate cause of the panic, I don’t believe Islam is the real problem. The problem with Islamic immigrants predates any of the 2017 attacks. Britain has been suffering from Muslim rape grooming gangs for decades now. The Rotherham rape gang operated for over 30 years before being broken up.

How could something so awful as the rape of thousands of English girls be allowed to continue right under the nose of the police? The answer lies in political correctness. The police felt that breaking up the rape gang would stir up allegations of racism and the politicians didn’t want to lose a valuable voting bloc.

The failure to address the abuse was attributed to a combination of factors revolving around race, class and gender—contemptuous and sexist attitudes toward the mostly working-class victims; fear that the perpetrators’ ethnicity would trigger allegations of racism and damage community relations; the Labour council’s reluctance to challenge a Labour-voting ethnic minority; lack of a child-centred focus; a desire to protect the town’s reputation; and lack of training and resources.

Thus, the lives of these young girls were sacrificed to the false god of progressivism—the authorities were more afraid of being called racist than they were making protecting their daughters from pedophiles.

How did progressivism (or liberalism, I use the terms interchangeably) become such a deep part of the make-up of the men of the West that it was possible to overcome their natural revulsion of injustice? It was a gradual process that started with the loss of faith in Christianity during the 20th Century. This cleared the path for the creation of the new religion of progressivism. The rest of the process was completed by the indoctrination camps that masquerade as the public school system and universities. The whole progressive apparatus is buttressed and maintained by the media, almost all of which is owned by progressives.


How do we take back control? The only way to do it will be to reverse the process. Start with yourself and try to root out all of your progressive indoctrination. The articles on Return of Kings can be very helpful. It’s a process that can take years. Some will never have the courage to complete the process but it is still worth doing. If you have children, try to prevent them from being indoctrinated with progressivism in the first place.

Only once liberalism is uprooted will be able to adequately deal with problems like Islamic terrorism unhindered from the inverted moral system of progressivism.

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131 thoughts on “The Oxford Circus Panic On Black Friday Confirms The British Spirit Has Been Conquered”

  1. Knowledge is power:
    22-05-13 Lee Rigby
    22-03-16 Brussels Bombing
    22-07-16 Munich Massacre
    22-03-17 Westminster Attack
    22-05-17 Manchester
    It’s all a game. Look at the Adriana Grande attack. On the 22nd hour of the 22nd of May a 22 year old set off a bomb that killed 22 people.

    1. so its an important number, but what of all the other attacks? Numbers connect to each other. The destruction of synagogues in 1938 nazi germany occurred on the 9th of Av, which is a typical day of woe in judaism apparently. Did the nazi’s consult on the issue? There have been hundreds of terrorist attacks. Not saying they weren’t other than what they appear to be but numerological connections always seem to go nowhere

      1. Not every single tragedy/event that has happen in the history of time is a false flag. Surely you didn’t need me to point this out to you? Or maybe you did.

        1. so if they occur on the 22nd they are and if they don’t (or don’t fall on some other significant number day) then they aren’t?

        2. Not necessarily. Again, surely you didn’t need me to point this out to you? Or maybe you did.

    2. Re. killing 22 people are you suggesting the 22 manchester victims were ‘crisis actors’ or otherwise not actual victims or how can a bomb attacker anticipate the number of victims. I appreciate it would be possible to just lie about the number of victims but it seems like a lot of work to achieve very little, not least as only conspiracy theorists are likely to appreciate the touch

      1. Did you see the footage of the bombing? From security cameras? From mobile phones? I didn’t. It’s easy to create numbers out of thin air. Hell Nvidia can create fake faces using deep learning that look photo real. Stanford University can create software where you get footage of a person and are able to make them say whatever you like, expressions included.
        Not that you need all that, just some willing actors who say what you like for a sum of money. Many of these actors have turned up at many false flag events.
        Don’t be naive, the technology is there, the incentives are there, the resources are there and it’s all very, very easy to pull off.
        Here’s some links to the tech mentioned in this post:

        1. I am an enthusiast of the conspiracy theory genre, but all the false flag claims are tiresome, and even if some were true, most of it doesn’t seem to pass muster, not least occam’s razor wise.
          I do think the world and events in the world is being increasingly synthesized though – and you are quite right about the potential of new technologies in that direction – its just that too many conspiracy theorists are just completely incapable of separating the wheat from the chaff, and in that they might as well be in league with any conspirators for themselves, for they are themselves engaged in disinfo
          For the time being I’m going to regard the false flag industry as in need of separating from actual instances of false flags, of which there are many, but not that many, as yet

        2. Thou doth protest too much. With Lee Rigby there’s mobile phone footage taken a couple of hours before the attack where the woman filming is commenting at maybe they’re rehearsing for a film.
          With the Boston Bombing false flag there’s a tonne of proof it’s false. For instance footage of victims lying in agony, then laughing and getting up. Or how about footage of one of the “bombers” running away from the bombs with his backpack still on (which happened to not be black, like the ones identified… which happened to look exactly like the backpacks worn by the SS officers captured on screen).
          I can go on and on listing the London Bombings, or the most recent Vegas “Massacre,” or a whole plethora of other fake events, but it would turn this post into an essay which no one will read, particularly not you, since I doubt anyone is dense enough to legitimately claim that nothing suspicious is going on with these recent events. Are you an agent of dis-info? Serious question.

        3. I thought it was me who was claiming that seeing everything as a false flag is likely to be disinfo. I can’t think of any better way of discrediting the idea of the ‘false flag’ – a political device which itself has been used to great effect in the path with a view to blaming third parties or excusing aggressive action – than ‘flooding’ the world with claims that pretty much every terror attack is false. Sure maybe the boston bombings were false flags, maybe sandy hook – I don’t know I haven’t looked into them carefully, but I realise a lot of people have and aren’t convinced – I’m prepared to bracket them off for later evaluation. But when you routinely suggest that events where people die are nothing more than fakery with theatre and stage blood then you’re doing a damn good job of discrediting all such claims. All you are doing is leading people who might be beginning to question the world around them towards a generalised attitude of paranoia ,where nothing is real, and everything is theatre, and the puppet-masters, whoever they happen to be – control everything. Meanwhile everyone else – seeing that these people will believe absolutely anything – start to pull in the other direction, and not without cause. Lee Rigby is dead, and remains murdered. I’m happy for you to post a link to the video of this woman asking if they’re filming or something, but how would you be able to demonstrate that the recording was actually made when claimed? Re. the manchester bombings – who knows what input shadowy parties may have had – but the bombings themselves happened, but I have never heard any good reason to think it wasn’t a real explosion. With regard to the Bataclan massacre there were some strange anomalies. Was the whole thing staged? I don’t think I could that. Could some of the reactions be staged after the event? I have no doubt that the narrative is often carefully managed but part of that could as easily be about adding fiction after the event to real occurrences as the opposite

        4. oh, and by the way, you appear to have lifted that list of events on the 22nd from a website about the magic number 22

        5. It may be hard for you to understand but whether events like the manchester bombing were a hoax or false flag is completely irrelevant. Whether people died or not is not important to the people who are creating the narrative. What is important is the reaction, the effect it has on the public psyche. They feed off our fear. It helps drive public policy, it helps condition us.
          For you to be offended that the death of innocents isn’t the short term end goal means you’re not looking at the big picture.

        6. “It may be hard for you to understand but whether events like the manchester bombing were a hoax or false flag is completely irrelevant.”
          It may well be unknowable but it is not irrelevant. I’ve already indicated that the narrative is what is important and I would add that that narrative is actively shaped. If you are trying to puncture that narrative, where you think it is inaccurate or false (i.e. where you think it is propped up by false flags or whatever) then accuracy and ensuring that any claims are carefully evidenced is surely crucial. False flag events will never be threatened by false claims, or claims that cannot be evidenced, or which being impossible to demonstrate appear to the impartial observer as unbalanced or paranoid. If you are really intent on challenging the narrative you should be more circumspect about what you claim. Otherwise by suggesting but not demonstrating you are reinforcing that narrative

        7. Oh seriously, fuck off. I gave enough evidence and reasoned logic. You’re just being an obtuse cunt for the sake of it, trying desperately to drown out the conversation with long paragraphs. That’s something jews do. Jews also think they’re all a hell of a lot smarter than they actually are, which is their Achilles heel.
          It’s plainly obvious that this false narrative’s wearing thin, more and more people are seeing through the charade. So, go on, write another essay, I already covered everything you said in your last episode of verbal masturbation.

        8. i’m mixed race, and not jewish. The official narrative is indeed under pressure, but it isn’t under pressure from vague, statistically meaningless claims about numerology. Say you are correct and those terrorist attacks were indeed pre-planned to happen on days significant to some occult or kabbalistic calendar? What would that even prove? It could be some other group trying to implicated jews or occultists.
          Now there are plenty of demonstrable false flag events. Identifying those, and naming them are what threatens the narrative. The narrative is not remotely threatened by vague, impossible to substantiate suggestions. Gematria, numerology is very important to the occult, so the possibility that there is some such link is not inconceivable if indeed those events really are orchestrated by shadowy puppet masters behind the scenes with an occult agenda. But you will never be able to demonstrate it, at least not by copying some dates of nasty events off some superstition lade website.
          You see, I’m arguing quality over quantity. You’ve just acting out frustration and casting aspersions

        9. Indeed it’s occult in nature. Here’s a little fact you might not know, the official date of Jesus’ birth is… wait for it… September 11th.
          What I’m hinting at goes more than surface deep, it’s esoteric in nature. I just don’t think you, or this site, want to comprehend the true nature of how this world operates. Even when pizzagate clearly spells out for us that the leaders are satanists who are not only having sex with children but drinking their blood – something that is far, far from normal human behavior, hence something we find so, so hard to understand.
          P.S. Don’t make the assumption that I got my information from some 22 site, or whatever, this 22 connection is common knowledge and is pasted all over the internet since a LOT of people made that connection. I get my information from many, many sources and double-check them before repeating them. Nothing I have said is disputable. Nothing. If you research any of my claims you would understand that, rather than being anal about it.
          P.P.S. I’m done wasting my time with you. Go research, or not, but don’t bother writing back expecting another reply.

        10. you’re not and have never been obligated to answer. My beef is with sloppiness. Poorly evidenced conspiracy theory doesn’t threaten any actual conspiracies it just persuades the majority to fall deeper under the sway of the MSM, which at least goes through the motions of evaluating evidence even it lies.
          “P.S. Don’t make the assumption that I got my information from some 22 site, or whatever, this 22 connection is common knowledge and is pasted all over the internet”
          You seriously believe that is an argument? Don’t you mean copied and pasted all over the internet? Repetition is often rhetorically effective but unless the thing repeated is true and evidenced its as good as worthless. In the case of the terror attacks that took place on the 22nd, the text appears exactly as it appears on that site, even if that site is not the point of origin. What that means is that people copying and pasting but not evaluating the information for themselves. If they were evaluating it, if you were evaluating it you would not be reproducing it verbatim. That in a nutshell is the problem. Because for all I know there might be something in it. But that particularly website is full of highly suggestible people telling anecdotes about looking at a clock only discover its 22:00 o’clock or something. Such information gleaned from sites like that might as well have come from directly from Langley Virginia for the danger it poses to ‘the narrative”
          As for pizzagate, its highly likely this was intelligence op designed to distract from the real abuse and the real paedophilia, particularly the big players on Epstein Islands, who spanned the political divide – pretty much everyone was implicated. Pizzagate probably does indicate Podesta in something unsavoury, quite possibly child abuse, but none of it was provable. Comet Pizza ultimately served to distract even from Podesta and seedy but not illegal occult spirit cooking etc. The Podestas were accused of being Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers for fuck’s sake, which as far as deliberate red herring’s takes the biscuit. Indeed the whole of Pizzagate appears to have been designed to feed into the very worst suspicions people have. There probably is satanism within the leadership but does that mean they are sacrificing children and drinking their blood? In the absence of hard evidence that can easily be dismissed as feeding into ancient blood libel tropes. Meanwhile because the fantasy has got so far out of hand the actual crime i.e. the stuff where there is evidence, gets overlooked and people doing actual abuse get away with it because the masses have been misdirected to look for gothic horror satanism
          I can’t prove it but I’m convinced Majestic Ape was an intelligence op. There is simply nothing on him / her.

    3. do a little reading about the London bombings on 7/72015 – i followed this live online at the time. the whole thing was completely planned and then bungled by the authorities and it was all exposed.
      the ‘attackers’ – who conveniently left their passports and a load of spare explosive in the trunk of their car at Luton train station, were unable to get into London King’s Cross on time because they train they were meant to be on was cancelled by good old British rail- and it’s all on video camera with them waiting on the platform with back packs for the next train to come, which arrived too late for them to be on the tube trains they were supposed to be on.
      the bombs on the trains showed inward damage from the floor up, not from the inside outwards and a few hours later in the day the newspapers in New Zealand and Canada reported that two attackers were apprehended and ‘conveniently’ shot dead by police – but this was all white washed – these were the guys that missed the tube trains because their city bound train was cancelled.
      it’s all documented – complete BS.
      Thatcher started the police state in the early 90s, when acid house parties went wild and the police could not control it.

      1. There’s more to it than that. Besides the clothing of the “terrorists” changing between walking to the doors of the station and walking through the doors of the station, check this out, good old BBC’s predictive programming detailing exactly what was going to happen.

  2. Their parliament calling to ban Trump from visiting them is also a good sign they’re spent.

  3. Muslums have no place in western society and must be eliminated. Our governments will not protect us so it is up to brave citizens to locate muslums that have infiltrated our communities and escort them out. By any means necessary.

    1. If the Spanish Reconquista can teach us something, it’s that you cannot have Christians, Muslims and Jews living in a same place. War is the only outcome you can expect from multiculturalism.

    2. That’s funny, because in America Muslims only make up 1% of our population yet our nation is going down the tubes…hmmm, maybe it is diversity in general, not just Muslims.

  4. The British have been genetically altered, having spent centuries squandering their youth on colonizing and policing environmental areas not suited to their constitutions, attacking their own colonists with racial “others”, and sacrificing their future through their mercantile wars against the heart of Europe in WWI and WWII. Add in spinsterism, classism, and alcohol, and you’re left with what you’re left with. Don’t kid yourself about some magical resurgence – history and evolution already tell us what’s happened to the British. They’re not dying. They’re dead.

    1. Most of the fluffy, heart felt BS about the British spirit was actually a bunch of cucks and lowlifes, many of them too impoverished to do anything different and a lot of the rest press ganged into serving “King and Country” and / or “God” for some high and mighty ideals that kept the minority landed gentry living in a state of the most incredible wealth.
      Third world dictators and oligarchs look like pussies compared to the life styles and armies of servants the Victorian era upper class Brits had running in the most cruel and vicious caste system.
      I am not sure real independent British spirit ever existed in the first place – aside from the Caribbean pirates, who were actually Govt. sponsored to disrupt the Spanish without the Brits directly attacking – kind of guerilla warfare a bit like the Americans do these days arming towelhead militias….. there’s little real evidence that the Brits ever had much independent spirit. They had a civil war to get rid of the king and then invited them back and the entire country are beta’d to a bunch of phony royals lauded the world over as if the sun shines out of their asses, when really they are just a back of inbred pedos running a 500 year scam. It’s beyond even a cult group or communist setup like the USSR.

    2. Don’t forget the philosemitism. With (((Puritanism))) the coin-clippers became muh chosen people. 500 years later you can scratch almost any Anglo and find a jew in there somewhere.
      Yeah I’d say Anglos are thoroughly judaized to the extent I would never even dream of impregnating an English woman.

  5. Not all Londoners ran away. I was working nearby when it happened, and I took the tube over to Oxford Circus to see what was happening. It was all over by the time I got there!

  6. “It was a gradual process that started with the loss of faith in the Aesir and Vanir during the 10th Century. This cleared the path for the creation of the new religion of Christianity.” – there fixed that for ya.
    Do you think the Vikings would have taken the rape of their women lying down?! And didn’t Jesus of Nazareth tech to “give the other cheek”?

    1. I was under the impression christian warrior nations triumphed over the vikings and paganism.

      1. And multiculturalism is the curse of that failure to uphold the true Evropean culture and tradition – besides if the Muslims had successfully converted Evrope to Islam you’re assertion would be just as valid.
        We just got the Pest instead of the Cholera.

      2. well multiculturalism is also multi-religion isn’t it? You can emphasize race and culture, but historically it is religion that has been the fault line.

      3. No that’s putting the cart before the horse. A native religion is the reflection of the spiritual evolution of a people and there is no need for religious warfare on that basis, only if you try to force a people to accept a foreign god/s only than do you have to wage war on them.

        1. You literally have no idea what religion is. Religion is not merely culture, customs, traditions, stories, etc. This is what pagantards think and why they sperg in vain. Religion and Christianity is about the literal truth regarding metaphysics and existence. Europeans believed in it because they genuinely believed that it was the truth. There is zero truth in European paganism unless you want to tell me that you think elves, dwarves, ogres, trolls, and other RPG cliches are literally real too.
          Rejecting Christianity for its foreign origins makes as much sense as rejecting a scientific discovery or mathematical principle because it wasn’t discovered in Europe first.

        2. christianity’s claim is to the universal. There are lots of people trying to make it into an ethnic creed but while it can be a nation’s religion it can’t be both universal and one nation or group’s religion alone. As for universaling religion by force I don’t think anyone here at least would agree that was necessary or desirable.

    2. “Turn the other cheek” doesn’t mean to allow your daughter to be raped you fucking mong. It means to not hold grudges and seek revenge over petty disrespects towards you. Jesus also told his disciples to buy swords to defend themselves. What were they gonna do with the swords?

    3. Jesus does teach to put the other cheek… until you piss him off enough and he proceeds to kick your ass out of his temple.
      A shame current Christians have forgotten that lesson.

    4. Turning the other cheek is an act of defiance, not submission.
      A high ranking jew could dismiss the arguments of a lower ranking one with slap on the cheek, although not a hard slap. It was symbolic and dismissive.
      When He told His Apostles to “turn the other cheek” He was teaching them defiance, in defense of The Truth.

  7. Sure, the UK is pretty cucked, but this probably has as much to do with social media than anything. Olly Murs may well have been shitting himself but his main focus was on raising his profile on his twitter feed which required immediate panic, exaggeration and womanly over-reaction. Playing down a real incident doesn’t give you bragging rights, or the possibility of selling your story to the press. If the incident had been serious his gamble would have paid off.
    Having said that I think people are being trained to panic. In the event of a terrorist attack you are expected to run away, get away from the scene. Back on 7/7 I don’t recall anything like that. There was no twitter just TV reports and the slow drip of information.

  8. The people in central London are by and large not descendants of the warriors of Agincourt and Trafalgar, they are the seeds of negroes and dirty Indians.

  9. South Asians are not very intimidating and it is unlikely that the US will face this sort of crisis from Pakistanis of child-grooming white trash.
    Can you imagine in Kentucky or Alabama Babu the Paki getting caught trying to groom little white girls at the shopping center? I’m sure the rednecks will make short work of him.
    If you walk past blacks in Detroit you’re scared if there are 2 or more.
    But if you walk past Pakistanis on the street in New Jersey where there are concentrations of them you are not that afraid. I would laugh at them. They just do not have the muscle mass or aggression to scare whites.

      1. MICHAEL
        I’m from Detroit and while I would not want to walk through Bradford at night with quid notes falling out of my pocket (Or broadcasting that I was American) the idea of Pakistanis IN America intimidating people is a joke.
        Would rather walk past a bunch of blacks in the US at night or some Pakistani-Americans?
        They just are not very intimidating.

        1. I’m half asian myself. Most asians are not physically intimidating compared to blacks etc but we’re not just talking about one on one, but gangs etc. A lot of it is about perceptions though. Back in the 80s asians tended to be seen as weedy and passive. As immigration has increased, particularly muslim asian immigration that perception has modulated somewhat. So yes that has to do with numbers, but also to do with ideology, associations in the public mind, most obviously with islam.

        2. MICHAEL
          Northern Chinese and Koreans are as big as whites. On one occasion I got into a scuffle with a Korean who was a solid 6 foot who bought a fridge from me in Cebu and claimed it was faulty and he gave me a run for my money though the fight was broken up quickly.
          Another time a Chinese-Filipino scuffled with me and he held his own-again, fight was broken up. I was more afraid because the Chinese-Filipino community is powerful that he would deport me or send Filipinos to do something to me but it never happened.
          East Asians are more aggressive in their own countries. They have the fear (As I did in Asia) that other whites might “jump in”.
          Korean-Americans have street gangs in LA and enough muscle mass from a Western diet to be a physical match for the average Crip or Cholo.

    1. “They just do not have the muscle mass or aggression to scare whites.”
      I am not a paki or a muslim, but the above sentence is absolutely preposterous !! Why would they want to “scare” whites/pales in first place !? Why would they be “aggressive” without any proper reason !?
      Do the whites/pales have “muscle mass or aggression” to scare pakis or muslims in porkistan or any other islamic country !?

      1. RAVI
        Whites in Britain seem scared of them, don’t they? To me this seems preposterous but apparently it is true. If the average Irish-American in New York sees some South Asian attempting to groom his daughter it is a different reaction.
        Lived in Dubai as a young man, 25-27.
        Some of the Squids (Navy) and Marines that were black or Hispanic were an unsavory (Not so much scary) bunch.
        One US Marine was a Mexican with typical Richard Ramirez look-crazy glaring eyes and wide Indian cheeks and his hair was long for a jarhead and hung over his eyes. He use to give me the Cholo stare of death that Mexicans will give you (I was a civilian his age making more money than he was as a civilian in Dubai) in bars and once on the street when I saw him he looked at me and grinned crazily. I made him for drunk.
        I lived in Dubai and when a bunch of US Navy sailors docked every so often some people got a “bad vibe” especially from the blacks. They cannot drink on the ship which compounds the situation.
        An Australian friend of mine nearly got into a fight with some US Marines in a Dubai bar.
        Unsavory might be a better word than intimidating.
        Now most of the Pakistanis in Britain are from the Kashmir border and are a big unlovely

      2. RAVI
        Well South Asians sure as shit “scared whites” in the UK out of Bradford or Brick Lane.
        The pattern is wearily familiar to a Detroit native as to the manner of Demographics…white working class of no great intelligence or skill are stuck in neighborhoods that have become heavily minority. They do not have the money to move and their property has declined because they did not sell it in time and now they are stuck. The South Asians go after their teenage girls just as Hoodrats in Detroit go after them. To some degree the girl likes the gifts and attention because her parents are poor. Then the Hoodrat or Pakistani introduces her to the crackpipe or “Chasing the dragon”.
        South Asians never immigrated to the US in vast numbers even if East Coast tough Irish-Americans and macho Italians and Muslim-hating Jews with the power in local politics and banking could be intimidated by them.

      1. JOHN
        English will go on and on about Boston deserving the Marathon bombing for supporting the IRA but do you think Irish-Americans would tolerate beastly Pakistani men giving little white girls candy to suck their cocks in South Boston? Do think any Paki would dare to try this with tough Southern Scotsman in Alabama who belong to the clan?
        I’m sure that if Vietnamese tried to invade and occupy the US that they would have lost as well.
        But UK used to rule Pakistani and India and Jamaica and yet when these folks moved to Bradford or Brixton they turned the local whites in their bitches and slaves.

    1. I doubt Seinfeld the nebbish Jew is afraid of Pakistanis ON THE STREET in New York.
      Nor do Pakistanis in New York probably get in Jews faces very much.
      Compared to Mestizos or Black Americans who are bred to big and strong the Pakistanis are not very intimidating.
      They look INTIMIDATED more often.

      1. So if blacks and hispanics get top place who’s physically weediest: jews or asians?

        1. MICHAEL
          Italians tend to scoff at Jews as pussies. I’ve known a few that were tough. Not all are nerdy Pajama boys.

        2. MICHAEL
          When whites with gang tendencies operate out of the ghetto they are not bothered by Crips or Cholos. The Italians in Detroit had a “Social Club” in Greektown and Outlaws have their clubhouse. Ghetto blacks do not usually target Stallone-type Italian mob guys or Jax type bikers they see in the ghetto. They seek out suburban whites as a soft “target” knowing these folks have no “homies”.
          Hoodrats and Cholos have nothing to lose. They don’t care if you kill them and they don’t care if they go to jail since their life is so miserable and shitty that jail is a nice vacation with 3 hots and a cot.
          When they descend on an area it is usually a suburb or exurb. Crips do not fight it out with Leatherface or Jupiter the Hills Have Eyes out in the sticks. They would not last a single minute in the sticks. Also the blacks and Hispanics are gangsters and if you do beat a Hoodrat in a fight or a Mexican he’ll come back with 3 homies and guns.
          As for Jews being pussies there are very few Klansman or Skins who will walk through Brooklyn or the Bronx throwing the Nazi salute. The Nazis actually got their asses kicked in Skokie Illinois during those 81 riots.
          What keeps Jews and redneck whites from more conflict is geography. Jews tend to live in ghettos on the East coast or in cities while the hardened white KKK and Skins are rural types or live in working-class neighborhoods like Polish-Americans in Detroit that Jews don’t live or go.
          Koreatown Korean-American gangs have enough muscle mass raised on a Western diet to hold their own against skinheads. Skinheads (And Jewish patrols in Brooklyn) tend to attack in numbers on hapless passerbys but skinheads in LA well aware of Korean gangsters do not seek them out.
          This is a bit like Supermax prisons where an equal number of mob guys, bikers, black gangsters and Mexican “Shot callers” are housed.
          It is the pallid skinny white guy who was busted for his 3rd DUI and possession of Oxy with intent to distribute whose mouth and anus become a masturbation device in jail, not Tony Soprano or Al Pacino. For one thing these Italians are ugly. Even if you close your eyes in the act James Gandolphini the idea of reaming his hairy anus is pretty awful even to prison blacks on the down-low. They will go after soft young white boys.

      2. some colourful detail there. including with respect to the racial politics of ass rape. I can’t really comment as I’m not from the US but it rings true. I’m not sure about the koreans, but you seem to mostly be describing well established communities, who’ve staked their claims and know how to guard their territory. That’s true no doubt of jews too no doubt. I wasn’t aware that both skinheads and “Jewish patrols in Brooklyn) tend to attack in numbers on hapless passerbys”. The picture of the weedy jew (like the weedy asian) has some basis in truth I imagine, but jews have also often been gangsters in their own right though haven’t they – you can’t read James Ellroy without hearing about Mickey Cohen, or Bugsy Siegel, or Doctorow on Dutch Schulz – there’s always been that other side. Most of the jews I’ve known were physically unintimidating, pretty much the same as the asians. I can think of one Israeli who would be the exception to the rule. But with respect to both jews and asians, being physically unimpressive, or even timid has tended to be compensated for through numbers and / or organization. That’s true of those brooklyn jews patrolling their community, or the jewish gangsters. In Britain asians used to be a byword for weakness, hence the phrase ‘paki-bashing’. You almost never hear that phrase these days, partly because of efforts against racism, but also because the numbers of asians have increased. Obviously muslims are amongst those numbers, and like other communities mentioned have made their presence felt through organization and through lets say community self-assertion (leaving terror aside). The point is individuals, even physically intimidating ones, are vulnerable, and those who organize effectively are typically seeking to overcome that fact.

        1. MICHAEL US vs UK Differences
          The space between concentrations of Americans with no love lost is vast and few of these groups have money. It is a given that Ali G types (Fed on an American diet to develop as much muscle mass as a skinhead) are going to attack Klansman and few Ali G’s or Crips will appear at Klan Rallies where Manson and Charlie Hunnan-types gather to burn crosses.
          Italian mobsters never tried to expand into the deep South at a time when paramilitary KKK existed and the Mob was most powerful in US cities.
          The vast space between urban gangs and rural degeneracy in the US prevents what would be much uglier confrontations.
          Part of it is also racial. Blacks, Pakistanis and other subequatorial tribal people have a fear of the woods and rural areas because of their campfire mentality (Jungle is dangerous) and Celts are bred into the wilderness whether Wales or Kentucky.
          The sons of Bangladeshi immigrants are 6 inches taller on a Tesco’s diet and besides their Bangladeshi Dad was so grateful to BE in UK cleaning tube stations he would have sucked the cocks of skinheads through a Tube toilet “gloryhole” all day.
          Jews in the US cities are more like Ali G than Bugsy Siegel. Fed on a diet of American beef however and hardened on Brooklyn streets you can picture what Ali G might be like.
          Celts were running for the hills 1,000 years ago. It ain’t nothing new. Celts even ran to Brittany like modern-day Brits do to France now.
          US Prisons full of lifers from the Italian mafia or biker gangs are not raped by blacks. It is the soft Anglo drug addict who is arrested for a third time trying to sell some marijuana to pay for his heroin habit who has his mouth filled with black penises in the shower.

        2. MICHAEL “Paki Bashing” and “Mick Stomping” Correlation
          In the early 20th century it was observed that Irish-American young males (And girls) were far more pugnacious than their Irish-born parents who were starved in the pre-Celtic Days in Cork villages and really glad just to clean US toilets in Georgia or New York.
          There kids were 6 inches taller and the “Mick stomping” of the American rednecks ceased.
          The dynamic is probably the same with some Bangladeshi born in Bangladesh who was getting headbutted by skins in 1987 on buses (A big news story in the US at the time).
          Like the Irish-Americans their kids discovered crime as well. The whole cocaine and Ecstasy craze hit UK from 1985 afterwards when these children of Pakistanis could become millionaires which then put the economy into their hands.
          We saw the same thing in the US with the Italians (Who already had a structured crime syndicate) or the Irish and the Mexicans.

        3. MICHAEL Organization and self-assertion
          Pakis have a drug economy to stand on as the UK born-ones came of age in the post-1990 UK cocaine and Ecstasy craze.
          What is the skinhead drug economy? Selling tubes of glue to sniff?
          Tim Roth seems quite funny now in that Made in Britain film.
          That is a scary individual stacked up against M-16 toting Pakistani and Brixton drug czars.

  10. “SISSEY BRITIAN” When I saw this panic at the tube station I pissed myself laughing just think this country England once had a Empire for good or bad that conquered 3/4 of the world. Now look at us wetting ourselves because 2 blokes were slapping each over a tiff in the tube station they were later spoken to by the Police and faced no further charges. I live in England its a embarrassment the whole country is being sissified I have no TV but every soap opera has “GAYS” in it any Politician that dares go out of line against the Queer community spends the next day going on every TV show apologizing its completely now out of hand. Nobody dares say anything against the SJW its heading towards being a new Canada.

    1. STEVE Odd Thing
      If you watched “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” vs “Sons of Anarchy” you notice the same actor played a horrendously aggressive character on US TV.
      When British men move to America in real life they become quite aggressive and fearless-I don’t why. Or perhaps America attracts aggressive blokes from England. Or maybe the climate.
      Throughout US history Brits come to the US and suddenly become fearsome and brutal.
      Look at Trump’s family.

      1. Isn’t Trump’s family German? He doesn’t look English to me.
        America also has a harsher climate than England. Brit weather is for pussies. It’s just 50° and cloudy all the time. No wonder they are so pale and frail looking.
        But the ones that come to America don’t have the typical Brit demeanor which is why they leave. Typical Brits don’t come to America. As a culture America has always been more for alpha types. We proved it but kicking their ass. It was the alpha Brits who left their pussy island. The alphas are always the explorers. Pussies don’t explore and conquer, they stay behind to watch after the herd. Essentially Americans descend from the British grunts which is why our culture attracts that type.
        I guess in rugby they aren’t pussies but something tells me these city Brits don’t do that display of animalism. City Brits react the same way most Whites react to living in cities: they become pussies. I don’t include Italians in this by the way. But Northern Europeans and Western Europeans in cities (including wog Spaniards) act like pussies in big cities. The minorities always take over and scare the Whites. Pussy Brits live in cities.

        1. interesting. Northerners would have you believe they are tougher than southerners, hence the phrase ‘soft southern shite’. Other than South London, which has traditionally had a reputation for hard pubs etc, a pugilistic attitude is probably more a northern thing

        2. Northerners to me seem tougher than Southerners. Southern Englanders seem too metrosexual and cosmopolitan to me. The White ones at least. I don’t know about people in East Anglia or Cornwall, though. When I say Southerner I mean more like those sissy London types shown on Unilad videos or Lauren Southern’s feminist march interviewees

        3. there are tough londoners, traditionally at least. These have tended to be cockney east end types, and sarf londeners. As a londoner born and bred I’d have to say that there’s some truth though to the idea that southerners as a whole are softer in comparison to northerners. It’s partly an inter-regional joke, but it seems to me to be based on truth. If I had had to put my money on a fight between a random londoner and a random geordie it would be a no-brainer

      2. MICHAEL
        White Southerners are descended from Northerners during Culoden (Klan Tara of the burning cross Klu Klux Klan being introduced by Scottish immigrants and the white sheets of Bacon’s rebellion). People from Georgia and Alabama and so on are descended from Lowland/Scots and Cumbrian border country immigrants.
        And indeed they have those traits. If go to Yorkshire (Furthest I have been up north) and see the hills and moors dotted with caravans for a moment you’ll think of the US south.

        1. yorkshire reminded you of the US south! Well, that’s a first.
          “People from Georgia and Alabama and so on are descended from Lowland/Scots and Cumbrian border country immigrants”
          That’s interesting

        2. You can hear some Oop Northern English carryover in the accents of Southern Americans. Chiefly they say “ah” for I and the way their short U sounds like “oo” to Northern Americans. The way someone from the South US says “up” has a Northern English tinge to it. They don’t all descend from Northerners as some West Countrymen made their way to the South as well. And of course Southern Americans say their long O in a very Southern English fashion. But when you’re in the Coastal Southeast the Northern English sound dominates. Google people from Charleston and lots sound a bit like Lancashire speakers or Geordie (there is some Scottish and Irish influence too)

          Why do you think Hunnan and other Northern English actors PLAY hillbillies and Southerners so often?
          Caravans everywhere.
          Hills and winding roads.
          Surnames the same. McCoy. Hatfield. Taylor.
          Religion the same.

  11. At this point, the only thing that will cause a mass-awakening of the Marxist masses will be the detonation of a dirty bomb in a major European or American city, and even then, the widespread self-flagellation by guilty White Liberals will cause many of them to shrug it off.

    1. Doubtful, Chris.
      White wester europeans are so cucked, muslims could decapitate Pope Francis on live TV/Youtube streaming and those cucks would cheer and claim it’s a great example of enrichment.

  12. CHRIS
    I have no opinions about Jews one way or the other but if Arabs or Pakistanis committed a truly atrocious crime against a Temple or something the Jews would react with the same savagery you see in the West Bank. There’s a lot more Jews. It would not be pretty.
    See, it won’t be Idaho skinheads on a compound. It will be limousine liberal Jews in New York that go berserk and kill Arabs or Pakistanis on Manhattan streets.

    1. “I have no opinions about Jews…” Yeah you do. You’ve been defending them in pretty much every post the last couple of days.

      1. If they have the sort of power people claim then non-Jews deserve it for being stupid.
        …but I knew many in Detroit and they did not impress me.

      2. Jews and Arabs, same race, same religious beliefs, but a small dissent over prophets. Same people, same game and they all want to control, kill and conquer white folk.

        1. Ashkenazi Jews are Central Asian Turks with some Italian blood thrown in. The Arab is real small.
          Look at the appearance of Weinstein or Rosanne Barr or Leonard Nimoy who played Spock. Slit eyes and Mongol cheekbones.
          Some Polish Jews look like Arabs because the King of Poland invited the Sephardics from Spain to come to Poland-this is why Sarah Silverman looks like an Arab.
          However white men were always fucking Jewish women through history. Look at Silverman who has kids with whites.
          They are Asiatic Khazars. You put them in Saudi and they don’t look like Arabs.

    2. I would have guessed you were jewish. In fact I was pretty sure of it.
      I think Israelis are genuinely tough, I’m not so sure about elsewhere, even if there’s a will to self-defence

      1. I’m not Jewish.
        When I hear accusations that Jews have ruined white marriages by making porn or make porn with white girls (Usually Jewish girls with bleached hair) having sex with blacks to “cuck” the white race my reaction is that whites must be really gullible.
        Nor am I Asian, but my feeling is that whites are more affected by such things than Asians in America because Asians have a higher IQ.

        1. Asians have a high IQ?
          You haven’t tried living in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or China.
          Probably the most stupid race in the world.
          What you see in LA is the pick of the crop.

        2. JOHN
          I live in Bangkok and before that Cebu, Philippines. Before that Dubai and UK. I’m German-American from Detroit.
          Yeah, Singapore and Dubai and Hong Kong are far more rundown and poor than my hometown of Detroit LOL.
          China does not have the shit holes or crime that Detroit, Atlanta or East Los Angeles have.
          I laugh when my fellow whites talk about “Middle Eastern” shitholes. Everybody in Dubai is driving a Mercedes and has a 6 figure job. Dubai, as Trump pointed out, does not have a rotting infrastructure or a boarded-up downtown of empty storefronts and crack houses.

          I live in Bangkok at the moment. Live in the Philippines. My wife is ethnic Chinese.
          Proud German-American (Not a Jew) from Detroit but let us face the facts that most Japanese-Americans and Chinese-Americans have a higher income than people in Central West Virginia.
          I’d rather walk through Hong Kong than the barrio or ghetto of any US city.

        4. I”m not sure I remember that conversation. It was just an impression I got based on how you were answering

      2. I don’t know where people get this idea that Israelis are tough. They’re good at shooting Palestinian women and children. The minute they face someone who can defend themselves they run like cowards.
        Youtube “Israel lost, Egypt won” for a video of a bunch of Israelis surrendering like bitches to Egyptians during the Yom Kippur war. It’s a good thing they had the US to bail them out.
        70 years, all the advantages and military aid you can imagine, and still can’t colonize a tiny strip of land held by a bunch of olive-growing peasants. Eretz Israel is a f***ing joke!
        500 Spanish conquered Mexico in the 16th century!

        1. A few Israelis I’ve met seemed to me physically more robust than other jews. It’s just an impression. Whether Israelis themselves are tough, I don’t know, but the mindset is different: just look at the recent comments by Tzipi Livni, the Israeli deputy foreign minister, criticizing US jews

      3. I don’t have an Israeli hair on my body. I’m Jewish like the Krays or some East Londoner. One great-grandmother, apparently.
        And this might be a myth.

  13. I commuted into London throughout the IRA bombings of seventies and eighties. Frightening times but people took resolutely and stoically went about their business. People took a pride a flat refusal to show any other front than ‘business as usual’. What a contrast to the right thinking liberal millenials of today. Bought up on a diet of social media living or dying by whether their latest ‘right on’ comment is liked or not. Boasting loudly about the great things they do for charity which can only possibly be interpreted as self promotion. And now this sort of thing. Acts of public cowardice for all the world to see. I’m proud to be and Englishman but I can’t wait to see the back of this detestable generation.

    1. You’re free to feel all the pride you want in being English.
      But can you tell me why?
      Because if I lived in a country where pakis can rape my kin’s little girls with impunity and tacit acceptance by English “men”, where you can go to jail for saying and thinking mean things, where Muslims run your cities and your children are forced to pray in Mosques, then let me tell you this as clearly as possible; pride would be the last thing I’d feel.

        Muslim run countries are not at the top of developed nations. Look at what happened to New Orleans and Detroit when whites stopped running these places.

    2. Did Boston deserve the Marathon Bombing where Irish-Americans felt terrorism themselves?
      It is a question only an Englishman can answer.

  14. And to think Britain was one of the biggest empires in the history of humanity. Oh, how the mighty fall.
    It surprises me seeing how Britain and France have seen Spain (my native country) as an inferior nation when they are (along with Sweden and Germany) the example of how Europe is becoming a 3rd world sh*thole.

  15. Hi. Good article. But you seem yourself caring to not go to too far. The real problem is spiritual, and religious.
    Where is the “religion” of the Whites ? it is Leftism ! this ideology of satan, the jews. While those who win lands are muslims, jews, and asian, all with their tradition. I understand the Whites, because they have been devily brain washed during decades now of the hate of themselves, their fathers, their honnor, their history, their religion, because FAITH IS THE CORE SOURCE OF FORCE.
    I’m sorry men, and sorry ROK, but I need to tell you what I think. Focusing on dating chicks is kind of stupid pie. Men of the west need first to practice pmo, stopping focusing on sex, read the Bible everyday. Then put that new force, sexual force, life force, on seeking God, for them and for their children (women will follow). I know it’s not easy, but it’s what it needs to be done. The worst war, mental war, moral war, spiritual war, harder than material war, and this won may also happen.

    1. Saw an online ad, that said, this is what we imagine you Americans have for breakfast. It showed buttered toast, coffee, eggs, an enormous plate of bacon, and a pistol.
      Personally, I don’t like eggslots

        Yeah and everybody wants their 9 year old to own an Uzi 9 mm because their religion told them.
        Typical of a European who has never been to North America and his notions of the world come from a few BBC specials.
        Gun laws did not stop violence in Northern Ireland or the Russian mafia or needless to say mafia violence in Italy where mayors are shot dead.
        In UK you can get an illegal gun fairly quickly.

        “This is what we imagine” No, this is what Brits who never took a trip to the US imagine. Nine year old kids with Uzis and religious lunatics as portrayed on BBC 3.

  16. If you look at the wikipedia list of terrorist attacks for this year you will see that Poland is only there once and it was for a single victim, non-fatal, stabbing. Japan only shows up as a reference to a newspaper. They have no terrorist attacks for the entire year. Poland is in the middle of Europe and Japan is a first world country with plenty of targets. What makes these places so safe? What have they done differently?
    Suicidal altruism is the bane of this century so far.

    1. Don’t know about Japan but I guess nobody gives a shit about Poland !!
      Other than being a part of EU, I really wonder what reason(s) anybody sees to go or settle in that country !!

      1. If you are a Western white you can get away from Cholos, Hoodrats or I assume South Asians of London.
        See it is hard for “minorities” to travel. They have no money and no knowledge of life outside their ghettos or barrios or “high-streets” and they are usually on parole.
        When I moved to Dubai it was nicer than Detroit with no 250 pound scary female monsters or Hoodrats lurking on the corner asking if I wanted to buy crack.

  17. Britain is now feminised, it’s that simple.
    That’s all you need to know.
    Women run, scream and then cower when afraid.
    What did you expect?

  18. @Tiberius
    1. Poland refuses to admit the muslim rapefugees, defying the EU.
    2. Japan severely limits or maybe even forbids muslims from entering the country.
    See a pattern there?

  19. @Tiberius
    1. Poland refuses to admit the muslim rapefugees, defying the EU.
    2. Japan severely limits or maybe even forbids muslims from entering the country.
    See a pattern there?

  20. I remember hearing certain movie villains say “fear always works” or “people are moved by fear”. They are right, people are so scared so being called “racist” they are willing to swallow any crap and kneel before those who seek their destruction.

  21. As a Londoner you do realise that about three-quarters of London is not even British due to endless worldwide immigration- especially around touristy Oxford Circus so I can guarantee the below is false and certainly not of British decent that did the below you state:
    “These Londoners are the descendants of the people who conquered a vastly superior French force at Agincourt. This is the same group of people who defeated the combined French and Spanish navies at the Battle of Trafalgar. And the descendants of those Londoners whose motto during the German bombing was to Keep Calm and Carry On.”

    1. MARKUS
      True and like the ancient Britons real whites might retreat to Wales or Scotland or other isolated parts of the country as the Celts retreated from Germanic invasion.

  22. So this dickhead’s first reaction during a possible mass shooting is to hit social media? It’s no wonder that all (shadow) Western Governments are in a constant state of hand rubbing.

  23. Brits in London, I think not.
    Recent immigrants, Arabs and Euro trash abound, but hardly any white Anglo Saxon English.
    So in answer to the OPs statement, the white English people are the same as they always were, just not living in London any more.

    1. JOHN
      Good point, like the Celts that fled the Angles and Saxons to the foggy mountains of Scotland or Wales or Cornwall it is possible the Britons will retreat once more into the countryside.
      Now when I went to London and live in Earl’s Court for a few months the Brits told me that Brick Lane and Brixton were “dodgy”.
      So when I saw some Pakis with “Crip” tattoos trying to imitate 50 cent I laughed, being from Detroit.
      But you know what made me laugh harder? Brixton blacks imitating Eminem who is a white imitating ghetto blacks.
      That was funny.

        1. MR KELLY
          Wish I was Australian as it is better than Detroit. I’d be living there and not in Southeast Asia.
          It is hard for UK people to grasp just how violent, poor and dangerous cities in certain parts of the US are.
          Your impression of the US is from Dallas and you believe that everybody is JR and wears a cowboy hat or has a swimming pool and lives in LA.
          All backpackers whether French or American end up in Earl’s Court; the Australians have the legal right to work there. These days Eastern Europeans probably replaced them though. This was way back in 2000 when I was 26.
          Hotels were owned by Irish people back then in Earl’s Court.

        2. MR KELLY
          No idea your nationality but in those days Earl’s Court catered to all Western tourists and the hotels were owned by Irish mostly but the Australians did the gap-year jobs.
          No, I am from Detroit. White. German ancestry.

  24. I live in Lithuania Eastern Europe. Sometimes I just cannot imagine these things I am reading a true. It’s like i am observing something something that is far away from my own land. Anyways I’ve already seeing the war between left and right coming here. We already had #metoo wave on our local celebrities. Now media posting more and more articles about rape. Our local goverment increased wellfare payment for Syria refugees up to 600euros (our pensions are about 300euros, middle class wage 500euro) Attempts of criticizing this move were called ‘stirring up hate’ publicly by gov officials. I’m glad there are sites like these.

  25. Hey, fuckheads, ever notice how British ‘Threat Events’ are always backed up by shit celebrities?? Or that American ‘terror’ is always debuted on social media FIRST? Howzabout Paul McCartney of Beatles fame claiming he watched 911 from the window of his taxiing airplane? Do you believe that? Go watch ‘Stronger’ the movie about the Boston Marathon where they use digital technology to make everyone legless. Still that dumb to absorb such crap? How about every single ‘terror event” venue since 2013 is held in a building/airport protected by the Israeil-Saudi Security firm G4S? .. See a “theoretical pattern yet” ? Idiots!

  26. Hey, fuckheads, ever notice how British ‘Threat Events’ are always backed up by shit celebrities?? Or that American ‘terror’ is always debuted on social media FIRST? Howzabout Paul McCartney of Beatles fame claiming he watched 911 from the window of his taxiing airplane? Do you believe that? Go watch ‘Stronger’ the movie about the Boston Marathon where they use digital technology to make everyone legless. Still that dumb to absorb such crap? How about every single ‘terror event” venue since 2013 is held in a building/airport protected by the Israeil-Saudi Security firm G4S? .. See a “theoretical pattern yet” ? Idiots!

  27. Last Dance With Mary Jane
    Why are Jews moving back from France or Europe to Israel fleeing Muslims if this is all a plot by Jewish masterminds?

    1. Because Jews are stratified; the ones at the top have no problem sacrificing the ones at the bottom to further their agenda. Does that dynamic shock you?

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