Texas State University Prints Article Calling For White Genocide

The student newspaper of Texas State University released an op-ed by philosophy major Rudy Martinez on November 28 called “Your DNA is an abomination”. For anyone who doubts that the American university system has become a big leftist indoctrination mill, one needs look no further.

Since then, the article was quickly removed from the University Star‘s online edition. Before it got dropped into the memory hole, it was photographed, easily readable with magnification. Here’s what it has to say.

Rudy Martinez flips his lid

It begins:

“Now I am become white, destroyer of worlds.”

When I think of all the white people I have ever encountered — whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friends, police officers, et cetera — there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider “decent.”

The opening sentence is a phrase modified from a quotation in the Bhagavad Gita. Ripping off an ancient Aryan classic—gosh, isn’t that cultural appropriation? Anyway, what’s this “lovers” business? This Latino with a chip on his shoulder doesn’t think his own women are good enough? Well, I shouldn’t assume orientation; perhaps he practices the “love that dare not speak its name” with gringos. Either way, that’s pretty pathetic.

You were not born white, you became white. You actively remain white. You are estranged from yourself and, in that absence, have been instilled with an allegiance to a country that was never great.

Apparently college exposed him to “whiteness studies” theory. This weird politically correct academic discipline makes “whiteness” into the latest horror, yet strangely pretends it has nothing to do with European genetics. Why it’s named “whiteness studies”—rather than some other of the many “-ism” words leftists have—is an unfathomable (((mystery))).

In your whiteness, you are granted the luxury of not having to think about race daily. Your heartbeat does not speed up when you get pulled over and find yourself staring at the red-and-blue lights of the fascist foot soldiers we call the police. You don’t leave your home wondering if you will ever come back. You don’t give a damn.

Point of fact, cops do make me nervous. Worst case scenario, they can shoot me—sure, it’s extra paperwork on their part, but it would be of little consolation if I’m on a slab in the morgue. Actually, I was “profiled” by a black police officer once, but I’m not mad about it; surely he drew some conclusions about my long hair. In any event, when leftists say that people like me can’t understand the experience of others, they should start taking their own advice.

Through the current political climate, in which a white supremacist inhabits the White House and those of his ilk would try to prove otherwise I see white people as an aberration.

Apparently he can’t handle his candidate losing. There are pills for that.

Whiteness will be over because we want it to be. And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape.

They already exist; they’re called Social Justice Warriors. The American educational system churns out a new batch every year. Since he’s one of the guys who got himself arrested protesting the Trump inauguration, it looks like he’s already well on the way to becoming another zombie.

Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all. To you goodhearted liberals, apathetic nihilists and right-wing extremists: accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor.

Well, if someone is dead, there’s not much to accept, now is there? However, I’m not interested in death. It’s the leftists who are doomed—their narratives are crumbling, and these zombies won’t walk the earth forever.

Who approved this?

star wars butthurt

My alma mater‘s campus fishwrap was one of thousands of training grounds for future MSM flunkies. Back then, I thought it was the absolute pits. Apparently the record has been surpassed.

Although that article was deleted from the University Star website for preaching the Party Line too openly, one wonders why it was approved in the first place. Denise Cervantes, their editor in chief, had the following to say:

The original intent of the column was to comment on the idea of race and racial identities. We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community. We apologize and hope that we can move forward to a place of productive dialogue on ways to bring our community together.

This almost certainly crossed the desk of their opinions editor, May Oliveira. Her Twitter account is now locked, but contained items such as the following:

…in 2017 i need more videos of WoC beating the shit out of disrespectful white ppl

Gosh, that’s not too inclusive, now is it? As for Martinez himself, he seems none too repentant:

The article speaks for itself,” he told The College Fix via email. “… Though my language, especially when I claim to have only ever met ’12 decent white people,’ could be deemed as hyperbolic (just barely), it has accomplished its goal: starting a conversation and outing racists.”

“… Was the piece racist? Nope; racist attitudes come from a position of power,” Martinez added in his email. “The only group who have ever held true power in this nation are those who call themselves ‘white.’

Ah yes, the old “prejudice plus power” shtick… Although he’s a philosophy major, it looks like he’s been taking some sociology too.

In his email Wednesday to The College Fix, Martinez said that for those who find his column insulting, infuriating or racist, he has some reading recommendations. Namely, Frantz Fanon’s “The Wretched of the Earth,” Dr. Huey P. Newton’s “Revolutionary Suicide,” Valerie Solanas’ “SCUM Manifesto” and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.’

Alyssa Franks provided the cute illustration, “WHITE IS OVER! IF YOU WANT IT”. Oddly, these renegades who want to “eliminate whiteness” don’t practice what they preach. Talk is cheap; they can take the first step by playing with a toaster in the bathtub.

Whites made the world a better place

One could dismiss these as rookie journalists who haven’t yet mastered the subtlety they’ll need when they become MSM propagandists. (I have a notebook filled with clippings from my student newspaper which are nearly as snotty.) However, this episode points out some serious matters.

Quite likely, neither the writer, opinion editor, nor illustrator had attitudes quite like that before they attended college deep in the heart of Gringo-land. The university system was first developed in the Middle Ages to educate society’s best and brightest. (That was developed by the “dead White European males” that professors complain about today.) Unfortunately, it’s been turned against us, fashioned into a chain of propaganda factories. This is the end result of eight decades of corruption in higher education.

I might add that around the time of the Columbus voyage, writing by Latin American natives was in its very early stages. The easy to learn Latin alphabet—which you’re seeing now, and which TSU’s students all use—was developed by white guys in Rome. About four decades before Columbus set sail, white guys in Germany invented movable-type printing. Later, more white people invented linotype, electrical generation, computer technology, and the Internet. I’ve barely scratched the surface; Watson and Crick—a couple of White guys—discovered the DNA that Mr. Martinez is complaining about too.

See—we’re not all bad! If whites didn’t exist, then the comfortable lifestyles these pampered college students enjoy wouldn’t exist either. Our technology also brings knowledge from all parts of the world within reach of everyone. Those achievements even enable countless ingrates to browbeat us. These ones in particular might consider transferring from TSU to STFU.

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93 thoughts on “Texas State University Prints Article Calling For White Genocide”

  1. Rudy Martinez got a bit ahead of his Talmudic masters. His work had to be “memory holed” because his mestizo brain can’t comprehend the concept of boiling the frog.
    This kind of article will definitely be acceptable in 10-20 years, but right now it could cause whitey to put down the NFL for a split second and let out a semi-sentient thought.
    Wouldn’t want that.

  2. If there is all this anti-white rhetoric when whites are 62% of the US population, what will it become in 2030 when it whittles down to 55% ? How about 49% and below by 2045?
    Whites will then be referred to as other browbeating buzzwords like “the historical majority” instead of now a minority like everyone else, especially in cities. “The historically privileged”.
    You’ll be seeing more articles like this texas state university piece everywhere.

    1. Anyone here find it odd when a latino does this? Like isnt 2/3 of their dna of the typical mestizio european.
      How are they non white on blood quantum alone.
      Their languahe culture relgion is all white in what way do they act aztec or african.
      Latinos arw basically that white guy thats 1%8 native and really squeezes thr hell out of those roots.
      To play devils advocate id say most here would agree most white westerners are degenerating. And are now making the world worse

    2. .The 62% whites needs to be adjusted for fertility rates. A post wall woman remaining childless can’t count as a person. A young fertile white female who is sworn not to mudshark like so many of the popular culture nitwits we see in public high schools should count as 2-6, depending on her pledge to do her duty and mass produce. I’ve met a few, and there are a precious few 10% of white girls who love kids and just want to breed white kids. They won’t openly espouse their pro whiteness so they don’t get attacked, but they potentially tabulate at 5-6 people or so. They’re a walking group of white people in other words.
      Then there are the many many white girls who get packed away like slabs of meat to the colleges and universities. Liberal arts, socialist services, legal studies and the like. They should really count as NEGATIVE number of white people, but I’ll designate them fairly as ZEROS like the old infertile TV watching useless eater white women.
      NOW TAKE A LOOK at the brown hoardes where fertility rates are through the roof and the short low IQ mestizos who perform labor are all breeding out the ass. For the few minimum wage mestizo females you encounter working fast food or house cleaning, five more are not working but breeding and nursing mestizo toddlers and infants at home. The older post wall mestizo women who you see managing a crew of house cleaners are done breeding. They have already emptied their egg sacks upon the streets of America.
      With breeding and fertility rates adjusted, the 62% whites is way off and this is just factoring in fertile mestizos vs self hating sjw whites and LGBTQ whites who live a non procreative sterile culture. The fighting age male Arab and Saharan refugees vs the emasculated unresponsive doped European men is another negative factor.
      Then there are the family courts constantly dismembering intact white families and exercizing extreme prejudice upon white men who spank or discipline their women or children whilst turning the other cheek for Eurasian/Saharan mongrel Islamist and mestizo men who use force and control to keep their family units intact and producing offspring.
      Low white birthrates are very much being capped and policed by the system and it continues due to lack of resistance, whites refusing to fight off authorities that target them. There is an incoherence in white communities and a pro snitch culture that needs to be eliminated.
      With the fertility/birthrate consideration factored in to the supposed ‘62% whites’, a very short window will be realized where within a timeframe perhaps as short as a decade, white families will either have to flee or wall themselves off like the South African Weerstandsbeweging.

      1. You are literally a psychopath. The way you speak about “hordes”, “eggsacks” and “useless women” is disturbing. I wish you three possibilities: either to get murdered in the most cruel, bloody and terrorizing way, to be caught somehow by law enforcement due to your toxic personality, or to die alone and absolutely miserable while looking around you and seeing that your entire life has been a painful, lonely, unbearable lie.

        1. Hmm so your response to this is the call of violence and force on any one that speaks about the truths in front of them. I don’t think you have had your recomended doses of Sieg Heils today. Those that don’t take Sieg Heil may find themselves lacking humor, genuine understanding, and the love of a women. If you order now you can get two bottles of Sieg Heil for the price of one, order now as suplies are limited.

        2. Your arid lifestyle of self-hate and delusion through selective, spoon-fed education will be the death of us all, not just him.

  3. The more these people feel comfortable in expressing their true sentiments, the more that the CUCKS are forced to reconsider their idiotic fantasies about egalitarianism and civic nationalism. I say let them write more of these editorials, encourage them to do it. They are only hastening the day of their own reckoning.
    Understand that the most powerful and dangerous enemy is the TRAITOR. The so-called conservative (((neocon))) is the biggest problem we will ever have. It’s because of them that Trump has been impeded from implementing reform. It’s because of them that the liberals were able to run the table for decades.
    Victory is impossible with traitors in your ranks.

    1. The problem that will come with an awakening of cucks is that they will try to gain undue influence in the movement.
      Determining who is legit and who are fair-weather friends will become an issue. The core base is there now, but it runs the risk of getting swamped with cryptocucks.

  4. It’s the usual sanctioned hate speech against whites that would never be permissible of any other ethnic group.

  5. “It begins:
    ‘Now I am become white, destroyer of worlds.’
    The opening sentence is a phrase modified from a quotation in the Bhagavad Gita. Ripping off an ancient Aryan classic—gosh, isn’t that cultural appropriation? ”
    It’s worse than that. “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds” is what J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, said after seeing his first detonation.
    Dude is comparing whiteness to Hiroshima.

    1. And he does not identify who made that quote in the twentieth century. That is the hallmark of someone who is not properly educated. Thank you for pointing that out.

  6. I knew a Sicilian-American at my college who lied to get a “minority” college grant from Hispanic Affairs to go to our college free. His last name was Zampardo.
    Its hard to differentiate between Italians and Hispanics unless their 50% Indian.
    Not to mention they all love Pacino.
    Who is “white”.
    Their Spanish forefathers?

    1. That’s cuz Hispanics aren’t actually a race. Mexicans do tend to look very distinctive from southern Europeans. I also can say the same for Peruvian and Bolivian folks.

    2. Iberians honestly don’t look vastly different from many Latinos to me. They just don’t look Mestizo. The Whitest Latin Americans are Argentines and they are Italian, German, Welsh, etc and their Iberian input isn’t as large.
      When I was in Spain they just looked like Italians but with coarser features. Idk why that “Sangre Española” featured an Italian guy though. I feel like any Spaniard can come to the US and apply for a minority scholarship on account of fitting the US Census definition of Hispanic and the fact few would even look twice at seeing them speak Spanish.
      I know Spaniards get butthurt at being compared to Latinos. Don’t get me wrong I think Spaniards were (past tense) pretty alpha on a worldly stage to compete with the Brits the way they did. They absolutely accomplished more than Germans in THAT right. I more so find it hilarious that they get so triggered at being compared to “Sudacas” when a large portion of the time they are dark haired, short, and even if they are not dark skinned for Latin America they still are dark Europeans. No hate against Spanish nationalists either but Southern Europeans who are proud of “being White” always make me raise my eyebrow. Short brown men waving Nazi flags lol

      1. The anti-Latin stuff is from residual Commie troublemakers in Spain.
        The Spaniards were the only people to beat the Commies in the field. The Libertarian movement (modern) started there and crushed the Commies then the fascists in Latin America and is now building up their think tanks, coalitions, and parties. The US Libertarians are just a sideshow to them.
        The Latins won much of the Cold War. They’re slowly creating a Latin confederacy with prodding from the libertarians. They have a lot of damage to undo. Bears watching IMHO.

      2. Spaniard man here. You’re correct, many Spaniards are dark haired, and have dark colored eyes. Nonetheless, just like Italians or Greeks, they’re 100% European Caucasoids who have contributed immensely to European culture.
        I generally like all your comments, but here you kind of threw me off, you said you can’t see why they’d be waving the Nazi flag? Last I heard, Italians were in the side of the Nazis, and Spaniards also contributed to help Germany in WW2, and there were a decent amount of darker Europeans even in the Waffen SS. Nazis weren’t about blonde hair and blue eyes ONLY, one need not look further than Hitler himself.
        Nazism has been associated with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyed exclusivity by (((media))) and (((academia))) but Nazism is about National Socialism. Even blacks can be Nazis if they decide one of their African countries should be only for Negroids, and they develop immense national pride.
        Alternatively, I find it hilarious to find people trying to claim Spaniards and Italians are not white, while simultaneously talking about Western Civilization, Greek and Roman advancements in order to argue that White people created that.
        But yes, Spaniards get angry when compared to Mexicans or other Central or Southern American mongoloids/mestizos because those people have nothing in common with us. Other than our names. Though there are definitely White Mexicans with 99% or even 100% Spanish or European ancestry, the general uninformed public opinion is that we’re the same as the Native Mestizo mongoloids with MS13 tattoos on their faces, who kill and rape indiscriminately.

    3. That’s true, Latinos or hispanics are not a race but a multiracial ethnic. I always found it weird that the US writes if you are Hispanic in your birth certificate, that only means you speak Spanish as far as I know.it curious how language itself is a source of ethnic pride. If you go to certain parts in the North of Mexico, like Sinaloa, you’ll find guys that look like Casper, only not blonde and blue-eyed, very beautiful women there, go to the center and they look more like mestizos, some women even look Asian to me in that zone don’t know why.

      1. JOHNNY
        The rich Mexicans go up to Texas on shopping trips and none of them have a drop of Indian blood.
        I knew the son of Mexican doctors who despised Indians and Mestizos.
        Most Mexicans in the US are going to be Indians because they are the poor people in Mexico.

  7. The rich, white elitists who run the world (and own most of it as well), don’t want any competition. And that competition comes primarily from white people. So there ya go.

    1. (((They))) want to diversify Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. too for that very reason.
      But they just won’t budge on immigration…. no (((infiltration))) of their lawmakers or media.

      1. It definitely can appear that way when people write a lot of articles showing so many supposed Jews in power positions and with large loads of cash. But how are you defining the 10% and what proof do you have that 60% are Jews of some sort? I’d like to know exactly what you are talkin about.

  8. Mr. Martinez called in today for picking my strawberry patch. Goddamn beaners get more lazy, uppity and mouthy on the daily.

  9. “defining yourself as something other than the oppressor”
    Nope, I’m fine with being an oppressor. Squirm, you shrieky little bitch!

  10. He is so Jealous that he is an angry idiot .
    Its like poor whites blaming jews when they are doing nothing useful themselves and blacks blaming whites for their condition while few even bother whatsoever to do anything. Same with muslims who individually never do anything in terms of free thinking, technology, music, the arts, education or science these days achieve far less than Africans and and yet blame the Jews who built a scientific, technology hub on a desert without oil whilst under attack because individually they each tried to be the change and the vision they wanted for their country.
    The muslims have over 100 universities, far more than that, and pour billions into science and have over a billion people and yet individual high schools like the Bronx high school of science achieve more in terms of Nobel prizes in science by a mile.
    The Poles still blame the jews for their condition, usually when drunk and assed out on the floor.
    Latinos aren’t doing shit as everybody knows so they blame the whites rather than getting their shit

    1. well all of that is sound, except jews do bear a fair bit of responsibility for bringing the issue to the forefront, for better or worse. Personally, I recognize that anti-racism has for the most part probably made the world a better place for people like me who are mixed race (amongst others), and I don’t consider the whole edifice to be bad, but what we have here is a kind of extremism. If you look at the OO article linked to the issue isn’t supposed to be about being racially white, but the concept of whiteness, which according to ‘whiteness studies’ is alleged to be racist or historically associated with racism. As an argument it should be subject to the same kind of evaluation as every other argument, to determine its merits and demerits (in the latter case as made in this article). Part of doing that has to be about understanding the context in which the argument is made. It’s not just jews. Blacks, south asians (consider. subaltern studies) and i guess hispanics etcs have had a part in making that argument, but downplaying the intellectual role of progressive and marxist jews in anti-racism and whiteness studies is probably not the best approach. Probably better to try to argue that they are just an influential minority, and – presumably – don’t reflect the majority position.
      One unfortunate consequence here is that these progressive students arguing that ‘whiteness’ is evil or whatever do not seem quite capable of distinguishing between this concept of “whiteness” and people who are merely white (and who therefore they see as embodying whiteness). Since this is the case – since the concept of whiteness does not seem capable of being isolated from the corporeality of being a white person – then it is hard to see how this does not itself qualify as racism in its own right.
      As far as I can tell the argument advanced to disqualify ‘anti-whiteness’ from being explicitly racism appears to depend entirely upon the notion that whites enjoy a position of power and privilege that prevents them from being subject to racism. This does seem to be analogous to a situation where anti-sexism is only ever applied in one direction only – against men and in the favour of women.
      So white power and privilege and male power and privilege do appear to be analogous, based upon the same analysis of class (struggle) and power / oppression. I just don’t think an adequate response to that can be ‘focus on self-improvement and not on politics’ or whatever your argument amounts to

      1. The argument that those whining like blacks about discrimination are doing so because they are not doing anything with there lives to the largest extent and thus look to scape-goat.
        Chinese and Indians aren’t moaning since they are getting ahead like the Jews did. Jews came to NY broke and it was complained about that they filled the libraries to bursting point and in one generation they were wealthy. Indians and Chinese have done the same and in one generation the average income and median wealth of the Asian Americans is now above that of the Jews.
        The blacks and the Latinos begging and complaining rather than being the change individually that they want has and will get them nothing. They can complain for another thousand years and they will keep falling behind in wealth as they are doing at the minute as they have actually getting much poorer in America in the last twenty years.
        That argument that due to power you cannot suffer racism fine make but thats just meaning that it isn’t getting through it doesn’t mean that many Latinos and blacks are not racist its just that they don’t get to do much with it.
        The issues with blacks and poverty and lack of Jobs is 100% due to them and nothing else even to the extent of even more than 1% but they scapegoat the most by far. They have better opportunities to be educated in the USA than these asians who cram for 12 hours a day to study with nothing whilst African-Americans fight in the classrooms to leave. Asians did not make the same reputation and path for themselves.
        Actually this complaining about discimination means african americans mostly don’t improve because they see the change required as external when actually 100% its internal. The Chinese don’t whine and nor to the Indian Americans because they are pulling themselves up rather than scapegoating.
        If you cannot make it in the USA you wouldn’t make it anywhere it is a land of ridiculous abundance and with hardly skilled people hardly competing for 6 figure jobs when we compare it to the rest of the world. My friends and family who went there got double and triple salaries for the same skills and said most jobs had half the number of competing skilled applicants as anywhere else. They pay lowly skilled amateurish programmers ( if you can even call many of them programmers ) 6 dollars an hour in spain and 100k per year in the USA. What I hear is that it was life in easy mode if you bother to skill up whatsoever but if you don’t bother then its tough. These groups don’t bother even to the smallest extent or make any effort whatsoever and blame discrimination same as Poles still blame the Jews and actually the group that scapegoats the most is the Blacks as they have the least success by most measures and its always somebody elses fault.

        1. I don’t find anything much to disagree with in that insofar as it goes: people and groups will live on the whole better more self-improving lives if they take responsibility for themselves, and their own education. That’s not really in question, but the problem is that it dodges or seeks to render irrelevant all the higher level questions. The need for an optimum psychological attitude and approach to life shouldn’t mean that asking questions about the determinants of culture and politics are above ones pay grade. Indeed if one were take your argue seriously and individuals and less successful groups were to model the behaviour, including strategy / tactics of the most successful groups, one of the very first things one would need to emulate, at least after ensuring the priority of education and self-improvement, would be influencing politics and culture. All successful groups engage successfully at the political level, or they are not successful at all. Jews are obviously amongst those groups: so in that case if those who wish to enjoy the kind of success that jews individually or as a community enjoy shouldn’t they emulate not just the surface characteristics, but also the deeper level ones (we do not need to discuss those necessarily) including the methods of engaging in and impacting upon politics and culture?

    2. Issue with Jews isn’t that they’re smart and successful. Issue with the Jews is that they’re traitors.

        1. Probably because hundreds and thousands of whites killed their own fellow Whites in ww2 just to have the Jew open our borders, and promote almost every piece of degenerate filth in our media, academia, and society.

    3. Defending the indefensible isn’t such a great strategy.
      The Jews historically, and continuously, play the leading role in destroying the majority’s ethnic and political integrity.
      From international guilds that hated and opposed the monarchy and were key in heralding in the Parliamentarianism and Republicanism that deposed it, to the modern far Left, they are at the helm.
      That the credit goes to them for building anything in the desert is dubious, as it fails to exist absent goyish military and financial support at any point in its existence. If mimicking them is being a ‘non-hater’, then by that logic we would hate and oppose them in every practical way as they do us. Want one piece of irrefutable proof, among countless pieces? They are happy to let “White” people as a group take the blame for African slavery, while they denounce any suggestion that they were significantly involved (they were to a disproportionate degree, especially if we apply the same group guilt standard that they are content to let Whites shoulder). If they did not hate us, then they would protest the promotion the meme that Whites were largely responsible for African slavery. Instead, they largely defend this view. They are highly politically aggressive against us, period.

    4. LOL
      being this jewish
      ignoring communism, marxism, feminism, multiculturalism
      ignoring the global banking monopoly
      ignoring the federal reserve
      ignoring confessions of an (((economic hitman)))
      ignoring monopoly control of all mass (((media)))
      Don’t blame the Jews, goyim! They dindu nuffin!

  11. I can’t really figure out this new aggressive “anti-white” front the Left has opened up recently. It used to be through proxy wars such as affirmative action, welfare, policing, taxes, government grants, etc. Now it is just straight full frontal invasion. So much so, they are even throwing their liberal Hollywood friends under the bus. Sure some of the accused are ((())) but not all fit that bill. The only end game I can think is 1) wipe the world into a sexual assault hysteria and 2) use their own foot soldiers who are accused as “examples” of how if you do X, Y, and Z the left will forgive you.
    White people will put up with this kind of stuff as they have been trained to do for 3-6 months. But, if by Spring is doesn’t quiet down you will (hopefully, if they still have any guts) do what needs to be done.
    Also some of you out there probably aren’t old enough to remember the first era of PC (about 1988 to 1995) but it was exactly like this just without all the international visibility due to the lack of the internet. One could see college op-eds, protests, and other “activism” just like this every single day on campus. You just either had to be involved in your nearby campus community, on campus, or followed it closely through some fringe news groups.

  12. The apology by the editor-in-chief is typical of the sniveling faggotry espoused by these types, “We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community. We apologize and hope that we can move forward to a place of productive dialogue on ways to bring our community together.” In other words, the author of the piece did nothing wrong except for agitate the feelings of other aggrieved snowflakes. People’s feelings were “hurt” and the solution is dialogue to bring the community together. This, one can safely assume, would be the same dialogue President Obama was perpetually yammering on about; a dialogue where cultural Marxists talk about how awful we are and we listen with heads bowed.

  13. “Watson and Crick—a couple of White guys—discovered the DNA that Mr. Martinez is complaining about too”
    Point of fact: I believe Rosalind Franklin was making the tea while the discovery was made. Or something like that.

  14. That Martinez guy sounds pretty resentful. Maybe instead of fostering hatred in himself he should use that energy to better his life. He has the completely wrong idea.
    Aside from the fact that he is delusional, he’s functiong from a state of trying to change others rather than himself. Grow the fuck up Martinez.

      1. Conquistador
        Curiously, Jews don’t go after German-Americans like you’d think.
        I’ve been called Nazi by Jews a few times and Trump’s German-born father tried to hide his heritage from Jewish renters but it is not the issue that White Southerners have with Blacks.

      When the Anglo-Celtic and other groups flee a Rustbelt city like Detroit it turns into Detroit.
      “White flight” alone is enough to reduce the blacks to paupers. Tax money goes. Economies go.
      Look at Detroit. Whitey did not kill any blacks there. He moved and that was the end of the place.

    2. Anglo-Celt “awake”.
      Anglo-Celts storm the ghettos and Section 8 Housing? No African country wants a criminal underclass of black mixed-race Americans so they won’t go back to Africa.
      Blacks in the US military will revolt in a race war which will render then lead to the loss of national defense which will embolden the North Koreans and Muslims as black GI’s defect or retaliate to kill their Anglo-Celtic CO’s. No more US military. Ditto Hispanics making up another proportion of enlisted men. These folks are barely kept under control in a garrison and I once had an Army buddy who was stabbed in the neck at Motor Pool.
      Jews of course cannot fight and cannot do shit and will all flee to Israel like they did from France (Whose film industry and media were never Jewish-dominated) where Muslims do not care WHAT films made by Jews say about them or not.
      Asians will flee Silicone Valley so this will be the end of a great deal of California’s GDP and the Mexicans will assume control.
      Anglo-Celtics will have to fight to defend the border as Mexicans soon turn this state into a Third World and try to overtake Nevada, Oregon. Arizona will go to Atzlan.
      Jews will withdraw their money from US banks and flee which will wreak havoc on the stock market they semi-control and Fed Reserve. The US dollar will be 1/10 of its current value.
      China will raise the price of consumer goods at the same time so there will be massive stagflation.
      Oil is mostly from Texas and while this is run by Anglo-Celtic companies in a three-way race war that Asians and Jews and Democrats with money will simply leave the country to flee the Hispanics will assume control of the oil supply in Texas.
      At the moment Anglo-Celtics can move to Indiana or Utah or Washington. There is a race-treaty to some degree as whites abandon the inner-cities and they become reservations (Though their fertility rate is higher than US Indians) or the “White” Hispanics control Miami and return to the old Hacienda system of some Spanish sitting in the Big House while Mulatto and Mestizos fight it out for crumbs or cut their sugar cane.

      1. Arabs have more money in US banks than Jews, not that there’s any more than a few prophets difference between them.

      2. Gen-X-Ile,
        There have been many comments about how Jews hate America etc. but wouldn’t it occur to any of them that if America goes down then Israel goes down the next day? Where would they go then?

        1. “Jews hate America?”
          …Well go down to Brooklyn and tell some ex-Marine or ex-con Jew that and see how he reacts.
          …Jews blew up the World Trade Center
          …No Jew votes for Bush or supported the War in Iraq but they were “behind it”
          …”Mudslims” are the “tools” of Zion (News to them I would suspect)
          …Jews want America to be a lawless, amoral, completely Third World country which they will apparently be immune from.
          Well, you see what I mean.
          In point of fact Jews really don’t THINK in my experience.
          They are often bright and generally wish to make money but are not really that interested in the US or Israel, a second world country.
          Israel is a second-world Mediterranean country with a standard of living like Greece…lot’s of US Jews want to move there. Sure.

        2. “Comments”
          The word Jew is hastily slapped upon anybody from the East Coast and or the West Coast who is a liberal, queer or a hippie (Or slacker or these days a hipster).
          It is like Mexicans who call Slavonic Catholic Hungarians from Slovakia “Anglo” or often refer to Sicilians as “Latino”.
          Blanket term for a college-educated Left Centrist cynic from a white-collar/middle-class who is not from Dixie and is not married with kids by age 22.

  15. Shame on UT for sounding like Evergreen.
    A Latin individual was attacking our child with *whitey* comments through their phone. Thankfully, it was an easy fix as the campus our child attends has a zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. Our kid calmly let the other individual know they would turn in the comments to be investigated if this did not stop. It stopped. Even kept a copy of the messages encase of one last dig. We were fortune this scared them as they were on probation.
    As always, I learn something from the comment section.
    Thank you, gentlemen.

  16. If is so bad to be a minority in this country we should declare Affirmative Action a failure and get rid of it all together, ending it’s 56 year run. Martinez could then compete on a level playing field for admission to college where he can earn and pay for a useless philosophy degree.

  17. Hehehe brilliant, brilliant my goyim. Don’t you want to applaud this beautiful antiwh..erm.. antiracist manifesto. You should take joy in your own demise like a good self hating white goy as you are.

  18. ISRAEL COHEN (1912)
    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

  19. He is very likely a mestizo but he almost surely has white ancestry in his Y chromosome….the white may have been diluted but he’s existing due to whites. Before the Spaniards, the Americas were populated by either primitive hunter-gatherers or despotic kingdoms that made brutal sacrifices. Would that have been better, Rudy?
    I’m “Latino” and therefore somehow considered to be the same race as this fool (even though I’m not Mexican don’t relate to them very well), but I’m going to admit something that few “Latinos” will: we’re pretty awful to deal with, and I have had more positive experience with whites than my own people. I grew up hearing anti-white rhetoric but I then realized it was totally unfounded.

  20. All non whites in our beloved country must be purged. No exceptions. We will MAGA and it shall be gloriously bloody.

  21. Heh. The truth is that most latinos are fools; they had more than thirty years as the democrats’ favorite minority group even slightly above the blacks and never did anything with the chance, and honestly? The liberal media and Hollywood never really cared about them or gave them a big push into the mainstream.
    Now, and for at least seven years, the democrats have dumped the latinos in order to suck muslim schlong 24/7, a move that perverted Hollywood fully agrees with for some odd reason. Talk about wasted opportunities; dumb latinos should be begging the republicans to let them join their side, but no, of course not.

    1. This. Latinos have always had the shit end of the ethnic stick but they don’t realize the Left abandoned them. Latinos actually as a culture are quite a lot like rural White Americans. They aren’t afraid of masculinity, keeping women in the home, and calling out men for being pussies.
      The problem is they have let themselves get politicized as victims and many have owned this role while simultaneously still maintaining their “toxic masculine” culture. What a bunch of hypocrites. The Left actually despises Latino men because many of them aren’t afraid to be men. The work with their hands, keep their woman at home, and churn out lots of babies. Yet they still adopt the mentality of “muh oppression”. Hypocrites!!

  22. Defund all universities. That should be a no-brainer.
    Any entity funded with our tax dollars is a fucking failure.

  23. Rudy Martinson, I mean Rudolfo Martinez, would I suspect happily call himself white in other contexts in LATIN AMERICA. He means he hates any West Euro and proud of it IN THE USA. Because he HATES THE USA.
    Anti-philosophy majors like Rudy don’t represent most Latins who view a non-West Euro US as a disaster to be avoided and their real problem as China (which they want to make Catholic and welcoming Latin immigration). They warn against folks like Rudy who sounds like the Commie Latins that got crushed so we’ve been letting them in to cause trouble paid off by the Red Army.

  24. Yeah whites are the problem.. because you know every single place that is populated by mainly blacks are definately not totally full of crime, shootings, breakins and other shit.
    But write a paper on that and the university wouldn’t release it of course, how the fuck do they even allow someone to release this shit if they wouldn’t the other way around?

    1. ASHIDO
      Liberals flee a place like Detroit first, ironically. Usually they are a bit more educated and have a transferable skill that allows them to do so.
      But eventually everybody joins white flight.

      1. Then there are those who do not have the money to leave, and were blue-collar workers who do not have a high-level skill. You see that a lot around here; if anyone who could leave was able to do so then this area would lose at least 50% of its current population.

    2. Wouldn’t release it?
      Wrong, my friend- they most certainly would. And the person who wrote it would be mobbed, which is why they would- as a warning.
      As for your question, let’s answer it like on “Jeopardy:” “What is ‘hypocrisy?’”

  25. “Now I am become white, destroyer of worlds.”
    He’s actually aping Robert Oppenheimer aping The Bhagavad Gita. The lack of originality goes two levels down into the dream. But, good on him for even knowing about the quote. I guess the remedial Inglés classes are really starting to pay off!

  26. And here in California, I was under the false impression that Texas had a bunch of Macho Men running around. LOL

    1. BOBBY
      “Macho Men”
      I had a macho friend who was punched in the face in the barrio of Arizona and actually chased the guy. Soon seven other Cholos were on him and kicked him until he was hospitalized.
      They actually did some time in jail but Cholos do not care about that.
      Half the time they have a shit job they do not care about and the other half of the time they are selling cocaine or operating a chop shop.
      The “Macho Man” has an office to go to and does not want to throw it all away in a life-and-death fight which lead him into prison for 5 years having to fight blacks who want to go on the “down low” with his rectum.
      This is one reason the Italians gave up the drug trade in California in the 70’s. Watch “American Me”. It was not worth the constant warfare vs the bottom line so the East Coast mob just retreated to porn and strip clubs and let the Mexican cartels run drugs.

      1. The Italian mob also did not approve of drugs overall. Although violent and criminal, the Italian Mob did have certain restrictions, which the drug trade often violated.

      2. Thank you, very informative and interesting. The fact is, I do kind of troll but my purpose is always to get a reaction from people that might enlighten me on what I’m trolling about. PEACE, ALL THE BEST ..

  27. The little prick who penned the article has apparently been shown to the door, but he’s just one of a legion. The acquittal of the criminalien who murdered Kathryn Steinle, and the Marxist rags like “SF Weekly” who shrugged it off, should serve as a serious wake-up call.

  28. After seeing pictures of Rudy Martinez, two things are clear to me. First, he’s about the Whitest Mexican I’ve ever seen. Second, the White “lovers” he refers to were definitely men.

  29. Having been in college in the mid-1980s (older Generation Xer), the disturbing thing about this isn’t the left-wing bias here- one expects that- but how the tone has changed.
    If talking about oppressed minorities, the focus was on how the minority in question was being hurt.
    But now there is an outright call for violence against whoever the oppressors are, i.e. white males.
    But as we have seen- Bill Maher and even Bernie Sanders are proof- the very left-wing whites who encouraged this now have reason to fear. Baby Boomer academics are now trying to act “noble” by saying it’s time to “pass the torch on,” but what they really mean is that they’ve become afraid of the monster they spent decades creating and as usual want to dump the problem on someone else. If a Generation Xer becomes a teacher or professor in today’s academic environment, one does not have to be psychic to know just what sort of a toxic environment he’ll be in, especially if white.
    The University of Missouri is proof of what happens when the SJWs are allowed to run rampant. There have been articles explaining why no sane student would want to go there, but one might also ask what sane teacher would want a job there as well.
    So ultimately the only replacements will be the sort of “SJW-approved” types radicals clamor for. Standards go down, until the entire system collapses.
    Keep in mind I’ve been on this world for half a century. If I went back in time to 1984 and tried telling people what things would be like now (“52 Genders!”) they would have thought I was either drunk or insane. When you have a perspective like that it becomes all the more depressing.

  30. How much longer must we wait before we can chase these sub-humans from our territory, and shoot those who resist?

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