Politicians Are Whores And It’s Actually Not Their Fault

When people call all or most politicians evil, I’m always incredulous. No matter whether they are the nationalists I love or the SJWs I hate, the vast majority of them are either puppets or non-powerful, albeit brave contrarians. By and large, they have next to no influence and, in the case of the SJWs especially, can be crushed by their overlords. Some political figures (Donald Trump, Congressman Greg Gianforte, etc.) are certainly extremely wealthy and have much more leeway to be themselves, yet most rely on rich benefactors and are always fearful of losing their jobs.

In the United States, Congressmen in particular are slaves to their rather ridiculous two-year terms. From the day they first take office and then every time they are reelected, those sitting in the House of Representatives are immediately canvassing support for their next appearance on an electoral ballot. They have to worry about their own personal finances, campaign finances, primaries against members of their own party, and then a general election.

Remember, Congressmen and Senators are paid under $200,000 per annum. It may sound like a lot, but when the rigors of the job and much higher private sector executive salaries are considered, it’s a pittance. What’s more, obtaining a seat in the House costs around $2 million nowadays and a Senate seat will set you back around $10 million. Candidates have to reach out to others and this invariably involves whoring themselves out for some cash or, alternatively, other forms of political influence.

Because politicians need to mingle in wealthy circles to attract fundraising dollars, the idea of a Congressional salary leading to a comfortable financial life is very overblown. A Congressman or Senator is often far poorer than those he or she is soliciting checks from and must spend a lot just to socialize around these people. It’s even worse for aspirants who haven’t yet obtained political office. Most folks vying for House and Senate seats are at the mercy of those capable of bankrolling their campaigns.

I am not defending the worst kinds of political prostitution, but a certain level of whoring is just part and parcel of political systems in the West. Multimillionaire politicians like Democrat and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi are arguably beholden to those with hundreds of millions or billions of dollars as well.

Politicians are grossly underpaid, regardless of how much we hate them

As a Senator, former Vice President Joe Biden was one of the poorest politicians in Washington. One must wonder how this affected his policies and how much political whoring he would have had to engage in.

Consider that politicians have next to no quality of life much of the time. Yes, they chose to get into the game. But few people anywhere really understand the hours and constant favors that politicians must put in every month and year without fail. If an incumbent politician loses a tight election race, they don’t have a job afterwards. Maybe they will set up a subsequent career in lobbying, an almost identical category of whoring, except this time it’s officially in the private sector.

When I was growing up, I knew one of the Australian House of Representatives members fairly well. He was a socialist, though personable and definitely hardworking. In fact, too hardworking. His life was a revolving door of appearances at elementary and high schools, banal awards ceremonies, party meetings across multiple suburbs in his district (so his fellow socialists wouldn’t decide to back his primary rivals), and other instances of non-stop political campaigning.

Then there was the whoring to businessmen he had to engage in. Socialist or not, he had to court local business elites, men who were usually supporting the laissez-faire conservatives but threw money into Labor Party coffers, too, so that any future leftwing government wouldn’t be so radical in wealth redistribution.

We should not see Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, which involved Trump’s own money and many, many smaller donations, as some kind of permanent game-changer. Political whoring and an associated dependency on big business is not going to stop for any political organization. For example, the rise of the Tea Party some years ago has been unsustainable principally because establishment, non-conservative Republican candidates have access to the bigger checkbooks of their donors.

Let’s be frank: traditionalist politicians who are popular at the grassroots level are rarely going to succeed in the current environment. Men like Roy Moore may buck the trend and effectively stick their middle fingers up at the media and political apparatchiks, but sheer dollar power still counts for a lot.

“Hate the game, not the player”

Your Senator or Congressman at last week’s fundraising dinner.

We usually see this phrase in relation to getting girls and the sexual marketplace, but in some ways it’s equally or more applicable to the world of politics. As I said, some political actions–support for mass migration, Democrats continually letting black communities kill each other, etc.–are plain inexcusable. That said, so much of what we deplore in today’s society would happen with or without the current cohort of national and state politicians. They are oftentimes only servants of people higher up in the food chain.

Perhaps the answer is campaign finance reform. Perhaps it’s higher salaries for politicians, however much such a proposal would give me more money to leftwing politicians. Whatever the solution is, political whoring is here to stay until we substantially revamp the system. Politicians can be stupid or evil, but more than anything else they are just powerless.

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  1. Americans get the political representation we deserve. Universal suffrage leads to universal stupidity in politics.

    1. EXACTLY!!
      Not 100 years after the 19th Amendment
      and the rest of the US Constitution is dead.
      Not 10 years after the 19th Amendment
      USA plunged into The Great Depression.

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        I used to look forward to the discovery of time travel, but now I know it will just prove things have always been this fucked and presumably always will.
        Final possibility is that the pic shows the girl looking at something other than a smart phone…..which obviously is absurd and offensive to reason

        1. Most of it’s beyond me, but it’s certainly tantalising. Last I heard was a scientist claiming they would soon be able to build a time machine but would only be able to send something backwards in time not forward (not sure if this was prior to the inception of the time travel machine itself but I think not). I think generally its about time-travel of very small or sub-atomic level matter? But obviously if there girls from the distant past who’s fingers are instinctively swipe right then those scientists will find a way to send that smartphone back into time where it is needed.

  2. now that we have lots of women politicians its worth considering; what if politicians actually did moonlight as escorts? I mean, very few of them are lookers but seriously there is probably literally nothing they wouldn’t do for the right amount. Like literally nothing. Forget those Dubai potty girls.

        1. Tight vagina, saggy vagina. Anyone else get that image in the heads when they see that photo?

  3. Why the mindset that everything takes money? We need change? Oh, money is the answer. Really?
    Do you get the nuance im getting at? Why is there this notion that politics have to revolve around money?
    Apparently the Babylonians didnt care about money or in other words, money was not their gods but their own strength was there god and that trumped money. Or otjer words, the jews who put their faith in their vast wealth was taken out by a force that was stronger than money.
    Maybe why masculinity is so ((toxic)) to the joverlords

  4. The facts of this article are incorrect. I thought RoK prided itself on being a factually correct website. Mr. Brown, you wrote this article based on emotion rather then logic and fact. Part of taking the red pill is to face facts, no matter how difficult that may be.
    The median net worth of an average member of Congress in 2013 exceeded a million dollars.
    Also, in 2012, 268 members of Congress out of 534, a majority, had a net worth exceeding a million dollars, which was the first time in American history this was the case.
    That number has surely gone given rising asset values the past 4 to 5 years.
    Politicians, just like women, are whores for a very simple reason — they are insecure and desperate for the attention and approval of others. While sometimes it takes the form of money, more often then not this is not the case.
    Stick to the facts — in the world of the red pill, the truth is on our side and doesn’t have to be manipulated to make a point.

    1. Even being a millionaire is not enough to compete in today’s political environment. I stand by what I wrote. If you have a $2-3 million net worth, most of that is going to be tied up in your home, insurance, or retirement funds.
      Running for a Senate seat that costs, on average, $10 million is going to mean that most budding politicians politically whore themselves out from necessity. Most millionaire Congressmen cannot fund their own campaigns or they would be idiots to do so.
      If you re-read the article, I said even a multimillionaire like Pelosi is dependent on donors wealthier than her.

      1. Same for the courts as well:
        ‘Peter Thiel Explains His Backing of “Single-Digit Millionaire” Hulk Hogan’
        Both politics and litigation invariably require you to either run the risk of financial ruination (if you fund yourself) or lean on (read: depend on) wealthier individuals to bankroll you.
        There’s nothing emotional about it, especially if we add to the mix political favors, which only exacerbate the preexisting problem in politics with financial-based whoring.

      2. Mr. Brown, have you asked why it costs so much money to run for the Senate or the House?
        Modern politics is an expensive business. Advertising, even in an average Congressional District, isn’t cheap. Add to that the fact that campaigns last too long, terms are too short relative to that, and basically our members of Congress, while many of them are well to do, are basically monkeys dancing for money most of the time, the strings held mainly by the wealthy and the powerful, who own our country and the people who run it.
        Now, if you want this to change, here are some ideas that will help:
        1) Ban all campaign contributions from any groups (corporations, foundations, non-profits, unions, churches, etc.), while at the same time, eliminating restrictions on how much an individual can contribute to a candidate, so long as that contribution is not anonymous and is reported widely in the media and the public sphere within 24 hours. With the technology we have (aka the Internet), that should be pretty darn simple. Furthermore, candidates can’t take contributions within a week of election day to avoid large sums of money swaying an outcome. Additionally, only the candidates themselves could advertise on their own behalf, not friends or political action committees, etc.
        2) Shorten campaigns. Six weeks should be the maximum length of any Congressional or other campaign. Less money will be needed with shorter campaigns.
        3) Candidates should be given equal access to media, not to slam their opponents, but to be forced to explain what they stand for and why they are running.
        4) As an additional reform, we as a nation should repeal the direct election of Senators, and go back to having the State Legislatures elect members of the Senate. This will give the 50 States better representation at the Federal Government level and will eliminate the need for costly Senate campaigns altogether.
        5) It would also be correct to eliminate all people from voting who don’t pay a certain amount of Federal and/or State and/or Local taxes from based on some sort of formula. I never understood why people who don’t pay taxes are allowed to vote! They aren’t paying for the government, so why should such people decide who runs it?
        6) Finally, most voters have no idea of their rational self-interest. As citizens and voters, we already have all the power if we are educated and rational enough to use it. Who we vote for and how we spend our money and who we associate with could go a very long way to changing these circumstances, which on the surface appears hopeless, but actually really isn’t if enough people see the light and swallow the red pill.
        This all being said, these reforms, even if swiftly implemented, will help, but ultimately the type of personality who becomes a politician is really the key problem.
        It is said that politics is basically acting for ugly people, and given the insecure and approval starved nature of politicians, I’m not sure any reform could meaningfully change that problem.

        1. Max,
          You’re changing the subject.
          “Stick to the facts”
          First things first: You said my facts were incorrect (the statement itself is an oxymoron as a fact is true). Which facts were “incorrect”? You also said I did not write the article with either fact or logic. I explicitly said that even multimillionaire members of Congress are beholden to richer people.
          You pointing out that the median Congressman is a millionaire in no way invalidates what I have put forward, namely that even people on $200,000 a year and with otherwise good/great net worths before Congress are still small fry compared to big-time political donors. Having a net worth of $1 million or $5 million won’t allow you to be your own man or woman in Congress. If that were the benchmark, any successful suburban dentist could be a big-time political player as either a donor and/or a politician.
          In fact, as you said yourself, these Congressmen are dancing for money. I never ever said that Congressmen weren’t wealthier than the average Joe, even far wealthier. I simply said the majority of them were poorer than the donors they chase after. You’re engaging in a straw man.
          I invite criticism of my points and arguments, even my entire articles, but your issues with my piece are completely unsubstantiated.

  5. Makes you wonder, don’t it? Most politicians have one thing in common, their deviance allows them to be blackmailable.

    1. That’s Joe Biden in front of a camera.
      It’s not a big stretch that he’s likely a full blown pedophile when the cameras are off. Just like the whole bunch of them.

  6. Congress wasn’t designed to be a job. The founding fathers envisioned everyday people going to Washington as a form of public service, performing their service, and then returning to their normal lives.
    Term limits are the only answer, short of killing the political class. Having Teddy Kennedy and John McCain sitting on capitol hill for 40 years is 80% of the problem in American politics.

  7. I think George Carlin said it best, forget the politicians they are there to make you think you have a choice, you don’t you have owners they own you.

  8. The political system is not going to change. You cannot alter it through politics – that ship sailed long ago, before centralized control of currency, mass information propagation systems, and the imbalance of weaponry between rulers and ruled due to technological advances. Wealth – cash flow – is power, the only power.
    The spectacle of right wing males marching and making speeches has been going on for centuries now, and it’s still depressing. No matter how alt-right men perceive themselves, they are at heart normies, wanting the same life as their neighbors and believing in concepts like “the vote” as instruments of true change. You are enmeshed in a global web of capital, currency, media, and industry, and it’s controlled by ethnic groups that aren’t yours and aren’t going to simply pass the lever to you because you say you want it.
    All the bluster about gaining power, both online and in the streets, looks silly in an era of hydrogen bombs, lasers, invisible tanks, drones, robots, and missiles shot from under the waves at targets thousands of miles away. All the “hey, that politician’s only concerned with money”, from “right” and “left” seems ridiculously naive when, like David here, you see things as they are. Of course politicians are controlled by other men. That’s how it is. And those other men are who run the show.
    The next time alt-right men get together en masse, it should be to talk about education, resource pooling, investment, job tips, nepotism, arranged marriages, communal living, and the reality of their situation in this world. No more empty bravado, torches, and blather about the mythical tomorrow that, somehow, never comes.

    1. I was also thinking about all this out-of-sight military technology, bunkers with nuclear missiles ready to go at the push of a button, aircraft carriers, US military bases in Germany and other countries, and the web of companies that supply to them, German small arms exporters, Lockheed Martin, BAE systems etc. Wouldn’t even know what “brand” a nuclear bomb is, but it’s surely a whole economic sector in its own right, and if you juxtapose that and the economics behind it with a couple of good hearted folks walking down the street carrying banners and flags.. No, as you say, they’re not going to switch all that off and take it away just cause someone says “please” in a gentle tone of voice. The thing is though, the concept that democracy is a bit of a farce nowadays and that there’s a layer above and separate from the politicians who are really running the show coming into the mainstream conscience, no longer just the realm of conspiracy theorists.

  9. When you have a community where the men are volunteer police, firefighters, soldiers, etc.., there is little need for government or taxation. When you start having men that are deadbeats and women that don’t take care of children, then the community starts crying out to government to fix problems that are really due to breakdown of family and social order.
    Also massive increases in population create problems, so people turn over power and wealth to government to manage the growth. Government should discourage population growth and excessive immigration. Not encourage it with massive welfare benefits.

  10. This article defends politicians too much, especially considering the fact that many politicians have few to no skills to make it in the private industry. All this article proves is that the majority of politicians know how to socialize, lie and kiss ass. What jobs do they create? What do they produce other than oppressive laws and a mountain of paperwork? They can take their six figures, market insider information and their $17 muffins at one of their brunches and shove it all up their ass.

  11. Politicians will always lose out and be upstaged and more respectable to whores. You know why?
    Whores have a shred of honesty.

  12. Give me a break, politicians are not the victims, they are the source of all the bullshit in the world, no exception, they have the guns and they are criminals, they steal and they use their power for themselves, they are vermin.

  13. “so that any future leftwing government wouldn’t be so radical in wealth redistribution” is that a bad idea? wealth redistribution is nothing more than theft,off course stupid socialist are like “hey with wealth redistribution we will reducuve poverty ” as you can see this has worked well ,just look at venezuela.That’s not all i’m french and all millionaire here are leaving the country,because you must be stupid for allowing yourself to get rapped by tax.

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