Top 5 Places To Visit In Bangkok At Night

The Bangkok nightlife scene is changing by the year, but the lure it has on guys who want to escape the current madness of Western society’s self-flagellation, if only for a temporary battery recharge, is undiminished. If you’re sick of social justice warriors, bat-shit crazy feminists, and political correctness gone mad, the Thai capital provides a valuable escape.

As someone who has traveled around Southeast Asia extensively, I can assure you that no other city in the region can compete with Bangkok when it comes to the nightlife. It isn’t hard to find Bangkok nightlife guides on the net that cover the city’s vibrant red light districts, but getting the lowdown on regular nightlife areas is not so easily done, so I thought a few words on that might add something worthwhile.

RCA – Nightclub Ground Zero

RCA Plaza, Bangkok

RCA actually stands for Royal City Avenue, and it is by far and away the most popular area for clubs/discos. RCA has enjoyed this status for many years already, but it’s only recently that foreigners have started heading there. Virtually the entire street is lined with clubs, but the northern end of the street in particular is wall to wall clubs, and in the heart of all the mayhem, you will find Route 66.

Route 66, which is spread out over various zones, could be described as being the epicenter of RCA. It is a huge club which is dedicated to house music, EDM, and some live Thai music thrown in for good measure.

The clubs don’t start getting busy until after 10pm, but later on clubs like Route 66 reach bursting point, with the party spreading out into the street where tables and chairs are set up to cater for the masses. Let’s just say that if you have not been to RCA, then you haven’t experienced the Bangkok nightlife clubbing scene at its best.

Entrance fees for almost all the clubs at RCA range between 300 and 500 Baht for foreigners (one US dollar is roughly 30 Baht). For locals, entry is either free or it is cheaper. Short-time tourists probably wouldn’t even realize there’s a dual pricing system and, even if they did, they generally don’t object. If you look beyond the dual pricing, RCA is definitely an area you do not want to miss if you are hoping to have a great night out.

Khao San Road – One of the Most Popular Streets in Asia

Khao San Road

In years past, Khao San Road was nothing like it is today. When backpackers on tight budgets wanted to sample Bangkok nightlife, Khao San Road is where they went. Fifteen years ago, there was only one nightclub in the area and the rest of the road was full of cheap guesthouses, restaurants, bars, and tour operators.

Today, Khao San Road is packed with bars and is home to several nightclubs that tend to attract a large number of well-dressed Thais and foreigners alike. It remains popular with backpackers but there’s a much more mixed patronage these days, and it’s not uncommon to see the odd Thai celebrity out and about. In terms of class, it has certainly moved up the ladder, but it has still managed to retain a lot of its original charm. On the downside, bars, clubs and restaurants are no longer allowed to stay open all night, and prices have gone up.

Despite its radical makeover, Khao San Road does still attract its fair share of undesirables. For this reason, there are now countless CCTVs and a strong but discreet police presence. In the event that somebody approaches you and offers you something which is illegal, don’t allow yourself to be tempted.

Thonglor Soi 10 – A Real Eye Opener

The main Thonglor Road (Sukhumvit Soi 55) is full of up-market cafes, pubs, restaurants and so on. It offers a modern, authentic Bangkok nightlife experience. Thonglor Soi 10 is the place to go, but don’t expect to see many foreigners about. You will probably see a few, but certainly not as many as you will encounter in more tourist-focused areas.

Thonglor Soi 10 is generally where you will find many of Bangkok’s wealthiest young people partying until the early hours of the morning. Expect a well-dressed and well-heeled crowd who are out to spend their swollen allowances. Amongst the most popular places here are Funky Villa and Derno, both of which charge a 500 baht entrance fee which also entitles you to two free drinks. Safe House, which is another very popular club, has acquired a bit of a reputation for closing later than the usual 2am restriction. How they get away with this is anyone’s guess.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 – Something for Everyone

Over the last two decades, Sukhumvit Soi 11 has slowly but surely evolved from what was once quite a seedy area, to the relatively upscale area it is today. The area serves up a really nice blend of excellent rooftop bars, fancy bistros, and vibrant nightclubs. Low prices can be found at the aptly named Cheap Charlie bar, whilst more expensive and classy rooftop venues are also available.

Above Eleven, a rooftop bar located on the 38th floor of Fraser Suits

If you feel like ending your night with some dancing and a lively crowd, the Levels nightclub can definitely be recommended. Entrance at this club is free, and girls can usually win a few free drinks as well. Most places in this area don’t really enforce any sort of dress code, but smart casual dress is recommended. Some venues tend to turn you away if you arrive in a pair of shorts and flip-flops.

The crowd at Sukhumvit Soi 11 is mostly a blend of tourists and expats, although the area does also attract a fair amount of Thais. Interestingly enough, most of the Thais here tend to be females, which is great for single guys hoping for a date. Another nice thing about this area is the fact that it generally caters for both the younger crowd and the older crowd.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that Bangkok is my recommended venue for finding a Thai girlfriend if an exotic romance or two is something that interests you.

Silom Road – Business by Day, Party by Night

Silom Road is essentially a commercial hub during the day with banks and office blocks seemingly occupying every inch of space but, as the sun begins to dip beyond the horizon, makeshift stalls start appearing all around you. Bars and clubs start opening their doors and Tuk-Tux drivers start offering “magical” Bangkok nightlife tours. The atmosphere here is well and truly addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself being drawn into the surrounding madness.

While everyone has different tastes, most people would agree that the best way enjoy Silom Road is to keep on moving. In other words, don’t anchor yourself in just one bar or club because there is a tremendous amount of variety here that you might easily miss.

Silom Road attracts just as many locals as it does foreigners, and it attracts people of all ages. This electrifying part of the city really does have something for everyone. In fact, unless you are heading out for the sole purpose visiting a futuristic nightclub, one could easily argue that Silom Road is to a great extent the ultimate area for anyone to get a real taste of Bangkok nightlife.

There is so much to see and do in Bangkok, both during the day, and at night, so the next time you are in this enchanting city when the sun goes down, jump into a Tuk-Tuk or a taxi, and get them to drop you off in one of the areas which have been discussed in this short Bangkok nightlife guide. No matter which of these places you chose to visit, you can be sure it will be an experience you will never forget.

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  1. Whatever you do, don’t go for the screeching annoyance of the local language. It’s the closest thing on Earth to Mars Attacks. Sa Wa De Kaaaaaaaaaaaahhhp!

  2. i think the average drunk Aussie bogan is the worst part of Thailand
    I’m always embarrassed when a fellow Aussie joins in on a drunk conversion with Americans just to tell them their president is dumb “coz muh tv and (((Facebook))) said so
    People think the Chinese and Russian tourist are the worst I believe Australians, New Zealanders and British women are the worst things you can come across in Thailand

    1. Yeah, bogans are barely on the cultural level of medieval peasants.
      I mean you want the best in others, but these vulgar, drunk, unkempt troglodytes INSIST on having no dignity or self-awareness. Destined to be serfs.
      Bogans… Goyim to a T, and then some.

      1. REGULAR GUY
        Well why wouldn’t young Australians and NZ be like big children?
        Think about it.
        They live in a country that is simple enough and nice standard of living for everyone and minorities are small in number and living on the fringes.
        It is not like Americans from LA, Detroit like me.
        Australia was set up for and by working-class Brits.
        Jews never got in-its a homogeneous population, for the most part.
        Of course they have minor problems with Sudanese but this is a joke compared to those of the US.

      2. Bogans
        Australia was built by working class Brits, essentially. It is actually egalitarian in a sense with the tall poppy syndrome and high wages.
        Jews never went to Australia so the banks, finance, media remain in the hands of the Anglo.
        None are very street smart but this is a sign of what a great white country is like.

        1. As an Australian I can say that you are absolutely right in your first comment. But understand that our relatively homogeneous demographics are like a petri dish for the most vile aspect of boomer culture to fester unchecked.
          We are a people of unchecked avarice, self-indulgence, and utterly alienated and de-politicized. This, as the Chinese are buying up our infrastructure, agriculture, resources, and ports.
          One day they will come to collect.
          It is absolutely crazy the treachery beneath the surface. And no one cares.
          On our tall poppy syndrome, aka crabs in a bucket: expresses itself as the most stifling mediocrity. Mediocrity is a religion in Australia. Never deviate from it because you will be ostracized. You gotta be clever, but not intellectual. Agreeable, but not gullible. Footy, your boring job, investment properties, miscellaneous garbage you purchased, and political orthodoxy are the only acceptable topics of conversation.
          Essentially if you can’t consume it, spend it, or f!ck it an Aussie is not interested in it.
          Sometimes I wish this place would be flooded by more ISIS “refugees” just to red pill these cucks and get them to pull their heads out if their a$$es.
          The fact that jews are not enriching this place so fast should give you an indication of the calibre of threat Aussies present to jews. ie, not much.
          Btw. Jews do indeed have the same influence here as anywhere else in tbe Western world. They do own our media, banks, and politicians just as in the US.

        2. REGULAR GUY
          My Uncle was an American mining engineer who moved to Perth to work for Argyle. He chose to stay. I lived in Australia with him for months at a time. American POV (White)
          1) Many Americans move to Australia because people are largely apolitical and secular. Of note he married a Lebanese Muslim woman and even the Muslims are more mellow in general.
          2) The only American I knew of who was bashed was a Navy Sailor who was asked by Greek Mobsters to leave their club at closing time and refused to do so and threw an ashtray. Indeed they bashed him.
          3) Chinese have no respect for any sovereign culture and are no different than British colonists except that they use economic loophole warfare.
          4) On this note Americans are accused of Xenophobic laws but the Kiwis are sleeping in their cars because of Chinese. Look at Southeast Asia (My wife is an ethnic Chinese Thai) where Chinese own 90% of the economy. It ain’t pretty.
          5) Greeks and Italians have had a few mobsters like Dino in the Melbourne suburbs but crime is relatively low.
          6) Why would a SANE human go into King’s Cross or some are like that anyhow? The bad areas of junkies are relatively under control (Though meth is a bit different and the Ice epidemic hit Oz later).
          7) Blacks in Australia live out in the desert and are really so stupid that they cannot actually even organize the type of anarchy you see in US cities.

        3. REGULAR GUY
          Americans who die in Australia were usually doing something incredibly stupid (Alcohol related) like those two Americans who deliberately swam around the 18 foot “Salties” as a gag and one of them was eaten.
          There was also the US sailor who was stabbed in the Greek bar refusing to leave at closing time in Melbourne.
          Your average American in Australia is street smart. King’s Cross is a bad area. Alright. Why would you go there unless you were trying to score heroin?
          Same with Aboriginal areas in the desert. The average American in Alice Springs sees a load of blacks in a bar drunk and he thinks “I’ll be moving on now”.

        4. I worked about 200m froms King’s Cross (Grays Inn Road), that’s why I went there (on my way to work). You had your windows up and your doors locked if you didn’t want a hooker trying to get in your car when you stopped at the traffic lights.

    2. I think Australian and Kiwi travelers are just about the worst in general. Along with what you just said, the guys are the annoying kind of in-your-face arrogant (which American girls seem to cream their pants over to rub salt in the wound), and their women are probably the most masculine and least graceful I’ve come across in the whole world.
      Basically Australia and New Zealand sends it’s worst people abroad, while the bets stay home. With the U.S. it’s the direct opposite. The best travel and the most blue pilled tards never get a passport in their whole lives.

      1. REALITY
        Any moron shithead in Australia can be middle-class ergo it is easier to find money to travel.
        Americans who are white trash or blacks cannot go anywhere. Even the cost of a passport is out of their reach. Their idea of a holiday is to a moldy cabin on a lake that looks like Friday the 13th.

    3. Bottom of the barrel men, from any western country who has to go to the third world to find women and feel superior to the local men are the worst things. Of course if these men could regularly find women in their home country they would never go to places like Bangkok. Let’s not act like the majority of the women in these countries are the cream of the crop.

      1. If you just remove the ‘bottom of the barrel’ aspect, western men pretty much ARE superior to the local men in many 3rd world countries. They tend to have superior education, more marketable skills, a stronger work ethic, more money, and probably a substantially higher inheritance due when the parents ultimately croak.
        When guys with game, money, looks, height, and smarts are NOT a dime a dozen in places like Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru etc. you’ll have a much easier time getting your pick of the litter.

        1. REALITY
          Western Men’s Mistakes in Philippines
          I came from Detroit and was a street wise operator who HAD to go overseas because I came from one of the US internal Third Worlds.
          Western Men
          1) The street smart urban whites (I knew an Italian-American cop from NJ and a Jewish ex-drug dealer running a call center) are less likely to have trouble. It is the middle-class softies from a skilled trade occupation who are preyed upon by Filipinos who can determine in a nano-second who they can get over on.
          2) Most marriages with a 20-30 year age gap will end in separation and she will keep the property which is actually her plan.
          3) A great many 55 year old Western men are naive and believe some 25 year old woman truly loves him. I fucked a few Filipinos married to old foreigners and these girls are amazingly shallow and immature. No depth will ever grow in them.
          4) Older Filipino women who have been married to foreigners like the big penis, however. This is the only part of a relationship with some guy when they were young that they will remember is the white big cock. But they will not think about the guy who spent his savings on them 20 years earlier.
          5) Many Filipinos are meth addicts. A bunch of foreigners will lose their ass to a woman smoking shabu. I knew one woman who married a foreigner and smoked so much she went into an institution.
          6) The real low-end foreigners are usually in some sort of situation back home. One guy mentioned to me that they can track your alimony payments via passport but you meet a great many alimony runners.
          7) There are very few white women in the Philippines and sometimes Filipino males rape them. This happened to a Finnish woman on the street.
          8) Most foreigners who run bars make $500 a month.
          9) Starting a new family with a Filipino at 55 is a common thing for foreigners and this wears the older man out. I started a family at 40 (43 now) and I feel a bit old. The foreigner usually thinks this will make the Filipino woman become a dutiful wife but no guarantee.
          10) Many foreigners think that hookers have a heart of gold and they can change them. You could give a Filipino hooker $50,000 and she will still suck cocks for 500 pesos worth of shabu. Their character is bad.

        2. “Bottom of the Barrel” Here
          You are a middle-class white from a city like Detroit that is an internal third world. Your property you inherited is not worth shit, blacks are around playing the Polar Bear game, you infrastructure is shit and there are no jobs.
          You can
          a) get married and have a family and be a good citizen.
          In this instance your job will probably be meager and your kids will go to public schools where there is violence.
          Mortgage a house that will be worth shit in a declining property market.
          b) try your luck overseas as a young single man with no kids, family, house, credit card debt.
          “Community values” are a sham. If you go to Southeast urban Michigan anybody with a skill or a degree is gone. Vanished. The day they graduate. So you have a sucking black hole between the East Coast and the West Coast.

        3. Don’t buy your Filipino/Thai girl a house outright. A 25 year mortgage keeps them in line. It ain’t that hard not to get taken by a third world woman. A judge won’t give it to them.

        4. Philippine law states that the property belongs to the woman. Point blank. Since my wife’s property belongs to her it is a moot point.
          If seven years in court in a foreign country is your cup of tea when the law is on the girl’s side…jump right in.
          I’ve never known a foreigner not lose his ass in a property dispute in Philippines. Thailand has some convoluted law where the house belongs to both parties but the property is hers and can be split upon sale if both agree to it.

      2. VERNON
        Depends on age. I married a Chinese Thai who owned a house and a business who was 31 when I was 40.
        If you go to Thailand or Philippines when you are 55 no 20 year old will want you but a hooker with a kid.

        1. She was 31 and I was 40 and my experience with under-30 Southeast Asian women is that maturity is a factor there. Once a woman is over 30 it is a bit different in Asia.
          Also my wife was from the Chinese merchant class-sort of middle-class business people-so it was hardly for my money, of which there was little (I’ve worked overseas my entire life and live on $1000 a month).
          Finally, she was not dependent financially on me for everything. She owned a house, some property, a car.
          I don’t trust poor bar girls. Some reform and become good wives but this is the minority.

      3. VERNON
        I don’t feel superior to local men. Do that and you’ll be in a fight and then deported.
        But I’m better off than many friends that stayed in Detroit or any other white working class area.
        So you work your entire life in the US and then some blacks move into a subsidized housing scheme and your neighborhood property value just plummets.
        There goes your life’s work. Try selling your property for 20% of what is worth.
        You are married to a woman for 10-15 years. No outside sex. Then she gets tired of you and takes half of your shit.
        The End.
        Now I went overseas young. Then my brother called me to tell me that the grandmother’s house was sold for 20% of what she paid for it.
        FACEBOOKED old friends. “What happened to so-and-so?” Lives in a trailer with his mother, lost everything to child support.
        If you cannot pay for private school in Detroit or an urban location your kids will be beat up, become wiggers or fake-Cholos to survive, your daughter will be a mudshark etc.
        You CAN move into the interior but there are less opportunities for jobs.
        So really I missed nothing in the US. It really declined since Bill was president and today the 90’s seems like a glorious era in shows like FRIENDS.

        1. “Cream of the crop”
          Some foreigners are too proud to marry a poor or middle-class girl and marry a rich Thai woman. But they have the same expectations as the average white woman.
          Also, when you marry a woman from a powerful family in Asia you are fucked if things go wrong.
          One Iranian guy married a rich Chinese in Thailand and she fucked his life up when the marriage went South.
          Whereas a poor girl has limited expectations.
          Now as far as marrying bar girls goes, number one I am put off by marrying whores and number two I don’t think many of them can be reformed.

    4. I don’t mind the british women. Its like living in a nice house and seeing a slum: It makes you more appreciative of what you have.

    5. BRODYA
      I got so tired of this in the Bush era I would tell Australians I was “Canadian” which is common for Americans who just don’t want to get into a political discussion with Australians who believe every American is from Dallas and his 9 year old has an Uzi and he voted for Trump.
      There is nothing more tedious to an American than some Gap Year Australian whose known nothing but a nice life in a suburb bothering you about a country you have escaped from.
      Young Australians are rather naive and transparent because your country has a high standard of living even for the poor and is a developed country with little true poverty or problems compared to NYC or LA (There is also a weird Australian obsession with the United States among many).
      Chinese and Russians are often involved in crime in Thailand so this gets them the worst reputation, sure.

    6. I’m heading there for family/single-white-devil vacation soon.
      Speaking of Australians – Australian MSM has unilateral control over the entire population.
      There is virtually no individual thought.
      Seems normal to be Trump/Evil-White-Man bashed by fat green haired harpies in NYC, but when a 6’+ regular white Australian guy does it – you know the MSM has their shit together…
      However, drinking a few beers in BKK with some cool Aussie ex-pats, and hanging out with svelte 100lb locals in front of antipodean land whales – priceless

  3. Thai women ain’t my style. When it comes to sexploitation I’ll go to Brazil instead. Brazilians have bigger butts and that’s fo sho!

  4. I’m beginning to think most ROK writers go to Bangkok for easy pussy and whores because the game they spit doesn’t work.

    1. These guys don’t realize it’s the money these girls want and their counter argument is “so what I didn’t pay full price just dinner and drinks “ . However they spent the near $1000+ to get there / stay there when all they had to do is pay $400 for a hot whore/sugar baby in the USA .

        1. whats the reasonable price in Phuket/Pattaya for a above average freelancer?
          And not a “I’m a showgirl” ceiling fan inspector

        2. Fill us in how you got those cheap tickets . Least expensive round trip I can find is $852 with cheapoair and Expedia for January .

  5. I’ve lived in Asia all of my adult life and I would not be around other Westerners if you paid me.
    When you DO BUSINESS in Asia you are around other people your own age and experience level but if you are hanging around bars and some Aussie naivete on her Gap Year starts talking about Trump because she has only seen the US on television it is a joke.

  6. My feeling is that the Gen Y posters here would be in a Bangkok hotel room “rubbing one out” to some Jew fucking a Goy girl in their hotel room rather than actually getting sex.
    Its astounding the level of porn-addiction and pathetic jerk-off behavior among Gen Y men.
    They even ADMIT to jerking off to other males over porn. When I was young in the US if you went to seedy porn stores and jerked off in a booth to a “loop” you hid it from the world like semen-stained VCR tapes.
    There is something really adolescent and age 13 about Gen Y. They never actually graduated to full adulthood. Partly this might be the fact that it is harder for them to get sex and partly they have to live with their parents at 25.
    And why go Thailand to be in bars full of other Westerners anyhow?

  7. I have it on good authority that it only takes but one night in Bangkok to make a hard man humble. It has something to do with the relative lack of disparity between despair and ecstasy. There was also mention of being wary of one’s company; devils and angels alike have a tendancy to stride in close proximity.

    1. TWEETER
      Go to Detroit on a drinking and sex binge. Same thing. LA, check. Glasgow.
      To be honest Detroit is maybe slightly more dangerous than Bangkok.
      Go to your nearest US barrio. Same thing.

    1. Detroit native here, temp Phoenix resident-
      More and more senior citizens from the US and even women will move to Asia where for $1000 a month you can live well.
      As slums go at least Asia has beaches, pretty girls as oppose to the sort you would see in Detroit or Phoenix.
      In terms of women I have been a young white guy in Michigan and who the fuck wants to hit the Ladies Night every Thursday to get sex maybe once every few months. Maybe you get a girlfriend but back when I was young you had to maintain the relationship for months just to fuck her doggy style with the lights on. White women have boundaries except with the true royalty of Western society who are Jews like Weinstein that control the media and this plays to their fantasies of celebrity.
      Asians are not as dynamically anti-social as US minorities which translates to blacks and Amerindians below the border. There is nowhere in Bangkok during the day a foreigner cannot walk. Part of this is down to size and muscle mass and part of this is that gangs are involved in multi-million dollar crimes not raping women in nursing homes.
      Asia does not have the bleakness of the US ghettos or small towns in Red States that have been hit by economic downturn. Your money goes further in Southeast Asia.
      Personally I do not hang around Western bars. I’m 43 and too old to give a shit about backpackers having their first overseas experience when I have been overseas for 20 years. My reason for living in Asia is that it is cheaper and safer than the exurbs of Detroit-this says something about life for whites in America who are in the 5 figure bracket. Nowhere is quite safe.

    2. “Despair and Ecstasy”
      Well you’d find this in a trailer park in any Red State exurb or the barrios of the Southwest (If you are white) or Detroit.
      But without the warm weather and nice scenery.
      US cities and poor white regions are no longer crowded. They are just dirty and bleak with abandoned storefronts and thriving Walmarts. First crack comes, then meth and now Oxy Pills.
      Asian cities are thriving and have an expanding middle class. But hanging over the US everywhere is the economic reality of a shrinking middle class and being an unappreciated white male in a society of blacks playing knockout games and Mexican drug gangs and MS-13 repossessing the Southwest.
      So that is my opinion and I have lasted 20 years in Asia and would not want my ashes shipped back to Detroit.
      Being from a poor white background is quite the adequate preparation for life overseas. You have nothing to lose. No woman will marry you because you have no prospects. No mortgage for a house that will have no property value (I’ve gone on and on about the decline of property value). No kids, no credit problems.
      Tell me, what have I missed? Have things improved since Clinton was denying he got blowjobs when I left?

  8. Haha! Fucking MAX (Murray) TWEETER.. Thanks for the laughs! 😀 I have no problem in SE Asia.. Why? “Because you’re talking to a tourist-Whose every move’s among the purest… I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine”

  9. Australia is filled with Thai sex workers in every King’s Cross massage parlor. You hardly have to leave Perth to pay Thai prostitutes for sex.
    Even an American whose been to Australia once knows that.
    And for your run-of-the-mill Australian bogan there is not the desperate need to get out of a rundown country like the US or UK. Your cities are nice. You can swim on nice beaches in Queensland or Melbourne. Crime is not astronomical. Your wages allow people to live better as a waiter than the average plumber in the US.
    And besides. The Asians are kind of taking over Australia anyhow. Paulie might have had a point about that. The Greeks and Italians and Lebanese kind of opened the door.

  10. @ Somerset: Wow, I thought it would take much longer for someone to pick up what I was throwin’ down. Haven’t been on ROK since the comments went from Disqus to…this!
    Confucius say: “Man walking sideways through airport turnstile going to Bangkok”.

    1. MAX
      You must be getting on to remember that song if you were young when it came out. I was 11 in 1985 when it was on US radio and I’m in early middle age now.
      Kind of like THE MO’S ASIA (Never been so close me)

    2. MAX
      Well how old were you in 85 when they song came out?
      I thought I was the elder statesman on this board at 43.

  11. There’s a club in BK on two floors that has almost 100-200 totally naked slim Thai women walking around, mainly for Japanese men but you can sometimes sneak in. Totally unbelievable!

    1. JOHN
      It is amazing how some foreigners LIVE in Sukhumivit. Sadly, being a young guy on a low budget I had to go native in Asia.
      To be honest you can hang around Soho in London and fuck whores for 30 pounds a time. What’s the difference?
      I mean if this is the reason for moving to Asia?

      1. Have you seen the 30 pound whores in Soho?
        No way I would do them!
        $30 whores in Thailand totally different, young, beautiful, they will pretend they love you, and want to stay all night.

        1. I have not seen them but I saw the ugly Maltese women exiting the “Models” apartments in SOHO.
          They were as rough as old boots.
          Today they are probably Eastern European.
          They were CHEAP back then. 20 pounds in 1995.

  12. “I thought I was the elder statesman on this board at 43.”
    Will be 46 next month. I did enough overseas travel, courtesy of Uncle Sam, to gather that it’s pretty much over-rated. Dirt is the same whether or it’s in Boston or Botswana. I get the whole expat thing and if it floats your boat, great.
    I like the fact that in the US, if somebody tries to scam you in the way big tourist-y cities in SE Asian countries do, you can tell them to fuck right off without causing an international incident. I would much rather not be at the mercy of a culture of people who may dislike me because I am, in the words of Steve Martin, not “Their fa-vo-rite Hon-kaaay!” Just my opinion.

    1. You have to have nothing go for you and be from some city that is a shit hole like I happen to be and also have an aversion to Hood Rats.
      If this is not an issue than why would you live in Asia.
      However, I did watch the US decline some from when I left in the Clinton Era. I moved to Dubai in the last year of the last century.
      When I went back on business 10 years ago I noticed more homeless white people who were not junkies or crazy. The economy is much worse since the 1990’s. Also a black guy in broad daylight followed behind me calling me a “bitch” and “Motherfucker” (As I boarded the bus). Blacks never loved whites but in the old days if you did not look at them they would not bother you. These days they are much more dangerous to whites in public places in urban areas.
      Racial tension is worse, the economy is worse, the resentment towards Jews and the income gap between them and other whites is worse, the contempt for Jews and other urban ethnic whites to both blacks and rural whites is worse. Mudsharking is worse. PC is ridiculous now (It was laughed at in the 90’s now it is the national religion). I would not get pussy to save my life in the US.

    2. MAX
      At Their Mercy
      According to most of these posters whites are at the mercy of Jews who control the banks and public opinion through the media and blacks control the streets.
      There is some truth to this, maybe 40%.
      Gen Y were kids when left the US but they have some pretty sad qualities-many live at home at an age when you were probably already discharged. They jack off to porn all day because they cannot get laid and white women would rather be fucked by black studs (It used to be risque to fuck Latinos when I was there age…how time marches on) and have not left their hometown.
      Seemingly white males are at the mercy of a great many people who dislike them.
      My bad encounters were with some Filipinos who’d spent time as menial workers in California. But mostly Asians don’t give a shit (As a race they have that going for them) about anything but money.

  13. Funky Villa burned down about 6 months ago, Safe House has also been closed a long time, and the club is called Demo, not ‘Derno’. A lot of other info is also outdated.
    Pretty bad cut and paste piece not what i’d expect from ROK at all.

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