5 Qualities That Dying Empires Lack

Along with blue pill and global governance comes the Hollow Empire. We live in the golden age of marketing, public relationships, and propaganda. Many people are good at crafting appearances and virtue-signaling by the standards of the degenerate mainstream. The cities are littered with awesome, hip images, but this world is full of it.

Cities are full of useless bureaucrats, con artists, effeminate men, and man-jawed women. People are fake. Interests and excessive desires are either veiled under passive-aggressive forms or openly communicated through sheer assholery. No mystery why stoicism came back into fashion among conscious men: when your day is full of fake smiles, you’re better off working on your inner fortress. (And when you’re stoic and poor, bulking on a budget makes you better off as well.)

In such a world, some human qualities are sorely lacking. They are often perceived as signs of weakness, naivete, or as antics. Or some start counterfeiting and misdirecting them.

1. Loyalty

Sheep dogs are amongst the most loyal breeds out there. Have you seen a lot of them in metropolises? Bourgeois bohemians prefer small, frail dwarf dogs that cost a small fortune. Or cats, whose displays of egoism and moodiness are always overlooked because they’re sooo cute.

Loyalty is a noble trait. It supposes courage, constancy, straightforwardness. A loyal parent cares. A loyal citizen does his duty and tends to become a pillar of his community. A loyal friend is someone you know you can count on. Unfortunately, loyalty has been both abused and derided. Since the 60s, the media started associating it with purportedly “oppressive” and narrow-minded people while encouraging sheepish behavior towards the latest craze.

Being loyal to a girl who would only remain if you treat her badly would be foolish. Beyond this, it is hard to be a loyal patriot once you know how much nation-states sent Europeans kill each other for nothing but neoconnish interests. As French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline said, “you think you’ll die for your country but what you’ll really lose your life for is bank vaults.”

2. Kindness

According to the dictionaries, being kind means having a benevolent, friendly, helpful disposition. In a normal society, kindness would be the sign of a good nature and it would be rewarded. In The Current Year, kindness towards women or strangers will have you exploited then called a loser or hypocrite. Men with low self-esteem started to serve women in exchange for absolutely nothing: this warped beta niceness has become a patron for kindness in general.

‘I’ve tried speed dating and all the dating Apps, but every time I put my real age, all I get are idiots and losers,’ she told the New York Post. ‘I figured, why not make them useful and have them help me around the house?’

She found a match with a man wearing overalls and wielding a hammer in his profile photo and invited him over to install her air conditioning… After he successfully carried out the installation, Bloom asked him to leave and didn’t answer his messages asking her to go on a proper date. (Daily Mail)

Displaying kindness towards freewheeling female hypergamy is the same than being loyal to a brand that makes millions out of sheeple. A sane mind doesn’t do it.

3. Politeness and courtesy

Both words refer to a kind of high culture: refined interests, a genuine concern for arts and belles lettres, a tactful and gallant temperament. Polite, courteous manners thrived during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. They were derided as bourgeois by Bolshevists and promiscuous bohemians. Today, loud-mouthed girls know nothing of it, and both have been turned into either mild-mannered spinelessness or pure snobbery.

The arts associated with politeness, such as theatre or classical music, were appropriated by old money whereas the masses are fed with pop garbage. Actually, you can be polite and courteous if you hop in the right context, then use it as a folding screen for game, Sandor Szavost-style. Otherwise you will come across as formal or distant or snobbish. Indeed, neither do boyish immaturity nor grrly aggressive narcissism provide good grounds for taking a woman’s hand and leading her through an impeccable tango.

4. Forgiveness

Jesus Christ extolled forgiveness beyond revenge. Clear the slate, turn the other cheek. Just like toleration, forgiveness works best when it is reciprocated: I’ll forgive your misdeeds because you will forgive mine, I’ll tolerate your antics because you will accept my eccentricities. When the reciprocal aspect wanes, these qualities turn into sheer weakness. Forgiving a BLM activist who sent your brother into a coma only means giving him a pass so he’ll do the same to you.

The Golden Rule, just as any of its derivatives, only works within a context of reciprocation and mutual trust. German jurist Carl Schmitt noticed the Latin Bible told about forgiving the inimicus, the disagreeable guy you’re squabbling with, not the hostis or foreign enemy who will take your head as soon as he can. There is no point being forgiving towards an enemy you have nothing in common.

Unfortunately, the chaotic Current Year destroyed most boundaries. It is sometimes hard to say who’s an inimicus or occasional yet brotherly rival you can forgive, and who’s a hostis you should always be vigilant of.

5. Patience

Arno Brecker did nothing wrong

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Being patient, planning, delaying gratification, is part of achieving great things. (Unless you’re picking up a Western whore whom you should bed early). The occult elite does not want you to be like that. Rather, those on the top want you to look for instant gratification.

The social media crack pipe, junk food, porn, and video games are designed so you get a massive rush of dopamine early on and get back there for more. If you go down this road you’ll become impatient, addicted, unable to work long hours without some unnatural gratification.

Of course this mindset makes you dependent, frail, unable to provide for yourself over the long term. Impatience is often associated with neuroticism, immaturity, and seeking external validation.

Being patient—without being passive—is required to tread the long path towards the top of the mountain.


Patience can be exercised alone on a purely Stoic fashion. Being patient only requires mastery of oneself, not of others. The four other qualities are essentially social but hard to exert in an anomous, low-trust society. Our natural propensities, from loyalty to the desire to provide, were misdirected and exploited. This made us wary of society in general and of other individuals in particular. When people are foreign to each other they are bound to screw and get screwed.

The better angels of our nature, yet, are still there. In spite of constant bickering and backstabbing the dissenters are closer to each other than to degenerate normies. Some girls can become reliable housewives. Hipsters who snark at old-fashioned qualities are the kind of people who build nothing. If we manage to build thick relationships again, we will effectively foster a civilization renewal.

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137 thoughts on “5 Qualities That Dying Empires Lack”

  1. 6. No Jews. Almost Jew-free Japan, Korea, and China can thank the lucky stars they don’t have this virus within their ranks. They’ll be in good shape over the 21st century.

      1. Not at government, Chinese film industry, and immigration policy levels though thank goodness. (((Starcucks Coffee))) is everywhere unfortunately.

        1. I would not watch a stupid Hollywood film either and I am an American who lives in Asia.
          “Immigration” This is unlikely that Jews will be able to convince China to accept a single Syrian refugee.
          Government. Even the US government supposedly run by Jews cannot do anything to deter Chinese.
          There are a FEW Portuguese Jews who settled in China 200 years ago however.

        2. A small number of Jews live in Shanghai, apparently originally from Iraq and Iran.
          They don’t own Starbucks. They are not influencing government policies.
          Doubtful they influence immigration policies.
          The reality of US Jews was one of timing. They arrived in the early 20th century at a time when the economy was opening up with film and later television.
          Also, they clustered in New York and later Los Angeles. The financial and cultural centers in the US.

      2. How soon people forget where China got its communism from and how its corrupted leaders were convinced to murder millions of their own people.
        Besides, we got our chosen entering all sorts of fields and starting to breed with the chino goyim. Zuckerberg and his Asian looking offspring will birth the new wave of cultural destroyers in China.

      1. Muslims do not seem to have the IQ of Jews on average. But then again one reason the whites in the US seem to resent Jews is IQ and nepotism. Then again your average Jewish Hollywood mogul does not give a shit about some “Beastie Boy” smoking crack in the Bronx.
        Paris did not have the problems it now faces when its ghetto was filled with Jewish butchers.

        1. Asians are widely viewed has having high IQs but no one resents them for it.
          Jews are hated not for their smarts or even for their nepotism but for their nation-wrecking.
          If they used IQ and nepotism to gain power and then used that power for the good of their host nation, nobody would have a problem with them (even though it would still be very unhealthy to be ruled by elite foreigners). But instead they have done the opposite. You can think of any major force for degeneracy in society and always trace the source back to a Jew who got rich off it.

    1. rooshie should get run over by an idf tank in ISRAEL not palestine….rapists live in Palestine. israel is going to wipe out those RAPISTS from the face of the earth! rooshie rapes young girls u sicko

      1. Typical response from someone who is 1) from Toronto and 2) has a university of Toronto email address.
        Progressivism is a mental disorder. Remember that buddy.
        A Canadian

  2. Trust.
    Without trust between people the society needs an excess of laws which emasculate and are the easiest method of exercising tyranny..

    1. this is actually a critical point. It’s also well known, and generally agreed that a high trust society is more functional than a low one. The problem is we have a low trust society for very good reasons Back in the 60s richard hofstadter referenced the ‘paranoid style’ in american politics. That was after JFK I think, although wikipedia lists it as based on a lecture given the day before JFK died. Synchronicity I guess. My point is that on the one hand you have someone telling us about there being a problem with cultural paranoia and on the other hand you have a politics where the US president is assassinated in the same week.
      Things might be better or worse now, but I cannot think of any very good reasons why we should have a ‘high trust’ society. Politics has never been more obviously about not just lying and deceit but about fabrication and synthetic bullshit narratives. The bind is that the powers that be think they can control the narrative. They clearly can’t, and since they are unable to do so, neither can they generate the social capital of trust. The best they can do is produce civic institutions that people still believe in at the very least functionally: we may slag off the banks for being illuminati hideouts but we still expect them to be functionally trustworthy; likewise we might be cynical about the criminal justice system but we still expect them to show better practical integrity than those in some second or third world country
      That’s not quite enough though, in terms of providing a glue to keep things society together. Of course that assumes that the powers that be are actually trying to keep things together, and that they want a high trust society. In some sense high trust is the signature not only of well-functioning but also a stable society, and the question arises: do the PTB actually want a stable society. Well in some very obvious senses they clearly don’t. They want a society which is stable and high trust to the extent that we don’t turn on them, but they are also in the business of change management, and by change management I mean rapid break things apart before we put them back together change management. We may be talking about some kind of sinister Order out of Chaos agenda (the refugee crisis and the German SPDs plan for a United States of Europe comes to mind) or just Kurt Levin bag of tricks for unfreezing and refreezing institutionally stale performers, but either way we are dealing with a level of change where trust and stability may be both good and bad. Moreover insofar as the PTB may well despair of being able to maintain the narrative and sustain a high level of trust they may simply give up on even trying. I increasingly get this sense that they realize that nobody really buys their bullshit any more; that they realize that their careers as the great story-tellers are suffering as more and more people simply walk out of the theatre seeing how the magic, the spell is gone.
      So the question arises is it even possible to conceive any more of a high trust society. Some might say that dissident, paranoid voices (including our own no doubt) are the problem). I would say that’s just blaming or shooting the messenger. The problem is the matrix, the entire enterprise. I don’t believe that the engineers are even capable of evaluating the viability of their own Work

  3. Good article. What we’ve learned is that the ideal society has a hard, impenetrable outer shell (military, borders, and economic sovereignty), which allows for a high level of trust, cooperation, and altruism within the walls. These societies must operate as distinct, independent entities which are fully controlled by the native population of that region.
    Progressives need to be made to understand that they will never get their socialist utopia without first ejecting the interlopers and sealing up the borders. Nobody in their right minds wants to work all their lives to pay for a bunch of foreign invaders.
    That’s why national socialism is worth consideration. It gives the Left the socialism they want, while giving the Right the nationalism and patriotism it wants. The authoritarian and the compassionate can both come together in a cohesive whole, under the banner of nationalism. This system is so terrifying to the banking powers that they have gone to tremendous lengths in vilifying it, while promoting deadly communism as the way forward.

      1. I don’t know. I am against marxist-leninist socialism no doubt.
        But do I think that a society which works hard enough to generate excess wealth should take good care of its elderly, crippled, and sick? Yes. Do I think that children, animals, and the environment deserve special protections due to their lack of ability to protect themselves? Yes. Do I want the government to spend some money on rehabilitating criminals instead of just throwing them in a cage? Yep. So if all that is socialist, then I guess I am open to some lite socialism along with a list of stipulations.

  4. Dying empires, we can use the USA as an example, lack validity.
    If you smuggle drugs, the IRS seizes your assets and throw you in prison. When the CIA smuggles drugs, it’s part of an on-going, under-cover investigation; part of a program where Federal Government helps local law enforcement.
    Yeah right!
    Needless to say, it is illegal for ANYBODY to smuggle drugs.
    We have a man, named George Soros, who does untold damage to the fabric of civilization thru all the phony foundations he supports financially. Crashing economies, inciting riots, etc. Yet, the police are more concerned about a poor black kid slinging weed on the street corner than an evil old man who really is a clear-and-present danger to the ENTIRE nation.
    These examples, and there are thousands more, show the lack of validity that exists in the USA today. A special class is above the law. Everybody knows this. And most people pretend it isn’t so.

  5. Fading empires lack electrolytes. An influx of Brawndo is what is needed.

  6. Many anti-jewish comments. They get to the top and thus can most push their agenda there is no big conspiracy other than how they are so fricking proacademic which if you grew up around them as I did you would be shocked. Many start businesses left and right in software at school and university and most fail but not all. 99.99% of other whites seem to not really bother as much. People think they chinese and japanese study hard but not compared to jews and yes they also have great advice and support from each other are are several gens in on where the chinese and indians are with far stronger community support.
    They are also v pro business which when combined with high degrees of nepotism and stereotypes that land them top jobs with mediocre qualifications they do well. Many i know with average qalifications got insane jobs and nobody else does so well on the same qualifications or get investments for their ideas so easily but thats a product of a good reputation as workers and well deserved.
    The reality is however that Jews may find themselves losing power as whites did and why? They are moving to Israel not Asia when they leave the west. Bad move. When in such concentrations they cannot be so effective as they cannot all take academic posts and many must be lower in the pyramid of organizations rather than being promoted to the top .
    The main group against them these days is the Muslims who hate Israel far more than jews back it. In parts of Europe the muslim populations are so tough about it you must be anti-zionist to win seats and they will inevitably take the left rapidly against Israel. In populist elections Europe will inevitably have to move to isolate israel or at least the left which is reliant on the muslim vote. Currently where the old school left such as Blair or Macron or Milliband backs Israel they are against their islamic voters but as the muslims grow they will have to align and many are already doing this in cities with high islamic populations. Muslims also get people in the parties and thus internal influence and even guys can biuld niches in leftist politics by attacking israel e.g. david ward/ George Galloway and they get this Islamic antizionist niche backing which is enough to sustain. This niche is rapidly growing and i doubt a leftist parties of the future will back israel at all as it would cost them the islamic backing.
    The same thing will happen in America. Yes that seems far fetched but the Islamic population has gone from nothing to over 3 Million today and with opening of borders that will rapidly grow. The Jews there are 6 million and will plateau but the later generations will be more strictly othodox ie haredi and largely even the hassidim and these are not influential groups. In fifty years Even America will be at best lukewarm on its zionism as Muslims will be I am guessing at least double the size of the Jews who will be more Haredi and thus detatched.
    Israel will be isolated in the future and if europe is islamic enough which it is predicted to be 100 million plus muslims in thirty years i would not be suprised if they in the long run attacked Israel or isloate it at least. It would be easy for europe to stop planaes and boats getting there as currently they are only half surrounded by the islamic countries but soon when europe gets islamic and against them they will be fully surrounded and not be viable. All the seas and thus access around the med would be Islamic in spain, portugal, greece and italy and the northern african how would they get boats or planes in if they really tried to isolate them?
    The muslims fundamentally believe that their failure is because they havent got this land as it was part of the historic caliphates and thus god won’t allow it to be be non-muslim land and even view the loss of this caliphate as to why they are not successful as they view it romantically. All once islamic land and especially
    they claim but the caliphate land is too holy to ever cede. There is also a lot of stuff against them in the Quaran including the idea that a devil marked people walk the globe and are corrupt and undermining and must be eliminated and many islamic scholars think that these people are the Jews. Mohamed also slaughtered a town of Jews who undermined him in a business deal and thus they really really don’t like them.
    The Jews I don’t care either way about but generally the booming islamic populations of the world will stop israel i reckon especially if and when europe turns on israel.

    1. Not every Jew is well-connected or academic. I grew up in a city full of them.
      Jews do not study harder than Asians. That is a joke.
      Jews invent things. Asians are technocrats but Jews just invent something like FACEBOOK that is popular with the masses.
      Asians are smart but to weird to pander to the masses. They have no idea what the masses would want. The Jews do.

      1. Jesus Christ you spill a lot of ink without saying much.
        You present yourself as having an encyclopedic understanding of international jewry, and yet most of what you’ve written is either half-truth or outright falsehood.
        Like most innovations that jews are falsely credited with, Facebook was stolen from Gentiles. The fact that you are too ignorant to even know this basic and widely understood fact tells us that you don’t know as much as you claim. So what is your motive? Why are you writing volumes and volumes in defense of jewry while claiming not to be one? I know the answer but I want to hear you say it.

        1. I’ve been around more Jews than you by dint of being from the Northeast. Which clearly you are not (Red State, rural or exurban white, middle-class or even lower middle-class).
          It is obvious you have never “hustled” around LA or the other metropolises where Jews actually live.
          You’ll be from the suburbs. Have not traveled much, attended a college in your county, etc.
          If you have lived on streets in a variety of population centers you know Jews better.
          No I am not a Jew.

      2. You’re an idiot.
        Gentile comes up with good idea.
        Sneaky Jew steals idea before it’s nailed down.
        Using Jewish surname and limitless access to investment capital, Jew proceeds to monopolize the market for the new idea before any other competitor has a chance to get off the ground.
        This story has been repeated over and over again and again…don’t you get it yet?

        1. JOHN
          Limitless access to investment capitol. Well why can’t Irish-Catholics or Polish come up with dough to make their own films, for example. Or start-ups. Japanese do it. Indians.
          But whites cannot get their own financing together because they are to busy busting heavies or taking out loans from the bank that is owned by the Jew.
          Asians are smarter than whites. This is why the Japanese managed to take over Hawaii. Which Jew runs that state?
          Partly the Jews perhaps support one another and partly the whites are all wrapped up in individualism.

        2. The (((media))) has been plucking out Jewish members of research teams made of mostly gentiles that make great scientific discovery or revolutionary inventions for decades and accrediting all the glory to the Jew and the Jew alone.

      3. Dude probably doesn’t even know how the CIA funds all these Jewish startups using our tax dollars, because they know the Jewish founders will have no moral qualms about violating the constitution and spying on citizens or building a terrifying police state…in fact they are EAGER to assist with such missions.

    2. You forget geography.
      Jews tend to live the parts of the United States that are centers of importance. Miami, New York, Los Angeles, a few in Chicago.
      Few Jews live South of the Dixie line or Wyoming or Alabama or West Virginia.
      Part of it is proximity.

      1. Another idiotic comment. Go back to your gin and ladyboys.
        The rural areas are where all the actual value lies – natural resources, farming, ranching, forestry, mining, oil, fishing. You know, the industries which actually make a difference in the functioning of society.
        Meanwhile the parasitic Jew sits in cozy Manhattan office towers moving numbers around on some complicated spreadsheet that they invented as a sophisticated parlor trick, and they somehow scoop all this cream off of productive industry.
        Jewry and its associated financial industries that are headquartered in major cities are nothing but a drain on our nation. Without them, our lives would improve drastically. Without cattle ranchers in Texas, our lives would immediately be in danger.

        1. JOHN
          True, the Jew lives in a cozy Manhattan apartment while the blue-collar white in the Flyover watches his daughter Mudshark with blacks on the down low while his son acts like Eminem (“Yo Dawg Wuz Cracking”).
          So who is the idiot?

        2. JOHN
          Right and they if they stopped trucking their goods from the Flyover to the East Coast Manhattan would be full of cannibals in a week.

    3. That is funny. The first thing the Muslims did in France was kill Jews. Now Jews have left France for Israel. Sarkozy was a quarter Jewish and has been blamed but I do not see how flooding France (Never an important political or military power) with Muslims and destabilizing it advances Zionism. How? What purpose does this serve.
      On the other hand I can see how Bush and later Hillary Clinton sent a load of refugees into Europe.

      1. you are absolutely retarded and not worth bothering with much further.
        you sound like you are not only boomerpoasting but drunkpoasting – a deadly combination.
        jewish women are the biggest mudsharks on the planet. you run your mouth about jews all day long but seem to know nothing about them that you didn’t see in the movies. And you sure as shit know nothing about me, all of your observations were off by a million miles. You are simply not as perceptive as you believe yourself to be, and would be better served by lurking.

    4. THE TRUTH
      Jews are not terribly pro-academic. A few are. So are a few blacks, Japanese-Americans, whoever.
      Jews generally have their pulse on supply-demand and capitalize on something that was going to happen anyhow-like FACEBOOK.

      1. It’s pretty simple and factually straightforward. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ by ethnic group by a wide margin. That’s why they end up in high end positions.

        1. “Wide margin”
          7 IQ points. That is not that steep but just enough to notice that most inventors of things like FACEBOOK are Jews who come up with innovative ideas. Also scam artists on Wall Street or whatever.
          I’ve known loads of Jews in suburban Detroit. When I attended university I knew more of them because more Jews are likely to attend university.
          I’ll run down the average bio
          Age 18-30 Party, have lots of protected sex, have a career.
          Age 30 + Get married, have one child.
          In the case of divorce, usually the father can be made to pay money.
          Jews from the hood were known as “Beastie Boys”. These guys were not marrying a Rabbi’s daughter. So while there are many Jewish derelicts none of them produce 5 kids. You can bet that every Hoodrat produces 5 kids. Therefore you will see more blacks born in poverty.
          Jews simply don’t have kids at 21 and leave school with a GED (Or high school diploma). Jewish women don’t have children out-of-wedlock even when they are porn stars (As many are) and part of this is down to intelligence. A Jewish woman can fuck on film for 10 years all days of the week but she is not going to the welfare board with her mutant child of Tyrone the thug. That will be the dim white girl from Missouri or Detroit who is 19 and lacks the cunning to envision what the rest of her life will soon be like. That is the 5 point IQ difference (Whites are like 100 and Jews 107).
          Jewish males at the margins of society (There are many) are not going to be marrying a Jewish girl and having a child with her. I’ve known a great many junkie Jew males. They don’t have kids, a girlfriend or anything. They shoot up in a Bronx derelict building. There are Jewish crack whores as well but they are less likely to get pregnant. I’d chalk this up to IQ.
          Also how many Jewish “mudsharks” do you see? If this is a Hollywood agenda they are not buying into that shit.
          Jews being more intelligent than the average white are more skeptical and wary than your wigger who dresses like Eminem in Missouri.
          Also they are born in the Eastern cities or LA or Chicago. An osmosis occurs in cities whereby people become more street smart.
          Finally Jews travel more (To Israel) and have a broader outlook. They are born globalists with an international viewpoint.
          The Anglo-Saxon in the Flyover has no global network or overall perspective.

        2. JOHN
          I’ll quote Ron Jeremy: what do you think about porn (He was once asked)?
          I don’t like it, Ron Jeremy responded.
          Jews get a quick buck from films. But they do not define what they know to be reality.
          Jews have common sense. I’ve known them. They have no morality but how many Jewish porn starlets (75% of women in porn are Jews) get pregnant? Nope.
          How many Jews marry young? Your average Jew is 30 and has some kind of skill or trade.

        3. JOHN
          How many Jews are in jail for DUI or possession of meth?
          Their cocaine dealer is discrete and they use discretely. Nobody knows the Jewish lawyer is using a line of cocaine or Molly at some rave. They are not dealing out in the open like blacks or driving around with their meth and stolen items in their pickup truck with no plates.

        4. 7 points is half a standard deviation above normal. That’s a massive advantage over the next highest demographic group. Evolutionary biology explains everything for every demographic group. Ashkenazi Jews end up in the top of modern societies because they are the best adapted to be there. Unfortunate because they are also matrilineal which tends to facilitate libtard politics.

          I knew “Beastie Boys” (Jews from the hood so to speak). The following I observed:
          1) Two of the poor slutty Jewish girls with nothing going for them went straight into the sex industry as strippers and one became a fairly successful porn actress in LA (I won’t give names). They both made money, I would have to assume.
          2) Most Jews would smoke pot or do a line of cocaine if offered but did not know any “tweakers” (I suppose it is heroin now).
          3) They all held some kind of job or attended college.
          4) None of them had a kid at 20. They all were promiscuous stoners but nobody impregnated anybody.
          5) Many were gay.
          6) They did not commit crimes against property or theft.
          7) None of them were gang material anyhow though sometimes they scrapped with skinheads.
          8) Some of them sold drugs but discretely and not in the open air like blacks.
          9) Mostly they got some degree or trade. Not necessarily a good one from a good school but they were not GED dropouts.
          10) Jewish women are rarely mud sharks. When they marry some white guy like Sarah Silverstein the white guy is rich like Jimmy Fallon. Jewish women have been marrying rich white guys throughout history.
          11) Their home life is stable but often abusive.
          12) They are not really blaming German-Americans (I’m one) like blacks blame slavery. Some are resentful to German-Americans however. I’ve encountered that.
          13) They will commit any white collar crime or scam or borderline-fraud they can think of with no remorse.
          14) They are not really as worshipful of money as blacks. If they have money they will not display it.

        6. “It’s pretty simple and factually straightforward. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ by ethnic group by a wide margin. That’s why they end up in high end positions.”
          This is an extremely faulty premise bro.
          Just by sheer numbers – Jews are 2% of the population and Whites are something like 70%. Intelligence is measured on a bell curve. So take every single Ashkenazi in the U.S. with an IQ above 120 and put them in a room. Then take every single Gentile in the U.S. and do the same thing. Obviously you end up with millions of genius-level White Men and a small handful of high-IQ Jews.
          Ethnic networking and the Victim Myth are the twin keys to Jewish over-representation. Intelligence is a fig leaf they use to hide their treachery.

        7. I’ve worked on the fringes of the media; Jews indeed practice nepotism there.
          If you are talking about dentistry or Law they tend to do it through sheer intelligence. Certain fields with no nepotism that are supply/demand like medicine.
          Jews are generally in population clusters around urban areas of importance culturally, economically, geographically.
          Millions of whites live in places like Dick’s Burg Indiana. Jews crowd into New York, LA or Miami which have some sort of financial or cultural importance.

        8. Genius-level whites vs high-intellect Jews
          1) 80% of these white geniuses live in Anusville, Tennessee or somewhere of little proximity to the centers of finance or media. This does not stop the talented Gentiles like Bill Gates entirely (None of the IT people were Jews to begin with). But being born Einstein in the Flyover to blue-collar parents is no help.
          2) If you mean film and television whites cannot raise the money to make $100 million dollar films in Iowa. Jews live in population centers.
          3) I don’t deny Nepotism in some areas. Molecular Biology? No. Nobody cares. Stand-up comedian? Helps to be Jewish. More people know who Sarah Silverman is than Stephen Hawkins. Then again, more people know who Charles Manson is than her.
          4) White genius is often overlooked because it is unrealized. I’m from Detroit and new many intelligent whites. But if you were born into a blue-collar family with no connections, anonymously, in a rather tough neighborhood…your talents will remain undiscovered.
          5) Living in urban areas sharpens your social skills and street smarts.

        9. JOHN
          Jews tend to excel at storytelling, deal-making, negotiating, business.
          White geniuses are more likely to be semi-autistic and get bullied in high school and then become Jeffrey Dahmer.
          Let us look at other factors. Most Jews are born near these centers of power or influence. If you were born in Los Angeles it is easier to push your script. If you are from New York it is simpler to be a financial wizard. But if you are from Alabama and you are a genius with blue-collar parents…where is the industry surrounding you to get through the door?

        10. Everything you’re mentioning just reinforces my point and diminishes your own. Jews are intelligent enough to be nepotistic, geographically aware, and socially flexible. All high IQ traits that propel successful people in a modern society. Looking at the negative also reinforces my argument based on how the equatorial peoples exhibit opposite characteristics. So once again and always, evolutionary biology explains the outcome of demographic groups. Your non-Red Pill philosophy simply doesn’t measure to millions of years of evolution.

        11. Oh, please. If all Whites geniuses were severed-head fucking freaks like Dahmer the Jew media would broadcast it constantly. Jews are storytellers alright…..

      2. “There are Jewish crack whores as well but they are less likely to get pregnant. I’d chalk this up to IQ.”
        Someone needs to do a study to discover if jewish crack whores really do make better life decisions than gentile crack whores.

        1. None of the posters here are from the East Coast or areas with enormous populations of Jews.
          They have their outlying dregs. The majority of posters here live in cities in the interior or other countries with no Jews or few.
          Visit the Bronx or Brooklyn. You’ll get a different perspective. But these Jews, like all dregs, cannot really move anywhere. So nobody sees them.
          Though some of the Jews in the porn industry are the dregs.

        2. The idea that every single Jew in New York lives in a penthouse is stupid.
          Jews show scant regard for their own dregs.

      3. I grew up in london alongside loads of jews so they’re not really that mysterious to me. Not sure I was saying anything about all jews being anything. I just found the idea of making distinctions between jewish and non jewish crack whores kind of funny

  7. “Loyalty”
    This is a load of shit. The millionaires in the US already have citizenship in New Zealand. They known (And I do) that eventually the entire U.S. is going to look like Detroit. Blacks will continue to have 4 children supported by the US government until the tax money runs out. When whites are unable to continue subsidizing the ghettos these folks will be down in New Zealand.
    I personally tried to immigrate from the US nearly 20 years ago. It is tough.

    1. I was researching for someone while back – these places have more info on their .gov websites.
      New Zealand – has a point/cash based immigration system – seems pretty good. If you have the useful points and cash. Points can be for profession – doctor/nurse is high. age – lower is better etc. Investing money in a business etc.
      When I was in South Africa in 1996 they were pleading with the NZ gov to stop issuing permits to the SA doctors/nurses – who were in mass exodus mode to NZ.
      But, the Maoris are a large % of the population – so may not be too fun later on for rich a-holes.
      Australia – was far more strict, but have adopted something similar.
      Canada – have something similar – must invest cash
      Panama – seems one of the best for older people – if you have retirement account – can get permanent residence.
      Thailand – has over 55 visa good for a year? between renewals…
      Having other passports/residence is bloody good idea – check your family tree -Irish/Italian grandparents etc – get euro passport

      1. SIR LEE
        I tried to get into Canada. Had a 2 year work visa. Becoming a permanent citizen is difficult.
        In the case of Canada they don’t want US blacks (They have Indians) or white trash (they have plenty) moving North for their social safety net.
        Its actually harder for an American to enter Canada permanently than any other nationality.

        1. I also wrote to the Canadian embassy about settlement there. They replied that they were only taking Sikhs that year.

        2. JOHN
          I spent two years in Canada. Lot’s of South Africans and some Americans were trying to enter Canada simply to escape high crime rates and bleaker prospects back home.
          Canada for some reason, possibly political, would rather have Indians than educated whites. I had a college education and a clean record.
          Needless to say the Indians had turned parts of cities into drug-infested high-crime ghettos no different than Bradford.

    2. blacks are not having that many children in the usa. about 20 yrs ago the african american was 12% of population today its still is 12% so to say they are breeding is wrong in fact very wrong

    3. The mass exodus from South Africa, Chicago, ect. is telling. Even blacks themselves want Whiter pastures. Many dislike a slight charring of their White country more than a complete browning.

        1. Being white is synonymous with being superior. Nothing can work without the white man’s presence. I swear sometimes, if I try hard enough, I think I can actually read people’s minds. I was blown away but then what would you expect from a superior species. White men would probably be building shit with telekentic abilities in a few short generations while everyone else was still using tools. Hitler was right, the Aryan man is the ubermench.

  8. “Jesus Christ extolled forgiveness beyond revenge. Clear the slate, turn the other cheek. Just like toleration, forgiveness works best when it is reciprocated”
    Agree and have been saying similar things for a very long time. “Turn the other cheek” can only be applied to like minded, civilized people. Savages will only take it as a sign of weakness and an invitation to trespass upon you further.

    1. Sweden is going through the phase that Detroit went through 40 years ago where crimes of rape and robbery rose against whites.
      Eventually, people leave. Massive numbers of Swedes will move to other EU countries or wherever they can possibly go.
      The only thing at that point keeping Sweden from turning into Detroit would be that Swedes cannot leave.

      1. We need to seriously focus our superior abilities to the end of wiping out inferior species the way Hitler wanted. We need to realize his dreams and cleanse the world of the impure. Seriously, why should we tolerate inferior organisms breathing our air? When are we going to start doing shit? We are white which means we are the most powerful race of beings ever to inhabit Earth. We are practically Gods. Why would Gods tolerate such impurity in the world.
        What are we afraid of? Look at the statistics. More white men have survived being shot than any other race of men due to our highly evolved epidermis being a tad tougher than inferior races. White men invented every single thing ever. We have all the tech. The world’s strongest men have all been white men. We are superior in every way. We are more durable, stronger and smarter and by larges margins too. What do we have to fear? Every non-white might as well be insects when compared to the magnificent organism that is the white man. Lets do something!!!

        1. Yea, Hitler had it right. This world should only be dominated by the superior species, the white man. But don’t worry. We are more evolved than every other race. I bet we would start seeing white people with extraordinary abilities like telekenesis in no time. How would non-whites cope then. We would be able to wipe them out easily then. What use is a knife or a gun when I can snap your neck with a thought.

        2. Yea, we need some more action here in the white supremacist movement. We allow these mongrels to get away with murder and then come here to complain. We are White, we are better, who can stop us if we decide to take action. A white man is practically a God.

        3. I’m all for this. As a white man, I really think we should be using our powers to cleanse the impure from our world. Why should the superior race be cowering in fear of inferior races that never invented anything? Hitler knew we were so much better.

        4. Preach it man. We shouldn’t fear the jew for he is inferior. Evolution worked hard for millions of years to create the ultimate organism, the white man. Why should we fear anything? We probably have hidden powers we don’t even know about. We should be thinking about tapping into these powers as a new weapon we can use against the hordes of inferior and non-white people that seek our extinction.
          I’m betting white people can do a whole lot more than invent things. I think we could actually possess powers that transcend reality itself. Hitler said as much.

        5. Nice Jewish trolling but the funny thing is almost every statement that you tried to exaggerate ends up being factual.

        6. @John
          Why do you think they are trolling? Everything they said is true. Whites really are more evolved and it is in realm of possibility that they do have hidden gifts like telepathy. Are you sure you’re down with us bro?

        7. @John
          Not almost everything. EVERYTHING they said is factual. It’s time for whites to stop with this “one foot in one foot out” nonsense and start embracing our superiority outright. Donald Trump is president, we have practically won already. Why hide anymore?

  9. What the hell? These are all weak personality traits that don’t even apply to a society. The most important traits we are missing or losing quickly in the West:
    1. Non fiat currency backed by a precious metal
    2. Free market with no lobbyists/political bribes
    3. Nationalist economic focus (instead of globalist)
    4. Small federal government
    5. Family values
    Rome and many other great societies basically fell apart when they started fucking up all of those solid virtues above. They started making millions of extra shaved coins with less gold, which created hyperinflation. The politicians were getting bribed by local and international interests and businesses. The federal government became huge and socialist, over-ruling the will of the small communities. And of course, family unit broke down and with it went the moral of the men (like we’re seeing now.)

    1. I reckon this will take care of most problems:
      2. Free market with no lobbyists/political bribes
      and of course limited gov/family values .
      I do not know the solution to currency gold/bitcoin/etc- but may be controlled by no lobbyists/bribery/

  10. Family values
    75% of blacks are born out of wedlock and poor whites are now 20%. If the Jews were behind whites acting like wiggers and being mudsharks than this was a fine way to destabilize the core working white rural populace. “Yo dog, what’s crackin’” . I’ve noticed the educated middle-class whites who would have been “slackers” in 1994 have now become “hipsters”.
    This won’t effect Jews or WASPS from New York. Many of them are gay. Another large percentage want to fuck around and practice safe sex. At 40, maybe they marry and have 1 kid.
    The average gay, college student or striving techie who is from some Red State exurb or city in the rustbelt leaves. They don’t care where they go. Economics dictate where people live and do business. Only the high school educated blue-collar types with no way to leave and no initiative stay in a city on the economic decline. The people with money-earning potential head to Silicone Valley or New York or Tokyo or wherever the money is to be made. Same principle applies to rich 1%.
    Same principle APPLIES TO ME. More sunshine and pussy and money-earning opportunity. I was gone.
    Look at the old Gold Rush ghost towns in the West. Nobody hangs around out of loyalty. More and more cities like Pittsburgh or in West Virginia look that way. Young people with an education, no debt, no house payments and no kids will bolt. If you favorite theater is on fire you leave.
    The millionaires don’t live in the US. They live in the South of France or Israel or Asia. A great many of the richest ones are dual New Zealand citizens. Ditto rich bankers. Media mavens.
    Well the Jews in Hollywood and bankers would not care about this as much as some poor white in rural Tennessee thinks. Their city does not need a Federal bailout. They are not on welfare. They can move anywhere on earth. None of them know anything about Section 8 or ADC or anything related to poor whites from the working class.
    Their kids go to private schools. If public ones are dangerous, they don’t have to send their kids there.
    Property value for them won’t decline.
    People get this mixed up with IQ. Gays sucking one another’s dicks in San Francisco lofts are not suffering from a lack of family values. Both working, no dependents.
    Your average Jew or Asian-American will wait until 30 to marry, stay married, have one or two kids that they helicopter parent.
    “Family values” is code for the dumb Anglo Saxon who watched 8 Mile and had a kid out-of-wedlock with a white girl who was 18. It is the poor whites from religious Red States who have kids too young (And 20 is too young for a male with a part-time job) and no skills.
    The sterile hipsters don’t need family values. If they ever reproduce it will be far into their thirties when they are earning good money.
    Anyhow we are getting back to Idiocracy and the Brazil we might have in two generations. Mudsharks about with single children. Tyrone making more.
    But Saul Epstein. Nah. He’s either gay or has some skill and is 35 when he has a kid.
    By the time you are 35 you are really getting to old to fuck around anyhow. Educated whites get all the threesomes out of the way in college and drugs before they start a family.
    It is the white prole who has a kid when he is 21 and then is “not around” for his kids childhood.
    Anglo in the US really have nobody to blame but themselves.

  11. The US and all the West will fall not because a group Jewish outsiders destroyed their ranks but because their own degeneracy will be as snare followed by an autocracy. Bleed out silently and stop complaining. The sins of the past are catching up to you Western savages.

    1. Then we would be like China once was. And still would be if the white man had not added a middle-class there by exporting some jobs.
      As for Negros in Africa…they will keep on fucking. More will be born with dim minds in the hard fuzzy cranium.
      Besides. Asians are too stupid to invent anything.

    2. Sins of the past
      Asian Mongols invaded Europe for 1000 years straight.
      Arabs invaded Southern Europe for 500 years.
      Whites are just better at organized violence.

      1. “Asian Mongols invaded Europe for 1000 years straight.”
        What are you referring to? The Mongol empire / golden horde lasted for few centuries from Ghenghis Khan. Are you referring to before or after? There appears to have been a Kazakh Khanate that succeeded them and lasted until quite recently but they seem to have been territorially quite limited

      2. “Asian Mongols invaded Europe for 1000 years straight.” You idiot. The mongol empire lasted less than 100 years, mongols invaded parts of Russia but never Europe itself, they viewed muslims as enemies, destroyed the abbasid caliphate trampling the caliph with their horses, and there was even a rapprochement by the French to form an alliance with the mongols to defeat muslims once and for all.

      3. “Arabs invaded Southern Europe for 500 years”
        Syrian arabs invaded southern Europe followed by berber muslims, they mixed with the Visigothic nobility in places like Spain and successor rulers were white with blonde or red hair and blue eyes like Almanzor, that was the 1st Jihad. 2nd Jihad was by turk-mongols who invaded Asia Minor and the Balkans, now look at Albanians and Kosovans, they’re white illyrians and slavs.

      4. as I start to see, the only solution for white people to recover is to convert en masse to Islam. Sad as it is Christendom and its glorious achievements is finished, degenerated by liberalism and marxism, there’s no recovery from this, it’s discredited, mocked and persecuted. Convert to islam, get 4 wives and all the muslim slaves your hand can possess, bear dozens of children and have a strong faith system which leaves no space to doubt yourselves, just like what Christianity was until the 2nd half of the 20th century. Atheism only carves civilizations from within and leaves an empty rotten carcass for our enemies to feast on, just what is happening these days.

        1. Good strategy for the average underpaid blue-collar worker. Then you can be really destitute with the 4 wives.

        2. I have had a very similar thought with wishing that Northern Europe was Islamic and not Christian. Islam is pretty nasty and can fight against liberalism. Christianity led to liberalism.

      5. “Whites are just better at organized violence.”
        Because we are superior. We are gods made flesh. No other race even comes close to us. The Aryan man is truly the pinnacle of evolutionary achievement. The white man has powers no other race has. I bet in a few short generations, we will have powers like telepathy and shit. That’s how much more evolved we are as a species.

        1. When I watch shows like the X-Men. It puts a smile on my face knowing that white people are like 100 years away from being able to do things like that. We are by far the most evolved beings on the planet.

        2. Hitler knew this. He would have cleansed the world of blacks and jews. If he were allowed to do this, we whites would have probably been more evolved now, both genetically and technologically. We would have world peace too.

        3. Oh yes. This so much. I think I can read minds too. I was like, “OMG, I’m a superhero”. I really think you’re on to something here. We whites really are more evolved.

        4. Even noticed all the shit TV series about mutants with special powers includes blacks and Asians. Like all races are the same ….. it ain’t gonna happen.

        5. What we have here is an “agree and amplify” troll, gents. Study its methods, it will be showing up again and again. Jewish trolls rarely grow tired of trying to force memes through mindless repetition. They are paid by the hour so it’s all the same to them.

        6. Jews have a lower rate of genius than Whites, they cannot hide this fact even in their trolling. All they can do is falsely claim to have invented things they stole from creative gentiles….

        7. @John
          Why do you think me and the others were trolling? I’m not a filthy jew or some mongrel. I’m blue eyed, blonde haired Aryan ideal and I want my race to succeed. The fact that you’re willing to deny our superiority is telling. I’m wondering if you’re not the one who is the jewish troll. Why does the truth of our superiority bother you so much friend?

        8. @GreenKnight
          I think white people are more than just geniuses. I think we have the ability to peer through the veil of reality itself and realize truths so profound we might as well be Gods. Hell, let’s call a spade a spade, we are Gods. Every non-white on Earth should be worshiping us. Non-whites are so lucky to have actual Gods among them.

        9. @John
          “What we have here is an “agree and amplify” troll”
          These guys are speaking truth. Why would you think they are trolls? I’ve heard of your kind…..jewish shills that come into white supremacist spaces like ours in an attempt to subvert our pure ideals.

        10. @John
          Are you denying that the world wouldn’t have been a better place if Hitler was allowed to kill all the jews and blacks? Are you denying that we whites woulnd’t have been better off? Are you sure you’re in think with us? I mean so you want to see us wiped out by filthy non-whites? Do you not want a future for white children? Are you not the jewish troll?

        11. @John
          Nah, sorry bro. You seem like the one who is trolling. These guys are saying what we all know in our gut to be true and if it feels like trolling then you were never one of us to begin with. You’re probably some dirty mulatto or jewish yourself.

        12. “if Hitler was allowed to kill all the Jews and blacks” Hitler didn’t want this, doesn’t get more cliche than lying about Hitler. Playing a superior White is almost as fun as mixing with superior Whites for the “inferior man”.

      I know you are a small-dicked Asian who beats off to blonde porn stars with your Mom in the next room fantasizing about being fucked by a big white penis and your sister wants a nose job but let us look at reality.
      Whites created the middle class in Asia. They give you tech jobs because the Asian could not invent the computer.
      Also he exported manufacturing to you to give you sort of a middle class.
      It is your own klepto leaders who steal all your money.

  12. I think you could narrow it down to cardinal virtues that the Stoics refer to:
    1. Wisdom
    2. Courage
    3. Justice
    4. Temperance
    Over the past century, without a doubt, western society is degrading in all four of these virtues.
    Courage? My grandfather was among the first waves facing Nazi machine guns on D-Day. These days most republican men are too scared to admit their political beliefs in public.
    Justice? I think we all know that is dead and gone for good. False rape allegations ruin promising lives with no recourse on a daily basis, white collar criminals steal from families and walk the streets freely alongside Casey Anthony. Abortion is now a right of passage for young women.
    Temperance? Ha! Teen pregnancy, drug addiction, rampant sexual depravation….
    Wisdom? We have an epidemic of young people bankrupting their parents for educations and lifestyles that offer zero upside. In the face of total economic collapse and an unsustainable global population we have people picketing in the streets to allow transgender people in the military. Forget it.

  13. This article was an angelic chorus of truth wrapped in a gold halo…as such it will be scorned and hated by modern society.
    It is a pity to long for days lime those before the decline happened. maybe in what remains of my lifetime we might actually see it again….nope, nope we will not.
    With the rise of feminism, you saw the miserable death of the first four qualities ( if you are paying attention, you see how feminism is diametrically opposed to all of them for the sake of narcissism and self centeredness solely because of vagina and acted out as spite), and as such you see patience disappear instantly when the is no reward for showing or having the first four qualities.

  14. Nobody on this fucking ROK site seems capable of understanding… it ALREADY over. It was -designed- to be this way. America was falsely proclaimed as the “Great Experiment” yet its United (((E)))-States were nothing more than crypto-British tax farms. The USA cannot be redeemed or improved or re-claimed… because it was built from the beginning to self-destruct in a spectacular burn-out. A (((virtual money system))) controlling pockets of slaves who dedicate their entire lives to fucking bullshit cannot, and will not, succeed. Millions of gullible European peons surrendered their God-given lives to carve cities from the wilderness, invent new technologies with NO real reward participation, and die in fake fucking wars of deception (which includes the Vatican-Rothschild toy Hitler for you cucked trolls btw) that ACHIEVED NOTHING. Now the USA, and the western world, is being handed over to brown dogshit by MK-tranny sellout (((J))) corporate-politico fucks who laugh at the cluelessness of the gasping white proles. Crap articles like this *sigh* and gently wonder how it got this bad so quickly.. NEWSFLASH- You were BORN TO FAIL and now its time for all of you DIE! -You retarded fucking idiots.

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