3 Liberals Ideas You Will Be Tempted To Debunk Over Christmas Dinner

It’s the time of year to ease up on the self-improvement goals and enjoy the company of family and friends. It’s also time to listen their self-indulgent opinions on the various aspects of modern culture. Given our inherent duty to friends and family, it’s time for every red pill individual to endure and navigate a deluge of incoherent liberal rhetoric.

Much like flowers, people…

I have spent the year memetically acquiring their opinions from Facebook, Instagram and everyone’s favorite fake news network. Liberals are, as you know, incandescent with virtues and ready to adroitly burst all over the family “Saturnalia” tree.

I like to think I’m always prepared for progressive arguments, given the remarkable global consistency of their dogma, but I’m not. Anger, the various bourbon induced emotions, and simply not being Thomas Sowell means that I will need some assistance with valid counter arguments.

Keeping in mind the ideological debate is not as advanced in South Africa as it is in the US and Europe, here are the three liberal precepts I expect to, with the aid of your comments, casually but cogently invalidate.

1. Feminism is about equality

This statement is usually accompanied by tears and screaming. It is repeated with such regularity and intonation that I suspect it’s intended to be didactic rather than considered, reasoned or debated. Feminism is a doctrine prejudiced in favour of specific attributes but paradoxically maintains that it is about equality.

There seems to be a foundational assumption here that validates the teaching and practice of a female (femin) doctrine (ism)—that there was some kind of concerted cross cultural effort on the part of all human males, to subjugate all the females. This belief justifies their demand for a compensatory set of preferential policies. But when exactly did men overpower women to the extent that women require them to concede and democratize their power?

I never get a satisfactory answer to this question. Mostly, I just get a glass of wine thrown in my face along with a peppering of provocative words like chauvinist, misogynist and maninist. From my part, Bertrand Russell, in his History of Western Philosophy (1946) has asserted that it was the institution of private property that brought with it the subjection of women, and the creation of a slave class.

I don’t intend on challenging an essential institution of civilization, or a thinker of Russell’s status, but this assertion seems to provide extraordinarily convenient grounds for restorative justice. Theoretically, a white South African woman could claim to be as “previously disadvantaged” as a black South African man of indigenous ethnicity, and therefore entitled to all the appropriate compensations in order to achieve her equality.

It’s funny how such vaguely defined and overgeneralized statements have very specific economic benefits for adherents to this doctrine.

2. The Holy Bible is not relevant

It’s not surprising that a global culture advocating pagan levels of female worship also dismisses a book that conceives of God as a patriarch. I always expect liberal rhetoric to deny the origins, and consequently, the authority of a book thought to be inspired by divinity and filtered through the personalities of its various authors.

But whatever their issues with myth, faith, historicity or organized religion may be liberals who dismiss the Bible do themselves a great disservice. The King James Version is the bedrock of English literature. It has provided countless people with inspiration (Psalm 104), consolation (Ecclesiastes) and wisdom (Job). Before dismissing it based on a scientific interpretation of Genesis 1 (literally page 1), every liberal should know that an honest cover to cover reading is necessary before tendering an opinion.

So many of them argue their opinions without ever having read the Bible. Most, dogmatically cling to random quotes from apparent polymath, Richard Dawkins’s, The God Delusion (2006). The rest go with Human Sciences 101 facts about earlier Mesopotamian and Egyptian parallels without any concern for further information regarding cultural idiosyncrasies in the Ancient Near Eastern cultural unit.

The big question here is: How do I argue in favour of the value of this book, against people who dismissed it before having read it in its narrative entirety?

3. Conservatives are motivated by Hate

Opinions on race, immigration, homosexuality and abortion are derivative of one standard premise – Hate vs. Love. Liberals reduce every idea and behaviour to one of these two emotions. Obviously they are motivated entirely by care bare grade love. Leaving my differing opinion essentially arguing for the value of hate.

Are they just higher beings?

“You hate other racial groups, you hate foreigners, you hate gays, and you hate women”. Their conception of the conservative seems to be a projection and manifestation of their own hatred for a position they are incapable of understanding.

I know there are framing techniques for this situation but they are only useful if liberals responded to reason, allowed you to get the first word in or didn’t rely on in-group consensus.


Their rhetorical method is very easy to understand, it’s just not easy to counter. They oversimplified the history of civilization in regard to feminism, they are blissfully ignorant of the Holy book they dismiss, and they value emotions over intellect on every contentious issue.

The mind is easily blown when you drop all your STEM subjects.

Their thought process doesn’t require them to be correct through reason, logic or facts. That burden is on the shoulders of the conservative. The liberal idea only needs to be trendy, popular and hedonistic to be accepted as a truth. Overgeneralized, ignorant and emotional these precepts authorize every liberal to fulfill their sacred and gender neutral obligation to the universe – the correction of God’s oversights.

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173 thoughts on “3 Liberals Ideas You Will Be Tempted To Debunk Over Christmas Dinner”

    1. So very much true. Hitler was on to something when he began killing them off. But I’m not concerned…..know why? Because the white man is superior. Our evolution has pushed us so close to being like gods now. I honestly think in just a few generations, we would start to develop extra abilities. Better sight, or hearing. Higher tolerances to heat and cold. Even more exotic powers like mind-reading and telekenesis. What can non-whites do against such power? We are close people. I feel it.

        1. Oh hi there. I though you were leaving Justin. You just can’t stay away from the white man huh. You must be infatuated with us I guess.

        2. some of them are genuine, some of them aren’t. Its difficult to tell. Anyone doing something as crude as advocating genocide is posting that for a very deliberate reason with a view to the reaction’s that will arise. I am not suggesting the guy isn’t a neo-nazi, but there’s a long tradition of fancy dress as well

        3. Justin Drake is yet ANOTHER idiot who is unaware that our website is being raided by leftypol Jews pretending to be white supremacists.
          Either way, they’re correct to a certain extent, Hitler was up to something and these two Jews going around pretending to be white to destroy the ROK readership proves it.
          And it also proves that many ROK readers are as gullible and dumb as a bag of bricks.
          It’s like you idiots have never contemplated the word “disinformation”.

        4. Yeah, leaving your enemies alive to pester you for generations was smart.
          As soon as you soft pussies get a taste of the hard life you wont concern yourself with limp wristed virtue signalling. Youll have grown past that pathetic programming.
          Genocide is a trigger word and you tits werent savvy enough to know you where being conditioned.
          When the shoe is on the other foot, expect no mercy from your subhuman pets.

      1. @Jim
        I left the comments section of that other article. I really didn’t expect to find you clowns here too. I might have to leave the manosphere altogether.
        And btw. I’m white too. Yea I saw your last comment from the other article.

        1. Even if you are white, you sound like a race traitor anyway or some brainwashed cuck. Those of use who are awakened know that we are superior. Something you can’t seem to grasp. This makes you doubt you are white. No white man can possibly be this dumb. Blacks can be but not whites.

        2. @Jim
          Wow. You have no idea how dumb you are. With all your nonsense about whites having telepathy and how whites invented everything and all that racist Stormfront trash.
          I’m outta here. This shit is just too absurd now.

      2. Research bio-augmentations, AI and all that jazz, their goals are exactly what you wish for: superpowers and shit.
        Geeks think this will be cool. I don’t. Burn it to the ground.

        1. We already have societies of Eloi and Morlocks. Welles was right about this 120 years ago.
          But goodbye middle class. The internet, a simple enough device, has already gutted the middle class.
          Gen Y already has a diminishing labor market and lives at home jobless or working in a Bistro at age 40.
          And where will the welfare be for the unemployed.
          Also, we have seen that unskilled whites are mincemeat for blacks in the cities. They are not as feral or aggressive and every city has unskilled whites stuck in decaying neighborhoods.
          So please don’t tell me whites will rise to the occasion of 70% unemployment and feral blacks eating everything in their way and suddenly seize back the streets.
          Whites out with the Morlocks will be killed and eaten.
          How are she-boons with IQ’s of 87 going to adapt? At what point will so few whites be employed that welfare ceases to exist?
          The average German gets his ass kicked by Black GI’s around a US military base.
          So much for the white master race. Yes indeed, AI is going to be great for the masses with an IQ on the left side of the bell curve.

      3. Jim’s nut: your god-complex is borderline mental retardation. And that’s coming from a white guy. For all the brilliant white minds throughout history, we also have Honey Boo-Boo. I have a feeling you relate more to her than Einstein.

        1. I’m just stating facts, whites are far superior. How does that give me a god complex?
          Also, even the “Boo-Boo” whites you mentioned are many times smarter than the smartest blacks, and other non-whites. We whites are superior, even the less smart ones.

        2. Well, if you want to play the IQ card you got to be fair you poor excuse for white supremacists. Asians score higher than us.
          Let me guess, you’re probably Jews or SJW’s or little girls pretending to be the worst version of what white possible to attempt to make us all look dumb and maybe get this site banned. Give it a rest dipshits, you’re not fooling me.

        3. @asdasda
          Even if Asians score higher than us, we are still responsible for the nearly all, if not all of man’s greatest achievements.
          It’s interesting how you’re so quick to defend Asians. If you’re white, you must be a race traitor. If you’re not white, then you’re a jew or some other evolutionary mistake like brown people.

        4. Einstein was Jewish and clearly Semitic at that. All curly hair and a long Palestinian hooked nose. No “Master Race” Aryan there.

        5. Einstein WAS Jewish. You can scarcely talk about white genius without some Semitic looking Jew materializing.
          And while whites have reached the moon they cannot solve the problems in Baltimore or keep 5-time deportees from shooting a Jewish woman with a firearm in San Francisco.

        6. @ Jim’s balls,
          LOL, girl, I debunked your line of, “Whites are the smartest,” which you agreed with, then try to say that I’m a race traitor because of it.
          Well, honey, I’m just tired of stupidity. It’s not hard to do your research before making bold claims, I mean, you have the fucking internet right in front of your fucking face. Don’t ya? If you were a real white supremacist and not a Leftypol troll I’d be embarrassed to have you part of my race. I’m all for eugenics, and guess who wouldn’t make the list? People on the internet who can’t use the internet, for one.

        7. Jews have an IQ deviation ABOVE whites (10 IQ points another words) which is about 75% of that between whites and blacks.
          This is why Jewish gangsters in Atlantic City or Italian mob guys are not getting busted on COPS in the trailer park with the meth and stolen property in their clunker pickup (Same reason Italian gangsters live to be 45 and Crips live to be 21).
          Likewise white trash are a slightly smarter than blacks and won’t be driving a stolen vehicle when they are pulled over.
          You can rate IQ by the criminal outlying types: Yakuza are far more sophisticated than Outlaw Bikers who themselves are far more sophisticated than Bloods.
          Italian cartels in the US are far more sophisticated than Mexican cartels.
          So believe me, Jews and Asians quietly believe that whites are low IQ and inferior.
          Asian intelligence is more of an Asberger’s Syndrome. None of them will seize Hollywood from Irish-Catholics (LOTS OF THESE IN FILM) and Jews.
          Jews on the other hand are going to continue being the billionaires that invent a parasitical device such as FACEBOOK that offers no practical value to humanity but offers a diversion.
          White proles in the Flyover can be made to believe what Jews in the Media tell them BECAUSE of this IQ difference. Jews are able to raise millions of dollars to make motion pictures and distribute them BECAUSE of this same IQ difference.
          It is not as big as that between the average Swede and black, but it is considerable.
          Why is LA or NYC a bigger and better economy than Central West Virginia? Whose running it? Central America laborers? Appalachian strippers who have come North to work in Italian-mob owned bars? Blacks on welfare with 5 children?
          The Jews have long since learned that trying to cut out other groups in a free enterprise system will only lead to poor angry people who try to rob them since they will be walking over poor blacks in the street.
          Therefore they “co-opt” them through liberalism which allows enough money to be recycled for blacks to be participants in the Democratic system (Even crack whores).

      4. SOME white people are superior. Not all. What makes you so superior? What have you accomplished that’s so great? Don’t claim the great accomplishments of other whites as your own simply because you are white. Because there are definitely a lot of inferior white people out there.

        1. European-White civilization and culture is among the superior ones, even the first among the superior ones – just going by its total domination of the planet for the past 500 years. It is declining not because of invasion from outside or because a more superior competitive civilization/culture has sprung up, but because of the arrogance, hubris and lately decadence – ironically brought about by the very dominance it enjoyed for the past 500 years. Now other cultures catching up and most importantly, elites along with the dregs from other (poorer/backward) lands coming over – invited by haughty and arrogant, decadent white elites – and end up competing with the middling in the West and completely routing them, while the invading dregs are being coddled by the still arrogant, haughty and self serving white elites. The dregs and the middling of all races are in a a free for all. All shit is hitting the fan. That is what we are seeing on this site as well. A detached and aloof observer can actually find it quite fascinating, if he has an escape plan to cover his ass when the shit turns deadly.

        2. Its david brock and the boys, here to poison the well.
          It works better here than other places because you guys are too hung up on “optics”.
          I guess your forgetting that no matter what you do, youll ALWAYS be the evil racist.
          See those cucktards like romney and those filthy White cunt try ‘musicians’ ignoring White orphans to get their little black bundle of status?
          Yeah, the dumb niggers and commie faggota STILL call them racist.

    2. There is still hope. Whites are superior and if we follow logic through to conclusion, we can see that we will win in the end. The white man is practically a god on this planet. You really think the future belongs to mongrels and Jews? They are inferior to us. We will prevail due to our superior genetics.

        1. Ah thanks. But I’m not much of a speaker. I’ll do my part wherever I can for the future of the white race. Count on that!

        1. @Karolina Nowicka
          I’m proud of the acomplishments of my race. There is nothing wrong with pride in your race. You should try it.

      1. “Whites are superior” Jews and Asians have a higher IQ. Blacks have a lower IQ but are physically better specimens in general-stronger, bigger cocks, more fertile.
        Whites are neither. They have a balance of both assets on average as dictated by an environment that was temperate.

        1. reply to your comment further down
          “At the sexual level, women are essentially a receptacle for penises and semen. So society views the number of different men whose penises and semen was left in them.”
          But society seems increasingly to be about hiding and encrypting such things. Progress, making a better more equal world or whatever seems to be about protecting people from unacceptable realities and from any possible consequences

        1. …I’ll lay odds that you live at home in your twenties and have never even lived on your own outside your city in a college dormitory and you are scared of blacks on the street who have the big lips and the big dicks and you have only had sex with 3 girls in your entire life and you jerk off to porn everyday because women are not attracted to a young man who lives at home.
          Most Jews and Asians your age are wrapping up that STEM degree or selling that screenplay but you are anonymous in your poverty.
          Your state is below the Dixie line and no Jews want to live there anyhow because they regard it as a dump. Nor do Asians or immigrants. It is a pure Anglo Celtic declining burg.
          I don’t have inbred relatives. You do.

        1. You are probably from a city or state with more inbreeding than mine. Below Dixie, outside of the Northeast Rustbelt, deep in White Negro land where no Asian or Jew would stop to shit. Am I right, or do you live in LA or NYC…I doubt it.

    3. Most liberals are not Jews but whites. Most feminazis are gentile whites. Most pros, communist and environmentalist fools in West are gentile whites. The gentile white liberal and other white elites to cover for their guilt for their ancestral crimes (in their own view) cucked with their own nation, culture and future and now you hate on Jews and other Americans for your predicament.

      1. Doesn’t matter. Jews are still to blame. Read Hitler’s works. He figured it out. Too bad the world was denied his genius.

        1. HUMBLE WHITE
          Jews have an IQ that is 7 points higher than whites on average.
          So the reality is that unlike the rest of the “muds” any AI or techno-industrial development will include Jews because they are intelligent and this has been honed through centuries of living by their wits as nomads (I’m a nomad myself and can attest to the degree that forced adaptation increases IQ).
          So they are not going to be “left behind” by any technological development.
          Nor am I a Jew or a cuck who likes to be fucked in the ass by Jewish Harvard STEM graduates.
          But don’t kid yourself. They are smarter than you are and in Europe they learned that it required more than building walls around their houses to keep the angry lower IQ masses from exterminating them. They will continue to co-opt the blacks, Hispanics, Muslims as low-IQ shock troops in societal terms.
          Most Jews are smarter than you, my boy. It is a fact. Nepotism plays a significant factor and geography an even bigger one (Agribusiness however might be controlled by Jews so the idea of Flyover white “proles” simply shutting down food supplies to the significant cities on the East Coast or in the South where Jews live is not practical). But the bottom line is that they are highly intelligent.

        2. @GEN X-ILE
          Are you saying that we are doomed to be dominated by jews forever? Are we just going to concede this world to them? Hitler succeeded in freeing Germany from them despite how smart they are. I think we can do the same.

        3. @GEN X-ILE
          Well I for one won’t stand for it. We must secure a future for our people at ANY COST!
          I don’t care how smart they are, I believe in my race and we can overcome them. Hitler showed us the way. We should try and emulate his example. To do otherwise would mean extinction for whites, which is the goal of the Jewish people. I don’t advocate giving up just because of 7 IQ points.

        4. How Asian-Americans & Arabs Escape Jewish Influence: What I Learned Overseas
          A) Koreans slinging booze in the black ghetto and Arabs don’t give a shit about the crap that Hollywood shoves down the Goy’s throat. They watch their own movies because unlike whites they have their own economy financing films and their own distributors. All this is owned by Jews in the US. Let us say you made a movie about a Palestinian hero killing evil Jews. Try releasing it. You’ll be stopped dead.
          B) Koreans and Italian-Americans and Arabs don’t believe what the government tells them anyhow. They come from ancient races steeped in corrupt civilizations like Rome or the Ming Dynasty or India currently run by Keptocrats. The Anglo-Saxon believes some alcoholic bum like George Bush who tells them to support his disastrous wars because he “found religion” and of course the Goy in the Red State believes this East Coast huckster after seeing a picture of him clearing brush on his Texas farm. The Korean or Asian (Or Jew) cares only for money.
          C) Whites are more intelligent than blacks but more likely to make the same mistakes than Asians or Arabs or Jews-out-of-wedlock kids, lack of education, petty crime, stupid addictions. When was the last time on COPS an Asian or Jew was busted in a clunker smoking crack in the open air with a kilo of meth in his glove compartment? It will be a Negro or white trash. Then they GO INTO A SYSTEM RUN BY Jewish lawyers, judges, politicians. The young skinhead goes in front of Judge JEW-DY and she sentences him to prison KNOWING blacks will use him as a sex slave. Asians do not put themselves as the mercy of the Jewish-run judicial system.
          D) Asians and Arabs have overseas networks. As do Jews. The US white is hated by the European as a mongrel peasant and the European is regarded as a “Eurofag” cuck by the US white. Asians, Arabs and Jews have overseas networks.

        5. Ethnic White/Asian Success
          1) Asians are smart. One White Stormer blurted this out. Italians and other ethnic whites have a “peasant cunning”. Both groups are wary. The Anglo-Celt is a fool.
          2) Asians are less soaked in porn. They have their own anyhow. Jews don’t control it. Other races are not “cucked” by porn to the same degree. Anglo-Celtics have been reduced to masturbating jelly and exhibitionists though in some ways this has caused the Jews in porn to bleed out money like Al Goldstein who died in a homeless shelter.
          3) Geography. Asians and ethnic whites live in the capitols of coastal cities at the entry of culture and finance and trade. Point blank. How many Koreans do you meet in Kansas.
          4) Asians don’t give a shit about anything but money or policies that affect their money flow. Gentiles obsess over Clinton’s morality or some stupid shit. Asians and other immigrants don’t.
          5) Asians have no deep roots. If a neighborhood begins to worsen and property values decline Asians move. Jews move first, in fact. Whites believe in “ties to community”. This is a load of shit and the government does not care about old people whose house is worth nothing raped by feral blacks like Detroit.
          6) Asians are smarter criminals. The heroin is getting into North America from the Golden Triangle but how many Asians are busted on COPS in a car with 12 vehicular violations and the subsequent search reveals stolen property in the back and a kilo of meth in the glove compartment. Asian heroin dealers leave their drugs in their safe house. White proles get sucked into a legal system run by Jews by committing stupid felonies. Tony Soprano the mob boss is not going to be pulled over on COPS. How many Italian mobsters are busted on that show?
          7) Asian and Jewish girls make up a HUGE percentage of sex workers (Prostitutes and porn stars, respectively) but it is the stupid white girls from the exurbs who get pregnant at 20 out of wedlock in Indiana. Out-of-wedlock birth is higher for poor rural and exurban whites. If you have kids in this economy below the age of 30 with no college degree those kids were born lower class, basically. Pummeled in public schools, no chance of attending university.
          Also, many Asians and Jews are gay. Gay males have no dependents and both partners are working. Less are on welfare.
          8) Whites are wrapped up “constitutional rights” and the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. Asians and Jews care only for the loopholes they can find in the legal or political system. They put no faith in it.
          Asians and Jews and some ethnic whites can FUCK OFF to other countries when the going gets tough. The Anglo-Celt in Indian or a dying Kentucky coal mining town is stuck there. They cannot leave. Their skills are not fluid and also they lack any initiative to do so. Same with blacks. Do you suppose Asians and Jews wait for the “jobs to come back”. They won’t. A city will simply eventually become like Detroit which was similar to Haiti. The US government deems a city or region not worth bailing out so it does not do so and that city or region becomes a Flint. The government does not give a shit about community or family values.
          9) Asians are neutral-patriotic. They regard a president like Bush as an alcoholic moron with a thin-legal excuse for invading a country and they thought Obama was a Negro shyster lawyer. Nothing can make them believe that Arabs (Earlier Russians when Chuck Norris was young) will parachute out of planes in Idaho swinging scimitars. They are smarter than this.
          I reject and despise the US and America because I personally feel Anglo-Celtic Americans are inferior to my pure own European genes and are peasants while my own family were minor aristocracy.
          Asians feel the same way. They quietly believe the same things about whites that whites believe about blacks. Less intelligent, more violent and aggressive, more promiscuous.

      2. Lol
        You just have a hard time distinguishing who is White and who isnt.
        Jews are not White. They used their cunning and greed to marry into White families and act lime one of use when it suits them and immediately plays the special victim card when it suits them.
        Thats why they are called parasites when every other rival is just called assholes or dickheads.

      1. MICHEAL
        In Britain you flee to Wales and rural areas to the North or to France just as the Celts did from the Danes and Germanic tribes.
        Only this time you are running away from Gypsies, Muslims and Blacks.
        Same principle. Families of White Brits like their ancient ancestors will retreat to the foggy mountains of Wales driven from their population centers.

        1. i’m mixed race, white / asian. If I’ve fled the big city it’s mainly because of property prices. Nobody flees to wales, maybe Herefordshire or shropshire

        2. Do Europeans recognize that their own governments are in open war against them?
          Its way past time to come to the US and stock up on contraband to take back whats theirs.
          BY FORCE

      2. Either way the will do what Celts did. Celts moved to Brittany back when invaders came. Now it is happening again.

      1. Liar.
        Egyptians laugh at your pathetic nonsense even more than we do.
        Seriously, all you got is we wuz kangz and you stole that like you steal everything else.

    4. All of these idiots, including “Justin” are in on the troll.
      Most likely Jewish activists, but possibly Intelligence.
      It was inevitable that RoK would attract jewish shills just like every other place where people speak freely. The greatest threat to the Jew is that folks will awaken to his schemes and begin discussing it amongst themselves.
      The Disqus system made it a little harder for them to do it, so we didn’t see it as much. Who knows how to code and wants to make 10 million dollars? Write a free speech competitor to Disqus. It looks simple as fuck to my eyes.

    5. Plenty of self hating trash giv8ng their preprogrammed down votes.
      Pavlovian dogs obey their master to their own detriment.
      ANYONE who puts oyhers before their own is a PIECE OF SHIT.
      They can take their pathetic White guilt to cannibal lands in apefrica and never return.

  1. When liberals speak I ignore them. When they seek to draw me into their conversation I shut them down. There is nothing to gain communicating with people as ignorant of reality as liberals are.
    Enjoy the holidays! Great article.

      1. “There is zero reason to engage them, I wish more saw it the way you do.”
        Thank you. It is only in the last few months I began cutting them off and ignoring them. After 52 years alive, I am convinced liberals are rancid, rude, disrespectful, sacks of shit. They dwell on problems, not solutions.
        Enjoy the holidays Disgusting Fatbody.

  2. First off, I think this is a mistake. Discussing something with a civlized human being is one thing, but any cretin that comes to a family gathering and starts a political argument is neither human nor civilized. The proper response is to pick the jackass up and throw him out the door. Since that won’t be done, option#2 is to tool the living hell out of the moron.
    That’s right, tool the little bitch/worm. Get them into a fine screaming meltdown. Some excellent phrases could be “well, once we gave you women the right to vote, it was pretty much all over from there”. Let her lose her fucking mind. Then sit back and enjoy the show. When she starts to calm down a bit, pour some more fuel on the fire. Giggle your ass off. If someone calls you an asshole, give them your full asshole smirk.
    “Mostly, I just get a glass of wine thrown in my face”
    Is this really a problem? What if you had a glass of wine ready for exactly that scenario so you could throw it right back in her face? Or better yet, a can of beer? How about this trick, grab a can of beer, shake it up, point it at your head at an angle that will cause it to bounce off and spray all over her dress and then open it while yelling “FORGIVE ME MY SINS! FORGIVE ME MY SINS! BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!” How would that be anything other than purely awesome? Or what if you came prepared with a can of whipped cream to spray all over her dress and hair?
    Seriously, what are these gutless morons going to do? Fight you? For real? And that would be a problem why? Because you hate legally beating the living crap out of a jackass? How is that anything other than a perfect win?
    Guys, when your boss or family patriarch decides to put up with a parasite, the onus is on the leader who made that decision NOT ON YOU.
    And just to be clear, I promise you, that the little creeps are bringing these topics up because they want to see you have a meltdown, NOT because they give a shit about little things like “right” and “wrong”

  3. “How do I argue in favour of the value of this book, against people who dismissed it before having read it in its narrative entirety?”
    Don’t. Matthew 11:15.

    1. Exactly.
      Why even associate with such trash?
      I couldnt care less if someone is related to me, if they worship moloch and vote Dim, they can fuck off forever.

  4. “Their thought process doesn’t require them to be correct through reason, logic or facts.”
    Lol. That can be said about lots of conservatives too.
    And those of you, gentlemen, who had sex prior marriage but bitch about loose women and people spitting on the Church, should really have themselves neutered. Hypocrisy shouldn’t breed.

    1. This site has been a real circlejerk for a long time. But now, reading the comments, I feel like observing a wild mutual masturbation orgy.

    2. it may or may not be a double standard, but as most here would happily point out it is a double standard that reflects the fact that both men and women hold men and women respectively to different standards and those different standards reflect something more than cultural norms: a woman who sleeps around cannot be entrusted with the propagation of a man’s genetic legacy i.e. if it is a prejudice it is a very rational prejudice. If a man sleeps around on the other hand for the same reason – he is maximising his chances of reproductive success, both literally if he is siring children and in terms of attracting women who compete with each other for men who are successful with women. One could argue that sleeping around may have maximise a woman’s chance of getting ‘alpha seed’ or some such thing, but the contrary argument that it damages her chances of reproductive success seems more likely. The exception to this is the idea of the beta bucks, alpha fucks model of female relationships, which is as you might imagine is not particularly highly regarded in this neck of the woods.
      The tldr is simply that it doesn’t always make sense to speak of double standards if different circumstances obtain

      1. Promiscuity may impact men and women differently on psychological and social level, but I was referring to morality.

        1. post-marriage / relationship I’d agree. No screwing around. because it’s in the contract. Prior to that its a conscientious matter, but should that not reflect the fact that society values female ‘chastity’ more or less to the same extent that despises the same in men. If you accuse a girl of being ‘virgin who lives in mum’s basement’ they’ll be guys queuing up to meet her. How many girls are desperate to meet a male basement dwelling virgin? How does one apply a double standard to such a different incentive system?

        2. @ MichaelMobius
          I live in a country where it’s much more common to stay with your parents when you are an adult than it is in US… I suppose. My partner had only 1 woman (I believe him) before me and he still lived with his mom. I lived with my parents and was a virgin. We were full adults.
          I wasn’t looking for a rich, successful alpha male as I am not an alpha successful female.
          I also don’t give a fuck what the society wants, supports or admires.

        3. “I also don’t give a fuck what the society wants, supports or admires.”
          That’s a lie. You care. That’s why you’re here arguing about it.
          People who don’t care what people think about them don’t say things like, “I don’t give a fuck what people think about me.” They just show it. When you get all pissed off, you blow your cover.

        4. I wanted to write you are projecting but I think you simply misunderstood. I argue because I care about some issues, because I like expressing my opinion, etc, etc. It doesn’t mean I find the society’s opinions relevant. I can and will argue but it’s not the same as giving something extra meaning.

        5. MICHAEL
          This is true. Male sexual performance is part of the attraction to women and few women want to deflower a 40 year old virgin. They want a big-dicked man who can use his penis like a porn star.
          At the sexual level, women are essentially a receptacle for penises and semen. So society views the number of different men whose penises and semen was left in them.
          Males are the insertion side of intercourse so they are judged as a tool of functionality-is the man’s penis strong and obvious the number of sex partners who have orgasms matters (Subconsciously) to women. Whereas a man does not want to know that a woman’s mouth or vagina has led many males to orgasm.
          We see this in the ghetto where black sexual behavior skews toward that of primates and women actually fight over the favors of an Alpha male while Betas resort to sex workers which is why prostitutes are common in the black ghetto.
          Also, more black women often have a certain STD than males, because of this harem-type reproduction pattern where by one male is the Alpha and every other male simply has no access to sex partners.

        6. I’m not saying everybody of one sex or the other is the same but that those double standards reflect mate selection strategies / priorities across the board. Those factors can be suppressed by society or bucked by the individual, but when we try to pretend they aren’t there, for instance because we’re trying to create a different world where they really wouldn’t be there, then we’re doing violence to the reality on the ground. Factors like living with family will be interpreted differently according to social attitudes that themselves will reflect social and economic factors, but a man who can demonstrate independent and high economic status will always have an advantage next to one that doesn’t. We live in a society that likes to pretend that isn’t true

        7. @ MichaelMobius
          Yes, we are animals, so we tend to submit to our primitive nature. That’s reality. But we should strive to look for more than mere physical appearance and/or position on the social ladder.

        8. “Yes, we are animals, so we tend to submit to our primitive nature. That’s reality. But we should strive to look for more than mere physical appearance and/or position on the social ladder.”
          Few would disagree with that, but if in the process we end up pretending that those factors don’t exist when in fact they do that may just produce a different kind of unfairness. The danger of seeking to transcend circumstances is that you end up floating up into the clouds – until gravity kicks in at least

      You make a good point. Also I disagree about women not being as intelligent as men. In terms of verbal ability (Which makes them excellent lawyers, judges, writers) they might actually be somewhat more dexterous than males.

      1. Thanks, but big numbers mean literally nothing. Our abilities and skills are so different that stats become useless in individual cases. 🙂

  5. Ya know, since I, by random chance, stumbled across this site over a month ago- and still find it enlightening and curious, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the reason for all this racial ass-biting. It cheapens the the whole value the The Roosh intended I think. Yes, I see where the practicing members of the Jewish faith are clannish and peculiar, but they’ve never hurt me or mine. I tend to hold everyone I don’t know at arms length until natural human suspicion passes or experience takes over. Am I ignoring to the fact that society and civil discourse has cratered because the Left and everything they stand for is somehow successful at those few mental midgets who believe they are here and therefore more enlightened? This seems weird.

    1. Are you arguing that race and ethnicity have no bearing on socio-political dynamics? If so, you should read all the historical books you can get your hands on because you have much to learn.

    2. “Never hurt me or mine”
      You are too stupid to even bother insulting.
      Good job showing how virtuous you believe yourself to be, very inspiring. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  6. Strange, all this white power and anti-semitism suddenly, and the feminists who keep turning up of a sudden, after a long absence. Might make one think the site is being targeted for some reason. Or..
    My abiding interest is in how these things are managed

      1. you have to feel sorry for them. They are both attracted and repelled at the same time. One has to empathize with their inner turmoil

    1. There’s an almost certain possibility that these “white supremacist” comments aren’t made by real white supremacists, rather wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to get this site banned.
      It’s a simple tactic and would work quite well if they weren’t so blatant about it.

      1. I’m beginning to suspect that you’re some kind of jewish shill, sent to divide us. We need to stand together against the zionist cabal that’s trying to exterminate the white race, yet you’re here trying to decide who is and isn’t a white supremacist. We whites need to stand together more now than ever.

      2. The last thing I want is for this site to get banned. It’s one of the few places on the internet where I can speak the truth.

      3. Why would anyone ban this site? We white supremacists have been here since ROK began. Why ban it now? This place has always been about saving the white race from extinction.

      4. Almost every “White Supremacist” in the world is a Jewish intelligence operative. It’s been proven time and again.
        Most good White men simply want to be left alone.

    2. Im sure none of us actively troll their shitty blogs but they cant help but come and disrupt what they cannot control.

    I will support you on the first and 3rd, but not on Christianity. Why?
    Please see the website Jesusneverexisted in the com domain.
    There are over 100 scholarly books that prove that Jewsus is just a fabricated myth.
    Also, a book called Caesar’s Messiah, by Joseph Atwill shows the myth was invented by the Romans to control the real “Jews” who were fighting Rome.
    And finally:
    “This eternal accusation against Christianity I shall write upon all walls, wherever walls are to be found I have letters that even the blind will be able to see. I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough, I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. are you that who used to post about the genealogy of morals all the time….what was his name again….nah its gone

    2. I’ve been a Nietzsche reader during 20 years. It is a no way.
      Try to believe in Jesus Christ, as the Word of God, his son. Try just two weeks, to accept him as your lord. Try to meditate his words in the Bible, then ask him a question. You will see the light in your life, a sudden fairy, all things coming together, making sense with who you are.
      Nietzsche was wrong about Jesus.
      Jesus wanted the health for people, he cured.
      Jesus says yes to the life, because he resurrected forever. While the Dionysos of Nietzsche, is dismembered.
      Jesus wanted us as supermen, he wants us to be like God. Not humans. Gods, by letting Jesus filling our soul with the God’s spirit.
      Truth is that satan is real, demons are real, and we need God and Jesus Christ to save us from evil and the hell.

    3. I’m more gnostic in my beliefs regarding old literature. Many stories like Genesis were never meant to be taken literally, they’re metaphors. Trouble is these metaphors aren’t in their original form, they’ve been perverted. Here’s a link to the Secret Book of John which was found in the 1970’s, it tells the origin story a little differently. Like, seriously, give this a read, it’s not long and quite interesting.
      And, as I mentioned, the original stories/tales/metaphors/historic accounts (whatever word you prefer) have been perverted. Did you know that, “the matrix” now is quoted in the Bible on 5 occasions in the King James version?
      I won’t say Mandela Effect but…

    4. Atheist edgelord with a totally convincing screed. Impressive.
      No wonder you can break that 2% of the population.

  8. It’s disingenuous to call those who are not Christians Pagan, equating them with this disgusting and degenerate Judeo-Western “culture”.
    Not everyone believes in your Torah fairytales and the Jewish messiah sci-fi sequel.
    In fact, it is precisely because Christianity is a continuation of Judaism that I reject it.
    Plus it is cosmologically unsound. When a child-killing pedophile gets to go to heaven because on his deathbed he says sorry and accepts Jesus, but an ascetic monk in Tibet goes to hell for never even hearing about Jesus goes to hell, then there is something wrong with your religion.
    I’ve been part of almost every mainstream denomination, and some fringe sects of Christianity, and all I can say is that Christians are synthetic jews. Such a cuck thing for a White man to do.

    1. Please check where, when, and which white countries degenerated into leftism, foreigners fucking their women, cuck society, feminism, nonsense, loss of dignity and reason ? The ones who lost their faith, their religion. You underestimate the power of “fairytales”.
      Wether it is Christianity, or other. Religion, Faith in God is the essence of a race. Take out the essence and then remains the flesh, but the flesh is stupid with its passions only.
      Jesus Christ is the best path to live with God. Monks of buddhism or others are judged depending on their intentions, good or bad, the law it they act good, they will go to heaven, but they won’t live near of God as if they were Christians. Christians have the grace, others have the law of good and evil.

      1. White men shouldn’t need fairytales like gods and demons. We sent men to the moon for crying out loud. We are gods. We have mastered the secrets of the universe as is our birthright as white men. If anything, browns should be worshiping us. Only Gods can touch the heavens.

      2. It all started with vatican 2 in the 60s, then they went into education.
        Now they own the government.
        Only a soppy cunt would down vote you.

    2. Yea, white men need to stop being cucks. We are the most highly evolved species on the planet. We shouldn’t be worshiping gods, we are gods. We bent this world to out will.

  9. These trolls were entertaining at first but it has grown stale.
    BTW-My keyboard is still bigger than yours will ever be.

  10. Whats with all this religious crap recently?
    The bible IS irrelevalt.. because religion is just a form of manipulation and control. Take everything people naturally desire, sex as a classic example and make it a sin so they can control people and get money from them.

  11. Bring up the issue of racism of white libtards. If white libtards are not racist, then why won’t they move into majority black run cities in majority black areas of town?
    What about racist countries like Mexico that won’t import a couple million Muslim Somalies or Africans in general?

    1. Even dumbass mexicans know better than to invite somali animals into their land.
      Obviously, anyone who does that is committing treason.

  12. Wow, just look at all these Neo-Nazis showing up at exactly the same time to pollute the comments section and make this site look like a white supremacist lounge…
    I wonder (((who))) these people are or (((why))) they might be posting here all of a sudden?

      1. The only difference between that article and this one is where the hate has been directed. Over there it was against blacks and women who have sex with them. Over here it’s the Jews. But it’s all the same hateful Neo-Nazi nonsense.

        1. Oh wow. Didn’t you say you were leaving this site for good bro? Why are you still here peddling your divisive bullshit?

    1. Captain Haddock,
      Lol, I was suspicious too when I read, “yeah, us white supremacists…” who talks like that? It sounds like a cartoon. “Well us white supremacists,” *wink wink nudge nudge.

      1. The funny thing is they are forced to adopt these cartoonish caricatures for two reasons:
        1. They don’t have a clue what they are really dealing with.
        2. If they toned down their views they would be too close to certain truths they don’t want discussed.

    2. Your only part right but miles ahead of many.
      Im not going to hide my preferences but Im also not.going to yell 1488 everywjwre.
      This shilling will end whem the race baiting elicits yawns.
      When the uncucking happens, the trollcunts will have to find a new shtick.

  13. The Bible is quite relevant, thank you. The word of God is not intended to control you, but to provide guidance to help control yourself. No one asked you to vomit up your opinion as to whether you believe or not. Perhaps a “live and let live” attitude is best here. Yet organized religion in any form is a hallmark of civilization. Turn your back on that at your own peril. (Like any former great society.) Yet without our muscular Jesus the World will be ushered into about 1000 years of islamic slaughter and darkness. 270,000,000 lost souls can’t be wrong.

    1. The Bible is a Jewish text. No white man should be reading it and polluting his mind with Jewish filth. The white man needs to look inward for his God and he may find that he is his own God. Look at our achievements. We don’t need God. We are Gods.

      1. you are your own God is pretty compatible with kabbalah don’t you think? At least Crowley used to think so, and he just loved kabbalah, thought he changed the k to a q

    2. I don’t look to a fictional being to tell me what to do and I don’t give a fuck about ‘live and let live’ and i’ll happily speak out against the bullshit of religion. Funny though how you’re not taking your own advice of ‘live and let live are you’.

  14. The Bible says that a VIRGIN have birth to God after He impregnated her with Himself. And you guys believe it.

  15. @Karolina Nowicka
    Dear Karolina:
    Welcome to this site and thanks for your comments. I would love to argue with you and awaken you to a few things.
    I don’t mean to sound crude, but first of all, a lady must never use f-words. Not only she loses respect, but she comes out as stupid. Why? Because she does not have IT that it takes to f…. So she can’t “f you” or anybody else.
    Secondly, if she says f— you to a man, and she is good looking, the man will say “sure, where, when?” So the joke, or rather the cuss word, is on her.
    Thirdly, as a man, I have X and Y chromosomes. If the world ends tomorrow and I (or any man) is the only man alive, I or he can rebuild the whole civilization. But if a million women are alive (and no man), they will all perish, as they lack Y chromosome.
    So a man is biologically superior to a woman. Sorry, but that’s how God made it. Any questions, honey?

  16. How low has this site become. Roosh, consider eradicating the comment section of this site and keep the rants for your forum (if they escape the banning process).

    1. I find it interesting to read the comments. There is great deal of insight in these posters.
      As a Gen X 43 year old who rarely meets Gen Y (Fewer of them can live overseas these days because they won’t save any money) I am interested in the. I’ve noticed the following:
      A) It appears harder to get laid.
      B) There is more anti-Jewish sentiment but at the same time more Gentiles are addicted to pornography.
      C) More Gen Y live at home.
      D) It is harder, for some reason, for them to attend university.

        1. I don’t think anything can be done for Gen Y. They are just going to have it the worst of any generation yet born because they were hatched in a wonderful decade of prosperity when Negros could own a McMansion and then the dumb rednecks voted for an alcoholic bum because he swore he had found religion and instead of getting oil the gas prices rose 150% by the time he left office with Iraq in shambles.
          The 1990’s were a good time to leave America because in the year 2000 when the Old Media was predicting that 2017 would be an era of untold pleasure and prosperity the entire white world collapsed into Opaid abuse and cuckdom until finally Swedish families were pushed into the road to make way for Sand Negros in the shelters so they could rape the kind-volunteers (Who were male).
          Gen Y as children were raised in a PC world where it took a village to raise a child and then instead of voting for weather-wise Al Gore the Deep State rednecks who make poor white trash believe that Seinfeld is running the world got a stupid bum elected who resulted in Katrina which reminded blacks that the GOP did not give a fuck about their “Latrina” so they got even by electing an Afro-Indonesian president who was a tried to solve everybody’s problems with a free Obama Phone.
          Since I left in 1999 and went to Dubai I watched the US go down and decided I would stay in other countries.
          But even Einstein (Or some other clever Jew) could not solve the problems. A dumb landlord definitely won’t but neither could Hillary who smoked too much weed in the 70’s when she and Bill were wife-swapping.
          No suggestions here. Just some cynicism from a guy who managed to skulk around overseas eking out a living.

  17. “But when exactly did men overpower women to the extent that women require them to concede and democratize their power?”
    Every second article on this site explains how women need to be “gamed”, “trained” and harassed into submission. Every second article boasts that women NEED to serve men. So fuck off with your utter hypocrisy.
    Most of you are unable to treat a woman as real partner and as a human being, most of you desire a kitchen robot with a slim figure. This is the main idea of this website. Cook for yourselves and jerk off, assholes.

  18. YAWN
    Let’s face it. Most of the guys on this site are not earning 6 figures and living in NYC penthouse.
    They have no power, no real money, no impressive career. All of the things they associate with Jews.
    Of course Mel Gibson is an exception but for the most part Gentiles making a fortune in Hollywood are not on Stormfront.
    You can guess the following about the posters here:
    1) Nothing cities or towns. Rural, semi-rural.
    2) Unimpressive salary.
    3) Intimidated by blacks and Hispanics in street situations.
    4) Never met a celebrity.
    5) Education limited to high school or at bet bachelor’s degree.
    6) Average looking.
    7) Rely on porn despite accusing the Jews of corrupting them.
    8) No power or influence or personal connections to important people.
    9) Geographically limited.

      1. You can’t go that far without Mom and Dad’s permission. You’re only 17 years old. Well maybe 20 years old but you still live at home.
        I think your Mom saw you jacking off in the shower and it turned her on. She’s probably a horny cougar.
        Tell her to come on this site and fap to me.

  19. The reason liberals accuse conservatives of “hate” as motivation is simple. Liberals truly ARE motivated by hate. Not disagreement or difference of opinion – liberals are motivated by seething, boiling, burning hatred (of what they don’t understand). As such, it’s all they can relate to. Classic protectionism.

  20. There’s nothing to be gained by a discussion with liberals. I guess I’m fortunate in that we don’t have any mentally ill folks in my family, but my advice to those that do is simply don’t associate with them at all. You’ll have a much merrier Christmas.

  21. Stop feeding the f*cking trolls, guys. Damn, it makes you look so gullible and naive. If we are to have loosely moderated comments you guys are going to have to learn how to spot shills and trolls, and how to shut them down. Going back and forth with them is exactly what they want.
    Anyway good article. I’d be interested in reading what it’s like to be a conservative coloured South African as well.

    1. JOHN
      You have to factor age into this-I’m probably 20 years older than the average Gen Y poster here who is 23 and to a cynical Gen X-er of the Reality Bites era the children of Yuppies born in 1995 or something seem immature and unworldly.
      4-Chan types were when? 1996? 1998?
      Gen Y seems bone-sick of Jews since one of them was blowing Clinton in the white house.
      And no, I’m not Jewish and never was Jewish. But it is interesting that many whites who would have been Slackers who supported Clinton in the 90’s are now GOP Republicans.
      To be honest, finally, Jews have gotten a great deal MORE wealthy and their Christian host has not since the nineties. There is more of a feeling that Jews are ripping whites off somehow since 1995. Maybe they have. I don’t know.
      Older posters (Of which you MAY be one) can remember that it was proles and suburban middle-class whites (Not Jews) that voted for an alcoholic bum named George Bush because they bought his “Walker:Texas Ranger” imitation (The guy was born in Massachusetts and raised in Los Angeles) and this led to the sorry state of affairs that Gen Y grew up with.

    2. “Gullible and Naive”
      They are. They were born in the glorious 90’s era of prosperity and their earliest memory is “Walker: Texas Ranger” on television.

  22. For the “Hitler as killer” crowd, pick up the book “6 Million: fact or fiction?”. Great history, concise read. For the poster of the article, read this https://dailykenn.blogspot.com/2014/09/4-steps-to-deprogramming-cultural.html?m=1. You can’t have a rational discussion with an emotional being. So insert a relevant thought, briefly, when they gasp for air between spoken chapters of self righteousness. Statistics on custody and divorce are good for feminists. Anyhoo you can’t undo years of brainwashing in one dinner conversation, but you can plant the seed of healing.

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  24. Very good observations- as a fellow South African I concur cultural Marxism hasn’t reached the level of inane, vulgar insanity displayed in the West and hope it never will nevertheless the appalling ignorance behind progressive thinking shines through their insipid arguments and is tantamount to arguing with a child, a low-IQ individual, or a misfit.
    Thanks for a great article.

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