Indian Race Troll Launches Jihad Against The Simpsons Character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Left-leaning Bill Clinton may have been President for most of the 90s, but at least he wasn’t going after Apu from The Simpsons when the character debuted. Leftists in 2017, however, are doing just that. A “comedian” named Hari Kondabolu filmed a documentary, “The Problem with Apu,” that insists that the character, after 25 years, is a vehicle for spreading anti-Indian racism in the United States and beyond.

Because the immigrant owner of the Kwik-E-Mart has an arranged marriage (a common enough, if unofficial practice amongst Indians living in America, too), produced lots of children, and runs a convenience store of all things, he is supposedly unfit for television. No doubt many other opportunistic SJWs will be jumping on the bandwagon soon and similarly denouncing the continued existence of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. When one starts, many follow.

Curiously, the voice of Apu, Hank Azaria, says that Kondabolu’s excoriation has been thought-provoking. Probably not thought-provoking enough for Azaria to pay back all the money made from bringing Apu to life, though.

Why not shut down The Simpsons entirely?

Yet we’re told the representation of Apu is not flattering.

We are balls deep in an era where seemingly anything and everything can be termed “offensive” by one or another group. Any representation of a member of a certain ethnic, racial, social, or religious group is apt to be dissected by triggered individuals so it can be vilified and then removed from public consumption after sufficient outrage.

The dining halls at places like Oberlin College have not even been spared. Attempts to make simple sushi or Mexican meals for students, not diners at the Ritz-Carlton, were met with vitriol and cries of racism and non-authentic cultural appropriation. Just as we may as well ban multicultural food from anything but restaurants owned by members of a particular race, we would probably do well to just ban The Simpsons entirely.

Let’s not forget that Homer Simpson is the archetypal representation of the lazy, lower middle-class, and blue-collar white American male. As the funniest character on the show, Homer’s flaws are much more common and emphasized far more frequently than any ethnic-related quirks demonstrated in non-white Apu, who is as cheap as Homer but actually hardworking. We could observe comparably bad things about fellow Caucasian characters Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum, who, like Apu, are voiced by Hank Azaria. All three of the white men are overweight and/or physically repulsive simpletons, too.

The whole situation is made sadder when we remind ourselves that Simpsons creator Matt Groening went to Evergreen State College, the same institution where academic Bret Weinstein was punished with death threats and nearly attacked many times for supporting free speech. Groening’s politics may be atrocious by our standards, but he has had enough humor over the years to harmlessly poke fun at people in ways that are now considered “racist,” “fascist,” or worthy of losing one’s job.

What is funny but “acceptable” nowadays?

Hari Kondabolu.

What can we say nowadays? What can we make fun of? Is a mannerism or feature portrayed in a television or film character to be perceived as a representation of everyone who shares the character’s religion, race, or ethnicity? The answer to the last question is “yes” if we take the reactions of SJWs.

We’ve already seen this with women and Gone Girl. This drama film was designated “misogynistic” and therefore terrible by most feminists and SJWs because, by showing the main female character as a skilled and deadly manipulator, it apparently showed all women as being like her.

I predict that Apu will either be killed off from The Simpsons or made so irrelevant and politically correct that Matt Groening and others will wish he had been written out of the show altogether.

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      1. Isn’t it amusing when you chaps were somehow absent from the previous thread about Ukrainian girls after I posted this video as first comment?

        It almost seems like you were embarrassed to turn up. And now here you all are posting uninspired comments. If I were a suspicious person I’d say you leftypollers will go and post this thread up on your boards as a trophy thinking you “got one” over us and fooled us, or whatever. Well, I can fuck your plans up quite easily by disclosing the simple fact that everyone here who isn’t trolling already knew you were leftypollers. And isn’t it heartwarming that no real member here agrees with you, hence your little experiment only proved that we’re not stormfront V2. So go ahead and disrupt another thread, I’ll just keep posting the same video showing we know who you are.
        Oh, and have a nice day.

      2. What the fuk are you talking about? Do you know that Indians are currently ranked the largest number of immigrants trying to get into America? They already are getting qualified American workers replaced by cheap H1b visa workers from India. If that’s not all, all the international students coming on visas are coming in the majority from India. They are all trying to immigrate and get in here. They already took over the UK, Canada, and now Australia. New Jersey, Bay Area California, parts of Texas, Seattle, Chicago, and parts of NYC have become fully occupied by ALL Indians! Who is doing the IRS phone call scam? Indians. Who are after our White women? Indians. Who are trying to invade Hollywood? Indians. If you think Jews are going to take over, you’re mistakenly wrong. Indians are the largest baby boomers right now. And they are going to keep growing.

        1. Better then mexicans at least.
          Who cares abiut white women….u guys are running to brazil for women.
          If u aint fuckin em someone else will

      3. You’ve got to be kidding. they are a massive demographic threat to any and all minority groups. They reproduce like rats, and the strategy of the Indian government is to deal with overpopulation through exporting Indians. 82 IQ, 5 kids per woman. Major threat.

    1. Do you know that Indians are currently ranked the largest number of immigrants trying to get into America? They already are getting qualified American workers replaced by cheap H1b visa workers from India. If that’s not all, all the international students coming on visas are coming in the majority from India. They are all trying to immigrate and get in here. They already took over the UK, Canada, and now Australia. New Jersey, Bay Area California, parts of Texas, Seattle, Chicago, and parts of NYC have become fully occupied by ALL Indians! Who is doing the IRS phone call scam? Indians. Who are after our White women? Indians. Who are trying to invade Hollywood? Indians. If you think Jews are going to take over, you’re mistakenly wrong. Indians are the largest baby boomers right now. And they are going to keep growing.

  1. This article exposes one of the keys to dismantling the SJW Left.
    Writers like Groening and Seth MacFarlane have been getting away with this for years and I was wondering when it would finally be noticed as an exploit.
    The Left is basically a conglomerate of many disparate victim groups, all vying for attention and funding. They have a shaky bargain between them to unite for as long as it takes to dispose of their common enemy: White Males. When that is achieved they will all turn on each other in a Battle Royale for political power.
    The fracture points running through this amalgamation of losers are so deep and numerous that the whole enterprise can be broken apart with some carefully applied pressure.
    We must use accelerationism to hasten the day when every single slight against any group, past or present, is treated as a National Outrage. Except for White Men of course. Use troll accounts to agree and amplify, and start hashtags exposing any leftist comedian who has ever made fun of any racial group, the handicapped, women, etc.
    The goal is to get normies to recognize how absurd victim identity politics are, while also noticing the glaring hypocrisy in mass media which routinely targets Whites and Christians for vulgar insults while treating every other group like precious children.
    Awakened Whites will finally form pressure groups of their own, to bombard (((media producers))) with outrage letters just like they used to do.
    The final result is that our Foreign Occupied Media will be forced into a choice: either abandon identity politics altogether (which they will not be able to do) or increase their attacks on White Men to the point that they trigger a mass uprising.

    1. “The final result is that our Foreign Occupied Media will be forced into a choice: either abandon identity politics altogether (which they will not be able to do) or increase their attacks on White Men to the point that they trigger a mass uprising.”
      That’s an interesting hypothesis but I have doubts that it would play out this way.
      Just look at how #MeToo is evolving. Is there any major media outlet that called for us to suspend the rush to judgment of the accused? Were there any prominent figures that called for the rule of law? Evidence? Due Process? I haven’t read any, and if so the mainstream media sure as hell isn’t reporting it.
      We all hope that logic and sanity would prevail but 50 years of leftism and third wave feminism have soaked western brains in guilt, misinformation, and faulty reasoning.

      1. Zionists are responsible for this. Their overall goal is the extinction of the white race. Though triggering a mass uprising of whites is not gonna turn out the way they think. Hitler knew as we all know that whites are the most evolved species on the Earth. He tried to capture the Earth for us and our children. If we as whites rise up, no one can stop us. Hitler called us the Ubermench, a supermen. The powers we whites have means no one can win any war against us. So let them continue pushing us. They’ll get what they’re asking for.

    2. The key to dismantling the left is to get rid of all non-whites in America. America is a white country and should stay a white country. We should do what Hitler attempted to do for Germany, and “get rid” of inferior races.

    3. I’m reminded of the “He for She” campaign by the smug and laughably naive Emma Watson who thinks that inviting men to become male feminist white knights is somehow going to solve feminism’s image problem.
      She was immediately hounded by THE LEFT for “white female privilege” and said she was crying in her (no doubt very expensive) bed about how the leftist world didn’t laud her for taking up the apparently neglected cause of advocating men need to pay more attention to the plight of pretty women.
      Feminism started out as a white female supremest movement with non-white women (and men) being used as sort of human shields for their agenda: “Give a white woman affirmative action or you’re worse than the KKK!” they’d shriek. Nevermind that her KKK daddy bought her a BMW to drive at college.
      Nonetheless, I was rather disgusted when she did a status update a year later when she said that many colleges had adopted her theme and were setting up special resources for man-hating male feminists to harass the poor guys on the campus (with their own tuition money!)
      What I find amusing about this particular PC rant in this article is that Indian Americans are the MOST notorious racists on the planet (they even have a “caste” system that engaged in Jim Crow style treatment of minorities for CENTURIES!) They make white foreigners pay a “white tax” and overcharge them by 2X to 4X as much for most services as for non-whites. They routinely discriminate against non-Indians (and by caste) when they get well paying jobs in the USA. They are quick to cry racism while engaging in it making them masters of modern PC race politics.

      1. Yep, they are currently being sued by woman and non-indians for racial and sexual discrimination.
        Indian businesses do not hire women or non-Indian men. Wipro, Cognysis, Tata… all 98% Indian males. They are racist bastards.

  2. I fucking hate special snowflakes with a burning passion. They ruin everything. “ZoMG tHaT iS OfFenSiVe!!!” Weaklings, all of them. Now they want to ruin the Simpsons too? I can’t stand to be in their presence or even read about them.

    1. You hate the wrong people. The Jews are to blame for our current state of affairs. They are on a mission to exterminate all whites. All this SJW stuff is a weapon in their arsenal. We cannot sit back and let this happen. We must secure a future for white babies!

      1. Problem with whites is that we dont share a common culture we are many, but divided, often fight each other. Jews are few but all on the same team. IF we did the same the world would be ours in a minute if we really wanted it. We have become too “good” to want stuff like that, but let’s not forget that others have no scruples.

        1. The world will be ours soon. A few generations from now, it’s entirely possible that we would evolve to a next level. Possibly one where we have certain gifts like telepathy. Hitler forsaw this when he talked about the Ubermench.

        2. I wouldn’t worry. We all know that we whites are superior. It’s only a matter of time before water finds it’s level. We are more evolved than any other species and eventually will take back the world using our superior intelligence and other gifts of evolution. By the time whites evolve telekinesis, where do you think nonwhites will be on the evolutionary ladder? Not far from where they are now. Our time could come as soon as the next 100 years.

      2. They want to exterminate us because they are afraid. Whites are by far the best species on Earth. Our superior genes guarantee that any day, we could evolve beyond our current concepts of what it means to be human. We could gain extra senses, even far out abilities like telepathy. Jews know this. Hitler knew it. This is why they killed Hitler and made up the Holocaust so they could use the sympathy to enact plans to wipe out the white race.

    2. Listen, the Simpson’s was already ruined. There’s even a great video that explains it:

      Part of the reason is they ran out of material (South Park had a show: “The Simpsons did it!” to mock how difficult it is to make a show after 20 something years. South Park itself also has some bad shows sometimes as the writers struggle with writer’s block. It turns out they unjam their minds by listening to Wing:

      That’ll unjam your mind if you’re stuck on something.
      Another reason the Simpson’s went downhill was that they felt a need to reveal too much of their PC agenda including defending global warming, pro immigration, and Islamaphobia. Those episodes were weak and even worse, contributed to bad character development.
      Finally, the writers of the show are terrified of hitting their own treasured beliefs where a lot of comedy gold is unmined but fortunately South Park is available. It’s not perfect but about 1/2 of the time they hit the funny bone.

    When I looked at Hari’s face,I remembered why light skinned Indian students (North Indians) in college used to call such people kala kakoos (a word which literally means melena, or dark tarry stools, or black excretum). This is the common term in India for black people.
    SJW’s need to go to India and fight there.

    1. In Latin America, Latinos do the same, we call them PINCHES PRIETOS DE MIERDA. Roughly translated as Fucking Brown Shits.

  4. So, all you have to do is to inflitrate leftists forum, send anathems on popular leftists icons, and see the mob attacking them ?
    It’s mind boggling … Wait, am i doing this for years ?

  5. Gone girl was accurate. I have met some evil, manipulative women in my life, some even my own family members. The only difference is they usually get real crazy after they’re not hot anymore. They manage to keep it bottled up while they’re young and pretty. Oh, and they’re never clever enough to not ruin their own lives as well as the people they were trying to hurt.

  6. Hello red pilled men of ROK.. my comment is totally irrelevant..but since this article involves indians.i think many indian american guys maybe reading this..or any guy..can you please evaluate a pic of mine..whether you think i am pretty( on a scale of 1-10)..i know totally lame and attention seeking..feel free to ignore my comment..However if you do want to give an honest let me know..i will share the link to my pic..its a face only pic…Thanks 🙂

      1. “White people site only”
        Its a site founded and owned by a brown guy….
        C’mon, I’m sure Marx taught you better about subversion and entryism

        1. Game recognized game bro. I’ve seen a lot of comments from awakened whites here. I just want to join in the conversation and help figure out how to defeat the Jewish globalists controlling white nations.

        2. @Great White Hope
          You’re gonna find a lot of cucks here who pretend they are not down with us just because they would rather not say out loud what we all think.

      2. This is not a white people site only. It was created by a Persian guy, and its readers come from all different backgrounds. I am Palestinian, for example…although born and raised in North Carolina.
        I’ve told you before and I will tell you again, stop being such a loser and claiming the accomplishments of other white people as your own. Yes white people have created many great things, but you’re just a loser that thinks he’s just as great as Elon Musk simply because you’re both white.

        1. How is that different from what anyone here does? You guys trash blacks and jews all the time while praising the white man. I feel the same way. Why is this good for you and not for me?

    1. Why are these non-whites suddenly invading our space? Look here, go ask that question of an indian site. This here site, ROK, IS FOR WHITES ONLY!!

      1. Bro I think that misundertand something, this is for masculine men who know how things works. Once we’ve swallowed the red pill we’re all on the same side.

        1. Yes we are on the same side. You guys don’t like that blacks are stealing our women. I don’t either. You guys don’t like that Jews want to exterminate us, I don’t either. Those so called “trolls”, they speak the truth that all whites need to hear.

        2. White men have been cucked by the jew for far too long now. Our daughters are being encouraged to mudshark though TV and movies. Young white men are becoming wiggers in larger and larger numbers. We need to have this talk. White men need to discuss these problems before it’s too late. Don’t wait till your daughter brings home Tyrone and a swollen belly.

        3. @Humble White Supremacist
          If my daughter ever brought home a “Tyrone” I’d shoot that nignog in the face. Life in jail would be worth it to save my baby girl from a life of misery.

  7. Lol, Indian Americans are one of the most successful classes of people in America.
    If your biggest problem is the silly accent of a character from a show thats over a decade past its peak, then life has been pretty good to you.

    1. @TheOnce
      Well said. Hindustanis contribute their best in every field. Good and Bad is everywhere; no way related to race, color, religion etc.
      -There are ‘n’ number of “patriotic !!” people in this Country who use “shadow plates” for their Car numbers, Cross red signals (majority are pussies !) etc.
      -There are hell lot of “patriotic !!” people in this Country who evade taxes, leech out tax payers money and don’t respect law & order
      I wonder why (some) fellow MEN in this Country entertain this kind of mindless and baseless gibberish. If you have any problem with Hindustanis winning in “Spelling Bee”, don’t let them participate !! If you have any problem with Hindustanis taking Jobs, ask the Corporate/Company/Employers NOT to employ !! Tell them; hey, if you are “patriots !!”, do not employ Hindustanis.
      And to morons who claim ROK is for whites/pales; GTFO !!
      ROK is for real MEN. If a fellow MAN is in trouble, I will do whatever I can and extend my support; His “color” is absolutely IRRELEVANT.
      *** Let US stay UNITED ***

      1. Bullcrap. They have rates of medical and insurance fraud 20x that of other groups. Indian doctors are notorious for sexual assault of patients. (Along with pakis and kashmiris). Indian fraud levels are so bad that the US State department warned its staff that they can’t trust Indian documentation.
        As for ‘color is irrelevant’, Indian companies are highly racist. They refuse to hire women or members of other ethnic groups.

    2. Take away insurance fraud and we’ll see how successful they are.
      82 average IQ. Massive rates of fraud, sexual predation, cheating, etc. They compete as families and clans, racking up tons of rentals, etc. Very good with money, but on the whole you are seeing some of the better Indians in the USA. Canada gets the dregs… village idiots with no ambition other than to pump out 5 ugly, hairy broodlings.

  8. “Because the immigrant owner of the Kwik-E-Mart has an arranged marriage (a common enough, if unofficial practice amongst Indians living in America, too), produced lots of children, and runs a convenience store of all things, he is supposedly unfit for television.”
    What’s wrong with arranged marriages, having lots of children and owning your own business?
    Dude seems embarrassed by his own culture. These aren’t things to be embarrassed about…have confidence in yourself sir.

  9. Does this snowflake know it’s a cartoon chock full of stereotypes?
    The donut eating cop, the creepy nuclear plant owner, the dim bulb bartender, the annoying religious person, and on and on.
    South Park is already missed with their mocking of everything.

  10. Since when did ROK become infected with lefties pretending to be Stormfronters? The impersonations are so bad it’s cartoonish. Truly out society has become bored with itself when we must fabricate outrage.

  11. Marvel’s comic books sales slump is the perfect example of how pandering to SJWs is fatal to your business.
    May the show-runners capitulate to this stupidity, it will be the death of the show although it wouldn’t be a big loss seeing how The Simpsons is a shadow of its former self.

    1. Yes. Who ever encourages & feeds this stupid SJWs, will perish. TV show makers, Movie makers, Businesses … no body is “exempt” !!

  12. Characters are only fun if they have a big grain of truth to them, often magnified to the extreme. That’s why Apu and Homer are fun. Take that away and the fun will go away, so will the show since no one will watch it, not even the everything will regulate in the end, either you show something worth watching or you close your station permanently. Perhaps that means the stations will close permanently, but the fun will move somewhere else.

  13. Jim’s left nut, Humble White Supremacist, and all these handles that have conversations with themselves need to get IP checked and Roosh will probably find out that it’s some Canadian IP address owned by that bitter Indian chick who kept calling Roosh a rapist. I bet these handles are all hers.

    1. All I want is for whites to ban together now and deal with the globalist Jewish cabal that is screwing over whites. Isn’t that what we all want?

      1. “All I want is for whites to ban together…” What are we going to ban, exactly? I say we should ban banners saying stuff like, “Ban together.”

  14. Bro Roosh do something with all these White Supremecist trolls, reals or infiltrators, who keeps posting bullshit here. This really shows us in a bad light since we’re not about that at all.

    1. Eh, the the worst thing they are is predictable. But I wouldn’t stress about them giving this site a bad name, they’ve been called out and no one here is agreeing with their fake comments. If anything, all they’ve done is make us look good, so joke’s on them.

        1. This site is filled with race traitors pretending to be white supremacists or if they prefer, “white nationalists”. But they are all just cucks really. Stormfront is where all the honest uncucked whites are.

        2. @WhiteMaster no longtime/legit reader of this site would make a comment like that…Nice try though, we see right through it.
          This site has always been for men. We are all bound by the fact that we have dicks.
          It’s crazy that it wasn’t that long ago that the RoK comment sections were full of informative and insightful thoughts posted by reputable seemingly-quality individuals. It’s a shame to see how far downhill it’s gone

      1. LOL, if anything like this was even remotely happening to any black country than Black men would go on a rampage. Stating the obvious is not white supremacy…even though we do have a lot more to be proud of in our history than blacks. FACT. When talking about female nature subjects like this will come up….ONLY A HARDCORE CUCK doesn’t care at all about his race, ONLY A HARDCORE CUCK wouldn’t give a shit that foreign men are essentially colonizing our nations for free and with some affirmative action sprinkled on top, and ONLY A HARDCORE CUCK would think that having enough female “sexual liberation” to destroy his race is not a big deal. Almost all these white women are going to try and find a white dude later in life to take care of her, and when she can’t find one stupid enough to do so than she going to get angry and demand the government give her shit…or she pops out a half breed and expects white dudes to pay for it. I think the rate of single mother hood for interracial children of white women is like 90-95%…ya, but lets not talk about that. Worrying about the spread and reproduction of anti-white liberal voters is a very important topic homey…especially when many of them take more welfare, commit more crime, and are incapable of competing academically with other groups.

        1. WES THE GREAT
          Mulatto children is part of the Latinization of America when you think about it.
          Look at Brazil. A few pale-skinned Mestizos run the place (Though they will claim to be pure Portuguese) and then you have a vast poor underclass that is Mulatto and black.

    2. What is so wrong about admitting that whites are superior. We invented civilization. We invented everything. We put men on the moon.

        1. I’m in the wrong place if you really believe that. I thought this was a place where whites could gather and celebrate our greatness and discuss our problems as white men in a jewish world. But if you believe that jews are superior then you’re a race traitor and no white man should be associating with you.

    3. Exactly Tom. But nothing to worry. Myself and many more “browns” never really worried or concerned about these “trolls”. We know the reality. I have vast experience of dealing with fellow (white) MEN, on a daily basis and I hardly ever felt or noticed any kind of so called “racism or superiority complex”.
      These leftists and pussies always try to “divide” real MEN. Unfortunately for them; those days are (long) gone !!

  15. You are in the wrong place in any case, and it because of your incessant trolling. It’s one thing to make a reasoned argument about race differences. It’s another to post shallow, baiting statements again and again with nothing to back them up. You are clearly trying to set something off so you can then point a finger at this site and say ‘see how racist it is!’
    Without googling it, what can you tell me about the Berlin racial exposition of the 1930’s and the elements it derived from the US Eugenics movement? Any white supremacist worth his salt should know. You have 30 seconds. Go.

    1. I don’t care about what’s happening in the 1930s. I care about the now. I don’t want my daughter getting pregnant for Jamal because Jews made it look good on TV. I don’t want my son wearing his jeans under his knee because he watched garbage black rap marketed by Jews.
      We need to stop the Jews from spoiling our children. We need to secure a future for white babies now. Not yesterday, not in 1930, TODAY!!

    2. We don’t need to make reasoned arguments for the superiority of the white race. That keyboard you’re using? Invented by whites. The internet? Invented by whites. The flag on the moon!!!….A white man put it there. Look around you. You will see all the proof you need of the magnificence of the white man. What other race has done any of this? Why would something so obvious need explaining?

    3. Race differences? Look at statistics. Blacks commit the majority of violent crime. When was the last time you were scared of being robbed by a white man? I bet you cross the street at night when you see blacks coming down the road.
      More statistics? How many things did blacks or other mongrels invent? How many did whites invent?
      Come on man. We don’t need to state the obvious.

    4. Really? Someone really needs to tell you the difference between a black and a jew or a black and a white? Do you live under a rock?

    5. Take a stroll through a black neighborhood at night. You’d quickly learn everything you need to know about race differences.

    6. I didn’t think anyone needed to explain race differences here of all places. Any white who has been awakened knows what those differences are.

    1. It used to, but now we must move on from that and whine about the Jews. Of course when that gets old, we’ll mock feminists for whining about the patriarchy, but then return to explaining how the Jooze are holding us back.

      1. Zionist Conspiracy….A Poem
        I woke up this morning in my Flyover one-story rental with a brew…
        On my arm was another $10 tattoo
        Where I got it I have no clue…
        Its the fault of Zionist JOOOZE
        Hymie has a penthouse in Manhattan
        The Skiksas giving me all the action
        Make me feel like Mel Gibson and doing a Mad Max ’em
        The JOOZE pollute my mind with porn
        Even ole Ron Jeremy says it is corn
        Yet I jerk off with a lock on my bedroom door
        Living at home and almost 26
        The girls won’t date me because the blacks scope the white chicks
        Now my sister ‘s a mudshark after watching the Chex Mix
        Because white proles only see what they watch out here in the stix
        It is all Jew conspiracy
        And soon our ZOG will be after me
        Because I cannot accept my anonymity
        Or the reality of Red State rust belt white poverty
        I never met a Jew out here in the woods
        Because the Brooklyn ghetto is the Jewish hood
        I claim to be Nordic but great-grandma is an Cherokee Princess
        I’m an Anglo-Celtic Pretendian just like Chuck Norris
        My Mom might be coming so I have to sign out
        She’s a nineties PC Yuppie so my HBD makes her shout
        She doesn’t understand what being Gen Y’s all about
        She had me when she was only 23
        That made her the average age in my rural Red State County
        My Dad was a tweaker and my grandparents mostly raised me
        Mexicans sold the drugs
        But it is all a Zionist Conspiracy…
        Can’t move away from home
        Mom won’t let the girls in her house to bone
        I jerk off to picture on my phone
        Don’t you see
        How clear does it all have to be
        It is a ZION conspiracy.
        Property values how low can you go?
        JOOZE don’t live in the Rustbelt Red State Flyover You Know
        Wakkka Chikkka Wakkka

  16. I bet the author didn’t even watch the documentary. I didn’t watch it either, but here is an interview which gives an idea of what it is about:—exposing–the-problem-with-apu-
    Hari is hardly a troll, nor is he waging a “jihad” against Simpsons like this article attempts to sensationalize. In fact he clearly says he doesn’t care what happens to Apu. The documentary is about a much deeper problem with stereotyping when there is not enough representation in the pop culture. If you want to argue against political correctness at least use a good example.

  17. A super dark Indian woman won miss universe or miss america last year here in the states. There were liberal articles admitting India would never vote for an Indian so dark in their own country.

    1. Whoa, that’s news to me. What next? Are you going to tell me that white people don’t like being pasty white and spend ton of money to look darker than they actually are?

  18. Majority of us Indian-Americans don’t give two shits about this and frankly I find it really funny. I am so mad at these guys for turning us into a community that can’t take a joke. I mean crap load of people make fun of Hinduism and you don’t see a brown dude wearing saffron blowing up shit or threatening South Park. Btw a lot of guys are gonna make fun of me here but Imma reply with “want a hug bro ?”

    1. Way to go Singh, that’s the attitude. One thing I noticed, Indians can’t take a joke. Simpson’s is full of stereo types, be it red neck, Jews or Chinese. I remember an episode which made fun of elon musk
      No one is offended, it’s a joke Indians, take it in the right spirit and laugh it off.
      America is a great country compared to the trash you came from, enjoy the freedom.

      1. Dude it’s funny as hell. Majority of North Indians actually find NPC jokes funny be it on them. If it’s on pakistanis or Muslims, go crazy. *Bro hug

  19. Desi girls are hot, you gotta admit that. Yes they’re hairy, but they can shave. And maybe they smell like curry, but they can use deodorant for that, and I LOVE INDIAN FOOD i’m such a fan it smells amazing.

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