American Skier Lindsey Vonn Injures Her Back Two Days After Criticizing Donald Trump

Via Fox News:

American skiing star Lindsey Vonn has withdrawn from her Sunday events at the World Cup in Switzerland after suffering a back injury during a super-G race on Saturday.

The injury occurred two days after she criticized President Donald Trump in an interview about the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

“I am extremely disappointed,” Vonn tweeted Sunday, “but my biggest goal this season is the Olympics and I need to take care of myself now so I can be ready for next week, and more importantly, for February.”

On Saturday, Vonn crossed the finish line in obvious distress, almost one second behind the then-leader, and slumped to the snow.

Vonn’s tentative run after jarring her back early on placed her 24th, trailing 1.56 seconds behind the surprise winner, Jasmine Flury of Switzerland. The race was shortened due to strong winds higher up the mountain.

Vonn stayed in the finish house to be treated, and one hour later limped slowly into a waiting car to be driven from the St. Moritz course.

Minutes earlier, her father Alan Kildow told the Associated Press his daughter was “OK.”

Vonn tweeted Saturday that she had suffered an “acute facet (spinal joint) dysfunction.”

Saturday’s race was interrupted several times by gusts lifting flurries of snow, and Vonn was left standing at the gate as the No. 4 starter during the first delay of about three minutes. She stayed warm with a thick jacket draped on her shoulders.

Vonn did not speak with media or fans before getting into the car, and wore the hood of a United States team jacket up to shield her face from television cameras tracking her.

The two-time Olympic medalist told CNN in an interview that aired Thursday that she would “absolutely not” visit the White House if the United States Olympic team gets a traditional post-games invitation.

“I was asked my opinion and I gave it,” Vonn told reporters Friday. “I mean, it’s not necessarily my place to be sticking my nose in politics, but as an athlete I do have a voice.”

Looking ahead to the Feb. 9-25 Pyeongchang Winter Games in South Korea, Vonn told CNN she hoped “to represent the people of the United States, not the president.”

Though Vonn did not mention Trump by name, the athlete activists she said Friday she admired included Colin Kaepernick. The president has responded to the NFL quarterback by posting confrontational messages on Twitter.

“People like Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe and Colin Kaepernick,” Vonn said in the post-race interview zone. “There’s definitely been a lot of people that have made their voice heard and made a positive impact.”

“I’m not trying to be negative in any way, I’m trying to be positive,” said the 33-year-old Vonn, whose 77 World Cup race wins leads the women’s all-time list. “All those people have made a positive impact and hopefully my message does as well.”

Vonn told CNN she took the Olympics and “what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony” very seriously.

“I want to represent our country well,” said the 33-year-old skier, who also has seven career world championships medals, including two gold. “I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”

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226 thoughts on “American Skier Lindsey Vonn Injures Her Back Two Days After Criticizing Donald Trump”

      1. She’s a race traitor. In pre-WW2 Germany, she would have been gassed along with the Jews. We need to think about continuing the work of the glorious 3rd Reich.

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          2. Use of the word “glorious.” Who talks like that? Again, overzealous. Wishful thinking on your part that there is anyone left on the planet who would say the words, “glorious third Reich.” If you would have just said ,”third Reich,” and dropped the “glorious,” it would have been more believable.
          You sound like an old lesbian with way too much time on his hands.

        2. @Captain Morningwood
          I’m not here for upvotes. I’m here because I see others like myself who are aware that the white race is being assaulted by the Jew and are willing to talk about it. Hopefully, we can encourage each other to do something about it too.
          The 3rd Reich already gave us the template for the necessary actions.

        3. Captain Morningwood you’re either a boomer or a normie if such a post shocks you.
          That sort of hyperbola is what’s hip and cool now with young pll–It’s /pol/ and DS culture.

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        1. She will still have a lot of influence in society due to her fame, bitter or not. This could lead to young girls mudsharking, in their attempts to imitate her. We need to start lynching race traitors so we can nip this in the bud. Even famous ones like her.

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        3. @ Da Blackman,
          Don’t confuse brainwashing with sex appeal. And I’m saying this without an ounce of jealousy. Girls ONLY follow trends. Before Obama was in office it was slim pickings for black men. Since then we’ve had the vast majority of white celebrities dating black men and, all of a sudden, non celebrity girls want a black man.
          To further drum this in, over the generations girls have gone for Elvis Types when Elvis was popular, Beatle types, when the Beatles were popular, David Bowie types, when Bowie was popular, and so on and so on. This is just how it is.
          Men are far less susceptible, hence why we scratch our heads when we see girls suddenly arm-in-arm with Jihadi’s.
          So take pride in your body, your grooming and all that, but understand your skin colour is ONLY a fashion statement. Just how it goes, unfortunately.

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        6. Know how to Test. The care of the wise must guard against the snare of the wicked. Great judgment is needed to test that of another. It is more important to know the characteristics and properties of persons than those of vegetables and minerals. It is indeed one of the shrewdest things in life. You can tell metals by their ring and men by their voice. Words are proof of integrity, deeds still more. Here one requires extraordinary care, deep observation, subtle discernment, and judicious decision.

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      4. @Captain Morningwood
        You don’t think we need to gas race traitors, jews and blacks? What should we do then? Stay on these boards and complain? Tell me? How do we save the white race?

        1. All of your posts are really repetitive. You say the same thing; “hey guys, we need to gas the blacks.” And you keep saying “us whites.” Then you asked one of your leftist friends to join you and pose as a white supremist. It looks really fake. It reinforces just how ignorant liberals are. You think white supremists sit around talking about gassing people all day long. Reminds me of Team America when Gary poses as a terrorist and says, “hey guys, you know of any terrorist activities going on soon?” I’m sticking with my original guess; you are a bitter old lesbian troll.

        2. @Captain Morningwood
          I agree this is probably some fat neckbeard or lesbian trying to troll.
          Research has shown that while right-wingers are good at imitating leftists, leftists are terrible at imitating right-wingers.
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        1. “I Hate Jews and Blacks”
          “Crazy White Dude”
          “Humble White Supremacist”
          Does anyone know where this sudden influx of overacting SJW trolls coming from?

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        Sure its not very developed, crime stricken and dangerous, but there are a few pretty peaople there, at least Im told, along with under achieving IQs and development.

    3. @asdasda, its not brainwashing, although you saying that I know it makes you feel better, We are just better with women. I was getting bad white bitches with Bush in office, no problem at all. getting women can’t be explained in the mechanical way you guys are trying here, with all these acronyms and shit, it just makes you end up coming off as creepy wierdos. U gotta be more smooth with it, and kind of just dance with them. Like i said, be humble and learn from some black men, and become the men you want to be. Hell i want to nothing worse than some sexually repressed white men with guns walking around everywhere. Learn the game from the creators of it. Now come give your big black daddy a hug…

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      2. @ Blackman, look man, you’re talking to someone who has zero problem getting quality women. I hate bragging online but I feel the need to, just to clarify my stance. I have above average looks, above average dick size, above average body, confidence etc. So what I’m telling you about brainwashing doesn’t come from a place of jealousy, it comes from a place of understanding the herd mentality of women.
        Here’s another really, really simple example: they see a celebrity with a special red dress -> they go buy the same dress. They see a celebrity with a new hairstyle -> they go get the same cut. And they see a celebrity with a black man -> they go get a black man. Ordinary girls want to be princesses and the modern day princess is a celebrity. It really, truly is that simple, they’re just little girls, mentally speaking.
        So, in conclusion, I stand by my assertation, your skin colour is JUST a fashion trend so make the most of it till the next trend comes along.

        1. @asdasda, The fact that you have to think of another mans appeal shows you have a problem, I have never in my life wondered why some women liked a certain man or group of men. I can see at times how i affect the white mans ego when i step into a room, its a mix of envy, hero worship, and hate, its really sick and sad for them. As for the silly idea that my smooth black skin is just a fashion statement, you know what it is, FOR ME, i love how it looks when i dress it up, how it shines when i sweat lightly to accentuate my ripped body. I even love when the white girls treat me like a God because of my long dreadlocks… DAM THIS IS GOD SHIT. I digress, Its simple man, get in the game hard or get out, because me and mine and making money, driving nice fast cars, traveling the world, working out, just living fucking right dammit. On top of all that we are good looking american black men, aka “world celebrities”, so save the crying bitch boy, and come give your black daddy a hug……..

        2. @ da Blackman,
          The fact that you’re getting upset that I point out the simple fact that it’s only fashionable this decade, and no previous decade (and probably no future decade), for white women, who have been pumped full of the media always showing white celebs with black men, to want to imitate their idols, shows that your ego is way too fragile.
          And if you have a fragile ego, like a lot of white supremacists do, then you’re not nearly as alpha as you think you are.
          Face it, a lot of the value you think you have is a fake construct. Be happy about it, you’re currently able to fuck girls who are way out of your league because of it. Of course, Arabs are next “new black” (I have already seen that trend starting), which will make both you and I scratch our heads, but hey, girls are pack animals and not that bright.

      3. 70yrs ago, youd be swinging from a tree. You can thank OJ Simpson and the Western Media for encouraging vile race mixing.

    4. She’s 33 and a strict pro athlete – and breeding isn’t on her timetable. She’s totally denatured and defeating her natural purpose to breed – just like a cubicle worker. In addition she is managed and coached along her career path. Left alone to her own devices she wouldn’t know what her biological purpose is and at 33 it’s too late for her to realize her true calling to BREED, to TIT FEED and to SERVICE her patriarchal master.
      Fags go down the same road as the sterile women athletes like Lindsay Vonn. Sex for fags is an option for entertainment but not for breeding. They’re that much detached from reality. A fag will stick his tool into a goat’s asshole or a tailpipe, whatever gets him off. A fag no longer knows the intended natural purpose of his own asshole either. Because fags can’t procreate, they see no difference between sticking their dick into a pigs ear versus an electric socket. That’s what sterile denaturing does. It makes you reproductively STUPID.
      Reproductively, Lindsay Vonn is stuck in the same conundrum as a typical fag, only worse because no woman knows what the hell they’re doing unless governed by a patriarch. Nothing about Lindsay Vonn is controlled by a patriarch. She’s runnin LOOSE in feminized society. She looks like she skiid right out of a tampon commercial.
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      She’s unnatural and fucked up on the feminine aspect. She can excel in skiing but never mothering. She traded in every other aspect of herself to be like an idiot savant rainman on the ski slope. And it all comes at the expense of her more important aspects to fulfill her natural purpose to churn out white offspring. And because she’s female, she doesn’t even see the bad example she puts out for young breeder white females when she mudsharks.
      I knew a competetive swimmer girl who clammed up and would*not*breed for anything and swore she’d never get prego because it would ruin her swimming career. She had a decent husband who managed to knock her up eventually. With the new baby, the mother then goes on a several years long bitter streak of bitching. She constantly lamented losing her swimming career so under the threat of divorce rape, she made the guy stay home and bottle feed the baby so she could work some stupid air head job. Duuuh makes sense??? If you’re an improperly managed female, anything flies right?? I would have SLAPPED that dumb bitch and made HER stay home and tit feed. But I guess the guy was beta. He was young 20 ish.
      Those career white woman athletes need yanked out of sports and domesticated. Some sports is good, but a lifetime sports career is overkill. Still a little sports is ESSENTIAL for preventing fatassedness and for limbering them up to become breeders for a daddy man with a big white dick. Fitness and sports while they’re young keeps them loosey goosey where they can bend themselves up like a pretzel. An essential talent to develop by the time they reach breeding age.

      Lindsay Vonn should have been removed from sports at her peak at 17, then domesticated, deprogrammed and slammed prego by a BIG WHITE DICKMAN and bonked upside the head with the red pill patriarchal hammer. What a loss. She would have been an awesome breeder with kick ass genes.

        1. John Holmes made Bruthas cry. Then Peter North and Jonah Falcon, the largest man on the planet at 14 inches. All white.
          Blacks are only slightly bigger when non erect, or when it doesnt count. Whites on average are larger when erect.

    1. Ehhh….. too far.
      It’s far more enjoyable just watching these childless and knocking-on-the-wall pre spinsters turn into bitter old hags. She’s already been sidelined as damaged goods by countless high status men due to her mudsharking.

      1. Yeah, she is rapidly hurdling toward Chelsea Handler/Ashley Judd territory… barren, bitter spinsters who used to be hot.

      2. No, he didn’t go too far. We need these dirty race traitors to die before the further degrade perfect white genes by mating with mongrels. We must save our race, no action toward that end is going too far.

        1. We need to institute a program to cleanse these undesirable mixed breeds from the Earth. If only America wasn’t filled with cucks. Hopefully, now that we have Trump, he could do for America what Adolf H did for Germany and kill all these nonwhite trash.

    1. Yup…. and after he was outed for shagging countless other white wimminz behind his Nordic trophy wife’s back. Shows the pathetic standards women will have in partner selection as long as he has fame and $$$.

  1. Filthy race traitor.
    I can understand a desperate White man who screws a non-white. But the minute he pulls his dick out of her the story is over and he can decide to never do it again.
    But once black seed touches a white slut she is ruined for life. I choose to believe in telegony in the sense of planning for the worst but hoping for the best.
    Filthy slut dishonors her race. You broke more than just ur back bitch.
    Once u go black we never want u back.

    1. My man! *High five*
      The Jew is to blame in all this. They use their media control to encourage many beautiful white girls to betray their race and breed with inferiors. I think whites need to make a stand and deal with this. We need to start lynching blacks again and gassing Jews like they did in Germany. Then we can save our women from this Jewish corruption.

      1. Bring it punk. Their a whole bunch of black conservatives with guns and plenty of white conservatives (think people like Tim Kennedy) who will back us up.

    2. I almost wrote this site of gathering place for cucks. But you have restored by faith in this place as a place where whites can discuss our problems.

    3. Even a desperate white man shouldn’t betray his race by screwing nonwhites. We are the most highly evolved species on Earth. Why would we spoil that evolutionary achievement by mating with animals? If all this mudsharking were to stop, I bet whites would evolved into superbeings in just a few decades. It was predicted by the 3rd Reich. We are the only people on Earth who can produce the Ubermench. Preserving our genetic heritage is the most important thing we can do to help reach that goal.

      1. I always love when people point this out. If it wasn’t for all this mudsharking, we whites would have probably evolved telepathy by now.

    1. Kinda like that other blonde lady people thought was hot….. oh yeah. Anna Kournikova.
      And as far as brunettes go…. Danica Patrick. And as far as Asians go… Michelle Wie.

      1. Anna, Danica, and Michelle all seemed Much classier though. I think Anna dated Federov, which tells me she was raised right, unlike fatso amazon Vaughn.

      2. Anna’s a beard. Got 100% confirmation from a friend in the industry that Enrique Iglesias is openly gay (when in a studio setting).

        1. How does Enrique being gay help whites in our cause to defeat the Jew? Stay on topic please. We need good whites like yourself focused.

  2. Vonn is just another jock with an opinion. Just like the NFL SJWs her opinion is based on feelings instead of reasoning and is completely devoid of anything resembling logical empiricism.
    I don’t wish her injury or ill will. I’d like to say that I wish her irrelevancy but considering she’s a “professional” skier, I think she’s already attained that.
    We have reached the pinnacle of pro sports fandom in the major sports, including the NFL. I am not claiming the league will collapse but irreparable damage has been done insofar as the next generation will not be worshipping the athletes in the same way as past generations did. There are MANY other entertainment options out there and an increasing percentage of the population is turned off by the social causes the league purports to ally with.
    As for Vonn, she is grossly overestimating the number of people who care about her sport and her outlook in general. If anything, she’s now shifted many folks’ outlook on her from neutral to negative. I really didn’t know who she was but now I do, don’t really like or agree with her, and will be sure to avoid products known to have a connection with her.

    1. Tiger is a skrawny Blasian with clearly beta nice guy mannerisms and swagger. He would be in the sexual doldrums all of his teenage and adult life if he just didn’t have fame and money on his side.

      1. Fame and money he received in an “evil white society” in a sport that was typically dominated by rich white dudes who enjoyed watching him play. Funny how that happens.

        1. Yea, so true. We whites give these mongrel creatures everything and they still don’t know how to say thanks. They should be worshiping us. We might as well be Gods to them. I think we need to start acting like the Gods we are and punish these creatures when they dare disrespect the white man.

        1. Tiger- washed up, HGH taking, right place right time in golf when no real competition was around. He was a shooting star, his exit almost as fast as his take off. Little adversity and he folds like a cheap suit. Product of a bastard relationship with mental issues like so many bastard babies.

    2. No, we are mad because she betrayed her race. No white person should seek to destroy godly white genes by mixing with filth.

      1. Whites need to start forming gangs to stomp on these blacks when they even think about a white woman. Our daughters are getting defiled by filth. Wake up white man!

  3. “I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”
    Where the fuck’s your head been the last 8 years, you numb cooze!
    The funniest thing is, even dipshit Krapernick has a much higher profile than Vonn, whose main claim to fame in the sports world is getting pronged by Tiger (as pointed out in previous comments). Seriously, what American who’s not actually one of white and privileged that Vonn surely despises (yes, including herself), gives a single shit about skiing?

  4. You can always tell SJWs just by the people they support. Billie Jean King (Lesbian) Arthur Ashe (Died at 49 with AIDS) and Colin Kaepernick a Hoodrat on top of that she’s a Mudsharking Skank, I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot bargepole.

    1. Probably all the black dudes who come to this site looking for PUA advice and now they are angry that whites dudes are speaking their opinion and stating the obvious facts of life. Or it could be a cucked white boy.

    2. Careful with statements like that. Some people ’round here will accuse you of being a Jewish left-footy shill.

      1. I’ve seen you around here. You’re a dumb race traitor too. GTFO of here. This is a site for awakened whites, not mongrel lovers like you.

      2. Actually it was “leftypol” I believe. Also, I remember you. You aren’t down with us. So why are you commenting here? Always wanted to ask you that. Kept forgetting. Are you white?

        1. You actually think I want to talk with racist trash like you? Don’t address me please. I’m not into your nonsense. I only come here because I was around when the manosphere wasn’t about racist shit. Sites like this was never about who was mudsharking or jewish conspiracies. You’re actually the one that shouldn’t be here.

        2. @U_U White…uh, preserving your race and tribe from foreign invaders who vote 90% against your own tribe is something that any masculine man would be pissed off at. “You actually think I want to talk with racist trash like you”…just like a faggot liberal. People like you are cowards. You live in a wealthy world created by the very people you would consider “racist”!!!! All other races are racist and bigoted as well, the only difference is white man cannot be and white man has to give his nations to others…interesting how that happened…oh wait, it is typically thanks to morons like you.
          “Sites like this was never about who was mudsharking or jewish conspiracies”…lol, Donovan Sharp, the black writer, did a whole article about what is wrong with mudsharks like 2 years ago. But oh, I guess that since he is black he can talk about it, and it is not that big of a deal to you….right??? It is kind of like when Tommoy Sotomayor always says he wants his daughters to get with a white dude…that’s cool and progressive…but imagine if a white father said the same thing about his white daughter?? OMG, RACIST RACIST!!!

        3. @Wes the Great
          “uh, preserving your race and tribe from foreign invaders who vote 90% against your own tribe is something that any masculine man would be pissed off at.”
          Nazi Germany showed us how to deal with this. We need to do this same as they did then. We need to gas these fuckin Jews. And while we at it, we should gas the Mexicans and c00ns too. We are the superior race. We should be able to pull this off just as easily as the Nazis did with enough of us.

    I have noticed that some of the best comments are getting more down votes.
    Looks like the Hasbara trolls have targeted this site. Working out of an internet cafe in Tel Aviv. Maybe they choose their list base don SPLC.
    Also, these trolls were telling Roosh to ban commentators who spoke up against the Judaists or ban comments totally. They tried the same tactics on other alt-right websites.
    And Yes, Lindsey Vonn is a gutter woman to go around with kala kakoos (a word Indian students used at the uni for black ppl, which literally means black feces).

    1. They went racial because losers and basement dwellers caught on to this site that once shined as a light for all men who needed guidance. I still read the old articles and miss some of the writers. Keep on keeping on sir.

      1. Nah the internet is just becoming more fashy and ur just a cuck to the left of a shifting overton window.
        “Oh no! Not racism! *cry cry*”
        Lol cry harder woman.

    2. I admittedly kind of started it ( I mean what self-respecting white man likes mudsharks?), but then all the crypto-Jews went ape shit and started posting blatantly pot-stirring Nazi-esque drivel. They are easy to spot though. Downvote their ass into oblivion.

      1. Dude, you said what whites need to hear. We don’t like mudsharks. Don’t take an apologetic tone for saying the right thing.

      2. Preach it brother. I’m pretty sure if you had a daughter and she brought home a c00n, you’d shoot that fucker dead instantly. Any self-respecting white would. Don’t apologize for doing the right thing my white brother.

        1. If I raised a daughter who brought home a dindu, the first bullet would go to her.
          I don’t see what’s so shocking about that. Muslims commit honor killings ALL the time and feminists and liberals defend it.
          Consider offing a mudshark as an honor killing lol

    3. I didn’t go racial, Roosh.
      I went “size-al”.
      Lind-zilla is an amazon.
      6′ tall, 160 lbs…disgusting.
      Females should be 5’1″ and 95 lbs.
      IMO of course…

    4. The butthurt troll is making the most noise and all the calls for violence. Even normies will be triggered by mudsharks….

    5. Well, when white countries are getting invaded by racist foreigners who vote 90% with the degenerate liberals and who always preach about how evil whites are…white dudes are going to get pretty racist. It is actually really masculine to not want to get conquered and colonized by failed races of people who couldn’t get their own nations working, and who bring their own bias and problems with them…then demand affirmative action, white pussy, equal representation in everything from movies to politics to jobs.

      1. That’s why we need to start organizing. We have Trump in the white house. Honestly, he looks like the kinda fella that wouldn’t mind gassing Jews and c00ns. We need to converse with him on twitter, and make suggestions that could bring this about. A wall for wet backs is not enough.

    6. Yes you do Roosh. You know fine well that the online pro Trump brigade, significant number of PUA sites, Alt Right, White Supremacists, Neo-nazis are all inter-linked and attract certain types of individuals, with the common denominator being White nationalism.

        1. Don’t give a fuck what nationalists post here. The aim is to make money, peak health and fitness, ride some class A pussy, achieve my academic and professional goals, have a family whatever. I stay away from the nationalists though. By the time Trump is finished, brand America’s value will be worth fucking shit. Anyways, I have no right to criticise Vonn when I’m spending time trying to ride chicks from all over the world. My dick will always be equal

  6. It seems the wall comes faster for these lady sportsballers. She was pretty but now is quite mannish. She is falling apart physically as well. Too bad she decided to eliminate half of the electorate with her anti Trump rage. It is going to make her decline painful versus a well deserved farewell tour. Sad she was so shortsighted.

  7. You guys are so stupid and gullible to believe she deserved this for criticizing Trump. Then again most of you are Christians, so this really isn’t a surprise.

    1. Alt-right sites like this are breeding grounds for hate-filled white supremacists. As far as the readership is concerned, she stopped being human when she had sex with someone who wasn’t white. It’s easy to wish cruel things on somebody who you don’t see as human

        1. Yea, she is spoiled goods. Screwing with blacks will set the white lineage back hundreds of years. Imagine what the white man can become if he didn’t spoil his genes constantly by mating with inferior races. We would have probably evolved night-vision or super strength already.

      1. @U_U White…uh, if you are too stupid to notice that 90% of the racist shit said in these comments are in fact trolls than I don’t know if there is much hope for you in the future, because you must be one dumb SOB. Funny, because I was just looking at an interactive map of all the hate crime hoaxes that have occurred in just the last two year in this country, holy crap are there a lot.
        BTW, there is nothing wrong with the Alt Right. Lindsey Vaughn is a stuck up bitch who fucks black dudes intentionally to draw attention to herself. How is it any less racist to prefer blacks over whites than vice versa….lol…in other words you could even say she is anti-white. If the cultural trend shifted away from interracial sex being “cool, empowering, and trendy” for white women to do than this Lindsey bitch would throw that black dude in the trash in a heartbeat.
        Oh, and the funny thing is, the only reason she gets the attention she does is because of her white racial features…something she obviously doesn’t care about, but something has made her a lot of money. Don’t think for one second that she would have gotten the same media attention (endorsements) if she wasn’t considered a “hot blonde white girl”.

        1. Are you seriously cherrypicking good racism from bad racism? Are you out of your fucking mind?
          All of it is bad, evil and stupid. Everything from “gassing Jews”, telepathic white supermen to all the cries about “mudsharking.” These so called trolls are no different from the regular white nationalists and HBD types that have surfaced here since the alt-right fell into mainstream awareness. These so called trolls are just as ridiculous as regular white nationalists as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Read it and weep, you inbred loser ass crackers. Women want real men, not whiny bitches like you. That includes “your” precious snowflakes. This is the next step in evolution, crackers have become nothing but a race of whiny wimpy faggots. Face it, your race is full inferior genetics, women want nothing to do with you anymore.

    1. You would be happy to claim the worst of white folks to place among your ranks. IQ and median income — short of athletes and rappers — would rise dramatically.

    2. Sure, like the white priests that fucked 8 year old Aztec girls behind the Mission. Your great-grandmother I mean.
      Your race did not begin with a macho Aztec warrior, hermano. But rather a white man in a hacienda who passed some Indio around to his Spanish visitors.
      The Mestizo is defined by his stray orphan parentage.
      This could be why Mexican girls love gang bangs. They sprung from the loins of Pueblo Indians fucked by Spanish nobleman and Sephardic Jews in the desert and the baby was born in a Pueblo.

  9. A lot of angry, frustrated and bitter white men here who are upset that an attractive, successful white woman is with a black man and not with them, a mediocre white man. Don’t fret fellas, there are plenty of asian women for you in the third world, go get an ESL job in some shithole and pick yourselves out a an asian woman and act like asian women are better than white women just because asian women will worship any white man.

    1. I just assume racist remarks are liberal trolls. And anyone who believes Asian women would be any different will get what they deserve.

        1. Anti white troll, I hope you’re not talking about me. I am pro white, I love sticking my cock in white women while others are relegated to asian girls or dry humping their anime body pillow.

    2. Fertile White women comprise 2% of world population. Above average ones only 1%. We can’t afford to share these sluts you innocuous little cuck.

      1. Yes, that’s why we need to do something. Lets organize lynch mobs for the race traitors and coalburners.

      2. Points for this man. For recognizing that the white man is an endangered species. Good white genes are getting destroyed everytime one of our women betray their race and breeds with mongrels. This needs to stop.

        1. In the near future radicalized White Sharia thot patrol death squads WILL make it stop in a heart beat.
          Meine Ehre Heisst Treue 4 lyfe bitches.

    3. Kind of ironic that all the motherfuckers on here moan about Vonn’s choice of partner whilst at the same time knowing full well the only fucking pussy they’ll ever get to ride is dirt poor third world pancake ass pussy in SE Asia. Hehe. Fuck that.

      1. And what sort of pussy does a cuck like you get?
        Forget pussy, how about respect?
        It’s hard to imagine a woman respecting a whiny little beta l8ke you who gets upset over mean white supremacist nazis on a comment forum.

        1. Truth hurts man. I suspect your choice of words – cuck, respect,whiny, beta etc is classic projectionism. As I said, don’t give a fuck what you motherfuckers post. Its your right, its your website. As for respect….You’re having a fucking laugh right? A clown and a cunt.

    1. So true. Where the hell was her father? It was his duty to make sure that she didn’t fuck with c00ns. What a failure her father must be, allowing his superior lineage to threatened like that.

      1. All boomer and beyond fathers are a bunch of spineless cuck failures with no honor. They have ZERO capacity to lead and direct their children, and consequently are not given the respect such a responsibility entails.
        We all get to live with the self-important, entitled, aspiring spinster whores these useless cowards produce.

  10. Man, it feels going by the comments here that ROK is being defiled and degraded. Sad how they took Disqus from us, it was going nicely there. Yes, I also think the Jews are overall a negative influence on western society but some of the comments in this and recent articles are over the top and not constructive. Then, to celebrate someone breaking their spine shortly after insulting Trump. As much as I like Trump, we’re just degrading ourselves with this kind of indulgence, risking de-platforming and discreditation 🙁

  11. As an athlete, she has a voice, yes.
    A voice that should be used to inspire those who look up to her, and emulate her. Not a voice that should be used to spew political dogma!

  12. She’s ugly. Since no human man would take interest in her, she decided to make herself “feel pretty“ by engaging in bestiality with that golfing chimp. Shocker that one of those things would be unable to control its urges to just one female. She made her bed, let her die in it

  13. Sporting celebrities get hammered and they pretty much deserve it when they get involved in any non sporting type of debate. Their success is based on performance, and anything that takes away from their focus on their sport is detrimental.
    The good thing is once they stop performing well people stop listening to their drivel.
    All these BLM footballers are dooming themselves to irrelevancy in the long run by taking the knee.
    The ones’ that are more of a problem are the left wing actors, they have a much longer career than sportspeople, more time to sow discord.
    As for the neo Nazi’s, false or otherwise, the single mindedness, stereotypical behaviour, makes you appear as caricatures and alienates many more people that do have common concerns. If you are just trolling, well I guess it can be pretty funny, but no matter which cause, left or right you actually support you are not doing much to help the debate by being one dimensional. Yes there are definitely spheres of influence eg movies, banking, precious metals and gems dealing where Jews dominate, with a stranglehold on the market.
    But there are also plenty of people of Jewish decent that are easy to live alongside. They might celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas, but effectively are just like every other white westerner. They don’t have much political influence in the Jewish world or the mainstream community. Kind of like most people in general. Some even eat bacon, anyone that likes bacon can’t be too bad.
    Same again for black guys etc. Yes we all know criminal, gang minded, low culture blacks. But there are plenty of well educated, responsible ones as well, working in police, military, healthcare, or any other respectable job you can think of.
    Give credit to those who are allies to the same causes, rather than automatically alienating a potential supporter. Sometimes issues are black and white, but more often are shades in between.

  14. And let me get this straight, you think she hurt herself as a result of dissing Trump? Are you fucking stupid or is your head that far up your fundamentalist Christian ass that you think it was some kind of divine intervention?

    1. No, we just kind of find it funny and ironic that someone who thinks they are such hot shit ends up failing.

  15. Jesus Christ, that sub-headline. “Bad things happen to people who criticize Trump.” Been a regular reader for a long time and seen some stories that raise some eyebrows here and there, but that line takes the cake. You make it sound like there was a hit out on Lindsey, which in itself is batshit crazy.

    1. I hope she gets pregnant with the dindu’s nigglet so she can’t take chemo, then the dindu cheats on her. Then she gets more cancer.

  16. When ever some clown keeps using the phrase, inbred white,etc. it’s ninety percent of the time boneheads like Big Dick Illegal Mexican. He’s stupid. He and the Mexicans that keep using the term “inbred” don’t even get it. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT MEXICANS ARE A PRODUCT OF INBREEDING, YOU MORON.??

      1. Bobby, BDIM, Humble White Supremacist, ect. are all the same troll. Note how Bobby name drops BDIM for extra attention, get a life indeed.

    1. Mexicans are not inbred. They are a disparate race of Danny Trejo types Aztecs, Richard Ramirez Mestizos and a few Charlie Sheen type degenerate Spanish ruling their corrupt country. White Supremacy in Mexico is actually quite firm.

  17. Roosh
    You seriously want to think about removing the comments section altogether at the moment.
    You have a lot of angry SJW’s planting false flag comments here so that they can complain and have the site pulled down. Especially with net neutrality under threat right now.
    They are plotting to dismantle this site

  18. For the blind who cannot see the obvious- Lindsey Vonn is a MAN. Her skull and skeletal frame are actually LARGER than the mudd she is standing next too. Add to this the artificially created sob story pseudo-injury plus anti-Trump/White man rhetoric and you have 2017’s Trend of the Year… a J-Tranny that lies to your face.

  19. God, Roosh, it took a while since the inception of this site for hasbara types to attempt to undermine it, but they’re finally here, and without Disqus they’re free to write whatever they want with no verification. Heartiste’s “agree and amplify” works both ways, and so they’ll take certain alt-right talking points, blow them up, and leave them cluttering your comments section for future damage. I’m not sure what approach you’ll take, as there’s no easy way around it, but they definitely are degrading the experience.

    1. Someone you don’t agree with… could only be some elaborate hasbara troll conspiracy to undermine this site because your cuck views are so perfect that’s the only possible scenario under which someone would take issue with you.

        1. Hey, Russian retard…it is so that the comment section doesn’t become a mile long, filed with insecure and retarded black people posting pictures of interracial porn and everything else. Not to mention, Roosh probably still wants to keep this site somewhat free of race baiters so that Black, Brown, Asian, and Whites can have somewhat of a masculine talk about race, even if we don’t see eye to eye. BTW, Roosh typically leaves comments up that get a lot of down votes, but that at least have some objective meaning or argument other than just being a fucking dumb. Does that kind of make sense, or are you just a fucking retarded drunk Russian who doesn’t understand what freedom is?

        2. Just look how provocative the featuring pic is. Equating the understandably angry reaction with race baiting and fag porn shows how intellectually dishonest you are and unable to handle dissident.
          You’d censor people to cater to the sensibilities of minorities. I wonder who doesn’t understand freedom you normie cuck.

  20. sex, politics, and the race she prefers to fuck aside, she’s already accomplished far more than any of you ‘alphas’. sports is the only meritocracy left in this country.

    1. DUSTY
      Not true. Jews get by a society’s court jesters because lacking any physical prowess or good looks they mus rely upon their verbal IQ.

    2. Dude, female Olympic athletes are often found to be on the same athletic level as high school boys… Female athleticism is a joke.
      She has no children, and is sucking a black man’s dik.
      She’s accomplished nothing.
      This ( ( (society’s) ) ) idea of “success” is so artificial and irrelevant to our ethnic needs that it’s not much of a yardstick to judge someone by.
      So she has more money and more people paying attention to her. Amazing! That’s how a jew thinks.
      Tell me, what exactly has she accomplished that I’m supposed to envy?

  21. I legitimately feel the pain of white American man. He developed one of the greatest civilization ever, reached the unmatchable level of safety and satiety. And now his own women have allied against him. Let alone some inbred Juanito who hates USA, but is more than happy to get a welfare tidbit from American taxes.
    No seriously, what did Mexico achieve?
    Producing fruits/vegetables and professional boxers ( majority of those who hate USA, but are happy to be based there because of money)?

    1. BENNY
      Mexico produced a bad racial caste system that requires illegal immigration as safety valve so that the Red masses do not revolt against the Spanish Creoles who look like Vicente Fox and Charlie Sheen.
      Also the Mestizos and Castizo masses can enjoy a middle-class from remissions.
      If a Wall was built revolution would lead to the end of White Supremacy in Mexico.

      1. Nothing will ever happen to the Creoles in Mexico…they are not afraid to slaughter people in Hispanic countries. Plus, they know the dark skins are dumb and they can just easily manipulate them….this is far different than whites in this country who are like “muh, race don’t matter, but somehow diversity is a super strength”…”omg, like dark is soooooo amazing”…ya, that shit doesn’t fly in Hispanic countries.

  22. I have no patience and time for people like this fucktit. she has won the lottery, so to speak, and instead of being humbled by her dumb fucking luck and showing gratitude she chooses, chooses mind you, to be an arrogant ignorant loud mouth. BTW, this is exactly the kind of female that makes me detest feminism all the more. Aside from being a person who gets paid to play all day, the rest of us play by the rules of life and that means we take shit some times. Taking shit is degrading and we prefer to avoid it, but, sometimes you can’t. That said, I will never except social conditions in society that make it so I take shit from females, especially a female fucking skier. I’m quite certain that this little child has never had anything terrible ever happen to her. And that’s irritates me to no end about liberals like her. They clearly never experience real life that makes one conservative and so what the fuck do they know?
    Lastly, I have to rant about the fucking olympics. Oh fuck! Not the fucking olympics again! Can we please abolish these stupid games? The coverage is insufferable. They over cover female “athletes” and you always have to token female commentator with the faked low voice muttering on about how awesome the women are. I literally here this…”gibberish, gibberish “she” gibberish “she”.” It’s not about the sport it’s about grandstanding women and therefore feminism and therefore fucking politics! I would love the olympics if they covered the better athletes – the males. But just like the wnba we all have to pretend that watching inferior athletes compete is just is good.

    1. Olympics is just a huge jackpot for corporations and it’s corrupted to the bone. Everyone knows it yet the globalists keep pushing their narrative to the sheeples to sell their sick one world government view. On top of that they added so many bullshit disciplines to accomodate weak “athletes” that it’s unbearable to watch. They can go fuck themselves.

  23. Ordinarily I stay away from racial issues. The Neomasculine movement is color blind and this fight is just as critical to African American men as it is for white. So you’re pisssed that other commenters talking about mud sharking. Get over it. Stay on topic. This cunt skier might mud shark but she thinks she is superior to black men and you. That’s right. You might be on the progressive stack but you are not near the top. Women have a higher rung than you and Black woman even higher. That’s the fight and we’re in it together. Going on about white women with black men is useless and divides men when we should be unified. The enemy is feminism not other men.

  24. HUNG
    You can have the rednecks. Hopefully her chewing tobacco does not get on yo dick or you be thinking it be melting.

  25. African Sex God, Nice try but give us white boys some credit. All those women are paid models, and or prostitute/ porn actresses, not regular girls.
    I can see why you like our girls, because I wouldn’t want to fuck any of your black bitches either.

  26. This cunt dated Tiger Woods. A man that took 14 known prostitutes to a clinic to be STD tested so he could go rubber-less… all while he was married with kids.
    Lindsay Vonn is trash

  27. When I googled her and boyfriend a pic of them on a date came up. She had what Donovan Sharpe spoke of the white women he dates openly – that ‘cat that licked the cream’ look when hand in hand with a black man. It’s her Dad I feel sorry for. He took her skiing for Gods sake ! And She still ends up chasing black fellas

  28. Israel Cohen 1912 “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause. .” AUTHOR – Israel Cohen(Zionist — Communist — Internationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >Published in 1912,. On June 17, 1957, Vol. 103 p. 8559, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy The secret between Blacks and Jews

  29. I ask this of ROK in all sincerity
    WHY do white women go for the black men? Especially attractive successful white women?
    Are white women guilted into sleeping with black men by our SJW culture? Is it the media’s fault? Is it attention seeking behavior? Is it trendy?
    Or is it sadly true that many white women are easy?

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