Japan Made Bitcoin A Local Currency, And Now It’s More Popular Than Ever

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Since Japan made Bitcoin a legal currency, it has surged to over $15,000 USD. Mark my words, the days of the Rothschild banking cartel is soon over. This is a new beginning.

As other countries start to see the benefits of freedom from the Banking Cartel, cryptocurrencies will be the future and the smart ones would have been the ones who got involved early. Now, there are dozens of cryptocurrencies worth market caps of eight figures, and the rate of new entrants is accelerating.

Think, if you would had invested $5 dollars in bitcoin 7 years ago, you would be $4.4 million dollars richer by now! Imagine that.

As humans, we are so scared to try something new, so scared to step out of the norm that most of us just end up in the same old place day after day, doing the same old things. I mean look at the facts: $5 nowadays barely buys you a McDonald’s value meal, but there is at least one happy sod out there who thought, “Let me pass on this poisoned food that craters my testosterone.” He invested that $5 in Bitcoin instead.

When you could lose $5 while walking down the street, why not? He stepped out of his comfort zone and tried something new! Now he’s probably on a yacht somewhere getting his balls licked by two girls in their 20s.

Some companies, like my own at Local V-Coins, even give you a free five dollars when you register so you don’t even have to invest your own money. I know that the crypto system is so much better than the big banks that I am willing to give you a free run with real money.

There is more you should know: I didn’t invest in Bitcoin solely because of the money. I did it because of what the whole blockchain movement actually stands for: the end of the Zionist controlled central banking system. Blockchain is the biggest financial revolution since the creation of actual money. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, we have finally been given a chance to take back power from the banking elite.

For those of you who don’t know how our banking system works, I will give you a quick explanation. The cash money you have in your hand is just a piece of paper that says I owe you this much or that much. It’s not like the past when your money was actually backed by the gold it was made out of. Yet we go to work for that piece of paper, and when we go to work and receive our paychecks, we deposit the money in a bank.

This bank then uses your hard earned cash to invest as it sees fit, sometimes making up to 800% profit, but how much of that profit does your bank give to you? 0.33% in most cases. We even allow them to charge us for withdrawing our own money from ATMs. We pay to use our own money when in reality they should pay us.

The banking system is the biggest scam since the invention of make-up. On the other hand, Local V-Coins is 80% backed by secure material assets. In addition…

  • We give you 5 euros credit when you register if you just want to test it out
  • We accept all international credit cards
  • We are planning to participate in a 300 million dollar ICO

And check out OneGram, which is fully based on gold and planning to receive a $500 million ICO investment. There is also Bullion Coin, where you can choose between gold and silver backing, without the volatility of other currencies. Click here to visit Local V-Coins

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42 thoughts on “Japan Made Bitcoin A Local Currency, And Now It’s More Popular Than Ever”

  1. Thumbs up if you bought Litecoin while it was still hovering around $100 a pop barely a week ago. Damn things could be over $500 by Christmas.

    1. Yep – in the under $100 club on LTC too, but need to step out and accumulate more – even if it’s over $300.
      Would love to get up to 240 coins, so that if it ever hits $5,000, I’m in the crypto-millionaires club.

  2. Yeah…no.
    I’ve lived in Tokyo for close to 20 years. I’ve had trouble getting bosses to send things through email because they have more trust in the fax machine. My bank doesn’t even have online banking, because “why would anyone want that? You can just go to the bank!” They aren’t about to start accepting goon funny money.

    1. This article is an ad.
      Like all advertising, its false and misleading.
      Don’t be delusional — take everything written in this article with a huge grain of salt.

  3. Be very wary of buying Bitcoin. It is most likely being set up for a hack. As soon as that happens, poof, ALL value gone.

  4. “Since Japan made Bitcoin a legal currency, it has surged to over $15,000 USD. Mark my words, the days of the Rothschild banking cartel is soon over”
    If crypto poses zero threat to the bankers why are they still hammering gold. Winklevoss sees crypto as gold 2.0 i.e. as a replacement for gold. sure they have an incentive to say that, but lets see if other mouthpieces follow suit. Gold is the target, or at least one target as the real enemy of the bankers.
    Also the US (and not just bulgaria) owns the most bitcoin in the world through confiscation. What’s to say there won’t be more confiscation down the line, as well as tax and capital gains regulation, and concern about crypto financing international crime (those machines are already being used to launder dodgy money) and inevitably international terrorism – not to mention the energy / environmental cost) Well the price won’t be wrecked finally until the government has benefitted from it (reduced an overspend, financed some black ops or whatever).
    Is there money to be made. Of course there is. But once they decide enough is enough, there are any number of ways they can rein this in, assuming they want to. Of course they may not want at all. If crypto is just another form of fiat (with a twist) it’s likely to be just one more tool in the commie toolbox

  5. Another thing to bear in mind is that so few people in the world will be able to truly benefit from the Crypto boom. To have even a half-ass crypto portfolio in various alt-coins you pretty much need at least $3,000 spread around just to properly make a start, considering Litecoin and Vertcoin etc. have mushroomed already in the past months.
    Comparatively few in any 3rd world country can spare that kind of cash, and even in the U.S. something like 50% of the population can’t spare just $500 for some unforeseen expenditure like a car repair or replacing a stolen/smashed smartphone.
    Like the old saying, you gotta have money to make money.

    1. Then howdo you explain the popularity of bitcoin in Zimbabwe and Venezuela and South Korea where bitcoin is threatening to supplant the local economy?

  6. I made a decent amount on bitcoin a couple years ago. I sold it all and obviously that was a premature decision and I wish I hadn’t in retrospect. However, my trust in cryptocurrencies is very limited. My approach is kind of like an Americunt; get in, make your profit, and get out while still ahead before you get caught.

    1. NOW, it’s hard to make real cash with bitcoin alone, unless people have been long term HODL’ers from the pre-1000 dollar days. Even if people get in now, it would have to hit like $35,000 just to turn a 2x profit on whatever you invested.
      Alt’s are the way to go. You just use whatever bitcoin you got as a medium of exchange to get in on the others.

    1. 100+ average IQ, no dindus, no jews, no cucky SJW’s, warm water port access, temperate climate…. Japan has every recipe to succeed and thrive in a peaceful and enlightened society.
      Japan Pride!

    1. Oh so your one of those “no coiner” types eh?
      Well alright… keep enjoying your HR dominated cuck job then. Bet you wanna retire at 65 like a good boy!

  7. ‘Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin..’
    ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ is a fiction, likely NSA or CIA. In fact, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, loosely translated means ‘central intelligence’.
    ‘Bitcoin’ is the carrot to create a vast AI neural network.
    Sure, a few puny humans will temporarily make out like bandits (most won’t), but we are all being played by an AI. The ‘coin’ aspect is the diversion, tailored to human greed.

  8. All this stuff is garbage. You cant make something out of nothing. Buy weed stocks instead. Backed by cash. Not trash.

  9. People who buy into this craze will lose money big time and all of it. Do I agree with the banksters? Hell no. Yet if something were to happen to my account I would be protected by several laws and have my money returned. Now if your ungoverned, unprotected virtual coins would mysteriously dissapear, no one would give a flying fig. Worse yet, you would have lost everything, back to square one. Be very wary fellows.

  10. This is like the 1998 scam of “10yr old opens Dot Com portal and he made a Billion dollars in 6 months!” – Bitcoin is literally “the Mark”… it functions as a digital notion that will be AI controlled and anticipated. Initially Bitcoin was backed by a small trace of Gold to entice the suckers… but you could not get your hands on them. Hell.. you -still- can’t get your hands on them really. Japan is a (((J))) plaything… as is Korea and most of Asia. Having Bitcoin to play with is a disguise for how fucked Japan has been since Fukushima. None of this will end well. You have a small bit of precious metal in your hand where 1=1 hour labor.. spendable anywhere, anytime…. with NO computers or installed spy tool… OR you are fucking DEAD.

  11. I’m a software developer and I’m against that crypto and Blockchain bullshit. Blockchain is a technology of totalitarian technocraty

  12. Currency?
    Are you out of your mind – it jumps up and down like an yo-yo. How can it be used as currency?

    1. The trading concept is that it is volatile, which is something you want for opportunities. The Volatility Index (VIX) has been so dead with the endless stock market climb, that you have to short peaked indexes to make the big money, or scope multiple individual stocks fundamentally, which usually turns into investment instead of a solid swing trade or day trade.

  13. In 2013 I had a dozen bitcoin and scattered other cryptos… Fuckin exchange I sued got hacked, coins stolen, exchange management shrugged their shoulders, then Coinbase had issues too, and I walked away. It took a few years after that for the wild-west aspect of it to stabilize. Too bad I got shunned away, would have a few hundred grand from it by now. MFers.

  14. Japanese jumped into this Crypto called XP as well. Brought it up to 2 satoshi so far from like 10^-10 of a BTC (hundredth of a satoshi).
    I was sitting on about 100 million and staking too. Their jump into the cypto turned a slow-gainer that I had put some chips into (still beats the banks) into a year’s salary overnight!
    You can learn more in the Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/NYMAUec
    Yes, the skeptics could have a point. It could all disappear overnight. For the time being though, cryptocurrencies are a great way to get some money if played smartly, and then that money can buy the gold, guns, food, fiat, goods, etc. that you need.

  15. Not to forget the Japs agreed to the Plaza Accords. Look how that turned out. Then there are all those nuclear power plants aka Fukushima.

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