Theresa May Officially Bans Roosh From The UK While Terrorist Sympathizers Are Let In

ROK proprietor Roosh Valizadeh has been banned from the United Kingdom (not that he would ever go there for an extended stay) whilst a number of actual bigots have not been. Of course, Roosh’s ban, which is effectively permanent and cannot be appealed, has everything to do with his peaceful opposition to feminism and the way many modern women sexually debase themselves.

Here are four pages from the correspondence Roosh received. He was personally banned by the sitting Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she was serving as Home Secretary in early 2016. Yes, Roosh triggered the female Prime Minister of four countries.

Entirely factual quotes from Roosh like this one were the main basis of the ban:

…When you give a female unlimited choice on which man to have sex with, what type of man does she choose? An exciting man who treats her poorly and does not care for her well-being.

Sadly, millions of “nice guys” who started learning game, many of whom gravitated towards Roosh’s work, know this brutal truth all too well.

Roosh’s satire about “legalizing” rape, inspired by Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal regarding rich people in 18th-century England eating Irish babies, was included as one of the ridiculous reasons for him being banned. Women, Roosh observed, frequently take no precautions when it comes to drinking and meeting new men, allowing the 1 in 1,000 men who are rapists to take advantage of them. Just as we men would not walk home alone through the projects of Harlem at 2am in the morning, women should not be throwing themselves at the mercy of the tiny criminal minority.

Due to his knowledge of Swift’s work, Roosh is perhaps the first person in the history of the world to be at least partially banned from the UK for a rich appreciation of classic English literature. Meanwhile, here are three folks who can presently go to the UK as much as they desire:

1. Linda Sarsour

A darling of the new reincarnation of “intersectional feminism,” New York-based Muslim activist Sarsour has certainly done something Roosh hasn’t by calling for the beating of women she disagrees with. This prominent religious nut advocated physical violence against former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American Maronite Christian. Add to this her known associations with former members of terrorist group Hamas.

Sarsour has also argued that at least one student critic of hers should not have been allowed to ask her a question at an event because he was white. But oh no, the real “bigotry” according to the UK Home Office is Roosh criticizing women with words because they have had sex with a billion men and are prone to lie about their sexual histories. That is the real crime apparently in today’s politically correct Western world.

2. Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri

If Roosh changed the name of Return of Kings to Return of Sharia, his UK entry ban would be immediately revoked.

Qadri praised the assassination of a secular politician in Pakistan and was previously given a ban from preaching in his home country. Yet he’s good enough to be granted a speaking tour in British mosques! Bear in mind that Pakistan has long been accused of turning a blind eye to hundreds, if not thousands of extremist clerics. So if this guy is such a threat there that he needs a muzzle in Karachi or Islamabad, why on earth can he make it to Heathrow Airport in London? Condoning murder will not get you banned from the UK if you belong to the right group.

At the same time, Roosh is now denied entry to Great Britain merely for saying that women are ruining their sexual dignity by taking cock after cock. It is hardly analogous to murdering someone or justifying their murder. I find it very difficult to understand how politicians in Western countries and the bureaucrats serving them are currently better at writing parody material than comedians normally paid to pen these ideas.

3. Yusra Khogali

It’s not the only thing Yusra Khogali has had near her mouth.

This race-baiter and long-term leader of Black Lives Matter Toronto refers to white people as “defects.” Had a white Canadian man called a group such as transgenders, black people, or women “defects” he would have been investigated by the Ontario Human Rights Commission and almost certainly jailed for “transphobia,” racism, or misogyny. Given the huge problems London has faced with its local Black Lives Matter domestic terrorism chapter, the UK Home Office could–and should–have immediately and preemptively banned Khogali from British shores.

But again, Roosh is treated as the scapegoat. What was it this time? Perhaps it was the many occasions he suggested that women, who are the unhappiest they have ever been, should marry and have children young, rather than pursuing university studies and careers. Clearly this is as bad as saying an entire race of people are mutants, animals, or defects!

A man who tries to get men laid is more of a “danger” than terrorist sympathizers and extremists who hate white people

Roosh would not have been banned if he looked like this

In an increasingly lopsided sexual marketplace, Roosh began a writing career focused on helping men to get laid. With that help of his comes a frank assessment of how many women rationalize poor sexual behavior. Pathetically, this exercise in truth-telling is what has gotten him banned from the UK. Simultaneously, real extremists and loons continue to receive a red carpet welcome to London and other cities. What else can we expect from a place that wants to criminalize men talking to women?

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62 thoughts on “Theresa May Officially Bans Roosh From The UK While Terrorist Sympathizers Are Let In”

    1. The UK is THE money laundering center for both terrorists and the Chinese.
      Wouldn’t want Roosh there to muck up the works.
      The UK is an irrelevant and overpriced island filled with corrupt fools.
      Theresa May being a woman is incompetent and incapable of making rational decisions. Hence her failure during her re-election campaign and with Brexit.
      Roosh will be back in the UK before long because they will show this incompetent woman the door in no time at all. Stay brave.

        1. We can only hope they show Theresa May the door. Her friends are getting richer whilst children are going hungry and more and more people end up on the streets.

    2. I’m a Brit and I agree, not lived there for 10 years.
      Unfortunately, nobody else will give me a passport cos I’m white.

  1. It is for the better. The U.K is being destroyed by horrible politics and refugees. I went there once 5 years ago, and have no plans of going back. Theresa May is definitely incompetent.

  2. I am Cristi Cireasa and I am proud to say that everyday I allow millions of low iq men and women from third world countries to Canada. At first we may only get jobs that nobody wants to do but as our hordes and reputation grow we start geting the best jobs and rich men. I´m a proud gold digger, who has been living in canada for 10 years thanks to my loser white husband who sponsored my visa!!! HAHAHAHAHAH
    May the legion of social justice warriors win this war against anglo-saxons and europeans. We Russians,black and hispanics are going to conquer this world and there is nothing your guys can do about it, besides being crybabies as we take your best jobs and wealth!

    1. Cristi, I’m so angry after reading that. The anger, it’s just unbearable. I don’t know what to do now with all this anger. I want to reply with a message filled with curse words because I’m so angry.

    2. So, clearly, you ‘re not whom you say you are. A Latina is not likely to see herself on the same side as blacks and Russians. The three groups would tear each other apart as soon as the Anglo man was defeated. By the way, the Russians would win between the three groups.
      Anyway, as soon as you get all of Canada’s good jobs and wealth, you’ll ruin the country. It will all be for nothing. Your children will die in poverty.

    3. You’re funny. I wish it was true. Canadians aren’t even that great at hockey anymore. Some Canadian lost his NHL job to a rich white kid from Scottsdale Arizona;)

  3. “Refugees”
    The biggest refugees are Britons fleeing the UK for France, Australia, Commonwealth and even Dubai. These are not merely cynical males like US expats. Entire UK families are leaving who have the skills to do so.
    With the middle-class fleeing the Britons that are left are “Chavs”.

    1. Kinda like what happened to Poland(although for entirely different reasons), once the EU gates opened millions of young, educated, discontent people left for greener pastures due West and those who where left behind where either too lazy or too dependent on the local system to leave. The grass IS greener elsewhere you just need to look for it and make the effort to jump the fence.

      1. OTHMER
        Same thing happened with Polish-Americans in Detroit. As Detroit went downhill the young, educated Polish-Americans left and those that were left were the older factory workers, crack addicts and idiots. Eventually their property was worth nothing.

  4. I know this doesn’t help but it really doesn’t surprise me .
    If you dig into her history she was spouting feminist ‘pro woman ‘ nonsense all the time the she was Home Secretary .
    I called this shit the moment she was made PM . I remember thinking ‘oh shit we have a man hating PM ‘
    Sorry roosh .
    I think you definitely troll the uk with a fake sharia law website or some kind of Islamic name change to see how far you could get and then point out the hypocrisy .
    Will it change things ? Maybe not but it’ll be funny

    1. I’m not sure she’s a man hater but she is a social justice warrior and feminist. I think she genuinely fancies the gay president of france

  5. Roosh! Ok, well I’ll just go and volunteer my name to that list. I seem to recall we here in the colonies had a couple of dust-ups over 200 years ago that went badly for the Tommies. Yet the US stepped in to pull their bacon out of the fire TWICE because they were looking to have their asses handed to them by a foreign power. Well, there may not be a next time since they took their own door off the hinges and let the rabid animals in. Buh bye Magna Carta. Like that particular play wasn’t planned by the mooslum hordes. If they can’t exterminate Western Culture on the field of battle, they’ll simply smile, jump on the coat tails of the Left- whom they despise, and breed the Brits out.
    Post Script: Hey Cristi. No self-respecting “rich” man would have you. I presume any schmo with a convenience store by your gutter standards is “rich”. But you’re positioned in the right country. My deep ancestral love for Canada is waning. So goes the British Empire. Conquer the World? Sure, I’ve seen what you’ve accomplished in your own hell-hole countries. Jealousy, ignorance and breeding simpletons aren’t anything to be proud of.

  6. england is a cuckland, nothing new under the sun.
    And theresa May should work her ass on the brexit instead of fucking with red pill guys like roosh. bitch.

  7. Given the proliferation of psychotic, hate-filled, bomb-wielding animals the UK continues to admit – and with no disrespect to the honorable and civilized citizens of the UK – she is doing Roosh a favor.
    Just as they did for Michael Savage several years back.

  8. I had a layover in London this summer for 1 day. In the local news, There were seven acid attacks in London that day.
    Have fun

  9. ROK is the type of website that the administrators of the discourse need in order to manage their ‘risk society’. Its important to note that when power governs through the management of risk it rarely if ever seeks to make things safer for the public, for women, homosexuals, jews, ethnic minorities etc for the simple reason that topping up and calibrating fear is an essential mechanism of this method of governing. That’s why it doesn’t matter if Roosh is a ‘rape advocate or apologist’ (he isn’t), or an ideological troll (he most definitely is) or for that matter an undercover agent sporting a really bushy marx brothers beard (he isn’t…the beard is real). All that matters is that he can be ‘constructed’ within the subject position of ‘rape apologist’, ‘extremist’ etc for the benefit of the discourse that governs us, and the edification of the general public.
    Now some of Roosh’s views might be seen as challenging, but then that’s what trolling involves. It is designed to destabilize the dominant credo just as marxist cultural and critical theory destabilized the establishment views that went before them. Indeed what is disappointing is that a supposedly conservative government should always be so keen to side with the de facto culturally commie position. Does Theresa May not know that the discursive construction of extremism through strategic association of dissent with actual terrorism etc is a tried and tested commie tactic for forcing through non-consensual (i.e.) top down ideological change / social engineering).
    The judgement in the letter is seriously flawed. Not only is there the apparent failure of the government to understand how the English language works when it comes to the employment of satire, irony, polemical overstatement etc it also makes assumptions that would be pretty much actionable if they weren’t so vague: does Roosh really run an international web group for “heterosexual, masculine men “whose members argue rape should be legal on private property”?
    Leaving aside the fact that the claim that that infamous article in question advocates rape has been debunked and Roosh has clearly stated it was a satirical thought experiment (whether it was in good taste is another question) we now have the home office’s apparent assertion that there are “members” of ROK who argue that rape should be legal on private property’
    Who exactly is a ‘member’ of ROK? Is it the owners of the site? The writers / contributors? The readership or the regular readership?
    Well since unlike RooshV ROK doesn’t have a membership and it clearly implies its not just talking about Roosh then it must mean the contributors / writers or the regular readers. But here’s the problem. How many of those contributors or writers actually subscribe to those opinions. No, I don’t just mean that they say they subscribe to those opinions but actually that they actually do. How many of them are trolls of some or other shape? How many of the articles and how many of the comments come from genuine bona fide sexists? You know as opposed to paid trolls, whether government trolls or those from sometimes closely affiliated antifa groups (whatever happened to those AKC guys).
    When US information czar Cass Sunstein recommended friendly neighbourhood government trolls should contribute more to managing online extremism through the medium of fancy dress, did he mean to make things better i.e. to tone those comment down or to make them worse, say horrible, horrible things amounting to hate in order to delegitimize possible dissent to the non-consensual change agenda the elites are trying force through because the end always justifies the means however sneaky those means may be.
    I don’t agree with Roosh on a lot of things (I’m even gay enough to think women should actually be allowed to vote) but it isn’t the content, the particular assertions that matter. It is the fact that there are people and groups out there prepared to take on the leviathan of forced social change, something the conservative in name only party appears increasingly to back full throatedly. Anyone who thinks Roosh and ROK should be marginalised and cast out simply for dissenting from orthodoxy should just look at what is happening to those Trans Exclusionary Rad Fems right now. However delicious it is to see the hunters become the hunted the take away is that at some point it may be you that gets excluded from the UK or wherever because what you once thought was self-evidently correct (only biological women should use women’s lavs or whatever) has now become a hate crime in the expression.

  10. Breaking news: Theresa May has just suffered a humiliating commons defeat and it seems that it was her unkind treatment of Roosh that may have pushed British law makers into opposing her….(might have had something to do with brexit as well maybe)

  11. Roosh! What an honor! You have now reached international standing. Keep up the good work ,my friend. Just a matter of time until you are not allowed into any country devoid of women worth marrying;)

  12. Bland pasty white politicians with bland, pasty bland tourist attractions. Never desired to go there, never will recommend.

  13. Why anyone would want to visit the UK is beyond my understanding, anyway.
    The weather is shit, the people are shit, there are constant terror attacks in public places and the food is also shit.

  14. Roosh, they don’t care if you notice their hypocrisy.
    They won’t care if you notice concentration camps
    for the death of non-African and non-Arab men only.
    Their owners own all the armies, all the police, all the nukes, all the banks, all the media, and alll the humans.

  15. I think it is evident that the vision Roosh has is indeed a big threat to the most powerful in this world. I think the feminist movement is rubbish and the fact that they are trying to silence our voices by such harsh measures shows what a wicked movement feminism is. I think we men have a lot to fix if we are to unite against a the plague that is feminism. Racism, discrimination and stereotyping amongst ourselves have to be the first to go. I’m a South African Black guy and I co-exist with Indians, whites and malay(coloured) people and I’m pretty happy. Call me naïve, but I still believe in co-existence. On the lighter side of things though, ROK is a strong movement which only an insensible man with his head far up a woman’s vagina won’t find as such. To Roosh & all the authors @ ROK, it’ll get harder before it gets easier, in fact, we may all die before this movement picks up real momentum. But rest assured one day your names will be posted up as the pioneers of a liberation movement that restored the world, particularly the West. Keep fighting the good fight, as cliché as that sounds.

  16. So damned true. Here is an excellent forum, set up by what I discern to be an excellent person, that actually has value in teaching young men things of lasting value. But the U.K. has become such a degraded and culturally bankrupt entity, that it’s not even surprising to me that they would ban a forum like this…sigh….

  17. When whites are removed from the equation as has happened in London or Los Angeles with the Korean-Black tensions what is left is a disparate population with no love lost clamoring for power. Same in Detroit. Same in Miami because blacks lacked the initiative to move away like whites.

  18. Oh look. An old barren wench bans a man who wants to restore healthy relationships between men and women. I’m shocked. She can ban us, call us rapists and racists and scapegoat us for all the world’s problems. At the end of the day when all those accusations bounce off us and we’re still standing, a simple reminder that she’s returning to an empty home with no legacy, is like a thousand bayonet stabs into her chest.

  19. Wow, Roosh, way to go bro! Best I could do is get banned from my local YMCA because I complained about a pansexual cisgender whipping her dick out in the women’s locker room in front of my wife, and a gay dude shooting some gender fluid at me in the open showers.

    1. Correction:
      “…a pansexual transgender whipping her dick out…”
      Why do we have another term for those those who accept their biological sex? We already have a one, “normal.”

  20. Well if that would have happened to me I can literally use that in my game like “baby I am the danger, I am Illegal in UK and Vancouver, you dont wanna mess with me” the funniest shit is that this corny cheesy ass line wouldnt be made up shit you use to get laid. *Bro hug to our Dawg Supreme Roosh

  21. Man, this is insane, imagine if you already lived in the UK. Would they just deport you I guess? God, what an insane joke, UK is officially gone.

  22. May is a globalist – she has a guy pulling her strings his name is Lord Malloch-Brown and he is in the House of Lords – he is a place man for George Soros. May is a traitor and the UK is an antiChristian Godless transgendered shit hole. How long before they close the Internet down? How long before war?

  23. I am sincerely sorry to hear that Roosh has been banned from the UK. He is in honourable company, though. Mrs May has condemned Donald Trump, because Trump reposted three articles about islamic terrorists . These articles described some atrocious behaviour. May leapt into action immediately – but not to do anything about the spread of islamism. Instead, she condemned Trump simply because he had disseminated knowledge. For her and her accomplices in government, appeasing terrorism is more important that freedom of speech. She has grudgingly agreed to let Trump visit the UK, but the mayor of Londonistan , a terrorist sympathiser known as sadiq khan, has gone further, saying he doesn’t want Trump here at all. But May and her appeasers do not speak for honest Brits, who find Trump’s possession of a backbone a welcome change to our own invertebrate trash masquerading as leaders. Many of us would love to see Trump visit the UK. But it brings to mind Orwell’s remark – that in times of repression, speaking the truth is itself an act of rebellion; and Roosevelt’s dictum: to anger a conservative, tell lies; but to anger a liberal, tell the truth. So it’s not surprising Roosh has been banned.

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