Is It Worth It For You To Visit Brno, Czech Republic?

It’s no big secret at this point that capital cities in Eastern Europe are somewhat played out. Between tourists flocking to these “new and exotic places,” stag parties stumbling through the streets, Tinder taking over, and an influx of Western characteristics—these cities are different than what they used to be. The more that these capital cities become overrun, the more men will look to the countryside to find feminine girls, fewer tourists, and a different way of life.

The Czech Republic is an interesting place, namely because it’s outside of Prague and relatively lacking in Western tourists. Prague of course, is overrun as a “game” spot, and gets no love over on RVF.

The second-tier cities in Czech Republic are relatively untapped and unexplored. Unlike Poland, where places like Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw are quite known—the same can’t be same for places like Brno or Ostrava. I spent a bit of time in Brno last month, and came away with the following four impressions.

1. The People of Moravia Are Vastly Different

Locals in Prague have an attitude similar to New Yorkers or Los Angelos in the United States. Namely, that they think their city and region is superior to the others. And honestly, they’re not wrong. Prague is stunningly beautiful, very developed for an Eastern European country, and most of the rest of the Czech Republic is not on par.

The people in Brno, and from what I hear, the rest of the surrounding Moravian region, were much more friendly and open. Speaking English? They’d love to. Service with a smile? Definitely.

The biggest tourist attractions in Brno.

2. There’s Less Hustle And Less Money

Of course, with this comes far less hustle and bustle, which tends to de-motivate those of us who like to hustle hard. People in Moravia tend to have a much more laid-back approach to life. While this does have its perks (friendliness), the downside is that it’s hard to hustle and get ahead economically.

Here’s the thing about many capital cities—they’re big places. There are always new opportunities, new people to connect with, and more money to make. People are hustling—they’re founding startups, working long hours, trying to get ahead in their career.

Finding that in Brno is going to be difficult. I found myself much preferring to spend the day in a cafe watching people wander by at a leisurely pace. Granted, I was on “vacation,” but if I were to book a month there, I don’t think I’d get much done.

3. It’s Physically Small

If you’re someone who likes to explore all the ins and outs of your home city, Brno is definitely not for you. You can walk from one end of the main square to the other in 7 to 10 minutes. Outside of that, the beauty of the place falls off significantly. I don’t think foreigners would have many reasons to go outside of that area. All the locals even congregate in the very center—it’s where the majority of restaurants, cafes, and stores are all located. If you have the bankroll to stay in the center, you’ll hardly leave.

Granted, this isn’t much different than people living in a place like Bogota and never leaving Zona Rosa. Often times, expats don’t get out much from their home zone, but places in Eastern Europe like Krakow, Budapest, and Prague have many interesting districts that anyone staying more than a week should explore. I don’t think I could say the same about Brno—those districts simply don’t exist.

4. It’s Mostly Family-Orientated

I was spending most of my time with a friend who had recently moved to Brno. And here’s what he had to say:

Moravian girls are traditional, they seem to want a family. Even if they move out, they are often not far from their own families. They have a “rivalry” with other, more liberal regions—and don’t want to lose their identity.

I found this interesting. Every country has regions that are more resistant to change than others. Big, capital cities are always the first to dive headfirst into the liberal way of thinking. But in Brno’s case, it has these things going for it:

  • A “rivalry” with the more liberal side of the country—apparently Prague and Moravia do not like each other much.
  • It’s on the very outskirts of the country—far closer to both Slovakia and Hungary than Prague.
  • Everyone knows everyone. Girls are (generally speaking) more likely to be good if they know people are watching.

In any case, Brno was not for me. I know who I am, and I like the big cities. I just don’t seem to click as well with the smaller ones, though they’re okay for short trips, but perhaps you can find what they’re looking for in Brno.

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51 thoughts on “Is It Worth It For You To Visit Brno, Czech Republic?”

    1. Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe have no entireley objective and unitary definitions. According to some definitions, Poland belongs to Western Europe and according to others to Eastern Europe. Czech Republic and Slovakia belong either to Eastern Europe or Central Europe. This is partly due to that both geographical and geopolitical/historical demarcations co-exist, and that the geographical overlaps and promixities matter for people’s conceptions of these countries. Therefore some of them belong to two different or complementary categories.

      1. bohemia used to be considered the heart of central europe. Brno used to be Brunne I think, and with the rest of Moravia was Austrian ruled. I’m not sure Moravians are fond of the fact, as they have a strong sense of identity / independence, and not just from Prague

      2. If its Catholic or Protestant, its Western, Eastern Orthodox is Eastern. Except for Romania. That’s still Eastern. And Greece is kind of Western.
        Or am I over simplifying things?

      3. Westerners (Americans at least) usually consider any country that was communist “Eastern Europe.” That’s why Greece isn’t included. When I lived in Ukraine it seemed like anything that wasn’t part of the USSR was “Western Europe” to the locals.

      4. Actually they have quite objective definition. Ok, maybe not 100% definite and objective like abstract geometry but not purely subjective either. Most sources inform the geographical center of Europe is located near town Poznan, Poland.

  1. Prague is great but should be avoided if you’re used to getting around via Rascal Scooter (you won’t get very far). The astronomical clock (city square), old architecture (doesn’t get much better than Prague). Warsaw was cool (gotta love those prices $12 sushi dinner for two). I traveled to Europe four times last year and one thing stood out to me; it was quite peaceful in a lot of these cities. People strolling around enjoying the sights and keeping to themselves. That being said, I was in old town Warsaw and walked into a small pizza restaurant in the middle of the town. From a distance, I heard something that I had not heard in about seven days. It sounded very nasally, loud, like two stray cats fighting in an ally. It was a very unpleasant sound. The disgusting sound got louder and louder as I walked to the front of the restaurant and it became more and more familiar. I rounded the corner and just as I suspected, it was two American girls sitting together talking. Still can’t figure out if they are purposefully drawing negative attention to themselves or just have problems with voice modulation.
    Women should have soft voices. Women are more masculine today and their voices are getting deeper (it wasn’t like this twenty years ago). They are trying to be more like men but their voices are not deep, like a man’s, it ends up getting this disgusting nasal quality, like someone is plugging their nose and talking really loud. It’s an epidemic and it’s awful.

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      2. I was thinking of doing just that but your comment made me change my mind. Maybe I’ll just go somewhere with a nice beach instead. Which beaches are the least degenerate?

  2. I’m definitely a fan of 2nd tier cities, especially here in the Tinder era.
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  5. I spent a few days in Brno in October and thought it was a rather sweet city. Prague is Prague and while its still gorgeous it’s getting increasingly expensive and westernised. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a few years prices start to rival its western rivals as its economy has been doing hotting up. IMO opinion Brno stands up well on its own. It’s not huge but its not tiny either. I would say it can hold its own against Bratislava, and has much of the same baroque and classical architecture you’ll get on a grander scale in its bohemian rival. The cathedral and castle area are also well worth visiting, and given that the city, along with Bratislava is on the main prague budapest line it’s well worth a visit. Can’t comment re. game but I saw some good looking women there and the people really are friendlier and less pretentious than in prague
    but where is the moudry lev

  6. “It’s no big secret at this point that capital cities in Eastern Europe are somewhat played out.”
    You sound like a strip miner complaining that resources are non-renewable.

  7. Canadians are really annoying!!! Canadian women are repulsive, like Canadian Godess. Goddess of what? “Abooot, aye!”?Wish we’d build a border wall along 🇨🇦!! They talk goofy too! Stay in Canada, Canadians. Your Burt Cummings should have sang “Canadian woman, stay away from me”.

  8. Been to Brno a few times. Its a cool place. The girls are top notch. Very attractive, slim and feminine girls all over the city. Americans are very welcome. Lots of opportunities for a decent looking in shape young man to get a bang. There’s a number of universities in the town too, and you will not get scammed like other CE or EE countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Moldova etc.
    Small point – Forget about all this talk of Westernisation. In Europe, Western/Liberal values are generally prevalent in all nearly young people from the beautiful emerald coastline of Ireland to the hustle and bustle in the exotic streets of Istanbul. Americanization is the most powerful ideology in the world today.

  9. Kyle is right, the Moravian region is really different than Prague. The girls are a lot more laid back and genuinely happier to speak with English with you, and not just because they’re seeking a way out of their little selo.
    Brno is a nice little city. I’ve been once, but only for two days while visiting a friend, in October. We went to a few pubs. I can’t remember their names but there were a ton of hot young students. He told me it dries the fuck up in summer months as the young girls go back to their village homes, and all that’s left are smelly IT workers who work at IBM. I highly recommend going with somebody who either used to live there or does currently.

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