Roy Moore’s Loss Shows How “Sexual Harassment” Is Nothing More Than A Political Weapon

Though Brexit and the election of Donald Trump taught us how we can beat the odds, Republican and true conservative Roy Moore never really stood a chance in the Alabama Senate race he lost. He was weighed down by a myriad of completely unsubstantiated sexual accusations, all while the GOP and its chief functionaries, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, utterly sabotaged his campaign.

This kind of trial by media and social media is going to happen many times over in our political future, particularly against rightwing candidates. Doug Jones’ election is indeed historical, marking the first time in a quarter of a century that a Democrat has represented Alabama in the US Senate. Henceforth, the advantages of backing the claims of a Republican opponent’s sexual accusers, or even orchestrating the accusations in the first place, is going to be irresistible to Democrats.

I would argue that previously politicians were relatively insulated from dubious sexual allegations. Although the “Republican war on women” lie favored Democrats, there seems to have been a paucity of sex scandals for either party. Both sides probably realized the dangers of reciprocal mud-slinging, whereby the Democrats would quickly jump on some woman’s accusations against a Republican and vice versa.

Across the United States’ many thousands of federal and state legislators, plus the countless others who unsuccessfully ran for these seats, comparatively few controversies emerged in the past, at least not publicly. Nevertheless, the ruthlessness involved in Roy Moore’s case indicates that we are most likely turning a corner. A very bad corner.

Kudos to Roy Moore

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, enablers of “rape culture” hysteria.

Moore did extremely well considering the circumstances of this special Senate election, regardless of how red a state Alabama traditionally is. Doug Jones did not secure a majority (this may change after further votes are counted or recounted) and Moore had garnered, last time I checked, a very respectable 48.4% of the ballots after being called a predator, rapist, and pedophile.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and many others told Moore to quit a long time ago. The GOP itself suspended his funding and then later pretended to support him by restoring it. The games and betrayal at play against Moore have been unprecedented. To boot, this farce comes without a shred of evidence leading to a proper police investigation of him, let alone charges being laid.

So, again, this week’s win to Doug Jones sends an unequivocal message to political mud-rakers and backstabbers everywhere: by repeating unproven, apparently opportunistic sexual allegations against your conservative adversaries, within and outside your own party, you will derail them 95% of the time. This character assassination is what the future holds for Republicans in general elections and conservative Republicans in GOP primaries.

You need to have total recall or you’re totally screwed, but even with it you’re still screwed

Total recall, American politics edition.

The women’s allegations about Roy Moore have been presented in the mainstream media ad nauseam. I will not go into every example of them here, far from it. A general synopsis of Moore’s situation, however, is simple. Women (and the Democrats and the GOP leadership) did not need any hard evidence to “convict” him and any time he could not remember one of these women from decades ago perfectly, it was used against him as “proof” of sexual impropriety.

If someone today accused another person of a robbery or physical assault from 20, 30 or 40 years ago, the media and others would largely ignore the story, citing the lack of evidence and huge delay in making the allegations. Allegations of “harassment,” sexual assault, and rape, by contrast, are of a different breed. Almost any gap between an alleged event and when a woman “reports” (usually not to police) has been tolerated in non-political arenas for years, which has paved the way for Roy Moore-style political allegations in 2017.

When Moore could specifically deny even meeting a certain woman, he was in only a marginally better position. Without video proof of every interaction he has ever had (or not had) with his accusers, he was perceived as being guilty as sin. This is the brave new world that the conservative politician, once reasonably shielded from spurious sexual accusations, now faces alongside the regular man or non-political celebrity male.

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53 thoughts on “Roy Moore’s Loss Shows How “Sexual Harassment” Is Nothing More Than A Political Weapon”

  1. From what I understand, his “crime” was dating late teenaged girls as a late 20s, early 30’s man. What exactly is wrong with that? Back in the 70s, no one would bat an eye at that. In todays climate, such a man is viewed as a borderline pedophile. Prince Harry’s engagement o a 36 year old woman 3 years older than him has been received with applause of the media. Back in 1981 when his parents married, she was 20 and he was 33. But back then, when the world was semi-sane, no one said anything negative about it, it was expected. Today, if 33 year old Prince Harry was engaged to a 20 year old girl, it’d be treated almost like a scandal. And don’t let him have known her before she turned 18, even though the AOC is 16.
    Roy Moore’s real crime was pursuing younger women 40 years ago.

    1. “In todays climate, such a man is viewed as a borderline pedophile.”
      Far too many f-cking retards think hitting up a 17-year-old girl makes you a pedophile, just because the age of consent in a given locale is 18 and she’s considered a “child” by the law.
      IOW, according to these idiots, there’s literally no difference between being attracted to a 17-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy.

      1. I haven’t heard a rational argument to support that it’s wrong for men say over 22 to be attracted to/date a 17 year old. It’s just a bunch of emotional arguments you can easily poke a hole in. In my state, AOC is 16. Not 18. Even still, it’s still considered “wrong” for a man, if he’s over some arbitrary age which someone came up with in their mind, to date/hook up with even an 18 year old. I’m 30 an even for me, many would consider it “creepy” for me to date even a 21 year old.

        1. He was allegedly dating 14-year olds. So no, his crime was not dating someone “in their late teens”.
          Do you also staunchly defend democrat pedophiles?

        2. @BS-exposer
          The 14-year-old has been proven to be lying. Repeatedly. He was going down to 16, which is legal in most states.

        3. @vfm#7634
          Even if he is cleared for charges wrt the 14-year old (it is your subjective opinion that she is lying – you may of course be right, but he has not been cleared of charges), having sex with a 16-year old is a felony in his state.
          Do you also staunchly support democrats who commit felonies?

        4. I’m 62, and I still enjoy ‘dating’ 18 year old girls.
          Nobody thought it was ‘creepy’ when I had 10 of ’em living in my mansion.

        5. “Do you also staunchly support democrats who commit felonies?”
          If it was a Democrat getting in trouble because of stupid age of consent laws, then yes. I’m not a hypocrite, unlike you progtards.

    2. When I was 22 I was visiting a friend in a European country where the age of consent is 14.
      His girlfriend introduced me to her cousin who was 15. I ended up dating her cousin while I was over there and it was all perfectly legal. The only thing I regret is breaking up with her when I left.
      But I love telling that story to normie fags here just to trigger them. lol

    3. Moore didn’t do anything wrong as Harold has commented above.
      That being said, Moore was a mediocre candidate irrespective of the so called allegations against him. Moore lost because he didn’t do a particularly good job of motivating and rallying his base of supporters. Ultimately, voters saw thru the fact that Moore was a fraud. It is one thing to believe the things that Moore does — I share many of his beliefs — but I also believe in the rule of law and the Constitution, and Moore has shown consistently that he does not, despite having been a judge.
      At some point, our movement is going to have find better representatives of our beliefs then fakers like Trump, Bannon, or Moore. Only then will we succeed at overcoming our opponents and making our worldview a reality.
      Despite all these factors against him, Moore still came with 1% of winning.

  2. It’s a feminist platitude that rape, sexual harassment etc is about power not about sex. Whether that’s true most of the time is debatable, but it is not without foundation to the extent at least that sex and power can be meaningfully separated – after all phrases like sexual potency allude directly to the power to have sex, and one might well ask do men without power, physical or social even get to have sex?
    Now feminists covet men’s oxen and mens’ wives, as they covet the ability to act like men, yet while women may well engage in harassment it is becoming ever clearer that this is not how they ‘do’ power with respect to sex. Rather they complain, and accuse and allege, and as this kind of power becomes ever more effective men too, typically those who have bought into the feminist matrix, follow their suit. Carl Sergeant in the UK for example was the victim of a harassment allegation (the nature of which even now it is impossible to comment upon) which appears may have been used by an unscrupulous politician to destroy his colleague’s career (and ultimately) his life. As this phenomenon of endemic finger-pointing continues it is increasingly difficult for the MSM to ignore the power aspect of complaint. Feminism still requires that women be believed reflexively, as though women, or people generally were wont to simply speak truth. Leaving aside the issue of women’s general reliability in this respect, what this requires is precisely the absence of a power aspect to complaint, sexual harassment claims etc, except as a redress of an imbalance, i.e. to the misuse of power by males. Increasingly that is a position that seems impossible to maintain. Both women, and unscrupulous men use complaint and harassment allegations as a a means to attack their rivals and opponents. There are rich rewards to accusing someone vulnerable to such accusations (often simply by virtue of their membership of the class of men) and increasingly complaint is a fast track to success for women. When women complain, men are removed from position, and the reflex has typically been to replace those men with women. This might not be true in the case of Moore but there any number of other cases: Lagarde replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a woman replaced lawrence summers at Harvard, whatshername replaces Spacey as the lead on house of cards. Likewise Theresa May’s government appears to have used dossiers of alleged sexual harassers as a means of getting back at rivals and critics. Andrea Leadsom for instance helped destroyed her colleague at the UK defense ministry which the Sun I think pointed out almost certainly reflected a political rivalry between the two (he had suggested she might need to be got rid of).
    Feminism will double down on the idea that women are simply to believed, and that harassment allegations are always to be understood as transparent reports about wrong-doing in the world, but that position is increasingly untenable: women and unscrupulous men resort to complaints and allegations about sex as a first resort, and that is because if you want to exercise power in today’s world it is vastly easier to do this through complaining about something that it is to oppress or abuse someone in a manner that literally breaks the law. Indeed it is only in the case of a very substantial inbalance in power relations that rapists, harassers abusers can get away their behaviour. Weinstein, Spacey were enormously powerful men whose position permitted them to dominate and intimidate. Below that level (and increasingly at that level too) abuse, harassment, and increasingly innocent and harmless expressions of sexual or romantic interest are actually fraught with danger to the very same extent that complaint as a means of exercising power is protected.
    Power simply does not work the way feminists and the MSM would like us to believe and it hasn’t for quite a while. Weinstein and co. are legacy abusers. Valuable to the feminist narrative because they are the exception that can be presented as the rule. It is time to rethink the nature of power within modern societies and institution that are increasingly predicated on the redistribution of power through complaint

    1. I can’t help but think that this whole accusatory atmosphere will eventually have consequences. Men are going to get fed up and start taking accusers to court. Women continuously lament about a lack of “available” men but do not see that they reap what they sow. Most women in any power position are really incompetent and weak and their people skills are atrocious. They have to use sleazy tactics to maintain power and have the loyalty of alley cats.
      A great comment post MichaelM2

      1. Thanks. The fallout from the Weinstein affair already seems to be having multiple effects. There is the doubling down on the feminist narrative, but the widening of things to mainstream politics / politicians etc is generalising the kind of unease that was until recently confined to the manosphere. The fact is, many of the men who have been targeted (including actual abusers) are at least on the surface feminist enablers but have discovered to their cost that appeasing feminism will not keep their careers safe.
        There are good and bad managers of either sex, but the dangerous thing is that promoting women because they are women is bound to produce incompetence, and where you have incompetence you will always have the projection of blame onto a convenient other. Women are comparatively insecure but since feminism cannot acknowledge that, such insecurity must be attributed to (systemic) gender oppression by men. I think we will see that kind of blaming and spin increasingly challenged as both men and women realize just what is at stake

    2. to be honest women need separate companies like boys and girls separate schools.
      they are fucking annoying us and now making false accusations left right and center.
      you should be able to not employee women and have a mens only business and they can have some womens only business if one can leech an idea from their husband.

      1. they won’t allow any such policy, but in practice that may well be what arises. There will be many liberal feminist minded male managers right now thinking hard about the consequences of hiring women over men. Large companies will continue down the same path, and continues with their diversity agendas etc, but smaller companies will probably find it increasingly difficult to justify the existential risk

      2. they won’t allow such a policy but in practice that may well be what arises.
        There will be many liberal feminist minded male managers right now thinking hard about the consequences of hiring women over men. Large companies will continue down the same path, and continues with their diversity agendas etc, but smaller companies will probably find it increasingly difficult to justify the existential risk

  3. Increased Sexual Harassment Claims + The Passage of Egregiously Stringent Sexual Harassment Laws = Pussified Men Who Are Scared Shitless (Mission accomplished!)

      1. Uh, there are plenty of Africans who share that sentiment. Hell, Al Sharpton got his first big case trying to put some black men in jail for false rape. I mean, lol, Black men still voted with their Queens (around 85%) for Hillary…so, come on now.

  4. Wonder if the accusers fell by the wayside and don’t care about pursuing their charges now since Moore lost? If they don’t it was all politically motivated and those witches should all hang.

  5. It is imperative for professional men to rigorously adopt and adhere to the “Pence Rule” eschewing contact with females in the workplace. Never be alone with a female at work, never drive alone with a female colleague, always bow out early from after-work cocktails, NEVER hug a female co-worker, and above all DON’T MENTOR females. 100% of the time, whether it takes 5 or 50 yrs, they will throw your ass under the bus if it suits them.
    Of course none of the above applies if you look like Brad Pitt.

    1. @Burner
      Thanks. Just looked up what the “Pence Rule” meant. Not surprisingly an NYT reporter wrote up how awful this is for women. Sorry ladies, as I said above, you reap what you sow. No man should have his life ripped apart by false accusations.

  6. Hollywood and Politics are going to sink to incompetence never before seen. Useless, untalented, but pretty thots who became superstars will be stuck making shitty B- movies funded by nobodies or worse, waiting tables in Hollywood 4 life.
    Low T asexual Betas and women will begin to dominate politics for some time, and their incompetence will hasten our civilizational decline.
    Woke businesses will prosper as smart entrepreneurs (men) and wary hiring managers, will avoid hiring pretty thots, being cured of the thirst for females in the workplace.

  7. This is why voting is such a joke. Nothing less than violent revolt will do, and until more people on the right wake up to this reality, things will continue to get worse.

  8. What is going on here? These are dozens of examples of Joe Biden sniffing, kissing, groping, and stroking the young children of U.S. Senators!

  9. The real crime was that the Republican Party pretty much sunk Roy Moore themselves because they would rather have an insider Democrat take that seat than an outsider Republican.
    That’s how petty, pathetic, and backstabbing they are, and it’s just to preserve the status quo for both parties.
    I changed my party affiliation to “Unaffiliated” that very same night…..
    I can no longer tell which party is which.

  10. the jew-world-order
    only needs an inexpensive
    false accuser and control of the media
    to keep their control over the Government.
    No, the 19th Amendment will never be repealed
    like the 18th. Because there are more women voters
    than male voters. That’s why they will see their plan
    of the mongrelization of the white race come to fruition.

  11. Some of it, I was actually glad to see. I remembers years ago I was around two guys that were managers at a financial institution. They were talking about how all the managers there were having a contest of who can “hire the hottest ass”. I’m no beta and I scope out women more than the average man, but I’ve seen jobs given away to some POS female that had no business even being employed simply because she had a nice body that some manager wanted to try and get a piece of. Meanwhile, men that were trying to make a living were passed over for those job positions.
    Shit, if I can’t be a high level high status net worth executive and have fun with a button under my desk that I can lock the door so I can bend a milf over at work, then NOBODY is going to have that kind of fun neither!!!!!!
    But I can see where this all might be going. This will make some kind of case for only hiring homosexual men into executive and management positions because they wouldn’t sexually harass a woman. So it will be checkmate by satan and his liberal apostles. You’ll be living in a matriarch world that is completely run by women and homos.

  12. You are right in general but for Roy Moore, sorry he did NOT deserve to win even the primary! He was a pathetic evangelical narcissist who twice was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court! And for all those sorry bigots in Alabama who closed DMV offices trying to limit black voter ID opportunities, GOD saw through you all!

    1. People arguing against voter IDs…have no clue of the horrors of voter fraud. Require IDs and require them to be cheap.

  13. While I agree with the points the author makes, Roy Moore is a despicable person and the worst possible person to send to congress. Roy Moore is so bad that I would vote for Obama before him, and this coming from a white conservative.
    Roy Moore is a bible thumping hypocrite who thinks his religion puts him above the law, he was removed from the bench TWICE for this. Roy Moore is such a religious extremist that he thinks he is too good to obey the law of the land, and even his own churches scripture.
    Roy Moore is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican party and the christian church, he is the Republican version of hillary.
    Religious assholes like Roy Moore are why the Republican party is doomed to fail, the repeated, willful refusal to separate church and state will will eventually be the party’s downfall.
    The democrats will get the numbers to takeover and ruin all of the progress we have made with Donald Trump, and then take away our gun rights, and we will have the christian taliban and bible thumping jackasses like Roy Moore to thank for it.
    On the other hand, Roy Moore is the only one who had the balls to stand up and tell these lying twats to pound sand.
    Roy Moore may be a christian piece of shit, but at least he knows how to handle slander.

    1. “F*ck you sky dad!!!!” Christian Taliban lol make sure and clean up your Doritos and Mountain Dew before mom’s boyfriend comes for Ha-nukka , (((white))) cuckservative.

  14. BOOST
    Women In Masculine Fields
    DEC 11, 2017, 12:05:02 AM
    thumb_up 1
    I write this to warn women who want to join the army or police to what they’ll be sacrificing if they choose that path, I want to start this off with a story that inspired this blog. I answered a message from a dating site I’m signed up to a woman named SGT Rita and that was a red flag which caused me to reject her for the reason most men will reject. A woman who has the rank of SGT, because if your a woman who is a Sargent in the army or police which means your in a masculine line of work. That means you are unfeminine which will repulse most men, the same way an effeminate beta male will repulse most women so a woman. Who has masculine traits will get rejected by most men, by being in a masculine line of work you are sending out a signal that tells us that you want to be like men. This is human nature and this is a reality that our PC culture tries to deny and most men won’t tell you this fact for fear of losing their jobs but this has to be said. I want to be clear, you choose these professions your chances of finding a husband drop dramatically and be prepared to face rejection once that guy you like. Finds out what you do for a living, he will vanish like a magician doing a disappearing act and that’s regardless if your pretty or not and this is why female cops. Have to date mostly on the force, because no other men will have her and it’s very rare for a female cop to find love outside of the force and the same goes for army women. In conclusion, women can choose to join the police or military but you can look forward to lonely loveless nights.

  15. One of the funniest things I saw was the exit interviews with men who voted against Moore. The interview that started with “Well I have a 14 year old daughter and I wouldn’t want………..”
    I know guys that would make a similar statement and it makes me laugh. Back in the day, they were the biggest cunthounds on the face of the earth. Some were bouncers/doormen at the local bars as they worked out a lot. They would screw a different “bouncer groupie” every night of the weekend. Weekend meaning starting Thursday night and ending Sunday night. Many times the guy would have numbers to call for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
    Of course now that he’s 35-40+ and God/nature had a sense of humor and gave him a girl or girls. Younger nen that are like his old self are somehow expected to be different.
    Guess what dudes, someday your daughter(s) will become sexual beings and meet up with guys JUST LIKE YOU who will “put the wood” to them JUST LIKE YOU DID, AND your little princess will ENJOY riding the baloney pony. Just like your little groupie girls did.
    Stew on that for awhile.

  16. This is a modern tactic leftist women play on all candidates.
    you don’t need a newspaper to believe you and risk litigation these days get on twitter and get crying. You will not get blamed and can get cash, holidays, and promotions. There are no downsides
    The right should be doing the same? At least 5 republican women need to make similar accusations, preferably involving children and copses dead folk, animals in every single race.

  17. Loss? Oh ye of little faith pray with me to god-emperor Trump who has revealed his true intensions via Q Anon, and that the great state of Alabama has been chosen as the Grizzly bear trap for the wicked one Soros. Ahhh men. Real ballot counting coming in 3..2..1..

  18. It’s true that it’s a political weapon, but the reason “the left” did this is because it was so effective when employed by the Trumpsters.
    Bill Clinton is a rapist
    Podesta is a pedophile
    Joe Biden is a pedophile (probably true)
    To say that it’s wrong to call people pedophile or sexual harasser to get ahead of the polls is just ignoring the way the game works.

  19. Moore also blew it by hiding during the last month of his campaign. That and the issues he chose – scripture, abortion, moral tones, etc. are not as popular with votes as they were 25 years ago. Trump killed it down there as a pro choice republican! Moore didn’t need to go all gospel.
    Mo Brooks was a much better candidate but Mitch the Bitch McConnell didn’t want him. McConnell getting involved in the race at all was a mistake since he’s the biggest rat in the swamp.

  20. Unfortunately his and his wife’s rhetorical styles were also from another decade — when they’d have been functional.

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