9 Ways To Prevent Depression

Previously on Return of Kings, I have elaborated on various personality traits. However, there is one important personality trait that has largely been ignored: neuroticism. One tends to associate it with women and weaker men. The truth is, however, that in modern societies many men suffer from depression or borderline depression  for a variety of reasons.

While we cannot change the larger environments that we currently live in, we may do something about our own lives and micro environments. Many of the suggested efforts concern health and nutrition, rather than medication or abstract psychological theories.

1. Sleep 7-9 hours a day

If you have trouble sleeping, it is easier said than done to sleep enough. Nevertheless, it’s of chief importance to have enough sleep in order to repair your body and brain cells, as well as to decrease your cortisol levels.

2. Do resistance training in order to increase your testosterone level

As has been explained on these pages, low testosterone levels may lead to depression. Therefore resistance training, combined with proper nutrtion and recovery, may help to increase it.

3. Lose weight if necessary

Higher levels of body fat are associated with lower testosterone, and thus indirectly higher levels of neuroticism. Given that fat people are likely to eat more inflammatory food, these two negative things taken together may be a reason to lose body fat. It often goes hand in hand. 10-20% body fat is a healthy and attainable spectrum.

4. Avoid inflammatory food and eat properly

Inflammatory food is linked with higher levels of neuroticism. The casual relationship may either be that neurotic people eat more crap because they are depressed or that certain foodstuffs increase neuroticism. Recent evidence suggests that the latter is the case. No wonder why so many fat Americans are on antidepressants.

Avoid sugar, processed meat, saturated fat and trans fat foods, vegetable-oil, fried foods, refined flour, dairy, artificial sweeteners and additives, as well as too much alcohol. Instead, eat whole boiled eggs, fish, chicken filets, hazelnuts, almonds, olive oil, fruit, vegetables, and spices such as turmeric (found in curry), ginger, and cardamom.

5. Have a schedule for the most of your activities

As much as we may dislike our jobs and all sorts of other daily tasks, it is in fact healthy to have daily routines. Live through your work day, exercise in the evening (or morning if you prefer that), and do something constructive in the evening, such as reading a novel or spending time with someone important.

6. Pray, meditate or relax briefly every day

For a serious Christian or Buddhist, prayer or meditation are already mandatory practices so to speak. For the layman, however, one must be influenced by similar practices.

What has helped me to relax and increase my level of wellness, besides training and eating properly, is to lay down, close my eyes, lay one hand on my chest, and take long and deep breaths for about 5-10 minutes. Let whatever thought that emerges come: neither add fuel to, nor try to block such perceptions. Just let them come and go like people in crowded public areas. I mainly do this prior to sleep. This is like an ABC relaxation exercise without any New Age mumbo-jumbo on top.

7. Get off the internet, often, or at least every now and then

Online activities are connected to pretty much everything most of us do. It’s important for everyone who is not a monk or ascetic, although many monks these days do also use the Internet, at least in South Korea.

The downsides on the other hand are instant gratification, stimuli addiction, procrastination, sleeping problems, and increased stress levels. Get off the internet once in a while.

8. Spend considerable time in nature

Instead of staring into a computer or smartphone, gaze at trees, rocks, hills, plains, and grass. Although the causal relationships have not been completely disentangled, it appears as if considerable time spent in green spaces increases health and well-being.

For the rural man that implies woods, fields and plains, while an urban man may occasionally have to go to the country or visit a city park every week.

9. Have something to look forward to

Moreover, it might be beneficial to have something to look forward to besides the next chapter of the book you are currently reading, or the next chest and triceps workout at the local fitness center. Likely that may be a trip in your home country or overseas.

In closing

Instead of consuming chemicals or taking leftist psychoanalysts seriously, make concrete and sound efforts to decrease or prevent self-inflicted neuroticism from affecting you. While you cannot change the larger culture and society, you can affect certain aspects of your own life.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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54 thoughts on “9 Ways To Prevent Depression”

  1. One thing I can add from personal experience: stop envying others, or at least use envy as motivation to improve your health, finances, etc. so that you have nothing to be envious of. As clichéd as it sounds, if you’re a “typical” citizen of the West, you automatically have it better than most of the world.

    1. You know what makes me never get depressed or angry about life? My work with my Comrades from third world countries and minorities in Canada.
      Whenever I remember my work as a importer of low iq third world masses, that I know will be making a mess in ucked Canada and will be also giving a hard time to anglo-saxons living here. I feel some joy in my heart. I dont know why but I guess I´m a sadist who finds happiness in the suffering of others. I cant change my nature.
      I like to see myself as a Demon who was able to conjure a portal to hell inside Canada, that is bringing all the biblical demons to earth.
      Does that make me a sociopath?
      Hail to our Supreme Leader Justin Trudeau!!!
      Hail to the great land of bears, maple syrup and stupid anglo-saxons, who like to think they own the world but the truth is I own all their souls! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
      I own your sorry white asses!

      1. oh fuck off, choose another post to troll you insignificant piece of shit. This happens to be a good article worth reflecting on.

        1. Don’t know who that Ilya guy is or what his angle is (you are probably right about the troll part), but yes this is a very good article and should spark a good discussion here.

      2. i’m quite fed up to see your ugly lesbian face here.
        we seriously don’t give a shit about your plans about canada.
        People here don’t give a fuck about this cuckland, so go on, do your thing and shut the fuck up.

      3. Being entertained by your sex starved wife at night while you’re at work at burger king keeps me from getting depressed.

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        Hey Ilya, are you one of those “Russian trolls” the MSM are obsessed with?

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    2. “stop envying others”
      That’s an interesting point.
      I am very covetous — feel that I have gotten the short end of the stick. Yes, financially I am better off than most of the world, even most of the first world, but in all other areas I have always felt that God shortchanged me. The way I look at it, I know that I have a more comfortable life then many (and certainly all 3rd worlders) but lots of poor guys have young, pretty poor girls who worship them and let them f*ck them for free. That’s better than financial wealth and material possessions, IMO.
      But the envy is a MAJOR source or anger and depression, so I agree with you on that. You hit the nail on the head actually.

      1. Meant to say “source OF anger and depression”.
        Does anyone know how to edit these comments? Is that possible?

        1. You mentioned that you are financially well off. That should give you access to hot young girls. At least that seems to be the case in the western world where women prefer rich guys to good guys and tend to be sluttier. I am from a rather conservative country. Girls always want stable guys and wont fuck for free at all. You gotta jump through hoops to win her physical intimacy.

        2. @Duranto
          “You mentioned that you are financially well off. That should give you access to hot young girls.”
          Oh, it absolutely does. I have been banging hot, young escorts for a very, very long time. But I have always been envious of guys who don’t have to resort to that. While I have banged some of the hottest girls in NY, such as models who escort part time, and young college girls who need $$$ for tuition and rent, I have never had a girl who wanted me. Who gave herself to me mind, body and soul. I covet that. And it is a great source of anger and depression for me.

      2. Envying comes down to the fact that you are not satisfied with yourself, as you sort of eluded to in your comment about how you feel like you have been shortchanged in life perhaps in the department of looks or personalities. This can all be boiled down to your self-worth and self-confidence. There are ways to improve those aspects of your life but a lot of self-confidence does indeed seem to be infused in your genes (go to a playground and watch toddlers interact, after a couple minutes it’s easy to pick out the boys and girls who are naturally more outgoing and confident). These self-loathing and self-deprecating attitudes are terrible for your well-being. Take pride in your accomplishments. You stated you have had some success financially, let it show. When you value yourself at a high worth, you won’t give two shits about what other men/women think of you because at the end of the day, you know your value and that’s all that matters. Find that value.

      3. Not in the USA, the guys are all in the same boat. She may worship you at the start, but she’ll surely divorce rape you at the end. Better off being single, hanging onto your cash, then retiring to the third world of your choice. Plenty of time for a wife and children after you retire in your 50/60s.

    3. I think jealousy is more of an apt word here:
      Jealousy is more “I like what you have, I want it.”
      Envy is “I like what you have, I want to destroy it/you for having it.”
      In the short term, jealousy can be a motivator, unless it becomes bitter and take root. Both are destructive in the long run.

    4. That’s true. One can often add more items on lists like these, but we tend to prefer shorter and more concentrated articles in general.
      I would add that one should stay away from toxic people and have a balanced “mindfulness”-akin mindset, with a little bit of Stoicism on top. Do not be too focused on neither success nor loss, and do not dwell on the past, something that Nietzsche wrote accurately about. A little bit of nostalgia, and of course learning from experience, are good things, but to dwell on all your mistakes, losses, and personal “enemies” are just a waste of time and energy. Also to live on earlier accomplishments is counterproductive and sometimes pathetic.

    5. my theory about depression is that we all have a certain level and everyday, that level decrease bit per bit.
      So in order to keep one in good mental health, we should do some happiness boost from time to time. by boost, i mean some dopamine rush, in order to increase that level before the next inevitable decrease. long story short : Happiness, like muscles, are something you have to work on to maintain. it’s not a fixed state at all.
      and like the good and bad fats, there are good boosts and bad boosts.
      good boosts : spending more time in nature, achieving some progress in some skill (like playing an instrument, learning a new language, do paintings etc.), getting a lay, sharing knowledge with friend or siblings, reading an interesting book, spending time with people you care etc.
      bad boosts : posting something on social network and waiting for the likes, playing video games, eating bad but addictive foods, drink alcohol, doing drugs..
      ah and sometimes disconnecting from news, newspaper, politics and social networks are good means to prevent depression and/or envy.

    6. This is a great advice. Instead of comparing yourself with other people, you should compare yourself with the past you.
      People don’t see your strugle, only the success or failure.

  2. ” as well as too much alcohol”
    That’s the big one.
    At least for me anyway.
    Hitting the sauce can easily become the goto when depressed. But it only prolongs it in the long run. Avoiding it is much, much easier said than done though.
    Exercise absolutely helps.
    7-9 hours of sleep/day is a near impossibility for me. 4-5 is usually normal. Its not that I don’t try, but just end up laying there staring at the ceiling.

    1. Routinely getting 4-5 hours of sleep will leave your body in shambles. Your body replenishes and secretes testosterone during slumber meaning length of sleep is directly correlated with testosterone levels. Sleep deprived men tend to have high cortisol levels (stress hormone) and low testosterone levels- a recipe for a stressed out, low-T male. Lift heavy, sleep lots and eat right.

      1. I agree with you, but heavy lifting is no longer feasible for me. I do pushups, dips, ab work, deep knee bends & light weights. Too much damage to my rotator cuffs and elbow tendons over the years for the heavy weights.
        Yes, do to lack of sleep and other stress in my life I believe my cortisol levels are quite high.
        Oddly enough though, even at my age, I think my T levels are above normal. Or maybe that’s just a side effect of being a “sex addict” (as some have told me I am — I don’t believe them).

        1. Yeah, the heavy lifting aside, having a low body fat percentage with a high lean body mass index is beneficial to testosterone levels as well. Either way, if you are indeed routinely getting 4-5 hours of sleep your T levels will be suboptimal regardless of what your levels are now.

        2. @Burton.
          Yes, what you say makes sense.
          I’m 6’1″ 170 so I am pretty “lean”.
          But yes, if I slept and ate better, and laid off the sauce, I am sure I would feel better and T levels would most likely be even higher (God help me…)

        3. Do you sleep better when you aren’t drinking? I have an idiot friend that drinks all the time and complains about lack of sleep quality. Of course, he is constantly sauced so that is a major reason why his sleep quality is poor. And then he drinks to get to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle of stupidity.

        4. @John
          Yes, but its a bit more complicated than just “don’t drink, sleep better”. Sometimes when my “gears are grinding” the ONLY way I can wind down is by having a few drinks. Two drinks a night and I sleep OK. More than 2 and sleep will suck. But depending on how “amped up” I am, 2 is nowhere near enough.
          And yes, I agree, its a vicious cycle. I would think having a good female in the house would end the cycle. But that’s just a theory I have. And how many good ones are there, anyways?

  3. Consume as little caffeine as you can, look after your underlying health (diet, sleep, exercise) and keep busy. The worst thing you can do when you’re depressed is play the patient and lock yourself away.

  4. You mentioned that you are financially well off. That should give you access to hot young girls. At least that seems to be the case in the western world where women prefer rich guys to good guys and tend to be sluttier. I am from a rather conservative country. Girls always want stable guys and wont fuck for free at all. You gotta jump through hoops to win her physical intimacy.

  5. Good article. I add my support to the additional comment about not envying others. Stop comparing yourself to others and be your own man. I would also add something about being discriminating on who you listen to and hang out with. Its said that we are the average of the five closest people we listen to or associate with. If so, do what you can to ensure those five are positive assets in your life. Ditch the downers.

      1. to be honest I do tend to overthink things a fair bit, but while I don’t get depressed I do think overthinking problems, as well as handwringing etc. can create unnecessary difficulties. Some matter need thought / careful consideration while many don’t, even if recklessness is not a great policy

  6. Put down the bottle. I don’t mean stop drinking entirely like a “t-totaler”. Just regulate how much you drink. Keep it to 1-3 drinks no more then 3-4 days a week. Your body will thank you and so will your future liver. I know too many people who spent years drinking every day like they were Catholics going to mass. One can put up with that for a decade, sometimes two decades, but it will catch up with you. And if you are battling stress/anxiety with the bottle it will just get worse.
    And, yes, before I get pounced on there is a HUGE difference between polishing off one or two after a rough day then seeing the end of a bottle at the end of a rough day.

  7. I like the article a lot. I have suffered from depression for too long now and lately have been going to webinars on self help a lot and this has helped. The truth is you must help yourself. You can get help and advice but you must do most of it on your own. I do get a lot of help from my social worker though but the best help I have had lately has been one-on-one counselling from a professional counselor provided free by a local charity here in Belfast. I think all 9 tips are excellent!

  8. In Ancient Athens #10 would be go bareback a young prostitute (or two, or ten) for the price of a glass of wine. Ah yes, the benefits of being a citizen of a patriarchal pre-Judean, pre-STD empire.
    These days such a simple pleasure would cost you at least a grand. Well out of reach of the plebs, which is anyone busting his ass working full-time and making less than a million after taxes.
    Now back to dancing like monkeys and “gaming” chicken-brained females high up on that pedestal. A real masculine pursuit.

    1. Nah, there are plenty of cam copies out there. I HAD to see it after I’d heard all the negatives. Grabbed some popcorn and had a good laugh.
      They really pushed the boat out with the “women lead” angle as well, which no critic has mentioned. Leah’s the leader of the Resistance, then when she goes full Mary Poppins and goes into a coma a blue haired chick takes over, with her next in command being some bird with a huge nose (not prosthetic), and all the top IT people giving updates all being female. Meanwhile Poe is chastised for trying to actually do something rather than just run away. It’s too hilarious to miss.
      Oh, and they create a new love interest for the ugly, black guy who can’t act, some unbelievably ugly asian chick. Like, seriously, how did they find such an ugly one when there are so, so many hot ones to choose from.

  9. Travel
    1) If you travel you realize that all the things that define your townie friends do not matter. You stop giving a shit about Sarah Silverman talking about her childhood dressed like a teenager whore or stupid Reality television or everything else that defines the idiocy that is America since the 1990’s.
    2) You don’t have to worry about Non-Asian Minorities. They cannot afford to leave the ghetto or the barrio.
    3) You’ll never see a wigger.
    4) You realize how shitty life is except for the 1%.
    5) You can live cheaply.
    6) You won’t have to troll cheap hotels in high-crime areas risking arrest just to get a blowjob or sex.

  10. Most of these are pretty good ideas I implement into my life myself. I was diagnosed at 16 and have battled with depression for a very long time. I gave up on the medication about 3 weeks in, and have used methods like this to treat it since.
    It’s also really good to see an article addressing how important it is to take care of your mind, especially on a site like this at the time of year when male suicide is at it’s peak.
    If you are feeling down, please reach out. I’m not one for getting all soppy and saying generic shit like how everyone is beautiful, however having been at the stage where I’ve struggled to reach out and felt like no one cares – I want to remind you that depressive thoughts are fucking liars, people care, you matter, reach out.

  11. I agree withe the getting out point the most strongly. Nature. Yes. Escape the towns and go into the wilds. Good for men to do that, and build a fire, too, of you can.
    Look at that whale. Damnation. You get put on earth with tits and that’s what you do to yourself? Hmm. Could have had the good life (as good as women get anyway) and you flubbed it. Might be sad if it wasn’t also pathetic.
    I think fellowship is what I’ve been missing. I think that’s why couple’s do poorly, too. They don’t know other successful couples, because odds are they wouldn’t. Men are tribal. Even married men. We were never supposed to livein isolation.

  12. This is a different type of article than the usual T&A the writer puts out. I agree with a few of the points here, especially the spiritual side, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I would add, IMHO, that the current generation in particular, should get off this self-absorbed/self-actualized obesession. I overheard a conversation with some young women talking about all the different psychotropic and antidepressant medications they were prescribed. What about developing coping skills, and looking outside oneself, in lieu of pop-psychology, the endless quest for instant gratification, social justice, worthless nebulous degrees, drugs, wishy-washy employers, and on and on? There may be hope for you yet, Mr. Adams.

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