The Fame, Tragedy, And Strangeness Behind Celebrity Culture

How did celebrities become larger-than-life, nearly deified? They’re famous (obviously), and usually wealthy. Royalty counts, but few ordinary politicians make the cut. Glamour is the defining characteristic, above notability, money, or power.

They’re just people, but in public perception, they’re nearly Olympians. Their lives are familiar. Even those who don’t worship the celebrity pantheon often can name movie stars who’ve been strung out on drugs, joined an oddball cult, poached someone’s boyfriend, are perverts, etc. Even minor tantrums are documented in supermarket tabloids. Still, their misdeeds excite the public, and consequences are far less than for mere mortals. They’re not “beyond good and evil,” but pretty close.

Some are righteous folks, but many substitute politics for virtue, and others are moral basket cases. Here are the most common paths to glory, and what happens next.


A pro athlete begins learning a sport during early youth, then plays in high school, later joins a college team, and finally gets drafted by a professional league. It requires tremendous dedication (commendably), some genetic good luck, and no career-ending injuries. Even so, only a tiny fraction of kids dreaming of going pro will succeed. This is mainly a male pursuit; female athletes generally get bourgeois-level salaries, not multimillion dollar contracts.

Performance-enhancing drugs are a dirty little secret. However, it’s an addition to (rather than a substitute for) years of workouts and practice. Despite this limited exception, there are no shortcuts for success like the other celebrity tracks.

Foremost cardinal sin: Wrath

Some are serious knuckleheads. “Roid rage” doesn’t help either.


For male musicians, it’s a long road for the lucky few who make it to the top. Generally this begins with mastering their instruments in a garage band as teenagers, and later playing gigs in smoky dive bars. With lots of talent—and even more luck—they might release a single that gets air play. If they follow it up with a hit album, then they’re in the running for the big time. That’s how it worked for the Beatles, and countless other bands.

Female musicians have the option of jumping the queue. This means sleeping their way to the top with industry figures who can get their songs in stores and on the air. Still, a minimum baseline of talent is required. It’s hard to sell CDs if a would-be diva’s music is beneath mediocre. Visual appeal and autotune only go so far.

There’s another form of queue-jumping. A manager might encourage an adolescent musician with a wholesome reputation to sexy up her act. The “Lolita appeal” does sell tickets and CDs. Unfortunately, often they spiral out of control during young adulthood. They must keep upping the ante to build on previous success. They’re in an arms race with other scantily-dressed divas. They don’t realize when to tone it down, and their personal boundaries are just a bit distorted by then.

Foremost cardinal sin: Lust

Rock stars are well-known for their carnal appetites, obviously. For female stars, their music and public image can affect the girls who idolize them.


The Oscars

Countless young people dream of success in Hollyweird. Many attempt it, and strike out—one of several reasons for California’s homeless problem. However, a lucky few will make it. The traditional road to success involves being cast as extras, later getting occasional bit parts, and then making an outstanding performance. Following that, a lucky few will attain stardom.

Time is limited; they either make it by young adulthood, or probably never. Obviously, the casting couch enables queue-jumping. That can happen for male actors too, though the specifics are pretty grim. Not everybody does it (just as not all athletes inject steroid doses suitable for beefing up cattle), but it happens.

In ancient times, actors had the same social status as prostitutes. During the rise of British theater, the profession still had a disreputable air, despite Shakespeare’s tremendous cultural contributions. This former lumpenproletariat occupation is one of today’s most glamorous. Acting really is a craft, though reciting lines convincingly isn’t exactly rocket science.

Foremost cardinal sin: Pride

Sometimes it really goes to their heads, and it shows.

Famous for being famous

The strangest of the celebrity tracks often is attained riding someone else’s coattails. That’s usually via dating someone already famous, or occasionally an elderly rich guy. Some are mediocre artists or wannabe celebs with little to no talent. Some others might begin as strippers. Rarely, the toy boy of an actress can become “famous for being famous”.

Another avenue is reality TV. Someone’s cringeworthy eccentricities actually could be a ticket to fame. Unlike movie stars, they might not be able to method-act their way out of a wet paper bag. They’re simply filmed being goofballs, and the public eats up their antics like candy. Finally, a sex tape that goes viral might work too.

Foremost cardinal sin: Sloth

They do basically nothing. Some might lend their names to products, but that’s marketing, not business acumen.

Their life cycle

These demigods are expendable. Usually, a celebrity’s glory days are during youth; then it’s downhill fast. (Sounds familiar?) However, child stars have it the worst. Besides factors mentioned previously, they don’t get a normal upbringing or sense of self, and are under tremendous pressure to perform. Thus, the burnout rate for former child actors is pretty high. That got to Michael Jackson too.

For athletes, age and injuries take their toll pretty quickly. Investing wisely, or at least a backup career, will ease the difficult transition to ordinary life. Those who blow their millions will probably burn out. The top male musicians are mainly unscathed; some 1970s bands are still touring. However, middle-aged female musicians won’t be able to sell tickets like before, even the genuinely great vocalists. Male actors can have decent longevity, but it’s not pretty if they get washed up. Actresses can keep going too, but must adjust. Airbrushing, makeup, favorable cinematography, and digital postproduction only go so far. Today’s sex kitten eventually will be Miss Daisy. The burnout rate for the “famous for being famous” is extreme, even before they become forgotten has-beens.

Many fading actors and musicians attempt to prop up their relevance through ridiculous displays of virtue signaling. (Why do they think celebrity status makes them wise and knowledgeable?) They’ll warn the public about global warming, yet tour the world in private jets. Some adopt children from faraway locales, competing to get the most exotic brood. Faux-compassion would be funnier if the media weren’t trying to make it fashionable (and for pretty obvious reasons). Fortunately, political posturing by athletes is less common. The “famous for being famous” usually don’t bother to pretend to care about anything except themselves, though their lifestyle choices are a bad enough example already.

Other cardinal sins

Only linebackers and the bulimic can get away with chowing down like there’s no tomorrow. Gluttony also includes drunkenness and drug abuse, pretty common in all celebrity categories, and fairly universal for the “famous for being famous”. It’s likely worse than the public imagines; not everybody gets caught. Things can get pretty bad with a nearly unlimited dope budget.

Then there’s greed. I can’t really fault them for wanting to make lots of money. Still, a truck driver, construction worker, or pipefitter is more productive—yet gets microscopically less pay and recognition—than someone who recites lines on a movie set, sings on stage, or plays sportsball. That’s just how it rolls; entertainment is big business.

Envy is generally by the public toward them, understandably. I’ll be honest. If time machines existed, I’d give my fourteen year old self an electric guitar, an amp, and a lecture about corporate bullshit. Also, I really should’ve tried out for the high school football team. (Even if I never went further, my teenage years would’ve been improved enormously.) If I could avoid the perils of excess, having my life plastered on the tabloids would be tolerable.

Fame is often a mixed blessing. Celebrities escape the common man’s struggles, but may acquire another set of problems. Unfortunately, getting a big ego is all too often the first.

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73 thoughts on “The Fame, Tragedy, And Strangeness Behind Celebrity Culture”

  1. Just being Jewish helps so many jump the queue to stratospheric heights in the film, television, and music industries. Jews suck at sports so that’s one major exception (they would much rather OWN the sports franchise than play in them anyways).
    So many useless and monotone actors who are essentially the same person in every damn movie they are in like ((Ben Stiller))) would go nowhere in Hollywood if it wasn’t for Jewish nepotism. Jews, blacks, and everyone else BUT self-hating liberal white goys look after each other and prop themselves up from their tribe. First and foremost.

    1. Actor being themselves in every fucking movie
      Every movie of Samuel L jackson is samuel L jackson bieng Samuel L jackson, the only exception is kingsman wich is faggot Samuel L jackson.
      Other actors are playin the same character, Jack Nicolson, Emma Stone, Owen wilson, Will Smith, Jennifer Lawrance, Jessy Eisenber, Micheal Cera, Seth Rogen, Danny mcbdride, Adam sandler, Dwane jhonson, Vin Diesel, jackie chan, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, will ferrer, George clooney, Tommy lee johns. The guy from Netflix Punisher.

      1. That’s why I give props to actors like Johnny Depp and Daniel Day Lewis, they’ve played such a wide range of characters and done it so well.

      2. @Duncan, there’s a name for those actors you highlight: “character actors”. John Wayne is another example. Not necessarily a bad thing, but does expose their limited abilities. Their incredible charisma keeps them employed.

    2. Jews invented Hollywood. As Koreans do with their delicatessens today, they hire their own. Just like generations of Anglo Saxons did in the golden oldie days of Banking, and Insurance. So, what is your problem?

    3. You say Jews suck in sports but you are basing your opinion on nothing more than your delusions. Are Jews not fit? No. They generally don’t invest the time to go into these activities and prefer to concentrate on their studies. Have you ever been to Isreal as I have. They actually are bigger and more ripped than their usa Jewish cousins.

  2. ”In ancient times, actors had the same social status as prostitutes.”
    and in porn – actors ARE prostitutes
    dirty bunch of whores, all of them

        1. Says the faggot who talks big in every comment section, yet lambasts others for the same. Just because you’re Eastern European, it doesn’t make you a hard-man. And someone needs to keep you and your ego in check.

        1. Eastern Europe is in the West geopolitically, you moron.
          Jealous of what? Communist era concrete monoliths and rabid dogs? Yeah right.

    1. in which case the fappening is the closest modern celebrity culture will get to a return to the classical age

    2. You that like it’s a bad thing. Porn stars are obviously not virtuous nor do they pretend to be. If they were nobody would want to watch.

  3. Most celebrities are cultists artificially propped-up by the MSM, a medium tightly controlled by the elites. In such, they are designed to appeal to the basest instincts, the least common denominator of lower class humanity. Their “power” is derived from their ability to mass manipulate and control such useful idiots.
    As the power of the MSM wanes, the trajectory of art and culture, which has been very centralized and promoting degeneracy to the detriment of society and increased corporate $’s, will slowly start to decentralize and go back to more natural levels and reward genuine talent.
    I think the age of mega-celebrities is slowly coming to and end.

    1. “…and go back to more natural levels and reward genuine talent.”
      One can only hope.
      “…slowly coming to and end.”

    2. Couldn’t agree more. The media appears to be more concerned with celebrities than the general public. For instance I have never once met anyone, anywhere, from any walk of life who gave a rats ass about the Kardashians or others of that ilk. But as you point out the media wanes.

      1. Not true. Reality TV shows featuring ordinary people have been the rage for the past 17 years. However, the general public has more curiosity about the private lives of the rich and famous than they do about ordinary Americans. Many people actively do not want their private lives being made into a nationally syndicated reality TV show.

        1. ZENOPEDE
          Well whites in the US are willing to watch it. They give a shit about whether Charlie Sheen gets off drugs.
          I’ll tell you the real reason from the perspective of a white guy who left the rustbelt and went overseas young.
          Whites have nothing going on in their life. They are not out in a day-to-day real world life-and-death hustle like blacks who only react to such direct stimuli as “ho’s, paper, bling, rock, KFC, grape soda” or Jews who live in a world of money and media.
          For that matter Mexicans have their drugs and machismo-fueled gangs.
          The white only has his reality television show to live for. Its fucking sad.
          Even his only source of sexual release-like most posters on this website-makes Jews money. And in addition to that THEY are the ones actually getting sex. His whole life is a vicarious existence of watching Negros play children’s games better than he does and watching Jews who make money off him.

    3. “Controlled by Elites”
      If Ron Jeremy is “elite” to you than you are a down and dirty rube who steals pigs to sell in the hog wallows of the Smoky Mountains somewhere.
      Good luck then, going on the streets of LA and raising money to make films.

  4. Perhaps it’s time for us to develop an anti-celebrity and MSM culture. Let’s create our art or promote TV shows, films and music which doesn’t have the (((Cultural Marxism))) sign of approval.
    I’m sure there are out there actors, filmmakers, TV showrunners and musicians with plenty of talent they want to show to the world. Let’s bring back the times where talent was the only requirement to be famous.

    1. When I wrote my previous comment, I forgot to mention literature, comic books and museums. We should not forget writers, illustrators, painters and similars. Modern art is another cancer which must banish as soon as possible.

    2. IVAN
      Gentiles cannot raise any money. There are some that used to make low-budget films (Mostly horror) but big-budget films require 100 million dollars.
      Additionally, they have to be marketed. Jews have no sense of nepotism when it comes to paying for a film they think will make money (Irish-Catholic Sean Cunningham’s Friday the 13th) but most Gentiles have to produce a film they think is going to make money.
      Most white Gentiles live in a state of debt. Where is the money to raise a 100 million dollar budget in Missouri?

      1. @Michael Myers
        Mel Gibson made big bank on Passion of the Christ. The Jews fought him tooth n nail trying to derail him. They got their man in the end sadly

        1. Sure, a Jew forced Gibson at gunpoint into getting drunk and going on about Jews or blacks during a DUI. They cared that much about his movie.
          Gibson did say he feared the Jewish lunatic fringe might come to his house and kill him. I would not want some Son of Sam or Mosque bombing Jewish fanatics coming to my house to kill me either.

        2. Nice strawman Mikhael. I believe it was a Jewish cop who filmed him drunk stating that “the Jews start all the wars” and the (((media))) ran with a full assault ‘Anti-Semite’ campaign against him relentlessly for years.
          (((Hollywood))) wouldn’t touch his film condemning it and heavily criticising it. The (((Industry))) had put him under immense pressure until they finally broke him and could destroy him.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if that Russian woman he ended up with around that time who put him through misery was a stooge

        1. …Like the Jewish lawyer who defended the Nazi war criminal from extradition to Israel.
          When Sean S Cunningham made FRIDAY THE 13th the Jews climbed over one another to distribute it.
          One COULD argue that possibly WASPS like Tobe Hooper or John Carpenter making movies about white killers or cannibal rednecks establishes some trope that Jews like.
          But this reaching for shit.

  5. “Performance-enhancing drugs are a dirty little secret. However, it’s an addition to (rather than a substitute for) years of workouts and practice. ”
    You’ll be 1000 times more motivated to workout when you see your muscles double in size in a few months and realize you can pick someone up your same size like a rag doll. It’s the kids who get steroids the youngest who catch the attention of pro trainers, scouts and ultimately end up being pro athletes. (Usually not suburban boys.)

  6. “In ancient times, actors had the same social status as prostitutes.”
    They still do today. The only people who worship actors are children, adult children, and other prostitutes.

  7. That yoko ono video was interesting. Maybe one of the lefty trolls can explain to me (a Neanderthal) what style of art this is. At first glance I would say it’s just a retard screaming into a microphone and passing it off as art but I don’t want to sound ignorant. Will someone explain it to me?

    Most wannabe actors in California end up selling cocaine on film sets-or they did in the 70’s and 80’s when cocaine was still being used by rich people.
    I knew a Grand Rapids teacher named Mark who went to LA as a young man to be an actor. He was an extra in a few films (No speaking roles) but found out that he could make money selling cocaine. He sold a great deal of it.
    Most wannabe actors are less likely to be homeless (Though Jean Claude Van Demme was) then to simply resort to selling drugs. Roger Ebert once said that everybody in LA had two jobs-selling drugs and the job in film production they hoped to have one day.
    I’m not sure whites these days COULD be homeless in LA for more than 24 hours without getting killed or maimed at night by roving gaggles of Cholo and Hoodrat maniacs AKA Clockwork Orange.

  9. My feeling is that Ron Jeremy probably does not watch much porn. I think he was quoted for saying that.
    Jews in Hollywood write some crap over a bottle of Tequila and some good blow and get paid and don’t give a shit.
    It is gentiles who tailor their live to some crap Hollywood rams down their throat.
    It has to be IQ. The Asians are unaffected. But they live on the coast.

    1. So you idolize Jews for their cunning, their business savvy, their urbanity, their frivolity, their fundraising, their sexuality, their creativity, their determination, and their IQ. But you’re not Jewish. Did I miss anything?

      1. And people wonder why pre-cuck Germany had to put gold stars to identify and out these deceptive usurpers that hid and toiled away their wicked plots hidden within the populace.

      2. JIM
        Yeah, you missed the fact that Irish-Catholics, recent German immigrants (Trump’s father, my own family), Slavs, Italians live in the Northeast of the United States and Armenians, Iranians, Asians live on the West Coast.
        “Creativity, IQ, business savvy”.
        You could say this about Irish or the Iranians on the West Coast too. Its the Flyover interior white who is always moaning about Jews.
        Its called common sense-
        1) Jews don’t get married at 21. They go to college and by the time they are 30 they have already fucked enough to avoid straying.
        2) Jews don’t fight Negros in the street or live in areas where Negros are going to pummel them. A few exceptions exist because of the knockout game in NYC but in general it is the rednecks hating blacks but ending up somewhere that Hoodrats cluster.
        3) Jews don’t have kids out of wedlock. Jews with no money apparently don’t reproduce. For all the Jews in porn they don’t have an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy problem. Neither do Asians.
        4) Jewish whores abound but they make a living at it like Sarah or whichever porn star.
        5) Jewish girls might mudshark but when do you see them at a welfare line with Mulatto kid? When do they need the government to pay for Tyrone’s kids? When do Jewish porn stars get pregnant.
        6) Jews don’t get hooked on drugs and become petty criminals to pay for them. Okay, I am lying, a few Jews in New York do but meth and Oxy are not the plagues they were in Arizona. Only dumb Flyover rubes become tweakers. Of course they are all dead now I am sure so make way for the next generation addicted on pills or whatever white working class people are turning into an epidemic now.
        7) Jews manage to keep from being homeless in LA and many of them flood out there to try and make it in film. Of course they wind up in porn or selling cocaine to other Jews but that is their lookout.
        8) Jewish have in fact asked the US government for bailout money but not while at the same time going on about “small government” and “taxes” when their Red State is the biggest “welfare queen”.
        9) Jews are not desecrating Churches. When did you see a Star of David spray-painted on a Baptist church? The Jews sometimes bomb Mosques. My feeling is that they don’t give a shit about Christians.
        10) Jewish derelicts in New York are not blaming Christians for their problems.
        11) Jews don’t have the social pathology of a trailer park or other white trash. The molestation (Ron Jeremy molests HIS KIDS?) and domestic violence and drugs and on and on.
        12) Jews are not requiring a great deal of social services.
        13) Jewish neighborhoods are not dangerous. Some are rundown and grimy like Brighton beach. Maybe there are a few Jewish junkies lurking in Brooklyn alleys with baseball bats at night. This is not the same as Detroit or Chicongo.
        14) Jews are not affected by SJW because they simply don’t talk. Your average Hollywood Jew who wrote ROOTS or something probably hates blacks and Mexicans. He just does not express it. The stupid rural white in the interior actually opens his gates.
        15) Whites from the South are obsessed with blacks. Jews in NYC just stay away from them. Too bad we had a Civil War. The North should have just joined Canada and left the South and the stupid Ulster people and Swamp Frogs and their Negros to their own devices.
        16) Jewish families are either nuclear or the guy pays his child support.
        17) All this is because JEWS HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE. If you are a Jewish lawyer you don’t want to get disbarred for refusing to pay your cunt of an ex-wife child support.
        All of the same things could be said about gays, though a few gay hustlers might end up dying penniless of AIDS. Most gay neighborhoods really have no problems EXCEPT the ones related to using a dirty body part for things it was not intended.
        I’m not a Jew but it is really hard to work up some kinship to rural and suburban whites especially from Gen Y who are so dense and naive. Never traveled. Educated badly in public schools.

    2. Asians are unaffected…lol…asians watch porn like no other….they literally have massive problems in Asia of men watching to much porn. LOL, some Japanese guy not that long ago was found in his apartment literally rotting away in his 1,000+ page collection of porn mags and videos. In japan they even have vending machines for panties so that japanese men can sniff them.

      1. WES
        I’ll spell it out as a simple equation…Stupid Rube gets molested by other stupid rubes and hooked on meth in stupid rube junior high and aimlessly drifts to Los Angeles with vaguely + middle-class college educated Jew runs porn industry + stupid drug-addled female rube is talked into entering porn office because her background is so poor and dysfunction + male rubes in the Flyover jerk off to their Christian sisters taking big Negro and Hebrew circumcised stovepipes in the ass = stupid Gentiles.
        Japan is a small country and people who get into porn are the same race as the people owning means of physical porn production.
        1) Japanese are not complaining that Jews are destroying their marriages.
        2) Japanese porn is not a result of stupid blondes from the Flyover taking a bus to Hollywood and realizing that if they do not pay rent they will be raped in the streets by roving Cholo gangs and then slowly recruited into porn. Japan is a small country and I presume every single woman going up into a porn talent agency has every intent of doing porn. It is not some meth addict who ended up in LA as a stripper and was then conned by Jewish pimps into a porn office.
        3) Which Jews control the Japanese porn industry. Or any other aspect of the Japanese economy or media. There’s a lot of mudsharking in Japan (Save for when some Negro GI manages to rape a girl off the base) because of Jews.

    3. I guess the stereotype is partially true, that Goyim are stupid.
      At least the ones in the US.
      But, to be fair, they start out with a two standard deviation disadvantage
      And against the Jews who actually run Hollywood land, worse than that.
      Just nature, red in tooth and claw, working the animated stuffed animals through her system. So remember this folks:
      Life doesn’t care,
      Life is quite fair,
      Cut yourself up you’ll bleed;
      Life will stand by,
      Not bat an eye,
      won’t hear your cries or please.

      1. Libertarians and white liberals are stupid/naive/and incredibly arrogant. They are literally two extreme retards cut from the same arrogant cloth. Everyone one of them thinks they have the moral high ground, everyone of them thinks they are the “smartest”, and everyone of them thinks they have found some “new” and superior idea….which most of their ideas, whether it be economics, cultural, or whatever have been tried throughout history and time and time again and have all been failures…but they don’t know this because they never look anything up, and why should they, they already know they are right, lol. A lot of their stupidity comes from dis-information, after all, this is really the first time in history that people can actually choose which echo chamber they want to live in, all from their own home.
        I also think the Goyim are suffering from a severe form of cowardice…how many white people do you see just come out and say, “fuck diversity, get out”? A lot of ideologies and politics created by the Goyim today are just desperate attempts at deflecting from the elephants in the room….tribalism, nationalism, feminism, and race. You know, the liberals say “we can help [victim group] and solve all our problems with socialism”….while the libertarians say “we can just solve all our problems and help the [victim group] by destroying the government and not paying taxes”. Instead they should both be saying “DAMN, America had it good before forced diversity, welfare is getting destroyed thanks to feminism and diversity, and feminism is just plain fucking retarded…so lets get rid of those two things and then talk about other issues”…na, that would be too hard, it would actually involve getting aggressive and doing something.

        1. WES True
          “Family values”
          I cannot stop jerking off to 18 year old girls being filmed by Jewish coke fiends desperate for another line with big black Negro studs.
          It has ruined my marriage and my 10 year old daughter watches porn to and now what “tossing the salad means”
          “White Pride”
          I need a DNA test to know where my ancestors are from.
          “Christian society”
          Middle class white homelessness on the rise.
          “Law & Order”
          Its your third DUI stupid redneck time to go to the joint and take that big black Hoodrat cock up your ass.
          Yeah, the government really gives a shit about Flint or Detroit or the white people who could not afford to move or lacked the skills to do so. Go visit them. Kind of like the Boers in South Africa.
          “Western Civilization”
          Actually this is from the Mediterranean basin.
          “Positive Role Models”
          A black with a double-digit IQ who has to look at cue cards behind the lighting equipment on a film set in order to do a Nike Shoe advertisement.
          “Racism is wrong”
          Show me how many liberal Jews would live in South Chicago more than a Klavern of Klansman.

        2. VIKING
          I’ve got no intention of getting out in Detroit. I left in 1998 and left the United States in 1999.
          The gap between the middle and upper-class whites (Jews for example) and lower middle class and working class whites is way more socially, economically, politically, psychologically.
          Poor whites are getting stupider, to be honest. More of them are imitating blacks and having kids out of wedlock. More of them are mudsharking it. Their tastes are worse, culturally. More of them have tattoos. They are getting poorer. There seems to be a drift downwards towards the ghetto or the barrio even as a dislike of illegal immigration intensifies. There are more single white mothers and destitute mulatto children than back in 1995. In some ways there seems to have formed a genuine Brazilian race pyramid with Jews and Mestizos (In this case Eurasians) towards the top and blacks and indigenous at the bottom with a new Mulatto class comprised of poor white girls.
          Despite this and the SJW the conflict between blacks and the rest of society is way, way worse. More and more prisons exist. There are more police on the street to. In some ways the US seems like a police state of sorts. In your average redneck town or city like Phoenix AZ the most important person is the Sheriff-like the dictator of a Banana Republic.
          Actual standard of living has declined as well. Sure people have better phones but the infrastructure has gotten way, way worse. The top 1% do not seem to give a single shit about the public much like Brahmins in India or Chinese in Philippines or the British upper classes. As was noted in the article about Silicone Valley amidst the hyperbole the rich in the US build huge walls like they did in Medieval England to keep the serfs our or they do in Third World countries today. In point of fact because I lived overseas I’ve observed that many of the 1% do not live in the U.S. They live in the South of France or somewhere.
          Drugs used to be crackheads and tweakers and they were energetic TRAINSPOTTING social problems. Now they just die quietly of Opoid overdoses. It is almost as if the defiant Kurt Russell type working class ruffian has turned into a homeless junkie.
          There is more regional division. People from Red and Blue States regard one another as foreign countries more than 1998. There is more antipathy between people who live South of Dixie and Limousine Liberals in NYC. Gays are not openly bashed but the genuine dislike that Red State people have for what the Blue States represent-gay marriage, Jews running the US economy and media (If they do), illegal immigration-is stronger. People from California are really disliked more strongly in Alabama or Missouri as is NYC.
          But the same old miscreants are doing the same old thing. Appalachians are still stuck in their cycle of poverty and destitution only worse now. Jews are apparently still doing their thing with the Federal Reserve and managed to skip into Social Media as a new platform. There is more racial conflict with blacks and the rest of society.
          There is more open “white flight” as well. Places like Detroit or Flint have gone from the set of MAD MAX back to farmland (Watch Beverly Hills Cop to see what Detroit as a functioning city was like 30 years ago) quickly. Industrial cities became ghost towns amazingly quickly filled with South Africa-level violence against whites.
          Also, PC and SJW seems quite ridiculous. To watch a film like “Death Wish” and see a bunch of white street villains is ridiculous.
          Rural whites voted in Bush and the results have really echoed for years. The US is quite bankrupt since Clinton. There is tawdry second-world look to many Midwestern towns even as Dubai and other Arab cities (As Trump noted) have now become futuristic metropolises. The MONEY is gone from the US economy.
          Truthfully I don’t know much because I have not returned to the US in 10 years and have no intention of ever doing so. I tried to immigrate to Canada but after two years I gave up. I tried Australia, same thing.
          In terms of sexual politics white women seem to have gone gay or bi-sexual and behave like cynical misanthropic porn starlets who hate men but make a living from sex. The entire US society of women have adopted the sort of man-hate and cynicism of strippers who privately prefer sex with other chicks. White women seem to be refusing to reproduce with white males as if they to are aware that the white male is doomed. Lower class white women with no education are mudsharking and intelligent ones are becoming bisexual sybarites.

      2. Rural white stupidity puts them in harm’s way of whatever Jews are accused of promoting or Mexicans sell. Their parents were guinea pigs for Meth in the 90’s and now they are guinea pigs for Oxy or whatever.
        A poor white girl from the Midwest raised in a dysfunctional large family takes a bus to Los Angeles and ends up being lowly paid porn star.
        Somebody molested her? That helps. How many Jewish kids are molested by parents or teachers in the Bronx compared to the US interior.
        Had kids at 21 with both parents earning minimum wage and these kids adopted black mannerisms to keep from being pummeled in public schools and then the female became a Mud Shark? The son a druggie who started smoking pot at 12 and soon graduated to crystal by 14 and ended up in jail by 18?
        Whose fault? Jews?
        …There are no Jews in the US interior.
        You jerk off to internet porn and then complain that Jews are destroying your mind? Its kind of funny.
        “Jews are smarter than I am and therefore they make me do stupid things.”
        Sorry, but I think all whites raised on the concrete streets of Detroit or New York or LA are simply more street smart. They know the power of the dollar as well as a Jew. They know that reality is not like a Transformers film and that this film was merely a script written by coke-fried Jews in some stucco apartment in Studio City.
        I’m not a Jew but my ass does not bleed for the empty swagger and loud mouth of the rural white who is trapped in the hog wallows or the desert trailer park or the swamp because they do not know their ass on the street.

        1. JOHN
          You drink at Bennigans and eat Buffalo Wings in wide street Flyover town. You wear a football jersey of some college that your parents could not afford. Your sister has tattoos on her back. So do you. You pay for $10 lap dances at strip clubs whose dancers have black big-dicked boyfriends. Your house is on a sidewalk with grass growing through the cracks and you got pushed around by blacks in middle school because your parents sent you to a public school. Your parents voted for Bush
          …you’re a rube.

        2. Dude you need to get out more. From what I can gather from your comments you know next to nothing about how normal people are living their lives. I have not read such a consistently fatuous bunch of bullshit since I was in college.

      3. Hollywood Affirmative Action
        Whites would need affirmative action to compete with Jews in Hollywood because overall their IQ is lower and thus they cannot write scripts that are as marketable.
        Those whites that are talented do get hired over Jews.
        Same with the stock market or Jewish-owned basketball teams.
        These kind of business where what people do makes a shit (Unlike the Department of Motor Vehicles) and run on money dictate IQ is everything.
        Same with Silicone Alley.
        The fact that non-Asian minorities downgrade the US bureaucracy simply demonstrates how little the government gives a shit about how the infrastructure serves the public.

      4. If Jews were as goodlooking as Irish Catholics they would control it all.
        But Italians are able to hustle. Tarantino, Cimino, Scorsese.

    1. Most of them appear to be Jews.
      The sexual assaults are going to mostly by Gentile or Jew producers against aspiring white young female wannabe actresses who are from someplace outside New York or LA who have ZERO connections.

  10. Celebrities are also forced to show the one-eye symbol on photos, magazin covers, movie posters and also musicians on the covers of their CD´s.
    The elite controls the entertainment industry.Its their tool to brand and mock their slaves.

  11. Celebrity worship is a phenomenon found in children, women en the mentally ill. Never seen a grown man of sound mind engaging in this buffoonery.

  12. My wealthier aunt (husband worked hard and climbed the Corporate ladder), decided to adopt a kid from Haiti. The bitch is in her late 50’s. She claims she wants to do good in the world. Fuck.

  13. T MONEY
    Ode To The Black Stud
    The black stud is too low IQ to react to abstractions such as responsibility so he simply fucks women and produces children that cucked white males must raise.
    Secretly your Aunt wishes to have a big black stud fuck her dry tight pussy until it quivers. Her anus tightens at the thought. It gets her body hot and white in a way that the small white penis of her husband cannot.
    The white man pays to see Hebrew and Black studs fuck blonde 20 year old girls as a subconscious affirmation of his cuckdom.

  14. Michael myer goldbergbaumstein I certainly hope you are Jewish or you are the biggest cuck off all time shitting on your own people to suck the diseased cocks of all the world’s Jews. If you’re not Jewish you are utterly pathetic in your worship of the world’s vermin.

      If you were a foreigner coming to the US and some magical genie told you that you could be some Jew driving down the Ocean highway out in Malibu getting overpaid to be a screenwriter or a lawyer or stockbroker vs being a bartender or painting houses in Southern Illinois which would you as the foreigner choose?
      Interior whites have so many strikes against them. Their source of trends and opinions is five square miles of LA or New York 2,000 miles away. His IQ is probably slightly lower than a Jew and he believes the shit that comes out of the ass of a coke fiend in LA which causes his sister to be a mud shark. He cannot control the streets because blacks have more feral aggression and Hispanics are more ruthless and well-organized. Nor can he fully control his own banks or Federal Reserve or public opinion. Even technocratic jobs are taken by Asians. Tell me, what has the white got? If he gives up and tries to lead the “Thug Life” a black will kill him or kick his ass. Or he goes to prison where bigger stronger blacks force him to suck their penises. He cannot communicate through the Mainstream Media or raise money to compete in the electronic or print media so his voice is only heard on blogs like this. White women have had all the 90’s slacker bitches of yesteryear ram messages down their throat that being a decadent and cynical bi-sexual is the new woman so the white man cannot get laid. To add insult to injury the Jew steps in and transforms him into a porn addict. Its kind of funny really….the white man jerks off to blacks and Jews screwing blonde girls whose dicks make his own look strictly HQ in scale.
      Additionally the Old WASP elite has made a fool of him too. Bush convinced them to support a war (For what reason I do not know) in Iraq by appealing to their sensibilities with photographs of himself clearing up bush on his Texas farm and claiming to have found religion after having been an alcoholic bum most of his life. He eats up shit about “individualism” which undermines his ability to organized as the Jews or Asians or Italians do.
      I’m not a Jew and would not want to look like Pajama Boy either but if I had to choose between coming from a union between to white collar professionals in a major city of a Blue State and the single son of some rural white blue-collar people I sure as shit would want to be the Jew.
      For that matter would you want to be a Cuban running nightclubs in Miami or would you want to be a redneck deep in the Pine Barrens who worked whatever shit jobs the local small-town economy offered?
      Would you want to work in agriculture (Maybe some foreigners would) or be a banker if you had a genie who could grant your wish.
      Would you want to be a big-dicked black stud controlling the underground economy or a white dude with a small dick who could lift weights all day and barely be toned. Who got more pussy? Who lived in the glamorous apartment with the nice furniture and who lived in a creaky wooden old house on a bleak street with grass growing knee high along the side walk?
      Why do you think the white women who really gravitate to black thugs are the white rural girls.
      Would you prefer the beautiful new furniture of the pimp or some old antique furniture sold by some Salem’s Lot type Stephen King antique dealer?
      Which is a nicer view? The ocean sunset or the cold red sunrise over grey flat fields.
      Where would an immigrant stop? Kansas or California? Hawaii or Missouri?
      Straw Dogs had a point (Both original set in rural England and the Deep South remake) which is that all the hot 9’s move out of town and go straight to wear their pussy has the highest auction value. So do the gays, who can find some man’s cock to suck in order to live in San Francisco.

      1. Its true the blacks and Hebs and their big dicks make the loser whites all upset and jealous. There is a reason that (((james dean))) has the biggest female fan club. They literally beg him to spank and choke them. These are OUR WOMEN who would never let their white husband do that to them.

        1. MYERS POINT Think of it this way
          What if Jewish men were creating home environments so lousy that loads of Jewish girls from flooding into LA to be screwed by big-dicked skinheads?
          What if these same Jewish men living were ruining their marriages stroking off to girls that looked like their own daughter sucking big Negro penises.
          What if the Jewish man could not get laid and his only access to looking at hot Jewish women was to see them fucked by skinhead studs?
          And on top of that, he gave them his credit card? Now that would be some sad shit.
          And here is a worse irony. What if, like many Jews in porn, these skinheads were actually fags who only slept with the girls for cold hard cash. Put out by Jews.
          I’d say that the Jew was a stupid cucked race of some seriously pitiful motherfuckers.
          Wouldn’t you?

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