Facebook To Ask Users For Permanent Use Of Their Facial Data In Exchange For 2 New Notifications

Via Gizmodo:

Facebook just got one step closer to becoming the literal embodiment of its name. On Tuesday, the company announced it’s rolling out several new facial recognition features on its platforms. Once you agree to let Facebook use your face data, you gain access to new tools the company says will help protect your privacy and block catfishing attempts.

In a blog post, the company described the new features that will soon be available to users who turn face recognition on with “a simple on/off switch”:

  • Facebook will alert you when photos of you are uploaded, even if you haven’t been tagged in them. This happens even if you aren’t friends with the person who uploaded the photo, so long as you’re included the audience group specified by the uploader’s privacy settings.
  • Facebook will alert you if your face is included in a profile picture. This update is aimed squarely at preventing catfishing and “revenge porn” style attacks, where someone creates a fake profile using intimate photos of a person without their consent.
  • Finally, visually impaired users can now hear aloud who’s tagged in photos alongside them.

The catch, of course, is that you’ll have to authorize Facebook to access, store, and then match your face data with uploads across the site.

Privacy experts balk at the idea of giving face data to enormous companies like Apple and Facebook, but the social media company has recently moved to further incorporate images of users into their security measures. Throughout 2017, Facebook users have reported being asked by the site for selfies to verify their accounts after suspicious activity was detected. And just last month, Facebook piloted a program in Australia that would essentially block uploads of revenge porn—provided you send the images to Facebook first.

So let’s be clear: Facebook has set up new privacy and security schemes that would guzzle up even more face data. The company should similarly scale up its transparency efforts and be even more forthcoming, particularly if this is being done to protect people from having their photos abused, as Facebook claims.

As part of today’s announcement, Facebook published a blog post titled “Hard Questions: Should I Be Afraid of Face Recognition Technology?” featuring the above video. Neither, however, mentioned the ongoing lawsuit against Facebookover its handling of user’s faceprints. Facebook is currently fighting off a class action suit in Illinois that argues the company violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. BIPA sets a certain threshold of transparency from companies that collect and store biometric data. Facebook, the suit alleges, doesn’t meet the threshold because it hasn’t full disclosed its intentions.

Adam Harvey, a counter-surveillance expert infamous for his anti-recognition makeup, spoke to Gizmodo back in October about Facebook’s push to integrate face data into authentication.

“When any information is co-opted for security purposes it becomes less secure to share,” Harvey said. “For example, sharing your mother’s maiden name online would not be a good idea. Likewise, Facebook’s proposed facial recognition product would make sharing your face online a security issue, even more so than it already is.”

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29 thoughts on “Facebook To Ask Users For Permanent Use Of Their Facial Data In Exchange For 2 New Notifications”

  1. That won’t stop millions, if not billions, of sheeple from using it. Half of the west lives for social media, there’s no stopping those attention addicts now.

    1. When I think, “strong and independent,” I don’t think of someone who checks their Facebook account 86 times per day for likes.

      1. To be fair I managed to accomplish some nifty professional contacts on the social medias. With starting a business venture who you network with is vital.

    2. This is timed with the iPhone X’s facial recognition, which many will also foolishly employ. If you know you don’t have anything out there, just say no to this. If you’re actually worried about it, well….

  2. Oh no, SJW lesbians and threesome seeking cuckqueens on Tinder are sick of being catfished by men in disguise having a laugh. Gotta bring out (((Zuckercuck))) to make things more “equitable”.

    1. Those groups aren’t being catfished at all. They’re largely being ignored by straight men and to them, that’s precisely the problem. What else could possibly explain the anger that transgender women (biological men dressing as women) have toward normal straight guys, when the normies don’t want to date them? And when they don’t find them attractive?
      The end goal isn’t to criminalize revenge porn, which is already a crime. The objective here, as usual, is to deliver yet another metaphorical kick between the legs to normal guys–alphas and betas alike. How so?
      The social media networks are already spying on everyone participating in them. This just takes it to the next level. Facial recognition tech will grant Zuck & company full and unfettered access into every aspect of your life, connecting you with people, places, and events. Not sure if you want all of this exposure? Well, even if you don’t upload many images, once they’ve got your face print that’s all they’ll need to recognize you on every security cam and CCTV feed available.
      I don’t want to go the route of TL;DR, so I’ll let you ponder the number of nefarious ways in which this new tech “improvement” can and will be used against men.

      1. When did I ever mention trannys in my first comment? Are you aware of this little thing called “strawman” rebuttals?

        1. None of the groups you mentioned are being catfished on a widespread scale, nor are transsexuals. My interpretation of “men in disguise” was to mean transsexuals.

    1. It’s all marketing. A little more than a half-century ago the tobacco companies convinced people that cigarettes were actually *good* for them, even going so far as claiming that doctors recommended certain brands over others.
      Now the addiction du jour is hand held device. Although they can be used for useful purposes, they are inflicting their own pain and misery upon society.
      People believed the cigarette companies in the 40s, and willingly inhaled massive quantities of carcinogens, in effect resigning themselves to an early grave. Now they are willingly bringing “Alexa” into their homes to record and monitor their every utterance.
      But the elites have them believing they are innovative and we are heading into a great age where robots will do all of the actual work but everyone will (somehow) become rich and famous.
      This won’t end well.

      1. I would guess it’ll end with the elites controlling an even larger percentage of the wealth share and non-elites being little more than futuristic feudal peasants. At least it’ll be nice when the universal basic income comes and we get to see all the low IQ people prove how stupid they are with money.

        1. “Universal Basic Income.” Interesting. I’ve done some reading about it.
          If this comes to fruition, I do have some questions…
          1. What exactly does “basic” mean? Enough income for an apartment? Food? Clothes? If so, what will be the level of quality for these goods?
          2. Wealthy elites will not have a need for Universal Basic Income. Additionally, those who are receiving the UBI will no longer be providing the wealthy elites with the labor that used to run the farms, factories, and offices that made the wealthy elites both wealthy and elite. This brings me to …
          3. What leads anyone to believe that the uber-wealthy are going to surrender a large portion of their income so the masses can have a UBI? Historically speaking, when have the elites ever been so generous?
          4. If given the choice between providing the masses with a UBI -OR- sending them off to concentration camps… what would the elites choose?

        2. JOHN/REED
          Let us look at prison (Where few Jews or Asians go). Here is essentially a society where nobody has any money and everybody has their basic needs met. Let me run it to you:
          1) Whites literally fellate blacks. I had a female friend (Ex stripper turned landlady/former crack whore) tell me that it is WORSE for women because ORAL SEX is the only diversion in a female jail whereas as black males will use a white man’s anus as much as his mouth. She told me “I ate black pussy until I puked”.
          2) Italians seem to be well-versed in corruption and can grease their way through the system. It is the rural poor Anglo in on his third DUI or possession of drugs that is exploited.
          3) Prison guards really don’t care. They can be bribed but like Detroit cops they just don’t go out of their way. Low basic salary.
          4) Some whites spend their day in the library but most get into the prison underground economy.
          5) Oh and men are killed over a pack of cigarettes.
          6) People will eat nutmeg (Commonly also sold in ghetto liquor stores as well in Detroit) as a cheap high. Also brewing up hooch. Heck the ghetto economy runs on cocaine.
          7) Like prison this means the Hispanics have the upper-hand since their countries are set up to be drug importers.
          8) No Jews or Asians of course. These folks usually end up in country club jails. For all the swastikas in prison there is nary a Jew to be found or many Asians. These folks who break the law never have the drugs IN THEIR CAR or they have a pawn shop as a front for their stolen goods as oppose to just stacking them in the back of their pickup truck.
          9) Sexual dysfunction. More sex workers. Of course the hot and intelligent women will hop the wall to the Silicone Valley type private subdivisions and leave the uglier coarser women to screw among the teeming masses outside the wall. You see this in the Philippines with good-looking young women latching onto a US Marine or Navy deckhand. Less hot women latch on to white male senior citizens.
          10) Mud sharking galore. The white women who cannot latch on to some Asian or Jew technocrat employed in a high-tech industry is going to look for the less abstract Alpha qualities-the big dick and masculinity. So Tyrone be having 3 white women surrounding him while Alvin the white dork jerks off to porn.

        3. REED
          1) Quality level? See the Detroit which is somewhere between India and Philippines and Beverly Hills.
          2) Wealthy elites no longer need…anything but hookers and maybe drugs. See Detroit. In the old days we suburban whites would sometimes cruise through the ghetto simply to gaze at the hilarity of lower IQ people. I did once and we witnessed one Hoodrat getting stomped by some others over a piece of crack clenched in his hand while he shouted “Hey bloods, let’s just smoke it!”
          3) “Generosity” Detroit ghetto had two businesses with money. One was an Italian social club with ominous Tony Soprano or Stallone types puffing a cigar while staring out and the other was the Outlaw Clubhouse. Hoodrats did not go near these knowing the penalty was injury or death. Same will go for getting to near the walls encircling palatial Malibu or Manhattan estates that surround the high-tech industries.
          Compounding this of course is the people who will be employed longer in a techno-industrial society with an IQ 10 points higher than whites. Which two groups do you think these folks will be? And since just as whites write Non-Asian minorities off as being too stupid to learn what makes you think they will be different?
          4. Sending them off to concentration camps. This is impossible because the average IQ hovers around 100 or 105 for whites and Jews and Asians at 110-120 are a small minority. So THEY will live in concentration camps. There is no way that a huge prison can stretch from Manhattan to Malibu.
          5. “Indian Reservations”. Asian-Americans privately view Native Americans in un-PC terms as a prehistoric dumb cousin offshoot whom the whites got rid of. They don’t view anybody else any differently. I suppose this is how Jews and whichever Blue State whites would view the rest of the US.

        4. REED Third World Model
          There is more of a middle-class in the Philippines and India now but when I was first there it went like this:
          “Weathy Elite” These were people from a different race. In the Philippines they were Chinese merchants and Spanish half-breeds whose great-grandfather left his land to his mistress. In India they were “Brahmin” and we can debate where the Aryans were from. Everybody else was a homeless squatter.
          “Wealthy are going to surrender a large proportion of their wealth” They don’t. In Brazil the Portuguese-descended whites (Or Crypto Jews) use Mestizo white-Indian cops to keep the Mulatto and black underclass in slums. Often they shoot them.
          “In the choice between… concentration camps”
          Ironically, Jews would be the ones controlling these (And Asians and Indians) since they would be gainfully employed)…ironically.
          “Underground economy”
          What happens in Philippines or Latin America is the drug cartels eventually get powerful enough to contest the Wealthy Elite and they hire some cop to go after them. See Philippines.

        5. JOHN
          How low IQ people are stupid with their money.
          Have 6 kids out of wedlock?
          Pay women for oral favors?
          Teach your 11 year old to roll your joints?
          Don’t use drugs and buy bulk to be a supplier. Until one day you are robbed and killed in your house (Happens a lot in the Detroit ghetto).
          Work under-the-table and eventually get busted by Welfare (More often happens to white trash who possess some skill like roofing).

  3. (((We))) need your face scanned so we can protect you better – Nothing suspect there. We’ll also need a Police State to protect us from the third world hordes that (((we))) brought in.

  4. JOHN
    Whose going to pay for this when nobody has a job?
    Look at Detroit. Do you think the Asians and Jews and high IQ whites (Who are going to have a job longer) have spared a thought since they left Detroit?
    Let me run this to you: First the Jews who owned the pawn stores and used car dealerships left Detroit after the 1967 riots which really sucked out the grey-market legal-but-sleazy economy (Whore hotels, terrible landlords, strip clubs). Then the middle-class whites commuted from Detroit bedroom communities and then the auto business failed and these whites were gone. The Southerners went down the Hillbilly Highway of 1-23. A few Polish-American older folks were left and these people were targeted by feral blacks because their property was worth shit and they could not move to California at the age of 65 and start over.
    You’ll be looking at an entire society like that. And when nobody has money who rules the roost (The ghetto, prison)? Whites will be fellating blacks on the road when the only point of dominance is not economics (You can move away because you have an education, money, better values).
    Police, like prison guards, really don’t give a shit when there is no tax money to motivate them. Corruption soars as well.
    So much for your utopia.
    Also as far as the dating scene goes the hot women will go over the wall. You see this in Third world countries today. As for the less attractive white women…they will be looking for Alpha males. Who do you think this will be.
    You assume that all whites will be at the library but this will not be the case.
    Also, you’ll see a mad underground economy of drugs, fencing, prostitution. Just like you have in the ghetto. Vice will be the central GDP.
    Finally, more resentment towards Jews. Lower IQ whites who consider themselves the “master race” will gather angrily in the sticks (Like they do now) looking around at their shitty dingy small cities and towns and exurbs pissed off that Asians and Jews on the coast control the techno-industrial economy. At some point they will form cartels to control primary economies like agricultural business though I suspect the high IQ folks in politics will find a way to break this.

  5. Crime and Electronic Footprints
    If you watch “First 48” you notice that your average culprit actually talks about the whole thing ON FACEBOOK afterwards.
    He brings his cell along and cops locate him at the scene.
    He/she steals the victim’s cell phone and sells it to somebody who gets picked up by the cops and immediately ID’s the killer to avoid being an accessory after the fact.
    The killing is done in front of a store camera.
    Negros and white trash and beans are busted so quickly compared to the Italians. They just don’t have an IQ to escape the digital divide. When a Ralphie is killed Tony doesn’t try to hawk his cellphone on the street afterwards.
    Same with drug dealing. A cop can look at one cellphone and does not need a snitch “Hi, need a gram of heroin thx”. Some dealers use throwaways of course.
    Or terrorism. Get on Social Media and ask where to buy the C-4.
    In the old days criminals and terrorists spoke in codes. This made it hard for the cops to know what was going on.

  6. The ultimate goal of this is to create a society where you are advertised to 24x7x365 and more importantly, tracked.
    They will roll this out so the retard sheep will happily sign up breaking down even more hesitation from the “normie” who still has SOME (not much) of his self-preservation instinct intact. But at the end, if they did it right it should look like this:

  7. Hoping sooner or later someone will release a pair of anti face-recognition glasses, that don’t look bloody retarded (like those reflectacles).

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