Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is One Of The Worst Films Of The Decade

No one will ever go broke underestimating the masochism of Star Wars fans. With the exception of last year’s Rogue One, every Star Wars film for the past twenty years has been pure, unadulterated garbage, yet the franchise continues to make enough money to outstrip the GDPs of half the third world. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the latest outing in a galaxy far, far away, breaking box office records with yet another sugary mix of generic CGI action and social justice mumbo-jumbo.

The Last Jedi has also revealed mainstream movie critics to be bought-and-paid-for hacks, because their universal acclaim for the movie belies the fans utter revulsion for it. And the fans are right: The Last Jedi isn’t just the worst Star Wars film ever, it’s easily one of the worst films in years. Every time I think Star Wars can’t get any worse, the creators somehow dig themselves a little deeper into the hole.

The Last Jedi isn’t bad just because of anti-white, anti-male propaganda. It’s not bad just because it pisses all over Star Wars canon, including the canon of the previous film, The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi is bad because it fundamentally fails at storytelling and because it doesn’t understand what Star Wars actually is.

The Force Awakens was bad, but it was a bland, inoffensive kind of bad, whereas The Last Jedi actually made me angry. I would have walked out of the theater if Roosh hadn’t asked me to review the movie for ROK. Here’s why the movie is so horrible. And yes, this review is full of spoilers, but who cares?

No White Men Allowed

To be fair, director Rian Johnson had a tall order in cleaning up the mess that J.J. Abrams dumped in his lap. The Force Awakens was full of Death Star-sized plot holes that even a competent director or writer would have struggled to tie up. For example, in the previous film, it’s established that the Empire is defeated and the Republic rules the galaxy, yet there’s still a “Resistance” a la the Rebels in the original movies. What are they supposed to be resisting?

The Last Jedi picks up where The Force Awakens left off. Despite having destroyed the Death Star Starkiller Base, the Rebels Resistance have been cornered by the Empire First Order on Hoth an unnamed planet, where they’re forced to evacuate. But don’t worry: this movie isn’t just a frame-for-frame ripoff of The Empire Strikes Back. Because Rian Johnson had to prove his dick was bigger than J.J. Abrams’, he decided to rip off Return of the Jedi too!

Pretty much everything about The Last Jedi is a conscious slap in the face to Star Wars’ white male fans. For example, all of the leading generals in the Resistance are women, including Princess General Leia (Carrie Fisher), which explains why they went from running the galaxy in the previous movie to being reduced to a handful of ships in this one. All of the First Order’s soldiers and generals save one are white men, while the Resistance is staffed entirely by non-whites and women, with the exception of Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).

Poe is by far the most interesting character in the movie, even considering how the script goes out of its way to shit on him. You can practically hear the writers muttering, “Fuck you, toxic masculinity!” every time he’s on screen. Despite being forward-thinking and courageous, Poe is constantly slapped down by his female superiors for being too “hot-headed.” For example, despite his bravery in taking out one of the First Order’s cruisers at the beginning of the movie, Leia demotes him for being “reckless.”

Later on in the movie, after Leia falls into a coma after miraculously surviving being blasted into open space (don’t ask), Poe discovers that her replacement, the purple-haired (yes, I’m serious) HR lady Holdo (Laura Dern) is planning to evacuate the Resistance’s last cruiser into unarmed transports, a suicidal and cowardly move. He intelligently proclaims a mutiny, only for Leia to side with Holdo, whose plan ends up getting all but two dozen members of the Resistance killed. Heckuva job, Holdy!

The film’s C-plot, starring Finn (John Boyega), is equally insipid. Frustrated with HR lady Holdo’s complete inability to lead, Finn teams up with Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), a communist Montagnard with Down syndrome, to find a codebreaker who can keep the First Order from tracking the Resistance through hyperspace. They go to the resort planet of Canto Bight and literally start murdering people for the crime of being rich. This is Ghostbusterstier dumb.

But none of this compares to how The Last Jedi rapes the character of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). The main plot follows Rey (Daisy Ridley), the Mary Sue feminist street urchin, as she tries to convince Luke to help the Resistance and train her to use the Force. Luke initially refuses, whining about how the Jedi “deserve” to end, before reluctantly agreeing to Rey’s demands. Hamill’s performance is embarrassingly bad and Luke’s character arc is a sick joke, rivaling how The Force Awakens depicted Han Solo as a deadbeat Peter Pan.

One good thing about The Last Jedi is that Rey is given far less screen time then in The Force Awakens. She’s just as smarmy, unlikable, and unrealistic—her bizarre telepathic dialogues with antagonist Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) are a case in point—but this is still an improvement. Unfortunately, the addition of SJW masturbation fantasies like Rose and Holdo—who I’m pretty sure was given purple hair as a deliberate middle finger to the fans—drowns out this positive move.

Propaganda Over Plot

The Last Jedi’s insistence on shoving social justice down the audience’s throats is only one reason why it’s so bad. Rian Johnson was clearly out of his depth in directing a Star Wars movie: his sole good film to date is 2005’s Brick, a quirky blend of teen drama and film noir. The Last Jedi’s plot development, tone, character arcs, and everything else are muddled and nonsensical.

For example, the second part of a three-act drama is supposed to be dark and brooding, as the heroes go through struggles that test their ability to survive and triumph. But far from dark, The Last Jedi is full of tonally-inappropriate slapstick. The first part of the film is a dumb comedy routine between Poe Dameron and a First Order general that is not funny and doesn’t fit the story at all. Similarly, during one of their telepathic phone sex sessions, Rey whines about the fact that Darth Bugman has his shirt off, making the scene uncomfortably resemble the episode of Girls where Lena Dunham’s character catches Adam jacking off.

These constant tone shifts aren’t just jarring, they undermine the solemnity the movie desperately needs. The original Star Wars films were rooted in traditional myths and adventure stories of the mid-20th century, and while lighthearted at times, they were fundamentally serious movies. The Last Jedi is fundamentally un-serious, replacing the epic feel of the original movies with hipster nihilism about “let[ting] the past die.” This is illustrated when Luke and Yoda decide to destroy the Jedi library, with the reasoning that Rey, a snot-nosed 14-year old girl, is wiser than the collected works of all Jedi throughout history.

Rian Johnson’s cargo cult thinking infects the movie in other ways. For example, in the beginning of the movie, I had to stifle a laugh when the Resistance unveils deep space bombers that drop their payload out of bomb bays in the same way that airplanes do. Wing Commander got mocked relentlessly for doing this back in 1999, but the average movie critic’s IQ has dropped about five points since then, so nobody noticed how retarded this scene looked. Sure, the X-wing/TIE fighter dogfights in the original movies were based off of World War II airplane combat, but George Lucas wasn’t so stupid as to do something like this.

Not only that, The Last Jedi’s insistence on lecturing the audience about cultural Marxism actively impedes the plot in several ways. For example, near the end of the film, Finn leads a suicidal attack on the First Order that would save the Resistance. His sacrifice would have been a great moment in the film, showing how his character has grown since The Force Awakens, where he was depicted as a total coward.

But just as Finn is about to die a hero, Rose stops him, justifying it by saying that they need to win by “saving what we love” instead of “killing what we hate” (or some bullshit like that), dooming the Resistance in the process. Good job, moron. At least she dies afterwards, sparing us from having to listen to her nasally voice or look at her ugly face.

Finally, General Leia somehow manages to completely evade responsibility for Kylo Ren falling to the dark side of the Force, even though she’s his mother. The plots of both The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens have Darth Bugman focusing all his rage on Han Solo (his father) and Luke Skywalker, with Leia somehow skating off. And despite the fact that Leia’s son is the second-in-command of the First Order—meaning she is directly responsible for the galaxy being plunged into war—nobody has a problem with her serving as one of the Resistance’s senior leaders.

Putting Star Wars Out To Pasture

Rian Johnson

The central problem with the new Star Wars movies—or revivals of any classic franchise, for that matter—is that contemporary filmmakers don’t understand what made the originals good. Star Wars was a product of the 1970’s: an epic tale of good vs. evil, drawing on cultural motifs familiar to Americans of the time. Bugmen like Rian Johnson or J.J. Abrams can see the surface elements of Star Wars, but without being immersed in the cultural milieu that birthed it, the best they can do is high-budget fan fiction with SJW nonsense drizzled on top.

That’s all The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi are: cosplay with CGI. The X-wings and lightsabers and aliens may look like the ones in the original trilogy, but the heart and soul aren’t there. In their place is poor writing, left-wing agitprop, and dumb jokes. The Force Awakens was dull and boring, but The Last Jedi will leave you longing for the earnestness of Jar Jar Binks. Yes, it’s that bad.

The irony is that Kylo Ren’s nihilistic mantra of “let[ting] the past die,” while completely inappropriate for a Star Wars movie, is precisely how modern moviegoers should treat the franchise itself. Star Wars is dead, nerds. It’s not coming back. It’s time to take it behind the woodshed and put a bullet in its brain. The original movies were great and some of the video games were pretty good, but the monkey’s dead and the show is over.

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    1. This Star Wars movie is like a great long-term relationship that ends because the girl cheated on the faithful boyfriend. His memories of the entire relationship become tainted and he can no longer reminisce on the good memories without feeling a little sick to his stomach.

      1. I’d say its more like the pornographic fan art you’d find on the internet. Sure its got the same name, but its not like you have to pretend it exists, at least I don’t. Even Hamill himself said #NotMyLuke

    2. I didn’t like the original star wars, the new ones are worse. I prefer invasion of the body snatchers/aliens type scifi.

        1. AS
          Death Wish and Dirty Harry are very dated now, I don’t enjoy them like I used. Die Hard is still fun.

      1. I liked the original Star Wars and Empire Strike Back. Having seen both when I was under age 13. Return of the Jedi was a major letdown with its stupidity (Ewoks) and lack of originality (let’s just blow up another death star). After that I never wished to see any more. None of it really has aged well since the plots were weak and aimed at 12 year olds. Now that it has gone full SJW-tard, you couldn’t pay me to see any of this shit.

        1. This is probably the best recap of Star Wars ever. The first two films were very original and pretty good, with an understandable good vs evil fiction. The third wrapped it all up pretty well, but you are totally correct about it being weird and unoriginal, and thus the worst of the first three.
          Every movie has gotten worse since then. Except Rogue One. That one managed to be decent despite it’s obvious feminist and multicultural overtones. Now that said, there are some good books, comic books and games in the old canon.
          I’m going to go ahead and see this one to put the nail in the coffin, mainly because my kids have begged me to take them. Then I’m going to use it to teach my kids everything wrong with the world today on the way home. They probably won’t want to see another Star Wars after they hear that speech.

        2. You missed the point of the film. The big space battle was just background. The climax was the resolution of the Vader question, was he irredeemably evil or could be break free of the Emperor.
          As for a second Death Star, that makes perfect sense. The Empire is the biggest government ever, right? What is rule 1 of government procurement? Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price? NASA always buys at least two of every probe, rocket or sat. Even if one just sits on the shelf. Of course the LOW bid is the one that flies. Look at what happened with the HST.

    3. Worst movie of the year. Valerian was a much better movie!!!!!!!!! That’s what I want to see: Emotion and interest, not garbage like The force awakens, the last Jedi, or the hurt locker!

    1. What if I want to hold on to my light saber AND be jacked (I am)? Why can’t I “nerd out” and also be able to squat 2x body weight/ deadlift 2.5x body weight/ bench 1.75x body weight…….and also be in good enough shape to place top 10 in mountain bike races (some up to 100mi). Why does it have to be an either/or? Are you suggesting I’m a “fag” because I enjoy Star Wars movies? How about this? When you can out-perform me physically (99% chance you can’t) then we can have a discussion about how enjoying Star Wars movies is making me less manly.

      1. There are millions of FitnessFaggots who have the mentality and emotional maturity of 14-year-old girls. You appear to be one of them.

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          Get off your high horse. Real men have real confidence, that doesn’t need to be bolstered by shitting on people.

        2. “I’m a designer that is currently revolutionizing the industry I’m in”
          Odd, I’ve hung out with people who ACTUALLY revolutionized industries. (e.g., Geoff Hinton). None of them talk like this.
          I suspect a person at the forefront of changing an industry wouldn’t have the time to hang out here.

      2. “jacked nerd” you can say and do anything you want. You are still a fag. Would you like to be demoted to a bitch? (rhetorical) Go play with your swords, bitch.

        1. Well, *I* won the Mister Olympia contest thirty years in a row, I run 45 miles every morning, squat 8 times my bodyweight, invented electricity, and have won numerous prizes for my articles on ways to prepare Spam. And *I* say that guy up there is full of crap. And I beez a enjuhneer, too, so I knows this stuff!

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        “Get off your high horse.” Said by a cunt on a high horse, hectoring us for not liking his little kid show.
        “Real men have real confidence.” Do they also go off on child-like rants where they proclaim themselves to strangers over the internet to be very special secret kings with unverifiable claims?
        “That doesn’t need to be bolstered by shitting on people.” Said by a cunt shitting on people because he’s all mad someone mocked the franchise that his favorite bedsheets and action figures are based on.
        By the way, I’m pretty sure I can keep up with you physically– even if you’re telling the truth about your abilities. But unlike you, I actually have an argument and it’s not based on irrelevantly and weirdly listing off things I (might have) achieved.
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        1. ‘“That doesn’t need to be bolstered by shitting on people.” Said by a cunt shitting on people because he’s all mad someone mocked the franchise that his favorite bedsheets and action figures are based on. ‘

        2. Having emotional attachment to a crappy Jewish movie series is a sign of mental and emotional immaturity, in my opinion.

      4. Why would you feel the need to ask this other person for validation?
        Why are you trying to prove yourself to an anonymous stranger?
        You need to learn to ignore the trolls or anybody that insults you.
        MENSA. Really? You feel like pulling the MENSA card? From one man to another- don’t do that , anymore, it doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look insecure.
        If people want to insult you or not like you -Fuck To Them! But don’t put your energy into defending your position, they don’t merit such a response.
        You are-of course- free to do as you wish.
        But the entire TONE of your rebuttal post is that of an insecure boy.
        You don’t have to justify yourself to me or anyone else. So don’t try.
        Your concerns about the opinions of others is holding you back. And I mean that in a “nice” way since you appear easily offended. Good luck buddy.

        1. great advice to the over steroided “alpha” male wannabe, especially about the insecurity part. his whole first response posts were as cringeworthy as thr rabid feminist reaction videos on youtube. you gave the most straightforward and tactful advice to the gym monkey in flex mode.

        2. Yep, I remember that my first and only IQ test qualified me for Mensa membership handily. I recoiled at the thought. Went to one meeting and thought everyone was super pretentious. Not to mention it was originally designed as a breeding program, which failed due to reversion to the mean. Bragging about MENSA membership is not a plus.

        3. I regarly whip out my MENSA card and johnson to strangers, SIMULTANEOUSLY. It gets them to shut up pretty quickly.

    2. I remember when chad signalers said the same thing about internet message boards.
      Look where you are now.

    3. Yeah, “Star Wars” sucks.
      “Star Trek” was great though.
      Kirk always pulled hot, young tang.

    4. Your insecurity is showing – badly-. Shitting on a long running series that was expressly designed for white men and their historical myths is also ‘not a good look’.
      It is like fag bashers that beat up homos because they secretly love the cock and want their anus wrecked. Dont be – that- guy.
      Some serious try hard Internet tough guy faggotry on display here.

    5. well it’s a bit harsh, it was initially designed for young people and children.
      But once you grow up, it seems unbearable, at least to me, to see “old” (30 yo or plus) people wearing jedi suits or holding light sabers toys, all waiting in line in front of cinemas to see the new release.
      there are men and grown up boys in this world. Praising each new release of the star wars franchise is just another mean to make the distinction between the first and the last ones.

      1. I loved the Star Wars trilogy when I was a kid. I must have watched the first one 20 times on VHS back in the 1980’s. When it came back in the 90’s, I was 23 years old and no longer interested. Same with all the other lame remakes and rehashes. Horrible plots and casting papered over by CGI

      2. Starkiller from The Force Unleashed should have had a movie; with him dying to start the rebellion against the Empire, but not until after Juno is carrying his child.

  1. Problem is that EVERTHING that Disney touches they turn into foul prostituted profit princesses and the only care about the money. Star Wars used to be an awesome storyline when George Lucas owned it, but right after the sale to Disney, they turned it like every female star that Disney ever had, into little perverted cash dishonest prostitutes to turn Disney profits. Star Wars is no different now.
    While i liked the visuals of the last three Star Wars movies, the story lines were complete sh1t. Disney has WRECKED STAR WARS in its entirety with this last lame a$$ storyline, mistreatment of the original main characters after 40 years of development and then simply killing them off in such cheesy fashion starting with Han Solo and now with Carrie Fisher dead and Luke gone away to the force and no longer physically in the Star Wars universe after this last stupid plot.
    And don’t get me started on the blatant disrespect to hard core Star Wars fans to just fleece them of their money then expecting them to swallow the 2 1/2 hour sh1t show of visuals to make up for the hot bullsh1t mess the call a storyline……it is ruined…utterly completely ruined for quick one time obscene easy Disney profits….nothing has changed with Disney.
    Show me one Disney production of late that was even B quality story with excellent visual appeal that had any sensible storyline above the mentality of a potato. NONE EXIST.
    And [email protected] you George for selling your pride and joy to the movie industry Pimp extraordinaire for how much, 3 billion? 40 years of love you jealously guarded and protected, and you betrayed it all to Disney for a few shekels. shame on you.

    1. I almost never go see movies and when I do they are heavily screened by critics I like. What bothers me is I know lots of so called “conservatives” that are going to this, and other libtard nonsense. Keep giving libtards money and they’ll never die.

    2. I dont think Lucas had much choice, but the point should be that Star Wars was always for kids and the agenda now being shoved down their throats should be of more concern than any personal feelings regarding the let down of adult fans of a kiddy francise. If its true that children are our future, what kind of social turds are Disney trying to produce?

    3. Totally agree with you.
      The Last Jedi is the worst Star Wars ever , it completely destroy Star Wars legend.
      Disney is most suck ass studio of all time and Rian Johnson now is in the highest level of hate that even Jar Jar Bing can’t reach. May the hell be with them.

  2. Streamed it online. It was a steaming pile of garbage and this article is 100% on-point. Glad I didn’t pay for it. The most annoying part was ripping off the plot of V just like VII ripped off IV/VI. After having PAID to see VII, I vowed never to go to the movie theater again.

    1. I also did the same. I haven’t seen any of the new SW films in the theater. Last one I saw in a theater was ROTS. I won’t pay for this garbage. And there was so much stuff ripped off from the OT I can’t believe some folks think it is “new” and “fresh.” The only thing new and bold they did was turn the force into some Harry Potter type stuff. No training required to use the force anymore.
      Now they made MaRey Sue the balance of light to Kylo Ren’s dark. This is some real BS here! So Kylo was the one who had to train and practice his discipline of his skills while MaRey Sue just gets stronger without any of the training or effort. I don’t know how anyone can’t see what kind of messed up this really is?

  3. I saw a photo promoting a new movie, “Ocean’s 8”, with all the stars being broads. Hollywood really hates men

      1. great, who wants to see a remake of young shipwrecked boys remade into of an island of todays women with their nasty unwashed snatch attracting flies while acting like normal women……? we got that already….it was done by Bear Grylls…its on youtube already

  4. Problem is that EVERTHING that Disney touches they turn into foul prostituted profit princesses and the only care about the money. Star Wars used to be an awesome storyline when George Lucas owned it, but right after the sale to Disney, they turned it like every female star that Disney ever had, into little perverted cash dishonest prostitutes to turn Disney profits. Star Wars is no different now.
    While i liked the visuals of the last three Star Wars movies, the story lines were complete sh**t. Disney has WRECKED STAR WARS in its entirety with this last lame a&& storyline, mistreatment of the original main characters after 40 years of development and then simply killing them off in such cheesy fashion starting with Han Solo and now with Carrie Fisher dead and Luke gone away to the force and no longer physically in the Star Wars universe after this last stupid plot. The actual title of Star Wars Episode 9 should be ” Revenge of the Mary Sue Brigades” where Poe Dameron and Finn will be in leather harnesses with ball gags being led around by Rey and her Snoke clone Kylo when she permits him to bark…….
    Disney accomplished the suicide death of decent franchise with two consecutive POLITICALLY CORRECT abominations loaded with SJW and Mary Sue “heroes”, fully destroying the entire Skywalker focused series. Never mind the disgusting Leia as superman gag…She is turning over in her grave, I am sure. Every “hero” was a self sacrificing “heroine”, every vile villain and every heroic male was castigated killed off or made clown like and dressed down by a “heroine”……They (Holyweird and left wing SJW/feminist kowtowing media companies) did this same wretched assassination of the great story line Mad Max series with the Fury Road garbage. I loved Star Wars my entire life, but what has been done to it now, is akin to feminist teacher rape of underage male students. it is a sad embarrassing shadow of its former greatness, abused by social justice and raped by progressive abomination.
    Disney so disrespected and spit in the face of hard core Star Wars fans with this trash. this was pure fleece the fans of their money then expecting them to swallow the 2 1/2 hour sh** show of visuals to make up for the hot bullsh**t mess the call a storyline……it is ruined…utterly completely ruined for quick one time obscene easy Disney profits….nothing has changed with Disney.
    Show me one Disney production of late that was even B quality story with excellent visual appeal that had any sensible storyline above the mentality of a potato. NONE EXIST.
    And [email protected] you George for selling your pride and joy to the movie industry Pimp extraordinaire for how much, 3 billion or was it 1 billion? 40 years of love you jealously guarded and protected, and you betrayed it all to Disney for a few shekels. And then sickeningly, you went public in support of the Marxist gang rape of your Star Wars baby and claimed you supported that trash to boost viewer ship at the theaters (in a vain attempt to have some dignity with the smearing of the Star Wars title) that fully conflicts with your vision. Shame on you for not speaking out on behalf of your loyal fans.

    1. Star Whores, just another modern Disney princess infomercial for overpriced shit merchandise to bolster sales for Lucas and Disney now that little girls have tired of playing with their Merida, Tiana, and Elsa dolls.
      Girls can now live out their delusions of grandeur with a new stable of implausible characters magically appearing out of the dark matter of space, farted out by the ass of Lucas and company, with a keen eye on marketing the made over Star Wars franchise in the same fashion the NFL has marketed football over the last decade.
      It’s completely fitting that General Leia (ROTFL), was played by now deceased, the self-absorbed, manic-depressive, drug abusing, horribly aged Carrie Fisher, the product of Hollywood royalty, albeit a broken home. If women want to claim the “Force is Female,” they will find the embodiment of that ideal in the real-life story of their heroine, Princess, nay, General Leia, aka Carrie Fisher.
      Hey ladies! May the Force be with you, always.

    2. I am going to be honest i prefer see 1:30 hours the Star Wars David Tartakovsky animated mini-series of 2003 that The Last Jedi shit,Progrewood is ruining the classics because they do not have something original they are ruining another movie like Oceans Eleven with that shit of spin-off with Women if you see a movie and Sarah Paulson is in the cast is another Feminist,SJW etc shit. For me Star Wars passed away on episode VI

    3. Great comment Deplorable! The MaRey Sue already struck back with this latest installment. Episode 9 should be called, The Patriarchy Strikes Back! But I wouldn’t really blame Lucas much here. He was back stabbed by Kennedy and Iger once the ink dried on the sale papers. He is just being diplomatic. He has always been that way. I wish he would buy it back, but that won’t happen. I mean he sold it all for 4 billion. That is the deal of the century. The SW property alone is worth 4 billion. Never mind all the companies and other IP’s included.
      But now Disney has reduced the concept of the force to nothing. Anyone can just use skills that require no training. Training, hard work and discipline mean nothing to the Disney verse. Abrams started the trend and Johnson capitalized on it. MaRey Sue is the result. And stable boy who can use the force without training as well.

  5. Problem is that EVERTHING that Disney touches they turn into foul prostituted profit princesses and the only care about the money. Star Wars used to be an awesome storyline when George Lucas owned it, but right after the sale to Disney, they turned it like every female star that Disney ever had, into little perverted cash dishonest prostitutes to turn Disney profits. Star Wars is no different now.
    While i liked the visuals of the last three Star Wars movies, the story lines were complete sh**t. Disney has WRECKED STAR WARS in its entirety with this last lame a&& storyline, mistreatment of the original main characters after 40 years of development and then simply killing them off in such cheesy fashion starting with Han Solo and now with Carrie Fisher dead and Luke gone away to the force and no longer physically in the Star Wars universe after this last stupid plot. The actual title of Star Wars Episode 9 should be ” Revenge of the Mary Sue Brigades” where Poe Dameron and Finn will be in leather harnesses with ball gags being led around by Rey and her Snoke clone Kylo when she permits him to bark…….
    Disney accomplished the suicide death of decent franchise with two consecutive POLITICALLY CORRECT abominations loaded with SJW and Mary Sue “heroes”, fully destroying the entire Skywalker focused series. Never mind the disgusting Leia as superman gag…She is turning over in her grave, I am sure. Every “hero” was a self sacrificing “heroine”, every vile villain and every heroic male was castigated killed off or made clown like and dressed down by a “heroine”……

    1. They (Holyweird and left wing SJW/feminist kowtowing media companies) did this same wretched assassination of the great story line Mad Max series with the Fury Road garbage. I loved Star Wars my entire life, but what has been done to it now, is akin to feminist teacher rape of underage male students. it is a sad embarrassing shadow of its former greatness, abused by social justice and raped by progressive abomination.
      Disney so disrespected and spit in the face of hard core Star Wars fans with this trash. this was pure fleece the fans of their money then expecting them to swallow the 2 1/2 hour sh** show of visuals to make up for the hot bullsh**t mess the call a storyline……it is ruined…utterly completely ruined for quick one time obscene easy Disney profits….nothing has changed with Disney.
      Show me one Disney production of late that was even B quality story with excellent visual appeal that had any sensible storyline above the mentality of a potato. NONE EXIST.
      And [email protected] you George for selling your pride and joy to the movie industry Pimp extraordinaire for how much, 3 billion or was it 1 billion? 40 years of love you jealously guarded and protected, and you betrayed it all to Disney for a few shekels. And then sickeningly, you went public in support of the Marxist gang rape of your Star Wars baby and claimed you supported that trash to boost viewer ship at the theaters (in a vain attempt to have some dignity with the smearing of the Star Wars title) that fully conflicts with your vision. Shame on you for not speaking out on behalf of your loyal fans.

    2. That’s cute. You still think it’s about the money, rather than a cabal of vicious Jews doing everything in their power to culturally assassinate White America.

      1. The “it’s about money” mentality with regard to the toxic entertainment industry is the equivalent to “it’s about cheap labour and population decline” when it comes to mass Third World immigration.

      2. Completely agree. Jews took a delight in turning Disney into a smut producing crapfest. The old Walt Disney was a Christian, and their earlier work was actually quite enjoyable.

  6. Having Leia as leader with her son as the enemy-mass-murdering-psychopath is like getting Hitler’s mother to lead the allies on Normandy.

    1. And yeah… that Asian chick sooo fugly. Honestly, it is like they picked the most ugly Asian actress they could find.

      1. Thanks, you’re the first person to point that out. I tried finding something attractive in different angles but nothing! And she was extremely annoying to boot.

      2. Ditto that. For a minute I thought, “really? They’ve gone so SJW that now they’re casting people with Down Syndrome?” The SJW overlords were in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, you had the LGBT buggery brigade pushing for the black dude to get with the ace fighter-pilot (I stumbled onto those blogs by accident, needed a week of brain bleach after that), and on the other, they wanted to pair him with someone who wasn’t white, so as to ensure that the movie wasn’t completely boycotted. That’s how you end up with the multicultural version of Shrek and Fiona.

        1. I occasionally watch a spanish flick, and they will ALWAYS have hot women in lead roles. A welcomed refreshment to our trash

        2. …and the remade live action Beauty and the Beast…..all of Disneys crap is same template. SJW princesses with simping male characters and symbology.

      3. That is on purpose. The reason is women know that a large percentage of men like Asian girls. That’s also why you hardly ever see a hot Asian love interest in Hollywood films.

  7. I’d like to see a movie which gives Star Wars the “High Castle” treatment: The hierarchical, authority-oriented white guys have a legitimate point of view, and they know how to run a competent society.
    As for the “Jedi Library” notion, that shows some serious retconning. Literacy didn’t play a role in the original Star Wars universe, and some guy even wrote an essay arguing that Luke Skywalker didn’t know how to read. In fact, Skywalker seemed to live in an illiterate civilization, where you had to learn things from word of mouth or direct apprenticeships. That would explain why the characters show a confused understanding even of recent history; without print media to record and transmit reasonably accurate accounts of events, you would have to depend on flawed recollections from eye witnesses.
    This contrasts with the Star Trek universe, where characters in Starfleet have to attend an academy, and many of them show that they have read some literature in their lives. The captains might even have some old print books in their possession that they read in their free time for pleasure and edification.

    1. i was hoping that the Last Jedi would be as awesome as Empire Strikes Back.
      i wanted double thick Oreos and got soggy milqtoast instead…FFS, im pissed. i dont have enough years left in life to hope to see these abominations replaced.

    1. He looks like a smarmy beta spergy cunt to me. With a punchable face, did I mention that already?

  8. This is why I hardly go to the cinema nowadays, it is expensive and most of the options are trash and/or SJW propaganda.
    In fact, the only decent movie I’ve seen this year is Blade Runner 2049: it is well crafted, the director focused on telling a story (which is the most important when it comes to movies) and it is not SJW crap.

    1. Still haven’t seen Dunkirk, but I’ve heard it’s not for SJWs and it’s well made.

      1. Don’t bother. Dunkirk was easily one of the most OVERRATED movies of the year. It had next to no sense of urgency, was convoluted in it’s telling of the event from three different perspectives and arcs of time, and ended absolutely flat. It somehow made what should have been an uplifting and triumphant retelling of an amazing real life event; seem utterly mundane and boring.
        If it was being shown in school as a supplement to the major events of WWII, it would be – and is – an utter snoozfest.

  9. The Star Wars franchise is a great litmus test to separate normalfaggots from Men.
    There are countless underdeveloped man-children wandering around claiming to be red pilled, while still marching dutifully to the theater to pay for this pile of slop. These are the same shitcucks who neatly arrange little toy figures on the shelf of their computer desks, and see nothing wrong with an adult male watching Japanese cartoons.
    They ignore the degeneracy, the promotion of cultural marxism, the perversion of turning a main character into a disgusting mudshark, the directorial takeover by a pernicious uber-jew with a serious axe to grind against White men. I mean what kind of faggt would even consider watching such a piece of shit? It’s like willingly bending over and spreading for a tiny little shriveled up Jew schwartz. Anyone who expresses affection for the Star Wars franchise or still sees these movies as they come out is permanently marked down as a retarded beta normie in my eyes.

    1. What’s wrong with watching Japanese cartoons? For example Grand Prix is a legendary F1 racing anime series from the 1970s. An epic tale of a masculine hero who rises from the ashes like Phoenix. And it has cute girls with no purple hair.

    2. While I agree 100% with your overall premise, you comment on anime show ignorance of Japanese culture. Most of the manga and anime produce in Japan is for adults. In Japan it’s just another entertainment/information medium in the same vein as TV, radio, or literature.
      Anime and manga (Japanese graphic novels) span from pure slapstick, to erotica, to high drama, horror, suspense, to slice of life and action, or politics. The anime and manga imported to the Western, is often selected to appeal to Western sensibilities. Fortunately if you care to dig deeper, the good stuff is abundant on the interwebs, and every blue moon one gets past the censors and goes mainstream (Attack On Titan/Death Note etc).

  10. In the ‘making of’ star wars George Lucas revealed that the torpedo into the death star’s reactor shaft was supposed to symbolise ga y sex.

  11. If you haven’t seen it yet all the resistance soldiers wear pussy hats over their blue hair

  12. The fact, that Star Wars Rebels ( an action cartoon for kids) has a better plot, than the movies with budget of milllions of dollars, makes me laugh.
    Also: Star Wars games> Star Wars movies

    1. The cutscenes from the Star Wars MMO have better plot, pacing and writing than the movies.

      1. The whole purpose of the game was to make you feel like an ultimate badass. And it did it’s job perfectly.

  13. Matt, I’m afraid you got it wrong, Rose does not die, in fact she can be seen cuddling with Finn at the end. No coal burning for Rey in the next episode…
    Speaking about Rey, aka Terminal Man-Jaw Syndrome, her T levels must be much higher than Emo Ren’s. This is science! I fully expected her to practice Feminist Love with Emo Ren, and bring him back to the Pink Side with powerful thrusts from her thick throbbing Feeldoe.
    Just imagine the merchandising opportunities for such a toy. We have a title: Episode 9: A New Hole.

  14. Remember when leftists used to be masters of subtle indoctrination? Nowadays they always seem to beat you over the head with the social justice bullshit. I’m not sure whether that means they’re desperate and unhinged or they think they’ve won and want to taunt us before they finish us off.
    Anyways, it seems obvious to me that The Force Awakens dropped wanted Finn with either Rey or Poe, couldn’t decide which was more subversive, and dropped threads for both romances they could pick up later. And then some (((producer))) who cared more about profit than propaganda realized swirling wouldn’t go over well in Eastern Europe and the gay thing wouldn’t go over well anywhere but the Western world. Enter the Asian love interest, randomly shoehorned in.
    There’s also scuttlebutt that Disney killed off Luke to punish Mark Hamill for slagging off the new movies in media interviews.

    1. See my post above. It looks like great minds think alike. With the exception of a few radicals, the leftist overlords, by and large, are only going to do so much for the sake of “the cause.” At the end of the day, they’re going to do what’s best for their trust funds and yacht docking fees. They know what’s worked for movies in the past. Your white guy protagonist gets to walk off arm in arm with the white girl protagonist in the end, the good guys save the day, and the ethnic supporting cast, well, supports, and little is said about their romantic lives one way or another.
      That being said, don’t be surprised if you see very little of Finn and Rose in the next movie. As for Rey, I think that now that the feminists have finished up their victory daisy-chain, the next installment will probably bring the franchise back to basics. I predict that Kylo Ren will become a good guy, Rey will fall back into a supporting role, and he and Rey will take on the First Order together. Assuming they’re not related, they’ll probably end up a couple. Sure, it’s not a perfect outcome, but it’s probably a helluva lot better than what they’ve actually got on the drawing board.

    1. I place the majority of this on Kennedy. It’s well known you can’t shit without her permission as a director, so I don’t place this all on Johnson. You can take this a couple different ways: Holdo (Laura Dern has aged well) is a typical tryhard bitch manager at first, then has the decency to kill herself after admitting Dameron was right — or at least someone she’d fuck. Rey is just Rey, she’s an emotional girl that vacillates between rage and tears; Rose is a throwaway; Finn really isn’t portrayed positively (although accurately); and Leia, well, she should have just been retired with the rest of the bridge. Luke is basically a boy grown older, as he hasn’t changed too much from his younger years.
      You can take some positives from this, but yes, there is some clear messaging that all emanates from Kennedy. That’s well documented and known, even to non-nerds like myself.

  15. You don’t need to get to the SJW nonsens. This movie made no sense. It made no sense with respect to the original trilogy. Made no sense with respect to the cliff hangers in the Force Awakens. The character actions made sense with respect to their previous actions.
    It was a visually pleasing shitty movie.

  16. “The FARCE awakens” or “Return of the Sluts”
    Kathleen Kennedy (in the black slut shirt) is the producer of “Star Whores”

  17. You know a movie’s bad when you look for the fast forward button to skip through the boring parts or the SJW coded lectures that you can see are developing.
    I never actually saw ALL of either of the 2 new Star Wars movies. There were boring parts that could not keep the attention.
    A story is not a plaything for your illusions, envy and political status seeking. Yet that’s what was done to the series
    But Movies are Just Entertainment — Right?????

    View post on

    We must secure the existence of The Force and a future for Jedi children.

    1. The new Blade Runner movie bored me, was FF through quite a bit of it, now for a decent modern movie, Jackie Chan in ‘The Foreigner’ was fun.

  18. I haven’t seen the picture so won’t discuss the cinematography of it. As a matter of fact I gave up on Star Wars a very long time ago and despite it’s phenomenal appeal of the past original episodes, in its modern form, remains nothing but a cashgrab and propaganda tool. The greed has become so apparent throughout every aspect of western society that it reminds me of communism’s crumbling days; they don’t even try to hide it anymore because we alo know what comes next.

  19. Netflix is about to release an epic series about Troy. Why would they produce a series on such a beautiful epic full of masculine heroes and ethos? Because Achilles, the main character in the series, is played by a sub-Saharan negro.

  20. Next Holyweird will charge me box office rates to watch my own sh**t circle the toilet while flushing…but at least it will be honest sh**t and entertainment devoid of SJW pandering and cultural Marxism.

  21. twenty years from now,
    the kids born about now will not be able to even comprehend what this article is saying,
    having been indoctrinated as such
    the fight for values is already lost,
    unless there is a turnaround,
    and there appears to be none on the horizon

    1. Its really sad when you think about it.
      The original Star Wars films rehabilitated the classic triumphant story of good prevailing over evil in an era where themes of moral relativism and nihilism were sucking the life out of movies.
      Now the films are being used for the total opposite by telling the youth that men are incompetent, and preserving culture and wisdom is evil…

  22. Not seeing this, period. Food for thought. So they make Leia a “general” because she is a woman and “they” need to make her in charge, etc. let’s not forget that the real person who played Leia is a total an utter train wreck of person. In fact she is much closer to the loser that Solo and Skywalker, Ford and Hamil, are portrayed to be. Someone above started to describe this “rey” character wig high T? Ah, no, in real life rey is a pussy. Another poster asked if they have “won”? What have they won? The ability to make make believe. That’s not to downplay the influence of shit like this, but, just remember they might have won but they own fantasy. We still own reality.
    Besides, mark my words, these are the last gasps of a dead media complex. The media has changed and established media is fucked. I shit you not, if you want to make a quick billion produce and direct a movie that is based on the old hero model – man fights and triumphs and gets the girl.

  23. I would argue a different take on this movie. It is a great pro-masculine piece of cinema because it highlights the failure of SJW thinking.
    As a correctional officer, I have long since learned the mantra of “give respect, get respect,” from my inmates. Admiral Holdo obviously does not understand the male phyche.
    Like a typical blue-haired feminist she disrespected the most masculine of charactors in the movie by telling him that her plan was none of his business and to just “obey orders.” This of course caused Poe to do what any masculine male would do…take action.
    Poe unfortunately entrusts two SJW charactors to do one thing…get the code breaker..and of course the SJW’s cannot even get that right.
    Instead, Finn and Rose wreck a beautiful town, save some animals and come back in the company of a shady criminal (a white guy who laughingly introduces them to a dose of reality about how the real world works.) Those two SJW characters could not even be counted on to do ONE thing correctly without getting massively side tracked.
    This unnecessary side mission ends with Toro’s charactor providing the First Order knowledge that the Resistance are in small shuttles.
    If Holdo had given respect to Poe, Poe would likely have gone out of his way to show respect back to Holdo. He would likely have volunteered to die in her place even, and he would have respected her rank and allowed her to die if she chose. Poe would have enabled her plan in every way possible…but because Holdo misunderstood masculinity, she got her entire fleet eradicated.

    1. I wouldn’t call it pro masculine, its just that SJWs don’t know how to write characters well.
      Lets not forget that the hero is a college girl who has held a light saber for no longer than five minutes has the skills to go toe to tow with a Sith Lord who has trained all his life. Not to mention the training that took Luke months, only took her a few hours.

      1. I would say they tried so hard that they ended up just proving our point.
        Thanks for not blowing my devil’s advocate post completely out of the water tho haha.

  24. The first three movies are all time classics, they are the closest thing besides Lord Of The Rings to being a modern equivalent to great mythical epics like The Odyssey or King Arthur.
    The prequels were badly written, directed, and acted, but they had some salvageable concepts. The only real problem was George Lucas’ cynicism and severe lack of guidance as a storyteller.
    These new movies on the other hand, are artless. So many normies are racking their brains trying to figure out why the movie was bad, because they naively assume it was made with good intentions. The sad truth is that this movie was not made for the old fans, its nothing more than Marxist style propaganda by using critical theory and feminist deconstruction to destroy western culture(hence the “let the past die” line) and to indoctrinate the next generation that will grow up with values mostly shaped by the SJW seeds being planted today. Its so obvious with all the inconsistencies that contradict the Star Wars mythos, and the unceremonious deaths of all the classic characters along with their story arcs being ruined.
    Just stick to the classics, even Mark Hamill himself disowns this turd of a film. If you want a good sequel trilogy, I recommend the Jedi Knight games from back in the day.

  25. XXI century movies made in Hollywood ale shitty leftist propaganda. Through “300” when Leonidas gave a look to his wife before he can make a decision (kick messenger’s into the well) to new “Blade Runner” (spoiler, but who give a damn) when a man, K, who is supposed to be someone special, turned out to be no one special, and this someone special is a woman. xD Leades of rebelious androids is of course also woman. Even postponed of K is a woman. White man can be only a leader of bad organisation. xD New “Mad Max” when Max is helping gals to be free from patriarchy.
    Political correctness (telling lies) about black people started heavily in 90’s, when in “Sommersby” appeared black judge – in real world first black judge was in 30’s of XX century, but in this stupid movie there is black judge after slavery abolition in XIX century. xD
    Blacks, women are only tools in war against white men.

    1. Yeah him looking to his wife for permission ruined the scene. But a scene where the protoganist kicks a black guy down a well has to have something politically correct to it.

  26. These new films are fan fiction. They are made by and for people who claim to be fans of the originals, but in many cases, as the author notes, have no idea what the originals were about.
    If you want the REAL original Star Wars, from which George Lucas drew all his inspiration, watch the following: “Hidden Fortress,” “Seven Samurai,” “Musashi.” Also watch “The Battle of Britain,” and “Dam Busters.” Study the documentary “Victory at Sea.” In between all this take a look at the original serial of Flash Gordon. Also, make sure to see “The Golem.” Lucas is/was a huge fan of historical film and Star Wars draws inspiration from all these and more.
    Read: Anything by Joseph Campbell, but most especially The Hero of a Thousand Faces.
    The first three in the trilogy were fresh from the mind of young Lucas; the prequels were a coherent backstory that people loved to shit on but whose terminology such as padawans and midichlorians became part of the canon.
    The new stuff is just consumerism run wild, walmart style “Star Wars by Disney” fan fiction garbage.

    1. The same thing has been done to “Star Trek.” Originally conceived as “Horatio Hornblower in Space”, people who never read the adventures of the Royal Navy of the Napoleonic Era by C.S. Forester are writing scripts that make Captain Kirk look like a stupid frat boy instead of the intellectual-yet-man-of-action that was Shatner’s Kirk.

      1. I noticed the same kind of thing and people just thought I was being negative. I thought Chris Pine’s reading of Kirk in the original reboot was extraordinarily shallow, like he didn’t even watch any of the original episodes. In subsequent ones I thought his portrayal got better, but alas the script did not…like as he grew up he realized the significance of the role, while the scriptwriters were just caught up in reboot action movie frenzy.
        I find it interesting, and quite sad, that less than 1 week after the release of The Last Jedi, people have already stopped talking about it, despite the initial media blitz. I recall when the originals and even the prequels came out they were topics of discussion for several months.

  27. This is why I prefer Star Trek, and the only Star Trek series really worth a damn is The Original Series. Most of the virtue in the Original Series comes from the fact it was done in the late 1960s, and is absent of much of the SJW nonsense. The important characters are white, the existence of God is acknowledged (and even praised, in a few episodes), the nascent anti-war movement is ridiculed (particularly in what is considered the best episode, “The City on the Edge of Forever”). Kirk and Spock both represent two masculine ideals: Spock always maintains a cold, intellectual frame with his enormous mental discipline. Kirk is also intellectual (he is *not* what pop culture thinks he is), but wears his feelings on his shoulder and is a man of action, whereas Spock is far more contemplative.
    Although Star Trek is inherently left wing (Roddenberry was a notorious communist, in addition to being a sexual predator Bill Clinton-style), The Original Series is watchable due to the fact the values of the 1940s & 1950s are still pretty strong within it, in spite of Roddenberry’s best efforts to silence both Gene Coon and Bob Justman (who were the actual brains behind the franchise).

  28. I find the fact that they put women and ethnics as main characters, as if there’s something wrong with being a white male, repulsive. Based off that alone, I’m not watching it.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. I find the fact that you seem to need a cast of all white dudes kinda fuckin dumb. The world isnt made up of a bunch of white dudes circle jerkin, although it seems thatd what youd enjoy

  29. As a fan of the star wars prequels you can see how being PC brought the republic down like making Jar Jar Binks a senator just because he was from a ill-treated species.

  30. One more female centric movie like Ghostbusters? I’m outa here.
    I used to be a si-fi fan but of late many of them are turning out to be “frozen” spin offs.
    Will wait for it to come on TV and decide to watch or not.

  31. It’s good to have sites like ROK to analyse and report on matters such as this, saving me from going and seeing this rubbish. I knew the game was up when one of Australia’s prominent SJWs was gushing about TLJ.
    In a strange parallel to TLJ with it’s female commanders, Australia’s defence minister is now a woman and she’s a large lady with died orange hair and a much younger cuck looking guy (also a politician) for a “partner”.
    The Australian Army, which fought the Turks at Gallipoli, the Germans in the desert and the Japanese in the jungle now has quotas for women and jobs that are open to women only and the recruitment ads on TV have a female voice over and predominately feature women.

    1. You one of the queers in the video? You seem to have a massive hate boner for Matt.

    2. Hey FitzRoy. Fuck yourself. Matt puts his name on his work. He is out in the open. What have you done?

  32. Plot hole I noticed was, if the ship could do light speed as a weapon, they could have just done that in the beginning of the movie and won.
    Also, wasn’t Kylo supposed to be dead?
    And when the purple haired hag became boss I was fucking laughing my ass off. Hey ready for more and more “guy” movies to be marketed to cat ladies.

  33. I feel that you missed a dangerous communist message in the supposedly the homeless children were strong in the force.
    This implies that children who grow up without parents will be stronger than with them.
    Lenin would be proud.

  34. I was a big Star Wars fan but after The Force Awakens which was the first movie ever in my life that I got a refund for!
    Star Wars is dead to me!!!

    1. My last Star Wars movie was the one with the teddy bear planet. I walked out, should have tried for a refund.

      1. Because God forbid that in a massive galaxy some furry little bear like creatures inhabit a huge forest amirite?

  35. Unless it comes from his own original thought I wouldn’t pay attention to any remake and/or reimagining from JJ Abrams. He screwed over Star Trek in both subtle and unsubtle ways and now he did it with Star Wars. Not only his work on these both franchise suck he makes it hard for anyone to pick up the pieces once Abrams leaves the project.

  36. The SJW rhetoric aside, every “good guy” survived utterly survivable situations.
    Multiple explosions and crashes. Rose was apparently the worst injured (after getting in a violent collision), and just appeared to need to have a nap for a while. How they were able to pull off Leia being sucked into outer space and surviving with no brain damage or not freezing or boiling to death is utterly beyond words.

    1. The idea was that Leia used the Force to not perish in the vacuum. This is risible, as she has no training. Of course that didn’t stop Rey in TFA, because grrrrlz rule, or something like that.
      Anyway, TLJ is a truly awful movie. Mark Hamill was initially unable to conceal his contempt for it. Of course, after Disney took him out to the woodshed he’s singing a different song.
      Gotta love how after the utter incompetence of the female led resistance that all that was left of it fits in the Falcon!
      And then there’s Hux, a screaming, incompetent nincompoop. Where are Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn when you need a good villain?

  37. I saw the movie. Opening day. Thought TFA was okay. I will never get excited for another SW movie, maybe less excited for any movie. What a mistake.
    Apart from the fact that it makes the entire first film a plothole… All the twists were that there is no twists. Rian Johnson must be a beta-male. Judging by the jokes he made in interviews about the film, and how much women tell men what to do in the movie.
    Bottomline is you better just not see it. I won’t pay to see it ever again.

  38. Can anybody just watch a movie for the sake of watching a movie, without looking at SJW, actors’ genders or colors and other stuff like that?

    1. No. because of red pill awareness, we cannot stay insensitive to the social engineering lead by leftists, sjw and feminists.
      if you want to dig your head in the sand, go on. but don’t expect us here to do the same

    2. I enjoyed Cloud Atlas, even though that too has leftwing propaganda. There’s actually a love story of gay men in it.
      Funnily enough Cloud Atlas was criticized because there are White people playing Asian characters (this is because same actors travel through different stories, eras and places). So even this movie couldn’t avoid the attack of SJWs! Obviously there was also an Asian actress playing a White character, but nobody cared about that.

  39. I saw the original three in theater many ages ago. The next one I tried to watch was also in the theater and I walked out. I guess I was out of touch, I just couldn’t get over someone named count dookie and a robot with emphysema. It was horrible and I never tried to watch any others.

  40. This article makes an excellent point about how the original star wars movies were framed against a different culture. But our old heroes are portrayed as evil for their sexist,racist,homophobic sins. Television can’t even mention the 1950’s or earlier in 20th century american history without pretending like everyone was consumed with being mean to black people and of keeping women in their “miserable” lives of cooking,cleaning,and raising children.
    Look at “12 Angry Men”,most of the movie takes place in one room,but it is an excellent movie that displays one good man bringing truth to his fellow jurors in order to save the life of an innocent man. Even movies with such a simple setting are masterpieces when directed right because of the culture that inspires the story.
    Every movie nowadays has a message of moral relativism,there is no black or white,just a gray zone and everyone is evil for fighting for anything.
    Christmas is just a time to buy cheap chinese crap,Thanksgiving is just a time to buy cheap chinese crap,Easter is just a time to buy cheap candy. And while you’re waiting behind the obese lady in her electric wheelchair to buy your new action figure you can hear the cashier wishing the customer a kosher “happy holidays”.
    What people fail to recognize is that we have no culture,just a multicultural commercial walmart. Good movies can’t be made in this environment because there is nothing to inspire them. There are no heroes or folktales to compare them to. Because modern americans only know commercialism and a feminist view on reality without honor,truth,or justice.

  41. The critics are, as Roosh would say, “social justice converged,” meaning “social justice” is more important than doing their jobs.
    No pun intended, everything is going as I foresaw exactly a year ago, where I predicted that a revolt against pop culture as we knew it would brew in 2017. Now as the year ends, we see the NFL’s decline accelerating, Hollywood eaten by its own feminist dragon, and the total popular flop of its most beloved franchise.
    Has my prediction held any water this year? Check my post and tell me.

  42. How may ways is TLJ awful? Let’s count the ways:
    For starters, it has three subplots (Rey’s training under Skywalker, Finn’s attempt to find a codebreaker, and Poe’s attempt to save the Rebel fleet). With three sub plots going on at once, it’s hard to follow and remain emotionally engaged. By the time you come back to Poe’s training, for example, so much has already happened you don’t even know if it matters. I took a bathroom break and felt like it was easier to follow the action when I returned.
    Next, no original technology. It’s all just stuff from the first two trilogies. The Phantom menace had some interesting toys (such as pod racers) and the Empire Strikes back a fantastic action sequence (a free falling Millennium Falcon navigating an asteroid field) and turtle Walker that was unrealistic as hell, but cool, but in this derivative junk, nothing to get excited about.
    Truth be told, Carrie Fisher was never the strongest character in the original trilogy who usually spent her time complaining that she wasn’t being treated like a princess enough or waiting to be rescued. Making her the star general getting nearly everyone killed by being so a willy nilly didn’t make her especially fun to watch. It’s like driving on the freeway with your grandmother. Oh, wait, TWO grandmothers!
    Rey as a Mary Sue is sometimes likable about about as interesting as Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy. Consider Darth Vader in the original trilogy: He had a dark sense of humor (pardon the pun) while Kylo seems to just need a diaper change. The bad guy First Order types are just nasty, angry jerks while in the original empire, they were cool and collected while going about their evil duties.
    This film reminds me a lot like Battlefield Earth but at least Battlefield Earth had action. It didn’t stay stale for too long and the bad acting and writing actually was kind of funny. When bad acting and writing isn’t funny, or compelling, you just get something like the drivers ed videos you sat through in high school. (At least those were educational.)
    Finally, with the rebellion being so ineffective or even much more likable than the First Order it begs the question: Who cares? Who cares if the rebellion just gets blown up? Apparently, the rest of the galaxy doesn’t seem to care and neither did I until these 3 tired stories wound their won their way out much like the popcorn out of my colon.

  43. No pun intended, everything is going as I’ve foreseen.
    A year ago I predicted that a wave of revolt against pop culture as we’ve known it would start in 2017. With the NFL’s decline accelerating, Hollywood rocked by the feminist dragon it helped create, and now its biggest franchise met with disgust by fans, it looks like it’s coming to pass!
    Read what I wrote a year ago. Do you agree?

  44. When chewbacca became presumingly vegan, and the leader of resistance was an ugly woman with a pink hair, who literally yelled about oppression, I realized the franchise is dead.
    And StarWars was my favorite franchise when I was a kid. I even wanted to like Luke Skywalker lol.
    Leftists have tainted my childhood dreams. Cunts:-(

  45. All the “military” material in the original trilogy was utterly moronic (because Lucas obvious has no experience or even interest in such things), but at least those scenes were entertaining. There’s no worse crime in film (or most anywhere really) than being stupid AND boring.

  46. Matt Forney is truly is the stereotypical “american” we are taught about in our youths with the exception of that he considers him to be somewhat intelligent (Worse yet, an intellectual).
    After reading the beginning of the article I concluded that nothing that I’ve not read or heard by hordes of morons will be heard from this article. Dare I say, this article (And generally the author of it) has more in common with “TradThots” (Who lack any intellectual capacity to come up with anything original in their mind and instead degrade themselves to the behaviour of parrots).
    The main problem with Matt Forney unable to evolve his mind lies in this sentence (Which disqualifies him from reviewing this movie in my opinion): “The central problem with the new Star Wars movies—or revivals of any classic franchise, for that matter—is that contemporary filmmakers don’t understand what made the originals good. Star Wars was a product of the 1970’s: an epic tale of good vs. evil” – Somehow — somewhere in his mind, he is stuck in a fantasy world of modernism. A world of “Good” and “Evil”. Which anyone in modern day would see past. The problem of this article (From what I bared to read) is that, the new Star Wars isin’t modernistic. Which he goes on to criticize, while appraising the older movies for ” Star Wars was a product of the 1970’s: an epic tale of good vs. evil”. The Last Jedi is a product of 2010’s.
    Remember Matt Forney is the person who gets upset in Europe for not getting his groceries packed in markets for him. (Unlike in USA where there are people being paid to pack groceries).

    1. As a postlude; I perfectly well understand my criticization of Matt Forney is full of “Ad Hominems” (A future arguement someone will make, if they see enough reason to waste their time on responding to me). Thing is; If it walks like a monkey, if it acts like a monkey, it’s probably a monkey.

  47. “He intelligently proclaims a mutiny, only for Leia to side with Holdo, whose plan ends up getting all but two dozen members of the Resistance killed. Heckuva job, Holdy!”
    Actually, Holdo’s plan was to sneak away on the transporters while the First Order was still busy attacking the main ship, which worked just fine until the slicer Finn and Rose brought to the Supremacy told the First Order about the plan. So, if Poe had listened to Holdo, the Resistance would have more than two dozen members left.
    I personally enjoyed the movie despite its flaws, but if you want to criticize it, please get your facts straight.

  48. I dont know if anybody else noticed, but the entire Jedi order was made out to be liars, every GOOD hero was made out to be a liar, every male in EP8 made out to be a bumbling untrustworthy clown, all the males characters were castigated and ridiculed byt he “strong” women. Every George Lucas written hero was destroyed character wise, all of the Good versus Evil struggle was muddied such that the good were made out to be ultimately evil. And lastly, the ONE iconic “good” guy in the Americana film industry was made out to be a selfish liar and loser with no credibility Luke Skywalker, when you think about it was the quintessential all around HERO CHAMPION…and he is reduced cheaply to a lying self centered and now DEAD.
    Now put all your petty childish personal feelings away and think about what I just said. Analyze the facts I pointed out. And you will see it was true. Disney has done nothing but destroy every SINGLE MALE ROLE MODEL in their movies to unrespectable clowns and anachronisms. Disney has raised up to be heroes a raft of unlikely Mary Sue characters catering to women.
    This fellow readers is what a militant feminist destruction of society looks like. Set aside your butt hurt. What I just said is de facto true, when you take your personal feelings out of the equation.

  49. I thought some ROK readers might enjoy this:
    Expanding the Star Wars universe
    Legend can be a daunting thing for a filmmaker. One must pay homage to beloved (and/or hated) characters yet avoid the pitfalls of nostalgia and formula. But writer/director Rian Johnson is fully up to the challenge and has produced something here that will satisfy fans of everyone’s favorite modern mythology while at the same time dancing to its own beat. The middle film of a trilogy is usually the weakest, but the advantages are that the backstories are done and the loose ends don’t need to be tied up until the third installment.
    So Jedi hits the ground running, picking up just where The Force Awakens left off, with the appearance of a disillusioned, melancholy middle-aged Luke Skywalker. But then it courageously veers off in new and unfamiliar directions. It advances the story by building on, but never betraying, the Star Wars ethos.bOkay it’s a bit busy. But this is a film of genuine beauty with almost non-stop action and intrigue, supported by surreal set design and fluid choreography. It’s wise, witty, energetic, deep, irreverent, funny, stunning and visually charming, not to mention full of surprises. But what makes this emotionally generous film two and a half hours of Why We Go To The Movies is the fact that all the state-of-the-art CG and blowing stuff up is rooted in humanity, and the film overall maintains an almost operatic, classical vibe.
    The new Resistance heroes (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Kelly Marie Tran) are worthy additions to veterans Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher. But I have to say that Adam Driver as Darth Vader’s heir apparent brought down the energy level with every appearance. The man can act (see Paterson), but menacing he is not.

  50. I am still stunned at how jaw droppingly awful The Last Jedi is. It truly is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe how this pile of sh*te ever managed to make it to the screen. No doubt that Disney will keep the Star Wars gravy train a-rolling, but I for one won’t be boarding again!

  51. For many years, schools run by the elites have rejected the knowledge and inherited wisdom of the past. (it’s too white after all) Thus those who have been “educated” there have no real experience of literature and no idea how to write a meaningful story.

  52. In my opinion, Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were the only good movies of the franchise. Didn’t care much for Return of the Jedi.

  53. Great review.
    You basically listed all of my frustrations with the movie.
    Sadly the political propaganda machine has managed to destroy another great franchise.

  54. You know it’s a sad indictment on a movie when I’d rather read about Han Solo fighting side by side with a giant green rabbit in the old Marvel comics.

  55. Skypes handing over gook women to the googles? Its a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.
    “If you put niggel cock in soup it make your pee pee big. If you put jew brain in dumpring it make you good at making money. Ching chong ting tong bing bong sucky sucky fie dorrah wanton soup.”
    – Hung Lo, King of the Chinamen

  56. The original trilogy was great because it was emtertainment with underlying issues that everyone could in some way relate to. It was just simply fun to watch. The second trilogy was a sad attempt to emulate the fun of the first three and it was also very rushed (not enough character development for a guy who’s having a baby to suddenly cut a bunch of children in half as an example)
    I watched the force awakens and said never will I watch another star wars movie ever again. Could not believe they rehashed A New Hope with boring and unbelievable characters while shitting on those that made it what it was.
    Fuck hollyweird and it’s social degenerates.

  57. Didn’t see it. Won’t see it. Star Wars is being made for millenials. Disney didn’t buy it to make films for OSWF’s. They bought it to reboot it as an SJW vehicle for 12 more films. When Gen Zyklon comes of age they may turn it back to old fashioned good vs evil. Until then, you give them your money and their justification to keep doing what they’re doing.

  58. I won’t be seeing this movie either. The original trilogy was ok at best, Luke was kind of a whiny twat in all of them.
    Now we have Doctor Who being replaced with a woman, not that I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, but it’s mentionable due to the current cuckywood trends.

  59. Leave politics out of Star Wars. If Hollywood tries to please the mass audience, they will always fall short. Little humor should exist in what is defined as an “epic space opera” & trying to please both SJW’s & masculine young men, which the original 1977-1983 series’ were meant to appeal to, is a real battle in itself.
    If you are a guy & you asked your girlfriend to come see this movie with you, I imagine some women nationwide would be reluctant. But I’m also willing to bet as you left the movie theater, she probably liked the film more than you did.
    Disney tries too hard to incorporate elements that will please both sexes & young & old generations. In the end, we get a movie with great scenes, good scenes, bad scenes & crappy scenes.
    Lack of exposition & Future payoffs:
    1.) The Knights of Ren were absent & if they were the red protectors of the Supreme Leader Snoke, then Kylo showed no mercy in killing them
    2.) Supreme Leader Snoke is a compelling character, whose back story I really wanted to know, but now probably never will
    3.) The scene with Kylo in the rain from Rey’s dreams is never brought up
    4.) How did that lame character, Maz Kanata, come to obtain Luke Skywalkers’ light sabre? It was never explained
    5.) How did Captain Phasma survive the trash compactor? Especially on a planet that was completely blown up?
    6.) How did General Hux find the injured Kylo Ren in the snow?
    -Reys parents were scavengers whom abandoned her…the end
    -Supreme Leader Snoke’s final training was for Kylo Ren to kill Rey? The end?
    -Luke’s 3 lessons for Rey were completely unJedi & dumb. The end. Very cliché. & she didn’t even receive any martial training with a light sabre
    -Admiral Ackbar dies without a proper sendoff. The end
    -Princess Leia is the General of the Rebellion, yes. Very respectable & true to the past of Star Wars. But this crappy vice Admiral Holdo character is a woman with purple hair, out of uniform & completely unmilitary in her presence, all while dressed to go to a cocktail party??? What the **** Disney?!? Not even a classical character like Crix Madine or General Carlist Rieekan!
    In the future, I will now have to look forward to a Disney political correctfest that ignores the roots of light & dark, good & evil, & could pivot from any character at any time.
    There are spectacular battles, incredible tension & beautiful cinematography. But the awkward humor, unexplainable coincidences & totally bad human choices were unescapable.

  60. I’ve been a fan since the original trilogy and have watched everything about Star Wars go into the crapper(except Revenge of the sith) I am getting annoyed with how they are bringing this SJW crap into movies. I took my 16 year old son and even he said Star Wars was becoming “Trash”. It’s sad because Star Wars used to be awesome.

    1. Try finding the Marvel Comics 1970s “sequel” to the first one. Vengeful cyborgs, planets with acid seas, Luke stranded on an ocean planet with sea dragons and a tyrant-descendant of space wreckers, bio-spaceships, actual space pirates in a stolen Imperial Destroyer, it was quite good.

  61. Cheat Sheet for the Unsavvy New Media Consumer: All the fucking garbage JW-Hollywood produces is utter dogshit!

  62. I just knew they were going to kill Luke off. Han in the first one, Luke in this one. What was even the poinf of brining the legacy characters into this when they had no idea what to do with them other than just kill them off?

  63. Spoiler free… Definitely wait to see it as a rental if you want to see it. Wish I would have read this review before I saw it as I would not have seen it at the theatre. I’m a huge Luke fan and love the idea of samuiri (jedi) and thought this was going to be a story about a new jedi being trained by a master and there would be epic saber fighting. Boy was I wrong….
    Luke, Vader, the Jedi and even the Sith storyline is absolutely ruined in the film. Even the mysteries of the prior movie(Snoke, Reyes parents etc) are destroyed. Most of the story in the movie, is absolutely meaningless except to destroy the past in the previous movies.
    The new characters are useless and big failures in the story. Part of the plot doesn’t make sense unless the movie wants to show how incompetent the new characters are.
    All you need to see is the last ten minutes of the movie as most of the movie did not progress the star wars story line at all, except to kill off the past.
    It will be a gigantic $$$$$$ maker but the audience reviews are similar to mine (give it a 4 out of 10), the next one will not due as well as this movie destroyed most of the best parts of star wars.
    SPOILER warning….. no more jedi, no more sith, Luke is an incompetent dead jedi who is nothing like his previous character, Rey is a nobody, stinks as a hero, not a jedi (she does not get trained), snoke dies cause hes dumb and dies without an epic battle. All the new characters fail in all their tasks and the new bad guy kylo whos not a sith is a complete moron and because hes stupid the rebels get away.

  64. Whoever directed Rogue One needs to direct the final installment. At least he seemed to understand plot, dialogue and what Star Wars is all about… STAR. … WARS.

  65. Star wars fans are mostly white men. Yet Disney insists on diversifying the cast to the largest possible extent, while invoking it’s feminist propaganda. Such as how Leia slaps Poe Dameron and shames him. Equality suggests that Poe can slap her back, but of course that cannot happen.

  66. The audience I saw it with was completely filled with white people, and yet the product they paid to see was diversified to pander to audiences that don’t even care about it

  67. Star Wars absolutely sucked. Let’s put it this way: the 4 black teenagers in the row in front of me left halfway through complaining about wasting $20. It was a horrible movie in all ways.

  68. He was on point with most of what he said. Not into much of the white male vs. everyone else stuff but it like the other reboots (Totally agree Rogue One was the best) were ripoffs stealing money from the paying public. I have less issues with the Director than the script writers because Rian had to work with what was approved. The biggest failure was as the reviewer said the Empire was beaten but yet now is the “First Order” and no explanation of how it came to be so powerful so QUICKLY!
    Also, back to Rogue One, it is also out of sequence in terms of the film series history.


  70. Matt, thank you for not spouting off the Disney company line of how great this movie was.
    I’ve never seen a director give the middle finger to millions of fans like Rian Johnson did with this complete and total abomination. I’ve never left the theater after watching a movie actually angry until I watched this POS.

  71. Worst movie I have seen in the past 5 years. Glad I only watched it online for free, I would have been pissed paying for this. Moreover, I had to pause the movie a number of times given the utter stupidity of the plot and man-bashing by women in the show. Wanted to persevere so that I could say that I had watched the film to completion. I pretty much avoid the cinemas now and it seems like everything coming out of Hollywood panders to feminists and libtards.

  72. For a better idea of why this movie is so anti- white male, read this article.
    Ultimately it’s Kathleen Kennedy who’s ruling the roost, but it’s a coterie of multi-racial women who do her bidding. Rian Johnson “wrote” this mess, but a there’s no way a writer-director with no real weight in Hollywood got to do anything he wanted.
    This pile of shit will earn plenty of coin, but not like the last episode. My daughters, who should be prime candidates for consuming this SJW bullshit, HATED it. They recognized it as nonsense, much like they hated “Cars 3” (another movie where a female with no qualification or training is superior to males). What the leftist idiots at Disney fail to recognize is that girls, while they like strong female characters, want to see heroic men as much as boys do.

  73. Out of the new movies the only bit i liked was the Darth Vader oner at the end of rogue one:

    It kind of reminded me of the unbridled power in that one line from Xmen III that was from vinnie jones:
    As he runs through the walls

  74. I did the best thing anyone opposed to SJW propaganda could have done: I simply did not see this movie, just as I did not see “Rogue One” after the politically correct disaster that was “The Force Awakens.”
    I find it sad that there is so much Jar Jar Binks bashing on this site. In order to understand why consider that I’ve been on this world for over half a century- thus, I saw the first Star Wars movies when they came out, and have experienced those decades.
    Folks, the 1990s was good only when compared to this and the previous decade: the fact is the 1990s was a politically correct, man-bashing, grim, ugly, tabloid decade. The original Star Wars may have been serious but at the same time it had a whimsical and even lighthearted tone (the famous holographic chess game, Leia’s wisecracks, the implied trouble between Lando and Han mentioned by Chewbacca, Jabba’s gang, C-3PO’s prissy (non-homosexual!) attitude, etc.). Jar-Jar Binks was part of Lucas’ effort to bring back some of the 1970s brightness. He was a bumbling but good-natured being, proving to be a loyal friend and helping to unite humans and his race against the invaders. If you seriously think about it just what, beyond idiotic efforts to say he was “black” as the aliens of the Trade Federation were “Asians,” was the reason for so much manufactured hate against him? That was all from the moron mainstream media and some of what we now call SJW troublemakers!
    He became a senator or whatever because of what he had done. He actually earned it, illustrating what work and honest effort can achieve. One noticed his more subdued and calm demeanor, proving he took his new role seriously. Yet the moron media bashed him even though his role was a brief one in that movie.
    As far as all the SJW propaganda coming out of Hollywood: there are two possible motives here:
    1) The people behind it really are just trying to push the insane agenda on the masses.
    2) The people behind it are merely guilty of good old-fashioned greed (paging Mr. Boesky!) and believe this is the kind of thing that sells: it’s what people want. $$$$$$, not just politics.
    Either way the ONLY way- and by that I mean the only REALISTIC way, never mind talk about “uprisings,” “guns,” or that sort of thing- to end this is to not pay. I did not see this movie because I KNEW what it was going to be after “The Force Awakens;” Matt being excused as someone is needed to describe it. Fuel this sort of rot on television and the advertisers will continue to pay money; see these movies and make them successful then what do you think will happen after they make a fortune? Live in a place where one must pay for television and it’s all SJW rot? Give up television like a drug habit, there are plenty of alternatives. If I was a kid I wouldn’t touch a Marvel comic with welder’s gloves.
    That is the effective passive resistance part. The active way, aside from contacting companies supporting man-bashing garbage and telling them you will not use their products, is what could be called the “Undertale Effect:” a friend sent me this game and I can only say that it is a great game IN SPITE of the obvious politically correct aspects. The music is the best I ever heard in a game, the worlds are nicely done, the puzzle aspects- and problem-solving is always appealing to men which is how so many things good and bad have been accomplished over the millenia- are excellent, it even has hidden bosses and there is a simple but ultra-logical way of getting past the spider boss, the good aspects of the game absolutely outweigh the bad and even for someone like me, who despises the SJW mentality, is ultimately satisfying and fun. “Gone Home” it isn’t.
    What we must do is come up with our own great games, not equivalents of “No Male Heroes” or “Depression Quest.” We must come up with our own comics. Online comics and Internet advertising are things one did not have decades ago but now is a fantastic way of reaching across the world. We must counter the SJW garbage with good non-preachy entertainment (“Jurassic World” and “Renny the Fox” are good examples), and folks- that means less whining and getting to WORK. Toby Fox may or may not be an SJW but there is absolutely no doubt he put an amazing amount of skill and work into Undertale and it shows to anyone who knows about storytelling, gaming, and programming, engines or no engines. He ended up with one of the most popular and talked-about games since DOA Volleyball and Bejeweled. He did NOT get it by sitting around just wishing for a game he would like to see: he got off his rear end, learned about programming, music, etc., and made it REALITY. The results speak for themselves.
    There are also existing alternatives- “The Rifleman,” “Rawhide,” “Ulysses 31,” “The A-Team,” “Forbidden Planet,” “Last Train From Gun Hill,” “Kojak,” “Excalibur,” “Krull,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “StarBlazers” (give the “Deslok Salute” here), “Admiral: Michiel de Ruyter,” “The Last Man on Earth” (Vincent Price), “Jurassic World,” “King Kong,” “The Pink Panther,” “Watership Down,” “The Hobbit” (1977), “Godzilla,” “Godzilla 1985,” “Von Ryan’s Express,” “Land of the Lost” (1970s), “Bonanza,” “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad,” “Primal Force,” “Mysterious Island” (1961), the all-time classic “Jaws,” there are plenty of great choices and as for books try the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Tolkien, and Greek mythology for starters, there is just so much.
    It took us decades to get here and it will not be changed in a few years. But if left by itself it is guaranteed that it will only get worse and worse; recent ROK articles merely reporting what has been happening lately would have been laughed at as insane paranoid fantasy in 1977.
    Finally, sad to say, Matt Forney is only partially right: there is no bringing Star Wars back NOW. “The Phantom Menace” was underrated and those middle three movies did a fair job of showing the fall of The Republic, Darth Vader’s “birth,” and keeping much of the tone of Lucas’ galaxy, but the latest ones are nothing but SJW propaganda THAT CANNOT EVEN PROPERLY CONNECT THE LAST TWO- COUNT `EM- TWO MOVIES (I’m not including “Rogue One”)!
    Matt, this is why you are only partially correct: these latest movies are not an effort to bring back Star Wars at all; just as with Mad Max, Ghostbusters, Ocean’s Eleven/Eight, etc. they were just the same tedious extreme leftist propaganda pieces wearing the titles of beloved movies. Nothing more. Just wait for a feminist “Krull.”
    But here’s the strangest part: in spite of all the “WOMEN are in charge” praise the mainstream media tossed around, if one actually bothers to keep track of what is going on in these movies women are doing a terrible job of it. The female lead Stormtrooper from “The Force Awakens” easily betrayed the First Order (Leia from the first three movies held out against Vader and the floating interrogation droid); and as Matt pointed out The Resistance was, through incompetence, reduced to a few ships and people.
    If I understood the plot one wonders just how the next movie is going to pull this off- Rey as a sort of Force demi-goddess with all the power of The Force, nobody else has it?

  75. The last Jedi is the worst movie of the year. I loved Valerian. That’s want I want to see: emotion and interest, not inept bullshit like the force awakens or The last Jedi or the hurt locker!

  76. Art imitates life. This movie perfectly represents how the mainstream modern Western societies are being run.
    The Rebel Alliance was once very disciplined and possessed a large, effective and combat capable fleet and special operations apparatus. It was capable of making daring plans on the fly, and could swoop in an take advantage of opportunities and weaknesses that their enemies presented to them.
    In a normal Rebellion, you’d want to be seen blowing up big enemy spaceships and instalations. If a tiny rebellion could blow up a Death Star or a large Star Destroyer, then this would not only scare the enemy but create aa huge morale boost to the rest of the oppressed people of the Galaxy. Blowing up super-sized space craft is how you market yourselves and your message.
    You can’t do this with female led organisations. You can’t think in this way. Merely trying to communicate such an idea would be met with female captains and Admirals all smirking at one another, and then rolling eyes and condescending grinning. Entire battle plans would be scrapped because the master strategist and commander would find himself dealing with a spurious sexual harassment allegation.
    This is why the main role of the Rebellion devolved into nothing more than organising “awareness campaigns” and to cultivate “social outrage” across the galaxy. It is no longer a bunch of military people, but more of a HR and Corporate Communications and Media Relations executives.
    It was clear that the most of the skilled personnel of the Rebellion were either made redundant or walked away many years ago. The pilots and officers with any marketable talent or skillset just left and found greener pastures elsewhere. Even Han Solo and Chewie had left to find a more promising career elsewhere. Luke wanted absolutely nothing to do with the organisation, despite there being a new set of Dark Lords and a new evil Empire. The current staff are the same sorts of people you’d expect to see working in an organisation three months after 3/4 of the previous workforce was fired.

  77. If Han Solo dies in TFA, Luke dies in TLJ and if Leia dies in the next movie, and if Darth Ugly dies and he has not a son or a daughter, I will consider that this trilogy is a fascist extermination of the Skywalker family.
    By the way, The Last Jedi is not a feminist movie at all, because Laura Dern’s character is a woman, and she is the most stupid character of the whole movie! She is a suicidal and a big moron, she kills a lof of her people, because she is an idiot. So even on this, Disney has failed!

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