Jews In Germany Are Shocked At Rise Of “Anti-Semitism” After They Flooded The Country With Muslims

Via USA Today:

When telecommunications manager Mikhail Tanaev emigrated to Germany in 1998 from his native Russia as a teen, his Jewish faith didn’t matter to classmates or neighbors.

That’s because Germany has taken extraordinary steps since the end of World War II to atone for the Holocaust and prevent anti-Semitism from taking hold again. The country has paid reparations to Jewish victims of Nazi persecution, erected dozens of memorials to those murdered and turned anti-Semitic speech into a crime.

Yet Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision in 2015 to open the nation’s arms to 1 million mostly Muslim refugees has created a double threat for Germany’s roughly 120,000 Jews: rising anti-Semitism from the newcomers and a resurgent right-wing nationalist movement spawned by the arrival of so many immigrants.

The anti-Semitic sentiment has become more pubic and virulent, said Tanaev, 32.  “When I arrived in Germany … I never saw such displays.”

Last week, thousands of protesters in Berlin burned Israeli flags to protest President Trump’s decision on Dec. 7 to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The flag-burning prompted a national outcry.

“I never thought that could happen in the middle of Berlin. That’s something you see in other parts of the world. It’s really disturbing,” Tanaev said. “It feels like we’re being threatened because you never know how people will react further when something like this occurs.”

Other instances of anti-Semitism in Germany have become more common and brazen recently. Last month, thieves in Berlin made off with more than a dozen cobblestone-sized plaques embedded in sidewalks memorializing victims of the Holocaust. And the German military found Nazi memorabilia in soldiers’ barracks over the summer.

In 2016, Germany recorded 1,468 anti-Semitic incidents, an increase from previous years that has put Germany’s Jewish community on edge, According to a recent survey by the Bielefeld University in western Germany, 62% of Jewish respondents said they experience anti-Semitism in their everyday lives, while 28% said they were victims of verbal attacks or harassment in the past year.

The survey points to increased anti-Semitism by Muslim newcomers and a strengthened right-wing nativist movement, said Andreas Zick, who led the study.

“Germans are the only people in the world who plant a monument of shame in the heart of the capital,” senior AfD member Björn Höcke said this year about the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

Other party members want Nazi soldiers remembered as patriots.

Zick also noted anti-Semitic remarks posted on social media by right-wing groups. The comments fuel misconceptions among new immigrants that Germany tolerates such behavior, despite strict laws requiring social media giants such as Facebook to delete posts categorized as hate speech, he said.

“There’s a lot of evidence from our studies that the Internet and young Muslim men in public are threatening (Jews),” Zick said. “Refugees coming in don’t perceive that there’s a strong norm against anti-Semitism.”

Such sentiments prompted a Jewish community center in Berlin to launch an initiative to combat anti-Semitism.

“Here, we put in concrete terms that ‘the Jew’ is actually a normal person — that he looks like you and is someone you can have a normal conversation with,” said Rabbi Daniel Fabian of the Kahal Adass Jisroel Jewish community center and synagogue.

Members of the community center have been spit on and harassed in predominately Muslim neighborhoods since 2014, Fabian said. And his synagogue recently received a bomb threat from right-wing radicals. The compound housing the synagogue and community center are now under 24-hour police surveillance.

Jewish leaders are pushing for changes in the education system to head off anti-Semitism, including history lessons with visits to concentration camps. Bavaria is the only German state that now requires such visits.

“We are looking for modern means to convey what has happened and to keep the memory alive,” said Josef Schuster, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews.

Tanaev said it also is important to draw parallels between the history of Jewish immigration and the current influx of newcomers. “That’s the history of our people, and it’s important to show others that fact,” he said.

Fabian, whose grandmother was in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, called for support from Muslim groups as well as the government to fight anti-Semitism.

“We can’t be the only ones who are constantly reminding everyone else to look at what’s happening right under your noses,” he said.

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193 thoughts on “Jews In Germany Are Shocked At Rise Of “Anti-Semitism” After They Flooded The Country With Muslims”

  1. “Fabian, whose grandmother was in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, called for support from Muslim groups…”
    Yeah, good luck with that.

    1. “Because you want to bring down the cultural fabric of America / Germany / Western Civilization…….cuz your a Jew.”

      1. It’s an American holocaust of sorts, the US getting flooded with opium. The plan is to first weaken the country with narcotics, then comes the refugee dump. The OPIATE RELATED DEATH rate per capita [map] of US counties from 1999 to 2014:
        Is there any safe place left to raise your family? Only a few clusters of US counties remain white (unaffected) in the Dakotas. Study the map and note the areas that were seeded with heroin first – they’re all white cultural strongholds: Appalachia, SLC, Northern Michigan (Scandinavian), and Eurika Ca (Sequoia NF – and the whitest northernmost city in all of shitlib Ca).
        But SLC?? How could the Mormons be such suckers for dope? Simple. Mormons are terrible government brown nosers who think legal perscription meds are okay, even fentanyl patches. There have been entire Mormon families that were addicted to perscription painkillers for years and thought it was all fine and okay because it was ‘legal’. Then Mexican cartels come in with cheaper heroin and the whole state of Utah turns dark red as seen in the gif map. Jesus Christ Mormons the government isn’t your daddy. The government green lights and pipes the shit in while many many foolish Mormons continue sending their daughters away to BYU to study their favorite – pharmacology – which is the root source of the whole problem. Be a bit more vigilant Mormons and call out more of your own who are wannabe ass lickers and praetorian guards for the same government that butchered your ancestors. Quit going waay too far towing the establishment line. LDS stakes abroad even advocate male circumcision to match the national trends. GOD DAMNIT quit licking the establishment’s ass already. Fight them off for once motherfuckers. Look at the map. Look at Utah. It’s a heroin hellhole. Dispatch of ye true enemies.
        Now on to Appalachia. JFK!! (JeezusFrigginChrize) I know it’s bad to take the Lord’s name in vain, but when something is truly damnable in the eyes of God, it’s not vain in the least bit to call the spade. I’d cry out “Goddamn you” as I take a bullwhip to the enemy’s ass. Just don’t damn unnecessarily, like when you hit your thumb with a hammer. Otherwise your thumb will fall off for damning it you fool. You only damn the enemy then the Lord helps you destroy them. So BE DAMNED all of the figures that are complicit in injecting this most beautiful and serene heartland scape with dope:

        Did you catch where the 23 yo says half of his HS class is dead from heroin? I mean JEEZ that heroin shit doesn’t grow on trees in WVa. And little baggies don’t blow in the jetstream and fall like a weatherfront into your schools and kid’s pants pockets. TRAITORS in government make sure dope arrives on schedule like the morning paper. It’s piped right into the communities and homes on purpose to depopulate white people from the area. If Disney weren’t enough and MSM showcasing the 1% blacks in WVa to mudshark on multiple gmo fed fat young white girls in the state weren’t enough, this government sponsored drug ‘crisis’ is just too much. It is an assault on all fronts. On top of that, the family courts are busy in flyover country hacking and butchering the remnants of the citizenry who are already doped and propagandized all to hell. Enough is enough. Can’t the good citizens just round up the dope dealers and throw them all into the river?
        Well there is such a president who is doing exactly that. Rodrigo Duterte is a man with a plan.
        Duterte the ‘punisher’ has been called the TRUMP of the Philippines and has declared open season on dope dealers in a move to reduce crime. His declarations are too over the top for the western PC establishment, but he has basically deputized the Philippine citizens with the authority to get rid of the dope problem. He declares: “We will throw enough dope dealers bodies into Manila bay to make the fish fat” to the cheers of all good citizens.
        Duterte you’re the MAN!!
        Duterte with wanted dead or alive dope dealer leaflets. If only US flyover states had governors like Duterte.
        “These sons of whores are destroying our children” – R.Duterte
        So is there anyone ANYONE in the US besides Trump who has the fortitude and nerve to match Duterte? Well, yes Maine’s governor Lapage has taken a stand and told Maine citizens in effect . . well Lapage isn’t quite as eloquent as Duterte nor does he play the saxophone, but Lapage basically deputizes his citizens to ‘take care’ of the state’s drug dealer problem:
        The real booger is still the pharmaco industry that needs called out. But I give Lapage 4 stars regardless.
        It would be so great to bring back the village mobs in times of real threat. People freed to make their country strong and wholesome for raising families is a rising sentiment that is becoming beyond viral in western countries. The elites can smell what’s cooking with the people.
        Again the live time ‘map’
        Just look at that shit. Oooh I just get more pissed off the more I look at that map. Cartels, pharmaco and the ABC war ‹‹of›› drugs, all of them are taking a crap all over America. They’re SHITTING ON THE FACE of America. WAKE UP people.

        1. @Magoo
          Spot on Sir!! I am a medical professional and I work in the prison system. Suddenly we have an industry growing up around the opiate epidemic. Millions being donated to fight the “problem”. Why don’t we just not arrest, not try to help and just let them all burn down. I fully agree the Government has allowed this to happen and is fully invested in continuing to supply the dope. The news program “60 minutes” did an interview with a DEA whistleblower who talks about how the Government enables the opiate supply.
          I will have a chance later to check out the links you put in. Again, thank you for putting in the time and effort.
          Merry Christmas to you and yours,

        2. sorry Duterte is a madcap idiot! the war on drugs is just a scheme to control the police and military and eliminate any opposition to his own drug trafficking business.

  2. Whenever you sow evil it comes right back at you . “Do not repay Evil with evil but repay evil with good . If you’re enemy is hungry feed him , if he is thirsty give him something to drink by doing so you will heap burning coals upon his head .” Romans 12:20

    1. White Christians are mostly good. They give charity to refugees (who are brought In to exterminate them), they help Mexicans and blacks (who want to exterminate them). They’re assisting their own demise.
      Kicking out invaders and preserving your culture is the only ‘good’ that will make a difference here.

      1. If anything blacks have been demonised and victimized by white christians who enslaved them, discriminated against them and still do, and use their labor and wealth to enrich themselves. Whites do to blacks, what jews and immigrants do to whites.

        1. literally they do very little labor for society and the sheer amount of trouble they cause eg jail officer time, police officer time, security guards, ect you can certainly say they create a lot of jobs. Generally white men living around black men are very unhappy and despise them everywhere in the world as they grow up attacking white guys and charming white ladies.

    2. The beaver: “I must build a dam”
      The goose: “Winter approaches. I must fly south soon.”
      The turtle: “I am alive. I must make it into the ocean immediately.”
      The jew: “I must undermine my host nation.”

    1. It is to me. We need to exterminate these filthy subhuman scum wherever they are. Nuking Israel would be a good start.

      1. The problem is that Israel has nukes too. And they are the type of people that if they don’t get their way will use them just to spite the world. First you need to remove them from power structure of a society. Then somehow prevent Israel from using nukes before removing Israel and seeing what can be done with the population, whether it is imprisonment and reeducation or extermination. I remember there being an idea to put them on an island and establishing a police state to keep an eye on them while reeducating them. Although to be honest I would not lift a finger to prevent them all from being destroyed seeing how much damage they did to the world and my nation.

        1. Afaik Israel only has tactical nukes (used against enemy troops) no strategic ones (WMDs, used against civil infrastructure). They don’t have delivery systems to get many of those nukes to Europe or America. All they got as a delivery system are 5 small, German dolphin-class submarines (which they got for free from the German government).

      2. This kind of comment is precisely why the conservative movement (which includes the manosphere) finds it hard to be taken seriously.
        You sir, are a moron.

  3. Roosh has openly admitted that (((the powers that be))) has led to his business going on a protracted decline via Disqus bans, ad bans, facebook group bans, 1 star book reviews etc. and cryptocurrency (which Jew bankers despise) will be his potential saving grace to make ends meet in the future.
    If Return of Kings maybe has just another year or 18 months left, we might as well go all out and catapult the biggest red pills there is to give, which is how badly Jews muck up everything and they have to get their dirty little fingers involved in every sort of degeneracy to a degree which VASTLY exceeds their relative share of the general population.
    For the detractors, there will always be the great backlog of game, relationship, masculine, and red pill material not associated with the tribe in any way. Only so much can be written about that stuff before it gets repetitive.
    The Jews will never cease giving ROK material.

    1. (((the powers that be))) brought us Muslims here. They cuck the white population, and bring some of us straight from the warzones of the middle east who are not afraid of death and don’t give a damn about being antisemitic. They were cool about (((Mystery))) and (((Neil Strauss))) but a Persian guy teaching white guys to be men and uncuck themselves and stop the white genocide – censor him into starvation!
      (((They))) make men girls, women into boys, so people don’t fall in love, then sexual devolution to destroy the family unit because strong Christian white dudes with strong Christian families trigger them. They use (((Hollywood))), (((Frankfurt school))) in academia, the media (they control all but one of US media corporations and Fox promotes their interests like the rest) to promote cultural marxism to reduce the white population. Then they push for floods of red pilled migrants from the warzones, and a few normal but chill red pilled dudes like me. When I came here to study, and got a job I had no idea how much they fucked up the society. The illiterate barbarians from the village we don’t let in the nice houses in our cities because they are barbaric (which is why we have walls and barbed wires) these psychos let in by the millions here where they have fences instead of walls. Bloody idiots. If our countries were not so corrupt, we’d have the money to educate and civilize these illiterate barbarians. Instead of pushing our governments to combat corruption, they think turning white men into girls and bringing barbarians from third world warzones is a great idea. LMAO. And they wonder why there are Nazis? Stop cucking the white males, leave them alone, and stop bringing barbarians over and antisemitism will stop.
      To repeat the infamous Barbara Spectre:
      “I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re going be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

  4. Hey, next time you wanna cite a university study, make sure both the university and the city it’s in EXIST. Bielefeld my ass! Won’t be fooled by this.

  5. I went to Mass today with my family and the Priest shared a story about how he tried to schedule a meeting between himself, an Israeli Rabbi, and a Muslim Imam. They were to discuss a charity program he was proposing to raise money for the impoverished in the Dominican Republic.
    Apparently the Imam cancelled last minute, and the Rabbi just argued with him the whole time over whether Jesus is the true Messiah. He shrugged it off as though this failed meeting was the result of petty differences in opinion. He concluded that if only the Jews and Muslims could understand that Christ truly the Son of God, everything would fall into place and the world would know peace.
    After becoming sensitized to the gradual disintegration of the Western world over the last few years I can’t help but interpret everything I see through a red-pill lens. All I could think to myself as I performed the Christmas rituals was that these naive and innocent Christians simply do not realize the nature of the overwhelming forces rising up around them.

    1. It’s shocking how naïve white Christians are. They don’t comprehend that most of the world is trying to exterminate them either due to racial jealousy or hatred of Christianity.
      It doesn’t get through their fucking heads that other races and cultures don’t think the same as them. I try and wake some of them up by they don’t want to hear it and think you’re being *radical*.
      It makes me sad as hell when you see the beauty of white families and how they’ll be wiped off the earth this century.

      1. “It makes me sad as hell when you see the beauty of white families and how they’ll be wiped off the earth this century.”
        If and when that happens, who will fund all the welfare programs and foreign aid? Who will stock the food banks? Who will provide medicine and health care? 5 or perhaps 10 years at the most after whites are gone, Earth becomes planet of the apes. Well, almost all of it. Japan, Korea and China will be fine, but they won’t be helping anyone. They’re too smart for that. They may plunder other regions for “rare earth metals”, but they will not help.

        1. u miss the point. they are after destruction of all the people in the world until there is not one human left!!!! they are not worried about who will do that and this when whites are gone.

        1. @JD
          No, not really.
          But I also believe idiot white liberal SJW western females will join these idiotic organizations that server them up to 3rd world savages. And despite (because of?) the rapes, they will keep joining. Nothing says stupid so much as a white SJW female…

      2. “It doesn’t get through their fucking heads that other races and cultures don’t think the same as them.”
        My sentiments exactly. They just cannot comprehend that the people persecuting Christians on the other side of the planet (for now) simply do not think like they do. They just cannot wrap their heads around this simple concept.
        The other thing the Priest discussed that struck me was his contempt for the materialism of the modern age. He didn’t seem to consider that once the different groups of people in his church (i.e., WASPs, Arabs, Blacks, Filipinos, Italians, etc.) are nervous about where they are going to find their next meal for their kids, all this “love thy neighbour, all are equal under God” pillow-talk is going straight out the window. The satisfaction of the people’s material instincts is probably the only thing holding this ship together at this point.
        I feel kind of bad for railing on the Christian faith like this, but I simply know that I can never be a truly honest Christian. I will most likely never truly believe that the problems of this world can be solved through acting as kind and gentle as possible in the face of evil forces. Sometimes you have to draw the sword if you hope to survive.

        1. CLARK
          Definitely in America. How many Filipinos or Italian-Americans would move to Tennessee or Mississippi if you paid them. There is a reason they want to live on the West Coast or NYC.
          Consumerism is the only religion in the U.S. It is also the reason that every immigrant after 1880 moved to the US to a northern industrial state.
          Sure, the Guidos and the Flippers out in San Diego CARE ALOT about Gettysburg or no when this war was fought.
          The problem here is that Old Colonial whites and especially from South of Chicago lost their cash, influence and country to every group that immigrated afterwards.
          Now THEY are the red states that have to ask for Fed bailouts.
          Italian-Americans and Filipinos are not dying of Oxy overdoses in an abandoned steel mill. They are clubbing away on Molly in Manhattan or getting a blowjob from another man in Malibu.
          The US is all about hedonistic materialism. Which fucking Filipino or Indian moves to San Francisco to celebrate Puritan values? Knows the 13 amendments? Gives a shit?
          Remember when Stallone in one movie said “This is America, you have to eat Italian food!”. It is true. The Puritan values make a shit to Asians, Ethnic whites, Jews, Hispanics, Arabs.

        2. Hey man, at one point Peter or somebody said ” dont spend money having Jesus’ feet washed, give it to the poor” And jesus said ” the poor will always be here, let her continue.” Also he said ” i didnt come to bring peace, but a sword.”
          I cant remember where, but there are times when his message wasnt just feelings, but action.

        3. The problem is that they are being indoctrinated from a young age in school which later continues through high school and university … Indoctrination is then reinforced via daily media consumption. People plop in front of the TV after they are exhausted from work and then they get brainwashed with all the crappy news articles and how we all need the immigrants …
          They never learned to question anything. If you raise a child that way to adult then it is no surprise they are what they are today … It is sad but that is how it is.
          Most people do not realise that different cultures have not the same values as their own. Most can’t even afford the money to visit any other cultures so how could they know ?
          All the nonsense talk about how we in germany need immigrants is pure BS. Instead forking out billions to foreigners, make it more attractive for the native population to have kids. If they werent squeezed out their money at every corner, the regular citizen would be able to afford them ! And this is not talking about the attack on masculinity and all the rest that comes with it. So the “we need immigrants” is pure BS of the purest sort.

        4. Don’t bash all Christians. When Christianity was great under colonialism, you never took this shit and we Muslims respected you. (((Communists))) promoted anti colonialism in our countries where the civilization project hadn’t even fully matured. Result? Muslim countries aren’t developed like yours. We have civilized people in cities and walls, barbed wire. We have corrupt governments so we want to civilize the barbarians in the villages but this corrupt dude or that corrupt guy steals the money meant for civilizing barbarians but all of us have the money for guards for our villas.
          They don’t get that we were the colonized and not the colonizers for a fucking reason. Not all Muslims and Africans are un-civilized barbarians but a guy from the capital city from a well to do family like me with a university education is not the illiterate average Joe from the village who can’t read even the Koran that says not to rape. He only doesn’t rape because he knows he will get killed if he does that. In the city there are walls between us an the poor savages. If it weren’t for corruption we’d educate them, civilize them so they can not starve.
          The colonialists told it like it is. They weren’t savage. We respected them. (((Communists))) made a bunch of lies that colonialism is bad to weaken the whites and push their agenda. Colonial Christians used to tell it like it is. Today the protestant church is fucked from reform and over reform, you still have some normal Orthodox and Catholics, Mormons seem to be ok. Colonialism was the best thing that happened to my country. It is too bad they weren’t there long enough to civilize all the natives.

      3. They won’t. White families won’t be wiped off the face of the Earth. We have to grab our white women by the pussy. How hard is that? Everyone is saying it and whistling it like it was Dixie. Soon it will be elevator music “grab your woman by the pussy – fa-la-la-la-la – – – la-la-laaaah-laaaaaah- skibbity-bop-twang-diddldy-wang-bow-wow-wooooow” I can see it now!

        1. The white man is dead, but not yet buried. I’ve already jumped ship and started breeding brown children. You guys do what you want, but my genetic materiel will survive.

        2. Issue is the white women look good if thin but their brains are disgusting hives of anti-marriage anti-men feminism and slutology and their vaginas proudnly ooze sperm from half of the local black men. No man with standards can marry the majority of these women so we have to go elsewhere.
          When china boys tell us its the losers going for asians, yet they are the highest earning and most educated white MEN also you realize they china boys just want to keep us in a prison of slutology and keep their women for themselvs, and they want ours also.
          Great thing about ROK is that since the powers that be cut him he opened up the first free speech comments section on the web and gives no fucks. If he stays popular however the powers that be may offer him a deal to cut the free speech and be allowed back to advertisers and banks.

        3. i think he for him the issue is personal sincce the SJWs attacked him so badly its not just about society anymore he saw first hand how speak outside of the acceptable discourse and the SJWs will try very hard to destroy you. He was just advocating run of the mill pick-up BS and a few eye-catching corny titles and BAM no visas, no venues, attack family bam and then they try to bring down his business.
          Free speech is the number one enemy of the left, and SJWs thats the biggest enemy. In the USA they keep it down by firing, cutting advertisers, bank accounts and they even have many bullshit harrassement cases against those who speak. There is little free speech in the USA really they need to ammend the constitution to stop folk getting cut from jobs for speaking their minds outside of work, for example.

      4. Cultural Marxism is the disease that destroys people in a manner that is unrecoverable. I watch it effects in my closest family members, even the conservatives, while they remain blissfully unaware of what has programmed their personalities. It’s like watching the worst possible zombie movie that progresses for a lifetime.

        1. It is like watching a zombie movie. As a Muslim guy, it’s scary how they use me. I am here cause I have my degree. I’m not a refugee, I work hard fair and square. But the floods of refugees and cucking the white man by the (((Lugenpresse))) are like a scary zombie movie. The refugees they bring are the most uncivilized savages from the warzone in villages of backwater provinces that we don’t even let into the city. So suddenly because I share a language, nationality, I am some how like the barbarians? Being educated, I have more in common with the educated westerners were I live that illiterate savages from the provinces of my country. All of you are educated in a developed country. In the third world, only elite and upper middle class like me are. And white people are too cucked to stop the immigration of the savages, and call me a racist for calling village illiterates what we all call them were I grew up.

    2. The only way to know peace is for the white man to take his place at the top once more. That cannot happen until we destroy the Jews. The 3rd Reich showed us how. It’s up to us to finish the work of the white German brothers and exterminate the jewish roaches.

      1. I thought you weren’t interested in what happened 100 years ago, but what happens now. At least, that was how you dodged my question several articles ago and proved yourself a left winger posing as someone from this site.

    3. I’m not sure why priest would believe that at all – the bible that he should be reading clearly states that isn’t going to happen. No peace – it’s going to be world war against the Jews.
      I’m not much for believing the Jews are responsible for everything bad going on in the world but if I was Jews getting Muslims to leave the area is a brilliant idea.
      Once enough have left they will annex territory around their present boarders expanding the country. Either the Jews will do it or more likely once the “nice” Muslims have left it will cause some type of war with the more aggressive ones and Israel backed by the US will win and take land. The US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital is a huge win for them and frankly was nicely done.

    4. Good luck to the priest for trying to get a Muslim and a rabbi to give two cents about the Dominican Republic. Muslims and Jews only care about themselves, they don’t care about poor non-Muslim(or non-Jewish) blacks in the Dominican Republic.

        Why do you think Emirates and NYC Jews have more money than the average hick in Georgia?
        Principles don’t concern them. They don’t give a shit about prayer in schools or abortion. Money is their Savior.

  6. I’m glad the article mentioned how Donald Trump caved to the Zionist lobby to touch off this latest Anti-Semitic “incident.”

  7. White Christians have become COMPLETELY unable to perceive danger. It doesn’t cross their minds that other races hate them, jews hate them, muslims hate them, and most of the policies of the government are designed to kill them off.
    Jews figured out as long as you marketed it to them correctly, whites will follow it fully.
    “We’re going to dump 20,000 Somalis in your community, better give charity to them so Jesus will approve”
    “We’re going to flood your childrens’ schools with dumb brown kids, if you don’t support this you’re a Nazi”
    I don’t see how they continue to mentally block out what is being done to them

    1. “White Christians have become COMPLETELY unable to perceive danger. ”
      I agree with that 100%.
      This is due to the perversion modern Christianity. “Turn the other cheek” was never meant to be applied to savages. Only like minded civilized people. This mindset is based on mental illness. The perfect example is Amy Biehl’s parents and the actions towards her murderers. Or Amy Biehl herself for that matter.

      1. Amy Biehl was a Stanford liberal and her parents hippies. There is no indication these shitskin worshipers are Christian.

        1. FITZ
          White crack whores get killed in the Midwest who hang around black areas.
          Anytime a white woman is around poor blacks for long enough this happens.

      2. Can’t say I hate other races or religions, but that doesn’t mean I want to share my home country with them.

        1. @soxmis
          Big difference.
          Western expats bring lots of money to spend in foreign countries. They take no public resources and are pure contributors.
          3rd worlders come to 1st world western countries for welfare and food stamps. And to join gangs and commit violent crime. And to breed like cockroaches.
          In other words, parasites.

        2. lets be honest many refuse like india doesnt even give any westerners high skilled visas or even marriage work permits let alone provide any route to citizenship. its not legal for any non indian t omove there but they complain very often about how we refuse to accept more indians.
          China is similar although they do allow some ESL teachers but otherwise they are exacly the same and even if you marry you cannot get a work permit. In much of the Arab world they have refused to give palestinian refugees passports after 60 years as in Egypt and refuse to give these other muslims rights. And yet we are shouted at if we refuse anybody full rights lol WTF

    2. We should start forming gangs to go out there and stomp on jews, n!ggers, mudsharks and race traitors.

      1. Every street jailbird Jew in the Bronx, hood rat and Cholo in the barrio would kick the average white man’s ass on their own turf…this why KKK burn crosses in the woods where no black, Jew or Cholo gives a single shit.

        1. Not too many Jews left in the Bronx, other than Fieldston / Riverdale. That’s the rich area, in case you are not familiar.
          No jailbirds there, unless for crimes like Kushner’s father. They’re not kicking anyone asses — at least not physically. Screwing people out of money, sure, but not kicking anyone’s asses.

        2. Some Klan groups were feared. At one time a black would wet himself at the thought of KKK ghosts and jews knew not to cause trouble down South. These days if a Klansmans talking violence he’s more likely to be FBI.

    3. Jews are “mind slayers” first and foremost My friend!
      The problemo numero uno with Christianity is that the parasitic jew over flooded the Vatican! Well as the whole religion ( made and manufactured by the jews to gain control over the masses.. )
      The jews gave roughly 22 popes to Christianity already!
      ALL THESE homosexual/pedophile catholic priests….. they aren’t Christians!
      They’re JEWS!!!
      Tell you what: back in My country Hungary there’s a hundreds of years old catholic Liceum in a place called Pannonhalma.
      Got it?
      Those who study there will be the catholic priests or whatnot.
      Well mate, this is like 7 years old internal intel but back then from the 43 trainee priests ( or whatever they call them ) 42 were fucking DOUBLE CITIZEN from Telaviv! <<<— Now, these are gonna be catholic priests in Hungary ….
      To spread paedophilia / homosexuality / do some molestation / whatnot!!!
      Sad facts My friend but facts none less!
      One more thing: WE Polish/Hungarian/Czech/Slovak/Russian/in Eastern Europe FUCKING HATE JEWS AND MUSLIMS! ! !
      But in REALITY they’re nothing more than “death cults”.
      Beat that!!

      1. the problem with “Christians” is they dont read the Script for themselves, they let others read it and interpret it for them, and in most cases incorrectly, or they do not take it seriosly

        1. Isn’t that the same for all religions? If there is a God, then surely He would not need a book with priests, imans and rabbis to help get His message across? Religion was always just means of control.

    4. The other idea is that they will assimilate and drop their religious values when the cold hard truth is that they instead are bent on turning us towards Islam and if we stand with our other cheek turned too much longer we will follow North Africa and much of South East Asia into being converted. You are up against a raging fire and we can either let that fire consume us and char our remains, or we can at least stand and fight like a Trump.
      Political correctness as a policy to keep the masses contained now has failed because the Muslims as a group aren’t contained by it and thus we need the sort of honest conversations as are banned across Europe. That a man like me must comment through Tor on ROK to keep his career shows the very inhibited levels of speech allowed in Europe, usually the laws are kept as ambiguous and so everybody errs on the side of caution.

      1. Jews are not the enemy but equally they are not our friends. They could neither care less if Europe survives or if it dies. They are genuinely proislamification because it fits with their understanding of us abiding by the noahide laws as a monotheism and thus they will not help us inn our fight BUT they care not enough to actually stand and fight for islamization.
        The bigger issue is that the higher whites like the anglos and Celtics actually view the Slavs are being below many middle easterners like Lebanese and Desis and similarly view the working class whites an embarrassment whom they would happily see breed out with blacks to at least become only sex-oriented family-free mulattos who are easily controllable.
        The death of Europe is politically correct speech and conversation thats the killer. The other death is the move of power into the judiciary through highly ambiguous laws meaning leftist lawyers effectively make laws through interpretation.

        1. The so called higher whites are among the most weak and docile of that race today, the most affected by PC and cultural marxism. The Slavs are the most defiant. How ironic.

        2. A white guy in the UK flooded with slavic chicks all wet for western cock. Frankly brexit has devestated many of them who switch eastern european girlfriends every few months. I know of some in their fifties with 20 yr old Moldovan chicks in the UK. its not rare. These dudes love immigration. Many are fearful of losing access to the flow of slavic lodgers who fuck for rent discounts and work cycling to deliver their dinner whilst they watch television.
          Some slavic incel however … he has nothing to lose.

    5. They are being indoctrinated. They don’t know any better and if anyone is standing up and pointing out the obvious they get a good bashing with the nazibat so they remain silent … Until the powderkeg one day cannot take anymore heat …

  8. They are trying to use the muslim as a tool to control and defeat the whites, but perhaps the whites will turn around and use that same muslim to assist in defeating the Jew. If history has taught us anything, it is that the cult of Judaism is excellent in creating an insurgent power grab, but it is awful at maintaining complete power over the populace. They are incapable of compromise and always push too far until the kettle boils over.

    1. I don’t have sources but I’ve read multiple accounts over the last couple of years of Jews leaving areas in Europe that have become majority-populated by Muslims.
      Look at how many Jews fled post-Communist Russia, or even modern South Africa.
      Everywhere they go they beg and cry to create conditions that they are hell-bent on escaping from.
      As the world turns to shit, their only hope is to be wealthy and live in upper-class isolated communities. But this is obviously not going to be possible for all of them.

      1. I think they have been leaving for the last 50 years in the uk but the population stabilized over the last twenty since other Jews from Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Eastern Europe and Russia immigrated in and then the haredi have high birth rates. IF these immigrants stop coming due to the ffinancial sector doing worse or something then with the emigration of the modern orthodox to israel it’ll decline again until the haredi take over by sheer outfucking and breeding everybody.
        I doubt they will fully go since our Muslims in the uk are less aggressive than the Muslims in france who are more north african whabists where ours are softer Desis with softer personalities.
        In france not so many arrive since its a language these other metioned jews don’t know so they come to the UK.

    1. We need some old school gas chambers. These low IQ muslims won’t be able to go that far. We need whites to do this.

  9. Every one of the people pictured at the start of this article ought to be banned from the USA. In fact, the entire western world. Best thing that can happen is arrest them.
    I’m no racist or anti-semite; but I am sick and tired of hearing about a holocaust that likely never happened or is greatly exaggerated if it did happen.
    What can be expected when hordes of illiterates from backward-ass nations come to civilization? They aren’t civilized. So they resort to what they know; be an ass-clown.
    Like A.V.Yader said; “Primitive people do primitive shit.”
    It seems to me Jews are just as primitive as the shitbirds Merkel welcomes to Germany with open arms.
    Merry Christmas everyone.
    And remember…Jesus loves you, but I don’t. Hahahahahahaha….just kidding.

    1. Happy holidays to you and yours, AutomaticSlim. And I hope 2018 is the year when you get rich and move to South East Asia and fuck all the hoes ’round the South China Sea. Hahahahahaha…..I’m not kidding.

      1. Thank you my friend!
        That would be PARADISE!
        And I hope you meet the hottest, most charming 20 yo Latina in La. and then win the lottery (before getting married of course). Have a great year!

      2. EDWARD
        Well its better than living in Anusberg, Flyover USA with your parents when you are 23 like yourself where the average white is frozen in adolescence and has to jerk off to well-hung Jewish studs like Deen on porn sites because their PC program has turned all the Gen Y women into sluttish Lesbians (Doubtlessly a Jewish conspiracy to aid their brethren in the porn industry who need Gen Y males to jerk off everyday in sexual frustration).
        What do you miss in Asia? Some shitty Hollywood crap like the latest sequel to some 1970’s Space Opera whose cast are now dead of OD’s like Princess Leah.
        Sure, you might not pull a “9” but the only thing most people on this site are pulling is their dick. As one poster stated: you can look at internet porn and jerk off for a bit and then make a sandwich and then jerk off some more.
        No wonder half of you Gen Y are 23 and still live at home with your mother.

        1. Michael Myers What an ignorant ass you are. I am over 50. Own an estate in the country. And I can live anywhere I want to live. I have lived in several metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, Miami, and Tokyo. Not that I have anything to prove to you.
          I have fucked at least 300 women in my lifetime; women of every race. And, if I wanted to, I could most likely purchase everything you own, including paying off your debts.
          Now punk!
          I have no need for porn. And I am welcome in the finest places on Earth.
          So take your derogatory trash to somebody else, key-board jockey. And remember, the judgement you pass is a reflection of your own character.
          Merry Christmas bitch!

        2. Michael Myers I don’t want to leave without trying to help you. So here goes!
          Rather than work for money, put your money to work for you.
          I write e-books under various pseudonyms. Only recently have I reached a point where I no longer need a real job. I am 52.
          So, put your money to work for you. Create things that are profitable but don’t require your time.
          One more tip. Although I don’t always obey this guidance either, don’t comment on things you know little to nothing about.
          And above all, get out of debt and stay out of debt. Do massive amounts of homework before you invest in anything. And learn how to make your money work for you.
          Money never sleeps. Money doesn’t take sick days or vacations. Money doesn’t complain or go on strike. Money takes care of you as long as you take care of it.
          To wrap this up Mike, figure out how to make your money work for you, set yourself free of the rat-race, and enjoy peace of mind.
          Now, Merry Christmas to you, Mike.

  10. Jews don’t mind doing damage to fellow jews as long as it serves the bigger purpose of destroying Goyim.
    “See Jews are attacked by muslims in France so it can’t be jews planning all this!”
    It gives a layer of plausible deniability to the gullible suckers so jews can hide behind it.

  11. Ironically all of this Holocaust education has turned into a how-to course. It wouldn’t surprise me if the smarter, higher-agency Muslims who visit the camps take photos with their phones and then use them as models for the camps for Jews they would like to build when they get control of Europe.
    Perhaps Jews should stop reminding everyone about how badly they pissed off the Germans a century ago.

      Sure, lots of Jews living in Germany and Sweden today.
      And the Muslims are going to be building concentration camps in Malibu or Manhattan right away.
      The KKK and Alt-Right and Catholic Chicano will step aside to let the Muslims do this in their hick towns and barrios.
      What a joke.

      A Muslim Europe would look like Bangladesh.
      Sicilians and Maltese are half-Arab or whatever and their countries look little better than North Africa.
      Sure, Germany will be the engine of the EU when everyone is a Muslim with 13 kids.
      Because then, well, welfare will run out.
      And Africa is a world when welfare runs out.

    3. The purpose in flooding the western world with muslims is not for them to gain control, just destroy your cultures. It is an agenda, fully planned and executed, don’t imagine any of it is by accident. As most people in the higher echelons of power seem to be jewish, or crypto-jewish you can see they’d never allow it to happen if there was even the slightest chance the muslims would gain control.
      Was it Voltaire who said “If you want to know who controls your life just look for those you can’t criticise.”

  12. White Christians can’t be wiped out, they just come back stronger.
    There would have been no Tsarist Russia without the Mongol/Tatar conquest.
    There would have been no Reconquista or Spanish or Portueguese Empire without the Moorish Conquest(facilitated by Jews who flung the gates open at Toledo).
    Also, you bigots should check your Holocaust Remembrance Privilege and realize that the greatest tragedy to befall the Chosenites is the massacre at the fortress of Betar. Never forget the 64,160,000 you stupid fucking goyim!

    1. Of course Christians can be “wiped out.” They don’t have magical powers, and the realm of Christendom shrank considerably during the Muslim conquests of the Middle East, Egypt and North Africa.

  13. You goyim need to learn responsibility. I know it’s comforting to blame all your problems on the Jews but it was your gentile elite that let in the third world hordes.

    1. completely true and the chinese woulnt have done this as they have enough racism in their people to stay healthy.
      problem is whoever did these vague bs human rights laws meant they cant deport so unless you remove the european human rights act you are fucked and the eu never.
      They love this law thats so vague judges can decide the rules.
      Thing is its over boyo like south africa of a previous generation.
      take and make for yourself there is now no such thing as society in Europe. Every black and muslim is here competing for white women to upgrade. get money or go incel. Don’t think swedes care for society now just loot whi;st you still can.

    2. This was because a Jewish Yenta was blowing Clinton when he opened the gates and signed NAFTA 20 years ago.

      1. Zionists (Jews) only dispise the muslims that live in or around Israel. They see the rest as very useful pawns – at best.

    3. Said gentile elite is blackmailed by sexual depravities and corruption to a lesser extend so they have to follow their handlers orders or their deeds will be exposed by some press outlet. Sometimes a shmuck gets exposed because he or she didn’t obey the rules. Then you will read in the newspaper about them, and they are history. This remindes all the other shmucks to keep formation cause they could be next …
      Now it is up to you to determine who controls said handlers …
      I agree that the police and military should have stopped this from happening but each single one of them relies on his job to pay the rent and mortgages … So they can’t step out of line too. The only few who can afford to step out of line are quickly silenced so no big problem for the “elites”.

  14. tbh the issue is the race and cultural equivalence lie where we believe that all races and cuultures are equal and thus why not bring them in since we are all the same. We have different ways of courting, of biulding social heirachies, of natural social group size ie society size, of willingmess to follow arbitrary rules, and differences in all hormone levels that determine personality traits and our soceity requires families as the base unit when over 90% of children with black fathers in usa are born to single moms statistically ( 92% just recently published ) and the few in families break down and thats NATURE of them.
    Africans are not morally lower than us BUT they in one of the easiest job markes in the world ie london ten years ago when booming over 60% of black males were jobless and we couldnt find workers and they were forming small tribes or gangs in their areas much like those of their homelands and the women forming the sisterhoods it became obvious to many that they would not fit in BUT they are not worse than whites they just are moving like fish out of water to a society that is unnatural to them and we as whites biult and fits us and how we are. Its our natural state to have these rule based hierarchies in large societies.
    The issues with these Arabs and blacks moving to europe is that they are very different and thus it will go like america and get very divided very fast and like ebrazil and every other dysfunctional african-white mixed place. right now every black single mum gets a free education for the child, free housing and free small income and the kids get everything but when the numbers get too large that will stop and then it’ll fall apart like brazil and like america.
    The lie was not really only told by the jews but by whites and most of teh world. The other one is to be nice always, not to be discriminatory, but when 30 million muslims are in europe now lusting after and marrying white women and they refuse to let us marry their daughters are we supposed to “respect” and not discriminate against this cutural element and just accept to die in a corner?? especially as they get more numerous?
    The leftists answer is that we must accept this disparity and that we are ogres for even pointing it out. Many young white men in europe are left to rot now whils they get seond wives and we must accept this? If they ban their daughters from dating us the only fair solution if for it to also be illegal for white women to date muslim men unless their entire family are in a sect that allows their daughters to date us. THE DISPARITY IS HUGE AND IS RENDERING MILLIONS OF EUROPEAN ME INCELS AND WE CANNOT EVEN COMPLAIN

      1. I typed it fast without rereading it. Fact is that these truths are ones our elites are not willing to consider and we all lull ourselves to sleep each night with a pack of convenient fabrications which society has been built to preserve.
        what i said may have had a few spelling mistakes but was totally accurate. No black would admit these truths, or even is aware of them. Once you have realized that they are as good as a separate species you will look at their behaviors with less harshness.

  15. Turn the other cheek doesnt work when they are trying to steal your wallet and thats whats happening in europe. we accept to respect their religeon where we get attacked if we talk to their women and must laugh and joke at the marriages between our women and theirs. the ratios and sheer numbers put any r/hapas or asian whiner far into the shade its almost unheard of for a white guy to marry a muslim, and nearly 40% of arab men at the last census in the uk were in IR relationships, and most were men and less than half the number of women were and over 100k marriages between muslims and nonmuslims occur in the uk, all with a non muslim woman. If this was banned they would happily accept it since they accept to live by the law of the land and its banned for this very reason in half the nations with muslims over history and currently in israel.
    culture explaining everything is a myth and genetic differences are huuuge between white, asian, black and Austaloid races.

    1. They would see the ratio disparity and actually their own women are upset at this and having to accept second wife status. Problem is white politicians in hte uk are to cucked to see the truth and this would actually help their women and help the communities get along.

      1. They seem to live by completely different rules where they all brag about their second wives and we are too cucked to do anything. If a white man in our churches got a second wife it would be all over and is highly illegal. They have websites for second marriages and whole services facilitating this which is completely illegal in the uk BUT we are too cucked and actually the wealthy white labour politician or german christian democrat is on;y interested in himself and getting his own dick sucked he givse no fucks about anybody else, a true neutral, and is thus easily controlled by the leftist establishment.
        sane laws
        1) religeous marriage not declared civily ( as they don’t ) punishment 1 year in jail and 10k fine ( they get benefits claiming to be single mums ).
        2) marriage between man from religeos family that doesnt have equal rules of outmarriage ILLEGAL since they don’t let the girls mary out. The thing is that this will stop about 50% of islamophobia since that theycome to towns and they marry literally hundred of thousands of women, rendering poor workers incelibate, and refuse their girls to marry nonmuslim men actually causes a) conversion of men to islam and thus islamification and b) massive hatred between muslims and nonmuslims same as wit asian ratio issues and c) causes islamic wives to be disposable and porly treated since they have such a huge excess.

        1. Currently most whites are getting nuts about this stuff but polticians wont look at it and are white pilled AF and thus the far right WILL take most of europe and it will become a polar place. YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE RATIOS and understand sex is the most primal thing and if you cut white mans chances to marry right down he will vote NAZI and we are seeing half these formerly leftists i know all these days very very angry against muslims and voting le pen, brexit ect

        2. the issue is that we live with a group that trets us unfairly ie doesnt allow us to date their women so if we allow them to act like this we are at a huge disadvantage if we don;t also act like this.
          either both groups are multiculturalists or neither but one way with 30 million muslims and soon to be far more maybe to a hundred million will leave europe in a CIVIL WAR that we have no doubt. the millions of incels will know exactly why they are incelibate so surely this a pro multicultual law and either both groups allow it or neither it cannot be one way any more.

        3. the lefts view was to stop information flowing that hurt them but this will get out 100% as the web and flows of data are getting too strong

  16. Why are people blaming Christian culture for this? Lol Germany is secular af and many don’t even profess religious belief

    1. Because of the perversion of the message of “turn the other cheek”.
      It was only ever meant for like minded civilized Christians. Not 3rd world savages. And that includes the 3rd works savage populations now infesting 1st world countries. Some for hundreds of years, regardless of the reasons they were brought here.

    2. FITZ
      I’m German-American and can tell you that there NO JEWS in Germany. Jews did not MOVE to Germany after World War II either. There is a reason why Trump’s father pretended to “be Swedish” in New York.
      The original pull was of Turkish migrant workers to Germany like Mexicans to San Diego and this was partly because so many Germans a) Immigrated to the US after/around World War I (Like Trump’s father, for example) or b) were killed in WWII c) did not want a menial job in a country where the IQ average is 107 d) enjoyed idling on generous welfare.
      Word spread in the Muslim world that their were comparatively decent-paying jobs in Northern Europe back in the 70’s and Turks and North Africans like Mexicans soon arrived.
      Nobody on this site knows this because the IQ around is on the Bell Curve (Except you, who seem quite erudite and intelligent) around here and the average age is 19-25 (Young adult) so history began with the election of George Bush in 2000 when they were 5 years old.

      1. There are Jews in Germany: all together 200 000, with 95 000 practicing the Jewish religion. These are German Jews (Yekkes) who survived the Holocaust, most of them are at least mildly religious, and Russian Jews (mostly secularized former Litvishe and Chassidic Jews) who migrated to Germany after the end of the cold war (post 1990).

    3. Germany is in fact post-Christian. About 60-65% are Christians in name still. Maybe 5% attend Church regularily, however. About 20-30% at least once a year (Christmas). However, everyone (but the 3% Muslims) is post-Christian or secularized Christian. Meaning, ppl don’t believe in the superstitious elements of religion anymore, but they agree with the ethical and other cultural components of it.

  17. Europeans still have circulating antibodies against the (((foreign pathogens))). We Americans haven’t yet developed them.

    1. Europeans aren’t really antisemitic its mostly the Arabs from north africa. The Desi Muslims in the UK aren’t so antisemitic. The Arabs loathe the Jews where the Desis give few F–ks since they aren’t really aware of them over in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan since they didnt live nearby.
      The jews will leave France as its getting fairly bad there and the honest truth is the french economy will collapse behind them. France will then blame the Muslims rather than praise the jews who left and at that point France may actually elect Le Pen who will inflame it towards a real war.
      The northern European female is begging the Arab men in as they prefer them sexually and black men ( and love these new ratios ) and often complain that they have these ugly blonde men and really its like if the german men could import millions of asian chicks they’d love it or if the african men could import loads of blonde chicks. The women are all for the arabs coming, and then on their faces.
      Its the men who are fucking angry, but nobody cares about them anymore

  18. If populations in the West are becoming more anti-semitic, both white and Muslim, then the Jews are accomplishing their goal. The Zionists WANT to make life in the West as intolerable for Jews as possible, even dangerous, so that foreign Jews flee to Israel in order to feel safe.
    There are 14+ million Jews in the world, and less than half of them are in Israel. They want those other Jews in Israel to bolster that country’s population, economic activity, military numbers, etc. They think God has promised them most of the Middle East and rule of the entire planet, and they can’t take it without the numbers.
    If a dozen white Western nations get destroyed in the process, the Jews don’t mind. They’re the #1 threat to our civilization and always have been.

    1. FLABBAH
      US Jews do not want to leave Manhattan or Miami or Malibu for a second-world Mediterranean tiny country.

      1. jews are parasites. Get rid of the European influence and jews are low IQed retards in a shithole.

  19. Time and again it’s been proven that the Achilles Heel of the Jews is their own misguided belief that they are smarter than everyone else. This whole Muslim immigrant push was an effort to get Christians and Muslims to spill each other’s blood, and yet, despite the numerous real and numerous false flag attacks of Muslims against Christians no war has started, because both sides can smell a rat. I’ve said it before, that old phrase, “the enemy of our enemy is our friend,” is going to bite them in the ass. They were so arrogant that they thought they could puppeteer us around they never even considered the fallout of their actions. Well, the tide has turned, and that’s a good thing. These people are cancerous, best they go and hide in Israel and hope the dust storm they created settles. I don’t think it will.

      1. Yea that whole 96 IQ of the average Israeli make them statistically smarter. They just want you to worship them, its a lie.

        1. E
          If a bunch of 96 IQ Jews in LA and New York became as powerful as they are purported to be than the rest of the US (And the world) must be retarded as fuck.

      2. Not true, Myers, Finnish score higher, so do South Koreans and Singaporeans currently have the highest IQ scores. But that’s just talking averages. Fact is my IQ is way, way higher than the average 95 that Israel scores, and that’s really my point, just because they might score higher than, say, trailer trash, doesn’t mean they’re smarter than all of us. And how many people does it take to point out what’s really going on, which others will read and be informed by? One. Yes, even a single, strong voice is enough to fuck up their plans, so their arrogance that they’re better than all of us will be their downfall.

        1. A Finn would never brag about having a high IQ, while stupid low IQ jews won’t miss a chance to brag about high jewish IQ average. Your children are also far safer in a sauna with a Finn than a jew.

    1. You are correct about the misguided belief of the zios to outsmart their host.
      Let me comment on the immigrant push. Something bigger is at work here. You have to look at it from another point of view. The final goal of the true ruling financial “elite” is to destroy democracy and replace it with monarchys. Democracy has turned out to be a failed form of government and most people know this already. It will come down one way or another. The 3rd world savages are brought here against any sane thinking to incite terror and civil war, which will be used to purge the swamp including the democrats. Once the SHTF nobody will protest as they will be running for their lives and every savior will be very welcome !
      It is not a coincidence this occurs at the same time the financial system is on its last breath ! It is also clear that not even a brain dead politician or a monkey would ever pull off such a move, unless they are controlled by someone else ! It is political and physical suicide anyway you look at it. Germany is ungovernable at the moment as a result of this and the situation will not ease up. They have manouvered themselves past the point of no return. Everything has been put into place and soon it will be time to take cover !

    1. TOROK
      Sure bro, penniless whites South of Dixie from towns or small cities nobody heard of are going to build concentration camps in Red States where statistically zero Jews live or want to live.

    2. Politics is complicated. The Jews have very powerful allies (the left, to name one) and alot of ressources, not just money. It’s not easy to defeat them and it would come at an extraordinary cost (civil war in all Western countries, with uncertain outcome and competitors like the Chinese lying in wait). We should try to reconcile with the Jews. They must accept that multiculturalism and race-mixing is destructive and not to be lobbied any further. If the Jewish leaders accept that, there can be an agreement.
      Just my 2 cents

      1. X
        Do you SEE many Jewish women at the Section 8 Welfare with Mulatto kids? Jews encourage mud sharking? How many Jewish female liberals do you know with kids from black thugs?
        Where’s the out-of-wedlock Jewish birth rate? There are some deadbeat Jewish Dads in NYC but it is not the swelling crisis of stupid rural whites or ghetto blacks.
        How many Jewish girls are pregnant at 17? A much lower percentage than Christian girls of any race.
        Do you SEE many Jews in heavily-concentrated Jewish populations waiting in FACES OF METH (Or Coke) STAR WARS sequels that show how badly Hamill and Fisher were done in by drug abuse (Allegedly on the set)? Which Jews watch Hollywood sequels?
        Which Jews go to their Rabbi complaining of porn addiction?
        Which Jews are in prison for street crimes like carjacking, armed robbery, drug-dealing, domestic violence, rape?
        You’re going to respond that Jews “are too smart for this” and I will reply that more whites are not as smart as Jews in the US on average (We’re not talking about Yemeni Jews in Israel) and more of them are going to make the mistakes that trap a person in poverty.

        1. And your point is?
          There are Jews in every of the mentioned categories, but they appear in all statistics as “white”, so you don’t recognize them. Yes the percentage of Christians is higher therein (besides maybe porn addiction). The social cohesion of the Jewish community is much higher and integrative than among any other nation (once they live in a form of diaspora in other countries), even among Jewish atheists. This has many reasons, one is the self-congratulatory perception as Gods chosen people, reinforced by Christians (especially pro-Zionist Christians), another is the diaspora (being a minority among other peoples since 2000 years as a whole nation, since 2300 years as parts of the nation – that is, they have the most practice to survive in a multi-cultural environment), the experience of persecutions which leads to band-waggoning and even more reinforcement of their ethnical consciousness, the role of the Talmud or rabbinical teachings as cement of the Jewish identity in the diaspora (in other words: Religion, which for the Jews does not translate to “faith” but to “tradition”, and of rabbinical ETHICS as cement of their identity – again, this increases socially “desired” behavior among adherents) etc.etc.
          It makes them the fittest people on earth in regards to threads like “immorality” and ethnical dissolution (aka multi-culturalism and undesirable race-mixing – they make some exceptions for desired race-mixing, for example in cases of wealth and accomplishments, for which a person has to convert and fully assimilate into the Jewish culture).
          The Jewish people have their strength but they also have their weaknesses. Actually, tradition (= lack of flexibility in certain aspects) as cement of the Jewish identity is – potentially – one of these weaknesses. At the moment it doesn’t look like it, but that might change in the future.

        2. X “My Point”
          Poor whites continue being poor because they are dim and that is my point, straight-up. Take the average IQ of a Red State Non-Minority and compare it to a Blue State Non-Minority. Jews have an IQ of 110 on average in the US; in Red States it is like 95-100 which puts a great many more people on the dim side of the bell curve.
          Here’s the “Jewish secret” (I’m not one but grew up in a neighborhood where there were Jews):
          A) They don’t have kids young. Rural red state whites have kids at 20 (Married or not) because they are stupid.
          B) Jews get SOME KIND of trade. I used to smoke pot with the worst kind of Jewish stoners but they became nurses or X-ray technicians or SOMETHING. Usually it is some kind of parasitic field with inelastic demand (Medicine, media, money management).
          C) Bronx has plenty of male Jewish losers and a few crack whores like Winehouse but THEY DON’T reproduce with other Jews. They are known as loser in their community (I knew some Jewish winos and crackheads in Detroit) and the Rabbi bars them from the Synagogue. Stupid white rural girls and ghetto blacks and barrio Cholas will ALWAYS REPRODUCE and young. I chalk this up to even Jewish losers having an IQ over the bell curve somewhere at 104 or something.
          D) Jews LOVE drugs. Especially cocaine. They are like Negros this way. It is in their DNA to love cocaine. But they avoid crystal meth and Oxy and heroin so most of them manage to keep from becoming hopeless drug addicts-though their are a few Jewish crack whores in every major city.
          E) Many Jews break the law but most of them don’t get caught. Jewish drug dealers are simply smarter than the average Negro crack dealer. They are not pushing in open-air markets (Corner dealing) and they are not driving a pickup truck full of meth and stolen items like Trailer trash. Their stolen goods will be in a pawn shop and their drugs will be in their house so jails are not full of Jewish drug addicts of which there are many. Trailer trash and Negros go to jail because they are stupid, not because Jews are more intrinsically moral. There are probably more Jews in jail for some kind of white-collar fraud than other whites but these are usually some kind of “Club Fed” where the poorly paid guards are bribed out the ass.
          F) Generally low-intellect Jews are in an urban center where the money trickles down. A poor rural white with a degree is shit out of luck in some small town in Tennessee or Detroit. He’s got to either move to a new city (Rent, deposit, job waiting) or sit unemployed in a barren economy. However ghetto blacks prey hardcore on Jews in NYC, no question.
          G) Jews don’t want their kids in shitty public schools. Poor whites have no choice.
          H) Jews are not stupid enough to be whiggers. They know that the “thug life” is a ticket to the grave or the jail cell.
          I) Jews (And Italians, Asians) are don’t trust the government or believe in America anyhow. They know the system is corrupt and money talks. American whites from the middle of the country are naive.
          J) Jews have less social pathology in general.
          K) Jews think the media is shit. Show me a single Jew who believes what Hollywood says. They know it is run by cokeheads and rapists Jewish or not.
          L) Jews are careful about THEIR money. They are mindful of their property value.
          So what is my point? Jews are smarter by a some IQ points.

        3. You are misinformed on the topic of socioeconomics on IQ and the importance of a strong knit racial group among a larger tolerant non identitarian group, the whole secret of jo::o success.
          Before the tribe grabbed disproportionate power in the late 20th Century, they had lower IQs than now extinct American anglos. Their wealth brought better education opportunities. IQ is a reflection of social opportunity.
          Likewise, Singapore and Koreans have high IQs in the last three decades because of the huge trade surpluses our elites allow them to accumulate.

  20. Surreal how actual Semites (Arab invaders) can be practicing “Antisemitism” against the precious, guiltless, can-do-no-wrong Jews, who aren’t even Semites to begin with. But then again, everything in Jew clown world is ludicrously insane. Using one’s eyes one can see that the Jews are about as Semitic as they are Eskimo.

      And how “Nordic” are Southerners who have to take a 23 and Me to find out what race they are. Mostly Anglo-Celtic with some American Indian component.
      I’m a German-American from the Canadian border and I think it is the American Indian blood that makes rednecks from the interior dumb as fuck hicks. They are hardly more advanced than their squaw grandmothers.
      Half of Jews are Mongolian-looking Russian-Turkics like Rosanne Barr or Leonard Nimoy with slit Asian eyes.
      The other half look like Italians (Like the guy that played the Fonz).

        Marijuana roasting in my one-hitter
        Hiding in my room trolling ROK cause Mom is my baby sitter
        I’m a Gujarati Muslim or maybe Paki from the London Zoo
        So I get on ROK to post about the Jew
        Who is spending holidays in Malibu
        He says let it snow, let it snow,
        Cause then Kansas strippers he hired will blow,
        Everyone on this site is actually seventeen
        Writing about “9’s” when their girlfriend is porn and vaseline
        Shooting loads across the screen
        Ho Ho Ho
        Let it snow
        The Jew will in LA wrote a stupid screenplay on blow
        And off to the theaters the Goyim will go
        Trump cares less about a wall
        Than capitalizing some foreign country’s town hall
        The rubes and rednecks on this site
        For the Blue States harbor spite
        Because the dollar might make right
        So they go down to their bar on Ladies night
        For some local ho’s they did fight
        It is sad between the coasts
        Where of their white pride the rubes did boast
        Well Hindus and Jews in Forbes made the most
        I left the US in 99
        Of Bill Clinton the public did whine
        Now it seems such a golden time
        Once the rednecks elected push
        To a bankrupting war he did push
        The holy warriors did laugh in the Hindu Kush
        Now Dubai is a futuristic city
        While your local economy gets more shitty
        And to the groids white girls show their titty
        On the night before holidays only BLM stirred
        Maybe they’ll riot in white lower-class neighborhoods
        Section 8 brings them in
        Subsidizing their kin

      2. That’s interesting. Perhaps you’ve encountered the ‘Hutterites’ of Southern Manitoba. They’re white Germanic Anabaptists who adopted a co-operative communal tribal lifestyle similar to Menonites and Amish. Like the Amish, the Hutterites don’t have a jewish Khazarian bone in their body – but they live in agrarian communes similar to a jewish styled kibbutz farm and have lived this way for centuries. They never screwed Indians or purchased negroid slaves either. The Hutterites are strictly Germanic/Scandinavian bloodline and they have been living this isolated separatist lifestyle ever since the reformation era of the 1600s when they broke from the Anglican church.
        In the SJW shithole of Canada, these thriving rural Hutterites have my blessing:

        If I lived in the area, I’d be a good neighbor and vigilantly cover their six and guard them from any state hebe cultural marxists and their badgering. And I’d do my best to shield them from socialist services or school system or medical compliance code enforcers. Establishment badgering is not to be tolerated and neighbors must prevent other neighbors from being preyed upon by the powers.
        It is your duty to aid and defend a virtuous separatist white family, clan or farming tribe. The strictly agrarian Hutterites aren’t into revolt or war, just farming and white babies so neighbors had better not sit their ass and say “moooo” if agressive forces ever come to break up a Hutterite home schooling farm. This ain’t Sweden – yet.
        What do Hutterites produce other than crops and white children? Doesn’t matter really. They’re a separatist hedge, a self sufficient breeding factory of white kids and they don’t send their kids to universities to integrate. They just breed white kids to their heart’s delight and they farm the land generation after generation. And being a self sufficient community that is not shackled to the nanny state, Hutterites have learned that they must breed WISELY so as to survive and thrive. Hence the low IQ runts and village idiots get weeded out by not getting bred – – and only the most intelligent and multi capable females get the full community support and are subsequently the ones who get bred out the ass by their husband. The BEST EGGS get cracked and the best females never get wasted. The smartest Hutterite girls are properly domesticated and bred with their drumsticks in the air by their patriarch Hutterite daddy man. The smart breeder girls NEVER go to college to get drunk, stoned and laid for 4 years. How perfect is that? That’s like a big F.U. to the cultural marxist establishment. That’s like taking a hammer and smashing the fingers and toes of the PC police saying KEEP YOUR GRUBBIES OFF this tribe. Hutterites reject the establishment’s entire culture neutering schizm.
        Cultural life and preservation of the bloodline is more important than women’s studies for the girls. And Hutterite community infrastructure maintenance is more important to the males than living abroad and cucking out to the mongrel refugee hoardes that swamp the Canadian urban centers.
        The Hutterites haven’t been attacked of date since they’re so private and not much publicized. If they posed on facebook with guns or were polygynously polygamous, that would be aggravated patriarchal white breeding in the eyes of the cabalist state wogs, and they’d be ambushed like the tiny Randy Weaver family or like the FLDS. One malcontent low IQ 16 yo snitch bitch took down the whole FLDS community with 100s of families. Those FLDS should have gotten the hell out of the west Texas desert and should have transplanted abroad to an unpoliced territorial area with more green vegetation regardless. The desert is for jews or people with low fertility rates. I keep telling Mormons to go where it’s green and where there are no marxist pigs.
        For a white farming tribe or especially a white separatist polygamous cult I would suggest a tax free zone that is free of police state badgering – and lush with GREENERY. I would suggest a New Guinea land grant. A stoutly separatist white poly mega clan could live in the lush New Guinea jungle forever. There they could keep their whiteness by being self sufficient and thereby maintaining a peaceful apartheid from the contrastingly backward aboriginals. Their bloodline would be secure and they could definately thrive for sure. Abo’s are like a different species so race mixing would be non existant. Dating a saucer lip would be akin to infidel goatfucking and they’d get cracked on by the clan real good and taught a lesson.
        This is an aireal view of the polygamous separatist YFZ ranch.

        Their 400 children were siezed and kidnapped by the state, shot with vaccines and sent to be re educated. Dang they should have relocated to New Guinea before all that shit went down. If I’d won the lottery, I would have deeded them a spot way out somewhere and footed for the boat ride for sure. They were so crafty and self sufficient, you could plop them in a jungle anywhere and they’d build a zinger of a temple like that while the women are ALL busy tittie feeding . . amazing.

        1. All good, but maybe keep some of that to yourself. these people need privacy, not admirers and wannabees from this neck of the woods.
          Any group of people who wish to thrive need to locate to farm land and not forest land. Farmland is associated with wealth, the nobility, and race. Forestland is associated with poor economic conditions and the lower IQ outcasts – similar to desert, it is economic wasteland.

    Small white balls,
    Small white balls,
    Its Christmas time in rural shitties
    Time for local whites to the local Sports Bar to wear their best Sports Jersey
    Watered-down domestic beer
    For low-rent Christmas cheer
    At felch-breath gays and the Left Coast did the heartland sneer
    Where liberals deck the halls high on Molly
    Instead of OD’in under the tree on Oxy
    Fa La La La
    The trolls on here will write of Jews
    None of whom live in prole neighborhoods
    Where the living room walls are plywood
    Only the white proles have to live here
    And their flat empty towns hold more bleakness than cheer
    While down in Miami far enough South
    White trash strippers pay for snow with Spic dicks in their mouth
    White women who are hot will all bolt from prole towns
    And only straight Christian men are the ones seen around
    From the Red State does talent and youth soon flee
    To the money and freedom and sex they did see
    So the prole peasant does sit underneath his sports cap
    And his kids act like Eminem listening to Negro rap
    The Jews has the money
    The black has the chicks
    And all the white prole has
    Is his smaller-size dick
    Perhaps he drives through main street in a rusted pickup
    While Eminem whiggers roll past to saying “Wus UP”
    The cold winter wind lashes his old house on flat frigid plains
    Or in the swamp South of Dixie he hides from hard rains
    Meanwhile in LA the Jew is having a good time
    Across his new screenplay he cuts up a line

      1. his son is actually quite a well known internet celeb called ET ( Eurasian Tiger ), you can read about him on reddit/r/hapas .
        Asian Pencil Dick is a myth pushed by millions of dishonest women, fraudulent scientific studies and clever porn editing to keep asian men down. ET explains it all.

  22. All Jews are racially mixed. They resent everything that is pure in the world, so they act to destroy borders and racially mix the world. On top of that, the Jew works to drown the world in sexual degeneracy and cultural rot with the likes of pornography and Miley Cyrus. They have been doing this since Biblical times, which is why they’ve been mass murdered or exiled out of 110 countries for thousands of years.
    The Jew is a parasite and must be stopped immediately. I don’t care how.

        1. X
          If you have a college degree and come from some urban environment like I sense that you do than you are a damned Jew.

        2. You are German-American, right? Sprichst Du auch Deutsch?
          Anyway, yea I’m a totally college educated, urbanized, atheist, morally bankrupt, decadent, sex-obsessed pick-up guy. And proud of it.
          While I’m mostly liberal, pro-choice and everything, I happen to be a fucking racist anyway. Uahahaha. Well, you gotta be, these days. I grew up in a relatively small town tho and played in the forest as a child. I have a Catholic priest in my family.
          Does that make me a Jew? Shiiit! 😀

    1. Jews are parasites, then what about mozis? They are saints? How many bombs were set off by Jews and how many by mozis?
      Get your facts in place before welcoming refugees into your home. This is why the white race is decedent. Messed up priorities.

    2. Jews aren’t that mixed.
      In bulk, they represent the J2 haplotype and whatever their beloved mtDNA is. This haplotype is most prevelant in Turkey and in Israel. From what I understnad, the J1 haplotype is also Jewish but the Mizram (Arab) variety.

  23. If I was part of a race that got kicked out of every civilization that it was ever in and got Holocausted and pogrommed I would probably reconsider my methods of integration but then again that’s just me and I’m not Jewish.

  24. Jews are anyday better than Muslims. Christ was also a Jew. Wonder why you people hate Jews and welcome terrorists into your backyard. The white race is doomed with auch senseless attitude.
    The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Time whites join with Jews and eliminate the common enemy.

      1. JIZM
        You think Arabs or Jews or Japanese want to live in Missouri?
        They are not going to move into the interior of the US or the South (Barring Miami or maybe a few in Houston).
        So these places are not going to be diverse.

        1. Muzzies are given residence in small towns in states like Minnesota. The government is diversifying everywhere in the U.S. The same is true for France and Germany.

        2. JIZM
          Which immigrant with a discretionary income moves to Minnesota?
          They want the Cuban salsa in Miami or the Manhattan buildings above them or the Malibu beaches of LA.
          Everything between these places is for peasants, in their opinion,
          Somalians are a government charity case like the Hmong who resulted from a sad military adventure.

    1. We’d have zero problems with them if Jews allowed us to deal with them the way that they should be dealt with, from the beginning. That also goes for our other problems.


  26. The worst tragedy is that the holohoax categorically didn’t happen
    Now the creative spark of the human race is about to be snuffed out

  27. It’s a mystery as to why Jews would choose to live in the small nation that tried and almost did wipe them out only 72 years ago. That killed 6 million of them.
    Germany is about he size of two medium-size U.S. states. It isn’t difficult to avoid.
    So, even with the Allied victory, who but a crazy person would choose to live in a nation that stuffed gran and gramps in an oven two generations ago?
    One would think that fear or common sense would tell Jews to live elsewhere, perhaps in the nation of Israel that was opened for business precisely to allow Jews to avoid genocidal conditions.
    It’s almost like Jews aren’t remotely afraid of Germans to the point that they don’t mind stoking German rage with guilt referenced support of mass African immigration. Such a lack of fear would be anachronistic. The situation doesn’t jive with reality.
    Unless the Jews have zero reason to be intimidated or afraid.

    1. Just for your edification the ENTIRE population of 1940 Jewish Europe was 3.3 million in total (half of 6!) . 800,000 of whom were financed by Hitler to move to Israel, near 3 million moved to USA/Canada, 1-2 million to Latin America, and more elsewhere. So in Holo-Math the J population of Europe including Russia should be NEGATIVE 7-8million. :-p But don’t miss that Hitler and his ENTIRE top staff were (((J))) and today you see Merkel, Erdogen. Putin, Bergoglio, Macron, Trump, and basically every power broker in every nation including Arabia and Asia is as well… do you notice a trend yet? There is NO superiority in this.. it is about a diabolical evil interwoven with life itself. This is a temporary version of HELL that we have to somehow live thru without surrendering to it!

  28. Merry Christmas to All My Fellow ROK-CUCKS. So to start 2018 maybe we can turn the conversation away from the tired re-plays of the obvious (((J bullshit))) and focus on WHAT CAN BE DONE?? Obviously we can Boycott Wal-Mart, SJWs, Democraps, Porn, MSM Media, Sport Franchises, Chain Restaurants, Chain Food Stores, TV, Movies, Banks, Mega-corps, Crap Charities, Bad Women, Scuzzy invaders, etc…. but we still have to deal with Trillions of Dollars of J-Overlords like NSA-DHS,etc.. they spy on our discontent and are literally itching for us to complain in order to crack our skulls open. how to you counter a world government cabal trying to wipe you out????

      Aren’t you a Brit? Why do so many UK nationals come to this site posing as Yanks?
      Wal-Mart is owned by a hick named Sam Walton and his company wiped out the Main Streets of middle American towns, not Jews.
      Jews keep their money in Swiss banks. Probably offshore where other Jews won’t fuck with the Fed Reserve Currency. I keep my bread outside the US and of course I live in Asia.
      Hipsters already do this. Many of whom are Jews. Jews don’t eat at McDonalds. They spend huge money to eat in Italian restaurants or some Deli. Like hipsters. Only low-class whites call going to Country Buffet “eating out”.
      “Crap Charities” Jews don’t need charities outside a few poor New York neighborhoods or maybe Manchester.
      Sports? Jews don’t fill the seats of NBA stadiums. What do you call a Jew surround by 12 blacks? The owner of the team.
      Whose eating in cheap chain restaurants. Not Hymie the owner of Toys R US.
      Whose watching porn? Low class white males. I assure the Jew is probably out at an expensive club along with black and some blondes.
      Bad women? Well I have to pay for prostitutes. I am going to get my dick wet and I do not care about standards. But I live in Asia.
      Scuzzy invaders. They hold their own better than whites against Jews. Like Koreans in LA. Or even Arab-Americans. Of course you’ll counter by telling me Jews are after whites in particular who vote GOP and secretly love Arabs. Or that the Jewish overlords will sacrifice poorer Jews in order to exterminate the white race (So that what?)

      1. Michael, You illiterate piece of trash. I am not a Brit. Perhaps I should urinate Coors lite on your face to prove it? I wrote WE should boycott J-Owned crap.. NOT that they consume American garbage. If you could read English properly you would understand my point was -“how do WE counter J-hegemony?”!!

    2. PIZZA
      The Jews do not run the UK and you seem like a Brit.
      Because you are a Brit you are unaware that a Gentile owns Wal-Mart and McDonald’s was started by two Irish immigrants in California,
      Do Jews own UK footie leagues?

      1. (((They))) do own TESCO, biggest supermarket chain in the UK (Name was made from the original owners daughter Tessa Cohen).

      2. Michael, your ignorance slows the speed of the Internet.. I am NOT a Brit. -But I know global business. WALMART is NOT Gentile.. SAMUEL Walton and wife KEMPER was the front for the amalgamated BURR FRANKlin and AYERS store chains… just as the TEMPLAR ARCH McDonalds Original 11 was created with govt money and morphed to SATANIST Roy KROC as a NWO tool to spread illness. Every USA Sports Team is owned by a (((TEMPLAR))) and the majority of Soccer Teams in the UK are J ,ARAB, OR ASIAN owned– Mongol! Examples include Southampton is Liebherr, Manchester is Glazer, Arsenal is Kroenke, Chelsea is Abramovich.. do I have to continue? This world is HELL because you cannot ever strike out on your own. You are a SLAVE to tyrants who own your stupified ass.

    3. jews are a diversion from he issues and give no fucks. Why this obsession with these fuckers? Its all conspiracy theory paranoid bull shit. God these guys are as dumb as scientologists the jews don’t give a fuck if you are bred out however, and judging by the idiocy you demonstrate you germanics maybe thats a good thing for the world.
      After the jews left europe the intellectual culture dropped like a stone and germany didnt produce a single creative musicisn, screeen writer or hardly a scientist and yet it was all conspiracy rather than talent getting those jews to the top and so when they left …. og yeah germans did nothing and rotted all trying best to follow each other as thats all they can do and thus if one jew says something yeah they’ll all follow and can you blame the jew? He didnt have a consiracy just a group of folk only capable of following orders

      1. If Jews left the usa that would still go to shit and sillicon valley, hollywood and wall street would be out competed by asia and these detriot fuckers would still be angry shouting and screaming conspiracy whilst they wouldnt step up to actually write and make apps and movies they’d just shout about conspiracy stopping them when they never actually tried. ever. and never would.

  29. I have no sympathy for Germany’s Jews. With very few exceptions, Jews are overwhelmingly in favor of open borders (except of course for Israel). They have no one but themselves to blame. Sow the wind, reap the whirl wind.

    1. ROBERT
      Well 200,000 Jews is a small number and I am quite sure these folks can move to the US, UK or Australia if they wish to. Jews usually have the money to bolt.
      It is the working class white “sons of the soil” who end up fucked whether Detroit Polish-Americans or South African Boers or lately German working-class whites.
      They have little money and modest qualifications. So when their entire town becomes a beachhead landing for Muslim thugs or blacks take over the government there is nowhere for them to go. They cannot just get a job as a surgeon in Australia or banker in New Zealand.
      These folks usually have kids fairly young, marry or not young, trust the government, accept whatever work is available in the vicinity, do not own property worth enough to sell and start over somewhere else. They are dependent upon the decency and standards of the government and society’s love for the common man.
      When the government does not give a rat’s ass like the US government does not give a rat’s ass about whites stuck in Flint or Detroit or the UN about white South Africans then they are the ones who are fucked.
      But Jews usually have a degree or two and some cash and can leave.
      Which German Jews will.
      Not to Israel either. They’ll move to Miami or Sydney or somewhere warm where they can enjoy the sunshine.

  30. Doesn’t it remind you of Barbara Spectre. She said “I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re going be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” And the people Jews import pushing white genocide are ironically passionate anti semites not cucked by white guilt

  31. Really, this is a misfortune to everyone. Can’t they see that they’re shooting themselves in the foot? I’d much prefer that Jews and Gentiles be at peace with each other, but this has to be a two way street. They need to knock it off with this kind of stuff. Until then, their self-inflicted public relations problems will be an unfortunate inevitability.

    1. Perhaps its like the Scorpion and the Frog fable.
      The Scorpion (Jew) asks the Frog (Gentile) to carry it across the river.
      The Frog obliges but once in the middle of the river the Scorpion stings the Frog.
      Before they both sink below to their deaths the Frog asks “Why would you do that?”
      The Scorpion replies “I cant help it, it’s just what I do”

  32. The site’s becoming yet another alt right site which has gone from a 2015/16 period which it had some subtle, interesting, unexpected ideas, to a 2017 period where it’s just lazily blaming everything on the jews — systematically and dishonestly refusing to acknowledge that postmodern decadence and antimasculinsm negatively impact jewish men just as much as they negatively impact everyone else. The trends also negatively impact men in countries with no jewish media elites at all (Japan, Korea). Think about it. Ask yourself whether the 1488ers are thinking about anything at all.

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