Washington DC Has Bottomed Out

Between 2008-2014, I noticed a degradation of DC nightlife and women each time I came back home from a trip abroad. Its decline was a major contributing factor in my expatriation to Eastern Europe, where I currently reside, but for my past two consecutive trips to DC, I’ve noticed that the city is no longer getting worse, across several areas.

Male-female Ratio: DC is still a sausage fest, and always will be thanks to the government and military jobs in the area, but the ratio has stabilized. If you go out early on the weekends, starting at 10pm, you will encounter quite favorable ratios that only start to flip around midnight. It may even be worth going out at 9pm when girls are wrapping up their foodie dinners.

Female Obesity: DC has plenty of land whales, especially among the black population, but they’re not getting fatter. Many foreign and white girls are only a few pounds overweight. Unfortunately, some women go in the wrong direction for their weight problems by doing CrossFit, which gives them a body of a boy who just went through puberty. I rather date a fattie than a muscular woman.

Female Style and Appearance: I was surprised to see many girls wearing heels in the bars. If I visited during the summer, I may have seen them wearing flip flops instead, but in my most recent trip that ended last week, they were dressed up quite nicely. Many girls had long hair and a select few had a rather sexy look.

Female Attitude: A growing problem here is that girls get triggered very easily if you say anything politically incorrect, but as long as you avoid political discussions, you could have pleasant interactions. I only did a handful of approaches on the latest trip, and didn’t try to get laid, but I wasn’t blown out or treated poorly. The girls seemed open to getting approached, probably because guys are doing it less than before. The game I saw being done was mostly by black men on white girls.

These observations come from going to places I already knew, so it’s quite possible that there are even better DC venues I haven’t been to yet. If I was forced to live in DC for an extended period of time, such as in the case of a relative getting sick, I would live near a Whole Foods for day game and find two or three medium-sized bars within walking distance of my apartment to do 2-5 approaches about twice a week. To supplement these efforts, I would try to find international venues where I could easily show value with European au pairs. I would also increase my target age range. In Eastern Europe I focus on 21-25 year olds, but in America I’d go for 24-29 year olds since large age gaps take more effort to pull off in the States. If I made all those changes, I could probably manage okay in DC without falling into a suicidal depression.

Since the introduction of smartphones and social networking, we haven’t had any new shocks which would degrade women further. Almost every woman you encounter has owned a smartphone for more than five years. Her behavior declines in the first couple of years upon using a smartphone or other new cultural invention and then stabilizes. This is why DC women are not getting worse but Eastern European women are: the smartphone was adopted widely in the latter much later. Once Eastern Europe bottoms out in the next couple of years, I’ll probably find that the behavior of American and Eastern European women overlap much more than before the smartphone.

I must stress how shocked I was to see so many American women wearing heels. In Eastern Europe, a Scandinavian hipster fashion has taken over, and many girls under 25 now wear sneakers to the club. Even in Ukraine, the country with the most feminine women on Earth, there are more hipsters with tattoos than before. These foreign trends are expected because culture has become globalized—women in different countries consume similar media on the same devices while eating the same types of food. American girls who remain thin can soon compete well on a world stage, not because they’re improving, but because foreign women are getting worse. Once those foreign women hit a bottom, which will take 2-4 more years, they may not be that much better than American women.

Now that my player days are behind me, I don’t dread the idea of having to live in America like before, but I won’t come back anytime soon because of one reason: the cost. My living expenses in Eastern Europe are only 20-25% of what I would have to pay in DC for the same lifestyle. The only other real advantage I have in Eastern Europe is the ability to date younger girls who are more elegant and pleasing. I left to foreign lands for the adventure, freedom, and women, but it’s turning out that I stay because of money.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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92 thoughts on “Washington DC Has Bottomed Out”

  1. The girl in the striped dress is way too big for me. I’m thinking you’re standards are dropping as you get older. That’s a mistake, lots of slim girls still available all over the world.

    1. JOHN
      You live in Asia and the average say, Irish-American girl considered “hot” in Detroit looks like a toad.
      Let’s face it, in the West the most attractive thing about women is that they have vagina.

      1. Why do you take advantage of impoverished Filipino women? Are you afraid of Canadian women? They don’t bite. But we will punish misogynists, gay haters and rape advocates.

        1. Why did you provoke that half-Arabian savage to aim at you? From what I’ve read Marc Leppine only went into that college because feminists ruined his life.
          You did something to him to provoke him into a suicidal mass rampage. He didn’t go all postal or Al-Quaida and randomly harmed innocents. Marc targeted specifically feminists who hated men and wanted to turn Canada into a feminist hell, at that time.
          You deserve no sympathy from anyone, because you were, and you currently are a man-hating feminist who should be lucky that Marc didn’t know how to aim properly.

    2. Foreign women are genetically and intellectually inferior than Canadian women. Roosh didn’t get laid in Toronto because he’s a Muslim, he doesn’t respect women, and he’s homophobic…..If you want to have women in Toronto respect you, don’t be a misogynist and homophobic Muslim who advocates for rape on private dwellings because Toronto doesn’t stand for that.

    3. My take was that he posted that picture as an example of a more burly “cross fit girl” of the type he doesn’t like.
      I do like fit girls and I also found her barely acceptable. This would be an example of the type of fitness girl I find hot:
      I have noticed with concern that the manosphere or whatever we’re called now is increasingly critical of fit girls lately. I don’t mind a bit of muscle tone on a girl and prefer that a woman I’m with stay fit. I reckon that if you think Zuzka (the link) I posted looks like a boy, you’re unclear on what boys look like.

      1. Body fat levels that low in women are unsound, even dangerous, irrespective of one’s feelings about their attractiveness.

        1. You’d have to show me some actual medical data to convince me. Most American women are overweight now, and we’re getting close to most being obese, so she’s certainly better off than them.

    4. you know, the live is not about getting laid, but about building a family. The sex drive is not for bouncing around.

        1. Until recently I’d never met a woman from Toronto. I figured you and your colleagues were exaggerating about them. Then one randomly attended a Russian language meetup I go to and, indeed, quickly revealed herself as an insufferable SJW bitch. I try to take everything I read on the Internet with a grain of salt, including the manosphere, alt-lite/right stuff, but you guys do seem to get proven correct sooner or later more often than not.

  2. “Unfortunately, some women go in the wrong direction for their weight problems by doing CrossFit, which gives them a body of a boy who just went through puberty. I rather date a fattie than a muscular woman.”
    Yeah, I’m not a big fan of that muscular look either, especially when the woman has muscles showing in her calves. It all just looks too manly for me. I’d rather the woman not work out at all then look like she’s does calf raises 3x/week.

    1. If you are +40 yet have an athletic build, look +10 years younger, have money in the bank and have an interesting genuine lifestyle, you would not have a problem dating some girl 20 years younger than you. The only issue is if your interests are aligned and in many cases there are going to be issues.

        1. “….except sex, kids, and a family?”
          What else is there between men and women? Everything else is a waste of time and besides the point.

      1. Amen. I’m 42 and dating 20-somethings was really fun, and easy. Being fit and interesting is truly essential though.

    2. Lack of social proof and language will be your main obstacles. Most women in EE only branch swing from one guy to another within their social circles.

    3. Word to the wise: Eastern European girls are some of the biggest gold-diggers out there.
      Roosh, it’s not your “game” or looks, it was your financial status US passport that attracted those E.E girls to you.
      I suppose even you have realized that by now, that’s why you are heading back to the US…

      1. Roosh can’t get laid in Toronto but resorts to using his US passport to trick women into his American lifestyle of MIGTOW losers.
        Eastern euro women are of lesser value than Canadian women. That is why no one did anything to stop those 6 million Eastern euros who died in World War 2 under Hitler. Women are not that great in Eastern euro.
        Why would you want ugly euro gold digging whores?

        1. “Why would you want ugly euro gold digging whores?”
          Because they weigh a lot less than Canadian landwhales!

        2. LOL Toronto womyn would rather pose fullynude at “Family Friendly” events like Toronto Pride? LOL What a low class, no life city…..How many men were sent to prison that day because she complained of #Me Too or #No to Silence?

        3. Well if Toronto womyn are engaging in illicit relations with virginal elementary school students, then that may explain why STD rates for the Toronto population is lower, but then again, in 15 to 20 years time those victims will grow up to become the next Soduini, Marc Lepine, Elliot Rogers or enemy of your country.

      2. Any chance Western men had for finding real love and a mate in Eastern Europe disappeared after the 90’s when their economies started recovering, and western popular culture started invading the minds of their young people. Gold diggers are all that’s left there now

        1. Toronto girls are genetically superior than eastern euro trashy whores, you angry bitter sex deprived Roosh V cocksucker.

    4. If a Toronto girl doesn’t like you and you can’t get laid in Toronto, you might as well end your life to end your suffering you fucking moron.

    5. Roosh probably won’t dignify this with a reply, but yes. About 100x easier. Same applies to Latin America. Also, water is wet and the sky is blue.

  3. DC sounds like the American west coast minus the colored hair and tatoos you see in the cities. There are some beauties. Some of my friends have beautiful wives (with problems), and one friend married a whale and changed his last name to hers. Legend has it her parents are minted. There are still so many hotties out here. My Achilles heel is reading flirtation from working women like waitresses and cleeks. I don’t know how to tell if the smile is attraction or business. I’m not an ugly guy, but I’m not in my 20’s anymore. Any suggestions for a read on “flirt vs looking for a tip.”

    1. You are the man, you lead the flirting. If she follows, cool, if not, there are working women smiling at you all over town, and at least you brightened up both your days.

      1. Who downvoted you? Trolls, man. Sounds like good advice to me. Abundance mind-set as a foundation is a good plan.

      2. Women don’t have anything for you—They don’t owe you anything ! Do you hear me, punk?
        We will stand for protecting women against criminal harassment and catcalls. I will send a letter to the Mayor of Toronto to ban you from entering Toronto.

      3. Marc Lepine’s BANGS were:
        Geneviève Bergeron,
        Hélène Colgan,
        Nathalie Croteau,
        Barbara Daigneault,
        Anne-Marie Edward,
        (((Maud Haviernick))),
        (((Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz))),
        Maryse Laganière,
        Maryse Leclair,
        Anne-Marie Lemay,
        Sonia Pelletier,
        Michèle Richard,
        Annie St-Arneault and
        Annie Turcotte

  4. Feminism spreading their cancer globally. Instead of making themselves more attractive, they brainwash pretty women around the world to be equally as repulsive as they are just to level the playing field. That is why you see EE women getting worse.

      1. You must really want to bang Roosh. You are obsessed with him & Toronto. The few times that I’ve been to Toronto, I was not very impressed with the looks of the women there. The men are quite nice there, but you can tell most are beta as hell.

  5. American women are loose sluts and whores. You need to take an STD test every 5 minutes with those whores. Canadian women are better.

    1. If it were Canadian women, I’d have to send my 5-year-old nephew to the clinic every 5 minutes because your women in Toronto are afraid , and they are contemptuous of men, but they rape youngsters on the down low.

  6. If you can’t get girls in Toronto, you can’t get girls anywhere else in the world, unless you are a sex tourist who preys on genetically inferior and illiterate women from poorer countries.
    Toronto women have higher educations, better literacy rates, higher incomes and are superior in genetics compare on American women, but a sex tourist like yourself chooses genetically inferior women.

    1. Higher education in women is a waste of time and money. Why I would I want my dog to have a college degree, when all I require of him is his loyalty, affection, and companionship?

  7. “The game I saw being done was mostly by black men on white girls.”
    This is pretty much defacto wherever there are black men and white women. White women are and always will be the gold standard prize for black men. Black women try to put on a stoic face about it, but it burns them up. Look at all your major black actors, rappers, businessmen, media personalities, etc: look at just how many of them have white wives, especially compared to the number of white men that have black wives (or even just non-white wives). This is one of the reasons I hated clubs when I was younger and single: it was filled with black guys chasing white girls, many of whom had slept with them. Why then, seek such women? Look elsewhere.

    1. Who the fuck are you to judge a female on who she dates? Racist much?
      You need to step up your game ON RESPECTING WOMEN AS HUMAN BEINGS you fucking moron!

      1. Please refrain from posting vulgar and hateful gibberish. I’ve lost count on how many posts of you I had to scroll by …

  8. Marc Lepine’s BANGS were:
    Geneviève Bergeron,
    Hélène Colgan,
    Nathalie Croteau,
    Barbara Daigneault,
    Anne-Marie Edward,
    (((Maud Haviernick))),
    (((Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz))),
    Maryse Laganière,
    Maryse Leclair,
    Anne-Marie Lemay,
    Sonia Pelletier,
    Michèle Richard,
    Annie St-Arneault and
    Annie Turcotte.

  9. “As long as you avoid political discussions, you could have pleasant interactions. I only did a handful of approaches on the latest trip, and didn’t try to get laid, but I wasn’t blown out or treated poorly.”
    That’s the secret. Don’t behave like an asshole and you won’t be treated as one. Was it hard to figure out at the advanced age of 40?

  10. “I’d rather date a fattie than a muscular woman.”
    I guess it depends on how fat and how muscular we’re talking about, but if she looks like Zuzka Light, for example, I’d take that over a fatty any day:
    A little more toned than my ideal but still passes the boner test with flying colors. On the other hand, I can’t imagine a circumstance under which I’d be interested in a woman I’d describe as a “fatty.”

      1. Yes, former softcore pornstar and I guess she was in a messy divorce a few years ago. From her videos it looks like she’s getting married again to a pretty manly looking American dude, but I wonder how that’s going to go what with the attention whoring that’s inherent to her online presence.
        Like you said though, good videos. My wife got great results doing her free ZWOW workouts off of YouTube. One nice thing about them is they’re very short, averaging about 15:00.

        1. Well she was also rumored to be escorting while being married to Freddy Light and doing BodyRock. Just backdoor rumors but you never know. Her workout videos are very effective not just for women. Some of her moves are very complex and physically taxing and you will see results. If you up the weights if you are a bro you are going to be leaner, stronger and more agile.

  11. Dude, someone shut down this Douche bag Aveshkar (which is clearly an Indian cock sucking troll)
    Toronto is full of ultra feminist, pink haired, fat, ugly cunts. The absolute worst women in the world. Clearly, Aveshkar, either you’re either a douche-bag troll or you’ve never actually left Toronto. To say they are ‘genetically superior’ … what the fuck does that even mean. Girls from Toronto are the off springs of immigrants from all over the world. If they aren’t native Americans, they there is no ‘genetically’ there… you idiot. I’ve lived in 7 countries and visited 50. I can tell you, definitively, that Toronto girls are among the worst – both in terms of looks but especially in terms of behavior. Eastern Europe (where I spent 4 years) and Asia (where I’ve spent 3 years) have vastly superior women. So shut the fuck up Troll. Roosh … Please shut down these trolls who are poisoning the comments section.

    1. D.C. women aren’t that autocratic like Toronto women. I rarely witness any empowered DC chick confronting that angry Israelite group at the street opposite of that Fuddruckers businessplace.
      Toronto women have a vile contempt for all men that I’ve heard very bizarre stories from men there.
      My advice if you’re a young man from 18-40….DON’T have contact with a Toronto womyn! They like to complain to police on men.
      Once Toronto womyn complain on you for approaching her, the local police department in Toronto tend to invade your apartment/condo/house as if it was a serious crime involving international human rights law for example.
      That makes Toronto Police way more crooked than American police who usually only invade one’s property for serious offences not trivial complaints from a womyn with a feminist mindset.

    1. If men only heeded this advice instead of caving to thirst the women may not be so out of control and of such poor standards.

  12. It looks like Roosh enforced a blacklist of words because my comments are re-directed as “forbidden” when I say words like f$$$$$, etc, etc, etc.
    However, Avishkar and other fembots from Canada are able to post comments with swear words and it doesn’t end up in a filter….Are these phuckers using government sponsored technology or connections to military?
    Let me see if this comment will be automatically approved or not.

    1. I was able to use those words Toddiver … so I’m not sure that is happening with your comments section.
      And yes, Aveshkar should shut the fuck up.

  13. I hope it is true.
    I wonder how much of these, “Women in this country are better” articles are inspired by the optimism inspired by novelty?

  14. Last straw. The authors and commenters are filled with anon neckbeards who make excuses about not being able to pull attractive women.
    Hint: Its cause you ugly. Inside and out.

  15. American women are starting to change because unlike Canada where it’s a lesbo and gay paradise, our women aren’t carpet munching, gay supporting pieces of garbage like the ones in Canada!

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