She’s Too Busy For You

My latest video explains why you shouldn’t chase girls who disrespect the effort you put in when you ask them out.

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83 thoughts on “She’s Too Busy For You”

  1. This is actually very good.
    Common sense, yes, but a reminder is necessary every now and then. Goes for females as well as everyone else. If people don’t respect your time and effort, to hell with them. A great rule to live by.

  2. I think Roosh hit it on the head, hot women are used to copious amounts of attention and flattery; on the daily! The only way to combat this type of attitude displayed by high-quality woman is to pass the shit tests thrown at you, maintain the frame of a carefree male and refuse to give her that validation and approval that she is waiting for. Even going so far as to poke fun at her may indeed work. Either way, the worst possible thing you could do for yourself with these types of women is to succumb to what practically every other male has done- bend down and kiss her shoes.

      1. High quality women with high self esteem test the shit out of men. They won’t test the men that have no viable chance on becoming intimate with them but you best believe that men they are interested in will be shit-tested to the nth degree.

        1. correction: they test the shit out of men who’s apparent confidence is not congruent with their appearance and external social validators.
          as we all knows, and as we must repeat ad nauseum … the one and only way to pass a shit test is … to not give a shit.

  3. everything is about girls…. you weak men still have so much problems dealing with girls, i advise you working on your character. shut yourself away and work on yourself.

    1. At some point in time you confused and muddled your personal character with women and your game. The best part of being red-pilled is having the ability to be a sound moral human being (attending church, working hard, helping others) all while having fun with women. Compartmentalizing your life makes everything a lot easier.

      1. 26 downvotes, this seems like another popularity contest here SMH. what did i say that is so wrong? i posted with “anarchy”. everywhere you look it is all about girls. mainstream media is full of it. how to impress girls. being obsessed with girls… i dont know, this gets childish after i reached a certain level of maturity. i just can deal with the normal people anymore. i will work on ditching sites like this in the near future. if everybody talks the same, the redpill how most losers here define it, is not really a redpill. the american spirit has taken over the whole world, everybody speaks about the same stuff. this is part of babylon where all speak the same language.

        1. @Wolf you are really confused. What the mainstream media spews and what this website spews are complete and opposite ideas when it comes to culture and women. The only reason I frequent this site is because it’s a breath of fresh air from all the liberal nonsense that floods every single popular news outlet and propaganda source. If you believe this site is about impressing girls, you haven’t spent enough time here. Perhaps you had a sour experience somewhere down the line and came to resent the men here, I don’t know. Either way, good luck to you.

    2. Please, you don’t know anyone here. Aside from one pesky troll, I’ve generally been impressed with posters here. They understand gender, race, ect. more than most.

    3. @Anarchy
      Been there done that, but working on yourself can lead to excessive isolation and navel gazing. At some point you have to get girls too. You cannot wait forever perfecting yourself as it will never happen. Yeah, these guys focus way, way, way too heavily on girls, but still, self-improvement can go in a bad direction as well. And it won’t necessarily lead to girls either.

    4. Stupid Anarchy, why women don’t have to work hard on themselves ? even if they are big whales they reclaim respect and attention instead of hard working on themselves ?
      Self development must not become a tool of guilt, nor a slavery to please the slut (90% of the western women).
      The royal path for men is not to learn how to date, but to learn to master their sexuality, to find the mother, and to engage in politic to create a traditional world.
      The need to fuck a lot must (as the ancient men did) remain in brothel under control, the multiple sex must be a border line solution, a service we’d need to pay for, then the standing of the mother would stay pure.
      Trying to fuck average women is making the potential mother a slut. If men don’t want to give up their lust with civil women, then they have to pay the amer price for it : becoming the slaves of the sluts, humiliated, with no power.
      That’s why I don’t agree with this part of MGTOW that promote PUA, because each time you fuck a chick, you make a slut. If it happens multiple times, and it happens multiple times, we all create the whores we complain about.
      The nature of the woman, which is to be fucked hard by the most dominant male to get pregnant by the most solid genes, must be under control, of taboos, laws, traditional order and transform this drive towards the family, the ideal of the family, its preservation, to preserve the genes.
      In my opinion, we talk too muck about the lust of the women, but we forget the lust of men. And don’t forget that the empowerment of the feminists, in the economy, first worked on the sofa promotion mode. Men destroying other men and empowering women in the society, all this to access the lust with the most gorgeous females.
      Self improvement should be about making strong men, mentaly, physicaly but most important : moraly and spiritualy. Not about making strong Roccos !

      1. “That’s why I don’t agree with this part of MGTOW that promote PUA, because each time you fuck a chick, you make a slut. If it happens multiple times, and it happens multiple times, we all create the whores we complain about.”
        Yep. So many articles about unmarried men who have slept with hundreds of women on here. All saying if there is no sex by 2nd or 2rd date (depending on country-in-question’s standards) then no deal.
        Zero discernible mention of no sex until marriage or other such traditional norms. (someone will say there is, but do we need to read all the articles on the site to find it? No, the gist of this site is getting laid and moving on to the next one.)

  4. Obviously she’s too busy for you. At least her job pays decent monies, while you, an ugly expired old man living in your mom’s basement and preaching pump and dump to your fellow losers whom you beg to buy your books and they are too cheap to do so, have nothing of value to offer.

    1. “At least her job pays decent monies…”
      Jobs females can be good at: Housewife (most important job a female can ever have), Escort (2nd most important — but only if they are young and hot), Nurse, Dental Hygienist, Secretary, Waitress, Airplane Waitress, Bank Teller, Elder care, Private School Teacher
      Jobs where females are almost always useless: Everything else. I say “almost” because in all honesty, I have a female dentist and she is very good.
      The reason so many females “work” (and I hardly call making power point presentations working) is AA/EEOC. Go back to a meritocracy in American hiring practices and watch how many women go back to valuing housework and being a good wife.

      1. lol… skinheads have some arrogance. What have you done that’s so great. Why do you think you’re qualified to talk about what any single person should be go good at, much less an entire gender.
        Your comment is stupid on so many levels, I’m actually wondering if you suffer from some mild retardation. In a true meritocracy, dumbshits like you would be living on the streets.

        1. @ Holland Novak
          I’m no skinhead. I’m an American of Southern European decent. My dark hair (well my eyebrows anyway – none left on my head), dark eyes, and tan complexion would keep me out of “The Skinheads”.
          Not sure who you are or what you do, but I imagine you are a female, most likely of the SJW variety, given the vitriol of your comment.
          Not to get into specifics, but I am quite well off. Did that on my own without any help. Just 30 years of hard work. I am in the top 6% of the US going by income & net worth. I suppose I could be “mildly retarded” as I have never had myself checked for that. But if so, that would make my position in life even more impressive, now wouldn’t it? And in addition to being somewhat successful/well off, I am also quite generous. The 19 year old escort I have been banging the past couple of months absolutely appreciates my patronage. And she especially likes the fact that I am a good tipper.
          Take care & have a great new year.

        2. Actually, honey, if you spend any time working with women and men you very quickly see that it is men who do about 90% of the work and 100% of the overtime. Say what you will, but it’s hard to respect women when they’re continually so useless when it comes to productivity.

      2. The reason so many females “work”
        is to be independent of a$$ hats like yourself and provide for themselves.
        She’s not too busy for you. She’s says she is. The truth is, she’s just not interested AT ALL and is too nice to tell you.

      3. Automatic slim. You’re part of the reason why this world is so screwed up and demoralized. Bitter and hateful…. “in the top 6% of the US going by income & net worth…” It looks like you’ve tied up all your emotion for love with the love of power and money and sounds a bit like you have a problem with Machiavellianism as well. With all of that money you could seek therapy to sort out your issues.

        1. @ betteroffsingle
          Hello and happy new year. Let’s go over some of your points.
          “You’re part of the reason why this world is so screwed up and demoralized.”
          – I am honest, quiet, polite, work hard and mind my own business. I have helped many people get jobs over the years. I take no public resources while being forced to pay into them at a grossly unfair rate. And you say people like me are screwing up this world?
          “Bitter and hateful”
          – Yes to a certain point. I am bitter that over the years females never showed me a milligram of attraction or interest, and at times that makes me hateful. But I do not go around committing violence against people or anything like that. I usually just drink at home to calm myself down. I am also intelligent enough to realize that I could have a female if I wanted one, but I would have to lower my standards for youth and beauty. I would have to settle for a 4 or 5, and due to my age, would have to consider females in their 30s or even 40s. And I will never do that. Which is why I have been using professionals for a very long time.
          “with the love of power and money”
          – I am not a materialistic person. I live in a small apartment and drive a 12 year old car. I buy my clothes at Macy’s, Sears and Walmart. I don’t own jewelry. I spend most of my disposable income on escorts. I suppose that is why I “love” money. It gets me laid.
          “sounds a bit like you have a problem with Machiavellianism”
          – Absolutely not! I have never screwed anyone over or stepped on anyone to advance myself in any way, shape or form. I have been screwed over several times, BTW. The worst screw-over was by my sister.
          “With all of that money you could seek therapy to sort out your issues.”
          – Tried it twice. Once in 2004 and again in 2016. Waste of time and money. Especially the last guy. 260/45mins and all he did was listen to my hooker stories and tell me how “fascinating” they were. Saw him 4 times. $1040 down the drain. Never again.

        2. why is youth and beauty so important to you?
          From what you’ve written you peg women as if they’re the enemy and only good for one thing why? you don’t seek connection? companionship?
          It doesn’t gross you out that she probably had her mouth on another man’s privates just hours before meeting up with you?
          people like me are screwing up this world? yes. Sleeping with a woman half your age or more for money is sleazy and makes you come off as a pedophile. It’s not your problem if this woman is choosing by her own free will to sleep with you for money, is it. That 19 year old, ask her how long she’s been doing this. ask her how she got started. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sexually abused at a very young age.
          I hope you understand that a woman willing to defile her body for money is a woman who feels dead and hopeless inside because men make them feel that way and you’re contributing to that which makes money her only comfort and for a lot of those type of women drugs too. The commercial sexual exploitation of women through the Internet, strip clubs, escort services, or street prostitution is on its way to becoming one of the worst crimes in the world. Women and children are being kidnapped for this sh*t. It’s not just the sex that makes it so immoral. It’s the potential diseases, weirdos with the opportunity to indulge in violent fetishes and requests, sex trafficking, and the fact that a lot of these women that are being picked by men in their mid to late 40s and 50s for these sexual favors and the girls are still babies. You’re part of the reason why this world is so screwed up and demoralized.

        3. @ betteroffsingle
          She lives with her family in Brooklyn and goes home via cab service. She usually works 4 days a week. Another one I know lives in Vermont with her parents and comes into Manhattan about once every 6 weeks. The one from Vermont is a part time model as well. Very little trafficking going on here. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but not with the agencies I use. I think Tel Aviv has a lot of the trafficking from girls from Eastern Europe.

        4. @ GetBetterNotBitter
          That’s just ridiculous.
          Yeah, because I want hot, fresh young girls in the late teens and early twenties instead of wrinkled old bags over 35 with stretch marks and cellulite that make me a pedophile. Sure it does…

        5. @ GetBetterNotBitter
          “It doesn’t gross you out that she probably had her mouth”
          – Not nearly as much as the thought of my privates in the mouth of some over the hill 35+ blown out hag. Why on earth you think that I or any other guy should want that, especially if I can afford to do better? Think of it this way, when I was in my teens and in college back in the 80s, these females didn’t want me. They showed no loyalty to me, or even one ounce of interest. So why the hell should I want them now, especially when they have nothing to offer. The only way I would have been with a woman my own age if if she gave herself to me at the height of her youth and beauty, and then I would have stayed with her out of loyalty, even as she got old and wrinkled. Didn’t happen. So I did what I had to do and have been there ever since.

        6. I understand where you’re coming from, not saying that I do agree with it.
          you know of trafficking and you do nothing about it?
          hot, fresh young girls in the late teens…did you read what you wrote? LATE TEENS.
          I only speak strongly about it because I was sexually abused for years by a man like you. Who didn’t see anything wrong with wanting a hot fresh young girl in her late teens. Whereas this girl is being paid for your services so it’s not abuse. Does she have a choice to leave this profession if she wanted to or will it kill her if she does? Pimps don’t like it when their cash cow leaves.
          why do men treat women like objects or possessions?

        7. @ betteroffsingle
          There is no pimp. I do not frequent girls with pimps anymore. That was back in the 80s and very early 90s when I picked up hookers on the street. Stopped doing that a long time ago. It’s a respectable agency and of course she can quit whenever she likes.
          Now, do the women (and note I said women, it is always women) who run these agencies put some psychological pressure on the girls? Of course they do. But there is no rough stuff and no physical coercion. I only know about Tel Aviv from what I have read. I have never nor will I ever have anything to do with violent criminals.
          Last year I was seeing an extremely cute 21 yo Asian American girl who was a junior in college and going for her nursing degree. Another was a beatiful Russian 25 yo majoring in English and who spoke with barely any accent. They are both out of the business now. Although I do believe the cute Asian girl got a permanent sugar daddy. She had asked me about that and I was interested, but she lived way too far from me and only wanted to see me once a week, so it really didn’t make sense.
          Sorry you had a bad time of things in your teen years. I was treated lower than dirt and less than human for 12 straight years by the kids in school and had shit parent who let me fend for myself and take my lumps without giving a damn. I took it like a man. Ever wonder what happens to the skinny school weakling who gets shitted on every day? Well if he’s lucky (sarcasm – sort of) he ends up like me. If society is unlucky, he ends up like the kids who did Columbine.

        8. I know a guy who got married 10 years ago. He said he hit on his wife 20 years ago but she wasn’t interested. He tried again 10 years later because he knew her clock was ticking and voila! Marriage.
          He lamented the fact that she wasted 10 years of both their lives because of feminist bullshit and programming and it did neither of them nor their kids any good. But he’s happy to finally have her.

      1. Looks like youth and beauty is pretty important to her, too, given the Avatar she has chosen. And I went to a lap dancing club once and I can tell her that the only people being exploited there were the dumb men paying good money to be teased.

        1. I chose the avatar that looked closest too me.
          I asked because I was curious not to attack.
          I seriously don’t understand why a man would want to go to a strip club and waste their money like that.

    2. I come here from time to time for shits and giggles when I feel like risking my PC to all the malware this site tries to put out.
      This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a comment this intelligent. This so called Alt-Right is a white supremacist cult where the cult leaders like Roosh and Roissy(Chateau Heartiste) make a living milking all the redneck shitheads that come here to cry about how their lives suck.
      I don’t know how people can be this blind but then again, racists have never been particularly smart.

      1. I was trolling recently on mumsnet and that was far more bitter and stereotyping of men than this of women . It was all about wives being slaves and domestic help and men buying wives if she happened to be asian lol and every men was ugly this or ugly basement dweller that.
        Personally i think most MRAs are too bitter and angry to be good husbands,
        I certainly think that most feminists are as bad or worse in terms of hatred for men/masculinity/marriage and full of bitterness and hatred towards the stereotypes of men they hold as being true. The feminists also have that leftist “i am always right” arrogance and couch their hatred in SJW terms like female servants and men looking to buy wives as hatred of asian wives.
        There is no more bitter group on the net than those at mumsnet and feminists and this whole conspiracy is not against jews but for them its against men and marriage just because their marriage failed as they were probably a shit partner.
        Single motherhood which is feminisms golden cow and I have seen so much praise for leads to maladjusted children with high rates of suicide, mental health disorders, high rates of poverty, little education and high rates of addiction and whose own relationships have high rates of breakdown. These feminist women completely sell their children short and its a movement more run by bitter people than traditional male websites like this one.
        MRA and feminism can sometimes help since when reading that men and women are so awful if one of the men or women does meet a nice partner they are shocked since they had been taught that men and women were so bad and both blue-pill AF.

        1. I did buy myself an Asian wife, it’s worked out pretty well for 10 years, much better than the former white wife who allegedly married me for love.

        2. @ JD
          Agree (as usual).
          Love is bullshit. Doesn’t exist in reality.
          I may be dense with a skull like a slab of granite, but that much I have learned.
          An sensible arrangement trumps “love”
          every single time.

      2. Another blue pill mangina farting from his mouth and talking from his ass. And please tell us, ohhh please enlighten us how you derived “racist” from any of this. It’s a slow news day and I can use a good laugh.

      3. So you SJWs think we are just stupid White losers? GOOD. That is why we are winning. This condescending makes sure we will continue to do so. We already put Trump to the White house.
        Greetings from Eastern-Europe, cause I am not even American, but we are in the same struggle than our American comrades. Alt-Right world-wide.

      4. Im a morthern doctoate. Your redneck and other memes from tv smack as an averahe intelligent surburban or a farmer from my rarified air

      5. White genocide is real meathead.
        Complaining about our race being deliberately genocided might be “hate” to TV programmed morons like you, but it is a serious issue to its victims.
        You belittling that is just obscene. How would you like someone to laugh at you when everything is taken from you? You are being evil.

  5. “Women are time vampires.” -Petrice O’Neal.
    When a woman starts messing with your time, put her in check immediately. If a woman starts messing with my time, I let her know immediately. “I’m not going to be able to meet at 6, it’s going to be closer to 8. My response; “no, we planned on 6 so either it’s 6 or we will have to meet another day.”
    You can come up with your own scripted response. Just as long as you convey the message that you don’t have time for this nonsense and you don’t care. If it’s getting to you then you’re losing.
    Men are thinking forward to the hummer at the end of the night. If you allow a woman to make you dance like a puppet, this is her version of a blowjob, let it sink in.

    1. “I’m not going to be able to meet at 6, it’s going to be closer to 8. My response; “no, we planned on 6 so either it’s 6 or we will have to meet another day.”
      I’ll use that on the next escort who tries to bump my appointment. Thanks!

      1. Its a good attitude. I learned too that as a man you shouldn’t dance around like a puppy on the girls whim. It not only makes you look stupid but they really loose respect for you.
        A few years back when I was still quite bluepilled, I took out a cute girl to a convention. She was a known artist in her field and we enjoyed the event together. I was around 23 at that time and she was 19. I dropped her of at her parents house in the evening, her mom making big eyes over my Lotus. I never heard from the girl again as I texted her a couple days later and asked her out for dinner.
        I guess she was too busy with all the other beta providers lined up on her facebook account …

        1. Artists (male or female) are very weird.
          What they value and consider important is totally out of whack with reality. A girl like that probably would date a heroine addict or meth head from some crappy house band (another “artist”) over a “beta provider” who makes $300K/year. You’re better off without her. Without a doubt.

        2. Thats true, they are weird people. I won’t bother with them anymore. At least when it comes to dating female artists …
          Kinky girls or bdsm girls are on the same level too. I learned that the hard way. My ex enjoyed to be tied up by an ex pimp and get her ass beaten read and blue and then took it up the butt. Believe me, that was my red pill moment …
          I’m better off withouth both, thats true 🙂 I’m just grateful that I realized all this at 27 and not later after getting married and being blind towards the female reality.

        3. @Velvia
          “My ex enjoyed to be tied up by an ex pimp and get her ass beaten read and blue and then took it up the butt.”
          Yep. Heard that MANY times from escorts. They complain about being beaten & raped, and then CHASE after shitheads who will most likely beat and rape them. Enjoy the poontang the freaks give out, then try to find a decent girl to settle down with. You’re still young, so you might find a girl like that. Seems to me that religious girls (Devout Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Mormon, etc..) are the best bet. I am almost 52. So that is not in the cards for me. I will simply enjoy poontang until I “fade away”.
          All the best. Take care.

        4. I’m not sure if I really want to know what was up with her 😛
          There is something about the bad-boy attitude that gets their kitties wet … My cousines mom decided one day to dump her husband. She took off with a known drug dealer, but not without launching some dirt campaign against her husband about having molested his daughter. That shocked the whole family. Her plan failed, and she was almost put into a mental asylum ! It can swing the other way too girls ! Don’t get too cocky …
          Religion isn’t a big thing here anymore. It would be difficult to find a girl around my age there. I guess there are none at all. I have faith in the Lord but I am not a churchgoer.
          Why don’t you go for a twenty-something girl ?

        5. @Velvia
          “Why don’t you go for a twenty-something girl ?”
          Oh, I go for them alright!
          But I am the type of guy that has to pay for play. I have never been popular with females. But I have been “red pill” for a VERY long time. From an early age (20) I knew 2 things.
          1) The type of girls I am attracted to (young, thin, and pretty) would never be attracted to me.
          2) I would never, EVER settle for a plain jane, ugly dog, fat pig, or old bag.
          So I started going to pros. Been doing it ever since. As I made more $$$ in my career, I was able to bang hotter and hotter escorts. So at this point, there is really no choice. No way I will be able to date an old bag anywhere near my own age. I am in it to the end. Such is life. Take care & have a great 2018!

      2. Escort: I really don’t want to do you anyway because you’re so disgusting. I really need the money, so what other day will be good for you then?

    2. The correct response would be, “I’ll be there at six, if you aren’t there, I’m sure another woman will be.”
      My first rule of dating was always arrange dates where there are likely to be plenty of other available women around.

  6. Damn, Roosh, once again, you nailed it. You & Tomassi are the top voices in the Manosphere. And yes, I am still wearing my R.O.K. tee shirt proudly to work several times per month!

  7. Good advice.
    I’m glad you stressed though not to go dumpster diving with land-whales or trashy undeserving women.
    Decent men chasing or settling for poor quality women creates other problems in itself.

    1. A little “chasing” and “flaking” is normal and healthy, but the habit of chasing a girl is caused by one of two things. If she isn’t reciprocating, she doesn’t find you attractive. If she’s hot and cold or more than a little flakey, she’s putting out a lot.
      It’s very pay-to-play for women. As a woman, if you don’t put out, you don’t get much of anything out of life, regardless of attractiveness. If you put out a lot, you get a lot. The more attractive you are and the more you put out, the easier life is. If you’re a 7+, all you need to do is give someone a blowjob, and you’ll get invited to celebrity parties. *That’s* what you’re competing with. Make sense?
      So, why would you chase a total whore? First of all, she won’t respond to it, because you’re demonstrating low value. Second of all, whores are only good for one thing, so just tell her what you want. Things of a sexual nature are all you should be looking for in a whore. There’s no value in taking such a woman to dinner, helping her with car problems, etc, not for you, and especially not for her.

    1. I agree. It should ( or “shud” if you prefer) not be. And it isn’t, except maybe in some third world hellholes.

  8. Social media has done more to destroy a mans success rate with banging hot chicks than the invention of the vibrator.

    1. yeah, it made the man’s competition sky rocket, care more about their appearance, and the likelihood of getting an std greater. I still prefer my vibrator. at least I get off.

      1. I’m sure if you slept with an alpha male for once you’d get the pleasure you desire and never feel the need to reach for your buzzing buddy.

  9. Roosh is not alright. To be more precise he exhibits all the signs of mental disease called schisophrenia. Indeed, bizarre asocial behaviour, lying about his life “success”, professional and personal failures (never had a career except being a table clerk in a pharma/microbiology company, could not get laid in richer countries so moved to a poorer,living in poverty at the age of 40 etc etc), unkept appearance and sudden fall into religion-all this is a classical representation of schisophrenia or schisophreniform disorder.

  10. I have the best solution for women who do this do you. I asked some woman out who broke at the last minute on Friday night, and texted me that she wouldn’t be ready to go out. So I never answered the text, and she texted me a few times. I texted her back Monday and said “sure no problem, I’ll just go hang with my bro’s”. She immediately texted me back “REALLY, MONDAY..smh”. So I waited till the next day and said, oh, I had been putting off other plans to take you out, so it’s no big deal.

  11. Nailed it Roosh…..nailed it indeed. I would extend your advice to anyone, male or female, who does not respect you or what you have to offer. This is good practical life advice to use all the time…..not just dating.

  12. I just met a girl on OkCupid. We seemed to have a lot in common… she’s in grad school for biomedical engineering and is into drawing, I was studying bioinformatics in college, then adjusted to computer graphics and also enjoy drawing. Have the same sense of humor… I think she’s attractive but not so much so to have an ego about it. We seem to have a good rapport, so I ask her for her number.
    As soon as I get her number and ask her out on a date… she stops flirting, stops being humorous, or having a personality. It’s like they just want the attention, and now that she has a date her mind is already on the next guy. I deleted her number three days later.

  13. Great Advice! I wish I had known this in High School. I not only went after the hotties, but also worried about peer pressure from my fellow classmates. In my efforts I was disrespected and turned down for dates a lot. How much more fun would I have had, had I known this basic wisdom. That has been a good while back! But, I think I would have gone into adulthood with much more confidence and great memories had I followed this advice!

  14. The Bible is the biggest Red pill you will ever swallow… This is why MGTOW is the goldy choice in an age of misandry. Jesus said, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Matthew 7:6
    The Parable of the Great Banquet – Luke 14:15-24 (NIV)
    15 When one of those at the table with him heard this, he said to Jesus, “Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.”
    16 Jesus replied: “A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests. 17 At the time of the banquet he sent his servant to tell those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is now ready.’
    18 “But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said, ‘I have just bought a field, and I must go and see it. Please excuse me.’
    19 “Another said, ‘I have just bought five yoke of oxen, and I’m on my way to try them out. Please excuse me.’
    20 “Still another said, ‘I just got married, so I can’t come.’
    21 “The servant came back and reported this to his master. Then the owner of the house became angry and ordered his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.’
    22 “‘Sir,’ the servant said, ‘what you ordered has been done, but there is still room.’
    23 “Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. 24 I tell you, not one of those who were invited will get a taste of my banquet.’”

  15. I think a lot of women I’ve dated are pacing out the relationship… holding things back as a way of not having to emotionally commit. I’d have whirlwind all day dates with my ex, then I would miss her immediately after I dropped her off because I knew she wasn’t going to make time to see me for another two weeks even though she lived only fifteen minutes away. She was into the time we spent together, but not committed to caring about me as a person in the little moments.
    I have dated about 40 women in the past 4 years and have never had a woman call me on the phone, and texts out of the blue usually only happen for about a week or two after the first kiss. Then it’s either onto someone new or it becomes a grind.

  16. open your eyes gentlemen, read what these femminazies who comes here to write bullsh!ts have to say, and maybe you’ll finally realize the situations going on.
    Women are parrassite, evilish fiends who always wants and never give, don’t love their men, but only their kids since their true nature is evil and they want to use the resources, time and health of men just to have kids and repeat the process in the future to spread EVIL!
    They will never love men since they are the opposite of good, they need to be in check all the time or they litterally ruin the world! wait a minute.. its gonna happen right now! lol
    Stop hunting hoes, live a minimalistic life, enljoy your life with travels and self improvments, fuck those parassite female who ask just a little enfort and rise your middle finger to the rest. Travel and escape from this madness women built for us all.

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