4 Things I Learned In 2017

In the below video, I explain four things I learned in 2017.

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39 thoughts on “4 Things I Learned In 2017”

  1. Excellent video. A man who can confess and criticize his own errors publicly is walking the enlightened path. The vast majority of men in the situation you described would have doubled down on sunk costs instead of cutting the girl loose.
    I invested an enormous amount of energy in getting Trump elected, and was one of his biggest cheerleaders during his first six months. He has left the majority of us feeling used and lied to. For all the America First rhetoric, we are witnessing yet another in a long line of Israel First presidencies. We will see what 2018 brings. Some say that he is frustrated with everything and ready to start swinging his dick around again. He damned well better be or Democrats will sweep the elections.
    On politics, we are indeed entering a post-political era. It is still good to vote in elections because the cost/benefit ratio is favorable. But reading political websites, checking Drudge all the time, and getting personally invested in political debates on social media is a waste of potential. It’s all a big trap designed to corral the energy of those who might rise up and create something better. Politics is entertainment as you said, for people who fancy themselves the intellectual class. Ask yourself, as 2017 draws to a close, how much of the daily news from the year turned out to be relevant and necessary? Would you have been okay only checking the news every few months to catch up? How many total hours did you spend reading news and opinion pieces that amounted to nothing? Could you have started a side business with that time instead?
    The future belongs to men of action, men of purpose, men who command a physical presence rather than a bunch of pixels on a screen.
    With women and game, yes it’s getting much harder but young women would probably also complain that it’s harder to get men’s attention away from porn and video games. They would complain that the only men openly hitting on them are undesirable minorities who have a fetish for White women and have become emboldened by media propaganda.
    What is happening is a coordinated effort to remove all prime motivators for young men and women, to start families and live healthy lives. Women have the state to fill their financial needs, along with corporate affirmative action to make them believe they are successful careerists. They have social media to validate their egos and feed their needs for attention. They have small annoying dogs and cats…and refugees, to feed their maternal instincts to care for a weak inferior. They have ample drugs and alcohol to dampen any pangs of conscious. What would they need self-improvement for? That looks too much like work.
    For young men, we see the same dynamics. Porn, weed, video games, pop culture, comic books, movies and television, etc is all being used to remove the drive that men have to make something of themselves in order to attract a mate. They get the same levels of serotonin by sitting around on the computer that they once had to work hard for. It has turned them into soft, squishy bugmen, and who can blame young women for being repulsed by them?
    Obviously this is all by design, and the elites have begun floating the idea of Universal Basic Income for years now. It is soft communism, marketed with a friendlier name but with perpetual dependence upon the State as the same end goal.
    Regarding your income stream, it’s time for big changes on that front. Let’s hope 2018 is the year that revolutionizes the commercial side of red pilling.
    You have enough reach and influence to bring considerable numbers to alternative platforms, and that is what 2018 should be all about. We need to make Google/Twitter/Facebook/PayPal/Disqus and all the other rats totally obsolete, using open source coding, blockchain technology, P2P technology, etc. We all have a role to play in that change, as investors, producers, creators, or consumers. People need to understand that there has to be money to push this forward. They gladly hand over $20 a week to (((Starbucks))) but wince at the idea of coughing up a few bucks to the manosphere. Then they lament the strides the well-funded Left has made.
    It would be great to see more articles promoting alternatives, such as steemit, gab.ai, minds.com, pewtube, along with monetization options like crypto currency donations, micropayments, membership-only content, pay-per-article schemes, etc.
    There also needs to be a big push toward alternative media creation, from the dissident right, to include music, fine art, theater, film, comedy, animation, satire, journalism, etc.
    We need to start firing this machine on all fronts and bring about a glorious renaissance to inspire and motivate future generations to greatness. It’s the least we owe to them. And it WILL work if we just believe in it and roll up our sleeves to make it happen!
    A very happy and prosperous New Year to all (except the hasbarats)!

    1. Explain to me how you ever identified Trump as being anti-Israel? I really can’t grasp how anyone that knew his connections and listened to a single thing he said would expect him to be different. I’m not a huge Trump supporter. He’s simply not a true conservative. However, he is the enemy of my enemy which is how I identified him initially. So I’m satisfied with what he’s doing until at least a better option comes along.

      1. You are reducing my comment to a false dichotomy where Trump must either totally disavow Israel, or be a rabid Israel-Firster, with no middle ground. You’ve also revealed yourself as a Neocon and Philosemite on numerous occasions. Presumably when you refer to your “enemy” you are speaking of Muslims rather than the Jewish elites who brought them to the West. I wouldn’t waste any more time debating you until you come clean on your ethnicity.

        1. Trump has done a solid job countering the libtard platform. You and many others falsely identified what Trump is. He is NOT a conservative or even really a Republican by their own party standards. He doesn’t abide the PC agenda which is the best we can hope for at this time. Claiming things like his tax plan, his foreign policy, or his immigration laws aren’t different from Hillary is simply wrong. For better or worse, Trump is doing some things differently.
          I’m happy to identify as a straight white American combat veteran. I work as a data analyst for a local government entity. That’s your problem if my background is too intimidating for you.
          My enemy is the libtard and any other recreant that is too illogical and emotionally driven to be a productive member of society.

      2. The whole POINT of electing Trump was him NOT being a true Conservative, but rather an Alt-Right God Emperor.
        He must have made a deal with Orthodox Jewry against the Liberal-Bolshevik Jews in order to be in with a chance to get elected as POTUS at all. Deep down we all knew it, but decided to turn a blind eye and kid ourselves.
        Our man on the Trump Train and later in the White House was Steve Bannon all along.
        Now our President is Jared Kushner in disguise. SAD!

        1. Slapshot John:
          Okay, fair enough. He’s different from Hillary in a few ways that are important, while being eerily close to her in other ways. He is doing some minor things to slow the progressive march. But it’s disingenuous to claim that people shouldn’t expect Trump to be a conservative. He ran a middle-far right campaign, based on populist nationalism, and explicitly America First. For him to spend effort on Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Israel in his first year as if they took priority over the American public is a slap in the face to his voters. We could have voted for just about any other republican candidate if we wanted another zionist social liberal neocon warhawk. Trump vowed to be the antithesis of that and he has not lived up to the promise.
          I am cautiously optimistic and will support him in spirit, but I can only take a couple more betrayals before it’s over. We need a couple of big, fearless wins. That’s why we elected a fighter.
          Your background isn’t intimidating, I was just trying to pinpoint the basis of your philosemitism. I have my answer now.

        2. There are effectively zero actual conservative politicians in America. Ron Paul was the last one. What the Republicans claim to be conservative is not. Both Democrats and Republicans are large government political parties.
          Trump is from New York, donated to many Democratic politicians and foundations, and has many Jews in his family and in his business interactions. He also was a very clear neocon Warhawk in his presidential campaign. If you did not know what he was going to be as president the fault lies with you.
          As someone that set reasonable expectations for him, I am content with what he’s doing. Any meaningful change in America is going to come from the individuals. Politicians are simply an extension of them and no individual politician is going to make a transformative change.

        3. Unless you are speaking in regard to the politics, economics, and values of a government system based in hierarchical monarchy, you are speaking in regard to revolutionary liberal politics and values. This includes “Republicanism”, which was the movement that overthrew the French monarchy.
          Participating in liberal shell games of political philosophy, history, and semantics is doing the devil’s work.

      3. So, you are interested in conforming to the post-French Revolution definition of a trueconservative, which is inarguably globalist in nature, and yet you are anti-Israel?
        Either you are confused in regard to the nature of world politics, or else you are bullshitting this comments section. I’m about 40/60 on the respective chances.

    2. This post is genius.
      1. Trump is doing OK. The tax changes will make big changes to the economy, but also the TPP was kicked into the dirt, and he took the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, blocked Muslims from various countries, reduced the refugee numbers and illegal number too. On top of that NAFTA is being renegotiated as we speak. China hasn’t delivered on North Korea, so expect in 2018 the scrapping of NAFTA, tariffs on Mexican Manufactured Goods, Chinese Steel and specific goods and German Cars. It will be a high tariff for Mexico, with an option to be decreased if they pay for the wall. Giver Trump a chance, after decades of the establishment he wont change things overnight, especially as he needs to learn how things work.
      2. Consuming news. Yes, so easy to waste time going back to the same news sites several times a day, or even hour. Just set 2 times a day you spend 30 mins on news, or even once a day.
      3. Your points of facebook/disqus/twitter and forming new media, this is essential. The left has made great gains because they did this. they took over the media and other establishments while no one noticed. We need to spend time and money to create a new media. And, as you say, we need to work out ways that people can make micro payments to these sites. We need to finance things. It also reminds me of what Mat Drudge said about Facebook a couple of years ago in an interview on Info Wars – he said – you should set up your own platform, he said Facebook is not your pitch, it’s someone else’s, someone else owns and controls it. With censoring on Facebook/twitter, he has been proved 100% right, and because he didn’t over rely on these platforms, he is immune to their censoring.
      Great post.

      1. On point #3, YES. And don’t use blogging sites (Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, Squarespace, etc.) — they own everything you put on them.
        In obtaining optimal control of the web presence, it is essential to own the entire presence. That means full domain/licensing, self-appointed hosting services and clear content ownership down to the foundation. If you want any sort of protection on your work, don’t set up your content directly on sites like Squarespace or Medium. They couldn’t care less about the words you write; they’re harvesting your ideas and personal profile for brand and advertising profits.

        1. Clarification: My reply post didn’t line up under “Jackson” but it should have…this was a reply @Jackson. Thx

  2. Regarding #2 @10:05: That political participation doesn’t matter.
    If you don’t participate in politics, you allow the opposing political opinions to flourish. Not saying you have to be protesting or rioting like lunatic libtards, but you better be voting at every chance. Anyone taking the “black pill” on politics is allowing the enemy to win via their own indifference.

    1. Or… by taking the black pill you realise that it’s all just verbal masturbation talking about politics. If you want to act, fine, but talking about it is just gay.

      1. I vote in every election I can and contribute to political candidates I find appealing. I also judiciously spend my money on organizations that I believe support a future I want to be a part of. If enough people participated at that level, meaningful change would happen.

    2. where a vote in opposition is resistance (even if uou hate who you are voting for), not voting at all is capitulation to a future you declined to nudge in your favor.

  3. the leftists are fearful they have lost control of the conversation but they are not that worried since they still control youtube, facebook ect. THhey cannot ever control these quite as they did television.
    The thing is that the alt-right guys and alt-light who are showing the public some truth like Milo pre-internet were poverty stricken where now many are mulit-millionaire so they these types of dudes will keep coming.
    The west had little right wing because white men had it good. Now in white countries in Europe they are second choice to even get girlfriends behind minorities and there is a massive excess of men in the young which keeps getting worse.
    The left think what is the answer is to hurt men more and give women more and whatever state men are in they will not change unless destroyed. Men are voiceless, mens problems are illegal to discuss as they touch on sensitive social issues. Whilst it is the men are are far less happy and are committing suicide at high rates. A young white man in sweden is now out competed for a wife by all the minority guys, who came to europe without any females and who are allowed to ban their few women from dating whites as they do. its like a fight where only one side can punch and totally unfair.
    Western Europe at this point will either convert to Islam as that will be the only way many men can get laid as the number of muslims grows, or the west will elect right-wing leaders who will change things hugely and it will go to civil war. You cannot have almost 30 million muslim of europe marrying nearly a a million non-muslim women each year and almost nothing in reverse. The asians in America have nothing to complain about verses the whites in Europe.
    Europe cannot even ban these men from getting on boats and coming due to human rights laws are constitutional and this means the constitution of europe stops anything being done about it which is why civil war or conversion to Islam are the two most likely options in the medium term. The data is that muslims do not assimilate and are more like hassidic jews in that regard.
    Europe hangs in the balance and it is only that the men cannot even communicate or talk freely as it was under communism that things have gotten as bad as they are but there will come a time when government controlled communication will reduce and the men will rise. Le Pen almost took France at the last election and it was not long ago she had less support as a percentage than the American Green party.

  4. The elite and the middle class have become so detached they have no idea of the issues on the street and are only out for some financial or sexual gains for themselves.
    At this point conversion to Islam looks very likely for Europe. When you see the predictions that islam will get to a hundred milion from the 30 it is at now in about 50 years thats growth of just over a million a year which seems very low especially as growth is compound.
    Islam has taken much of the world and it is only where groups such as the Burmese take a sometimes bloody stand against it that it has been contained. Either option is nasty but when they marry up every women they can, and then use their excess women as second wives the men convert amoungst the poor merely for mariage and then its over. Europe is cucked into oblivion. When there is a hundred million the working men will be converting en-masse just to marry as they will take millions of women per year. In Islamic towns in Europe that is already common and they do it just to date.
    European civilization will only exist as a lesson to Asians and Americans about the dangers of multiculturalism, and how the dream will fail as it assumes all groups live side by side rather than the most powerful group taking over which is what is happening.

    1. Fatalistic cuckery not welcome here bub. Go peddle your anti-White fantasies elsewhere. It only takes 15% of White men to be aroused to the fight, before the enemy is obliterated. We’re at about 12.5% now.
      In the same way that the mainstream did not see Brexit or Trump’s election coming, they don’t understand the force that is rising up against them as we speak.
      A critical mass of young men with nothing to lose are not going to be silenced with threats of imprisonment for much longer.

      1. yeah right mate you’re of drugs if you think its almost at tipping point for a fight. These truths cannot even be discussed in any mainstream place and most white men are beaten into submission.
        A civil war may occur as things get worse and it becomes obvious that the prevailing leftist ideologies are ideologies of suicide in a world where many other parties are looking to dominate.
        i think no proud European man can vote for any leftists any more than in the USA at this point and so things will change. if they can flood immigrants fast enough however it may not as all non whites vote for pro-immigration parties

        1. Some Honesty,
          we hear you, my man. We hear you.
          However, please listen to this song (please find the link below).
          It is as if we were singing, and the lyrics were meant for you.

  5. “One of the surest facts emerging from this study is the rise of the great Christian King who will set up a new social order upon the ruins of Democracy and Communism. It is simply impossible to elude this conclusion. A few secondary facts emerge also: Communism will not converge and merge with Democracy through dialogue and mutual compromise. Nor will it be defeated by Democracy in a Third World War. Communism will achieve its aim without a global nuclear war. The Western Democracies will break down from inside and will surrender without a fight or, if fighting does take place here and there, it will not be able to contain the Russian divisions for more than a few days”. (Yves Dupont , 1974 A.D.)

  6. Good points roosh !
    Especially the politics ones. i saw it multiple times some right wingers are turning to sjw of the right. and that’s just dumb.
    Take a break, and focus on the big picture like elections….etc better than wasting your time like an idiot arguing with 14 years old tranny !!!
    Regarding women, Of Course you can’t turn a hoe into a wife !!! these hoes ain’t loyal after all. god most women and men are not loyal in anything anymore.
    But have Roosh consider that, maybe just MAYBE there is a problem with himself ??? I mean I’ve been a fan of ROK for years but it seems like no matter what kind of woman you will NEVER be satisfied with !!!
    Is it really that hard or maybe your expectation are not really reasonable. The truth is : it’s the major insecurities that the both genders are suffering from it. not only women who are fucked up but also alot of men don’t know ACTUALLY what they want.

  7. In 2017, I learned that in Roosh’s forum Trump can do no wrong and the male hamsters could be spin that wheel faster then females.
    Really pathetic!

  8. Roosh, this is the best video. So glad to hear about your attitude with turning a ho into a housewife. Awesome attitude.
    I think Trump is making a difference, but it’s one of those things where you work very hard and don’t see much of a result for a really long time.
    I understand what you’re saying about politics. My way of saying it is “I don’t believe in ideology: action is everything.” The moment something starts to sound ideological, I stop listening.

    1. The way I see it, there is not a single politician out there that doesn’t have an underlying agenda or personal interests to push. The sooner that the population can accept that, the sooner the population will start voting for the right reasons. Case in point, Canada’s prime minister Trudeau peddled to every single middle class person by platform ideas such as reduced taxes and increased taxes for the upper class, LGBTQ agendas, refugee ideas, etc, etc. The only reason the majority of people voted for him was because he was “current” in his liberal platform ideas that people so emotionally became drawn towards. There is no doubt that come the next election, Canada will follow what has happened in the USA and vote in once again a conservative government.

      1. It’s the natural order of things for everyone to follow one man’s agenda. You can’t fight nature, only hide it.

  9. A few more years and the hunt too will stop being interesting. We all get old, and the things we wanted when we were twenty, we no longer want when we are forty.
    That is the biggest lesson here from this talk: stop making validation from women your priority. If you can do so and find other things to give you satisfaction, then you have something you can work with as you get older. Doesn’t mean you have to shun women, but you just aren’t having your life revolve around them.
    Let us see how well Roosh transitions over into middle age. Does he do well or does he fall apart?
    Path of doing well: continuing to improve himself through knowledge, and lots more productive output, books, film etc. Building new businesses. Making lots more money. Staying fit. Lots of travel to know the world. Service, helping out those less fortunate. If a woman comes to you now, it should be because she is interested in helping you fulfill this vision.
    Path of doing badly: still chasing after hoes. Wasting time and energy on trying to wheedle out some new game techniques. Financial mismanagement. Gaining too much weight, getting badly out of shape. Feeling sorry for himself.
    We underestimate the ingenuity of men. If sex is the source of discord, then men will solve it by perfecting the sexbots.

  10. Lucid year-end synopsis there, Roosh. You ask hard questions of yourself and the world around you (+ employ the Socratic method to learn the answers) and are adept at self-diagnosing your failures. I’ve always been drawn to likeminded gentlemen like this, men like my father. Essential red-pill / black-pill skills. Reality, logic, and a quest for the best path forward, aided by thousands of years of philosophy, politics and keen insights on society’s ebb and flow.
    Previously, Roosh’s mercurial, largely accurate, of-the-moment observations on relationships, PUA life, and the need to satisfy his hyperactive cock’s base desires offered an abstract of the larger world beyond sex/PUA games, and at this juncture Roosh is aging toward a higher form of wisdom.
    Lofty observations aside, I laughed in full agreement when Roosh simply says “…because the mainstream is full of boneheads.” Occam’s razor…and from that point of observation much misery and negativist contemplation spreads to those who know better, because we are surrounded by — and drowning in — liberal stupidity every goddamn day now. You help sum up a sense of futility that affects the strong when they are overrun by the weak and the weak-minded ideologies.
    In some ways, I think the world was a much more stable place when we knew less about each other (pre-Internet, etc.). But in an age of runaway technology, information overload, shallow distraction and hordes of losers who likely would have perished in a time before all of this comfort/luxury/welfare, we find anchorage in our common observations and cross-analyses on sites like ROK. It’s still a jungle out there…Best to you all in the New Year. Play on, teach on, and know full well your actions are grounded in the natural order of things, with no apologies and no excuses…

  11. Posters forget that organized white violence (In the form of the police, military) is the only thing holding society together.
    See Detroit. Liberal leftist Jews roared out even faster than the other whites because on average, they qualified to do so.
    Once the white police, taxpayers etc. leave, you have Detroit.

  12. Why is ROK so confused about life? 2017 was a SIMPLE JOKE, totally FAKE nonsense, not well executed. not complex. The Only true Lesson in all this?- By some method the SHIT we are mired in has to cleaned out. Obviously Trump is a walking J-TV show.. did anyone really not know that?? He exists only to absorb the malcontent anger of REAL, Christian men whose days of being abused are quickly coming to a close. 2018 will see literal attempts at WORLD WAR 3.. get ready for orchestrated, but total, chaos ;particularly because the satanic left can no longer spew their evil and get away with it. Hitlery & Oba-mama along with the Deep State EU/BankerVatican-Matzio world are minutes away from true exposure.. and none of us even know how vile their gameplan has been all along. Women with their vain ignorance, and mud people who act like those women, are the absolute source of all that is wrong with the world. Improve your own personal life? Rebuild your village? Work hard to improve your mind and skills? No. Go to a White man’s city and falsely accuse, insinuate, whine, & cry until you get free shit. Expiration day for all this nonsense is ABSOLUTELY at hand.

  13. Four things I learned in 2017.
    1. Don’t waste your youth. I remember turning 30 and saying to myself 40 is going to be a century from now. Add on 10 and a few years on top of that and that feels like yesterday. I still have my health fortunately and many years of wisdom, but I tire out much quicker then I used too. Wish I would have spent some of those years learning a foreign language instead of working late nights for a faceless corporation.
    2. Money is simply an end to a means. If you can throw some into a retirement account, pay your bills, put a few hundred into savings every month then you don’t need more money. I think I live a fuller life on half my old salary a decade ago today then I did back then. When you have less you realize how much is wasted on stupid shit.
    3. Working for yourself is fine, unless you can’t find work. Yup being a consultant owning your own business sounds like a good deal until you actually live that deal. Making your own schedule comes with double SSI taxes, paying 100% for over-inflated health insurance costs, and many other liabilities. It can be rewarding, but just be prepared for the downsides too.
    4. The future is probably going to suck. Technology was great when it was largely unregulated and those who controlled it pretended to endorse ideas such as freedom of expression. AI is probably going to make it all worse in now that all that an ideologue has to do is program a machine to do his bidding and doesn’t have to deal personally with the consequences. At least the butchers of the 20th century that presided over genocide still had to recall their victims last breathes. Whether that bothered them to some extent I don’t know. But, now you just hit enter and boom it happens. No personal connection. Machine does it all. Those are not going to be fun times.

  14. oh it’s WORSE than that, Roosh!!!
    They will be open about carrying
    diseases; which won’t even be a
    deterrent to thirsty manginas
    who will be more than willing
    to invest much work and cash
    into the privilege of infection.
    …then it won’t even be openly
    talked about because it will be
    assumed that your goal is to
    get yourself infected.
    Ultimately; the final evolution
    will be men paying exorbitant
    amounts of time and money
    for some woman infecting
    them with a hypodermic
    and not even getting sex.
    Why on earth shouldn’t
    insanity like that happen?
    getting yourself infected!!

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