Make Return Of Kings Great Again And Get Paid Doing So

The past year has been rough for ROK. First, we were banned from just about every banner advertising network in existence, causing us to rely on less desirable pop-up ads. Secondly, we were banned from Paypal, which halted the donations you send us, an important source of operating revenue. I’ve had to let go ROK’s editor, Winston Smith, and offer less compensation to existing writers. One result of that is having to rely more on syndicated news articles that are not written in the ROK spirit.

Perhaps the biggest blow was getting shut down by Disqus. Overnight, hundreds of people we’ve banned in the past were allowed to comment again and spew their filth. Only now am I starting to get a handle on the trolling issue.

An additional trend that has been impacting ROK is the gradual shift from self-improvement and game to political activism (alt right/lite) and personal inaction (MGTOW, herbivore lifestyle, game shaming, etc.). For some men, it has become too hard to improve their station in life or pursue women, so they reject the core principles of active masculinity that we focus on.

It also doesn’t help that ROK, with over 5,000 articles published, has written about almost every topic under the sun. My occasional approval of Jew or race-baiting articles has become a crutch to satisfy a restless crowd, but at the cost of bringing in a type of reader who obsessively wants to only talk about Jews and black people.

Nonetheless, I still get numerous supportive email messages a month from men who share how much of a positive influence ROK has been on their lives. Here’s a recent example:

Hi. I wanted to thank you for the red pill. A long-time friend introduced me to the Manosphere about two years ago. My only regret is that is was not around 20 years ago. I know from following you online that it is a hard road for you to travel, but like any ideal who’s time has come there will be resistance at first until the brilliance of the innovation is realized. You have been a game changer for me and I thank you!

For instance, I met a clerk at Walmart he was morbidly obese. All I said was visit I forgot about it until four months later when he thanked me. He had lost 80 lbs already. It wasn’t me, it was you, that did that. One at a time your message will get out and win. Keep the faith. And thanks so much for showing me the light!

I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears since forming ROK in October 2012 to make it the best web site in existence for masculine men. I think I’ve achieved that goal, but its direction is no longer entirely in my hands. The power is yours to make ROK the site you want by contributing an article that contains your experiences, stories, knowledge, opinions, or soul, all in a way that can inspire other men to live better.

For every guest article you submit and I accept during the month of January, I will send you a $10 payment bonus via Litecoin, a popular cryptocurrency (amount will be determined at the time payment is sent according to the spot price on CoinMarketCap).

Submit your article

Use our submissions page to submit your article by January 31 to be eligible for the $10 bonus. Here are some tips on how to submit an article that I am likely to accept:

  • Article should be between 700-1100 words.
  • Pick a well-defined topic. It’s better to be narrow in focus than wide since you are limited by word count.
  • Keep the structure simple: (1) opening paragraph with clear thesis statement that gets the reader interested, (2) main paragraphs with at least three supporting anecdotes, opinions, observations, lessons, or facts, and (3) concluding paragraph that sums it all up.
  • Get to the main point quickly. Ramble after you’ve stated your thesis, not before.
  • Try to add at least one anecdote or story about your life to give your article a personal touch. This allows readers to connect with what you’re saying.
  • Potential topic ideas: rare dating niches, foreign women, data sheet on a metropolitan city, data sheet on a specific career, misbehaving women, how to make money, masculine hobbies, dating success or failure stories, interesting book reviews, and picture collages of cultural decline. No Jew/race articles.

When you’re ready to submit, go to our submissions page. It has more details such as your ability to use a pseudonym. Remember to proofread your article! There is no limit to how many you can submit.

I will personally review all submissions. If you don’t get a response within a week, your article was rejected. If your article is almost up to standard, I will give guidance on how to improve it.

Get paid in crypto

After your article goes live, you’ll have instructions on how to invoice me with your Litecoin public address so that I can pay you by the 10th of the following month. For example, if you invoice me in January for an article that went live that month, you will get paid by February 10. If you invoice me in February, you will get paid by March 10. You’re also eligible for this bonus if you’re an existing guest contributor who already has a writer’s account.

To receive payment in Litecoin, you need to create a Litecoin wallet. You can install a wallet on your desktop computer or on your mobile phone. Since we’re dealing with such a small amount of money, you don’t need to go crazy with security.

Desktop Wallet

For desktop users, I recommend Electrum Litecoin Wallet, which I personally use.

  • Run the software.
  • Create a new “Standard” wallet.
  • Choose the option “Create a new seed.”
  • Write down and safely store your 12-word seed. It’s the only way you can recover your wallet in the future.
  • Confirm your 12-word seed on the next screen by typing it in.
  • Set a password to protect your wallet (optional).
  • When the program loads, click the Addresses tab to see a list of all your public addresses which you can share to allow you to receive Litecoin. For example, here is what my Litecoin address looks like: LL5XXBi5kuWNTd9Hhn33UY4Fp4FtknFkWi
Mobile Wallet

For Android users, I recommend the Coinomi Wallet, which allows you to store over a dozen different currencies and exchange between them using two external services.

  • Download and install Coinomi from their official website. Be careful with spoof websites when it comes to crypto.
  • Click “+ COINS” to add a Litecoin wallet.
  • Open your Litecoin wallet and click the Receive tab.
  • Copy the address at the top of your screen.

If you have an iPhone, your best option is Loaf Wallet, which is maintained by the Litecoin Foundation.

Here’s to a great year!

I look forward to seeing your submissions in the upcoming days. Understand that I don’t have substantially more control over the direction of ROK than you do. While I have the power to screen which articles get published, if no article is submitted by readers, there is no ROK, unlike my personal blog whose fate I completely control.

For the month of January, I hope you submit the type of article that inspires other men not only to take action in their own lives, but to submit future articles which start a chain reaction of inspiration and motivation. For every unit of value you give to the community, I’m confident you’ll receive far more back.

ROK is completely what you make of it, and to give you an extra push, I will be parting with some of my Litecoin, and who knows, that $10 may be worth significantly more in a year or two.

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111 thoughts on “Make Return Of Kings Great Again And Get Paid Doing So”

    1. With all the banning that ROK has experienced, not to mention Roosh himself from the UK, I’m surprised that any commenters get banned from this site at all. I surmised that the manosphere would be populated by a readership that relied on their own capabilities and intellect to counter critics, but what I’ve found is that many whine like social justice wimps when absorbing others humorous sentiments. The manosphere is supposed to be a place where men stand on their own two feet and rib each other while pissing on the campfire. What I found is that many are easily offended and quick to sound the troll alarm all whiling sporting the latest T shirt. I guess it is true that we have met the enemy, and once again, he is us.

  1. So you flirted with the alt-light then flipped back? I think you cannot even Block folks other than at IP level with this new comment system!
    Many of the articles are quite shitty quality it has to be said but the issue is that if you could monetize your traffic you’d have a huge revenue and probably 50 staff with so many commercial partners and it would be different level. Ten bucks is still little incentive to write for you. Other websites actually cut deals with companies for even more money than these add-networks give them. Shows how difficult is to be outside of the system.
    The website design is not very clean and is quite ugly and jumbled around
    I saw you praising Andrew Anglin and cursing Jews and their control and thought you were fully going rightwards but I guess you want to pull in a little.

    1. thing is that the comments here have free speech somewhat so are great and you aint responsible for what is said. People don’t come for the often cruddy articles they come for the higher quality and very hilarious comments in one of the only free speech comment sections about. Did you ban GenXile? He disappeared and was one of the best and funniest dudes around GET HIM BACK

      1. Nah, he decided to hide under another avatar as people (myself included) were annoyed that he would take up around 50% of all comments per article. He’s now going under the name, Michael Myers (unless he’s decided to ditch that one too already).

        1. @asdasda… I think he changed his screen name when we had that spate of phony nazi trolls, and one of them was using a screen name very similar to his “Gen X-File”

      2. Roosh didn’t ban him, lymph node. You telling me you couldn’t tell by the writing style, constant references to Detroit, weak white men, “flyover” country, saying he’s lived out of the USA for some years now, etc., etc., that X-File is now Michael Myers????

        1. BLUE EYED DEVIL
          I remember growing up as a young German American in Detroit. We had Jews hustling young shiksas into being their pimps like Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver. Meanwhile Anglos in flyover always bitch about manufacturing jobs that ain’t coming back. You think Paul the Sicilian in the Northeast or Murray the Ashkenazi film producer in Hollywood cares about prayer in schools or manufacturing jobs? Anglos are too caught up in the past while everyone else chases money.

        2. BLUE-EYED
          I was not banned but rather reminded to stop flooding the site with low-quality repetitive posts hinged on my own tedious obsessions. So I have attempted to do this.
          Having said that, the J thing and Zio conspiracies are quite tedious.

        3. FITZ
          Anglos in the Flyover are like the apartment over a really busy shop owned by someone else.

        4. Hey, BlueEyes, long time, man. When are you gonna hit: and rock an avatar photo, separate yourself from the heard? Glad to see you’re still around.

      3. WAHAHAH
        When a person expresses an opinion, others accuse him of being a “troll” and without freedom of speech the forum becomes a circle jerk echo chamber…”Good article, guys” “Well done”….
        With no discourse or exchange of opinions there one cannot learn from opposing opinions.
        But too often it simply degenerates into somebody telling someone else to perform fellatio on them.
        Moreover, as another poster pointed out accurately, the divide between the “urban” and “rural” glares here with the US interior hicks and cornfed townies arguing with the urban, educated worldly Blue State pseudo-intellectuals like myself.

      1. Yeah disqus was a big blow. I have to admit my desire to comment on articles and collab on ideas in the comment section of rok has reduced considerably, opting for twitter instead. [gab is a fine idea, but its just an echochamber and its monopolised by us already lol, so there’s no fun pushback]
        I think there is a huge market for a free speech competitor to disqus as they literally control the flow of conversation on articles.

        1. I’m starting to think that Gab will become more of a general platform after Twitter inevitably collapses (see their financials if you don’t believe me). When Gab is the best thing, people will natually flow to it.

      2. Have you tried wpDiscuz? JetPack comments is also something to look at. I think the future for comments systems is likely to be a WordPress plugin instead of a whole platform like Disqus. Ad monetization is getting harder, even without being banned by ad platforms. A professional WordPress plugin with the appearance and features of Disqus would be ideal.

  2. I’m tempted to try an article scientifically analyzing why soyboys look so punch-able. Might make for some good luls.

    1. Between their attempts to appear feminine transvestite/transsexual trendy and likeable to the freely swayed by fad base, and then having the most stupid looking smug grins that fully deserve to be smeared across really rough pavement while being dragged at 150 mph…..yeah, I think an article on punchable soy boys would be entertaining. Other than the induced side effect of always causing vomit to make it back to the mouth on viewing, Mylanta generally fixes it.

  3. “My occasional approval of Jew or race-baiting articles has become a crutch to satisfy a restless crowd, but at the cost of bringing in a type of reader who obsessively wants to only talk about Jews and black people.”
    Interesting that this should be mentioned. Me and a lot of people I knew thought this site was a Stormfront offshoot. The comment section especially would make anyone think this. If this site is indeed not meant for racist nonsesense, I’d say it’s too late. The genie is already out.
    To be honest, it was inevitable. The red pill and the alt right overlap too much. It was always going to happen that these two groups find each other. A lot of articles written on red pill philosophy uses HBD garbage to justify certain ideas with regards to women. Guess what HBD is also used to justify……yes that’s right…racism.
    HBD type ideas are used in the red pill community to slander women and paint them as being inferior to men, in much the same way it’s used by white supremacists to promote the white man as some kind of god.
    The red pill and racism cannot be divorced until red pill philosophy abandons the ridiculous HBD nonsense. This includes ideas like IQ and genetics being the main influences on human behavior. Don’t get me wrong, IQ and genetics can have an effect on how a person turns out but no where to the extent that red pillers and white supremacists believe. The effects of IQ and genetics on behavior are negligent at best.
    Until the red pill community wakes up to this, I would expect more articles on race and a more racially charged commentary. And sensible people would continue to be put off by the red pill. The red pill gets a lot of stuff about dating right. But all the politics and the black, jew and woman hating…..nah.
    GL for 2018! Happy new years.

    1. Wow, such amazing pseudo intellect speak you have…Almost believable..
      Self up-voting too, what a package deal.

    2. The idea that genetics are negligent at best? Does any other animal behave according to rules given and not innate genetic behavior? Look at studies where identical twins were adopted to different families at birth ( ie culturally very different families ) which is the fairest data available and the data is fairly strong on this as they come out fairly similarly in terms of personality traits, character and IQ when raised in richer or poorer of more or less educated homes. It was shocking for me when I first started reading these studies and realized how strongly our genes influences our abilities as although accepted by actual scientists who study it this is disregarded in public discourse.
      Who is most red pilled on genetics usually? Psychiatrists and that is because they have studied it mostly deeply. Richard Dawkins long held view that the races should at least be classified as different sub-species and that it is intellectually dishonest that they are not. Other well known geneticists believe that the huge differences in DNA mean were we primates we would be classified as different species entirely, and that few species of primates are as distinct as the human races. There are many species can be mixed produce viable offspring. Certainly we are made from breeding with different historical species such as Denisovans and Neanderthals. These questions are above mere science questions and even the concepts of species is a man-made classification system.
      My view is that science will soon render the physical human vastly changeable. Science is moving at such speed these alt-right guys forget the bulk of our scientific knowledge its only a couple of hundred years old and that we’ll move beyond physical to electronic life possibly within a hundred years rendering race insignificant at best in the long term.
      The strong authoritarian secretive states of old which they desire would become very dangerous come the next century should human kind develop the potential to develop viruses to wipe-out racial and other groups. Whites may even lose to asians. Multicultural societies remove ethno-state potential and weaken the state in many regards making such governments less likely. There are other bigger things to worry about. Should climate change check-out which we are unsure of either way, if being honest, then the world may be screwed anyway, and that is a far bigger issue, as we have no idea of the cliff we are jumping off. Its beyond modeling.
      I am no alt-right at all but to deny that genetics influences our behaviors or that genetics and lifestyle and personalities vary according to our racial origins other than in some negligible regard suggests you believe what you prefer to be believe and/or are hardly aware of the evidence.

      1. Who is anyone to say different groups of people should not be allowed to develop how they wish by themselves, governed by themselves?

    3. Its not racism if it’s true. Your justification is invalid.
      We are not here to please you. Nor to hide behind lies for the approval of others.

  4. Good article Roosh.
    I hope your initiatives will bring some improvement to ROK despite the current difficulties.

  5. Can we get paid in CuckCoin? I heard that whenever a soyboy let’s a black man sleep with his wife (and that’s getting more popular), the currency goes on a “bull run”. hahaha

    1. Sez you, tinkerbell. Even if he quietly disappeared right this second, never to be vocal or an activist again, he’s awakened more peeps and done more for the manosphere than you or I ever will.

  6. Easier said than done no doubt but if disqus, paypal, and mainstream paid advertisers are withdrawing their services / custom then this is a good incentive to discover new forms of monetisation. Over a year after Trump you’d think there’d be some kind of ‘deplorable’ shadow economy emerging that could start to take on the leftist monopolies

    1. If Roosh signed up to Hatreon He’d easily get 500 bucks a month, maybe a thousand I dunno why he isnt there with a little sob story about the costs of keeping it running and boo hoo hoo all the nasties at paypal and fuck disqus. Weev and anglin are both millionaires of bitcoin like most of the alt-right, fuck was buying up bitcoins when they werent valued at a few cents and has millions at known addresses.

      1. I hadn’t heard of Hatreon. Certainly I consider anti-hate speech to be primarily about controlling the discourse rather combatting general nastiness and protecting vulnerable groups however while ROK has certainly done good work cocking an occasional snook at the SLPC etc opposing thinly veiled marxism isn’t the same as self-identifying as an “hate-affirming” entity. ROK is oriented towards game, self-improvement and and appreciating self-respecting women; as such it would be a grave mistake to allow itself to take on a label created by those it is most in disagreement with. Beyond that, the principle of seeking alternative forms of fund-raising is a good one

    2. Alternatives are popping up, they’re just not nearly as well known as the big guys.
      I ought to write an article on free-speech friendly alternatives to popular platforms and their various pros and cons. I’d probably post it on my half-dead blog or on AKC, but if Roosh is interested and doesn’t insist on exclusivity I might submit it here as well.
      Stuff like Gab, Hatreon, Freestartr, Minds, BitChute, PewTube, ZenCast, LibSyn, Chitika, wpDiscuz, JetPack, etc are all alternatives to major platforms that have been SJW converged and embrace censorship.

  7. Roosh. Rather than offer anyone $10 of anything for an article, you would do better to offer A.V. Yader $100 per article.
    Months ago I read the guidelines for submitting an article here. Seems to me, as witty and intelligent as some commenters here think they are, you should have no shortage of articles and writers to choose from.
    Besides, I prefer writing action adventure.
    I like most of the articles at Return Of Kings. The first three years were the best (so far).
    And I recommend all new comers read the archives, especially from October 2012 then three years in.
    You should solicit Michael Myers to write articles. He responds to everybody (almost), he’s long winded, and he is not ashamed of, or embarrassed for being wrong.

    1. EDWARD
      I’m actually puffed up that you should think I am so insightful but regrettably my life lacks the dimension to have insight on “game” or “slaying chicks” (Married, previously used prostitutes) as I am not out at the clubs now in my 40’s on a very modest income in Asia. I’ve already been through by hardcore partying in my 20’s and have not do a hard drug like coke in 15 years. When I was in the reproductive prime of my life it was before cell phones, social media and the rest of it so my ability to comment on this is weak.

      1. 99% of what I read off here (comments included) is solely for the insight to see the world through the eyes of another more than to be swayed to a point of view or improve. naked insight, just like naked anecdotal evidence, is addicting because it is REAL and you can see it in action, like watching an actual cat or dog stalking another animal. You can feel the adrenaline, and see the actual LIFE going on in front of your eyes. Its just like listening to naked human life go on right in front of you, because it is UNFILTERED when you see it LIVE.

        1. This is about as closes as you can get to life from an office cube, without actually being there. once I am out of office for the day, I am way to busy to be burrowed in the happening here.

      2. ROOSH
        My job is to stay out of Detroit or any white lower middle-class environment of any kind and stay overseas in Asia.
        People I grew up with can get old in their houses that are worth jackshit because Hoodrats get Section 8 in and the property value declines like a fart in a spacesuit.
        Its lovely to live overseas because there are no Non-Asian minorities. They cannot afford to leave their desert barrios or their hoods so you do not have to see them. I have not seen many of the J, either. They only go to one country overseas and it ain’t Dubai.
        North America has declined since the 90’s, screw the fifties.
        Things were slightly better during Clinton’s era though whether this was him, the weather or just the fact that he was President between the Cold War and 2001 I do not know.
        Here’s a newsflash to everybody on this board-if you timewarped somebody from 1995 to now they’d be shocked how North America went downhill.

  8. I’d agree with the gradual shift from game/self improvement to politics and hypothetical philosopher. I found ROK 5 years ago and read it daily. I’m glad you noticed.

  9. Roosh I greatly appreciate that you’ve openly written about the JQ and given men space here for the last couple of years to delve into some very serious, and sometimes even esoteric, topics. My red-pilling is owed in large part to this site and the community it created.
    I don’t blame you for not wanting this site to get completely stuck on these issues, and I know you understand their importance. These ideas have been fleshed out here in great detail but I agree that there is no point for ROK to become an Altright site when these topics are being focused on more directly elsewhere (e.g.,, ChateauHeartiste, TheRadicalAgenda, etc.). And besides, if anyone on here is serious about right-wing populism, we’re passed the point of online intellectual discussion; it’s time to start finding and talking to people in the real world.
    I think the great strength of your work is your open-mindedness to a range of ideas and that you fundamentally want to help men – of all backgrounds. You speak the truth even when it would be easier not to, and that’s why you’ll get respect even from righteously pissed off white nationalists like Anglin or Vincent Law.
    I think you’re making the right choice by not pigeon-holing the site. I also know that when you say you’re done with politics, you’re really not. Once something new and interesting comes onto the scene, it’ll grab your attention. Your last “break from politics” lasted like a month lol.

    1. Hey are you that Clark Kent who posted those insightful comments about Canada on the Cost of Living Numbeo message bulletin feed at Toronto Numbeo?

  10. Roosh,
    Be more like Alex Jones and create your own supplement line. You have the audience, they want to support you, and most of them buy supplements anyways.

  11. Hi Roosh, will see if this small kick in the pants gets me to do something have slightly had as a goal for a while 😉 One additional barrier would like to know about is this – is just text set out in paragraphs enough or do you want the submissions to contain photos and layout?

  12. I think the whole game shaming has come from a place of recognizing that simply learning verbal tricks is not going to get you far if you don’t offer any value. Truth is the competition for hot girls is ridiculous so you need to bring way more to the table than just game routines. I don’t mean money but lots of game practitioners completely under emphasize looks which is laughable in the post-tinder experiment age. If a man wants to get women he considers high value then he must become high value himself. Simply teaching yourself how to talk to people will limit you if your body, face, and countless other things are not present. Those of who shame game articles have been around long enough to know that lots of the early 2000s ASF/ RSD communities were full of scammers preying on incel weakness.
    That and the fact many fake PUAs use shills to make themselves look more skilled.
    Just LOL if you think your average PUA practitioner cuck can outslay 6’4 Anglo Chad.

    1. FITZ
      In my experience the short, exotic looking Italian-Stallions do better in the Midwest because it is a bit of change from the Germanic-Nordic looks of your typical “Chad”.
      Italian-American girls who marry a “Chad” (Have two in my family) did so just to marry up the class spectrum as demonstrated on that show MAD MAN.
      Basically Italians are not quite Negros but are sort of “high Yellow” and have a bit of a “Soul Pole”.

        1. CLARK
          Sicilians are tan without being quite black or non-white. So another words some of the Anglo-Saxon girls in the Midwest get bored of the Chads and want an Italian Stallion.
          High yellow means a Mulatto. Italian women are darn near, but not quite.

      1. Sez someone from the Great Lakes. A Sicilian would be invisible south of Interstate 80 save for being thought of as an Arab or Mexican. Sicilians don’t slay shit in Southern Ohio/Cincinnati. They are exotic in a bad way. People here are taller and built with more muscle than your average Gracile Med looking Sicilian. Also their skin is a detriment as you either need to have White skin or be Black to slay here. Middle ground doesn’t work here. Sicilians are not seen as Italian stallions but as ethnic looking Arabs and that isn’t an advantage. They might have some advantage elsewhere but not in the actual Midwest. Great Lakes girls are used to differentiation between Arabs and Italians. Such a thing doesn’t exist down here and looking hardcore Mediterranean is a detriment. Hell I am mostly of German descent and thankfully my bone structure follows that pattern because it keeps me from having striking ethnic features.
        I think your observations wouldn’t apply in the more landlocked areas where nobody is really aware of what Italians are

        1. FITZ Good Point
          Detroit and even Cleveland are more like the “East Coast” than the South or Midwest.

      2. However in the Northern areas of the Midwest your average Germanic male is a cuck so yes an Italian would outslay by light years. No question. I observed it in Chicago very often. Those same Italians would have lots of trouble in Cincinnati where the Germanics are robust and quite threatening looking. Sure they are nice and friendly but they don’t really let some brown out of towner cuck them like that. Germans in Cincinnati are of a different German stock than the rest of the country. Germans here are not cucks and will fuck someone up if need be. Up North the Germanics are pussified and that is why they don’t slay. And people up in the Great Lakes seem shorter and not as robust in their builds so it was easy to see why ethnics would slay in Chicago clubs. White guys in Chicago seemed largely irrelevant.

        1. Sicilian Girls
          They are really hairy. Their butt crack and vagina are hairier than the average German male.
          I’ve had sex with one or two Sicilian girls and I’m not prejudiced but we did doggy style and her butt was a bush of hair.
          This was in the 90’s when chicks had pubic hair.
          Also, the chick was somebody’s sister and predictably you never know how the Sicilian guy is going to be about that although she was 24 or so at the time.

    2. Negging/talking techniques and all the confidence in the world means jack shit when Chad walks into the room and has all the vagina present soaking in a puddle.

  13. “Hundreds of people we’ve banned in the past were allowed to comment again and spew their filth.” Just like you spew your filth and hatred all over the internet, and instigate men to hate on women and minorities.
    I’m delighted you see how nasty it is to be on the receiving side of hate and perhaps learn from it. Though I don’t think so.

    1. No one wants to fuck your smelly white cracka ass except your 10 year old male student you teach at some urban elementary school, FUCKING WHORE!

    2. FUCKYOU
      We think you’d like that, if you were a female.
      It is the commentators who discuss minorities.
      To begin with, I believe Roosh lives in Australia where the impact of minorities associated with the US are smaller in number.

    I chose Michael Myers because he is an Alpha male. A man of few words whose actions speak louder on Halloween. He is tall and white, even his mask. He has superhuman strength and can be shot 6 times off balconies and walk away.
    I learn something from other posters. That is my purpose for blogging, not to hear myself express my own strong opinions.
    Which might be wrong.
    John is an excellent poster as would befit a man of his wisdom and experiences. Fitz is analytical and level-headed with a shrewd insight instead of inflamed opinions. Blue Eyed Devil is a funny commentator on the commentators who injects some humor into the grim truths that seem more and more empirical.
    Big Dicked Illegal Mexican plays devil’s advocate. He is funny.
    So personally I get satisfaction from interacting with you fellows.

      1. There’s loads better commentators here than I, sir. Better informed, better read, better writers.
        I’m just a middle-class white asshole from the Flyover myself who knows the score because people like me know when nobody in the scheme of things give a shit about them.
        I keep talking about “Detroit” because when you are a white from an uninviting place you know the score about how the government, media, other races feel about you. At best (And I mean 100%) they do not care about you and ignore you.

        1. “I keep talking about “Detroit” because when you are a white from an uninviting place you know the score about how the government, media, other races feel about you”
          You should go undercover brother

  15. Roosh, why do you condemn discussions about Hitler? Name me one politician in the world who reduced the unemployment rate of a country from 65% down to 14% within 3 years like Hitler.
    Hitler was a great man. He cared for the German people. He wasn’t to blame for seeing the obvious.
    Why was it that the Jews did not suffer as terribly as the German locals during Wiemar Germany? Jews were the top earners percentage-wise in Wiemar Germany.
    Now look at the USA. Jews dominate our media, our education system and they spread their filth such as feminism into our communities.
    Ernst Zundel, a hero, warned us that America will suffer Wiemar-like conditions because of these Jews, and that the reaction to that by Americans will be severe than in Wiemar Germany where those who were allowed to own firearms were farmers and policemen.
    When you and your loved ones end up starving and homeless because of these Jews, will you wake up and smell the coffee that the Jew is slurping as he later walks to his white collar job to swindle others?

    1. WOLFF
      You may be German but if you understood the sheer physical vastness of the North American continent you would understand that dense concentrations of Jews are thousands of miles away from the whites in the US interior or South who seem to feel most affected by LA or NYC. Gas money is more expensive than bullets. Germany (I’m German-American) is one day’s drive from Bavaria to the border of Denmark.
      As for the media, Germans are dominated the “scat scene” at the moment. Japan is also producing vile porn. These folks will not cease disseminating images of women’s faces being shat upon simply because the Jews return to Zion.
      In terms of education or media, this is a debatable. Feminism? Well the real problem is that wages have been depressed to the point that no man with a Bachelor’s degree can possibly be earning enough for his wife to stay at home. This does not affect minorities because of course the tax payer foots the bill.

      1. ” Well the real problem is that wages have been depressed to the point that no man with a Bachelor’s degree can possibly be earning enough for his wife to stay at home.”
        I’m guessing that one of the reasons this H-1B program was implemented was because the Globalists knew it would force wives out of the homes and into the work places. This would of course help feminism, destroy marriages, and pit men against women vying for the same jobs.

    2. Yeah I guess if you get virtually all the men of working age killed while simultaneous getting most of the country’s property and infrastructure destroyed, unemployment would probably be pretty low.

  16. I read an rok article every day. Its a great replacement for liberal news because it motivates me to be minimalist and focus on self development

  17. SIR
    For a landlord and the son of a German who started his life as a carpenter I do not thing Trump is altogether a bad president. Sure he’s had to kowtow to Saudi because of their oil and he glad-handed Israel with the capitol. But so would Clinton. Or Nixon. Some things are bi-partisan.
    Had I been president of the USA when I was 26 years old back in the year 2000 there would be no Rapefugee crisis. It is largely the result of the “Twin Towers” of Iraq and Libya. Had these two countries been ignored as Third-World toilet bowls whose oil was not worth the effort.

  18. Long time lurker here. Interested to contribute. Don’t need litecoins because the crypto space is a bubble building up on the naivete of gullible millenials, when it finally bursts, they’ll shed more tears than liberal cucks after Trump’s presidency. What I expect instead is one dofollow deep page link in the body.
    How does it sound?

  19. Hey Roosh.. I wish you the best, truly… But when I read The Commenters lately I am HOWLING with laughter 😀 -eg; Burner Prime, Michael Myers (GenX 1), Rocky Balboa and even the occasional Nazi troll.. they are incitefully HILARIOUS! And they are closer to REAL Life than your watered-down Cosmo shit articles of late. YOU, Roosh, seem to be attempting to continue the Internet of the 90s FANTASY wherein you can ride a dotcom shit site with books & baubles and become rich. Note – Back in the day I DESPISED your PUA bullshit= I am NOT the type to walk around Seattle ‘gaming’ pigs all day. And now the self-help shit is beyond pathetic… Squats? 1950’s marriage? Powerless Politics? C’mon, 🙁 And offering $10 of shitcoin for user-generated PC drivel is PATHETIC! ===HELPFUL SUGGESTION=== Not that you deserve any help, (because you BANNED me in the past, since I like to swear alot, and you evidently skewered my IP address)…. IDEA === CREATE A ROK PORTAL=== Like an early Yahoo but for REAL WHITE MEN KINGS— FILTER ALL the PC-J-SJW shit. Instead of trying to “publish a magazine” by randomly writing bloated articles that suck (and are instantly outdated) – Use your “WISDOM” to FIND and RATE Sites of REAL interest.. (not porn or garbage survival shite) .. write a few paragraphs as to WHY the site is good, then let -US- rip into it! In time you will have a selection of QUALITY web information and commerce sites that matter. And instead of waiting for AdSense revenue paying $1 for literally millions of views, you could have so many AFI link-thrus on REAL products that you don’t need to prostitute yourself with T-shirts! Lastly, I would play with crypto-coins as a lark but I am NOT using a credit card, as THAT is what the bubble is about,- getting the sheep to ID their own transaction “chains”. –So Show me where I can grab some coinage; or even YOU can provide the access but with a simple money order or cash! THAT is the goddamn future!

    1. Cash over the internet is not very practical. How about you submit for free? Have the courage of your convictions.

    2. Can I translate the garbage you spewed?
      It all reads (predictably) ” Don’t buck the status quo”…
      one sentence would have sufficed.

  20. Get rid of all alt-right faggots. Exterminate every worthless one. Bring back proper and tact white power movements.

  21. I have been on this site since 2014. It was great in the beginning. Then around 2016 the stupid banning practices started and now bitch Karma is biting back at Roosh.
    Sorry, man but you screwed it up.

    1. Dont be so hard on him. I have some respect for the guy. I think he’s coming to some realisations we all do as we get older, maybe wiser. It takes a real man to (indirectly) admit he has lost his way somewhat and wants help to get back ontrack. ROK has a lot of potential if the right folks help him out. He has some nut. Only criticism, bitcoin. It’s not tangable, it’s a further step toward total control. How about offering guest writers one off articles with no payment?

  22. I have been visiting this site since a few years and I can confirm the decline of this site. In 2016 I already noticed the bad quality of articles, but 2017 got worse with all the retards in the comment section.
    About the quality of the articles:
    1) Stop publishing articles that want to push religious beliefs on people. Religions have been altered in the past, so don’t think the Bible (or whatever other religious book) is fully objective.
    2) Stop publishing articles where the writers can only bitch and whine about things without offering realistic solutions. We come here for learning and improvement.
    About the comment section:
    1) Please moderate all the white supremacist losers who think they’re above other people simply because they have a white skin or a certain ethnicity. The only thing that counts in this world is what YOU achieve in YOUR life. These losers haven’t achieve anything in their pathetic lives, so they derive their self-worth from the actions of other people.

  23. Hopefully, this will be a turn for the better, the more recent articles seem to have an extremist lean. No matter the direction, that’s Not Very Good. Capitalizations both intended and justified. There are few easier ways to provide a strawman for one’s own viewpoint.
    Also, caught a bug: the “I’m” after the block quote should be “I”.

      1. A lot of the articles follow through with a lack of logic and an abundance of near-flashpoint rhetoric, it’s not as bad as elsewhere, but enough to turn away a portion of the audience that would otherwise listen.

  24. Soxmis,
    That’s a cunty comment. We build men up around here. Post your own pic or take the hipster snark elsewhere.
    I grow weary of the limp wristed, biting commentary on Rok these days.

  25. I’ve always had lots of ideas for articles…I’ve been busy and unfortunately RoK has slipped to my # 3 or 4 Web site priority. I’ll have to get caught up. It has been a rough year but thanks for hanging in, Roosh. This site is important – I only tell MEN about it.
    It’s too bad about Disqus. There were a lot of great regular commenters who abandoned the comment section after that fiasco.
    I’ll do my part to keep fighting the good fight.

  26. I suggest more tightly focusing the message. Winking at outright racist or anti-Semitic articles or commentators leaves you vulnerable to being ostracized. What is the mission of Rok? I see it as promoting the well-being and improvement of men. I don’t see it as a forum for neo-Nazis. But other people do, both contributors and external media sources.
    You are in control of the message. Generally I think that it cuts across ethnicity and religion. Black men, white men, Asian men etc. are all my brothers. If you want RoK to grow you need to overtly cut ties with the Nazis and other haters because at this time you are losing the strong men you need most and gaining the weak ones you need least.

  27. Roosh – have you thought about just turning off comments on some of the more “controversial” posts? Might seem to be to me a better tactic. The threading of comments using this program is horrible and the alerts to responses don’t work very well. It would seem to me that you might get better value/traffic by keeping the trolls away and telling people if they want to discuss a topic to do so through the forum. Just an idea. Keep up the good work.

  28. $10 an article? And not even $, but some crypto that loses value fast?! Good luck motivating people with that, Roosh! :))))

  29. “Overnight, hundreds of people we’ve banned in the past were allowed to comment again and spew their filth.”
    Actually those guys were the best and it was a complete mystery as to why they were banned. Maybe roosh was triggered by their whiteness ? Either way, if it’s a choice between admittedly poorer quality and whatever this comment control is all really about and getting a job, I would consider letting people speak their minds, keep the quality up, and just get a fucking job.

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