What It Takes To Learn A New Language

Depending on a variety of preferences and circumstances, to learn several languages is highly beneficial at best and time-consuming yet frustrating at worst. While ROK rightly has stressed that some generally may be more relevant than others (for instance, Spanish likely beats Arabic and Manadarin), I will not go into that specific debate here.

Instead I will convey a little about my own experiences of learning three different languages (besides English) and what efforts that underlie such a process. Hopefully that will provide a more realistic and nuanced understanding of what it takes to master, or at least significantly learn another tongue.


One of the main aspects of learning a different language is the level of similarity in comparison to your own mother tongue. As a Swede, Norwegian is very similar in just about every way that concerns grammar and vocabulary. Roughly 90% of all written words are so similar in spelling and meaning that a Swede (or Dane) understands them, and Swedes seldom experience difficulties regarding the spoken language either.

Yet there are differences that sometimes cause misunderstandings, for instance a larger degree of diphthongs (a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable). That is why those Swedes who live closer to the Norwegian border find it easier to understand spoken Norwegian.

In any case, an average Swede understands the bulk of Norwegian, and once he moves there and get accustomed to the 10% of words that are completely different from Swedish he can be linguistically integrated. I have studied Norwegian and Danish for a very limited time and it was obvious that I could learn it even better than German.


As for German, I studied it between the ages of 13-18, in elementary school and high school, and then read a number of academic works in German between 2009-2012. The latter, of course, helped me to widen my vocabulary beyond the basics.

Before my last visit in a predominantly German-speaking country, Switzerland, I studied it for a few hours and while I was there I tried to speak it with my girlfriend and people whom I met, in conjunction with looking for all of those words online that I was keen on learning or had forgot.

Although I had to struggle a bit with all of the new words, and parts of the grammar are a bit arduous to deal with, I found the process rather easy and frictionless. In part that is because Swedish and German are fairly similar, about as similar as German and English, although not as similar as Norwegian.

German and English are somewhat more alike in a grammatical sense, as both are part of the Western-Germanic branch of the Indo-European language tree, but due to the large share and number of borrowings from German between particularly 1100-1350, and later also during the 19th century, Swedes have a slight lexical advantage.


Korean, the only Oriental language that I have learned in depth, is definitely another kettle of fish than the relatively similar Germanic languages. Korean is often categorized as a rather unique Altaic language, only slightly similar to Japanese, and completely different from Mandarin. Only the large share of borrowings makes it “related” to Chinese, but the latter is a Sino-Tibetan language which has no affinities with neither Korean nor Japanese.

While I was working part-time I had the opportunity to study Korean full-time at univeristy, which is entirely for free in the part of Europe where I was living. My schedule was tough as the pace of learning was high, completely different from the slow tempo so common in high school. With the combination of lots of self-learning and amazing native Korean teachers, I could learn more than 5,000 words and phrases within a year and have a simple conversation with another student (or attractive Korean girls in their 20s).

I then continued with intermediate level, learning roughly 10,000 more words and more complex grammar, before I had to stop. I then bought some of the more advanced text books, listened to K-pop, and visited South Korea for almost a month. I approached a lot and had a romance with a girl whom I talked to in Korean a lot. Now I can quit for a while and then continue to study when I have available time and am motivated, but since Korean is much less automated than the Germanic languages it’s always a struggle.

Underlying factors and tips

Psychologists like Arthur Jensen and Richard Lynn have shown that the combination of intelligence, opportunity and motvation (or concientiousness) leads to varying degrees of achievements in just about every field. To learn languages is no different. Some have an aptitude for such pursuits, often linked to verbal intelligence, and some don’t.

For men in general, who neither are linguistic geniuses nor borderline retarded, opportunity, diligence and motivation matter a lot. For that reason, combined with how similar a specific language is, you should probably focus on one or two relatively similar languages, like German and Spanish, and only deal with a vastly different such like Korean or Russian if you really have time.

Of course, things are not black or white, and sometimes just a couple of words and phrases during a vacation give something in return, but I would not consider that as by any means to have actually learned the language. For a man to do so, he must study it thoroughly, and mix it with lots of real life conversation. If you don’t attend at a university, then at least buy the same literature as they use, start with a beginners book, and then continue with intermediate in due time. Forget about learning a language in one week and such nonsense. It’s often hard, given that it’s not very similar to begin with.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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    1. Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, and a few others are in their own group. IIRC, this group originated probably somewhere around the Urals. Grammar for those is pretty tough.

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  9. As someone with a heavy language background I want to point out (and this does not in any way contradict anything said in the article) that the easiness of learning a language closely related to a language one already speaks on some level is very much related to the highness or lowness of that very level.
    Therefore having intermediate swedish skills will be very helpful when reading norwegian and learning to memorize words but you need to be native level to get a hang off fast paced conversations carried out in norwegian and you’ll still miss some things. I have a solid high intermediate background in swedish (I’m finnish) and I can watch a norwegian movie without understanding much of anything (I understand clearly articulated news decently) although I would understand almost all of it if it had norwegian subtitles. I’ve studied norwegian for less than two years on a fairly passive level.
    Some people dismiss the differences in closely related languages overconfidently, which is insulting to the people for whom the details of their language relative to another are an important part of their identity and culture. I used to go to a portuguese class which was also attended by a distant and bitchy, barren career woman type and she insisted on her speaking spanish although the rest of the class had been studying portuguese for years and she had no exposure to it at all. Luckily for her the teacher was also more or less fluent in portuguese and entertained the bitch for a while until she got mad at us not bowing to her credentials (she started ranting about politics) and dramatically slammed the door on her way out. That was the most ridiculous language experience I’ve had after taking courses in 20 different languages and perhaps it ties into the whole “childless women go insane” theme.
    This is anecdotal but it seems to me as if some people simply have a better ear for perceiving sounds than others and thus language learning can be asymmetrical and you can face discouraging disappointments while engaged in a spoken conversation even if you have very respectable grammar and reading knowledge and respectable speaking skills as long as you’re allowed to decide the tempo of the conversation. Conversely some people with a knack for sound perception are not necessarily very educated in the fine details of written language and grammar, sort of like illiterate musicians who cannot read music but can sing and play it very well. In any case you need to learn all of it to be secure and fully confident in your ‘frame’.

    1. most spanish speakers can understand portuguese after taking a few classes son phonology, most portuguese speakers can understand spanish speakers without any lessons taken before. Thats because the two languages are similar, but spanish phonology is simpler. Maybe its something akin with norwegian and swedish

  10. To correct a confusing mistake in my earlier message; I meant to say that the teacher was ALSO fluent in SPANISH. Being a portuguese teacher mentioning his portuguese skills would be redudant of course.

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    2. you know it’s possible to love languages but hate the people who speak them. Not that I recommend that of course, but it’s possible

  11. its nice to learn other languages and all… but the Global push of it turns me off. Articles like this always imply that it is the inescapable future to learn some broken 3rd world gibberish.The author learned 50,000 Korean words and yet every person he tries to talk to will mock him behind his back …and he is fucking UN employable in Asia because of it. Most likely Korea will be a smouldering pile of ashes by 2019 so why bother to learn their Take-Out-Order-Happy-Ending-Cheap-Car babble? -And if the Ghetto English tweeted around the world is now to be replaced by the J-deathlords- Then, with what? Chinese? Pig Latin? –Let’s instead stick with laughing at foreigners… and if they cannot speak English properly…get… the…. FUCK. OUT.

  12. I am not implying anything. Many man want to learn other languages as a consequence of making temporary or permanent relocations, like Spanish or Russian.
    Korean has given me a lot in return, even though I am not working there and likely never will. Some of them are more for personal development and cultural knowledge than economic ROI, but also my job opportunities in Sweden has in fact improved to some extent as a consequence of my particular language skills.
    Lastly, I would not bet on the assumption that Korea will be gone within a few years. That seems unlikely. And it is not a third-world country, unlike its northern neighbor. For more knowledge and information about the two Korean states:

    Is North Korea Really A Threat To The United States?

    What Modern South Korea Is Like

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