I Will Not Let My Sons Join The Armed Forces

The hiatus between Christmas and New Year is a pleasant time for me. Work has ground to a halt, no calls or emails to reply to, Christmas is over, the mess is cleaned up, and kids are with their mother for the week. There is little to fill each day except for the obligatory thrash at the gym, so I found myself at leisure to reflect and contemplate on life, the year just gone, and the year ahead.

Part of my recent transition to a Red Pill existence is grappling with the realisation that honour, loyalty, and integrity are the main masculine traits that weak men, women, governments and institutions don’t possess. You would think the presence of many men in government, the armed forces, and politics would ensure these values predominate, but this not the case. Of course these values cannot prevail in the feminine system we find ourselves in, explaining why the West is so weak, flaccid and duplicitous, and that it’s word, be it a threat or promise, cannot taken seriously by anyone, friend or foe alike.

A man I met in the gym

I had an interesting conversation with a bloke in my local gym. This chap was visiting the area on holidays with his family and was training most mornings to work off the excesses that are typical at this time of year.

He had one of his young sons in tow, and the lad had a worried, anxious appearance; way too serious for a kid on holidays. This chap was about 5’8″ tall, very broad and weighed 230 pounds. At his peak he reached 275 pounds.

Although still solid, he carried a lot of fat, and had a puffy, out of shape appearance. What struck me though was the relatively low poundage he was lifting. This was surprising to me as I have observed many overweight men who are nevertheless quite strong.

I noticed him sitting at a machine gingerly exercising the left side of his chest. I thought to myself “Ahh he has pulled a muscle”, so I wandered over and enquired, “Looks like you have strained a pectoral?”

He said, “No, I have bad shoulders.”

I enquired further, “What happened to you?”

“I have cancer and I’ve got rods and inserts in my arms on both sides and I can’t work my shoulders too hard”.

We talked for a while and he explained that he had been deployed to one of the wars in the Middle East, until his illness made it impossible to continue. He was in fact part of our special forces, equivalent to your navy SEALs. During this time he was exposed to a lot of chemicals, toxins, and extreme levels of peril and stress.

His doctor had written him off, giving him months to live. We had a bit of a laugh about the piss-poor physical condition of doctors in general.

Veterans are normally entitled to free premium health care. I said, “At least you have Gold Card to cover your treatment and expenses”. He said that he didn’t have a card, and that he had to prove to them that the war caused it.

The system failed him

This is where the story gets serious. When you realise the bureaucracy hasn’t got your back, that the system doesn’t give a fuck, and that it will sool its lawyers onto you so that now you are forced to fight two wars simultaneously: staying alive and battling the bastards in the government.

This is not an isolated case, I’m sure many of you have heard of similar tales, or personally know someone in the same predicament. Ignoring the morality and efficacy of fighting foreign wars for a moment, there is still the knowledge that once your utility expires, you are transferred to the liability side of the balance sheet. Sound familiar?

I don’t know if his prognosis is favourable, but his stoicism and philosophical acceptance of his reality was remarkable, in contrast to the disinterested and dishonourable behaviour of his employer. And that is why I do not want my kids to join the army.

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  1. Sounds like you’re describing non-US Armed Forces. Although the American VA has it’s faults, I had my hearing loss and PTSD disability approvals in less than 4 months.
    This is aside from the fact that joining the military does not equal combat. Most jobs are far behind the lines, and the chance of combat is small for most support jobs.
    My kids will be joining the American Armed Forces, preferably as officers. The leadership, brotherhood and general discipline are virtues still taught, in spite of the best efforts of Washington. With Mattis in charge, the American military is getting back to the business of warfighting and away from Social Justice.
    Having spent time training various European NATO allies armed forces, I can see why you wouldn’t want your kids to join: the quality of those armies is pretty low. And most of their defense strategies consist of “hold them off long enough for America to show up and save us.”
    I can’t speak to how veterans are treated in outer countries, but the American VA has improved threefold since 2010. It still has a LOT of flaws, but my disability claims were processed in under 4 months and I can get appointment scheduled a week out.

    1. FITZROY
      The National Guard reserves or the Coast Guard can teach this. They do not have to become infantry.

    2. Quality of European armed forces low: all of them in all respects?
      – most of their defense strategies consist of “hold them off long enough for America to show up and save us.”
      As you might now, being a veteran who trained other NATO armed forces in Europe, the defense strategy of NATO is not drawn up on the national level but transnationally within NATO-ACE, with the exception of the french defense strategy which is indeed compiled by french alone, as their armed forces are not fully integrated into NATO. Of course every defense is defense-in-depth until the main bulk of NATO forces are mobilized (which includes American forces) and you got all your combat value into the field. As a skilled soldier, would you attack an enemy platoon with 4 IFVs and lets say 35 mechanized infantry men with a squad of, say, 18 men and 2 IFV, if your backup of 2 squads will arrive within the hour? You would try to channel the enemies movement with maybe mines and terrain and slow them down with defense-in-depth until your backup arrives. The same you do on the tactical level is done on the strategic level.
      BTW: What did you teach the European soldiers?

      1. The Russian soldiers are some of the hardest in the world. And Afghan hillbillies were the match of Navy Seals.

        1. We must be fair, the Taliban use hit and run tactics and IEDs mostly. And the Soviet Union (Russia) got its ass kicked by the Taliban bad by these cowardly tactics. NATO did not get its ass kicked similarily as long as ISAF lasted. Of course, the Taliban try to make a come back now that most NATO troops left and handed over security to the Afghan government, but they havent succeeded yet and nor will they ever again (as the west will not allow it).

    3. “Having spent time training various European NATO allies armed forces, I can see why you wouldn’t want your kids to join: the quality of those armies is pretty low. And most of their defense strategies consist of “hold them off long enough for America to show up and save us.””
      Having been on winter exercises with American troops north of the artic circle, I am not counting on their help at all. Maybe some of your weapons are good, but the troops were bad, very much unable to handle the environmental conditions.
      As to our capacity to defend out nation on our own, you have a point. But a solution would be more like the Finnish model (or the Swiss model if you like).

    4. Yeah but why fight Washington’s wars? Its just lining the pockets of the politicians and defence contractors.

    1. “Yesss, Goy! Watch our Hollywood movies about soldiers! You, too, can become a hero or become an hero when you are too depressed to function properly after having waged wars so that Israelis can be safe(r). Don’t forget to let your (((feminist))) wife manage your household. She will be taken care of by Tyrone and Chad”.

      1. That’s right! “If your life was a book, who would read it?” was on a US Army poster. If your book was BANG, lots of men will read it. Fuck Sam, he’s forgotten men like my uncle, disabled, drafted as youth, unable to walk right, hear. He’s been given appointments 6 full months out, with doctors who ‘make guesses’ and won’t operate on smokers. Well, maybe he’s to blame if he hadn’t been a smoker when they drafted him. Bastards. My son, myself (nor my daughter, obviously) will ever be joining the armed forces. They pay you chump change for the best days of your life.

        1. The things we know now that we did not know then, both of realities and duplicities the lies, the ” patriotic” propaganda and the lies to get you to sign your life away…..We would be smarter men for having seen the obvious, but we weren’t and couldn’t see the truths we would learn in the crucible of the US Armed services. You see it wasn’t necessarily just a crucible to turn you into a hardened seasoned warrior and a weapon, it was also ALWAYS a crucible to create an obedient and unquestioning pawn who could be easily duped by promises and contracts and patriotism to set themselves up to royally azz raped by your employer, your father figures, your trusted commanders as you did your “duty”, only to find out that you were the ONLY ones doing your duty while all the rest stepped on you as a disposable asset to their own plush retirements and benefits and contacts for lucrative consulting jobs in retirement. you were always just a “cattle”…nothing more. Trusting led by a red white and blue rope straight into the hamburger mill, and if you were lucky, you came out the other end still alive, never mind your health, never mind your wounds, never mind the bullshit promises, never mind their treachery and how quickly you get sold out. “We were soldiers once”…..aye, we were.
          What are we now? For other smart men, we are wise men who advise extreme caution to those who fail to listen to reason and only listen to the sales pitch, in red white and blue.

  2. What did you expect from a society that spits on veterans.
    college students and the government are treating them like enemies even tho they would kill themselves protecting their country and for those degenerate people.
    This is how you emasculate the society and let the faggots in control whether they are the government or the libtards that preach peace and love bs. even when they’re getting fucked by the enemy inside their lands.
    There is no honor and gratitude anymore…That’s how you know the world is fucked.

  3. What brotherhood? Maybe 20 years ago, but the Obama admin has/still is doing a number on the US military. Steer clear–unless you are 100% confident in your abilities to pass a selection– but even those have a huge push to be opened up to women. You’re best bet is private contracting if you want a brotherhood. If nothing else avoid the Navy, don’t fall for the buds recruiting gimmick like so many, if you don’t make it you will be on a ship, chipping paint for the rest of your contract and no you will not have the opportunity to go back.

    1. SQUID
      I was in the National Guard Reserves for two years (And ROTC) in the 1990’s and prior to 9-11 the military was really in sad shape.
      There was open drug use in the barracks, people going AWOL with no recriminations and getting a general discharge, etc.
      If you are in it for the college the Navy is the way to go for two years. You can get all the money you need.

  4. I did 4 years in the US Army. When I was a teenager I believed every man should serve at least the minimum of 4 years (now it’s 2,) however, after serving, now I would never recommend any young man to waste his time in the Armed forces.
    We had a joke in the Army, NCO stands for – No Chance on the Outside!

    1. BILL
      You know it can cover college costs or give a young man something to do from 18-20 besides being an Afro-Saxon hanging around the Mall.

    2. One thing that you will get from the military – in addition to learning some skill – is a DD 214.
      That’s the ticket to getting hired by state, local, or federal govt on the outside.
      Don’t do 20 in the military. Go in, learn something halfway, and get out with that honorable discharge. The honorable gets you guaranteed interviews for govt jobs and gets you 10 pts added to your score as a wartime veteran.
      That ought to be enough to overcome the disadvantage of not being a woman, gay, or black, and get you hired with government.

    3. There’s always a chance, Bill. Every morning you wake up, there’s a chance. Everytime you can slip a boot into the face of the boot upon your face, there’s a chance. Everytime you can surprise yourself and realise you can make a positive impact on the lives of others, there’s a chance. Im a former NCO, I would like to share a jar with you one day and show you with my experiences that there is always a chance.Never let that thought go, to your dying breath.

  5. Your son will be a weak, selfish person. Some narcisstic bro spending all his time “gamming” women like all you PUA trolls. Yall want to talk about being a man when you are self-absorbes picks.

    1. Sorry, Steve,I respect a lot of what you have written, but I wish my father cared enough about me to have tried to influence my life. Taught me better, shown me the way to be a man. I had to teach myself.

    2. Say what you wish but I am not gonna fight for a country that is absorbed in narcissism and makes a mockery of its own veterans. I have even dealt with soy boy faggots who think veterans deserve no rights and should be left to rot. The only enemies I see are the ungrateful millennials/baby boomers living off of taxpayer money and trying to make life miserable for everyone else.

  6. I don’t understand people writing in criticizing the author here—I don’t see anything here criticizing military service per se, but rather how veterans often get short shrift by their governments after the fact.
    Additionally, before joining the military decide if your country is actually worth fighting for. Virtually every country in the West is gynocentric, and elevates women at the expense of men. Why should I die on some foreign soil to support a country that tolerates the divorce rape of men, abortion on demand, the cultural marxist erosion of biblical values, and promotes the slutty behavior of women, undermining the chances of unsuspecting men to find a suitable spouse? If someone comes to my doorstep I will fight to protect myself and those who I love/deem worthy, but that’s about it. And no I will not leave the country, since it affords other advantages. Not knocking those people that join the military out of genuine idealism, even after realizing what a social shit show the US has become—they are heroes, but they run the risk of becoming an unappreciated statistic. But I will not shame any man that makes a calculated decision to avoid becoming a mule for gynocentric society.

    1. You need to look at this from a practical point of view.
      Going in the military gets you out of your hometown, away from all your loser friends, and puts you in an environment where you can learn something.
      When you get out you’ve got the GI Bill to go to school, and you’ve got an honorable discharge. Between the two of those you can open up the doors to a career with civilian government.
      You can actually earn a pension in many government jobs, and easier work can’t be found.
      Where else are you going to get a bonanza like that these days?
      I’d advise any kid who didn’t have anything better to do to join the military. What’s the alternative? Go to college?
      A kid is better off going in the military and learning construction or some trade.

      1. The statistics show none of this bullshit you keep spewing into the comments. Most guys just don’t find good jobs unless they do law enforcement or medical if they were a medic. Most just can’t compete are strung out or have dependapotomus they have to take care of.

        1. I took a ton of college classes while in the air force (hooray for the free tuition for off duty classes), then used my benefits to finish my engineering degree. Veterans preference is nice too if you want a fed job as an entry way to the contracting world, plus you have had a clearance so its easy to get another one.
          Many other guys in the dorms just played xbox in their off hours.

    2. Best comment so far.
      I won’t die for a country who betrays me at Every level by importing illegals in droves, spit on the culture and traditions, while glorifying all other miserable cultures, take all possible legal actions against masculinity etc etc.
      Fuck that.

  7. Don’t let your children join the system period, let alone the military. It is unfortunate that the military, which stood as a bulwark against political correctness for so long, is now sodomized by it daily forevermore. At least in countries like US, UK, CAN, etc. They will treat you like shit and will not give a fucking hoot if you live or die. I know this from experience. The goons that run the show are just greasing their pockets while brainwashed young men (and now women too) are being poisoned, maimed, and killed for something thats not real. Everything they tell the American people is a lie. All wars are fought for Israel and the neo-con / liberal circle jerkers in congress with their banking friends in tow. That house of cards will fold up unto itself in due time, and no interference is necessary.

    1. Yeah, that’s all true. But what’s the freaking alternative?
      When you’re 18 with no prospects except working at McDonalds, being all principled and not going in the military because of some political correctness crap is just stupid.
      And the odds of getting killed – or even shot at – are pretty slim unless you’re kind of on the dumb side and end up in infantry. If you have an IQ above room temperature nobody is going to want to put you there. Even if you do end up in infantry your odds of getting shot at are pretty low.

      1. b True
        Most REMF’s never see the front line and still get the college money. You’ll be in grave danger as a Navy deckhand on a 2 year hitch.

      2. The books basically state that Sociopaths run the system with scams, and that the system would have collapsed in 1988 if the elites hadn’t ramped extend and pretend, but it can’t run on vapours forever.
        Getting most women to work and taxing them are just some of the scams, with birthrate shrinkage fallout e.g. it’s astonishingly stupid that the Japanese government are pushing/enabling more women to work, became women working inevitably shrinks the birthrate even it child care is provided, because it further reduces marriage/births, including earlier documented harmful late marriages because of pointless/poisonous female higher-education/foreign-travel/careers, like most developed countries!

        1. See this site https://beforethecollapse.com/ I discovered via Zero Hedge.
          The three books basically state that Sociopaths run the system with scams, and that the system would have collapsed in 1988 if the elites hadn’t ramped extend and pretend, but it can’t run on vapours forever.
          Getting most women to work and taxing them are just some of the scams, with birthrate shrinkage fallout e.g. it’s astonishingly stupid that the Japanese government are pushing/enabling more women to work, became women working inevitably shrinks the birthrate even it child care is provided, because it further reduces marriage/births, including earlier documented harmful late marriages because of pointless/poisonous female higher-education/foreign-travel/careers, like most developed countries!

  8. Marine Corps Major General Smedley D. Butler says…
    “Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
    I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.
    In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in.
    I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916.
    I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.
    Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

    1. They left that part of Smedley Butler’s philosophy out of my boot camp experience. Is there a particular book that he is referenced as saying that?

      1. ‘Wars a Racket’ Butler comes off a little too much of a bragart in this short tome. But it is an interesting read…

  9. The fact that they might be killed or injured while getting low pay to fight in whatever unnecessary wars McCains, Bushes and Clintons decide will generate cash for them and their cronies is probably a better reason to keep your kids out of the military.

  10. National defense is important, but I’m sure America could make do with a fraction of the military force it has now for ‘defense’. A handful of aircraft carrier fleets is more than adequate. Minding our own business foreign policy wise would save a lot of money and heartache.
    I respect people who take on jobs in the military especially special forces, but most of the places they are sent to don’t have a damn thing to do with any alleged freedoms I supposedly have. You never really own property, the IRS and police can steal from you at will, the money system is a fraud, and we are really a corpratocracy.

  11. No hate against members of the armed forces. But if you truly know how the government works you really have no business potentially dying for something you don’t even believe in. No sane man would sign up to die for a cause he can’t identify with.

    1. The problem, Fitz, is when you’re young and have limited options, the armed forces is the only way to try and make something of yourself. Not wishing to share too much personal information but I was kicked out of home at 15, had to live off the charity of a (black) friend’s family to put a roof over my head and try to complete secondary school. There was no chance of college, university so the army was my only way. It did me a lot of good and I enjoyed every moment until the end of the Cold War and was shipped to fight in the Gulf War. It almost destroyed me. Long story short, I quit after Bosnia and although miss it in the extreme have no regrets. All I can say to any young man wishing to sign up is do it for yourself, be your own man and never follow orders against your moral judgement. Play them, never revealling your true aims. Once you’ve squeezed every inch out of the fuckers, got what you wanted, pull the pin and bail. Never expect these cunts to do anything for you after you’re gone.

  12. Yeah, go do something you can believe in instead, like flip quarter pounders and wash the grease pit every night at McDonalds.
    There’s a job with a future. You’ll learn lots of valuable skills, and I hear they have a tuition reimbursement program now. Plus, imagine the experience and the respect you’ll get when you put that on your resume.

      1. If you’re going to trade two years of your life, while your father is statistically living and your dick still works, trade it for something better than cost-free feminazi indoctrination.

    1. b
      All good to rebel against the system and say screw college and everything is run by the oligarchs but then you end up working for the corporations at the lowest rung.
      This is one reason why black crime is so high. Sure, they could all get jobs like that but there is no status in it. If you are the neighborhood crack dealer or a great car thief than you are something.

      1. Michael Myers there is no reason briny a wagecuck is a requirement in life. Most people I know aren’t military and they are doing fine. Not sure where all this fearmongering comes from. If kids nowadays aren’t smart enough to figure out life without either flipping burgers or dying for globalists then they won’t have to worry about working as a low rung corporation drone anyway.

        1. FITZ
          These days.
          Grad students with useless degrees work in coffee shops at age 30.
          Adults do jobs that 15 year old kids.

    2. Not joining the military to fight, serve and possibly die for self interested parties that could give two fucks about you does not mean you will end up flipping burgers.

      1. Sasquatch
        Not if you are a middle-class, from a Blue State, a fair-sized city, can afford university, pick the right major, have the intelligence for a STEM degree to begin with.
        If you are a teenager from many places it is either join the military or drift through a series of useless jobs. You’ll get married and have a kid or two.
        Then when your city really goes South you’ll be stuck and saying “Can the jobs come back please?”
        Of course if you are let us, a Jew from NYC, this is a different matter.

        1. there are other alternatives. i might suggest “reconnaissance man” or something like it to start. the capt. ha a number of books on finding your way , https://www.amazon.com/Aaron-Clarey/e/B00J1ZC350/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1412768111&sr=8-2-ent . take trades classes and learn to do things. give up the video games. this can all be done on the cheap . start working out , running and swimming. work for a while in landscaping. Work for a moving company , like allied van lines or american red ball . they always hire in the summer . hard work but usually the pay is better than minimum wage. Try to get a job as a car salesman. There are things you can do besides flip burgs.
          the military is ok if you can sign up for a craft or trade . auto or diesel mechanics , electrician , or something that builds skills. Warning though , you MUST have enough math and science aptitude to do the work, otherwise you will end up scraping paint or infantry. Do not believe “combat Engineer ” is actual civilian useful engineering. there is no demand for the blasting things in your local town. also DO NOT trust talk to people who have been in before talking to recruiters.
          just an oled guys $.02

    3. B
      Your IQ is sub 100. It has to be. If you are that stupid to where your options are either to die for globalists or flip burgers, then you’ve got a shit load of issues that the military can’t fix. Good luck.

        1. Sales. Go sell some cars. Hear lots of aspies do well as dark triad type salesmen.
          People always talk about skilled this skilled that. Sales is a skill.

    4. The problem I see here is everyone on here seems to think you need to either joined the armed forces, go to college or get a job.
      What about create your own. What about create your own life course for learning useful skills that you will eventually build your own empire with? I’m not saying everyone can do that, but maybe the first thought shouldn’t be where can I get the best job I can get now.
      The first thought should be, what the hell do I really want to do with my life? Then, what road map do I lay out to get there?
      If you aren’t capable of thinking like that, then you don’t deserve any better than to work at McDonalds, or join the milirary, or go to whatever college your high school guidance counciler suggests.

  13. Well, that’s one good reason. Here’s another: American foreign policy is dictated to us by a foreign power. Enabling treason by killing and dying for a foreign power isn’t patriotic, in my opinion.

  14. Americans defend the government so fiercely because they have replaced religion with the government. Americans think criticizing the government is the same as attacking God now.
    Americans also equate the US government with the USA. Americans think exposing government abuse is the same as bashing the US. Americans feel that criticizing the US government is a personal insult.
    Maybe if Americans studied history and knew how many millions of people were killed by governments with concentration camps in Nazi Germany, Soviet gulags, the Cultural Revolution in China, and Cambodia’s killing fields then Americans wouldn’t be so eager to embrace tyranny.

    1. Americans, and the western world will soon come to fully understand what a concentration camp, or a gulag is all about. Forced labour, chap.

  15. The author is correct to warn men away from military service, especially hazardous duty. However, there is invaluable training and experience you young’uns are gonna need for the coming apocalyptic global world war, so you might want to invest in a short stint.
    Otherwise who in their right mind is gonna want to be cannon fodder against the Chicoms when they start slaughtering you? Why? So you can protect all the thugs and dindus in Detroilet? Preserve the corrupt Republic for the tatted ho’s, illegals and Third World invaders who will gladly bang your daughters after you lie in a grave covered with daisies.

    1. You’re facing an agenda, you need to focus on those who are producing the agenda if you have any hope of fighting back. Dont let media trick you into accepting the given enemies.

  16. Why any man would send his sons to fight for the degenerate west is beyond me. A red pill militia or some other sort of private army that is dedicated to defend the west from the invasion of mud, that’s another matter.

  17. Sure, the Arabs will storm the shores swinging scimitars. I mean their boats sink on the way to Italy.

    1. Haha no, you idealist.
      NGO and european boats would gladly rescue them and bring them right on our shores. And guess who will pay for that…

  18. A brigadier at a recruitment office convinced a 17 year old Mick that after a year of Basic he could immediately begin Tank Crewman training. Returned a week later to sign the contract and hand myself over to the army,
    “Hi, Mick! About your crewman training… I’ve had a chat with some people on the phone, and it seems you have to join the infantry first before you can start your training, so you’ll go out to the front lines for 2 years and then you can start training. So just sign this and we’ll get you in the infantry…”
    Told him to go fuck himself and left. As I’m walking down the street he chases after me saying that he just found my original contract, but, told him where he could go.

  19. MICK
    I had a hearing problem and got a general discharge. A month later the entire Nat Guard in Michigan went to Yugoslavia, supposedly because Clinton was facing impeachment and needed a diversion.
    Who would remember Clinton now? Nobody under 30 has heard of Ken Starr.
    Anyhow, I was glad to be out.

  20. Had I had my time over I might join at 17, get out of my destitute AIDS ridden hometown sign up for a non-combat trade role such as electrician, do my 4 years, et my army pension and college benefits as well as my CV put to the top of the pile for any job I liked and be regarded as ahero on top of that!
    Because everybody knows people in the armed forces are all heroes and moral paragons.

    1. Mick, mate, I agree with your comments, and most of the negative comments regarding a military life, but you are wrong with the (sarcastic) comments about heroes and moral paragons. You’ll never know their stories, never see them at parades of rememberance, never see them mentioned in the media. So wisen up and tread gently.

      1. To be serious for a moment There are heroes who fought and died for our liberty throughout the years, whether they were called up reluctantly, joined out of tragically misplaced loyalty to their country, getting out of a shitty situation, adrenaline or invited to by a magistrate.
        Would they have still fought had they known what their homes would become?
        Half of them would I’d say, from my experience from friends and colleagues who’d seen combat, , despite a former violent occupation, there was a sense of caring about them.
        Others still… I recall several under employed young men I knew in my youth who participated in actual neo-nazism joining up to “shoot some ragheads” or “golls”. I hope they found a greater sense of belonging in the army… You can’t argue that there aren’t ‘villains’ or people such as me that join up.
        I do have a respect for the dead, though I get teary-eyed for a moment reading about a Muslim mayor of London leading WW2 remembrances.

      2. SOXMIS
        I know their stories. Got out of the Guard (Territorial army) just before Bosnia and a lot of my platoon came back with chemical warfare poisoning from Bosnia. Or damage from tear gas.
        The VA was not that helpful.
        Was lucky for bad hearing.

  21. The greatest threats to our freedom are the ones close to home like Google and the Communist Petri dishes that are institutions of higher education. It’s time to stop policing the world and worry about domestic enemies.

  22. Because college is a better alternative? Go fifty grand in debt, get indoctrinated in to communism. Become a wage slave for the corporate machine. I’m a war vet, and I see all these young college kids that come to work at the Corp. I currently work for. These kids don’t even know what gender they are anymore. At least in the military you’ll learn some valuable skills, and what gender you are plus free college on the GI bill after enlistment. Either way you’re working for ZOG. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        1. Money is mamon. Im at the end of my puff, dont care anymore. They can fucking end me and I’ll smile. Upset so many. There is a God, no need for religion, seen him. Done so many bad things but so many good things. Had a JE ask me recently if I thought I would go to heaven? I replied isnt that God’s choice?

  23. Joining the AF made sense in the past when America was truly a nation. Why should I or anyone else, including their children, join the AF to defend a country as messed up in values as this one? Who are we going to fight for? Certainly not country, but to maintain the hordes of illegals and other undesirable trash that is rotting away at this nation from within. America? Ha! Long ago bought and sold. Good luck.

  24. Personally, I would not join the military today and I will not encourage my kids to either. I was a big time motivated, USMC t-shirt wearing hardcharger in high school. Naturally, when I got to the fleet such infantile “boot” behavior was dealt with as it is with all Marines. Nonetheless, bootification notwithstanding, the difference was back then (late 90s and early 00’s) it was a country I would have died for. I just can’t see any reason dying or becoming maimed or PTSD’d for the kinds of, for lack of a better word, “values” of today. Simply, I’m not dying for sex, period. I’m not dying so some female can have her ego wacked off and can walk around thinking she’s better than everyone else just because she is a diversity hire a JP Morgan. And I’m definitely NOT dying so a bunch of degenerate fags can fist themselves into involuntary bowel movements etc. And I’m absolutely not dying for pedophiles. Fuck all that shit! In fact, having served in Iraq and having fucking PTSD as a result, its tough enough for me to reconcile my own sacrifices plus the friends I lost over there with all the shit that is going on today. The worst is the inclusion of “weak” people, namely, women, but also homos and, apparently, “trans”. I didn’t join the Marines to be “equal”, I joined the fucking Marines to be better than other people, period. To see women included in everything is sicken. I’ll tell you straight-up, females have it easier than the males. If you are a female Lance Corporal or even private you will not be screamed at by the First Sergeant. I fucking saw a female Lance Corporal HUG, FUCKING HUG, a 1stSGT, when I was rotating back through Kuwait. Okay, not necessarily “in country”, but, that shit is fraternization! It comes down to this, being in the military should set you apart as it should be challenging and a worthy accomplishment. Yeah, that goes for all services, but, especially Marine or Army Infantry (obviously all Spec Ops). Regardless of reduced standards, its still one hell of a mind fuck…if a woman can do it than its really not that big of an accomplishment after all. Lest we forget, we all joined to impress women in the first fucking place.
    We’ll pay for this. Russia and China aren’t pussifying their military and from what I can see a typical Russian grunt is one tough motherfucker. Last note, when China completes the “New Silk Road” its curtains for the US. Consider the interstate highway system and all the economic vitality it created. K, now consider a even larger highway with high speed trains etc from the coast of China to England. 75% of the global GDP will be touched by this massive project. It will enrich the entire inner Asian region, along with China, of course, Russia and many others. That’s assuming we don’t have a war before its completed and we probably will just to try to stop it.

  25. You are all weak asses. Parasitic boys obessed with spending your lives fawning over pussy. Not willing to fight for anything none of you aholes are real men and real soldiers will kick your ass fuggots. Go back to your cave of couch quarterbacking virtue signalling pricks. You are all the shit of America.

    1. The Foreigner-
      actually there’s a kernel of truth in your insane rant. Sadly, modern American soldiers, other than Seals and special forces, and not brilliant warriors, compared to many fighters around the world.
      Ever watch a Middle East firefight video? Americans always, ALWAYS rely on air support, drones, artillery and technological superiority MUCH more than aggressive close-quarters combat. They hunker down and fire thousands of rounds over mud walls, and call in bombing runs on enemy positions. Take away all that and we are more or less evenly matched to a third-world combat-hardened cadre. We’d suffer casualties at about the same rate as the enemy. You won’t see brave masculine millennials storming beachheads.

  26. Sorry to hear about this guy down under. In the U.S. the days of disrespecting returning soldiers are thankfully ancient history. Soldiers get a great deal of respect in the U.S. now (even leftists go through the motions). They get good retirement benefits, but care in the V.A. hospitals is by most accounts sub-standard. Usually if a patient’s situation is too serious for the V.A., they will be referred to a regular hospital and Uncle Sam picks up the bill.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with my kids joining the U.S. military. I just wish we would defend our own borders rather than fight every other country’s wars.

  27. US military has such a high rate of mental illness and suicide that it’s a terrible place for anyone who has other options.

  28. Does,noowdays, term “Special operations” in US military also include sex change?
    There were cases that goverment paid for sex change operations for US military persomell.

  29. It is the Call of the Warrior.
    While I did not find my presupposed and highly romanticized levels of honor, loyalty, and integrity, I did find some kind of a brotherhood that was non existent outside the military. It served as part of my need to complete the Hero’s Journey. I knew the risk and assumed all accountability for my post war condition as do most of my brothers.
    I have no intentions of making any of my son’s decisions for him. I am raising him to be his own man and if he chooses to complete his journey via military service, then I will support his ass all the way.

  30. No Joke,
    I know four guys who went to West Point and then served. They are all messed up now.
    One is mentally and physically disabled after an explosion in the Iraq war.
    One drives a cab after a breakdown.
    One traveled the country after a breakdown from a missed youth.
    One at 30 years old came down with a strange cancer.
    All that glitters is not gold my friends.

  31. I live in the USA. I never joined the military, because I wasn’t interested in being used as a weapon by unworthy Democrats or Republicucks. I would be willing to do it to serve my country, but serving the country isn’t what the US military is required to do over 90% of the time. I won’t kill for a lie, and I won’t lay down my life for an unworthy cause.
    There have been some worthy causes to fight for in the past where I would have been willing to offer my life, such as the Crusades, but not every generation gets the same opportunities. My sons won’t be serving in the military either.

  32. If our armed forces and govts defended the white race I’d sign up.
    As it is they are intent on white genocide, as efficiently and quietly as possible.

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