It’s A Mistake To Always Play Defense

At some point in your life, once you’ve accomplished goals centered around the pursuit of power, status, money, or women, you move from playing offense to defense. Energetic ambitions that led to action now become anxious plans of self-preservation. Once a flowing river, your life becomes a stagnant pond as you debate every little movement that you once did with little hesitation.

Defense can be a sound short-term strategy when you’re facing an acute problem that appears out of nowhere. For example, if you lost your job, it would make sense to greatly reduce your expenses until you find another one, but if no new job is forthcoming, you may be tempted to permanently alter your mentality from earning money to saving money, decreasing the odds that you’ll make a bold strike with a new investment or business.

As you may have noticed in the past couple of years, I’ve moved to a defensive posture. I have a goal to not get attacked severely, which has led me to pull a lot of punches. Articles I would have published without delay are now scrapped because I fear a worldwide response. Instead of trying to score viral hits on ROK, I became content publishing long-winded philosophical articles that readers didn’t care for. Instead of trying to increase my income, I’ve taken decreased book earnings on the chin, without actively finding alternative sources of revenue. Instead of fighting to hold more live events, I’ve not attempted to hold a single one, even when I was recently back in DC and could have easily done a happy hour. Instead of saying what I want on Twitter or YouTube, I filter myself constantly to not get banned. My entire mentality has shifted from one of freedom and fun to merely hanging on, as if I’m waiting for the culture to magically heal itself so I can do what I like without having to suffer major consequences.

I see nothing wrong in lacking material goals or not wanting to hit numerical metrics, but a defensive posture operates from a foundation of fear and anxiety. You feel like you’re being attacked even when you’re not as your ego moves from goals of conquest to self-protection. Consider when a man breaks up with his girlfriend of many years. It’s natural for him to be sad when the relationship ends, and mourn for a period of months, but if he’s still crying over her for more than a year without trying to find a replacement, his need for self-protection merely ensures a lonely outcome. Adopting defense as a long-term strategy may preserve some of the money, feelings, and reputation that you’re protecting, but in the long run you can’t avoid suffering a slow and steady decline, all while living in greater anxiety. Smelly, sulfuric algae blooms in still water, not raging rivers.

I’m getting rather tired of playing defense. It’s not that I want to anger millions of more people, or even make more money, but I want to do what I want to do without acting in fear that I may lose everything simply because I want to exercise my speech or hold a legal event. If I’m going to be a writer or publisher, I should write and publish, without a filter. Otherwise I’m just a slave, no different than a man who watches what he says in his corporate job for fear of getting fired by a Human Resources lady. The whole point of striking out on my own was to avoid that pathetic fate.

If I don’t want to write or publish anymore, I should shut it all down and start a new life. Either I go all the way, taking my anchor with me, or I pass the torch to men who are more vigorous, who are eager to do what I’m too scared to do. But I still possess confidence that I have superior ability when it comes to what I’m good at, and I don’t think I can accept playing defense for the rest of my days. I may have to fight the way I want, and accept whatever result the universe gives me, even if I wind up in a dungeon somewhere, somehow, wondering why I couldn’t simply keep my mouth shut.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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74 thoughts on “It’s A Mistake To Always Play Defense”

  1. “When at war, prepare for peace; when at peace, prepare for war.”…..Sun Tzu.
    I am somewhat defensive these days too.
    Not only in my occupation, but the overall spectrum of events and affairs.
    When I look and see the petrodollar is not only being seriously challenged, but can crash any day now, it does nothing to soothe my nerves.
    And when I see the complete system is rigged against men like us in America, I am planning to relocate to a third-world country; most likely Costa Rica.
    I am glad you wrote this article Roosh. You should dust off the yet-to-be-published articles that may incur wrath and post them anyway. Haters are going to hate. You will never win them over. So you have nothing to lose.
    Well done.

    1. The feminist virus from Hitlery Clinton went to Costa Rica.
      If you’re a straight white male who works in blue collar jobs like “Cuba Dave”, prepare to be hated on by local feminazis in Costa Rica via Hitlery Clinton.
      Costa Rica is a country where police don’t have the resources, energy or balls to arrest someone for murder or theft, but Cuba Dave was the first man in Costa Rican history to be charged for posting Facebook images of himself and bar chicks in Costa Rica…
      Mind you, the police in Costa Rica don’t even have expertise to locate someone who shot someone in broad daylight, but they compiled enough evidence to “prove” that Cuba Dave was the person owning the FB account.

      1. I never heard of Cuba Dave, but I just read his story. He wasn’t a pimp or part of an escort agency…He simply wrote about prostitution in Costa Rica and suggested guys to there for the hookers… How is that even a crime? He just promoted sex tourism, he wasn’t connecting guys with hookers.

        1. God damn I just learned about the man as well.
          Checked out his pics and it looks like he banged a lot of young pretty whores. Much better quality than what old white blue collar chumps can afford in SE Asia these days.
          I was thinking to myself: what’s the fucking catch? How can a retired construction worker afford such tail these days and even get them to pose in pics with his wrinkled ass? Then I saw some photos with time stamps. 2006. Ah. Now it all makes sense. The world has changed drastically in the last 12 years. P4P has become a joke. Pussy has inflated more than Vancouver real estate. A dilapidated 35-year-old single mother can find buyers ready to pony up hundreds an hour.

        2. I visited the website and learned about Cuba Dave’s ordeal in Costa Rica as well. It’s a real fuck over they put on him.
          Scratching my head………..

        3. Lysander,
          Still $30 for the night in PI, more like $50 for a 20 year old Uni student in Thailand. Never been to Latin America so can’t say what the current prices are there, but can’t imagine it’s all that different. Plenty of single moms and no welfare makes for abundance of available women.

        4. So Cuba Dave faces jail time for selfies with bargirls in Costa Rica, while that pro-topless feminist Rain Florence takes videos of herself nude with children in Ecuador, and no one bats an eyelid? Fuck this gay ass planet.

    2. Both Costa Rica and Cayman Is. have the highest resident Billionaires per capita of any country. Of the two, CR is the #1 choice for expats to relocate permanently due to advantageous real estate titling laws:

      Not everyone is in the billionaire or millionaire range. Retirees and working families have successfully relocated to CR and purchased decent lower end properties. A flat or bungalow in the hills with land can be found for less than $40k often. I once saw a 12 ac fruit grove with small fixer upper house in the hills for 30k. Bananas, mango trees and a variety of a few more mature fruit trees on over half the acreage sold quickly. Other high end properties are in the millions and look like celebrity estates. Personally I’d seek rural land to settle in numbers with a large family clan, tribe or colony and bringing along ample breeder women who can cook and sew and who are of like haplogroup.
      Still others go Costa Rica alone, rutting for local poosey and living on some personal hustle. But they’re still alone. I knew a retired guy who rode a moped and lived there alone solely off his social security.
      The logistics of how do you get there from the US. Do you fly, boat or drive? Me, I’d drive. I-35 after you cross from Laredo Tx turns into the Pan American highway, a truck route that runs through Mexico City, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and finally CR. Some have driven down towing an RV or boat trailer but the fees at each border crossing add up to more than the towed item is worth because it’s considered a luxury item. Have plenty of bribe (fee) money ready at each national border crossing and the trip will be speedy especially through the [email protected] countries. A crude tow behind trailer that is titled to you with furniture, house junk and beds likely won’t get docked for fees.
      It is advisable to drive a 4×4 with good clearance. A 2000-2005 Ford or Toyota truck or sleeper van is easily servicable (parts) and not a theft risk. Start the trip with some good new tires. Good luck.

    3. It is easy to be bold and always on the offensive when you have nothing or not so much left. But once you gained values or assets or just gained wisdlm throught experiences it is natural to move to a somewhat defensive state of mind because you have something to loose. That’s the big difference. For instance if you’re worthy a million dollars you wouldn’t put yourself in risky situations where your life would be at stake. Same with status fame reputation family real estate properties and so on. And if you have to be offensive you’ll act on reflexion, not impulse anymore. That’s the logical evolution.

    4. Seems you do have something to lose, quite a lot.if your.shitting your nappy over the perodollar status. Hang on, doesn’t that make you a loser?

    5. As men get older, they are less likely to enter battles they have no chance of winning. The west isn’t a great place for men over 40 years old these days ……. time for you to move on to a different society IMHO.

    6. Don’t give up on the west yet Edward. Give it another decade atleast. We need as many stand up white guys as we can get.

  2. Great Article !
    Especially in today society, where it’s sometimes useless to respond or defend something you said or did. and some pussy will come to you and interrogate you why you did it !
    Just raise your head and keep doing what you want. unless its affecting your life personally, then use the defence strategy.
    otherwise, just don’t give a fuck, live on your terms and take actions.

    1. Easy to avoid SJWs in the middle of flyover country, but in cities like Toronto in Canada where a feminist is proverbially, or literally hiding behind every tree waiting to accost straight men, it will be difficult unless a straight male “fits in” with these morons of the SJW dna strain of stupidity!

      1. thats crazy, i always picture canada as a country with great nature, being outdoors all the time living like a bushcrafter. going kayaking, fishing, and fighting off bears and wolfs. the same picture i have of Alaska.

    2. I know man.
      in Canada and especially Toronto is the core of SJW fags. it’s useless to even stand up for yourself since they made so many social laws to beat down any man out there and their prime minister Justin Trudeau ( the king of cucks) who enable these marxist movements.
      Try to move out to Alberta, i think somehow it’s better there even if they are not strongly conservatives but atleast better than Toronto.
      Or make a plan to move to another country in the future. srs Canada will be the “Islamic State Of The West” by Trudeau pals.

  3. Cool. Go for it. Live unlimited and guide yourself from your heart. Dont give damn about the brainless masses opinion. Their stupidity is their problem.

    1. The problem is that their stupidity is going to affect anyone everywhere at one point or another. We cannot always ignore them.

  4. “I may have to fight the way I want, and accept whatever result the universe gives me, even if I wind up in a dungeon somewhere, somehow, wondering why I couldn’t simply keep my mouth shut.”
    When you were hiding in Poland during the Return of Kings outrage, or even at that World Tour outrage, didn’t feminists and whiteknighters threaten your mother at her home in America? AND they also tried to plant a bomb or explosive but they didn’t succeed because police or security were hired by then?
    These fuckers and feminists would harm your newborn child if they had the chance…To hell with them! They are going to get blow back when we from the mid-West use our 2nd Amendment rights on them! It’s only going to be time when that happens unfortunately. You can’t have Antifa harassing every straight white man on the streets of America without one of them on the PTSD/Autism/Depression/Job Loss syndrome lashing out in a brutal reaction.

    1. again the retards at ROK strike again in a popularity contest type thinking = slave mentallity…. why do you receive down votes? this site is really infested by the youtube generation retards

  5. Like in the middle ages with individuals who countered the churche’s sayings, they were deemed herectics and subsequently burned or murdered in another unsavory fashion. Nowadays the heretics have become straight men everywhere. The only difference is that they can’t outright murder you anymore. Instead they will anchor you down with bogus accusations, thus making sure yoy never attain a position of power where your ideology can be spread.

    1. Those Antifa fuckers tried to plant an explosive at the home of Roosh’s parents during that World Tour and RoK outrage! They resort to violence when convenient such as a woman throwing beer at Roosh in Montreal, but police advise Roosh that he can be charged by some Muslim Attorney-General prosecutor for one drop of beer that reflected into the woman’s face!

      1. I’m assuming that it’s Trudeau’s homosexual Muslim prosecutor for Ontario who downvoted my comment. May that Muslim travel to Islamic countries to find himself charged for being a homosexual feminist ally! Fuck you Muslim homosexual piece of shit!!!!!

        1. “A first-generation Canadian, Naqvi arrived with his family in Canada in 1988 after the Pakistani government imprisoned his father for leading a pro-democracy march. Canada welcomed his family and allowed it to prosper.”
          No wonder this homosexual Muzzie pressed charges for that feminist Lisa Kinsella against Dimitri the Lover. His father was a shit disturber promoting democratic ideals like feminism and homosexuality in Pakistan!
          This homosexual effeminate fudge packer is only one of these SJWs living in Canada. We have TRUMP: Masculine, tough and doesn’t give ONE SINGLE FUCK what you FAGS, LESBIANS, TRANNIES and effeminate think of us!

  6. I can proudly say that over the past 2 years I’ve been on the attack. Not just in the street but at my workplace. I’ve encountered resistance being the sole voice saying, “There’s nothing more pathetic than a male feminist,” (paraphrasing), but over time I’ve seen my peers become red-pilled. Of course HR didn’t love me too much and I’ve changed jobs 3 times in the past 2 years because of it, but every single time I change jobs I happen to move to better and better environments. I’m now living in a beautiful city, surrounded by hot, hot girls (I won’t tell you where, as I want them all for myself) and everyone I’ve left behind is beyond jealous. The one caveat is that I always worked harder than every one of my peers, hence moving upwards has always been on the cards.
    So, Roosh, if you want to attack, just make sure you’re doing it better than your competitors. Not an easy task since Milo’s killing it, Shapiro’s killing it, Saargon’s killing it, McInnes’ killing it, and so on.

      1. Iran was once a great civilization before crazy levels of islam destroyed it and now that same thing is happening in the rest of the world and thus roosh as a non-muslim you are one of the few men with large enough testes to actually fight it and you if you read if Persian history will know what was destroyed.

      2. to be honest roosh you are really not edgy anymore thats a big thing and you shock nobody its gotten a bit tame

  7. Keep on fighting or else you are a dead man. I used to keep my thoughts to myself and I felt like a rug people ran on. Otherwise, when I started to openly state my opinions to friends, families, dates it felt better even if some of them rejected me but too bad for them. I have a purpose in life and I am not backing away from it.

  8. Roosh; the more they hate you, the more books you will sell.
    Every troll who spams the internet with his/her unqualified hate speech against your work – is one unpaid PR slave more to fill your pockets.
    Dont be afraid of the zerk – use their numbers for your benefit!

    1. Roosh sells more books where? I thought even when feminists, Antifa and homosexual allies in the Muslim community weren’t accosting, threatening and assaulting men during that outrage, they went after his Amazon store.
      He’s even banned from Paypal for no reasons given. I doubt he can even show his face on the streets of America or Canada to sell his books without some feminist in a LV or Coach handbag yelling at the top of their lungs how he is committing a thought crime for selling his novels.

      1. ROOSH is not FAMOUS enough to be jumped on the street.
        And the Left runs the Main Stream Media and if you are not in actually in print, you are just another guy in vast cyberspace in an interactive media. Only when you are on Billboards does it matter, or in print magazines on bookshelves.
        As for “Amazon” well that is self-publishing with no external marketing.

    2. Paypal banned Roosh. Plus his “Bang” guides are getting outdated now that social media/smartphones have taken over the world and men are realizing that today’s “game” is mostly about looks, status &/or money.
      If Roosh decides to pull no punches Youtube will demonetize and/or ban his live streams, which are a nice little side gig. Honestly I’m surprised Youtube hasn’t banned him yet as his chat window during the live streams looks like the Dailystormer comments section.
      But he mentioned crypto gains so he probably has a decent nest egg for the time being. Here’s to all the working men out there cashing out before the shit hits the fan.

  9. Roosh? What is this article saying in the end at this point? Are you finally going to put up once again or shut up entirely? You didn’t answer your own question in your quest to defeat feminism. Just an observation.

    1. Roosh is probably in fear of Hillary Clinton knowing that she has a legacy of Arkancide and unsolved deaths of her opponents.

  10. And I exercise my freedom of speech in telling you that you are worthless garbage, an immigrant who barks against the same immigration that helped him climb off the tree, a woman hater who spent a huge chunk of his life in his mom’s home and eating her food while bashing on women and encouraging stupid jerks to bully on them and you experience anxiety and fear simply because deep down in your heart you fucking know you deserve them.

    1. Roosh’s mom is not a man-hating feminist or a lesbian carpet munching freak who promotes homosexuality. God HATES Feminists, homosexuals, lesbians, trannies and those who put idols before God in the house of the lord.
      Feminists and lesbians deserve hellfire and one day God will send fire and brimstone from the skies like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah!
      It’s you–whose days are numbered when God sends his wrath to burn these fucking homos, lesbians and feminists to the hellfire!!!!

      1. “ROOSH MOM”
        Well clearly she thought Persian men were more Alpha than Beta Anglo-Saxons. This pretty common. It is rare for the guy to be Anglo-Saxon and the woman to be Persian because Anglo Males are Betas and clearly Anglo women are attracted to Alpha Persian males.
        Bet you dollars to donuts Roosh’s background in general terms is similar to Obama’s. Dad was a foreign student or perhaps an immigrant businessman and a local cornfed Anglo girl was attracted to his exotic Alpha maleness and as a result Roosh was born.
        It is rare (Though it happens) for Iranian men to want their daughter to marry a Christian man. In Muslim societies the power is intended to go from one male to another. So another words it is acceptable for an Iranian man to marry and convert a white woman but even if the Anglo-Saxon dude converts the family still does not like the fact that he is an Anglo dude. Because that is Beta.

  11. should ( or could be instead “will” ) white european men zorg rush asia? thats fucking good one
    Europes done with all the dudes coming for the chicks and millions now missing marriage. Time they got on boats and just fucking went. thats a good article idea run that one.

  12. 5 best places to casually sire offspring as a travelling young buck
    in terms on ons’s
    1) Philipines low hiv rates, no abortion or rare, rarely seem to bother collecting details of shags ie cant get money from you when you leave
    2) uk, many chicks looking for sperming, no details, low hiv, used to get money from goernment, easier if targeting older slut sluts.
    3) Sweden: blue-pilled chicks, child get raised well by low standards of single motherhood,

  13. Exactly…after prolonged periods of living in a defensive state it feels like one of your balls went missing. Excessive defense is an insidious form of self-humiliation — posing as “safety/security” — that no one else sees, and if unchecked can corrode the vessel which contains it. Let it out, strike out, and be recognized as making a move. The air is clear out there because most of the pack doesn’t do this, they don’t make ripples and the feminine types are prone to meekly conform. When you are really ready to break out into offense, execute in the spirit of Sun Tzu or Machiavelli because that moment is non-negotiable…you don’t ask permission, you just go and DO.
    My workplace contains an abundance of gutless, sycophantic corporate conformists afraid for their next paycheck. Even in most of the management roles. If you have a serious skill set, then you never need to be one of these people,and you will elevate. Be ready to take every risk to LEAVE that job if it starts to suck, and if you’re truly worth your salt then you can subtly let everyone KNOW it. You don’t have to be an imperious asshole (overt dark triad guys who lack temperance tend to get ostracized, in my experience) — just articulate it well and forcefully enough to imply you are not a timid groupthink monkey. If you take that initiative, you become unforgettable (which can have +/- repercussions, depending on the social/biz environment you’re under). IMO, anyone that matters in that room will respect you more, even if you’re not authorized to be the team leader. Some others will feel emboldened to let their inner lion out now, too, knowing they have a compatriot who “broke the ice.” The rest can go eat soy. This is how you get pulled in for “intelligence” meetings with the top executives — they know you will say unpopular, negative stuff that’s on point. You’re now an outlier, and frankly they need a guy like you around. We might have an intimidating HR rule book as thick as an encyclopedia, promoting “safe workplace, yadda yadda” but secretly the true leaders can barely hide how they despise the cowards and conformists that populate 90% of the company’s ranks.

  14. “Instead of saying what I want on Twitter or YouTube, I filter myself constantly to not get banned.”
    The only ones not getting banned from those fuckzones are pro-nudists, pro-homos, pro-dog fuckers and terrerist recruitment videos directed by the CIA.
    Why are my comments not showing up? What do we have to fear when pointing out who is behind feminism in the USA?

  15. You should write an article on how to protect our internet privacy. I bet other influencers would actually pay you for the course. Fake I.P.s, p.o. Boxes, fake addresses in the phone book for family, etc.

  16. These a great Jordan Peterson video on the matter you’re going through. You got into national politics, maybe even geo political politics, it’s like a when a leven 1 character goes against the final boss in level 50, what you expect Roosh? But your level up, build the war chests, build political network of allies, build you family. One level at a time. When you try to skip a level you aren’t ready for, just like in a video game, you will lose and have to start from your last saved check point. One level at a time Roosh.

  17. Roosh I look up to you man I got a record for false domestic violence and have nothing to lose I can take the flack for you and write your words on this page.

  18. Roosh has a lot to lose if he’s the real deal, a lot of alternative websites are fronts for intel, I havent made up my mind if our Roosh is fish nor fowl but either way I like him and wish him well. He must choose his battles carefully and not give any ammunition to his enemies which would put himself, or worse, his family in any kind of danger, physically or finacially. Instead of providing answers for his followers perhaps a better approach would be to provide the correct questions. For example ‘Is there a place for white, hetrosexual men in the New World Order?’ or how about ‘Will the mass immigration of Middle Eastern Muslims and North Africans into Europe cause western Jews to move to Israel and clear a path for greater Israel?’ then theres’ the question ‘Are blacks and middle eastern immigrants being set up for mass genocide once they’ve completed their role in destroying (the old) order by gene specific viruses produced at Porton Down?’ . Im all for good advice regarding getting laid and improving yourself as a man but there is a time and a place, right now our focus should be on what is really going on, why this sudden flip, everyone knows things are wrong, just seems everyone is confused about what they should do about. The media, academia, government wants to provide the answer,’ well it’s white, hetrosexual men, look at the damage they’ve caused throughout history’. Thus allowing social justice as the solution, most of these SJWs are confused as fuck, haven’t got a clue but they think they’re on the side of right. You can’t cure disease by treating the symptoms, if you haven’t nipped it in the bud then you must get to the root cause. Unfortunatley laws are being passed right now that will make it impossible to say what needs to be said, that a group of people, who feel they are special and chosen by their god, have infultrated all levels of society for hundreds (at least) of years and used every culture, colour, religion, sex against themselves and each other. You’re up against it, Roosh old chap, be sure you know what you’re risking before you take the plunge…

  19. thought provoking article that shows a lot of self-awareness.
    These days in a feminized world I would say aggression increasingly takes on the character of the false flag: to attack and blame the person or group attacked. While I would say this type of thinking / strategising requires something more overtly aggressive (i.e. as associated with the masculine) the awareness that attack and defense within a competitive / potentially competitive environment be part of something more ‘entangled’ suggests the possibility of moving to somewhat higher plane of functioning. I would suggest that this type of thinking could also be characterized by the recognition that like with pulling birds, religion etc. there is a kind of ‘game’ being played here.
    One thing I am interested in this regard is that when one seeks to win such a game the false flag element is typically deployed with a view to winning the moral argument (even though it is inherently the opposite of ethical) . If you fake an attack against yourself that is inherently unethical but can be claimed as either a) justification for a retaliatory strike or b) a narrative of victimhood / claim for justice or c) both.
    As the latter is pretty low by most people’s standards ascending to a level above that where if you like the reciprocity of attack and defense is recognized seems like a positive development

  20. I, in contrast with the majority of ROK readers reading this who would love to praise Allah in an antiquated Ishmaelite subcountry, provided they are given at least two legal coital concubines that know how to serve shawarma, actually enjoy the opportunities the present modern technology (not society) has to offer to my recently Communist land, although the progress is retardedly slow.
    While, being economically invaded by American esurient Big Brother corporatists which, in addition to the long-stayed corruption, makes the people here rage-eject to a more Western country, the non-materialist (which is almost a theoretical concept) can hack its way towards wisdom. Autodidact formation was not such accessible under the authoritarian regime, especially if it ivolved banned material which, we all know it’s what it’s worth studying.
    So, stop lamenting for stupid reasons, like status-comparison or clown-dating rejections, from your $250k mortgaged chateau owned with easy Yankee capital and buy an e-Book in which you can place thousands of important books that build your character with which you may expect to achieve higher aims than mere that which form the stadard objective of the pragmatic.

    1. Eh? You do know what Allah translates as? What are you? A Godless heathen? An atheist? You’d make an excellent ally of the (Left Hand) NWO.

      1. Allah is not a God. It’s upside down reversed writing in Arabic gives the Hebrew writing of Yahweh, which, most Satanists would tell you that Lucifer can be referred to also as YHWH reversed. Proof of that:

  21. Hope you keep the fire Roosh. Red-pill life is not easy, despairing sometimes actually. Whatever you end up doing many of us will have admired what you have done and achieved. Not many men have put themselves in the trenches and balls on the chopping block like you have and made it out the other side relatively still functional.
    I suspect though that unless you completely do a 180 and prostitute and conform your philosophies to (((their))) agenda/narrative. You will always be a target for destruction. Pussying around certain subjects or not.

  22. Sun Tzu was correct in his quote. Defense is inevitable, but it’s best practice to always follow up with an attack. One that adopts a completely defensive posture is someone who lives in fear of what their enemies may do. I rather my enemies fear me.
    2017 was a year that I saw corporate corruption up close. We’ve all seen how those at the top who preach to the rest of us about morals and ethics are the first ones to be caught being unethical. And what I’ve realized is that the “rules” so to speak are applied selectively, in which case, one has to ask, “why should I follow the rules if others don’t have to?” Adopting a defensive posture here is essentially one trying to play by the rules when the reality is, we have to be like the Joker, and throw out the rule book completely. If they’re not playing fair, why should we?
    @Roosh V. Have you forgotten the Battle of Montreal? That video of the SJW Hitler Bunker was an epic diss.

  23. I’m glad to read this coming from Roosh. It gives me hope the site will improve again. I realized this the other day as well. I watched a video of a politician lamenting that a good man going to the swamp can’t really do anything. He finds few allies and one man can’t do it on his own.
    But it has to start somewhere. One man can make a lot of difference if he’s willing to die for his cause. A great senator would be one whom planned to out all government corruption he came across even if it meant the deep state taking a shot at his life, or his reputation.
    This is the only way to beat the tyranny stacked against us. People whom are willing to die for freedom. That’s why the tyranny has crept up. No one had been willing to speak up, much less die, for decades, for the cause of patriarchy, masculinity, western culture and the like.
    Roosh seems to be regaining his balls. He must be eating some lactobacillus reuteri.

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