The Type Of Man That Korean Girls Desire

Korean culture is essentially a hybrid culture: a mix between traditional values from Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity, and Western consumerism and liberal democracy. What is also different, besides the much lower levels of obesity, is that Koreans—like other East Asian populations—are less politically correct, and although prone to polite discourse rather freely speak their minds, both in public and private.

Unlike Western women who tend to have a huge discrepancy between what they say and do. They often stress that they like humor and a pleasant personality, but we know that social status, specific looks, behavior, and money beat both.

Recently, an article on the Korean news site Koreaboo conveyed messages from 26 girls about which three things that they prefer in guys. Since they are anonymous, the claims are even more honest and substantial. Here are some of the quotes, and what we can learn from them.

Visuals and personality/manners are generally the most important things based on these accounts. Less of the cocky confidence and more of the well-groomed nice guy, compared to the West. Since South Korean women are on average 160.4 centimers, albeit somewhat taller in the younger ago cohorts, and often thin, most guys are naturally bigger and taller. You don’t have to be really big, just taller and bigger. I had a pretty Korean girlfriend who was 5.5 and 110 lbs, whereas I am 5.6 and 160 lbs.

But Korean girls love low body fat and nice clothes, so don’t miss out on that if you are interested in dating a better-than-average-looking Korean girl. While South Korean men are associated with the thin and androgyne K-pop look, and the bulk of guys having weak game, fitness is spreading at an astonishing rate. Thus expect more females to have silicone implants and guys to be cut and jacked. If you have Instagram you’ll notice.

I see that as a constructive response to smartphone-using spoiled females and somewhat unfavorable sex ratios. Korean guys have to look and act more like the K-pop celebrities, the popular fitness enthusiasts, or somewhere in between. Otherwise they end up as incels or are left with the ugliest girls.

The traits that Korean girls desire could easily transcend the national borders of South Korea, especially if one realizes that these phenomena emerged in the West in the first place. I think that what these young women are asking for are pretty much the same things as all females do.

For sure, there are palpable cultural differences in some regards, and Western women in general neither wish for, nor deserve good manners until proven worthy of such behaviors. Nevertheless looks, manners, personality and at least decent levels of money are a good start. If you’re not well-educated, make sure to have at least solid common knowledge acquired through self-education (autodidacticism). It can mean everything from knowing the basics of politics and economy, to carry heavy things for a petite girl.

The local and the global are becoming intertwined, at least in the first world, as a consequence of homogenization. It is the same ideals and corresponding approaches that men and women are asking for and are committed to. Men in South Korea are not much different from American, Canadian, British, French, Australian or Swedish men, and women in other countries want essentially the same things, although with slight variations between nations and cities, and of course, individuals.

The members of the fairer sex want a guy who dresses well, has good hygiene, is fit, can conversate, and look at least like he tries his very best in regards to behavior and career goals. Some of these things can be drastically altered or improved, so don’t miss out on those before you blame your genes, go MGTOW, and give up.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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127 thoughts on “The Type Of Man That Korean Girls Desire”

  1. …and, we all know that women say one thing, and do another. So, even if they say they want “visuals” and manners, they’ll still end up fucking bad boy with game no matter his visuals or manners.

    1. From my observation throughout my life, women seem to chase men from either extreme and nothing in between. Either she is chasing a complete worthless deadbeat “bad boy” with an IQ of 80 that’s into drugs, or she’s chasing a guy with high wealth status. One or the other. Not long ago, I came across an early middle aged attractive divorced blonde female that described to me the boyfriends she previously had. All the guys she described were either monetarily wealth, or they were thugs. She told me how she had a boyfriend that was a bar bouncer and then after him she married a guy that owned a business and made lots of money. Nowhere in her history had she dated a school teacher, engineer, IT worker, etc.

      1. white women are complete shit thats well established. They think that they are absolutely top women and thus can take the best men from every different group. I know almost all black women loathe them but don’t other women?

        1. Yes, white women are the shittiest, definitely.
          An asian girl might like you as long as you look above average and know how to behave like a normal human.
          I noticed black women like testosterone, if you are manly, they will like you.
          Now white women… where do I even begin? They always, ALWAYS chase the same men, they always want the top 20-10%, he has to be male-model handsome, tall as fuck, high status, a lot of money… even when the white bitch is a whale or a nerdy skeleton, she thinks she is good enough to date Hollywood stars, they choose mates based on how trendy they are on Twitter, truly pathetic, no wonder the west is dying.

      2. That kind of bitch however all men also see through them and thus ultimately they get thrown or not treated seriously by all men. Same with the real sluts all men can just sense them from interactions and quickly through them away.

  2. In short, any country that has a western controlled central banking system has a culture where men have been reduced to sperm donors.
    Just a little less than a century ago and beyond, the main reason for women seeking family & marriage was for economic reasons. We lived in decentralized environments back then, therefore, men were allowed to flourish on their own. Men owned the occupation world, because they created it. They were the sole builders, producers, and providers. Hence, most women did not have occupations. So when looking for husbands, the women along with the approval of her father looked for men that worked, provided, had good values, and was dependable. Had a “k-pop” steroid using hat-on-sideways tattooed degenerate been around back then, he would have been an incel and would have been avoided by women as he could not provide because he had no work ethic nor values.
    But now that we have central banks and central governments, all the rights to men provided by natural law/order and ability to flourish have been stripped from them in the form of laws, taxation, and devaluing currency. Women no longer need a man for survival. She’s already guaranteed survival. She’s already been taught to reject most principles of Christianity and to use her sexuality as a bartering tool since saving sex after marriage is no longer valued. Men are partly to blame in that as well since most men also seek out sex before marriage and are willing to cheat on their spouses which upsets the dating market for good single men looking for wives.
    In short, we now live in a post Christendom secular centralized society where women have based their attraction towards men based on what they see on MTV. That’s what it has been reduced to. It’s no surprise that SK has the highest suicide rate in the world. The mainstream media constantly attacks North Korea and praises South Korea. With the mainstream media North Korea=bad, South Korea=good. But obviously lots of men in SK feel their lives have no value.

    1. “In short, we now live in a post Christendom secular centralized society where women have based their attraction towards men based on what they see on MTV. ”
      Have to agree with that.
      I was in high school when MTV started back in the early 80s and it had a huge impact on teens and had a cascading effect even for middle aged bags today. Of course now its much, much worse with the internet and all. Especially that Instagram crap.

      1. AUTOMATIC Disagree Slightly
        Prior to Reagan in the late seventies and early eighties around the time of FAST TIMES AT HIGH and CHEECH & CHONG teenagers were at an all-time hedonistic.
        By the time MTV came over the airwaves things toned down a little bit because of HIV, Just Say No, Reagan in general etc.

    2. “It’s no surprise that SK has the highest suicide rate in the world. The mainstream media constantly attacks North Korea and praises South Korea. With the mainstream media North Korea=bad, South Korea=good. But obviously lots of men in SK feel their lives have no value.”
      South Korea may have many flaws but that doesn’t make North Korea any better. Seriously, I have little sympathy for weak suicidal men. They can follow tips like these
      Further, they can likely afford some kind of plastic surgery and/or import a wife from Southeast Asia, like the Philippines, and have kids.
      People must stop pity themselves just because they are a bit failed from a socioeconomic and erotic perspective. They still have it better than 90% of all people on earth and can focus on valuable pastimes like reading, travelling, meditating and so on.
      Ps. And buy a hooker.

    3. You can also add that the welfare system discourages both POS men and women to do the right things for basic survival. Once the basics are taken care of without any work, they just do whatever they want (to a certain extent) without consequences.

    4. Sperm donors haha, when I was a kid a read in a magazine that men will be useless in the future, that shit scared me alot being a boy. To be useless in the near future. The article was talking about sperm donors and WYomen need no man and crap like that. No one bats an eye, fast forward to 2010´s, surrogate mothers and artificial wombs, LESS BAN THAT SHIT!!! Who will be really useless in the end? With the option to avoid them, fembot and artificial wombs will rule. In fact that shit is already illegal in you guess it, “Sweden yes” Surrogate mothers are ban in Sweden, worse they will arrest you if you do it in another country, once you return, they will arrest you and the state will take the child from you to be educated as a the cuck the kid was suppose to be.

    5. There’s only one answer for all of this, and I’ve been saying it for the entire three years I’ve been following this site. The ladies had “The Week the Women Went” a few years ago; it was a Brit show about a bunch of women in a neighborhood who felt “underappreciated” (heh). They took a week off from their husbands and fiancés, leaving them to work and tend to the children AND keep up the house. Predictably, the guys turned into uber-Beta blubbering schlubs, crying alligator tears of joy when their wives returned home. Why the hell can’t we men, who are now the most underappreciated creatures on earth, do “The Month the Men Moved On?” All of us stop picking up trash, stop fixing cars, stop hauling produce down the highway, all of it. Just pack up and move into a cabin in the woods or to a beach in the South Pacific. Just go SOMEWHERE. For one month. “Atlas Shrugged” style. Hell, it may not even take that long. Let’s see how long it takes for them to realize that Ray Ray, Pablo the Pool Boy, James Dean, and their pop-star icons aren’t going to screw in a single light bulb, change one busted radiator, pour one inch of concrete, or nail one shingle onto a roof. You’ll have them back in dresses and aprons with a four course meal on the table in about a week. That’s my slogan for 2018: Let’s stop bitchin’ and lead ’em back to the kitchen! (and the bedroom; couldn’t find any way to fit that into the rhyme scheme).

  3. I felt the difference in South Korea immediately as well. Being powerlifter makes you bulky and in SK they prefer low fat percentage much more than being massive.
    Then the guys dress up like crazy, it’s the only country where I’ve seen many guys carry LV Handbags which were not of the girl, but of themselves.
    Because of Russian, American and recently got rich influence like in UAE luxury brands mean anything to Korean girls. They are shallow or real; just how you like to see it. Status is everything. I have a friend who even has fake Samsung business cards.
    But then again, the bodies are the best in the world. Legs are amazing. Their eyes are fixed, daddy pays for the boobjob and if you’re lucky the jaw job too.
    Don’t make kids with these plastic dolls however, they will look more ugly.
    Koreans are like the Russians of Asia; pump and dump only. For marriage material go east or south.

    1. Some Korean guys there wear makeup. And they are straight. There’s an industry for that.
      Strange when you consider they have mandatory military service and are a very male dominant culture. But I suppose no stranger than the fact that almost all males there are trained in firearms but cannot own a gun privately.

    2. “Don’t make kids with these plastic dolls however, they will look more ugly.”
      If so, then the kids will have plastic surgery as well, in a never-ending cycle of artificial aesthetic improvement. Problem solved.
      Also, Eurasian HAPA couples will not need plastic surgery since the European genes likely make the offspring prettier.

        1. Cultural concept. Europeans hold alpha world position thus are haloed by their status.
          Good looking people exist in all races. Some pure bred Asian women are prettier than some Hapas or Eurasians. I personally think some pureblood Koreans are hotter than Uzbek or Kazakh women who are quintessence of “Hapa” types.
          There is nothing aesthetically superior about European features anyway. Not that there is such a thing as European features since all Europeans look vastly different from one another. I have mostly German ancestry and can tell an English, Dutch, and Swede apart from us. Hell if you ask me many Northwest Europeans look like cucks and many Southern Euros look ethnic af

        2. And to add to my comment, I mean, in this case, East Asian people who are born in North America, like Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kris Wu, Jeon So-mi etc. I don’t think that the White/European features necessarily are objectively better-looking always and forever. Partly this European aesthetic favouritism has got to do with cultural hegemony which stems from the Western world in general and the United States in particular.

        3. Nah, Fritz, I’ve constantly seen that the prettiest girls have an Asian mother and Western father. There’s something about that mix that just works. As for son’s born with Asian mother and Western father… eh, they’re often just a little soft looking.
          Certain mixes just work and certain mixes don’t. One mix that almost constantly fails is when a white woman and black man have a daughter. Holy fuck. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, like Haley Berry and Alisha Keyes, but, as said, they’re the exception.

        4. Asdada,
          I prefer mostly European women so this is purely subjective.
          One thing is for certain that Whites have status halo in the world. In their own countries they are more easily cucked by swarthy ethnics as is seen in Scandinavian nations and the UK. Chad there is left to get the scraps while his own women ignore him it seems. Just lol @ European Chads being cucked by shorter men and their women liking it

        5. @ William, thanks for that post of 100 prettiest faces. Have to say though, the ranking is fucked. #97, #84, #83, #80, #76, #74, #71, #67, #62, #61, #57, #51, #38, #31, #18, #16, #8 and #3 are the best, IMO. And I’d give first place to #16, second place to #67 and third to… dunno, #3 I suppose. Basically the majority of the girls in the bottom 50 were hotter to me than the majority of the girls in the top 50. And what the fuck is Emilia Clarke doing there at #27? I wouldn’t put her in the top 1 million.

        6. Those liberated whores aren’t happy though. I feel I can cuck any Asian or Mestizo with an attractive White woman, a part of White women naturally wants a White man. I’m more into European beauty. I rank attractive Middle-East with Euro high in looks. Asians have their own stand alone beauty, I rank them highest in non-White stand alone. Most other non-Euros need some Euro-blood to look good, luckily it’s found in many non-Euro groups.

        7. Europeans are Caucasoids and Caucasoids AS A WHOLE are aesthetically superior to Mongoloids, Capoids, Congoids and Australoids.
          “Herp derp good looking people exist in all races” is just relative Frankfurt School outlier BS. Intelligent Congoids and Capoids exist as well, but they’re very much in the minority. That’ s why Africa is the asshole of the world and always has been, and why every black-majority country/city is a shithole.
          High testosterone/estrogen markers and facial/body symmetry are universal. There’s nothing subjective about real beauty. The standard existed long before the “continent” of Europe was born and will exist long after its death.

        8. I say let other races find each other attractive. No reason for me to convince Tyrone or Muhammad that Katy and Erica are cute.
          And Lysander you are too generous. Western European males and Eastern European females are attractive. everyone else in Europe either looks too cucky or ethnic

        9. Also Caucasoid does not equal aesthetic. Arabs, Sicilians, North Indians, and other MENA people are Caucasoid and they look ethnic af with their big bird noses, bug eyes, retruded faces, and flat foreheads. Ever seen the phenotypes of these countries? Legit ogre.
          Caucasoid phenotypes are so varied. Gracile Meds are mouth breathers. Nordics can look too feminine and soft. Generally WASP phenotypes or thereabout will be good looking in terms of men. Attractive women on the other hand are in the Eastern European countries as Western European women look masc as fuck sometimes.
          Let’s be honest and discriminate by pointing out the ugly Caucasoids. It is delusion to believe incel phenotypes don’t exist in Europe or the MENA

        10. @Fritz
          I’m well aware of what the term “Caucasoid” encompasses according to Coon and that’s exactly why I used it. Ethiopians and Somalians are Caucasoids as well and it’s no coincidence that their women are the most beautiful out of all black women.
          There are many handsome, masculine men among Arabs and people from Asia Minor. And many of their women are beautiful as well. There’s a reason that “Khans” (Pashtun people) dominate Bollywood. Because they’re usually fair-skinned and masculine as opposed to their inferior Dravidian cousins.
          Your vision seems to be skewed by your unhealthy obsession with anyone who looks “ethnic”.
          I stand by my statement that — and read this next part carefully before you go off on another “ethnic” “incel” tangent — AS A WHOLE, no other race can compete with the Caucasoid race aesthetically.
          Put one thousand Caucasoids from any region up against one thousand of any other of Coon’s races, and you’ll see many more handsome, masculine men and pretty, bangable women among the Caucasoids. It’s just a fact, unless someone has a fetish in which case his opinion doesn’t count because he’s a deviation.

      1. @fitz: There are huge variations within populations that are consiered Caucasoid, considering both sexes. Sure there are pretty women in many other populations as well, like black women in Africa and North America.
        But most European populations have pretty decent averages (even taking obesity and rapid age decline into account) and top notch chicks (8s and 9s). As someone else said in this thread, some of the beauty standards are universal (like big round eyes and facial proportions) and European and Eurasian women come closest to such ideals, magnified by make-up, long hair and other less authentic measures. Large in-group variations are a bit beside the point.
        @asdasda: Glad you liked it.

  4. “The members of the fairer sex want a guy who dresses well, has good hygiene, is fit, can conversate, and look at least like he tries his very best in regards to behavior and career goals.”
    – I wear a slacks, a dress shirt, and tie to work everyday
    nothing fancy for sure, just good old Hagar slacks and Van Heusan or Geoffrey Beene shirts & low priced silk ties from Walmart.
    – I shave, shower & brush teeth/tongue every morning & floss brush every night.
    – While certainly not a body builder, I work out regularly and stay fit/trim. Even at my age, I still get some compliments from escorts & massage girls — although mostly from the Asians and sometimes the Russians. When I get compliments from American girls, they now almost always throw in “for your age”.
    – While I am nowhere near the best I could have been career wise, I am certainly doing well and much better than most Americans.
    – Conversate? Well I think I can hold an intelligent conversation on many subjects. But TBH, I am not the type who would just walk up to a stranger (female or male) and start talking. That’s just not me.
    ” before you blame your genes…”
    So 4 or 4.5 out of 5 for me. And no free poontang. Ever.
    It’s gotta be the genes!

    1. I would say that in addition to what you mentioned, you may want to have a bit more positive attitude. Don’t take what I am saying as an attack, but as something to bring to your attention that needs to be addressed. Having a more positive outlook draws others to you. People can pick up on it. Don’t be so down about yourself. Be grateful for what you have. Getting chicks is not the be all, end all.

      1. “Don’t take what I am saying as an attack..”
        I always appreciate honesty & constructive criticism. Thanks.

  5. In 2018 nobody should believe game will trump looks. You should be aware that good looking men will walk in the room already preselected by women. A short and fat beak nosed birdcel who learned game will have a very hard battle in trying to compete with a Tom Brady look alike. He may not even be given the chance to show his “game”.
    This isn’t to say good looking men can say and do whatever they want, but they can do it more than ugly men for sure. You boyos should realize that the whole “bad boy” thing is overblown. The reason guys with high lay counts (usually good looking) are considered bad boys is because the ugly beta considers him an enemy.
    Game is there for ugly men to make them realize they need to aggressively compete with Chad but it still doesn’t mean his game will always save him. Hell many times a girl will reject you simply because she has hotter options. When woman look for ONS they don’t really care about your money or your game but how you can physically dominate her. This is where looks come into play.
    Now for finding LTRs looks matter much less. This is true. LTR is when provider game becomes more of an issue. Men from the West who go overseas and get foreign broads know this too well. Now if you are trying to find an LTR in the West and you want your girl to be significantly hotter than you then you need to really work your social circle game and be as “normal” as possible. I have seen low SMV men with high SMV women on the rare occasion (I.e. Indian guy with cute white girl) but in those cases they were running betabux game or the girl was from a conservative background where the ability to provide and “be a nice guy” mattered more than all the shit IG thots value. So it is possible to be ugly and NOT a bad boy and get an attractive high quality woman but you need either money or some form of status (maybe everyone at church knows you) for that to happen.
    The problem with being an ugly guy with a hotter girl is that she will not have RAW sexual attraction to you. She will he asexually attracted to what you provide her but not physically attracted to you. Don’t be surprised if she fantasizes about other men at the minimum or full blown cheats on you.
    I suggest for ugly guys: work out, learn what hair works for your face, grow some facial hair, wear fitted clothes, and just do whatever you can to create a halo around yourself to make women think you are sexy. Vin Diesel wouldn’t be considered a bad boy without his muscles. Him trying to act like a Northeastern tough guy with the build of DJ Quells would only get him laughed at. You have to look the part too. Vin is legit an ugly guy (weak jaw, big nose, no browridge) but he is haloed by his muscles and his personality. So YES personality does matter BUT you CANNOT run bad boy game if you look like a faggoty bitch. Even without fame Vin would be able to slay no problem. Without muscles? I think he would be invisible.
    So yes. Ugly guys can slay IF there is something else about their looks that halos them. Of course ugly rich guys can get laid by anyone but they will always be competing with good looking rich guys once they get to that level. And once again it proves even money can’t save your ugly ass when she cheats on you with the hired muscle.
    Just LOL if you think you can be a short fat slob and fuck model caliber women because you have “game”. Inb4 “I know a fat guy who only fucks supermodels!”. Learning how to talk to women is only a small part of the equation boyos .

    1. “You boyos should realize that the whole “bad boy” thing is overblown. The reason guys with high lay counts (usually good looking) are considered bad boys is because the ugly beta considers him an enemy. ”
      Perhaps it is the good looks / muscular physique that allow these guys to get away with worse and worse behavior as they grow up? Thus becoming the “bad boy” by their teens or early twenties. This is similar to the female “10” who has the morals of an alley cat because her looks allow her to get away with that behavior.

      1. That could very well be it. But keep in mind a good looking guy can be a nerd and girls will think his hobbies of playing DD or Pokemon are “cute”. Essentially a good looking man is like a pet to women. Anything he does is considered cute. They’re like cats. Cats can be complete assholes to people OR they can be reclusive and antisocial weirdos and women still love them because of their aesthetic value.
        An ugly guy can perform a noble act for a woman and she will think of him as condescending and feeding the patriarchy. A handsome man does it and all of sudden her faith in men is restored.
        See the thing is ugly guys can’t play nice guy game BECAUSE they are ugly not because nice guy game doesn’t work. I have done shit that most on this site would consider beta as fuck to women and yet I ended up Fucking these women and they loved me all the more. Why? Because they considered me higher than their SMV. Hypergamy is real boyos and looks are what will propel you there instantly.
        But when I did some beta shit to a girl who was used to guys hotter than me? It was treated as tryhard and “unnatural”, “supplicating” , and just a bitch move over all. Everything was the same except the girl had gotten used to hotter men and my acts meant nothing.
        So game theory is partially right in saying don’t act like a cuck. But it ignores the redpill. The redpill is that women have animalistic desires just like we do. It isn’t fair to believe we can somehow flip the attraction switch on them by playing monkey games. Chad doesn’t need monkey games. Chad can show up, give the girl a flower, tell her she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and she will swoon. The value of what you do is tied to who you are. And money in and of itself won’t create that reaction in women. Do you think some billionaires Hollywood Jewish producer has the same effect on women as the Chad guy who works for him and makes less money? Girls swoon for actors, not the directors. Directors may own everything but actors have looks. And in a room full of rich guys, money is no longer an equalizer for ugly men. Two guys of similar status, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will NOT produce the same effect on women.
        Let’s stop pretending looks don’t matter. They can be overcome by letting women see other aspects of your success but they CANNOT be ignored like in the days of peak PUA popularity where tons of fat and ugly Indian guys walked around Leicester Square and women got pissed off by it.
        The reason women hate “game” theory is not because they think it makes them easier to catch, but because they don’t want a bunch of ugly horny guys stopping them while they are out living their life. They don’t mind Chad doing that but Chad doesn’t need game. In the mind of a woman, if a man needs to learn game to get her, he wasn’t worthy (hot enough) to get her from the beginning. She doesn’t want subpar genes inside her.

        1. “The reason women hate “game” theory is not because they think it makes them easier to catch, but because they don’t want a bunch of ugly horny guys stopping them while they are out living their life.”
          That makes a ton of sense.
          You will never hear a “Weinstein” story about Brad Pitt. Because when Pitt does it the girls take it as a compliment and it is the highlight of their lives.

        2. My father owned a Nursing Home, and if you know anything about a nursing home it is typically a bunch of female nurses and the old people who come in approximately three types: Completely senile and drooling in their chair, old women who just hang out, or insanely horny old men looking for that last bit of pussy before they die. Anyways, the amount of complaints we had from our nurses when it came to sexual harassment was fairly common and ridiculous. One time a particularly horny old man (Charlie) stirred up a ruckus with some of the nurses and my father looked at me and said (this was in his office), “you know if some good looking stud came in and said those same things to these women they would melt in their panties, but oh it is Charlie, so we can’t be having that.”
          Funny story though, before Charlie died he apparently paid off one of the Mexican nurses for sex, and got her pregnant, and this was one old ass ugly mother fucker who always smoked a big as cigar.

        3. Pitt divorced Jolie because she stopped having sex with him.
          Doesn’t matter how rich and good looking you are, marriage will end your sex life with a western woman.

        4. @ JD
          “Pitt divorced Jolie because she stopped having sex with him.”
          Not because she was a tattooed, wrinkled old bag in her 40s? I WNB Jolie, even if she payed me. She’s 20+ years too old for me. And if I had Pitt’s $$$, I would be thinking teenage sex slaves. But that’s just me…

        5. @JD
          Just checked. She’s 42. So at least 13 years too old for me. But still, with Pitt’s $$$, teenage Russian girls would be the way to go. Or Thai girls, or Filipinas…

        6. WES
          Most of the Filipino and many of the Mexican nurses were prostitutes before they came to the United States.
          I owned a bar in the Philippines and most of the girls went to nursing school during the day and sold their body twice a week to pay school fees.

        7. WES/JOHN
          Filipino and Mexican nurses often pay their tuition by being prostitutes, no? What is the big surprise that for enough money a Mexican or Filipino woman can be dicked by an old man.

        8. “The value of what you do is tied to who you are”
          “In the mind of a woman, if a man needs to learn game to get her, he wasn’t worthy (hot enough) to get her from the beginning. ”
          You hit something there. Your comment is very interesting and someone could write more on this, thus lightening on some aspects of game.

        9. Good comments. This site has a lot of good red pill wisdom but its stuff on ‘game’ has never sold me. Looks/Money/Status, a lot of the rest is just false hope peddled and packaged to desperate men suffering in this horrible modern (((progressive))) sexual market. Game aint gonna fix the problem. The brothers have known game much longer than others and just look at the current state of their women (sisters). Keep dancing for women like thirsty trained monkey’s and that’s where white girls and eventually others are headed.

    2. Good comment. I agree. What has helped me is to maximize my genes (muscles and low body fat), style, hair, social skills, cunning and confidence. My largest disadvantage is my short stature.

      1. “Rich ugly guys with little game get cucked hard.”
        – If one happens to be a “rich ugly guy”, then the idea is to try to refrain from playing Captain Save-a-ho so that you are not in a position to “get cucked”. Use the money to bang hot girls, but try not to care about them. Just use ’em and lose ’em. Everyone slips up and starts caring every now and then, but don’t let it go too far. And when it does, remember it as a lesson for next time. If the “rich ugly guy” (and I would throw “old” or “older” in there as well) can do this, then its like he is “cucking” the bad boy who is dating or living with the SB or Escort. Cucking some muscle-headed face man loser who can’t afford to support his girlfriend. Or himself.

    3. Fritz, your german beta roots shine through.
      What. a.
      But lets be fair and take a closer look at your …whine rant.
      “believe game will trump looks”
      There is an 80s or 90s movie with a short gangster type and peak 10 actress. “You look like you havnt been fucked in a year” is the most famous line from the conversation and could teach you a lot about male SMV.
      “The problem with being an ugly guy with a hotter girl is that she will not have RAW sexual attraction to you. ”
      Ok you asked for it.
      Lets assume you are out with your date and a short turkish guy comes over and slaps your girls ass, standing there with a big bad smile on his face.
      You kindly ask him to stop his childish behavior and grow up.
      Then he looks you in the eye and says: You are a fucking pussy! Grabs your girl and kisses her.
      You are stunned. Your girl cries out in rage.
      The bouncer comes. Whe Mr. Bouncer comes he knocks him out in one punch, kicks him to the head when on the floor. You try to interfere and get a groin kick followed by an upper cut. You wake up in the hostpital.
      What you dont know is, that before he left to avoid the police, he gave your girl friend his number.
      While you are in the ER, he and your date have a nice fuck on the backseat of his (stolen) car.
      Now that example may be a bit drastic but it does give an example what a real “bad boy” is all about. He gives a fucking horse shit about laws, rules and society as a whole. He takes what he wants and can use physical force as needed.
      THAT is fucking attractive to women. Nothing lubricates pussies more than men fighting and spiling blood. Thats carnal desiver at the most basic and most powerful level.
      She will ignore a nice face with a pussy mind every single fucking day for a real man who is free to do as he pleases.
      Read this again and forget all the social programmed bullshit the cucked feminized german hivemind has put into your head. Time to wake up to the real world.

      1. Yes, I agree that criminals usually get hot girls/lays/and even girlfriends. Sluts,mind you, but hot nonetheless.
        But how many guys would be willing to live the life of a criminal and risk prison? Also, for most first world people, criminality simply does not come natural.

        1. Becoming a low inhibition criminal just for the sake of pussy just proves how ugly one is to begin with. Kinda shows what inferior genetics one has when their own women require them to be criminals and risk prison time before giving up the pussy.
          Meanwhile Chad grows up soft and with everything he needs going to private school and marries the virgin. But the sunhumans needed to resort to antisocial behavior that ends up being a detriment to them. All this proves is that Chad the good looking softy still has it easier than Tyrone. Tyrone has to be a thug because he would he irrelevant any other way. Chad just stays a high inhibition, high IQ slayer with no criminal record.
          LOL @ ethnics and their stupid women and their shit life coping skills of needing to do bids just to get laid.
          Ethnic coping detected from 10,000 miles away

        2. @ Fitz
          And this is coming from a Catholic, dark haired, dark eyed, tan complexioned “Northeast US Ethnic”…

      2. Lol @ you for thinking my reaction would be that of your faggoty fantasy. I am an American not an actual German. Other men touching our girl’s asses is not taken very kindly here. Go ahead and think you can go around grabbing girl’s asses because of your bad boy persona. Worst thing you can ever assume is that another man is wealer thsn you.

      3. MALDEK
        Did not buy he would have wanted her in real life. He would have been passing out his cocaine to 18 year old cheerleaders not chasing after her.

      4. FITZ
        You’ve never traveled out of the US but the average US GI would tell you Maldek is a German or Polish citizen living in Germany because of how he talks about the Turks.

        1. M.M. good observation! But not quite right; I am living in south america, with a rather big german expat community nearby.
          Plus I have been training (part time self defense instructor here) with lots of germans in the past couple of years.
          I know my flok.

  6. “Conversate” is not a real word, or at best should be considered non-standard. Maybe this was a stylistic word choice, but it is representative of a general lowering of standards.

  7. When you strip away the need for a man to support a woman and women can earn equal pay it comes down to having a big dick.
    This is why so many lower class white women joyously take up with black studs. They do not need a man to support them, they live in a country with surplus resources, so what else matters but a great big cock?
    Looks help, but most important to women is an orgasm. If a man has a huge dick like Holmes or Jeremy and is good at manipulating it he can be ugly as sin.
    Black studs are often supported by women.
    If you are an average white male and go to Asia, you will realize this.
    I did.

    1. “When you strip away the need for a man to support a woman and women can earn equal pay…”
      – Equal pay for doing next to nothing. And even without the equal pay, there is Alimony & Child support (which they mostly spend on themselves), or even welfare/food stamps/WIC/Section 8 etc..
      Male as provider/protector and female as caregiver/nurturer worked perfectly fine from the time of the Homo Erectus until the 60s. How the hell did we let a bunch of limp wristed
      neo-marxists destroy the west?

    2. This only matters to trashy size queens who are stretched out.
      Being ugly like Ron Jeremy and having his dick won’t get you laid unless you are a porn star.
      Only a small percentage of white women are into this. Most prefer Chad the pretty boy once showing that looks matter for getting your foot in the door.
      The reason many ugly Black men succeed is the status halo given to them by the media. But White guys with big cocks can’t benefit from such a halo in America since that isn’t a stereotype here nor is it in any non-Asian country.
      If you’re White and you have a big dick but you’re ugly, either get into porn or just be OK knowing that you will satisfy a ton of ugly women.

      1. This is very true. I have a big dick and it does not help me one bit. How often do you try to pick up a girl with the line, “I have an 8 inch.” I certainly have never tried it. The only time the girl sees my dick, or knows my size, is when I pull it out before I’m about to fuck her. All these pin dick guys are just making excuses. I don’t know how rough it is for them, but I seriously doubt that if they got a girl home and she saw they had a small dick she would just walk out without fucking them. And anyway, large or small, if you only last 5 seconds before cuming, then rolling over and falling asleep, she’ll think you’re a chump and won’t be back for seconds. So stop making excuses you pin dicks, just learn how to fuck properly and you’ll have maximised your potential.

        1. You’re crazy if you think the average western- hell any woman isn’t sizing up your package.
          You should try gaming at the local non-Olympic lane swimming pool, “Oh! Oh no! Where is he taking me?” She gleefully says to her friends and orbiter as I drag her to the deep end to have my wicked way with her… Old Chinese lifeguard laughs and rolls his eyes when he sees I’m back, haha.

        2. Nobody is saying Western women don’t care about size. But size is more about getting repeat lays from the same girl as opposed to pure slaying. Looks and everything else will mean more before she even talks to you.

    3. From what I’ve seen, Asians are smallest. Myers lives in Asia, so he’s the most qualified to speak on the White mandingos of Asia. Asians also like other factors in Whites like creativity and fair skin.

      1. Despite finding creative niches and exploiting them for a living, can’t say I’ve ever been complimented on my creativity… Though the last Chinese bitch found “the fire in my eyes so inspiring”.
        My Chinese buddy owns a successful sex toy company, as he loves to tell me (every time we meet for drinks) Chinese have the smallest dicks in the world. Now I consider myself average, but every Asian girl I’ve been with has said some variation of “Feel like I’ve lost my virginity for the first time/ biggest dick/ best sex ever.

        1. I’ve heard that too.
          But for me it’s coming from hookers, classy ones, but still hookers. So I take it with a grain of salt.

      2. SUGAR
        I’m no John Holmes either. But you get an insight into Chad status in Asia if you are white.

    4. @Michael Myers,
      You toned it down a bit from when your username was gen x-ile but you still can’t get off of the subject of black dick & Jewish porn stars but you talk about flyover white people as if they’re stupid and simple minded. Honestly dude you’re a dumbass, you know a couple things but that is the extent of it you can’t stop from repeating the same stupid shit over & over.

    5. Michael, I can confirm this. One low-end single mom I was banging told me she married her ex for….wait for it… he had a big dick. That was her marriage criteria.

  8. Stop calling females “the fairer sex” for they are conniving cunts. Exceptions to the rule don’t count.
    Also, there would have to be fairness in the world to begin with.

    1. Eh…I like ’em.
      They’re cute & petite & ladylike.
      Materialistic as all hell, even worse than American girls, but I still like ’em. I’ll take greedy over vulgar any day.

      1. Never liked the Korean looks, heads way too big, combined with short legs and long bodies. Just looks wrong to me.

        1. “Never liked the Korean looks, heads way too big..”
          That’s the “moonface” syndrome.
          They have surgery now to correct that.
          Have become quite expert at it.
          They shave the cheekbones and such.
          Sounds quite hideous, but I can’t argue with the results.

      2. You cucks need to get away from the K-Pop worship. I have explained before and I am NOT kidding.. K-POP is a MAJOR Export of SK and is such an assembly-line industry it makes Disney look amateur. 95+% of K-POP features LADYBOYS. There is too much investment in a K-Pop act to tolerate some 2nd rate Minghag’s time-of-the-month bloating & coy inability to syncro-dance.. ALL of the major SK artists have EXTENSIVE plastic surgery atop what are pre-selected MALES who have longer torsos, bigger bodies, head & eyes, and a daring, more intense attitude. “TWICE” is BOTH.. Best-ie has a Love “OPTION”.. Station has a “SECRET”, “Girls Generation” are NOT girls.. get it yet? SK is the MALL-equivalent of NK.. you are raised in a very stringent military corporate system and you make the grade or die. SK is not going to whore their “future mothers” out to duets with Akon & international ridicule. Instead they give you, as a -weapon of war-, Love Doll appearing LadyBoys in the full market understanding that cucks like AutomaticSlim will injure their testicles fapping to it! Japan, and now even China, have trans-bands of all types and the Asian credo is to give the Westerners perversion because they are too susceptibly stupid to understand their own lgbtqp-appropriated culture.

        1. I have never lived in S-Korea, but passed through Inchon airport a couple of times. There were not many girls above 7. I saw a lot of homely, slightly chubby girls who seemed like they did not even try to look good. But then I flew economy class, perhaps the business class and first class may look different.

        2. You seem to have put a lot of thought into this. “Ladyboys”, huh? Not something I would have pondered, but I suppose some people (like you) have your mind in that place.
          One question though. How in the hell am I a “cuck”??? Do you even know the meaning of that word? Whore chaser yes.
          But cuck? Please enlighten me.

  9. Sure, European women (and men as well for that matter) certainly do have the subjective halo effect due to the primacy of European culture and Western civilization for the past half a millennia at least. But then there is also the very objectively attractive and very distinctive (and so exotic to others) fact that only European women have colored eyes and hair. That is uniquely beautiful and unmatched by any other race if matched by other important physical attributes. Add to that the fact that European females have bigger bones, boobs and asses. So if that combination of a fit/shapely body, bigger boobs and ass and colored eyes (blue/green) and hair (blond) happens to come together without a man-jaw – the hot tall blue eyed blond bombshell if you will – then boy, we have the Gold standard for female beauty.

    1. Compared to Asian women you mean.
      Latina women will mog the shit out of White girls though. Not even fair which is why you don’t see White girls ever stand next to Latinas like ever. White girls submit to the aesthetic superiority of these supposed inferior brown women.
      People act like Europeans all have god tier aesthetics. Just because lots of European descended people are models doesn’t mean shit. Take a trip to a poor region of the US South where race mixing is near non existent and see the bevy of ugly white women.
      It is a massage stormfront cope to claim Europeans have the monopoly on aesthetics. Many of them look like sickly mouthbreathers especially the swarthy horseface Meds with their long faces and narrow palates. Slavs have those BFF bulbous noses and square heads. Sicilians can pass for Arab sometimes. Spain is the land of fragile bone structures. Germanic women have very powerful lower thirds and look masculine. Dutch women are basically horses posing as humans. English women should be ashamed of calling themselves women.
      Europe is full of ugly people. Eye color and hair color is cope. White people aren’t impressed by that. Only East Asians are and maybe Amerindians.
      Eastern Europe has solid hot girls. Western Europe does not. Europe =/= attractive people.

      1. Meant to say big* bulbous noses. Stupid lack of edit function
        Also to your comment on big bones, what do you mean? Robust women are not dimorphic and therefore less feminine. Do you mean wider hips? Also Mediterranean women many times have very thin bones

      2. Dude you are dreaming. I live in Mexico, these creatures are HIDEOUS and to them I am like James Bond, Batman and Brad Pitt rolled into one.
        The “hot” Mexicans you see on the telenovelas or the weather girls are ELEVENS for here. The absolute cream of the crop, and in the US they would be 6-7.

        1. I am not talking about the mouth breather Spaniard swarthy types. I mean native beauty like that of Jenaveve Jolie or Elena Cruz. No pseudo White Latinas. Brown ones mog White women and IMO. white Latinas are not the hottest of Latin America at all. White American women mog White Latinas hard (I think Iberian jeans are shit on women and makes them ugly). Northwest Euro descended American White girls are way cuter. But brown curvy Latinas mog white American girls girls easily.
          White Latinas from telenovelas are like bootleg White girls.

      3. Dude, I am not talking average women or each and every women. I agree that white Western women have become decadent and vulgar sluts and running purely inheritance of their cultural-heritage that great men built over the past 5 centuries. All I am saying is if they had the same attitudes as the image conscious, feminine oriented Latinas and Kors the best among them can set the gold standard for beauty; And a rapidly depleting set of specimens do achieve that even today.

  10. I’ve known a number of Korean women and their families and the basic thing I observed is they are RACIST as f*ck. It is OK to DATE outside their race but mom and dad are NOT down with their daughters *marrying* and having babies with anyone other than a Korean of very high status (Doctors etc). On the rare occasion the parents give the green light, the other race has to be Asian and again, super-high status. Of course there are exceptions. Low-end, or rebellious edgy Koreans and stealth-hookers might marry whites and blacks (American soldiers) and their parents are OK with it. The plurality want their own men.
    But the general conclusion that Korean woman want the same thing most women want holds true: Masculine, strong, handsome men of high status.

  11. As someone who does very well with with 8-10 hot American women (white and black) in their 20s, it is noteworthy that in the states, Asian women rarely respond favorably to me. I am tall 6’1 Caucasian and blonde and I think this has something to do with it along with the fact that I just project an energy that I am not easily tamed nor controlled. They are more likely to date a dark haired white businessman than someone like me who is in entertainment. It’s worth testing your appeal extensively in the states out in bars and online dating before making pilgrimages overseas. Many Chinese and Koreans in particular are notoriously elitist, racist and materialistic and see other nationalities as beneath them. In the US, you can test this by going to heavily Asian neighborhoods or college campuses with these nationalities and watch their behavior on the sidewalk. They will walk in groups often taking up the entire sidewalk and refuse to move for westerners, a demonstration of dominance. As lovely as those Kpop videos can be, my general opinion is Koreans are a waste of time to pursue. For non Asian Americans Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the Phillipines are much higher yield choices for those with “yellow fever.” The exception is black males, as certain Chinese and Korean women have “jungle fever” fantasies, but as the video below shows, she probably isn’t taking you home to the parents. The moral as always: know your target female audience and stick to places and cultures where you are most successful.

    1. THE POPE
      If you let Koreans or Chinese foreigners push you off the sidewalk in your own city you are a sad bastard.

      1. Dude, what is your reading comprehension score?!?! Nowhere in my comment do i state this; if you’re going to make an unpaying career out of being too clever by half, at least pass the SAT first —

    2. I can concur with this statement. Back when I was in college all the international students, especially the ones from SoKo where like this.
      My first year I ran into a very pretty girl from Seoul and we became fast friends. She was super cute and I was kind of into her for a bit. However as soon as more girls from SoKo started arriving during the school year I lost touch with her entirely. I found out the reason was that the other girls looked down on me as not “being rich” enough and in short weren’t worth their time. She didn’t want to fall out of favor with them and so cut off contact me.
      It was something that I noticed was that students from Asia did not assimilate with their American community. They always stuck to themselves, living in the same dorm, eating together, living off campus with one another, and never attended the same parties. They were their own little community and nearly impossible to crack, especially the women.

    3. More like lack of social skills and herd mentality from the Asians, not excusable though, cut a path.
      White and black guys do the same from time to time, take up the whole fucking sidewalk, what am I going to walk on the road?
      Walk straight dead on to the guy in the centre and lightly push his shoulder out of the way with your left then the guy next to him with the same hand. Usually stuns spooks, who look at you with their gobs open while they try to turn their brain over, get any shit whatsoever reply with “What, I’m going to walk around 6 people? Out my fucking way.” I usually get a chorus of “Uh, s-sorry”.
      They know it’s uncivil behaviour and they shouldn’t be doing it, Double points if you have your arm around a bitch when it happens.

      1. All women in America nowadays are like that when they are in a group walking together and yammering loudly among themselves and your are walking in the other direction alone. I just walk right through the gaggle as if they don’t exists. They quickly make way.

    4. Asian women don’t like super aggressive men but your hair color is irrelevant. Blonde hair is not seen as dominant on men and in fact is paedomorphic.

  12. The type of guy a Korean girl likes is a morbidly obese, bald, globe headed American or English dude with a chinstrap beard and a ton of tattoos.

  13. I’ll tell you the type of man Korean woman are into. Korean women are into low quality white male losers who cant get a white girl. Why do you think losers with no skills go all the way to Korea to get a job teaching english? It’s because these low quality white men know Korean women won’t be able to see past their white skin so they won’t realize how much of a loser they are with.

    1. Such a misguided cliche. But okay, English teachers might sometimes be losers but if they don’t look good they will get corresponding girls: 3s, 4s, and 5s. I got the same level as white girls ar home. Usually a white 7 and a Asian 7 that is, sometimes pushing into 8 territory, or going as low as 6.

      1. Such a misguided cliche. But okay, English teachers might sometimes be losers but if they don’t look good they will get corresponding girls: 3s, 4s, and 5s. I got the same level as white girls at home. Usually a white 7 and an Asian 7 that is, sometimes pushing into 8 territory, or going as low as 6.

    2. Hard Truth
      Gee, being a loser really made me lose out on a great deal in the last 19 years since I left the US. Because it improved so much since the Clinton era.
      You know the best thing about living overseas?
      You never see certain minorities who are stuck in ghettos or barrios and if you beef is with ZOG you will not feel that Asian media is trying to control your brain and turn your daughter into a “shark” with cereal commercials.
      I got laid and did not have to be nagged by white women who would divorce me and then go to the cougar bars and be fucked by young Chads while I begged to see my kids on the weekends.
      My kids did not have to be pummeled in public schools by Non-Asian minorities who taught them the finer points of rolling a joint at age 12 while I cursed not being able to send them to a better school.
      I’m so sad that I missed out on so much in Detroit.

  14. The rules change a bit if you’re foreign. While stationed there in the 90s with the US military, I had a buddy who was just over six feet tall, but kinda tubby in the middle and below average facially – he even had a bit of a double chin. But he did his best to learn Korean and spoke it well enough within a year. He already had a hilarious personality and it’s easy to make Korean chicks laugh with a little slapstick humor. Without too much effort, he regularly banged MANY attractive Korean women. Wound up marrying a white chick years later though. To each his own.
    One thing everyone has going for them over there is raw numbers – there’s almost ten million people in Seoul alone! You can look like a semi-retarded pigmy, do an approach a day and probably still get something for your troubles.

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