It’s A Lie That Women Have Higher Pain Tolerance Than Men

Women are superior to men in every possible way. We know this from watching TV. Sitcoms, for instance, teach us that women are far, far more intelligent than men. Suspense thrillers show us that men are wife-beaters, rapists and murderers while women are either their victims or the intellectually and morally superior saviors who foil our villainy. Dramas demonstrate that women are more honest and faithful than us fickle, cheating men. And watch any action-adventure made within the last few decades, and you’ll see that women are physically stronger, tougher, and better fighters than men are.

This last bit of collective cultural programming has not only convinced Americans of every political stripe that women belong in the Armed Forces, but especially in the combat arms and elite units. This programming isn’t just reinforced on your High Definition Gynovision Set, either. Every female and white knight (which is about 75-90% of the male population in the West) will readily inform you that women are tougher than men. Because childbirth.

The childbirth subject functions as a trump card or smart bomb which ends any debate regarding pain tolerance relative to the sexes. Men have no answer for this smart bomb, because we don’t get pregnant. However, it’s for that very reason I reject the argument. So far as empirical science goes, if you want to test and compare reactions in different test subjects, all subjects must be exposed to the same exact stimulus. Since men don’t get pregnant, childbirth is a ridiculous metric—it makes it impossible to compare apples with apples.

My experiences were what caused me to question this sacred cow; and I’m sure many men have anecdotal evidence to do the same. No doubt many of you have noticed that women generally can’t handle cold temperatures as well as we can. They bruise easier; sprain easier; fatigue easier. Once both I and a female counterpart suffered burns from the same heat source. My burn was deeper and wider, and hurt like a blind mother, yet it was her who couldn’t shut up about all the pain she was suffering for the next two weeks.

Before the Feminist Cancer had worked its way completely through the American military, the only time I encountered uniformed females was when my unit was assigned to train ROTC cadets. These kickass Womyn Warriors only had to carry from ½ to 2/3rds of what their male counterparts carried (thanks to white knights redistributing the load in the name of “equality”), yet couldn’t keep up with their units on short marches, and bellyached the entire way. (The breakdown in noise discipline and discipline, period, would never have been tolerated from men back in those days.)

None of this should be surprising. According to a 2012 Stanford University study, women tend to rate pain input as more acute by a point higher than men on a 1-10 scale. A 2009 University of Florida study found that women show greater sensitivity to most forms of pain; take more pain killers; visit the doctor more for pain; whereas men showed a higher tolerance for physical discomfort of most kinds. Of course, scientific studies are not ironclad proof of anything, since pain is so subjective. So don’t let anyone get away with claiming that the pain tolerance argument is “settled science.”

The GrrrlPower Gang will likely purport that men can handle certain types of pain better simply because the human male body was designed in such a way as to better withstand extreme temperatures, physical blows, heavier burdens, etc. Fair enough—I concur. But I’ll add that the female body was likewise designed to carry and give birth to children. (Gee…it’s almost like men and women are designed, physiologically, to fulfill different roles.)

The blue pill world is convinced that childbirth is the pinnacle of physical suffering—mostly because women have been complaining about it, and telling us that it is, for thousands of years. Again, pain is too subjective to ever devise a universal measuring rod. But if there was some way to objectively quantify the pain of childbirth, then subject the average man to the same exact dose, I suspect he wouldn’t complain nearly as loud or persistently. If he did, you and I would probably tell him to shut up, suck it up and drive on. Frankly, even those of us who aren’t white knights don’t like to see females suffer; so we would never react to a woman giving birth with such enforcement of equality.

Here’s what most of you reading this article already know about women: all but maybe the very best of them are Drama Machines and Attention Whores. They want to receive the highest accolades that men can earn but without earning it themselves. One tactic they believe will help steer them toward their rightful place on our pedestals is to convince us that they can endure suffering beyond what a mere man can possibly imagine. The culture at large (and most individual women in the West) have assigned themselves the daunting task of presenting women as superior to men, yet simultaneously oppressed victims of us. This narrative necessitates cognitive gymnastics, hyper-selective reporting, and creative rhetoric to maintain.

Women are not the masters at pain tolerance. What they are masters of (Western women, at least) is talking shit. There’s likely no benefit to wasting logical arguments to dispute their Womyn Warrior Narrative and its Childbirth Cornerstone. But next time a woman bitches about a bruise, scrape, chapped lips, or some other horrendous boo-boo, just remind her of her superhuman pain tolerance and follow up with a remark like, “I thought you were supposed to be tough.” The results might be fun.

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86 thoughts on “It’s A Lie That Women Have Higher Pain Tolerance Than Men”

    1. If you are screaming during a painful event, it means you are not “tolerating” the pain.

    2. Labour pains, Can’t be that bad, most woman when asked after birth would gladly have another few rug rats, never met a man though who would voluntarily get kicked in the nuts a second time.

    3. Not all women are equal, my English (former) wife needed two months to recover from birth and no sex. My Asian (current) wife popped one out and was fully recovered and banging me after 3 days. White woman pussy pass is valid for everything.

  1. Pain is also about pain management. Men supposedly complain about stuff like having a cold (man-flu) whereas women are said to just get on with things. If there’s any truth to that at all, it’s certainly a limited truth. Women might be better in some senses at getting on with things, but generally speaking one simply does not associate fortitude with women, and that’s not just about the respective physical limits of the sexes, but about women’s dominant mode of managing / coping. Women complain and express emotion. Complaining about stuff may make things easier to bear insofar as certain types of unpleasant stimuli can be shared with others, or otherwise narrated with all the attendant payoffs, but complaining also makes one more conscious of the thing complained about, which is another way of saying they are thereby inclined to increase their own perception of pain to the extent that they moan about things. That may suggest a poor rather than effective management strategy.
    On the other hand crying is a very effective pain management strategy and all men should strive to develop their feminine side in that respect. It’s a skill any one can learn just as I have. In fact these days just about anything sets me off. Harsh words, misogyny, down-votes, stuff Trump says, you name it: nothing a good cry won’t make just a little bit easier to bear. The only problem is having to fend off the big hairy guys who end up trying to comfort you.

    1. I am a very sensitive guy, but I am unable to cry. Whenever I feel very upset I just punch something or do as many pushups as I can. What do? I know this is unhealthy.

      1. your toxic masculinity is poisoning your soul. The only way to evacuate that poison is through the tear ducts which you can find just below your male rape orbs. Let it out brother, let it out. It’s not gay to do so

    2. Most real men complain when they’re sick enough to be disabled from doing what they want which usually involves MORE WORK. When women get sick, they see it as a vacation from life. -trues.

  2. Disagree. It’s backed by science. The labor pain is also experienced by other animals, especially mamals. It’s just human females that can’t stop talking about it. Females produce some hormones or brain chemicals that help them “forget” about the pain during childbirth. Without those shits, maybe they’d want to give birth only once in their lifetime. That won’t be beneficial for the survival of our kind. Humans would likely to be extinct in no time.
    Personally, I rarely heard a woman who complained about her pregnancy, really.
    Yes, they experience morning sickness, backache, headache, cramps. For some girls who’d never experienced anything like that before, it’ll be super uncomfortable.
    Just because you don’t like some people, does not mean you have to disregard everything they do.
    Give the credit when the credit is due.

    1. Women won’t tell you but THE best period of their lives is when they are pregnant. Their crazy hormone levels get normalized and become steady as in men. It’s the evolutionary “award” which ensures the survival of the species.
      Heck, some even experience an orgasm during labor! lol

      1. Oh, they told me that. But it’s not the kind of orgasm that they want to have any day.
        It would be extremely unbearable without all the hormones going on.

  3. I have seen those stupid videos where men are made to simulate childbirth, and they’re screaming while their wives are laughing. My answer to that — so what?
    I have seen women in labor pain, and they’re not exactly giggling or about it or humming happily along — if anything, they’re far more hysterical than the guys that went through that simulated labor pain experiment.

    1. Knew a young couple once, who had no insurance. They had only a midwife.
      The mom screamed bloody murder and begged for drugs. Yeah, they handle it so well!
      She was not huge, but not a little girl either, and it was no monster baby.
      I have had medical conditions that supposedly match the pain level of child birth. Blocked pisser. This thing won’t let me type in the medical words. Kidney stones are extremely painful too.
      I also had a bone set without anesthesia. The doc brought in a huge intern to help hold me down, and gave a speech that it was Ok to scream, cuss, etc. I didn’t utter a word or move, and the doc was amazed.
      I consider myself average, and would bet real money the average woman would faint just at the thought of this stuff.

      1. Kidney stone. Ooh, I gave up milk so that I don’t have to go through that (hopefully) ever.
        Since you started the dick swinging contest my shoulder pops out. Once it popped out 3 times in one rugby match, but I played on till the end. Yeah, you still win but, hey, nothing wrong with a dick swinging contest.

  4. The ethnographer Nepoleon Chagnon who studied the Yanomami indians, noted that the women in the tribe who were not hit by their men felt unloved and feared that their men were cheating om them. If a woman didn’t sport bruises or marks on her face she would complain. I guess my point is that maybe women not only deal with pain well but in some cases actually want it.

    1. My father told me:
      If your woman cries in front of you, slap her!
      If she yells at you, fuck her!

  5. Three words that should lose respect as soon as you hear them, No.1 Airbourne, No.2 Infantry, No.3 American…

  6. Childbirth can easily be compared to getting kicked in the balls.

    Of course, that woman is still trying to sell su “it’s pretty close”. That scientist should do the reverse experiment with men and it will prove women are weaker than men in every way. End of story.

    1. Why is the thumbnail/still depicting some whore? Is it necessary to be a ragged slut for such an experiment?

  7. Well the very worst pain I have ever been in, was waking up after having a titanium plate inserted into my arm. I could FEEL the fucking screws.

      1. I don’t get too bent out of shape about the head scarf, but that face cover bullshit makes me insane. Take that shit off!! You are in North America. Ban that face cover bullshit immediately!!
        Get rid of Trudeau mangina.

  8. Let me explain before I get the negative blowback. No.1 Airbourne, no sane person would jump out a perfectly servicable aircraft with a silk sheet, No.2 Infantry, cannon fodder for rich arseholes, No.3 American, a country with so much confidence, so much promise, so much expectation and respect that allows itself to become a boil on the arse of humanity.

  9. Women’s bodies will store natural pain killers during their pregnancy to alleviate pain during childbirth. You can’t say that proves that women are tougher because it’s like seeing how much pain you can tolerate while anesthetized.
    Regardless, it’s like that joke. Women will go through the pain of childbirth and want another kid but no guy wants to get kicked in the balls again.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the author about pain and here’s why:
    My wife has given birth to twelve children. She will tell you she has experienced three pains far worse than child birth.
    1. Broken leg between the knee and ankle. I think Doctors say the most painful broken bone is femur, so she didn’t even experience the ‘worst’.
    2. Gall bladder removal surgery and recovery.
    3. Removing old gauze from a penetrating wound and then repacking wound with gauze. This type to removal and repacking would be done for any type of penetrating wound (knife, gunshot) because the wound needs to heal from the inside out.
    Again, all three of these (which EVERYONE experiences) are worse than childbirth in her experience, and after twelve children, she knows childbirth.
    And yes, she still complaint more about minor pains (sunburn, etc) and sickness (colds) than just about any man I know.

  11. re: pain of childbirth
    most of that is due to the vagina not having been stretched out prior to the birth of the child. so, you go from an orifice which has never passed anything larger than penis previously ( what, 3″ dia would get you into the 99th percentile? ) where a newborns head is ~14″ dia.
    imagine trying to pass a 14″ turd through your ass when you’ve never run anything but normal sized crap through it previously.
    so the obvious solution is to vigorously exercise the vaginal canal prior to birth so that it is more accustomed to being dilated to larger sizes.

    1. Get out out a ruler and see how wide 14″ is, a baby’s head is not 14 inchs. Also, there is no dick on earth that is 3″ in diameter. Bro, your logic is good, but your numbers are WAY OFF.

        1. Premise is still wrong. Labor and birthing pains are primarily from uterine contractions that open the cervix and begin the process of expelling the baby. The actual passage of the baby through the birth canal is experienced mostly as pressure, with the brief exception of the tissue around the opening while pushing the head out, which can feel like burning. Gentle stretching, massaging, and proper hydration of the external tissue can help prevent it from tearing, but won’t really do anything for pain in the moment (most women aren’t even aware of superficial traumas when they’re happening because the pressure has a sort of localized numbing effect) – it just makes recovery easier.
          The most effective methods of mitigating pain and trauma during childbirth are the same as just about any other strenuous activity: diet, hydration, physical fitness, and proper form.

  12. I have heard more than once women complaining about how their socks (not shoes) hurt them when walking. No further comments.

  13. “The culture at large (and most individual women in the West) have assigned themselves the daunting task of presenting women as superior to men, yet simultaneously oppressed victims of us.”

  14. Women sure take it up the ass well, I dare not try it looks so painful. But they endure, those goddamn troopers!

    1. Nothing “magical”. Any damn female in any damn living species does the same; popping out !!

  15. “The childbirth subject functions as a trump card or smart bomb which ends any debate regarding pain tolerance relative to the sexes. Men have no answer for this smart bomb, because we don’t get pregnant.”
    We do indeed have an answer. Just bring up passing Kidney stones and watch the so called stronger half cringe and back down real fast. I’ve passed 7 of those things and they really hurt (for those of you who don’t know). Women back away quickly and show me the You win face every time they talk who’s tougher and pull out the childbirth non-nuke bomb. I pull out the kidney stone bomb. Some women even say they hurt worse.

  16. Women in uniform is such a joke. I know it. My brother in the army and his entire unit know it’s a joke and deep down even women who want to play dress up and join the army know it’s a joke.
    Case in point this text exchange I had this morning with a girl whose number I got:
    Her: I’ve always dreamed of being a soldier ever since I was a child bla bla bla….
    Me: Lol trying to picture you in a general’s outfit….
    Her: Lmaoooo! 😂 😆 😂
    Her: wait here’s a pic of me in my brother’s army uniform
    Her: sends pic
    Me: Lol awww you look like a little soldier that’s adorable
    Her: Lmao 😂 🤣 😂 😆
    ….sends me three more texts explaining why she likes to play dress up as a soldier….
    I basically mocked her childhood [liberal programming-instilled dream] and she laughed along with me because she knows how ridiculous it is deep down too. Lol.

    1. “Women in uniform is such a joke. I know it. My brother in the army and his entire unit know it’s a joke and deep down even women who want to play dress up and join the army know it’s a joke.”
      Same for programmers or, for that matter, any job that requires physical strength or some level of intelligence.

    2. Hahaha okay. I’ve seen more incompetent men than women in my six years in the Air Force and have narrowly beat out male competitors for #1 ratings in the squadron or group because I’ve performed better. The “joke” is on you and your sexism.

  17. Childbirth is a one of the most important (for species survival) natural and normal process and it has evolved in mammals over 100 million years or so. I am no evolutionary biologist, but starting from some elemental knowledge, I can safely and logically assume that the child birthing female body must have evolved coping mechanisms for what looks like a very painful process of squeezing out a baby out through a relatively small vaginal opening. Mechanisms like, changes in muscle and tissue elasticity, generation pain revealing hormones etc. I an also wager, that passing kidney stones would be more painful than childbirth as it is an abnormal process with no evolved coping mechanisms.

  18. Normal uncomplicated childbirth is a cakewalk if you do it properly. Don’t try to evict the baby before it’s ready to come out, and don’t lie on your back the entire time like a damned fool.
    Things that hurt worse than childbirth: toothache (nerve pain), hairline bone fracture, diarrhea cramps, badly stubbed toe, untreated black widow bite, accidentally kneeling on a Lego brick.

  19. Most women are so “tough” that they choose to get an epidural so they don’t feel nearly the full brunt of labor and delivery. With two of my wife’s deliveries, she was so numb she couldn’t feel a thing. The one delivery she had all natural (got to the hospital too late for an epidural) was like a horror/comedy show. She screamed louder than anyone I have ever heard. Being the great husband I am, I had to turn around so she couldn’t see me smiling at how over the top the whole thing was.
    If you find the rare woman who will forego the numbing drugs, they are so “tough” they have to spend months preparing (breathing exercises, etc.) themselves for the ordeal.
    Having had a kidney stone, appendicitis, sciatica from a rupture disc, and been hit in the balls more than once over my 36 years, I can say that women absolutely have not cornered the market when it comes to pain endurance. And considering how the woman’s body is specifically designed for childbirth and my body was not designed for my painful experiences listed above, I would say it is indeed laughable to say women have a higher pain tolerance than men.

  20. AT 17yo I passed a crystalline kidney stone – no f-ing eipdural – I also used to leg press (yes to 90 degrees or lower) 1400 Lbs. for 3 reps. I don’t want to hear women bitch about pain, they have no clue 99.99% of the time of what real pain is when they squawk.

  21. “There’s likely no benefit to wasting logical arguments to dispute their Womyn Warrior Narrative and its Childbirth Cornerstone.”
    There’s rarely a benefit to brining logic into the conversation at all, regardless of the subject. Because – feelz.

  22. I saw this woman at work get a blood sugar check just the other day. Sure it hurts for like 2 minutes – I didn’t like it when mine was done but damn she was in tears. Started crying right away then whined on and off for an hour afterwards with new waterworks as new coworkers showed up to gather some sympathy. I mean shit my daughter cried less when she broke her arm at 8. It was an embarrassment

  23. Yeah, I can’t handle pain because I’m male, right?
    So how did I survive 5 kidney stones, one of which was `16 mm, without something like an epidural to block the excruciating pain? One had to be ‘retrieved’ from my urethra, and while I recovered the next day (in hospital) anolder nurse said that she’d both had children and had had kidney stones , and she’d take delivering triplets over another kidney stone.
    I guess I just imagined having a guy hit me for no reason, shattering my sternum, and not having massive pain killers. I must have imagined having a wisdom tooth broken out piece by piece with un-numbed roots.
    Yeah, us men can’t stand as much pain, right?
    In a pig’s eye.

  24. i’d make epidurals illegal.
    They don’t need it!!
    They got higher pain thresholds!
    Waste of money!
    And i’m serious when i say
    they shouldn’t get dental anesthesia either!
    Another waste of money!

    1. Well said. These ungrateful creatures forget the fact that Epidurals, Antiseptics, Antibiotics etc, are ALL Invented, Innovated & Pioneered by MEN.
      PS: Marion J Simpson, father of (modern) GYNECOLOGY !!

  25. Every woman I’ve ever known and seen who has given birth, admitted she screamed “give me drugs!” to dull the ordeal. So much for pain tolerance.
    But if they want a reasonable comparison to the agony of childbirth, I’d say the agony of terminal cancer. Now let’s compare the amount of painkilling drugs prescribed to men & women with terminal cancer (not to mention the amount of bitching and complaints).

  26. It’s just a lie that woman are tougher than men. And it’s kind of a twisted lie at that. It’s because women are so sensitive that they insist society over compensate for them and that’s why we get this ridiculously embellished portrayal of woman. If you resort to such extremes than you are not tough.

    1. Yes, but my friend it has been going on for SO LONG now. I’ve seen it evolve for decades; I’m old enough to remember the “before” but what about Millenials who have known nothing else? “Moldylocks” at the early 2017 Berkely riots obviously believed it and look what happened.

  27. “pain is so subjective”
    “According to a 2012 Stanford University study, women tend to rate pain input as more acute by a point higher than men on a 1-10 scale.”
    Pretty much the entire case against. Claiming you’re “tougher” because only the experience of any pain you can truly have is your own is both narcissistic and utterly moronic.
    You really want to see them sputter? Ask one of these ‘better-in-every-way’ dimshits to give a clear, objective definition of the difference between pain and mere discomfort.

  28. When men endure pain, its usually by choice. The choice to improve and get better, or stronger. The pain they take upon themselves voluntarily to build their character, status or physiqe.
    When women endure pain, its because they are the victim. The victim of their cycle, of their emotions. Even in childbirth, they are victims. They are victims because they do not have the option to choose the pain or not (aside from not having a kid). Its not a mark on their character if they endure through this pain. Its just apart of their nature.
    So what if it sucks. Tough titty.

    1. Indeed ! Not just overrated but also over exaggerated & given un-due credit; apparently for something that is 100% NATURAL, OBVIOUS & MUNDANE !!
      It’s as if they created or manufactured their own Ovaries, Uterus, Placenta & Boobs !!
      The real Credit goes to the Supreme Being; GOD.

  29. Women endure childbirth because for them, it’s basically squirting out cash and prizes. Childbirth means welfare money, hubby money, child support for 18+ years, validation, lots of attention on social media, “someone to wuv me!” and all other kinds of retarded shit.
    If men had the option to endure a very painful “childbirth” by squirting a factory direct Maserati out of their ass, many would overcome the pain!

  30. Maybe it’s instilling this idea of high pain during labor that scares young women from getting pregnant. So they use contraceptives, abstinence, being rainbow haired feminists, and whatever means to avoid pregnancy. Then they hit the Wall and discovered that she was the dead branch in her family tree.

    1. Oh, so women should just subject themselves to unplanned pregnancies with deadbeat men they probably can’t rely on to take responsibility? Hahaha right…

      1. Why have sex with deadbeat men to begin with? Are you saying that’s the kind of men you are attracted to?

        1. First of all, this isn’t about me. This is about all women. No woman should be forced to fall pregnant or carry a child with a man she might not love or trust. Before I married my husband I met and dates plenty of guys who somehow thought I wouldn’t notice when they went from treating me with respect to acting like asshats, or misrepresented the kind of people they truly were. Obviously, had I gotten pregnant, I would have had an abortion. Not to mention I never have and never will want a child.

  31. Women are more likely to concentrate on the pain and have a different emotional reaction (more akin to children than men) to it while men try to hide the pain (literally and figuratively, emotionally and physically) and act as if they are not bothered unless absolutely necessary. Men are far more likely to take risks leading to extreme pain or injury. Even female actors often use male stuntmen.
    If men are so pain adverse, why are only men willing to put their bodies on the line for entertainment? There are no female Jackasses or Dudesons and those men do some hardcore things that would probably scar most women mentally as well physically.
    The only real counter-argument I have seen to this aside from the silly birth giving issue is genital injuries that men are more vulnerable to for most part. But even this is refuted by the fact that above mentioned men are willing to take testicular punishment just to make their friends laugh on YouTube while women apparently need therapy if someone brushes their slit through their clothes. Feminists would call me the biggest scumbag for ‘making light’ of rape like that but I’m just providing a logical counter-response to the feminist argument belittling male genitalia; involuntarily touching a man’s genitals, violently or not, is the equivalent of digital rape but our society is so gynocentric that we tend to classify sexual violence as something involving orifices and female parts and brush off anti-male assault as ‘mere’ assault.
    I wonder if it evolved because men were the ones wandering out to hunt and fight and they had to feign strength even when their bodies were shutting down because showing weakness would lead to them being taken out that much faster. Women were tending to children and their heightened response to injury and discomfort may have helped them to identify with children and cause men to be more protective of women, thus somehow contributing to the survival of children.

    1. Bless You!
      You are right in that the MALE genitals/pain is taken for granted but pussy vulnerability is deliberately ignored (Society, Culture/Tradition, Religion etc).
      Pussies are faaaar more weak, inferior & vulnerable. If they were strong enough, why they are not Kicked by MEN in Movies !?? It’s far more easy to crush “lower lips” !!

  32. I’m on my 6th kidney stone right now. I’ve never heard any woman admit that it’s worse than childbirth. The closest I hear to that is that it’s “the closest a man can ever get to that level of pain.” .

  33. I don’t buy the whole pregnancy birth thing. I remember my mom telling me how giving birth to my two older sisters, at age 21 and 24 respectively, was like taking a dump. It’s when she had my older brother and I, at 28 and 38, that she complained about intense pain.
    If you hear a woman complain about childbirth, it probably comes from a woman in her late 20s and older, who delayed having kids in order to focus on her career. As women age, we all know it gets harder to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. What women aren’t saying is that it gets more painful.

    1. Haha “…late 20s or older.” Okay, tell that to my 20-year-old self who threw up a MINIMUM of 15 times per day for a month and STILL went to school and work when I fell pregnant before I finally miscarried (thank God; I’ve never wanted children). Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely rough on the vast majority of women.

        1. “Not because it’s actually hard…” Oh right, because carrying an organism your body actively drains your own body to support is suuuuper easy. Thanks for mansplaining; I had no idea!

        2. Bitch, please. I’ve gestated and birthed two of them myself. It’s a normal bodily function. It is literally our primary biological function and what we were MADE FOR.

  34. I gave birth recently and the pain was utterly horrifying, prior to the mental relaxation that gas and air gave me during contractions, I can specifically recall thinking that I would have done anything, suicide or else, to escape that misery. With enough support from my husband and medical team, I made it through without an epidural, and yes I was aware of optimal positioning and breathing etc, I was so wracked with pain that all of the birthing advice in the world couldn’t help me. My baby was malpositioned for a smooth transition down the birth canal which caused us both physical fatigue and trauma.
    It is one of the most foolish statements I have ever heard that women have higher pain thresholds than men. I didn’t cope at all with childbirth pain and apparently neither do the vast majority of birthing women whose first choice of pain relief is a numbing epidural. On the flipside though, the enormous adrenaline rush happening throughout and that all encompassing feeling of love I felt for my baby when I first saw her almost makes the experience addictive….

    1. Excellent point. Women endure childbirth because at that point they HAVE to. People will endure much if they have to.

      1. Very true. They endure the pain because they have to get the baby out. They cannot leave it in there because the baby and her body forces it out. Otherwise, they’d all choose to keep the kid and forego the pain.

  35. For the childbirth excuse I always counter with: “if men could give birth they would turn it into a sport, and have Monday night birth showdowns.”

    1. That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that so I can throw it around as appropriate. ))

  36. My neighbor has had 4 kids, and has broke her leg in theee places. She will tell you every single day of the week, and twice on Sunday, that the leg injury was ten times worse than childbirth. She’s not the only one either, most women I’ve met who have both given birth and suffered an extreme physical trauma (severe breaks, third degree burns, et al.) will readily tell you that childbirth is a joke in comparison.

  37. To the guy up thread who had sex with his Asian wife three days after childbirth — are you certain you weren’t rubbing against a large coagulated blood clot? It might almost have felt like her vagina.
    Seriously, though, my daughter is an obstetrical nurse, and she says Laotian women (and those little Mexican women too) squat and push their babies out very quickly. She also told me that doctors get hysterical when they see this and order them to lie down, being fearful of allowing the birth process to proceed naturally. She said young female doctors are the worst about this, but my daughter allows the women to squat again as soon as the doctors leave.
    I was very proud not to utter a peep and sneered at women who whined about childbirth, but I had short labors and small babies. I’ve also held my husband’s hand while he endured a kidney stone. I wouldn’t be able to decide what hurts more. It’s not a contest.

    1. “It’s not a contest.”
      It is, it is! I have no way of truly feeling anyone else’s pain, but I know mine was way worse and I’m so much tougher! I WIN!

  38. Part of the problem is that so much time has gone by.
    The mainstream media does not show reality in training; it does NOT show how women training to be firefighters are required to carry much less weight. All it points out is how “qualified” these women are because they score so high. I would score as high as He-Man if picking up ten pounds was all that was required.
    It’s the same with fighting. For DECADES women have been portrayed as these mighty warriors, more than equal to men, you’re a sexist pig if you say otherwise, etc. Certainly- until one actually hits a woman. Then all that tough talk, all that babble about “gender fluidity,” it’s all instantly forgotten about and we are magically back in the 1950s or even the Victorian Age.
    Millenials are forced to live an insane contradiction: women are as tough as men and don’t dare say otherwise, they’ve been drowned ALL OF THEIR LIVES in that propaganda…then they are told “never hit a woman.” Period.
    The problem with all of this is physics and reality do not care what feminists have to say. If someone is unconscious in a burning building weighs 180 pounds- and people are heavier than they used to be- that person’s weight is not going to magically become less than half because “oh my it’s a female firefighter!” Gravity and mass do not care.
    If ISIS or Al-Queida are firing on soldiers do you think they’ll ease off because of feminist rhetoric? No.
    Yes, it hurts to have a child, but does that prove women can take pain better? No. An objective test able to simulate equal pain would be a good test, but if it, shall we say, produces “politically incorrect” results do you think you’ll ever hear about it? No.
    These are not good times to be a kid.

  39. It’s a lie that childbirth is the epitome of pain one can experience. I’ve had a UTI that hurt far more than my natural childbirth. I’m pretty sure tearing my ligaments on accident on my foot at 16 hurt more. Giving birth hurts as much as passing the biggest shit you ever took. Sorry that sounds gross but it’s the damn truth.

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