Famous French Actress Gets Attacked For Trying To Tell Women The Truth About Rape

One hundred French women lead by actress Catherine Deneuve have signed an open letter defending men’s “freedom to pester” women, accusing the new wave of international feminists to cry rape “on a whim,” following the Weinstein affair and the “tsunami” of sexual harassment allegations triggered by the #MeToo hashtag.

It quickly turned into an all-out verbal war between formerly beautiful women, used-up sluts, and frigid  feminists.

The Two Sides Of The Story

The text trashes third wave feminism for being more focused on “witch hunts” of imaginary rapists and a thinly veiled “hatred of men” rather than the advancement of women in society, something that we are quite aware of at ROK. A “freedom to offend” always needs to be present, according to Deneuve.

The authors expressed themselves after legions of “rape stories” appeared on social networks when the hashtag “#BalanceTonPorc” (“Rat on your pig”) came to be, unloading a flow of sexual harassment accusations without any kind of proof.

We are probably the Internet platform that has written the most about the disastrous effect of false rape accusations, even if justice proves that the accused is innocent.

Feminists were particularly adamant about using the word “porc” (male pig) to refer to their real or imaginary sexual tormenters. It used to be reserved for extreme forms of sexual perversion, but lost its original meaning after liberal women hijacked it.

“Porc” does not simply refer to a pig, but specifically to a male one, only good for slaughter. This is the same slur violent communists and immigrant rioters use to insult the police. It carries a notion of seeing the opponent as an animal and a physical desire to murder the target.

Just like everyone who does not agree with liberals is a “racist,” everyone who does not bow down to feminist lunacy is a male pig whose primary purpose is to be slaughtered.

Catherine Deneuve, “The” French Dark Triad Woman

Deneuve was especially known for her notorious femme fatale film roles, using men’s attention as a weapon, such as in the film Belle de Jour. We are talking about a woman that had generations of men in the palm of her hand. She did not just have the looks; she was perfectly aware of their power and knew how to use them.

As a dark triad woman, she only associated with dark triad alphas and high-profile mates, either world-class actors or business magnates. She is the archetype of the French predatory female, an endangered, almost extinct species nowadays.

Deneuve had it all and perfectly understood that she owed everything to her looks, the men she had access to, the male attention derived from it, and the roles and media coverage it gave her.

Cui Bono?

Even if she reached her peak in another era, Catherine Deneuve can’t be classified as a conservative. She is pro-abortion, stands in support of illegal immigrants, and took part in the first wave of feminism. The female group which co-signed the letter with cannot really be accused of being “reactionary,” “anti-feminist,” or “conservative” either.

The group is mainly composed of feminist novelists and includs notoriously promiscuous woman and writer Catherine Millet, Jewish thinkers, and even B. Lahaie, a former porn star turned radio host.

Brigitte Lahaie. We’ll deal with her in a minute.

Far from being a pillar of virtue, Catherine could nonetheless be genuine in her defense of men (which would be worthy of praise), but I make a point of never listening to what women say; instead, I observe what they do.

She might be warning the new generation of women not to sink their own boats by attacking the permanent victimhood of modern feminists, showing them how they should be more realistic about the realities of the sexual marketplace and use the system in a clever manner instead of seeking to destroy it all.

That letter would translate to, “My fellow promiscuous women, don’t reject male attention. You love it, I loved it, everyone knows it. Use it to your advantage, instead.”

Artist’s depiction of Catherine Deneuve teaching modern women about the advantages of male attention.

Feminists: “Moderates Get The Bullet Too”

The reaction to Deneuve didn’t take long, as Grave Robber in Chief Macron recently hired a dyke to create a law banning men from approaching women in the street, instead of focusing on the gang rape culture and sexual violence in the poorest immigrant neighbourhoods in Paris or Marseilles.

Another one of the letter’s targets is Sweden and its migrant rape epidemic, with their government more focused on emasculating their last remaining local males and redefining consent. Alice Bah Kuhnke, anointed member of the Swedish Cultural Collapse Fifth Column, did not wait and publicly “laughed” at the letter.

Alice Bah Kuhnke

Many voices in Hollywood, including  pedophile enablers, Weinstein accomplices, and post-wall harlots like Asia Argento were also quick to paint Catherine Deneuve as a traitor to dah sistas’ struggle:

One tiny step out of line and feminists eat their own. Deneuve was not the only one attacked. Brigitte Lahaie, a former porn star and now radio host whose work focuses on female sexuality and well-being and who also signed the letter, tried to justify her position and debate in a civil manner with rabid feminist Caroline de Haas on the matter.

Facing a hostile reception on the show, as the debate heated up, she stated that “women can reach orgasm during rape.” While this is true and therapists would agree (sources: 1, 2, 3), feminists really do not like to hear it. Even the international lügenpresse modified her words and translated it as “women enjoy being raped.”

The Twitter and social network lynching that followed pushed her to apologise, in tears, on live television.

The Women Behind #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc

Sandra Muller created #BalanceTonPorc. The fact that she looks like a
mystery meat version of Rosie O’Donnell will not surprise anyone among the red-pilled junta.

Tanara Burke created #MeToo

These pictures explain the origins of this madness. Overweight, lonely women beaten with the ugly stick or with nostrils so large they can use them to store walnuts for the winter invent issues that might grant them the attention men never gave them.

Caroline de Haas (the fat one) is the main agitator for #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc in France and one of the most virulent critics of Deneuve, branding her “one of the pig’s allies.”

Here she is pictured with NVB, former Minister of Education, Muslim government infiltrator and fellow hideous short-haired woman. She is the leader of the governmental jihad against the evil patriarchy and supporting the introduction of Arabic as a second language in every French school.

Feminists and sharia enablers strangely get along well.

Si les femmes étaient logiques, ça se saurait

It is essentially a battle between former beautiful women who are ready to sacrifice to keep the attention and money flowing (no one accused Weinstein until the roles stopped coming), and ugly women inventing stalkers and rapists for themselves because they’ve hardly ever felt the embrace of a man, let alone a desirable one.

We are facing a textbook example of the sour grapes phenomenon where washed up carousel riders with too much time on their hands and grossly unattractive women who were never given any attention try to take their revenge on the more fortunate, all out of sheer jealousy.

In their land of make believe, those ugly root vegetables compensate for absent masculine attention by another type of attention created by the “rape survivor card.” They call for the neutering and death of men so that attractive women feel their misery by being deprived of actual male attention. “If I am not happy, why should you be?”

Read More: The #MeToo Campaign Compares Not Replying To A Girl’s Texts With Raping Her

44 thoughts on “Famous French Actress Gets Attacked For Trying To Tell Women The Truth About Rape”

  1. I was about to eat my pre-workout meal but now I have a hard time doing that, to be honest. Tanara Burke is so butt ugly that my words are beyond expression. Sandra Muller is a menopausal 3, while Caroline de Haas looks like a hybrid between an English teenage boy and a woodchuck suffering from severe cerebral palsy.

    1. Caroline de Haas once said about migrants harassing women on the streets in Paris, that the problem was the sidewalk which was to short. Her solution was to enlarge them to fix the problem.
      What can you expect more from such person perpetually living in denial ?

  2. “Jewish thinkers”? Could you name names? It sure as hell isn’t Shulamit Firestone. You remember her, she wrote that book “The Dialectic of Sex” which explicitly did a global change and replace of the oppressed proletariat with ‘woman’. She’s on top of my personal hate list.

  3. ” Grave Robber in Chief Macron…”
    “nostrils so large they can use them to store walnuts for the winter”
    The best journalism always includes well researched points and a bit of humor. Great article. It’s hilarious watching the feminists voting to open the borders to hoards of barbarians. It just shows that women are sometimes smart, but never wise. The more power and control they have in society, the more they will self-sabotage.

  4. I’d much rather deal with a “Predatory Female” than I would a shreeking harpy who is going to accuse me of shit I didn’t do.

      1. You’ve heard the old saw of the hooker who didn’t know she’d been raped until the check bounced? (Yeah I know, hookers (and assassins and drug dealers) don’t take checks – piss off.)

  5. As someone on TRP said, we’ve reached a point where some of the parasites are actually worried about the well being of the host.
    Women’s thoughts on politics are a deadly joke. Giving them any influence at all over it was the same as fucking up a major shit test. The only thing we can do now is play some MAJOR ass hole game.

  6. Another great article and fun read by one of the top-tier ROK authors.
    This recent wave might just backfire on the SMP rejects, and lead to a new kind of Victorian morality. As men become more disciplined and stop orbiting or reduce their advances, women will panic (already happening). In an effort to be more attractive, they might work on their appearances and attitudes – plus be more overt in their receptivity signaling.
    For professionals, be safe and adopt the Pence Rule.

  7. I would love to write an article that called out men who marry single moms and former or present sugar babies . Jesus may forgive them but that doesn’t mean men should even consider marrying or even taking a single mom or even a woman over 40 seriously . 40 plus year olds should always stay cougars that help a young man gain easy sex and single moms should be the equivalent of a leper . Weak men fucked that dynamic up be accepting them as appropriate partners or wives

    1. That’s a little too simplistic. One of the great drivers of single momhood isn’t beta marriage but sugar daddy gov (i.e., our tax dollars).

      1. no man should ever marry a single mom unless she was widowed . Period . Don’t care if daddy govt enabled her or not

      2. Oleaginous – yes but I think @Hammered is right about the more elementary causes. The root cause is the overabundance of males/females of reproductive age. That leads to competitive behaviors and beta men settling for aging sluts and single moms due to poor availability. The leverage the vagina has leads to the acceptance of white-knighting men legislating against men (again competition), and in favor is single slut moms.

    2. I might have argued your point a week ago, but I re-read Matthew the other day. “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’ But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”
      Pretty cut and dry. Don’t walk away from your wife, and don’t spent time with anyone else’s last one.
      So, well said, Hammer.

      1. Men have to walk away from crazy , like I did . Who intentionally put the phone behind her back trying to get me to hit her. with speed dial on 911 in order to get me in trouble with the police . That’s evil . Men can leave women . Not the other way around . Single moms are worthless garbage

  8. While I agree that the MeeToo movement is totally and absolutely nuts, I think the French actresses could have framed their arguments differently. Saying that MeToo tampers flirting and seduction plays into the hands of the nutjobs who started all this in the first place. It is precisely what these haridans want, which is the total ban on all sorts of romantic behaviour.
    The eminent feminist Margaret Atwood had a better argument against MeToo, which was that it bypassed due process of the law and the presumption of innocence. The media then presented all these mental cases who proceeded to accuse her of causing division amongst women, having no other cogent and sound argument to confront her with.
    This betrays the true end game the elites have for us – no due process for us to get incarcerated or executed – big strides towards a militaristic police state. Stupid women are just the tools the elite wield. I don’t know why it is so hard, even for smart men to see through this,

    1. The article cites the letter urging “freedom to offend” but the translation I read in news reports used “freedom to importune” which I like better if indeed truer to the original (or even if not). Deneuve means a man should always be free to ask. Now, sometimes that can become harassment, but it isn’t harassment immediately (exercise caution in the workplace) but there are ways to deal with that, but more importantly, not only does it recognize the respective natural roles of flower (them) and insect (us), it requires the femme to have social skills up to the task of handling men, which nowadays most lack. Think Dixie Carter, to my mind a woman who, like Deneuve, handles men like they want to be handled; I hold them both up (as well as Jeanne Moreau, see the original movie La Femme Nikita) as examples for modern womanhood of interacting with men. Streep used to be this way, back in the time of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, no longer. Hmmm, French … I see a link here. Viva La France!

  9. I think what women have to fear more is not that men would withdraw from the social scene completely, but that the tools of accusation and punishment without proof would be wielded against women, eventually.

    1. Yes, eventually, the exact point which concludes the USA Today report on Deneuves’ letter (and subsequent limited apology for actual rape victims): “Deneuve attacked the #MeToo shame campaign last year. ‘I don’t think is is the right method to change things, it is excessive,” she said, according to The Guardian. ‘After ‘calling out your pig’ what are we going to have, ‘call out your whore’?’ ”
      She is a goddess.

  10. As far as covering false rape accusations and other associated acts of mental retardation by feminists, @nobodyneedsfeminism on Instagram is great

  11. Great article, man.

    Also, from the article:
    “We are talking about a woman that had generations of men in the palm of her hand.”
    Giggidy Giggidy Gooooooo!

  12. The French woman is one of but a few who are starting to see the fruits of the shetshow they are complicit in creating.
    They will never admit that they themselves were brainwashed tools but atleast they have enough sense to see the dangers now. Unfortunately it’s not enough and we could never call them allies.
    Great article.

  13. Holy God they made this normal woman cried for no reason at all. Just like how that beautiful young girl was murdered by her neighbors via verbal abuse
    When she said “Rape” she means “sex” because back in her days, when a man and woman was alone inside of a room that man had all rights to her body. The saying of “when a man and a woman lives together”.
    I understand her completely and she knows she is right about everything. Reality she might be a stereotypical money grubbing person but she is right.

  14. Man these hoes are getting crazier and crazier, that’s why I record every interaction with women so none of their bull shit doesn’t get me IN trouble and I also have lawyers in retainer just in case I get accused falsely. I think I will start accusing bitches of false rape see if it works against them.

  15. I knew it, they are going to try to outlaw hitting on women. Well, unless they want to have family/friends introduce men to women, then they clearly don’t want any sort of meeting between the two genders to take place at all, anytime, ever and for any reason.

  16. Hello Gentlemen, Excuse my bad english. I am a french woman not ethnomasochist. I approve your words. I have two grandsons (7 and 9 old, light haired). I do not want them to be vilified. I feel the hypothesis of killig all whites true. This idea came to my mind some time ago. I would like to know if Mr Dariush knows the theories of Zecharia Sitchin, whose most known book is “The twelfth planet”, and if he does not think that there could be a link ? According to Sitchin, Aryans were gods of North India to Iran, (the name of Iran comes from Arian as he naturally knows) and nowadays, the term “aryan” still means “noble”. The Ancient Greek and their gods were blond haired. See Achille in Iliad : Homer says that Athena took him by his blond hairs. Venus was blond haired. With the ottoman invasion, Greeks became dark haired… Watch also the works of Mauro Biglino, an Italian exegete of old hebrew, who translated the Ancient Testament in a close litteral way for the Vatican, and finally found that there were many odnesses. He wrote several books. He is now working with biologists, astronoms etc… He is convinced that the thesis of Sitchin is exact and that the Annunakis are still among us and rule the world. He attacks mainly the catholic church, but if the contents of the Ancient Testament are revealed, others will be un pleased… The Ancient Testament recommends slavery on goyim (Leviticus 25, 44) genocide (Deutéronomy 7), usury (Deut 23, 20) etc…. But the reaction against the genocide of whites is coming from inside christianity. The young Virginie Vota is fighting hard against stupid and mortal feminism.

  17. satan wants to kill all people he would be happy if there actually no one left on earth. and using the elite to try and eliminate everyone and lie to them that only them will be left.
    so feminism , fiat currency birth control, pervirted sexual behavour are all their choice of weapons

  18. The second most annoying thing to a woman is to be treated like a sex object. The most annoying think to a woman is to NOT be treated like a sex object.

  19. I don’t give a fuck what some haughty twats think about how I am with women. I am not a rapist because I compliment a woman or ask her for her number. And if they think I am, I don’t give a fuck. They can fuck off with their arrogant twisted immoral leftwing ideology. If men didn’t approach women or compliment them, humans would be extinct because interaction leads to romance which leads to sex which leads to kids

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