Can The Millennial Generation Of Men Be Saved?

It is one of the tenets of red pill truth that millennials and their descendants are a lost cause because they are weak and effeminate pansies who are hedonistic, self indulgent, and entitled. They have little respect for culture and tradition, and their thin-skinned cowardice is harming Western civilization.

Those of us who embrace our newly rediscovered masculinity can stand tall and proud. Our opinions may not be popular in the mainstream, but we believe in our hearts that we are right. We embrace stoicism and nobility. While Rome burns we don’t fiddle, but write the music, at least for our own lives.

But does our sense of pride and resilience hide an uncomfortable truth that we have lost the ear of a generation of young men? The tradition of passing masculine rites to our young has disappeared amid the haze of single mother families, bad TV, and a ruthless propaganda campaign against male values.

Who is really to blame—the 21 year old soy boy bamboozled by teachers into believing he might actually be a girl, or his father for ever allowing it to happen? Is a young man really at fault for joining antifa when he has been conned into the myth of white privilege by a hysterical, race obsessed media? How did things ever get so bad that our own children hear the voice of degenerates like Kim Kardashian over their own parents.

The Child Is Father Of The Man

Recently, I did a spell of music teaching in a primary school (elementary for American readers), and it became abundantly clear why young people have such a distorted view of reality: they have terrible influences, both at school and home.

To readers of ROK, that’s a very obvious point. The problem is that the hole goes deeper than you could imagine. It isn’t as simple as teaching a young man game and sending him on his way. From the moment of birth through adolescence, a young man is subjected to a non-stop barrage of cultural manipulation that causes a damaged psyche, one that that is almost impossible to escape from.

Think of some of the social norms we take for granted. It would be unthinkable for a rational person to defecate in the street or to expose themselves in front of their parents. The perceptions of right and wrong are hammered into us, first from reasonable parenting, and then shaped by society’s standards and expectations. They are unquestionable truths, and we know deep in our soul that they are “right.”

But recently the lore and the unquestioned has become corrupted, not just in the demented rantings of the far left, but in the fabric of society. What was once purity of knowledge and decency, shaped over centuries, has been twisted into decadence which would have been unthinkable 40 years ago. The reasons for this are numerous, and there are plenty of good articles on ROK to explain them. What’s important for our purpose is how this impacts young men.

As we know, modern school curriculums are fantasy first, reality second. Here are a few lies told to children everyday: women are as strong physically as men, white people cause third world poverty, there are 24 genders as opposed to two, masculinity is toxic, the patriarchy was a conspiracy to keep women downtrodden, and traditional nuclear families are old-fashioned.

Despite the above being merely arguable at best, it is presented as incontrovertible fact to many children who are not yet capable of questioning those in authority. The effect of this continual bombardment has led to many kids graduating high school with a complex of hatred, both for their ancestors and themselves.

Bringing It All Back Home

So what can be done? Have real men lost their positive influence on young people forever? The influence that men have on their relatives is becoming increasingly marginalised. Pressures of work and divorce, among other things, means less time is available for our sons, brothers, and nephews. The time you can spend together is even more precious, so make sure it isn’t wasted.

Encourage children to question everything they hear in school and on television. Teach them the truth about women and game. And be unapologetic. Life isn’t fair, and no amount of hand wringing is going to change that. Remove the mentality that life owes favours instead of the other way around. Avoid films that indulge in anti-male rhetoric, even if all their friends watch them. Persuade them to read good books by male authors who have experienced life, not a gender studies course. Cultivate good health and get into sports (just don’t fall into the trap of worshiping the sport). Your children and family are your birth right, so make your influence felt.

The Truth Will Come Out

Modern life is toxic, but not for the reasons that feminist HR managers would have you believe. The scourge of political correctness has supplanted the logic that led Western civilization to such advancement over 2000 years. Even so, the truth has a strange way of liberating the mind.

At every opportunity, as long as you are not in a situation that could get you arrested or fired, uncover reality in stone cold bites. If you have an annoying blue pill co-worker who pedestalizes women and kisses their ass, reveal your best cocky jerkboy game in their presence and show them the way. If a young feminist gets angry when you ask for men to help you move some heavy equipment, allow her to tag along, and then when she struggles to lift it, leave her to it. Make it your mission to pave the way with truth.

Now is not the time to abandon hope of saving young people from the liberal hellhole. Every man has the masculine instinct inside of him—it just needs to be brought out and stamped in. It’s up to us to provide a future. Indeed, we are the only ones strong enough to do so.

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76 thoughts on “Can The Millennial Generation Of Men Be Saved?”

  1. Go look up the trailer for Ready Player One, its a good peak into the future of children today

    1. Just by the title alone, it’s obviously about videogames and living a fantasy of it. Sounds like any boy living in a single mother home. The movie’s VR world is even called Oasis. Can’t make a better name for a world of escape than that and we already have stuff like Second Life and maybe that VR Chat mentioned a few days ago.

      1. I’m hoping the invention I’m working on will leave the VR fantasy in the dust because, in fact, it is the fulfillment of a fantasy I and many had since childhood. Not only is it a potential new sport that supports masculine action (gasp!) but it could drive motivation and creativity for years to come.

    2. The advice is not good. Dangerous to question or face down a woman these days, at best it will get you ostracized or accused, at worst you will be divorced and lose your home and children. There is no cure for the USA (or anywhere in the western world), submit, avoid women, or move to another country are the only sensible and safe choices.

      1. And where will you or your children move when that country finally becomes cucked as well?
        The same shit as with so called syrian “war refugees”, running like rats from their home country instead of fighting for it.
        One day there will be no country for red pilled men if you keep on running away instead of making change and that is what this article calls upon!

  2. I was 27 years of age when I realized how damaging it can be to a man to grow up without a father or at least a strong male figure in his life. I don’t blame others for my shortcomings and flaws, but when I compare men raised by single mothers to men raised in a stable household by a submissive mom and a strong, masculine father, I see huge differences. I still feel envy towards men who had a father while growing up. Pretty much everything I know about manhood has been taught to me by the internet. It sounds both funny and sad, that an entire generation of males has had to resort to online forums in order to learn how to date, how to dress, how to train, how to get a job, how to get shit done, how to be a man. I wish I had had a father who would have taught me the things I have learned from ROK, TRP and even the MGTOW guys. But then again, a lot of fathers are blue-pilled themselves, so I will always wonder whether a BP dad is better or worse than no dad.
    As a former child raised by a single mother, I religiously avoid single mothers in my dating life and pity the children that are growing up in that situation, being raised by a teenager stuck in the body of an adult. I also pity the men who are so desperate for companionship that they will put up with a mother and her son just for the sake of avoiding loneliness. I am grateful that I found the Manosphere before it was too late.

    1. And why did you grow without a father? Because the asshole who left his sperm behind ABANDONED you, GAVE ZERO FUC*S about you, and left your poor mom to fend for herself and your shitty ass and do the work of two parents. And instead of being grateful to her for feeding, clothing and educating you, you bark at her.
      She would have been better off leaving you at a shelter or aborting you instead of putting up with the effort of raising you. Entitled piece of s*it.
      Just like the founder of this site, another ungrateful and entitled piece of garbage who belittles women while being fully supported by his mom.

      1. Ever thought it might’ve been the woman? Hell, my mother filed divorce on my dad and got the rest of his life ruined, leaving me and my siblings to deal with the single motherhood life and ending many opportunities we could’ve had. But what do you care? You’re the same sewer rat who enables this shit. Pussy-enablers like yourself always die miserable and alone anyway.

        1. “Ever thought it might’ve been the woman? ”
          Unpossible! All women are blameless, holy creatures who are perfect and wonderful and strong yet are somehow always victims of scumbag men!

      2. Stupid. Having a good mum is.. good. Having a toxic mum is… not good. A good mum will be supportive of you, a toxic mum will destroy you.
        A lot of single mums are entirely to blame for their situation: they chose the wrong guy, they slept around, they got fat etc. I once saw a toxic mum holding her 4 or 5 year old daughter’s hand and was mid-way through a conversation which I caught the end of, it went like this, “No, your Daddy doesn’t love you. Never forget that. He wishes you were never born.” Now, IF that were true how the fuck is that acceptable to say to a young child? Naturally I stepped in with, “You are an evil person, shame on you” (I neutered my response since there was a child present). This is just one example of a single mum that deserves absolutely no respect from anyone, I could list multiple accounts. So fuck you and your feelings if you can’t accept the truth that a LOT of single mums are pure scum.

        1. Mothers are shit.
          At least mine was…
          My father was an “unltra-alpha” who could have trained me to be like him, but he chose not to. Was too busy playing golf and banging his mistresses. He was useless to me, but I don’t hate him.
          My mother was beyond detrimental. An evil, shrieking, manipulative, controlling, bullying harpy from hell.
          They are both dead. I will hate my mother for all eternity.

        2. Automaic Slim – no offence meant, but it looks like your father wasnt exactly ultra alpha as you put it, more like irresponsible guy? I mean, if you say that hes was of no use to you, in which aspects of life that would be?

        3. @VaruLV
          No offense taken.
          He was Ultra Alpha in my opinion due to:
          1) Golden Gloves boxer
          2) Graduated from top US Engingeering school in 3 years
          3) Naval Officer as an engineer on an aircraft carrier
          4) 3 years in Japan during Korean war. Had live in Japanese girlfriend while the witch waited for him back here in NY. Witchie-poo KNEW about the Japanese girlfriend.
          5) Owned a medium sized business
          6) Was a landlord with muliple apt buildings
          7) Owned houses in NY and Fla.
          8) Was the leader of his group of friends and relatives.
          9) Very popular with females.
          Trained me in none of the above. Didn’t give a damn enough to even send me to military school to get me away from the she-demon.
          And before you say “hey, you must be rich”, forget about it. I am “well off” due to my own hard work. My mother and sister cut me out of his will and I got skunked when the witch kicked the bucket. She was succeeded by my sister, the new witch.

        4. @Slim – thanks for your time!
          But listen, those all traits sound great up until a point where you say he didnt teach you jack shit of it and thus left you, as his child, scramble alone through life.
          Thats not alpha, even regular cucks take better care of their cuck’dren than your old man did of you.
          It sounds great on paper, but real man doesnt have to have mistresses all round the globe, fight abroad wars and be at the center of the party every time he arrives.
          In my country we have this simple saying that to be a real man you have to kill a snake, pot/grow an oak tree, build yourself a house and bring up-rise a son. Oak tree being somewhat sacred for us since were still pretty much in connection with nature, the rest doesnt ask for clarification I think.
          Thats how we roll over here, that doesnt mean we dont have plenty of cucks and SJW’s in white armour though, soviet occupation did leave a mark on that generation of males.
          Me myself been somewhat 50/50 on many issues in regards to life an women and still learning, what can I say.

        5. @ VaruLV
          Thanks man.
          “But listen, those all traits sound great up until a point where you say he didnt teach you jack shit of it and thus left you, as his child, scramble alone through life.”
          Yeah, I know. I would never do that to a son (or daughter even) — not that I will ever have one.
          Take Care.

      3. Facts:
        – Majority of divorces today are initiated by the women.
        – If there is a case of domestic violence the police always arrests the man regardless of who did what
        – Women can not survive on their own without civilization and yet they contribute very little to it in terms of proper maintenance work
        – Loads of women trap men with “oops I’m pregnant” – lying about the pill, piercing the condoms, fooling the man to believe that she wants HIS children and so on

      4. Yuck,
        Can you please deliver us all from your feminist emotional garbage?
        Can we be free from your man-hate or cuckery at least here?

      5. You don’t know what you’re talking about. It takes two to tango. If a woman cannot hold onto a man, as far as Im concerned, it’s the womans fault.

      6. Single mothers are selfish. They display this everytime they have kids with a man they 1. know will disappear promptly 2. will drive away.
        Single mothers are scum..dont date them.

      7. Yuck, as Stefan Molyneaux so eloquently put it: “Either the woman pushed a good man away or she fucked the wrong guy.” Cuckslayer’s mom is a slore who probably pushed a good man away.

      8. You are the very core of rot that was spawned by feminism. The black hole from which you came can claim you none to soon.

      9. Your an idiot, my mother could have had any man. She chose the asshole to be my father and dated assholes until 40 when she finally gave a real man a chance.
        Women are responsible for the jerks they sleep with deal with it. Women are the cause of the decline and us for letting them get away with it. It’s women who need to grow up.

    2. great you have the manosphere.
      Not too late for anyone – but better in the early teens…
      Whether dad is around or not – no matter how good, he cannot know everything.

      1. +1 SL
        The young guys have a big leg up with the manosphere and the info/wisdom they can take from it. I wish this sh*t was around when I was a kid.

    3. You are correct, son. I was briefly married to a single mom when I was a blue pill dude 15 years ago. I divorced her after just 6 months after I saw the red flags and behaviors (ungratefulness and disrespect mainly) that red-pilled me. Another factor for me to get out so quickly was that felt that I should not play any part in the complete messing up of that woman’s very young son (about 9 years old at that time). The little boy was so feminized and remained infantalized – he was still using a pacifier, when I first met them.
      Also, the woman was using him pretty much as a fashion accessory. The mom had such low expectation in the way of learning at school, sports or any extra curricular activities. The only thing that seemed to matter for her that he was cute.
      All is not lost for you, you can still rebuild (if needed) your masculinity and manly, winning attitude. The internet manosphere is a great resource. Good luck.

    4. I relate to everything you said, fatherless, the young adult realization of fatherlessness, the Internet surrogate dad, everything.
      Except single moms. I use them relentlessly, as I have been taught by my e dad to do. Aside from widows, they are living sexbots, worthy only of my fleeting attention and orgasm.

  3. No.
    We and the next generation have been tempted to parasite on whatever our fathers/grandfathers achieved.
    Being able to do nothing but consume, we will collapse once the wealth left by our ancestors runs out…
    Some developing countries have a chance to survive to some degree.
    Or countries like Russia because they have already fucking collapsed.

  4. Not a chance in hell. Technology and modern finance have fucked the plebs (us) over for all time.
    Don’t procreate unless you have strong sadistic tendencies or you’re upper class (10 million+ net worth) and can guarantee your son(s) a healthy, masculine life.

    1. That sort of negative mindset is slave-like. Getting fit and taking pride in yourself will open up doors. Set the example and people will follow you, no matter how poor you are.

  5. In honor of the women’s march this Saturday.
    100 years ago Women marched against oppression, while about 20,000,000 of their toxic-masculine oppressors marched into machine-guns in World War 1

    1. and most British Soldiers did not have the right to vote – probably does not appear in any feminist/marxist literature…

  6. Oh i’m beyond hoping for millennials to be saved.
    I’m still hoping they don’t infect and destroy the
    world for future generations with their poison.

  7. Not one of my son’s friends from school come from an intact nuclear family.
    He has friends from church, 90% of them are from intact families. The two are connected. They are good kids, and I encourage my son to mentor his friends from school, but to gravitate towards his friends from church. They’re all good kids, but the kids with married parents will statistically do better and have more stable lives. My son knows that the millenials are a lost generation, while his mom and I are from a caretaker generation. This presents great opportunities for Millennials who have a stable foundation- less competition overall, but fierce competition among peers, which is the rising tide that lifts all boats.
    The millenials who have their heads outside their asses full-time stand a good chance of doing well. It is a great time to be a patriarch for me, and to have a patriarch for my son.

  8. As a guy who had two parents, but a pretty blue pill dad (at least he taught me to fish, shoot handguns, and drive stickshift)–I am very upset for you who were raised just by a mother. It is completely wrong and goes against natural law. Every man should be entitled to a father or other strong paternal figure like an uncle, older brother, or even a cousin.
    If you are not fortunate enough to have had one of these, read the back articles on this site and try to find a community of like minded individuals. It is imperative you find older males you can relate to who will provide life advice. Just like most men are naturally driven to protect females, normal older men with experience are naturally driven to share this with younger men in order to help them out.
    Mind you don’t look for odd people like the 55 year old suspected virgin who lives with 5 dogs in the back of a van down by the river. Look for dudes who exude whatever it is you want for yourself.
    “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

    1. What’s wrong with being in your 50s, owning a few dogs, living in a truck down by the river? Sounds like heaven to me. The chap has obviously had enough of the shitstick called modern life, opted out of the system. Might learn a lot from a life like that. Just get ready to run if he wants to play you show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

  9. It goes against my nature, but sadly, yes, review your kids classes and books and be suspicious and vocally oppose indoctrination. I was taught to respect and be obedient in class…and 50 years ago, my teachers deserved it….because they were dedicated…but no more, as they slowly try to keep everyone stupid, drugged, in debt, superstitious and fearful, while leading us in believing the government can only offer us support and salvation.

  10. I suspect there is not much hope for millennial men but that unbridled corporate capitalism and the bought-off politicians that are the culprits rather than women or feminism. It is corporate capitalism that sent many of the manufacturing and other jobs to overseas, and that plan to replace humans with robots, taking away even more jobs. It is corporate profits that drive the video game industry that has turned so many young men into couch potatoes who waste their lives with meaningless games and chained the young to their various techie devices; even young children are now addicted to ipads and smart phones and digital devices. It is corporate capitalism that has polluted the air, land and water with toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that result in autism and all manner of physical and mental illness. It is the corporatists and politicians who have scragged the economy. It is the porn industry that has scrambled the minds of the young and replaced genuine loving and affectionate sex with masturbation to the fantasies of pornographers.
    With how the biosphere and planet are being toxified and destroyed, it is questionable whether humans will survive and the millennial generation seems clueless about how to make themselves or the world better. Most are not even able to make themselves into fit, decent, honorable men, much less influence the world in a positive way.

    1. I fear there’s not much hope for any of us, unless you happen to be of a particular bloodline or sucking from their tit. I see little glimmers, here and there. People are waking up but then they get sidetracked on some useless cause. Still, nothing lasts forever.

  11. There is only ONE way to bring the normal back, natural selection, we simply need to find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to fight for survival again, where weak die and strong survive nothing else will solve our problems anymore.

    1. I agree 200%. You cannot undo the societal programming that goes on now for the gynocentric crap we live with. But a situation where the luxuries of posh lazy lawless society all living in relative comfort allows for the continuation of the nonsense like women have power. Take away 99% of the comforts of what we have now, and women (out of necessity) will jump back into their place mos freaking tic. SUrvival does a whole lot to remove the nonsense and feelings that are luxuries now. Grumbling tummies change an entitled attitude with shocking speed, not to mention a complete loss to Rule of Law and threat of “justice” and its lacksdasical biased enforcement….. When it comes down to eat breathing and not bleeding to death, ALL of the stupid nonsense goes away.

  12. If this spoiled generation can be saved, it will happen at least as slowly as it took to destroy it. Decades.

  13. 24 hours without power and clean water will get peoples attention. After 72 hours of no power and all the people who were glued to their “interconnectedness and hive mind” handy gadgets are lying their dead and useless, the REAL useful people will be going about life and the rest will be throwing themselves off buildings and bridges, eating dirt cookies to stave off the hunger pangs they used to quell with facebook food order, but alas because their electric soul is gone forever, never mind the fact that 99% ARE USELESS shitheads concerning basic survival instincts and practices. 4 weeks later, the real useful humans will rule the world, the elite and their mercs, will be dying breeds.

  14. People here who have read my posts know I usually try to speak up for the Millenials, as they are called. I am 50, so an oldest Generation Xer.
    Folks, if a Millenial is 20 years old he was born in 1998. That means being raised during the 2000s as a kid. Consider what he was exposed to NON STOP throughout his entire childhood and teenage years. If you are a regular at Return Of Kings I do not have to go into any detail here.
    It’s like “Little Hans” from that World War 2 Disney short. Many of them never had a chance, and if they ever try to go “red pill” as they say here- to rebel against the politically-correct authority in school and the workplace- what do you think will happen?
    Meanwhile, the propaganda goes on, getting worse.
    Yet to say they are “lost” is cruel and even cowardly. It is not their fault this happened; blame the Baby Boomers at first. My generation was subjected to this, true, but it was not as bad and we could still “sit somewhere else” if the fumes grew too toxic. We also were not drowned in it.
    I often suspect the signs of rebellion are all around us. DOA Volleyball may just be a videogame, but do you see any Trigglypuffs being passed off as desirable? Millenials, male and female, who do anthro-artwork draw characters in male and female forms considered “tradionally attractive;” the anthro-aspect may be akin to Aesop using animal characters and Gene Roddenberry using alien worlds in the future. The Berkely Riots of 2017, GamerGate…These all tell me that deep down many Millenials don’t believe the garbage either and are fed up too no matter what the mainstream media says.
    Or am I just being optimistic?

    1. No, they know it’s garbage they’ve been fed but they don’t have anything else. Something, anything substantive is better than that.

    2. ALLANON
      I am 43 (Born 1974) and grew up in the 90’s. When I think of children born during that decade (Probably to Yuppies who were born in 1963 or something) I feel sorry for them.
      They were born in the 1990’s during an era of prosperity and then grew up during 9-11, the Iraq War, George Bush etc.
      Now they are 20 years old in a shriveled economy.
      They’ve never been able to travel because the economy does not allow them to do any work that pays; they live at home at 23; even college is expensive and no degree gets a job; they are addicted to internet porn…so much has gone downhill since the Clinton era.

  15. The Boomer and Gen X men that I worked with played rugby league for the employer. The Gen Y “men” play mixed netball. Nothing more to say.

    1. Were those Boomers Vietnam veterans by any chance? They’d be obvious exceptions to the Boomer rule.

      1. ALLANON
        Remember how Kurt Russell looked in Escape from New York? This was how I remembered Nam vets. Many of them were outlaws and rogues.

      2. We did have some Viet Vets at work (this is in Australia), but you’ll have to tell what the Boomer Rule is. The point I was making is that Rugby League is a tough sport and I was stunned one day to see a bunch of 20 something guys and girls heading out together to play netball, a girls game.

  16. If I had called them a bunch of fags it wouldn’t have been worth the trouble I could have got in, particularly as at least a couple of them actually were fags. I couldn’t help noticing how passive some of these young guys are. I think it’s been hammered into them that girls are better than they are and they actually believe it. All the guys, girls and gays all hang out together and it’s like everyone’s equal.

    1. yes – and the women are more physical, stronger.
      And often act more masculine – super turn off.
      But, mostly the women think they are “Wonder Women” – dangerous times…

  17. I don’t have so much faith. I think as males continue to lose testosterone and increase in estrogen, they’ll continue to be more and more feminine and submissive. Females on the same token have seen a stark increase in testosterone, making them more sexual and dominating. Reverse the hormonal trend and reverse the societal ones.

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