Congratulations To The Man

Congratulations to the man who has been persecuted by the powerful, for he has found the truth.

Congratulations to the man who has found the deepest love and then lost it, for he has learned that nothing is permanent.

Congratulations to the man who stays up at night wondering about the meaning of life, for he has achieved material comfort.

Congratulations to the man who can’t get along with those in his generation, for he is able to think for himself.

Congratulations to the man who has held a dying person in his arms, for now he can live without delusion.

Congratulations to the man who got beat up in a fistfight, for he knows he is not made of glass.

Congratulations to the man who has thought of killing someone, for he is connected to his primal nature.

Congratulations to the man who was stabbed in the back by a friend, for he has learned to only count on himself.

Congratulations to the man who feels utterly alone in the world, for he is about to hear a knock on his door.

Congratulations to the man who has been publicly humiliated, for he can finally take off the actor’s mask.

Congratulations to the man who hates the sight of a girl he just slept with, for he knows what love is not.

Congratulations to the man who traveled too far down the wrong road, for he is steps away from the righteous path.

Congratulations to the man who wishes he could live in another era, for he has enough hope to see tomorrow.

Congratulations to the man who has gone from rich to poor, for he has learned the physical world is not his to own.

And congratulations to the man who is standing on the hangman’s gallows, for it won’t be much longer for his pain to end.

This article was originally published On Roosh V.

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54 thoughts on “Congratulations To The Man”

  1. “Congratulations to the man who feels utterly alone in the world, for he is about to hear a knock on his door”
    What do you mean? A visit from SWAT,

    1. You are a total fucking retard, I see why people say the quality of commenters here has gone to shit recently.

    2. CONGRATULATION TO ROOSH AND HIS COURAGE! you really changed my life bro! and i m stonger now thanks to you! see you on the other side my friend!

    3. Look at it from Ibsen’s point of view in his ‘Enemy of the state’.
      The last comment of the play states:
      “The strongest man in the world is the one standing alone”.

  2. Man, I am speechless. This is really good little piece of literature. But seriously, sorry for my ignorance, what did you mean by that ‘knocking on the door’?

    1. it means that at the point you feel most alone is the momemnt of clarity where you find that you are not really alone but are part of a huge group of men who have the one thing in common to find friendship. every journey starts with the first step, who better to start it with than a person who is in the exact same place, equals. one cannot be alone amongst so many others in the same place, because everywhere from where you are right now is a horizon to be reached and explored, but it means little without being able to share it. knock knock.

      1. So, as for myself, I’m still wanting for that moment. I guess death will come sooner. Where the hell are you guys? Do you know any redpilled man in real life? Is it only anglosphere phenomenon? I’m from Poland. Every fucking single person here is unbelievably brainwashed. Even ‘right wing’ men are completely effeminate. Any topic discussed here on ROK excluds you from any social circle. You can fall into serious trouble for merely remarking anything about women, jews etc that doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative.

        1. Brah…bro. If you are from Poland and can’t find redpilled men you are fucking DOING IT WRONG.
          Had you said UK, the States, Germany, I would have some sympathy. But you literally live in one of the most woke nations on Earth and are whining?
          Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, etc. they all know very well the price of Islamic invasion. Go to a damn public rally next time and you will see many Polish people who are in your corner.

        2. ‘refugees’ is relatively safe topic, but try to question ‘women’s rights’, ‘we love Jews, our older brothers’ or even ‘homosexuality is normal’ and you will be ostracized, seen as mentally ill. Just being against Muslim immigration doesn’t make you redpilled. Nobody here investigates into the causes of this crisis. ‘refugees’ is just a red herring, like another topic for useful idiots: ‘abortion’ pulled out everytime when something else needs to be covered. Moreover, birthrate is tragic here. We are dying nation. Believe me people are incredibly brainwashed. I am happily married, have 3 kids, live in a small town and even here people look at us with hostility. They think we are parasites taking government money. There is almost no children. In my region, where we live in 40 tousend people there is only 40 families with more than 2 children ( data from local officials). Believe me this country is light-years away from ‘woke’. Nobody notice we are going extinct. When we say we are going to have another child people treat us as crazy freaks. This is Poland.

        3. Umm, you are on here, aren’t you? What is the difference in the meeting of the like minded other than here you don’t have the physical facial cues and hear the vocal intonations. The jist of things is accomplished by the sharing of ideas and mentality. All the physical stuff involved is a bonus for correct understanding of the shared point of view.

        4. You know what is the difference? If an average gay or Jew or even women feels some ‘fascist’ has hurt their feelings there is entire institutional machine to protect them and persecute the ‘offender’. And they are free to say what they think. If an average guy like me loose his job for expressing his politically incorrect opinion there is nobody to help him. He is utterly alone and no one of you guys will come to his rescue. We have no real power, no influence, no contacts, nothing. Paraphrasing Templars, brother in distress is left to perish.

  3. Great piece.
    These ones struck me the most.
    “Congratulations to the man who has thought of killing someone, for he is connected to his primal nature.”
    “Congratulations to the man who was stabbed in the back by a friend, for he has learned to only count on himself.”
    “Congratulations to the man who hates the sight of a girl he just slept with, for he knows what love is not.”
    “Congratulations to the man who can’t get along with those in his generation, for he is able to think for himself.”

    1. Contrary to what anyone says, a true, earnest man has no other choice but living like a monk in our time. Compared to my other choices cuck, bitch, sleep-walker and talking-head, I’ll gladly take monk.

  4. “And congratulations to the man who is standing on the hangman’s gallows, for it won’t be much longer for his pain to end.”
    Now that one sounds good to me.

  5. Roosh I love your stuff. It’s quality stuff. But I thought you were going on the offensive? Gonna shake things up. Is ROK in 2018 a continuation of 2017? Philosophy is good but there’s nothing aggressive in it. Make ROK great again.

    1. You will have to donate at least $50,000 to Roosh if you want him to hold World Tour meetups again. The CBC, Bell Media, Thomson-Reuters & Rogers Media find it a problem when Roosh holds meetups for 30 men in lonely bars.

      1. the world is so against masculinity its really sad. This a society that effectively allows no dissent. It cannot be considered anymore a free society. Roosh doesn’t even advocate any violence and just wrote one satirical Rape article which is hardly anything really. White men or even just men are banned from talking publicly about their issues and from organizing.

        1. The Feminist Dictactorship of Fempire Canada started that mud slinging when he tried to meet up in Montreal.
          The history of Toronto starts from British elitists who fled America after 1776. They were named Family Compact and owned Toronto. I don’t give a fuck about what was Toronto’s city boundaries, but all I know is that those who rule Toronto carried about sophisticated ways to prevent the citizenry from revolting.
          Thats why you see millionaires at Bridle Path and Forest Hill in Toronto living near ghettoes nearby.
          Jane and Finch is a total crime infested shithole, but once you cross over the highway, you see multi-billion dollar factories.
          Roosh posed a threat to the Canadian establishment. They actually fucked themselves over because they gave Roosh both negative and awakening publicity. For every SJW that throws beer at Roosh, thousands of sheeple wake up that they live in a fempire dictatorship.
          Only celebrities and notorious criminals receive that much media attention, remember that. Roosh must have really caused a fucking elitist to piss their fucking pants in fear.

  6. The hangman’s gallows. The sudden pain of a collapsing throat as the sounds of your own breaking neck fill your ears. Your eyes tear up and you can’t see. Your blood starts to burn, and your heart races painfully. Then it stops.

    And if you didn’t get right?
    Do you hear the screams, or do you hear nothing and see nothing, unable to move, to cry out, maybe unable to feel, or maybe able to feel pain? You can remember, though. You can remember what you wish you had done instead.

    You know what you should do while you were alive.

  7. Congratulations to you Roosh for standing up for what is right and to help educate broken young men everywhere. I know you are hurting and so am I, for us men of value and morality, are being punished for our very values.
    Congratulations to the haters for visiting and leaving us your esteemed opinions. I only hope you learn a thing or two while you’re here and see the sad world you enable through your stupidity.

  8. Great stuff, Id like to add one more, if I may be so bold. Cogratulations to the man who has lost everything for he has nothing to lose.

  9. I really enjoyed this departure from the norm; well written and succinct. But this one, oh yeah, felt it:
    “Congratulations to the man who has thought of killing someone, for he is connected to his primal nature.”
    If you’ve ever been through this, it probably was not a proud moment. In fact you may have given yourself the creeps as a dark and hidden part of your subconscious slithers up to the surface. It goes back to something I occasionally like to say to remind girlfriends about reality vs. some of the soft delusions they prefer to believe about men:
    *** “Hang around any man worth his salt long enough, and you’ll eventually see him restraining his violence.” ***
    I have one very raw biographical example of this. At age 31 I was provoked into a nasty street fight for no reason whatsoever, and quickly got the upper hand as the other guy (who for some reason jumped out of an SUV to fuck with me as “entertainment” — maybe on drugs) underestimated what was going to happen next. As soon as he came out of the vehicle with a macho swagger I didn’t even wait for the bell — I launched a flying punch to the eyeball and took it deep into Crazy Town. I didn’t really know who I was for a moment. One more swipe and he went down to the gutter. I felt ready to get dirty. When righteousness is truly on your side, it creates all sorts of extra energy for whupping ass. He instantly went from super-tough to begging (his voice even went up an octave)…this was literally a curb-stomping opportunity as I hovered over him, and I felt my first-ever urge to deliver a death blow. I finally came to my senses and took off, but the adrenaline rush was still totally out of control.
    My very next urge was, in retrospect, classic: I called my father (3000 miles away) as soon as I got home, and told him that I basically felt murderous, was worried I had a killer in me, and we discussed the dread and the nature of things. He is the only person I ever told (anonymous revealing posts on ROK aren’t quite the same). I have to say, it was a LOW moment full of moral lessons. I hope it never happens again. We may talk a big talk as red-pilled guys, but trust me this can be a desolate and terrible moment in a man’s life.
    Let me reinforce the blatantly obvious by saying our animal side can get really spooky if we let it. We are fully capable of killing with primal instinct…polite society and laws are a thin veneer that tries to conceal the truth of us.

    1. Don’t ever bad mouth that animal part. Know that it exists for you, because it is likely the only thing that will one day save you so you can again moralize over it later, from a very different perspective. If you relish the mindless violence of that creature, then yes you have a problem then, but if you respect its power and finality that it will one day be needed for a purpose that you DO NOT relish, then you understand your own sanity and morality all the more.

  10. Am I wrong, Roosh, or did you put up an article and then take it down? I could have sworn I saw you reference None Dare Call it Conspiracy, now, nothing?

  11. How utterly depressing.
    Some of us are able to be happy and live happy lives with friends, loved ones, animal companions, neighbors, community. Some of us have peace in our hearts and have evolved past our base violent natures. Some of us see in the beauty in the world. Some of us have learned how to cultivate love and make it stay and grow. Some of us are able to love our wives and sisters and mothers, knowing that woman is one wing of the bird and man the other, without which the bird cannot fly, and knowing that we do not have to put women or other people down as inferiors. Some of us are secure enough in ourselves that we do not have to disrespect or put down women, black people, Jewish people; some of us are able to live with love and without hate in our hearts. Some of us had brains and sense enough to find work that gives us joy and meaning and that helps others.

    1. Behind every Kumbaya virtue signaler, is the monster of his/her own hypocrisy. If you are depressed, it comes from your own confessions written as virtue signals you can never measure up to.

        1. Anyone can spew their virtue signaling, but the rare man lives it rather than voices it. The ratio is inversed between those who loudly proclaim it vs the scant few that live it. It is a damning indictment of how fully attention whoring our human race has become, all predicated on the spewing of empty words and tragically lacking in true action.

  12. Blessed are the men of God who stand in the face of danger with valor and refuse to submit.
    Blessed are the men of God who strive to live their lives in truth eschewing sin
    Blessed are the men of God who refine their talents as gifts from the Most High
    Blessed are the men of God who condemn evil and mendacity
    Blessed are the men of God who drive away the reprobate
    Blessed are the men of God who cherish their women without concupiscence
    Blessed are the men of God who nurture their families without cossetting
    Blessed are the men of God who create value in their world without usurious dissipation
    Blessed are the men of God who amend their failings with renewed spirit
    Blessed are the men of God who focus their hearts on the return to Our Father

  13. At some point all men of words who travel the lonely road of the philosopher poet must face the simple truth that they are trying to re-write the Word of God from their own experience. Sooner or later it becomes clear that it has all been said and all been done before.
    The Book of Ecclesiastes concludes with the wisest saying ever written: “the conclusion of the matter is this: fear God and keep His commands”.
    The rest is just commentary.

    1. In some sense this is true. The end of all philosophical inquiry has to be silence, as that is the only possibility once the questions are exhausted.
      – There are some who are just naturally silent.
      – Then there are those who have the way seeking mind, and suppress it so as not to disturb the silence.
      – Then there are those who take the long arduous road around and come back to the silence.

  14. I have those urges to kill social justice warriors and have been stabbed in the back. But since taking the red pill I have became a better person and more spiritual. God bless to all of my red pill brothers and keep fighting degeneracy our own way

  15. Congratulations to the man who still cracks a smile even as his world begins to crumble, for he realizes that this too… shall pass.

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